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remarkingonit · 4 months ago
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artreider · 11 months ago
Let's try to get this final live blog on my station 19 rewatch done. I'm currently laid up on my couch in mild pain but unable to do anything else.
I don't really like flashback episodes but i want one for the premiere since we are jumping so far ahead. I hate that this episode starts with a fight. But damn knowing what the fight is over, i love how loyal andy is to maya in this episode. Something ive wanted for her and the team. Qnd also jaina looks gorgeous.
The fire scene yay another fire on the fire show lmao. Feel like we missed some last year which im sure was covid related.
The marina scene ugh chefs kiss. I love how happy and giddy they are. I do wish we couldve gotten to see some of their month apart communication and their quarantining apart those two weeks when carina got back. I wrote a little something related to that and i may share before the premiere of season 5.
The quiet moment between carina saying her morning was better than those 6 weeks and then asking about mayas folks was a beautiful and real moment and i love it. So brief it could be overlooked but great choice for team.
The little bit of danielle and stefania that was them and adlibbed in this episode was so great also.
I love that rhey addressed how everyone was able to attend maskless and how safe the wedding was keeping the real world element in. Also vic love you and your chicken dance comment makes me sad that we didnt get it.
Vics parents trying to talk to her about theo is so cute.
Poor lawyer she'd be good for dean.
I understand some people dont come out until late in life but that is hard to hear that you havent loved the person youve been with for decades like you do this new person. That would hurt me so much to hear, like i couldve been with someone who is my great love if youd told me sooner. I love/hate this storyline for travis family.
Ugh if this fire had gone on any longer those poor kids and elderly couple.
Haha andy you should wait until someone answers the door for you when visiting almost newlyweds or people who've been seperated for 6 weeks lmao.
Also maya's excuse and none wet (shower) sex hair i love it.
Ugh sullivan trying to defend himself makes me so upset.
Bailey giving ben hell about second and third opinions is funny, like i figure shed be all for it.
Inara and marcus leaving jack is sad. I hope we still get to see marsha in season 5. Also if they do pair jack and jo itd be a bit ironic. I mean jo too had an abusive ex like inara.
Also jack and his marsha have similar eyes, itd be something if it came out she really was his mom.
I dont understand how maya hadnt settled on what to wear she's queen of the clipboard lmao. Just goes to show how some things throw us off course. Also i totally get her saying her outfit choice will define her forever. I judge my look in my wedding photos all the time and feel like other people do as well.
Why do i feel like this exchange between maya and carina was mostly adlibbed? It just feels so fun.
This poor family and ugh i couldnt imagine having to make the tough calls of firefighters/fire captains.
Love that all the fire crew helped put the wedding on.
I understand travis emotion here.
How'd this conversation about maya's folks get started with andy???
I love that maya and andy's friendship is restored. Also famous last words maya, dont speak the bad juju into existence.
Dean you shouldve spoken up there.
Why the chief there? I live in a city and the chief aint showing up for a house call that needs a few units. At least not until fire is out of they for some reason cant get it out.
Lmao maya freaking out about wearing the same thing as carina. Andy therapizing maya is funny.
That poor boy.
The dad comments to ben are beautiful. Also love that so many of the team know how dean feels about vic.
So why is travis getting dressed separately than the rest of his team. I mean i know its because he doesnt know about Dean's feelings and pushes vic to give theo a chance as well as allow theo and travis to talk but come on. He wouldnt get ready separately.
Also what was the point of theo going to that room if not to get ready. Sorry just annoying.
I wish carina had had someone mention andrew to her. Whether ben, bailey, maya or even any of the fire team who worked on the call with him during the crossover awhile back. Her grief during this day of happiness should've been acknowledged, even with just a remembrance table for him amd other family she lost to covid.
I do love this beautiful moment with vic though saying this isnt all just for maya.
Oh my how i love the maya confronting her father. She is the brave i want to be. Also what she says to her mom, yes chefs kiss. However when her mom shows up at the wedding, really the woman couldnt grab a nice shirt or dress to wear on her way out or on her way to the wedding.
I also love the look of pride on maya's moms face both at the house and the wedding.
Im sad we probably wont get any moments of her living with marina due to the time jump.
Ugh the choice that cost maya her promotion but ahouldnt have.
Also with all maya's options for clothes, couldnt they had dressed her mama in something borrowed from maya. Lol im sorry it bothers me so.
Vic's song for the intro is beautiful. Barrett has a beautiful voice.
Maya is so happy her mom is there and i love it. Also in my head at least one person videoing is doing it for the greys family who couldnt make it to the wedding for carina.
I also love maya singing along with vic to carina.
Queen of the clipboard forgetting to write her vows is special and funny. I love carina talking her down from a panic attack. Also her simple vow is beautiful and how carina who probably did write her vows saying we're good instead of reading them after seeing maya's mom in attendance and the look shared is everything.
I truly believe that was the moment she 100% knew maya had changed from end of season 3, was definitely all the way in. She knew what it meant for maya's mom to be there.
Love the dance montage and improved marina kiss.
Another healing theo and travis talk.
Sullivan just cant let it go and ugh trying to justify it. I just cant, still not over it. Even if he isnt captain in season 5 it still isnt right.
Sullivan you cant say you have the teams back then saying you can control them and throwing maya under the bus. Those are contradictory.
This jack and andy conversation is interesting.
This marina conversation is funny but sad when you know the end of the episode.
Its so funny that so few people know about Miller's feelings at this point.
It'll be interesting to see the travis, vic and theo in season 5.
Ben and bailey are so cute.
Wish we couldve had conversations at the wedding with maya and her mom or carina and maya's mom or the 3 of them.
Inara is so wise. I hate this for all 4 of them.
Gotta love the ole grab em and pull em back to kiss them and let them know how you really feel tremmett moment.
Too late dean, they tried to tell you.
I love marina dancing in the background ugh sullivan and the surrera rehashing.
Time for the horrible news ugh.
Everyone just looking at marina and knowing is horrible.
Great season, great episode and im looking forward to whats next.
Thank you to everyone thats been following my rewatch blogging, and for all the kind comments. I appreciate it so much, made the summer so fun.
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butterfrogmantis · 8 months ago
What are your favorite episode(s) of smurfs
Hm, I won't answer NTOB cause I haven't seen them all yet but I'll answer the original cartoon! :D
1. My favourite episode(s) are the two Don Smurfo ones, but that's probably no surprise >:) Out of the two I think I like 'Don Smurfo's Uninvited Guests' just a bit more, although 'Pasta Smurfoli this is the last spaghetti!' from Return To Don Smurfo has become a running joke in my family-
Tumblr media
2. Marco Smurf And The Pepper Pirates
I love Marco!! I love Dreamy!! I love the pepper pirates!! I love Marina!! Marco is one of my favourite one-time characters and this ep is just really fun!!! Have you seen this man? Now you have!
Tumblr media
3. The Comet Is Coming
Or as I like to call it, the one episode that makes me cry! And then laugh! And then cry-laugh! I have so much love for this ep its's hard to know where to begin - the Hefty and Smurfette dynamic, the Handy and Clumsy dynamic, the Painter-Poet-Greedy trio, the fact they all cared enough to send Baby to another planet to try and protect him? Emotional QwQ
Tumblr media
Honourable Mentions:
A Float Full Of Smurfs
LOVE Tailor's animation in this. I can't really explain why it's just very expressive and smooth and him screaming is absolutely hilarious bless that little angry man. Lots of good lines in it too 'I look like zhe rat!' 'So I'll get you some cheese!'
Tumblr media
The Golden Rhino
Yes it’s a season nine episode, shoot me. I will protect this one particular episode because I A D O R E prince Bakari. He’s just so good! It’s a gold (haha) bar in a trash can. No weird time period Gargmel, no overtly racist themes, a genuine friendship between Handy and Bakari, Clumsy my bean, and some cute animals, overall I hold this one pretty close to me
Tumblr media
Speak For Yourself, Farmer Smurf
My baby boy Farmer … He just wants to love and be loved :( I find this one very interesting due to Farmer’s self-deprecation of being a ‘country bumpkin’ despite the Smurfs not having social statuses? My heart hurts for him but it’s a very cute episode with a good friendship between him and Smurfette at the end :)
Tumblr media
Painter and Poet
Great lines, great dynamic, wish we saw more!! No seriously Painter and Poet are a fantastic duo. Origins of ‘Fuelle’ if I’m not mistaken. I do like that they often hang out together in the comics!! Very good work, just need more of it in the series’.
