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rockinroleplay · a minute ago
Tumblr media
eyes open is a brand new [jcink] next-gen harry potter site with an aim to be character driven and open to anyone's interpretation. the site's current setting is spring of 2027, after the 2026 election of minister of magic. eyes open is host to a variety of unique plotting opportunities -- from students and professors to ministry employees working under the new minister to the nitty-grittiest of wizards and witches. we are a growing community, and members are still in the process of creating characters, and we look forward to seeing you around the site very soon! 
plot | canons | face claim | wanted | discord | advertise
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jcinkgalore · a minute ago
Tumblr media
✦ all the rumours are true ✦
ATRAT is a brand new real life jcink premium site set in the diverse, international city of London, England! We welcome all characters, especially celebrities and socialites as well as offering a small but dedicated member community with regular events, contests and other fun surprises. With relaxed activity and a shipper app, come see if all the rumours are true!
   face claim ✦ wanted ads ✦ site guide ✦ discord
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emma-what-son · a minute ago
So EW isn't the most relevant celeb in the fashion world?
Brands still want to dress her for events but not more so than other celebs like Emma Stone or J-Law.
Her brand of clothes also didn’t launch like Rhianna’s FENTY line of lingeire and make-up. Many celebs like the Olsen twins, Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chang launched their own labels. How come EW never tried to launch her own sustainable/ high fashion label?
Maybe it would be too much work? She did try with People Tree and that didn’t end up working well.
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therpsource · a minute ago
Tumblr media
.・゜゜・ nostalgia is a premium real life rpg celebrating its six month anniversary in march! set in the bustling seaport city of seattle, we're a no word count, shipper app site, with a focus on long term character development and meaningful inclusivity. we have plenty of open faces and a friendly community to welcome you along — bring your umbrella, grab a coffee at pike place, and come see for yourself all we have to offer! HOME | GUIDE | FACE CLAIM | MEMBER GROUPS | WANT ADS
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dailyjcink · a minute ago
Tumblr media
no sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well…
cruel intentions is a supernatural creatures rp  that’s center on the every day lives of creatures & humans living in las vegas, nevada.   we’re a character-driven site focusing on the one thing rp is supposed to be about - fun! so get wild or relax but make sure you’re keeping it spooky. 
( g u i d e )   ∘ ( f a c e c l a i m )  ∘ ( r e q u e s t s  )  ∘ ( d i s c o r d )
we’re celebrating four months !!! It’s amazing how far we’ve come and to thank the member’s who’ve got us here we rolled out a whole new look for the site!! With a new skin, templates & tons of awesome member groups you’d think we would stop there! However, there’s a few more surprises in store, and you won’t want to miss out! We’ve got our valentines day events going! Lots of amazing open faces, and group of member’s who are all eager to plot!! So come get a little scared, try something spooky and don’t be afraid of our cruel intentions. 
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allthingsroleplay · 7 minutes ago
Tumblr media
☽ N E V E R T H E R E ☾
out in the woods, underground, lays a dear old monster, safe and sound.  the doctors dig, the watchers keep the monster sleeping, safe and deep.  out in the woods, underground,  stirs a dear old monster, soon unbound  
Neverthere is an original PNW supernatural roleplay based in a fictional town in Oregon with something hiding deep below the abandoned grounds of the nearby quarry. Something that's decided a few hundred years waiting is long enough.
NT has a many great groups to join, spooky special locations, adoptables with built in plot connections, and available canon positions! We offer a friendly, inclusive, welcoming community with no word counts, a shipper-app, relaxed activity requirements, & player-run subplots! Our site plot is updated monthly. Open since 2017! Join our DISCORD for questions and plotting! 
