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#Summer rose

(Was wondering when someone would use this. Guess it’s time to hurt people)

235: “I miss you… I really miss you. I wish I could have saved you.”

Summer: *sitting at the edge of a cliff, sighing* I… I should’ve been there to help you. To keep you safe.

Summer: *pulling out the shattered remains of her weapon, a gift from her lover* I… I miss you. I miss you soo much… I should've  been there to save you. To keep you from falling to the dark. 

Summer: *looking up to the sky, the veil parting enough to watch Raven talk with Cinder* Raven, my love. Im… Im so sorry I failed you. I told you I’d stay with you forever and now we’re a world apart. I tried so hard…

Summer: *reaching out to the image of Raven she saw, her own hand bloodied* Please keep yourself safe. 

Summer: *feeling a wind pick up, watching her body turn to rose petals as they flew off in the wind* And please keep our child safe.

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There is something that this person doesn’t understand that i want to clarify.
I will explain what rg fans are talking about when we say Ruby talked about her feelings to Oscar.
We are referring to the dojo scene (Vol.5 Ch.5).


This person is right when saying Ruby didn’t tell Oscar about her mom. However, Ruby also didn’t tell anyone about it. Yang knows about Summer Rose, but it’s because she’s also Summer’s daughter. As of Volume 7, there is no scene where Ruby has an one-on-one conversation about her grief over Summer.

The closest we got is the dojo scene. During this scene, Ruby let down her “optimistic mask”, and talks about her grief for Penny and Pyrrha. After the conversation, Oscar is shown to have a newfound admiration for Ruby, even stating: “ She must’ve been one of the best Huntresses at Beacon “.


Another thing i want to talk about is this: How much Weiss knows about Ruby’s grief?
When Ruby broke down in Vol.7 Chapter 11, i noticed something.


Weiss has the face of someone who didn’t know. Since Weiss reunited with Ruby, all their one-on-one talks were about Weiss problems (except Ruby saying something about Qrow alcoholism in Vol.6 Ch.5, but they didn’t talk in depth about it). Ruby never talked to Weiss about Penny and Pyrrha’s death. Weiss didn’t have a clue about Summer Rose. At least, not from Ruby.
In Vol.5 Ch.8, Yang and Weiss have a conversation together. The only thing Yang mentionned about Summer is the fact that “Ruby’s mom left too”.
Blake knows more than Weiss about Ruby’s mom. During Vol.2 Ch.6 “Burning the Candle”, Yang said this: “ one day [Summer] left for a mission and never came back. It was tough. Ruby was really torn up, but… I think she was still too young to really get what was going on, y'know?”.

Don’t get me wrong, Weiss knows a lot about Ruby from the Beacon days. Weiss just doesn’t know about the “emptiness and sadness” Ruby has, because of Ruby wanting to be the “pillar of positivity” for everybody. Oscar got a glimpse of that emptiness in the dojo scene.
It remains that WBY know more than Oscar about Ruby’s happy moments.

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So I’m sure someone has come up with this, but we all know (or at least assume) that summer went on a mission to destroy Salem.

This is easily theorized because Salem says to Ruby “Your mother said those same words to me.”

However, I like to think this wasn’t a solo mission.

we’re all aware Summer had silver eyes, which we’ve repeatedly theorized Salem could have the grimm part of her removed with the silver eyes, which would then make her whole and normal again.

Because this mission likely wasn’t a solo one and was done without the maidens, it left everyone far more vulnerable to attack (unless Summer was a maiden, which would make sense since we don’t know who the summer maiden is, which could a number of people, which I’ll leave for the next post ;] )

Now summer likely would able to protect herself, and this is where that caveat starts to appear.

I believe the idea that Summer was close to finishing off Salem with her eyes, but something happened to make it not happen.

I think we know someone who could cause the plan to go awry.

The birb man himself, Qrow.

Now, this may seem wild, but I do have some evidence to support the caveat.

Qrow obviously has bad luck as a semblance, which can wreak havoc across others and himself.

Qrow is a heavy drinker till volume 6.

Qrow likely thinks that his bad luck got Summer killed, so he isolates and hides from people.

He probably only stopped drinking because team RWBYJNR got strong and others could solve the problem and he could hope Salem could be stopped as revenge for Summer.

Clover also highly changed his attitude towards drinking, especially when he thought Clover said he should stop drinking in the transport.

Especially since he thinks his semblance killed Clover, he’s probably going to be suffering horribly because he has no coping mechanism other than the charm he took.

Overall, poor bird man, he suffers too much and he needs Clover back.