Tumblr media
The 2 Smurf Play Episodes!
The Three Smurfketeers / The Adventures Of Robin Smurf are really really fun episodes and I wish we’d gotten at least 1 more. Though I do something think Tracker would have been the ideal Robin because well ……. He’s English and y’know …. Spends all his time in the woods. But that would have made too much sense I guess, Vanity added the comedy and Tracker still got to be in it
Tumblr media
And plenty more!! But some eps I tend to watch over again just because they feature certain characters in lead roles so I had to differentiate those from my fave eps overall XD
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storytellergirl · 4 months ago
So, I FINALLY finished Bridgerton S02 tonight and I just want to quickly sort out my thoughts...
The Viscount Who Loved Me is my favorite Bridgerton book and one of my favorite historical romances, period.
I am happy that I knew the spoilers in advance and could prepare myself mentally. And I don't want to repeat what more eloquent reviewers criticized before me regarding book vs. show, like changes to Edwina's character. Did I miss my favorite scenes from the book? Yes, I did (was looking forward to the library scene...). But since the screen interpretation of the characters is quite different than what they are like in the books anyway, it was not particularly hard for me to keep them separate and to accept the series as a sort of an AU version of the book universe.
And honestly, I was actually pretty happy with this season.
I liked the shared trauma of Anthony and Kate when they think they are doing their duty by denying themselves any self-fulfillment. Two idiots in love - I dig it. Tension, slow burn, not too much sex - yes, yes and yes.
Their characters and relationship could have been developed much better to be sure, it was like the writers didn't know what to do with them after the fourth episode or so. They literally went from 0 to 100 in a blink of an eye, but Jonathan and Simone somehow salvaged the lacking script and made it work. (seriously, they should get all the awards, they were magnificent)
Loved disapproving Daphne this season, for once she was the one with all the braincells.
They simplified Edwina's character (someone made the comparison with Bianca from 10 Things I Hate About You and I couldn't agree more) but I don't think they made her unlikeable? I am now genuinely surprised at the hate her character was getting from some reviewers, because yes, she is imperfect and said some hurtful things, but she was kept in a bubble by her sister and her mom and her feelings were understandable.
I really hope we might see a romance between her and the Prince (or someone else), that would be cute.
They are somehow managing to make Colin completely bland and making Benedict the fun and quirky brother. The good is that now I am looking forward to Benedict's romance; the bad is that I don't want Colin anywhere near Penelope now.
Ugh, they changed the context, the setting and the wording of Colin's unkind words, what to say to that... I hate that they took Penelope's moment of standing up for herself (which is in the book) from us; but it makes sense in the context of the show. Penelope needs to grow into herself and develop independently of Colin and Eloise.
Speaking of Penelope, yup, she is more vindictive and personal than Lady Whistledown ever was in the books. They are definitely raising the stakes for her, but I like how business-like and self-assured she was in this season (her moments with Genevieve were my favorites). I hope she will face consequences for some of her actions, but more than that, I hope that she will do some penance for what she did to Marina.
Still, I like that they are making her realistically imperfect; I only hope she will develop further as a character.
Eloise, I can't bring myself to love, she became quite insuffarable this season. That being said, I like that she was called out on her privilege by both Theo and Pen and I honestly hope that she will become less of a "not like other girls" and eventually become the unconventionally direct but reasonable and kind young woman she is in the books. (loved Philip’s cameo btw)
If Sophie will become her maid next season, it will be an excellent way to show Eloise how women who do not have a safety net of money, connections and loving family have it hard....
I remain optimistic about this series and I hope that the season 3 will give us more of Kate and Anthony, I think that the fandom is in an agreement that we need more domestic bliss from them.
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staticvenus · 6 months ago
EPISODE 4 - Blocking
• Every time I watch the first scene and they mention how they were trying to bring back the summer, all I can think about is Grease. This makes me think of how would they cast that if the school were to put it on as a production
• Ricky’s mom changing her mind from meeting at the house to the restaurant, then showing up at the house instead says a lot to me. They shouldn’t have decided to have the conversation at a public restaurant, that’s such a bad idea. They wanted a public place so he wouldn’t freak out. They should’ve at least tried doing couples therapy in the same city and kept Ricky in the loop better.
• love big red being confused about theater lingo
• Nini wasn’t able to put aside her personal life outside of rehearsal again and decided to do the dramatic adlib to throw off Ej and to shut him up from singing. Which comes across as petty. I completely understand her being upset but she needs to be a little more professional. Especially because her character is supposed to be written as a really good actress and she hasn’t shown that and will continue to make this mistake again on show night.
• Ricky hugging the pillow is heartbreaking, him being confused over the emotional support hamster is cute. Miss. Jenn convincing him to go back home was a good thing.
• Big Red being yet again another very supportive friend and caring for Ricky fills my heart
• I wonder how long Ricky was up for anyways. I’m assuming he went to Nina’s before 12 because she was still pretty up and her moms weren’t trying to get her to sleep for school the next day. The boy probably skated around as much as he could before he even went home. So I think the latest he would’ve gotten home would’ve been at least 12:30 or before but I’m not sure
• Nini's first instinct is to try to kick Ricky out after her mom explains Rickys having a hard time at home, not a part of her thought to think that the fact that he is having a bad day too. Her bad day was with Ej, not Ricky. She should’ve taken in the fact that he was even there as a sign that his day might’ve been worse than hers because he couldn’t even go home, which should be a safe place. Not to mention he was there and not at Big Red’s she knew both of them long enough to know that he would’ve gone there if he could.
• Ricky in the pride shirt
• Ricky felt like he fucked up when he tried to kiss her and he was already in a vulnerable place. He probably thought leaving was the best thing to do at this moment. Not just because he was heartbroken but because he probably starting to get in his head how much he fucked up and thought Nina would be comfortable with him gone. Let's be real here Ricky has depression so he’d feel like him not being around people will make them happier. Even if it is wrong.
• All I want is a really good song and Olivia sounds good and it works well with moments. I’m going to be honest though I don’t listen to the song a lot. I think it works well with the show and I’ll listen to it with the show, but outside of the show, I don’t find myself wanting to listen to it as much as other ones for some reason.
• At least she isn’t leaving right away, but damn the head earbuds scene is relatable as hell. Que Hermit The Frog - Marina and The Diamonds
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blonde-toddy · a year ago
Random and Not So Random thoughts while watching Bridgerton: Season 1, Episode 4
Oh they're at court.
Also she's not a commoner. She's the daughter of a Viscount.
Another Daphne brag moment, but homegirl really got the juice. She's bagging mfs over hand holding and dancing.
Violet dgaf. She's hungry now, damn it!
Oh he's buying jewelry already.
Ooooooh the way she imagines the Duke behind her. Honey yes. That scene was hot.
Too bad she came back to reality.
Hyacinth is my spirit animal.
Lady Whistledown ain't ready to write Simon off yet. She's waiting on the Dukes Hail Mary.
Shit. So am I.
I have never seen someone look so depressed in such an exquisite piece of jewelry. It's like the necklace chokes her. Testament to the acting and script for that though. It truly represents a trap.
Awww Simon is wearing that heavy bag out. I would say poor Simon, but he made this damn bed.
I love Alice and Will. They are the kind of wholesome love I need to keep my heart steady watching this damn show. She's his rider and I love it.
Alice roasting Simon over Daphne. Get. Yo. Girl. Mane.
I always cringe when a man tells a woman to smile.
Poor Marina. Portia is determined to find her the oldest mf. She's playing smart though.
Those damn dingbat sisters.
Maybe Penelope does care.
Well at least the least mean sister got a caller. They're awkward/cute.
Eloise girl, I love feathers in hair. Your one dimensional preaching is wearing me out again.
A boxing match date? I'd be down.
The prince legit seems like a nice guy. And Daphne is trying....but she's CLEARLY hung up on Simon.
Oh look Simon's losing focus on his friend because he's too focused on Daphne and the prince.
Ok mf! Take that shit off and roll them sleeves up. It turns me on too sis!
Oh look at the sweet family talk with the prince. Girl he'd give you any and everything you wanted.
But you and the Duke are just ATE TF UP about each other!
Mondrich for the win!!!!
Oh Benny. You've got a new friend. But what kind of friend? Give me more of this.