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homestuckexamination · 9 minutes ago
You know, at least a “heretic” like MSPAR can be spared by Grandpappy himself by making him laugh. That, and there’s no Warp. In the universe of Warhammer series, you can literally believe something hard enough for it to exist because of it or empower it through emotions. The space nuns have a chance to heal themselves through sheer faith and devotion like it’s a Hopey power. That’s why the Ecclesiarch and humanity’s toughest super soldiers are quick to rid of “filthy parchment” that seems to feature a Chaos l00d
That’s definitely quite Hope-y.
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homestuckexamination · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
“Bishoujo” (美少女) means “beautiful girl” as to “bishounen” means “pretty boy”. The -bi prefix is often used to describe feminine beauty, but not always. It can also be described for other ages too. “Otenba” (おてんば) means “tomboy” or “tomboyish”. So basically, Rufioh is describing Meenah as a beautiful tomboy.
Pretty much. X3
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imagine-loki · 13 minutes ago
Partners In Crime
TITLE: Partners In Crime CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: One Shot AUTHOR: @illegalcerebral ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine committing some sort of time crime and ending up being transported to TVA headquarters and being assigned to work with Loki on missions. RATING: General NOTES/WARNINGS: No content warnings apply
Things hadn’t exactly gone to plan and yes there had been some damage but given your record you hardly thought you deserved to be tackled by a dozen burly agents, handcuffed and dragged through a portal to your former workplace without a chance to defend yourself. And what’s worse was they had dressed you in beige.
Misuse of TVA resources, endangering the integrity of the timeline, property damage and theft. The agent read of your list of crimes while you shifted in your seat.
“This is a mistake,” you said for the millionth time. “I wasn’t trying to steal anything, I was trying to-“
The agent held up a hand and then pointed to the door. With a sigh you hauled yourself up, pausing only to scratch the cat on top of the filing cabinet behind the ears and resigned yourself to your fate.
It said something about your years of service at the TVA that even after your arrest they trusted you to make your way unaccompanied down the hall to the meeting room. Or maybe they knew that you didn’t have anywhere to go and no one to run to. 
That hurt more than you wanted to admit.
“Agent Y/N!” Rounding the corner you saw Mobius waving excitedly. He stood next to another prisoner, a dark haired man whose whole body was taut in either frustration or preparation. Perhaps both. His brow furrowed further as you felt his gaze sweep you.
“Not really an agent any more,” you mumbled. The other prisoner’s intense gaze made you squirm a little. People ended up in the TVA for all sorts of reasons, you standing there right now was a testament to that, but some of those reasons included danger and destruction and this guy seemed to radiate a chaotic energy.
“Yeah I heard about your…extra curricular activities,” Mobius winced. “Loki, you’ll appreciate someone who feels the rules are really more loose guidelines to be interpreted more…fluidly.”
“I was trying to prove a point!”
“And you did. Explosively. The fact that you were right about our security protocols is the only reason I was able to convince the people upstairs that they should let me utilise your talents while you’re serving your sentence,” said Mobius. “This is Loki. You’ll remember him from the Battle of New York, the Convergence and the Blip. Stupid name, wish it hadn’t stuck. The Blip, not Loki.”
You did recognise him then. You hadn’t worked on any of those incidents but the Infinity Stones had the potential to seriously damage the fabric of time and since that was the TVA’s whole reason for being, everyone was familiar with the so called Infinity War and all it’s key players.
“A pleasure,” Loki leaned forward in a small bow that absolutely delighted Mobius. “So you were a former clown in this circus?” You scowled. “I meant no offensive. There’s something inspiring about meeting someone who has thrown off their shackles.”
“I was-“
“Trying to prove a point,” Mobius finished. “Well now you have a chance to do that again. You and Loki both have special skills so for maximum efficiency I am pairing you up.”
“You have years of experience as a TVA agent, Loki is…well Loki. Trickster God, adaptable, quick thinking” Mobius explained. “You also have a strong moral compass and an eye for detail so who better to keep him in line?”
“I do not require being kept in line.”
“And isn’t it your job?” you asked Mobius, hands on your hips. This was insane. You wanted to refuse. A couple of decades in a cell was better than risking life and limb by babysitting a man who had tried to take over a planet.