I’m predicting volume 8 is going to be the downfall of everything they had worked towards, but by the end the crew will get Qrow out and leave for Vacuo. I also think the ace ops will either come with the crew (or at least Marrow and maybe Clover.

Tell me what you think guys so we can theorize together further into this!!!!

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Qrow: It would have been pretty cool honestly. I would have liked to see more background for my character and the other members of team STRQ.

Roman: Same here. I mean come on, how cool would a book about my character be? I’d rad the hell out of that!

Summer: But we’re also very happy that team CFVY got their own book! Along with more of team SSSN!

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Okay, so I’ve actually done three sizable posts on this topic here, here and here, but if you want the cliffnotes version: Basically its that through some kind of super-science/magic-chicanery, Raven somehow managed to knock Summer up and Ruby is their magic lesbian lovechild. For me, this theory is sort of ‘half’ in jest. Half because I legitimately believe that there is SOME kind of major connection between Ruby and Raven that we don’t know about yet. The ‘Raven is Ruby’s deadbeat dad’ bit is more just something I think would make for a really fun plot twist.

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As soon as Raven opened the door, half of STRQ panicked. Summer jumped to her feet and Tai tried to hide the ring.
Raven frowned. “What’s going on?”
“Absolutely nothing. Welcome home, let’s go upstairs!” Summer practically dragged her away before she could say anything.
Qrow shook his head. “Hopeless.”

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Guys someone mentioned how maybe Summer’s allusion could be Sleeping Beauty because the name “Briar Rose”. I know thats the name Disney gave her so shes probably not but I do have to admit Summer and Aurora both seemingly disappeared one day and weren’t seen for 16 years

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As it stands, right now, with what the show has set up regarding Summer and in regards to themes of the show…


Honestly? It could go either way. I don’t see any thematic reason why it would go one way or the other, the story would still work if they went one way or the other. 

I personally really like the idea that Summer is alive, but I could see her being dead too. 

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1) Penny Polendina is the T-800 (so we get evil!Penny for the first movie and normal Penny in the second) 

2) Summer Rose is Sarah Connor (for Ruby to be John)

3) Qrow Branwen is Kyle Reese (going for the fan theory that Qrow is Ruby’s biological father. Don’t care if it’s not true, I like it) 

4) James Ironwood and Winter Schnee are the two detectives from the first movie who tried to help Sarah (authority figures) 

5) Kali and Ghira Belladonna are Sarah’s friends, Matt and Ginger (since this movie is focused on the adult characters, I wanted to use another parent duo for Sarah’s friends) 

6) Bart Oobleck is Dr. Silberman (it’s mainly because he’s a scientist) 

7) Ruby Rose is John Connor (main character of the series) 

8) Jaune Arc is the T-1000 (this is to put a twist on his ‘good guy’ persona in the actual series. The T-1000 gained trust because he was dressed as a cop, Jaune-1000 gains trust because…he’s Jaune)

9) Pietro Polendina is Miles Dyson (Penny’s father)

10) Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai are John’s foster parents who get axed off by the T-1000 (they’re assholes, so I chose asshole characters for the part) 

11) Skynet is renamed Salem 

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RWBY plays Among Us (part 3):
Qrow Branwen: Okay, I found Summer's body in O2. Now I know that y'all don't trust me because of my semblance but hear me out. I think it's Taurus and Ice Queen-
Adam Taurus: -WHAT!? HOW DARE YOU ASSUME I'D EVER BE WORKING WITH A SCHNEE! --> (Adam is the first impostor)
Winter Schnee: Everyone, don't listen to the drunkard, he has no idea what he's talking about --> (Winter is the second impostor)
Taiyang Xiao Long: Yeah Qrow, that accusation was kinda stupid, especially when we know who the REAL impostor is!
Qrow Branwen: Wait...we know who it is?
Taiyang Xiao Long: It's obviously Ironwood-
Qrow Branwen: Guys, I'm pretty sure it's not Jimmy. I'm telling you, it's Faunus-Killmonger and Ice Queen-
Winter Schnee: -The drunkard lies! He's lying! (starts sweating)
Summer Rose: (cheering loudly in her room, hoping that the group listens to Qrow)
Cinder Fall and Roman Torchwick: (also dead and both are amazed that Qrow somehow figured out who their killers are)
Qrow Branwen: (votes Adam Taurus)
James Ironwood: (votes Taiyang Xiao Long out of spite)
Taiyang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen, Neopolitan, Winter Schnee, Adam Taurus: (votes James Ironwood)
Qrow Branwen: Damn my bad luck! (mutes his mic)
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