Well Anthony is smug and pleased as punch. Simons courtship of Daphne has ended. She has her perfect suitor. And Simon is leaving England to go rake and fuckboy about.
Though Simons hard slammed shot when the prince approached says he's anything but happy.
Violet always worries about the wrong shit.
Hyacinth always wants to know the good shit.
Be Hyacinth.
Oh fuck the prince is ready to propose. That shit escalated quickly.
SIMON!!!!!! Now would be a good time for that Hail Mary.
Good job Anthony. Way to realize that the women in your life have agency over THEMSELVES.
Violet always beating around the damn bush.....but she is still 100% #teamduke
Aw Daphne you're gonna break down snitching on yourself.
If it wasn't real with Simon you wouldn't be so ate up about it, and you would be rocking tf out of that necklace from the prince instead of crying.
There's a reason for the black in her outfit. For Daphne, who is normally all pastel blues, that black is her mourning. It's her 'attempting' to put to death her feelings for the Duke. And also I think mourning the loss if the bond they shared. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. But this seems like a very deliberate show with it's details.
Danbury ripping Simon open before she sends him off. Big energy.
She knows everything you thick headed mf. Why won't you just listen?! You letting your rank ass daddy live rent free in your soul.
He's so jaded it hurts.
Ayyyye this Trowbridge party looks like the real deal.
Oh gawd. Marina and the old man.
Mr. Finch and the cheese frock. Jesus who wrote this. I love it
Cressida you have been Daphnes biggest hater all season and now you're mad that she's with the prince. He was never gonna marry yo basket headed ass anyway.
Oooooh shit Simon sees the 'intimate painting' and has 2nd thoughts.
Go. Get. Yo. Girl.......Bitch.
Ooooh Benny's at the new homies spot and it's lit!
Naked models, easels, mingling between the classes. Yes indeed.
2nd sons having fun. Hell yes.
Damn Even Sienna at the ball...as a performer of course.
And Anthony looking tongue tied.
Violet....you need to chill. There take another sip.
Portia trying to shade Lady Trowbridges style is comical. Both of y'all bitches gaudy as hell.
Oh shit Phillipa lost her man.
Wtf is wrong with Lord Featherington?
And wtf are you doing Eloise?
Ayyye she just let her have it. You think servants have the time to be Lady Whistledown? I'm dead.
"Get out."
Ok Penelope with your saucy ass.
Well fuck! You just pushed him right to Marina. You played yourself boo.
Oooh the prince is about to shoot the big shot and Daphne keeps running away.
She done spotted Simon. Its over.
Fuck off Cressida.
Rip that mf necklace off girl.
Simon followed her ass outside.
"Miss Bridgerton." Motherfucker, call her Daphne.
"I came to say goodbye." Man. Go to hell.
Daphne serving those barbs. You not ready to keep playing with her.
Damn, Simon. If you're not gonna give her what she wants, get out the way.
Tell his ass sis.....even if you don't believe it yourself.
Really Simon? You stand there quiet as a mf church mouse whiles she's pleading with you to say something.....then you take off after her once she walks away from your shit
I swear.....men.....yall mfs really do shit like this. Speak up! Or...LET. ME. GO.
She's really cracking on his ass and I'm here for it....but wtf us up with his "I forbid you." Who tf are you to me? I'm glad she ain't playing with his ass.
Ooooh he called her Daphne and grabbed her.
Oh honey this is what fulfillment feels like, isn't it?
He's definitely fulFILLing her all the way up!
Oh shit Anthony caught them.
At least he finally landed some decent blows on Simon.
This RAKE ass mf still won't marry her.
Oh Simon.....for once.....Anthony is in the right and you the wrong. You are really about to die over your fucking daddy issues. Boy bye. Again.
Poor Daphne.
Wait, how did Cressida know she was in the garden?
That can't be good.
At least Benny is having a good time.
Dearest Portia, when you go looking for shit, it usually falls in your lap.
Marina keeps carrying on about Colin and Penelope is crushed.....or scheming....or both.
Aww Penelope let her hurt feelings cause a fight with her bestie. Her jealousy is seething.
Daphne still out here having to educate Anthony....though I get the need for the duel. And he still thinks he's running something.
Ooooh this is why they brought up 2nd sons.....Anthony is prepping Benny to take over. Well Benny, at least you had one good night out.
Colin caring for drunk Violet is parenting goals one day.
Oh great, now yall wanna bring Colin into the shit.
Simon raiding Wills spot for booze was so uneccesarily loud.
So Berbrooke alludes to her dishonor and Simon caves his fucking head in. Simon legit dishonors her and he's just like ,"Kay, guess I'll go get shot now." Someone get this man some therapy.
Oh great Anthony is back at Siennas door with more of his bullshit. Girl. Close that door.
No, not after you've let him in and climbed his torso. I guess y'all fuckin again.
He lost all the money and now he's fucked up.
Her face while he cried, is literally the face of every woman sick of a mediocre man's shit.
Oooh now they're all riding off into battle like the fucking idiots they are.
Colin is so pure.
I knew that Cressida shit would come back.
Well at least Anthony was willing to care for Sienna in his death....but damn mf, treat me right while WE'RE here.
Oh the dramatics of drawing a gun.
Nobody is here for Simon's weak ass apologies and I'm okay with that.
Hurry hurry Daphne.
Daphne down....but she's alright.
Call them idiots just like they are.
Simon still being a hoe about this shit. You really about let her be ostracized because you're a fuck boy.
Ultimate fuck boy line...I can't be with you because I love you too much. Fucking hell.
They do obviously love each other though.
Hold up.......you CAN NEVER, or WILL NEVER give her children. Don't play this like you have a reproductive issue.
So your reason for not marrying her is that you "can never" give her children and you know that's what her heart desires.
You playing with fire, Simon.
I wonder how much shit I let slide with his character just because he's portrayed so well by the phenomenal Regé-Jean Page.
No, I do love Simon's damaged ass. He just makes me so mad.
So the duel resumes......or not.
Daphne said, "Fuck them kids, give me my husband." Or something like that.
Well. This us an uncomfortable arrangement even though both of these idiots are in love.
Simon's evasion will most certainly come back to bite him in the ass.
But I'll be here with my popcorn and tissue, rooting for these cool kids to make it!
Tumblr media
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marvelsamwilson · a year ago
2, 17, 20
2. Talk about three of the most important ships throughout your life.
Definitely number one is Loki x Sif, I’ve met some of my closest friends in life because of that ship, which remains a small but resilient community of shippers to this day. After seeing the first Thor for the first time, I shipped Jane and Thor right away, but also got real “past lovers” vibes from Sif and Loki, and ended up doing a search on tumblr and stumbling across the Sifki fandom and discovered there were others who shipped them too, and we all ended up bonding over this tiny little ship of two characters who’ve had a total of like 5 minutes of screen time together across 3 movies lmao. But we’re still going strong! 
Number two is Joan x Sherlock from Elementary. I never really intended to watch that show because I’m not really a big fan of procedurals, and I was already kinda over the Sherlock craze after the BBC show and the movies. But I ended up watching it because I was drawing some fan art for a friend who shipped them, so I wanted to get some background on their dynamic. And after watching one episode I was immediately hooked, and they became one of my favorite ships of all time. There’s so much depth and so many layers to their relationship, that you could totally ship them platonically and they still are better than most romantic ships in popular media. I could literally write essays about the beauty of their relationship and how it evolves over time, and the level of respect, care, devotion, and love they have for each other. THEY HAVE ALL MY FEELINGSSSS
Number three is Finn x Poe. As a queer poc, seeing two men of color embraced as one of the top ships in the Star Wars fandom, which is historically racist and gross towards characters of color, really has been so impactful, and is such a testament to John and Oscar and what they did with those characters and the chemistry they have. I don’t care if Disney tried to “no homo” them in that piece of shit third movie, they’ll NEVER take FinnPoe away from me!!!!!
17. Talk about a pairing you’ve stopped shipping romantically.
This is a recent one, but I stopped shipping Colin and Penelope on Bridgerton. Initially I thought they were cute and liked their dynamic, but once it was clear that her feelings weren’t requited, and all the grossness that followed with her towards Marina, I dropped that ship very fast lol.
20. Talk about a ship you feel alone in shipping.
This was hard, even in my smallest ships I usually have at least one other person who ships it too or there’s a small fandom for it. The last one I can really remember that was close was Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake from the Nolan Batman trilogy, I couldn’t find almost any other shippers lol. 