“Every time you complete a mission your sentence is reduced,” Mobius said, “and your reputation as the stellar agent we all know you are is restored.”
That last bit was a lie. No one at the TVA would ever see you as more than a criminal now, no matter what you did. As much as you believed in the Authority’s core objective you couldn’t deny that its values at times could be archaic.
But the chance to reduce your sentence was tempting.
“And for me?” Loki asked.
“Same deal basically. Plus you get the option to stick around the TVA if you find us to your liking…” Loki didn’t bother to hide the distaste on his face at the idea that he would actually choose to work for the TVA after his punishment was over.
“What exactly are you thinking of Mobius?” You asked. Anxiety gnawed at you. Completing a mission while keeping the intricacies of time and space intact was one thing. Doing so with a team member who thrived on chaos and did not want to be there was quite another. 
“We’ll start with some small scale stuff,” said Mobius. “Ease everyone in, get used to everyone’s styles of working.” Vague. You didn’t like it.
But you grudgingly had to admit that you didn’t have a lot of options right then. You snuck a sideways glance at Loki, his lips twisted into a grimace. The pair of your were definitely on the same page, at least in that regard.
“So we have a deal?” Mobius asked with a grin.
“It appears so,” Loki sighed and you could only nod along. Mobius led you down a different corridor this time, chattering away about resources, guidelines, and potential cases. You tuned it out, trying instead to placate the simmering dread in your stomach.
“So, you’ve been restore to your former position. Yet you don’t seem particularly happy about this?” Loki said quietly. “Some distrust for your former employers?”
“No,” you said defensively, “Its not exactly my former position and I just…I have a bad feeling.” It was probably a bad idea to admit that out loud, especially to your new partner. Oh God, this was going to be a mess.
“Can Mobius be trusted?”
“He’s above reproach,” you said after a pause, “and he clearly admires you and your skills.” 
Loki hmmed in response and you carried on walking for a little while with only Mobius’ voice echoing off the walls. 
“I suppose you won’t tell me exactly what got you in this current situation?” He asked and you shot him a withering look in response. “I can’t exactly judge and nor would I want to. Who knows, maybe as we embark on this journey together you might find yourself confiding in me.”
“That is never going to happen!”
“We’ll see.” Loki flashed you a smile that evoked an odd reaction in you that you struggled to put a name to. Your anxiety didn’t exactly ease but the edge was dissipated.
This was going to be an experience.
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shiftythrifting · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Legitimately terrifying
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femmeidiot · 16 minutes ago
Have a Huckleberry and a Greg Kitty who are full of love for everyone but each other 💗
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nyalternatesinner · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
“I’d switch it up more in the sack, but you look so cute on your back underneath me!~”
Oh dear Nyalter appears to be having a bit of a moment. She’s rubbing her legs together awkwardly, trying not to squeeze her bulge too much.
“Don’t you think we’ve maybe done it too much in that position? I mean... s-seeing you look down at me like that immediately made me... erect...”
Yeah, it definitely wasn’t the thighs or the anything else, it was definitely Seiga’s face, smirking down at her from that angle, that made her dick immediately harden in anticipation of going inside the hermit...
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margatoyd · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
She’s stealing Tenshi.
Tumblr media
“Listen, saggy, if you’re going to kidnap me, then at least do it dressed properly. I don’t want any harlots being tied to my reputation, Seiga.”
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moth-lover-not-mother · 21 minutes ago
You asked so uhhhh
Tumblr media
This is my turtle <3 he does not have a name yet but I love him
Oh mah gaud
Precious <3
Name him Alfred
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und3rwat3r-a5tr0naut · 24 minutes ago
Heyo! Could I get a matchup, please? I wanna… romance, ehe. (I’m fine with outcodes and your au interpretations- your writing is splendid for all of them!!)
