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#Su Au

“Uh…. hi?”

quiet drawing of an au I’ve been idly thinking about. Basically Garnet and Spinel swap places. Ruby and Sapphire become abandoned by Pink Diamond and Spinel becomes part of a perma fusion on Earth. There are some other swaps obviously but just for fun lol. Probably not gonna do anything else for this au lol.

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Here u go! Decided to try something different with this one

I think it got nice

Taggin @nightmerghost if the first tag doesn’t work, hope u like it

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Here’s fanart comin right back at you @a-new-life-suau!

I hope you enjoy the fusion of your character Diaon and my Bubblegum ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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ngl im still kinda tempted to write an su au based on hadestown…. i just hate writing, lol. i think i’ll just do a lil comic with one of the songs. 

writing it would be messy anyways, cause i think that like act 1 would have connie as eurydice, steven as orpheus, but come act 2 i’d switch it around. i mean yeah, at the end of the day steven is more like orpheus and connie is more like eurydice, but i still think it’d be cool if instead of the underworld, connie has to travel to homeworld to rescue steven for whatever reason

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I only had it fully planned out and written down for Blueberry

Which will be found here.

have fun seeing me being scatterbrained in my planning

clearing up something as well: the aquamarine blueberry finds is not the one from later, this one has her gem on her upper right arm

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Comic I made back in October last year! (and forgot to post Q>Q) It was for an art class assignment, and i decided to use this AU for it! :D Introduce’s Steven’s pet, Kitty, who is actually a red fox and not a cat XD

all pages on one page under the cut!

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Steven Universe AUS Update

Long story short, they’re being archived. I’ll answer lingering questions, but I have no motivation to work on them anymore as a full-time project. Co-owned projects will be a little different, but in general I do not have the energy or notivation to work on these anymore.

In the next week, any questions I can answer will be answered, and the rest will be deleted.

Thank you for the follows and support.

You can check for updates and stuff over on my YouTube channel, where I am transitioning to make content. It’s under the same name.

Have a nice day.

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((So basically, Pearl’s lasers, her human swords kept in her gem, and her anger were enough to break down the door and get Steven out. After Peri took him farther away for safety, Pearl and Lapis sorta- went ham. -Andi))

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And this is how the temple looks like in this AU. I haven’t really thought about whether the fusion still is an obsidian or a different gem, but I think it will be. Below you can see the temple door, the focus of the third chapter of the fanfic. 

I think it is important to mention that this images were made with photos that I collected from the Wiki. If anyone feels offended, I will delete it. Don’t need to process me or anything like that, I will delete it without arguing.

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A WIP from a week or so ago that I don’t think I’ll finish. I just wanted to draw blue as a knight cause I think it would be a cute AU for both yellow and blue to be knights under white’s command, and they are constantly trying to keep each other from getting hurt while both being badasses.

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((Sorry for the format. Tumblr was being broken and stupid today lol. But also, I wanted to say I think I might do a short comic detailing what happened between Steven and White in this AU. I’ll just say for now it went worse for both of them. -Andi))

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Another AU where instead of harming Pink Pearl, Pink Diamond takes her anger out on Spinel and accidently blinds her. 

I’m an awful person.

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