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pochapal · a year ago
rank every year of the 2010s from best to worst i want some pochapal lore
[warning for discussion of my fucked up mental health and my myriad traumas. we’re really opening the pandora’s box here gang]
ok time for me to overshare on the internet again! super long post because i can’t shut up and you asked for it. anyway, by objective ranking: 
#1: 2012 - halcyon era, my personal peak. spent the whole year writing hunger games oc fics with my deviantart fanfiction besties whom i still think about all the time and always hope are having the best possible day. if you were here for this era understand i still hold you so closely and dearly in my heart <3. 
#2: 2013 - god i was such a good example of a human being back then. was the year my writing like actually took off and i had a healthy balance between creative stuff and a social life (said social life consisting of spending lunchtimes at school breaking into classrooms and discussing fandom shit with five other people. reading homestuck updates in the music room on one person’s really shaky mobile data...legendary). highlight of the year and maybe my life was in the april of 2013 when i got out of failing to submit a hard deadline essay by telling my english teacher i wrote a whole novel over the two week break and then producing said novel. god i wish i had that level of like. fucking confidence back me back then knew what i wanted and how to get it. 
#3: 2010 - the last year of childhood. i was 12 and played pokemon all the time with my friends and went places and had a moderately successful youtube channel and it didn’t matter that i was bullied so badly at school because i was basically high off life. summer of 2010 was so good specifically. i’d used to get the bus with a friend and go see movies and break into historical sites and get into normal childhood mayhem and maxed out my pokewalkers twice a month and i was buzzed because i had two (2) whole friendship groups to choose from and that was such a huge deal to me the terminal social outcast. it was so simple and carefree and even though everything and everyone involved in this era grew up to suck except for one specific person i kinda really miss it.
#4: 2018 - this was the first year i wasn’t depressed to the point of nonfunctioning. it was 20gayteen, i was on antidepressants, i was as close to thriving as i got at uni (going into town with people once a week, attending art and culture events, getting good grades across the board), i started to write for fun again, i got my cat whom i love dearly, i was exhibited in my uni’s city’s literature festival, GOD i actually nearly attended a pride event that year can you imagine. this year was basically my life’s second peak. miss getting the 8am train and daintily sipping on a cherry coke to keep me from passing out. wish this time could have lasted longer.
#5: 2019 - kinda absolute middle of the road year not for lack of anything happening but because the overwhelming amount of good and bad things cancelled each other out. so like there’s the fact that i was at the top of my uni game this year, was basically making the first steps into a professional writing career (covid i will never forgive you for killing all that dead </3), finally saved up enough to buy myself a gaming pc, and the summer after the homestuck epilogues, but equally 2019 was the start of the Pochapal Gender Fiasco which is by far the most horrible thing i am still currently undergoing and i burnt myself out mentally about halfway through the year (being stuck overnight in a hospital for a panic attack absolutely horrible horrible irredeemable) and then got like super death plague flu that i was sick with for three months (literally recovered less than a month before rona hit. god’s cruel karma.). so like...it kind of averaged out? the good shit was good but not as great as other years and the bad shit was awful but nowhere near as terrible as it could have been. gotta give a shoutout to 90% of my current mutual cohort for following me in 2019...omelette route gang make some noise !!
#6: 2014 - oof. this year essentially marked the start of a four year long downward mental health spiral because everything fell into awful alignment. i’d just turned 16, finished secondary school, had all my friends up and ditch me at once, was home alone for a whole summer, and was hit with Sudden Intense Body Image Issues that i couldn’t explain until uh. after very recent developments lmao. this one goes out to the me of july 2014 who did nothing but lay in bed and listen to the same two marina albums on a loop because fuck i’m attracted to men and also my facial and body hair are really starting to come in and if i think about this for too long i will literally kill myself because oh god i can’t handle getting older which is clearly and definitely the issue going on here. my brain fucking broke super hardcore and it’s a miracle that an overeating disorder was like the worst thing i walked away with. 
#7: 2015 - downward spiral year two!! i was so volatile this year it was such a mess. i was totally socially isolated after a brief stint of falling in with a group of people at the start of my first year of sixth form until january where in quick succession a) it turned out every single one of these people was friends with the person who sexually assaulted me whom i obviously had a lot of complicated feelings towards and b) baby’s first crush came out as bisexual but in the “women and also trans women” kind of way which tore me up so terribly in ways i couldn’t begin to understand. no words for the experience of seeing a girl kiss a boy and crying so hard at night you threw up because you could never be her no matter how much you wanted it. actually kinda get the sense what was going on there was bigger than just some crush lmao. then after that i was so mentally ill i basically attended school less than half the time and it was the only year in my life i failed my exams. i ended up having to resit my entire set of first year a level exams because jesus christ was i in such a bad way it was a miracle i even showed up to them. all i did was either have anxiety attacks or enter bedbound depressive slumps for weeks at a time. but it’s okay because it gets worse.
#8: 2016 - downward spiral act iii: the spiralling. prefacing this by saying that i actually had two whole good months (april - may) in that i was functioning enough to do my exams and finish school with decent grades. the rest was super extra mega terrible. my school attendance for year 13 dipped below 65% and literally the only thing that kept me from being kicked out was the fact that i was naturally smart at the subjects i took and also because the school would have a lot to answer for after letting me get to that state despite having a hefty file on how damaged i was. keep in mind every single part of this was fully untreated btw - i was just floundering around and letting it all fester. i spent three solid weeks going to school but locking myself in the bathroom all day every day and having mental health episodes then going home like nothing else happened only to continue the breakdown that night. then things got kicked into fucked up overdrive when i moved out to uni and was cut off from what little support structures i did have. it was so bad all i did was cry all the time and never went anywhere to the point where three separate sources recommended me to the wellbeing and crisis counselling service that i stopped going to after two sessions because i was fucked up in ways cbt techniques could not even touch. at least i tried to make an effort for the first two months of uni which like. good for me?
#9: 2017 - what lieth at the base of the spiral. helltrench year. i was at literal rock bottom. i stopped going to class, i didn’t hand in a single piece of work. i lied to my parents and would book trains each day only to go back to my student flat and sit there and contemplate suicide. like i would just slump on the floor in a catatonic state and vividly contemplate one of four or so ways i could end my own life. i only didn’t because i wanted to wait until the summer to collect my last student loan and transfer it to my parents as an apology for my death which obviously didn’t end up happening. honestly i can’t remember much of the first half of 2017 that’s how bad it was. i remember taking a gender studies class and the teacher made it Weird that i was the Only Male Student in the room and then she sent me a scolding email after i walked out halfway through a class and never returned. apparently i got into a lot of online discourse in this year but i don’t remember anything other than being put on a blocklist by the milkfic author over ace discourse which is funny if you have the context. mostly i just baited terfs and weirdo freaks to get them to say horrible things to me as what i guess amounts to some kind of digital self harm. anyway breaking point came in late august when i got kicked out of university and then nobody could ignore it any more so there was no choice left but for me to seek out help and recover enough to function which luckily i did. i really Do Not remember 2017. you could tell me anything about that year and i’d probably believe you.
#10: 2011 - extra circle of hell for this little fucked up gem of a year. on the surface it wasn’t actually that terrible, until the Summer 2011 Domino Effect Of Bad Shit. up until like may/june it was a pretty all right year! i was 13 and had a surprisingly successful youtube channel uploading pokemon soundfont remixes to an audience of i think ~350-400 subscribers at my peak? anyway then i got hit with the early summer triple combo of childhood friends moving away, cute and quirky sexual assault at the hands of a person in my friend group, and then having some Really Great and Super Appropriate interactions with adults on deviantart. like obviously there’s the actual ptsd-inducing event which totally disrupted and killed the person i was right up until that moment and reshaped every facet of my life for better or worse (there’s an alternate timeline where that didn’t happen and i got into electronic music and/or coding instead) but really it’s the events that followed in its wake which were kind of more fucked up. so like all of a sudden i was super aware of my body and me growing my hair out and being mistaken for a girl in class suddenly became this Less Innocent thing and i ended up spending hours overnight going to transgender questioning forums and looking up hrt timeline videos and having the wikipedia article on tracheal shaving saved because it was a life raft to me whose voice was imminently gonna deepen and i was simultaneously reeling with constant trauma flashbacks and the whole thing was so so fucked up. then i was on deviantart and i don’t remember exactly how but a small group of furry guys ten to fifteen years older than me started messaging me and encouraging and requesting me to produce nonsexual fetish stuff for them and talking to me about stuff like if i’d ever thought about growing up to be gay and i didn’t think anything of it for a long while because they called me a very talented writer and it felt so good to have someone be nice to me after being so alone and isolated for months on end. anyway the only reason i got out of that before it got bad was because they invited me to one of the big furry sites and i was weirded out because i thought it was a porn site and thinking about sexual stuff was a huge trauma trigger so i just ended up blocking them all and pretending like it didn’t happen. at the time half this shit didn’t bother me but in retrospect holy fuck 2011 was such a damaging year. to think if like three events didn’t happen i wouldn’t be the fucked up mess you see before you today.
god fuck this turned out super long but i’m not apologising because this was a therapeutic exercise for me and also constitutes as one of the biggest pochapal lore dumps of all time. come get your food or whatever.