Personality-wise, I’m not the most social of butterflies- I don’t engage in conversations with strangers all that often unless I find something about them that piques my interest- generally for me, that’s books or art I find interesting. I enjoy learning quite a bit, and that often can play into how I interact socially, too- I love trying to figure out how my friends think and listen to their interests and worldview. Along with that, I’m a people pleaser, and I often use my experience in reading people to try and keep people happy- I don’t enjoy people being mad at me, gyehe. To that end, I am a pretty anxious person and quite the worrier when things don’t go as expected. I’m fairly open once I’ve befriended someone, but emotionally I struggle to express my “unpleasant” feelings with others.
As far as activities or hobbies go, I enjoy reading, drawing, gaming, learning, hiking, biking, and kayaking! I’m fairly busy on a day-to-day basis, but when I have the time, I love hanging out with others, whether it’s sitting around having deep conversations, playing games, or being active together!  At the end of the day, though, I am still an introvert, and I’d enjoy someone who I could sit in comfortable silence with when I’m tuckered out. 
As far as friends or partners go, I enjoy people that are open-minded and up for serious and silly conversations- I can talk about anything from the nature of the world and existence to just laughing over some small thing I found funny. Being loud and excited isn’t an immediate turn-off for me, as I can get that way when I’m excited, but if someone isn’t able to chill I tend to try to keep my distance. Basically, if you can follow my conversation and contribute in a kind way, you’re good; I try to see the good in everyone and there’s not much I don’t like a person (I think?? ehe).
Loud, repetitive noises and overly bright rooms are a bit too much for me, and I prefer calmer atmospheres for the most part. I don’t enjoy sports all that much for that reason and also the fact that I don’t enjoy the overly serious sort of competition that usually comes with them.
aaand that’s it! sorry that’s so long, gyaha. and again, congrats on 500!! :> 
Tumblr media
I match you with…..
✧ You’ve matched up with Aster, gtale papyrus! How interesting! He’s also not a social butterfly by any means, he’s actually a bit of a recluse and holes himself up in the towns library. The most conversation he has with people are those that are there to check out a book or sign up for the book club he and Brace run. 
✧ The fact that you love to learn, and enjoy learning about other’s and how they see the world will definitely make Aster swoon. A kindred spirit! He loves when people engage in thoughtful conversation with him.
✧ Aster might be a bit out of touch with everyone around him, but he’s very good at reading facial expressions and body language. If you seem uncomfortable or something seems to be troubling you he’ll notice right away and ask you if there’s anything he can do to help. Weather that be shooing off someone that’s bothering you or just lending an ear if you need to. You won’t have to worry about getting your point across if you’re trying to express unpleasant feelings. He’ll immediately get what you’re trying to say.
✧ Along with learning, you’ll also share the same interest of reading and going out for a stroll. Any time you have off, he’d love to go out with you and just walk around the park arm in arm with you, talking about whatever topics you wish. 
✧ Aster is very open minded and understanding, but he’s always down for a bit of banter. He’ll definitely have no problems switching from deep conversations to silly ones. Aster is very well rounded, and you won’t have to worry about him being too boring or too boisterous. 
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fuckyeahmarkgatiss · 24 minutes ago
Mark from this day 22 years ago!
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my-gender-is · 25 minutes ago
My gender is the noise siren head makes whenever he is chasing someone. EERT. EERT. EERT.
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forumfilters · 27 minutes ago
Tumblr media
✨ fields of gold ✨ is an active science fiction rp, incorporating elements of cyberpunk, fantasy, and the supernatural. it takes place in the fictional planetary system of volatus, in the year 220 after earth. both our staff and members strive to offer an active, supportive, and diverse community, accepting of all types of writers who are into site-wide plots just as much as character-driven stories. we’re showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, so why not come say hey?
site index • guidebook • face/member directory • interactive world map
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magicalgirloftheday · 27 minutes ago
Tumblr media
✧・゚:*Today’s magical girl of the afternoon is: Flower Princess from Sunset Palette!✧・゚:*
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