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medea10 · a year ago
My Review of Rinne
Tumblr media
(a.k.a. Kyoukai no Rinne)
How did I get into this anime? Let’s just say the creator of this series, I’m a fan of. Rumiko Takahashi is the creator of this series as well as several other well-known anime series including Ranma ½, Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, and my personal favorite InuYasha. That alone was reason for me to get heavily interested from the get-go. But because of the time it came out, I had too much on my plate to pick up one more anime, so I put it on the back-burner for a few years. And despite the mediocre score and listless hype over this, I’m still interested to see what Rin-ne is all about.
Tumblr media
As a child, Mamiya Sakura has been different from other children. When she was a child, Sakura ended up in the afterworld and returned to the world of the living after a day of wandering around. After that incident, she gained the ability to see ghosts/spirits. Fast-forward to the present where she’s a high school student and meets a Shinigami named Rinne Rokudou. Rinne is a half-human (which is rare in the afterworld) and works as a Shinigami like his parents and grandmother before him. He can be seen by regular humans, but if he wears a special cloak, he becomes invisible to everyone. This makes it easy to put spirits to rest without being seen by humans!
Tumblr media
Both Rinne and Sakura are able to see what others cannot and this often helps Rinne when he takes on a mission. Throughout the series, Rinne ends up taking on random spirits every episode with a cute mascot that often helps him (Rokumon), a love rival (Tsubasa Jumonji), a girl who likes him (Ageha), and several other colorful characters in the human and afterworld. Check out the afterlife. Just be sure to bring your checkbook, nothing’s for free!
BETWEEN THE SUB AND THE DUB: Sentai Filmworks is the licensor of this series and by the looks of it, this series has already been released in video formats and has no dub to speak of. So I’m going to assume there will be no dub to this in the future. This is kind of a blessing to me! Because if I’m watching a Rumiko Takahashi series, I would highly prefer hearing the voice actors of Vancouver! That’s right, if this series doesn’t contain Richard Ian Cox, Kelly Sheridan, Brad Swaile, or Brian Drummond, the dub will be scum.
Okay, I admit that’s mean. I grew accustomed to the other Takahashi classics that if this got a dub, I would have flipped if I saw the Texas voice actors on this.
As for the sub…where oh where could Kappei Yamaguchi be? Oh where, oh where could he be? One way or another, we are going to hear him. And we do! BUT, he’s not a main character this time. That honor goes to Kaito Ishikawa. Everything in the last three years has gone to this guy. And who am I to complain? I friggin’ love him in nearly everything he’s in. Yeah, this series does have a lot of familiar voices, including several that have been memorable characters in Takahashi’s other series. Kappei Yamaguchi (who is well known for InuYasha and Ranma) is featured as well as Satsuki Yukino (well known for Kagome on InuYasha) Here’s what you might recognize these folks from.
*Rinne is played by (known for Kiawe on Pokemon SM, Genos on One Punch Man, Mitsuo on Golden Time, Urie on Tokyo Ghoul :re, Sakakibara on Assassination Classroom, and Naofumi on Shield Hero)
*Sakura is played by Marina Inoue (known for Sonia on Pokemon Journeys, Armin on Attack on Titan, Yoko on Gurren Lagann, Jessica on Umineko, Kyouko on Skip Beat, Wataru on Hayate, and Rei on H.O.T.D.)
*Rokumon is played by Hitomi Nabatame (known for Serena’s Mother on Pokemon XY, Yukiji on Hayate, Margery Daw on Shakugan no Shana, Saori on Oreimo, Nanao on Bleach, and Raynare on High School DxD)
Tumblr media
FAVORITE CHARACTER: I have a guilty pleasure for Kain’s cat, Suzu. She’s just so care-free that she fucks up at least 98% of the time she’s shown on this show. And I gotta admit that she makes me laugh whenever she’s on the screen.
DISLIKED CHARACTER: You would think I would pick that snot-nosed brat (Shouma) introduced in season two for this list. Or Kain for that matter! Both of these boys annoy the living fuck out of me whenever they’re in an episode. But then Rinne’s father peaks his douchey head in.
Tumblr media
Oh wow, horrible parent alert! Sabato Rokudou is Rinne’s father and holy shit what a bloody scumbag. He’s on the same tier as the parents from Hayate the Combat Butler. Yeah, that bad! As we all know, the after-world is a capitalist society and everything has a price. This guy has been stealing his own son’s money since he was a little boy. Add to that, Sabato fills his son with false promises (including meeting his own mother). Even in his current age, Sabato finds ways to steal money from his son when he’s trying to earn means while living in the world of the living. Even putting him in a million yen in debt! And just causing life to be miserable for Rinne whenever he comes by! Tamako, how could you birth such an inconsiderate bastard into being?
Nice to see my prediction from when I wrote my Worst Father’s of Anime list over a year ago came true. Sabato remained a dick-head throughout all three seasons. Amazing! I guess the only nice thing about him is that he’s not going to be in a relationship with Ichigo while she’s still a child.
SHIPPING: So Kyokai no Rinne is following the same protocol as a lot of Rumiko Takahashi’s other animes. So we have the male and female main protagonist that’s going to be the main ship (even though it seems more friend-zoned most of the time). There will be a reoccurring girl character to cause friction between this main ship because she loves the male protagonist. And we have to add several boys after the main female’s heart too.
And just for good measure, let’s add a boy interested in the male lead and a couple of secondary ships that may or may not happen.
Hey, InuYasha and Ranma ½ had the same setup. Rinne is just following suit!
Tumblr media
Rinne x Sakura has pretty much setting sail since the end of season two even without a full-on confession from either one of them. Rinne has had feelings for Sakura since season one. Sakura on the other hand, I can’t get a grip on what she wants in terms of a romantic partner. I want to say she’s oblivious to the advances of Jumonji or Ageha’s jealousy, but on the other hand, I feel like Sakura just doesn’t care what happens romantic wise. But the fact that she’s constantly helping Rinne might be a big, fat clue.
Tumblr media
Rinne x Ageha is that one-sided ship that you know is never gonna happen (along with Sakura x Jumonji), but it doesn’t stop die-hard shippers from supporting it until their final breaths. I am actually impressed that Ageha doesn’t hold a grudge against Rinne because his father kinda brain-washed Ageha’s sister into giving Sabato money all the time. Several other characters hate Rinne for that alone, yet Ageha is still devoted to loving Rinne.
Tumblr media
I do wonder that once Rinne x Sakura are a sure-thing if Jumonji and Ageha are going to hook up.
Tumblr media
Rinne x Matsugo was one of the wildest ships I could have imagined. First of all, Matsugo’s debut episode came with a hint of love-hate. But by the end, Matsugo went from hating Rinne over a misunderstanding to going all “Bros before Hoes” on us! After that Matsugo stopped at nothing to get Rinne. Even blowing off the one girl that actually likes this obsessed freak!
Tumblr media
Kain x Renge is actually the one ship that doesn’t revolve around Rinne because both Kain and Renge hate Rinne’s guts. Renge likes Kain, but also has to hide some pretty heinous things from him like working for Rinne’s father as a Damashi-shinigami. And as we all know, Kain has a vendetta against Sabato, his family, and anyone affiliated with Damashis due to his own family situation. Kain unfortunately sees Renge as an ally or a friend. He wants her to continue her studies since Kain can’t go to school. Dude ain’t got time for a side-chick! He’s gotta work for a living because his mother gives all their money away to Sabato.
That guy seriously grinds my gears.
Tumblr media
RUMIC WORLD EASTER EGGS: Rumiko Takahashi has been around for quite some time and many of her creations have become quite well-known. That’s why when Rinne came in anime form, fans took to the forums to gab about how Ageha is the spitting image of a one-shot villain from InuYasha or that Sakura’s mother has a resemblance of Lum or that Jumonji looks like a modern-day Miroku (minus the perverted charm). Every now and then, we get a special little easter egg shown from Takahashi’s other works. Most notably, Lum shown on the currency and carnival prizes that have a lot of figures from Ranma ½!
My favorite easter egg was of course during a next episode preview where Sabato and Tamako (who are voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi and Satsuki Yukino) end up doing some dialogue that’s…
Tumblr media
…You all know what this is…
END OF SEASON ONE: So the final episode, Sakura was able to have something she hasn’t been able to obtain in over 10 years. Three days of peace without having to be bugged by a spirit. As a reminder, Sakura as a child visited the other world and after that experience, she’s been able to see spirits. Tamao gave Sakura some candy to eat so that she would be like every other human around her and not see spirits every waking second.
This couldn’t have come at a worse time for Rinne as he had to take out over 5,000 spirits in the middle of an A-1 run. And because Sakura accidentally opened the barrier containing these spirits, they were trying to come after her. So Rinne had to get rid of all 5,000 (and lose money in the process with special tools). It took three days, but Rinne was able to do that. And because Rinne had his special coat on (where normal humans are unable to see him), Sakura wasn’t able to see him until the candy wore off. Even though Sakura got a whole bag of those candies, she hasn’t used them again.
At the end of the episode, Rinne and Sakura break the fourth wall by announcing that a second season was coming!
SEASON TWO: Oh thank you Jesus, the opening and ending themes aren’t bland bags of genericness like the previous season. Great improvement, especially when you get one of the best singers from Love Live to do the opening theme! Good on you!
Tumblr media
Music ranting aside, this season we are introduced to a lot of new characters in the human and spirit world that are going to be seen more often than not. Starting things off, apparently Ageha has a cat employee (much like the relationship between Rinne and Rokumon). Except Ageha and Obero’s relationship is a lot more dysfunctional. Kain also has a cat employee named Suzu. She’s more spazzy compared to Kain’s serious demeanor. Actually, there are several cat characters introduced this series and even a few episodes dedicated to them later on.
Tumblr media
One more thing I should mention about this particular season is that we got to see Sakura have a little more growth here. For a while I found her too plain for my taste, but this season we see her become a Shinigami (for a day) and we even get possible love interest with the finale. Now let’s head over to that part.
END OF SEASON TWO: The final two episodes consisted of Rinne being invited to a high school mixer in the Afterworld by a former friend, Matsugo. The thing is Matsugo used to hold a vendetta against Rinne due to a misunderstanding from their childhood. But unlike every other misunderstanding from this series, this one was resolved within an episode or two and Matsugo’s buddies with Rinne again. Actually, Matsugo’s feelings are teetering from childhood friend to full-blown bromance.
How do you get rid of a nuisance who can’t take a hint? Bring Sakura with you to the mixer and have her pretend to be your girlfriend! The big problem here is that Rinne is putting food and money over Sakura. And if you were in Rinne’s shoes, you can see that these two are more important than a girl. Rinne is poor as fuck! If he gets a chance at winning some money or food, absolutely fuck everything else! Unfortunately, Sakura caught wind of all of these ulterior motives and started to question her own relationship with Rinne. And I gotta hand it to Sakura, because if this were an old-school Rumiko Takahashi female protagonist like Akane or Kagome, Rinne would have been destroyed in a matter of seconds. Sakura doesn’t cuss him out or show a resting bitch-face. Actually, she never does! But by the end of this two-parter, Rinne realized that Sakura is pretty important to her, maybe even more than other things.
At the end of the episode, Rinne and Sakura break the fourth wall again by announcing that a third season was coming!
SEASON THREE: Much like the previous season, we’re continuously introduced to new characters that serve some sort of purpose, a new love triangle involving the main or supporting cast, and 2-3 filler stories an episode. However, in the mid-point, we get introduced to 2 new characters that answer some questions that have plagued many of us since the beginning.
Tumblr media
You know how nearly every male protagonist of Rumiko Takahashi has a missing mother? Whether it be due to premature demise or she’s a crazy-bitch like in Ranma ½, the mother figure is usually M.I.A. Otome was Rinne’s mother, but she disappeared when he was a baby. Only now, her scythe returns suddenly. Add to that, a mysterious little girl named Ichigo moves into the area (and just like Sakura, she can see spirits).
Tumblr media
Long story short, Ichigo is the reincarnation of Otome (Rinne’s mother). I can get over this whole Kikyo/Kagome crap because this is a Rumiko classic. But I just feel ewwie whenever I see Ichigo and Sabato. Thankfully Sabato has no intention of doing anything creepy to Ichigo. He has some standards, so he gets a point with me there. The reason why Otome disappeared was because she wanted to hide her old yearbooks from Sabato, which lead to her being caught up in a stampede of wild animals that lead her to the wheel of reincarnation. And the reason why she was trying to hide these old yearbooks was because she didn’t want Sabato to know the ugly truth.
That she is really two years younger…than her mother-in-law.
Dude…I know Tamako looks extremely young to even be a grandmother…but damn, Otome goes to these lengths to lie about her age.
ENDING: We don’t really get any kind of monumental moment or climax until the very final episode since all of the episodes between Ichigo’s reveal and the finale were mostly just side-stories involving spirits/demons of the day. The final episode had Rinne, Sakura, Renge, and Jumonji taking part of a school festival at Matsugo’s school. But it mostly takes place in a test of courage cave. Apparently this feature is notorious for causing many couples to break up and people can’t turn around otherwise they’re disqualified. But if you make it all the way through, free food! And you know Rinne is not going to turn down a chance to get free food.
Tumblr media
But we get another moment much like the end of season two where Rinne has to choose between food and/or money or Sakura. Actually, Rinne ended up choosing Sakura. And unlike a bunch of other pissed off couples, Rinne and Sakura’s relationship (or lack there of) is doing pretty well.
So we end with no love confessions on any front, no happy ending for Rinne in hitting a Shinigami lottery or some crap like that, and no hope in a fourth season.
This was…just an okay anime. I can see why people just think this is okay or mediocre. With me, there were several things that bugged. First of all, I found several things in the anime that felt very inconsistent. Especially when it came to the spirits plaguing the human world! There are some scenes where something out of the ordinary happens and it plays out like you would expect like people freaking out. But then you get these moments where, okay, why are regular humans seeing this? The annoying narrator likes to point out the obvious in literally every episode. Why, didn’t we establish the obvious earlier?
Speaking of the narrator, could you be any more annoying?! How many times are you going to remind us of things in the series? I know there are useful moments with the narrator like when he’s describing all the different items Rinne and other Shinigami use to put a soul to rest. But then there’s this repetitive nature to the narrator where he constantly reminds you of shit you’ve known since episode 1. It’s useful when you want to remind the audience at the beginning of each season, but not every couple of episodes. WE ALL KNOW RINNE CAN’T BE SEEN BY HUMANS IF HE’S WEARING HIS CLOAK! SHUT UP ALREADY!
I’m not sure if the anime covered everything in the manga as I have not picked up the books…yet. I’m sure the manga has gotten a little further with many of these potential ships like Rinne x Sakura to hope that maybe one day we’ll get something from them. I’ve spent a good year and a half trying to grasp at what I really think of Sakura Mamiya. First of all, she’s a huge improvement in the main female role. When you compare her to the other girls from Takahashi’s works like Kagome or Akane (who eat Carnation Instant Bitch every morning), Sakura is quite pleasant.
Tumblr media
But then you see Sakura showing no other emotion besides satisfied, meh, and let me put on my surprise face. She hardly ever gets mad. I’m not saying go on a rampage like Kagome when she yells at InuYasha, but for fuck’s sake, tell Rinne off every now and then. Christ-balls, he’s put food and money over you so many times you’ve earned a few yells. And he constantly borrows money from you and you know he’ll never pay you back!
The story is mostly the spirit of the day trope. In later seasons however, we get two or three mini stories an episode dealing with some sort of spirit with no personal growth involving any of the main characters. Rinne gets ahead during the episode, but gets smacked back to where he began and we repeat the same thing in the next episode. So yeah, it got boring when we’re stuck in a slump like that. I even had high hopes in season two when we got that one episode where Sakura was a Shinigami for the day. I thought Sakura was going to evolve a little bit after that, but alas that was not the case. We go right back to the spirit(s) of the day trope!
Tumblr media
But I always felt drawn back with several of the colorful characters. I always enjoy Rinne’s grandmother, Tamako. Kain’s cat, Suzu is the silliest thing ever and I love her dearly. Masato will always suck and it’s a joy to watch him fail at everything. And call me a sucker for boys fighting over the girl, but whenever I see Rinne and Jumonji get jealous at each other, I enjoy it. Not on levels like Inuyasha and Koga, but good enough here.
So, I would give it a couple of episodes to make your own decision if you want to drop it or continue watching Rinne.
In the meantime, I’m gonna wait patiently for that InuYasha sequel that’s coming out in October. Thank Arceus Rumiko Takahashi gave us something in 2020.
If you want to check out Rin-ne, all three seasons are available on Crunchyro…
Uh-oh! As of this date and time, Rin-ne is removed (along with 76 other titles) from Crunchyroll’s site. Glad I finished before they got rid of it! Just watch it on HI-DIVE.
Now then! That took a good 18 months to get through. Hopefully the next anime is a lot shorter than that one. What’s next on my Sentai block?
Huh? Does that mean Re:Zero? Or Akame ga Kill?
Tumblr media
Oh, Made in Abyss! But this looks cute and innocent, how could this possibly be…?! Almost had you all fooled! Looks can be deceiving. Yeah, this anime is gonna hurt.
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todayninafeels · a year ago
December 28, 2020
So as it turns out, I’ve done a bit of reflecting and I think the hottest dynamic in my opinion is jock/nerd.  I think I’m just naturally drawn to power imbalances, but this is a bit different than that?  Like for a while I was into whump (not so much anymore, but a good whump prompt is still a good whump prompt, feel me?), but I think the jock/nerd teasing is just super cute?  Like this was totally the Caleb/Adam relationship in The Bright Sessions, and honestly Vex/Percy was sort of jock/nerd in CR C1 (but I think they switched between the roles sometimes?).  Maybe because I’ve always seen myself as a nerd and because I’ve always been smallish I’ve just accepted that a future partner is likely to be able to crush me in a hug and generally that physique is found amongst your typical “jock”... yeah.  LET ME BE, OKAY.  I am absolutely independent and desire to be for quite a while but that doesn’t mean I can’t fantasize, as long as it’s healthy.
Along similar lines, I’ve realized that I’ve got some really bad intrusive thoughts?  Like, even the minor ones are really damaging?  I thought my main issues were with calling myself dumb/stupid but really my subconscious apparently has a knack for reminding me of social interactions that have gone wrong and also I apparently have taken to sort of attacking my appearance and then reasoning with myself as to why I attack my appearance almost as if if trying to subvert my own goals.  For example, I caught myself today thinking that I was a 5/10 on the beauty scale or whatever, and my reasoning was like “well a 5 is average and I’m average so really it’s just me being realistic with myself” but like ????? okay??????????  I had to catch myself in my tracks because I know that a 5/10 translates to a 50% and I know that I view that score as a failure.  Whether or not it’s true, it’s simply not useful to me in my self-esteem journey.  The whole point of policing my intrusive thoughts was to minimize their negative impact on how I think about myself which would in turn hopefully make me present myself in a more confident way, but I’m apparently trying to get around my own rules in sneaky ways argh. 
Anyway, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that, in many cases, wool is probably to expensive for me to try to invest in for all of the things I’d like to make, so I think I might be better off looking at cotton flannel for a wool-esque type of feel.  It’s still warm and soft and, most importantly, can be washed in a washing machine without causing anxiety (a very important quality).  Also!  It’s fairly inexpensive when on sale!  So, yeah, I’ll be on the lookout for some nice flannels over the next few months that I may make some skirts and underskirts from them for the winter/fall/spring periods of the year.
Speaking of seasons, I don’t know quite how I’m going to dress in the summer.  Like, that’s too hot for the three wool skirts that I own, so I might have to make a few cotton circle skirts (and half circle skirts and pleated skirts and gathered skirts, probably) from some cotton fabrics.  Might have to use quilting cottons, since they tend to be cheaper than fashion fabrics.  I have some short sleeved dresses that I can employ for the “dress-under-a-skirt” Maksy Method, but I might have to make some more that can double as vintage-looking dresses and blouses that can be worn with skirts.  Frankly, the fact that dresses can be used to perform double-duty is still astounding to me.
I also started watching Bridgerton on Netflix and WHEW I love me some period drama.  Honestly the Duke/Daphne pairing reminds me a lot of Beatrice/Benedick in Shakespeare’s Much Ado which is really funny.  Anyway, apparently there’s been a lot of dissatisfaction with the historical costuming of the show, and some people are insinuating that this dissatisfaction is a byproduct of racism.  The show is much more diverse than actual 19th century London was (probably idk I wasn’t living there at the time), and, honestly, for me, since this is a drama taking place in historical times rather than being a documentary on what the period really looked like, I’m perfectly comfortable with thinking of this show as “Regency-era Fanfiction,” you know?  Like, they’re playing Vitamin String Quartet renditions of modern pop songs.  So, I mean, go off with your costuming criticisms, if that makes you feel better, I suppose.
That was my original critique of the discussion surrounding Bridgerton’s costuming, but I think a better critique might surround why a show that has people of color in some of its lead roles is less likely to have the same attention to historical detail as a show with a fully white cast (like, say, Outlander, I suppose (which I still do need to watch)).  Idk.  Jingle Jangle was great because it blended African prints and colors with Victorian stylings to create Afro-Victorian, but frankly this is beside the point because that movie was meant to be fantastical from the start, and there was no need for it to be historical.  Idk idk idk I suppose I’ll just enjoy my romantic historical drama in peace (though this very well may be the first of many seasons, as it is based off of not just one book, but an entire series).
Speaking again about the content and plot of the series itself, I’ve only learned that straight men are trash.  They simply cannot see beyond their own pride.  As a matter of fact, this ineptitude that the male lead characters (Anthony, Lord Featherington (as we found out at the end of episode 4), the Duke of Hastings (Simon), Nigel, and (as we know of at the moment, though I suspect that this may change) Marina’s baby daddy) exhibit is what really pushes the plot forward.  Honestly they cause all of the trouble in the series.  Frankly, were it not for the quick-witted mother of Daphne, the diamond of the season would have been married off to that horrid fellow Nigel.  Oh, how I love a woman’s cunning spirit.  Anyway, maybe this is just because I’ve never fallen in love or maybe it’s because I’m not quite as repressed as Daphne, but I seriously didn’t see why she let her feelings for the Duke overcome the fact that she could have married a super sweet prince and become a literal princess.  Like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what?  Maybe this is just exposing me as a person who would do hypergamy at a moment’s notice, but also,, like,, the Duke literally told her that he didn’t even actually like her?  And you want me to believe that she still was willing to let herself hold onto the feelings he had for her???????  Nuh uh.  Nuh uh not me.
Today I’m thankful for this pretty show with pretty dresses and pretty words.  I’m also thankful for Lady Danbury who I should think is my favorite character.  Penelope is probably my second favorite.  I think it’s partly because I pity her, but I’m also rooting so hard for her to get the happy ending she deserves.
You know, on that note, I think casting was intentional when it comes to making the pitiful, best-friend, puts-others-above-herself, ultra-supportive-but-never-receives-the-same-in-return character a bit plus-sized.  In my examination of my own immediate reaction to Penelope, I did pity her.  I don’t think I would’ve had that reaction if she was thin.  I think that’s a commentary on my own implicit biases.  And also how fat people in media are so often portrayed.
Oh, oh!!  Also!!!!!  (Bonus thank!!)  I went on a, like, three hour walk around our neighborhood and down to the historic city with my puzzle- and cello-friends and it was fantastic.  I had to much fun just chatting with them as I almost always do.  Don’t worry, we were wearing our masks and staying somewhat distant, though we’d all been taking precautions with covid, anyway, but it never hurts to be safe.  I need to start going on walks more.  I used to walk a ton each day when school was in session, not to mention weekly workout classes.  Now I do none of that and I wish to return to my former glory, or, perhaps, surpass it.
Finally, finally, I’m giving myself another $100 for clothes this Christmas (plus my Amazon and JoAnn gift cards).  I’ve got some slacks lined up, and I’m desperately looking for a houndstooth wool blazer.  I think I’ve found one that has all of the colors and stylings I’m interested in, but I’m afraid it may be a tad too big.  I’ll have to think on it.  I’ll ask about the item and see if it’s lined.  If not, I may be able to take it in in the places that matter.  If so... well... the item is cheap enough even with shipping that I may get it anyway and simply live with the consequences.  Actually... in keeping with my desire to buy fewer items made of the polyester plastic that has infiltrated my closet, I shall also have to ask if there is a materials tag present.  I do not quite know what I will do if the seller responds that there is no materials tag.  Lust after the item and die, I suppose, is the only real option I have.
Well, you shall be updated.
I’m off to put away some dishes and watch a bit more Bridgerton.  
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someonegetmeoutofmyhead · 2 years ago
Let’s talk about Rebelde and Elite
Okay, so...
I adore Elite, but this needed to be said.
This bitch walked
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So that Peppa could run!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Elite is basically Rebelde with murder instead of band theme.
First of all: THE SCHOOL
Rebelde’s school is literally called ELITE Way School
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Second of all: THE CHARACTERS:
Roberta Pardo:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Daughter of a controvercial singer, has money, doesn’t really fit with the “elite” old money kind of students. Prefers to be friends with people who got scholarships than with the “plastic barbies and kens”. Is a whole mood, a tantrum, a rebel in its definition. The moral compass of the school, but has a full mouth and is crazy, unfiltered and unpredictable. The most stubborn person you’d see on TV.
I’ve just rewatched the whole series in a couple of days ago and basically she is the only one who moves the plot forwars (along with maybe Miguel and Diego). To be honest, Tumblr would stan her so hard these days.
Tumblr media
Elite match: Rebecca, duh! Has money, but dirty, not elite money, sides with the poor guys with scholarships, hates the kens and barbies. If you heard Rebecca talk you instantly think Roberta (those 2 names kinda sound alike too tbh). 
BUT... I feel like Roberta is soooo much more, has more essence. I feel she has somehow (?) Lu’s extrovertic charisma? (but I’m still hesitant on that). I would even say she has some Marina’s qualities... the good one’s and I mean the empathy... the whole siding with a different clique she was supposed to be in, and even some of Nadia. Roberta was hands down the best character on the show (remember we’re talking 2004 Mexico) and she’ll always be iconic.
Mia Colucci:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So the thing is, Mia was never my favourite character, but damn she was entertaining. And I know millions of people adored her and quote her till this damn but still, I couldn’t really identify myself with her.
 She has Mommy and Daddy issues, a literal Princess TM, turned into a literal Little during later seasons. Has a good heart and intentions but is so privileged and biased somehow you’d love to smack her upside her head. All of that said, she’s almost unbearably charming, likeable and cute.
Tumblr media
Elite matches: I honestly believe Carla and Lu were inspired by Mia. Carla has all of the qualities and background Mia has. Her looks and style is also kind of similar. And Mia’s charisma went to Lu and if we’re being honest, we all saw Danna Paola’s videos immitating Mia Colucci. She’s a Mexican after all (I even remember her being a child actress from that era). And the headbands? Yeah, those two have that in common as well and you can’t tell me that’s a coincidense.
Lupita Fernandez
Tumblr media
And her Elite Match: Nadia
Tumblr media
I mean? Aren’t they basically the same character? Both are religious? Have family issues? But they would never disappoint them? Both have scholarships and are top of their classes? Both rebel but in disguise? Both have very fine men who come from completely different worlds from them? Yeah... 
(Lupita is a bit more annoying but let’s be real, we’ve seen 440 episodes of her.)
Diego Bustamante:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My prescious boy... Okay, I’m trying to stay objective here lol. 
Okay. Diego Bustamante is a hugely privilaged boy with a powerful and corrupted politician father at the begining. Him and Mia are basically the same, shallow and blind to other problems. Diego has Daddy issues so huge you’d see it from space. Always trying to please his dad, never stood up for himself and important things. The problems with his dad starts in first ep and ends 440 eps later... It’s exhausting, but so important for Diego’s character development. And his character development is named Roberta ;) He might’ve not been everone’s favourite dark and misterious type, but damn, with that smile and longing eyes he had our pants in a twist fro 3 years.
Elite’s match: OBVIOUSLY Guzman
Tumblr media
And again, Diego and Guzman are literally the same character. Similar (kinda) backgrounds, the same social status and hierarchy at school. Both extremely passionate. And that cheeky smile and longing eyes? Yeah... I honestly feel like Diego was more reserved and for sure didn’t have SUCH anger issues as Guzman had but they’re the same. Depressed. Changing perspectives because of the girl they loved? Both have ‘will they, won’t they’ relationships, with plenty of obstacled, didn’t get together till the very end. Both my faves... I cry...
Miguel Arango
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And his Elite match: Samuel
Tumblr media
I won’t even try to separate these characters apart. If you look at their bio, they are literally 1:1. 
Both scholarship students that weren’t accepted by their elite school crowd. Both angry and dark. Both seek vengange and look for redemption for their loved ones and justice. Come to the school with revenge plan on a girl (girl’s family) and fall for them sooo hard, they don’t know what’s right or wrong. Both are really good guys with good moral compases and sense of justice. Samu is the center of the plot, Miguel as well but not as hugely as Samu. 
After rewatching Rebelde just last weak, I’ve noticed how deep Miguel’s anger issues went, he was agressive and lashed out onto a person that he knew couldn’t really defend herself - Mia. That’s why I can’t and probably subconsciously never could have made them my OTP.
Giovanni Mendez Lopes
Tumblr media
And his Elite match: Christian
Tumblr media
Again! 1:1! 
Both side characters, have similar backgrouds, both are comedic relieves although they did some pretty dark stuff. 
This is for the Elite fans: 
The most accurate seems to be Mia/Miguel and Carla/Samu. Their bio is 1:1. Literally the same backstorry. But imagine Carla/Samu have Nadia/Guzman vibes. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the ship.
Mia and Miguel are sooo vanilla sometimes it hurts. They have one of the best Rebelde scene: their break up scene cut everyone’s hearts out (last gif) but like I said, I could never see them as my OTP, because of Miguel’s agression (remember that ep. when Miguel thought she slept with someone after they all were sure for half a season he cheated on Mia with LA BRUJA Sabrina? He threw the biggest tantrum of the entire series and I was actually affraid for her. He had no right?) Their relationship was a lot of crying and shouting and misunderstandings. A lot of CALLATE’s. But they are literal CEO of starcrossed lovers and puking rainbows.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
 Roberta and Diego.
(SHIPPER ALERT... honestly I was afraid that after rewatching Rebelde I notice how toxic they were, but NO I SHIP THEM EVEN HARDER NOW)
Elite stans, Imagine Guzman and Rebecca with some of Lu’s flair. And Carla and Samu might be Mia and Miguel on the surface but their relationship is sooooo Diego and Roberta to be honest!
Were able to go from shoving at each other to hot or even puppy eyes in a 0.2 second. Their bios and background and values were so different they couldn’t agree on ANYTHING. Been together for basically 2,5 episodes out ot 440 (jk, they were on and off since the begining). 
Obvious soulmates, obvious endgame, but their worlds were so far away they (and we look at you Roberta) literally couldn’t believe it will work out in the end. After season 1 their feelings were out in the open, but somehow it wasn’t enough for another 2 years.
They were passion, they were chaos, they were hotness!
+Diego ended toxic masculinity in 2005... We all wanted for a guy to stare, beg and cry after us like diego did and damn the boy could pull that off!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So yeah... I would die for Roberta and Diego... You don’t realise during 3/4 of these gifs they were enemies... 
The casts are actually too big for me to make other comparisons, but maybe you have some intake, fe. they say Vico is Cayetana. I’d say Cayetana is more Sol and Vico has something from Lu (I guess Cayetana aspired to be like Lu), but... let me know what you think.
I know this is a long post! A huge ass long post... I started it before midnight, it’s past 2am now. I’d like to know, where my Rebelde and Elite crew at?
TL:DR: Elite producers obviously went through Rebelde/RBD fever and it shows.
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