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#Summer x raven

Im reading fanfic rn and for some reason 3 in a row involved either Ruby or Yang bringing up who gave them “the talk” and most of them have Yang giving Ruby the talk but honestly i see it going down like this: Tai doesnt want to do it and asks Qrow to but Qrow says no so Tai tries and it goes badly so he asks one of their female neighbors and she gives the puberty talk and then later on in school health class covers the sex talk and STDs and he thinks the girls know all they need to know but somewhere along the trip across Anima Qrow finds out that Tai left the things out he thought was obvious and Qrow knows he needs to intervine before the newly dating orphans Nora and Ren do something stupid so Qrow has to give the talk and this time around is the first time Yang and Ruby find out their dad was in a polyam relationship with both of their moms and nobody ever brought it up to them bc they thought they knew

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Raven: *laying in bed with a fever*

Summer: *putting a damp cloth over Raven’s forehead* Told you that you’d get sick.

Raven: I’m fine…

Summer: *turning to leave the room*

Raven: *quickly grabbing Summer’s hand*

Summer: *stopping* I need to get ready for-

Raven: Dont leave.

Summer: *sighing* Raven…

Raven: Please… dont… dont leave me… I need you.

Summer: *sitting down next to Raven* It’ll be okay. I’m not leaving forever. But I have a mission I need to go on.

Raven: Y-you cant go. Please. I… I dont have much I love, but… I love you. And I need you with me.

Summer: *smiling a bit* Alright. I’ll stay tonight, but I have to leave tomorrow.

Raven: *nodding and weakly squeezing Summer’s hand*

Summer: And no matter what, I’ll be with you.


Raven: *standing over the edge of a cliff* You… you promised me Summer…

Raven: *looking down at the grave marker* I told you not to go… You… You should’ve listened…

Raven: *sighing and opening a portal* Goodbye, my sweet, sweet, Summer Rose.

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Rosebird as a ship really is peak gay culture. I’m not hating or anything, I think it’s great, but the amount of content it gets is so fucking funny to me because. Like. We made up a dozen possible dynamics and infinite content for a ship with absolutely zero screentime and with a bare minimum of information about the characters.

Do we know anything about what kinds of people people they were when they were most likely to have been in a relationship? No.

Are we going to ship it and create content for it anyway? FUCK yes.

Summer having the bisexual haircutTM caused a lot of things.

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Here’s the one-shot for the Dat 3 Prompt: Mother AU. In this AU, Raven didn’t leave and Summer never disappeared, so they are both here to raise their daughters. Tai is the girls’ donor though he treats Yang and Ruby as his daughters and they, in turn, see him as their father. He did have a crush on both Summer and Raven but accepted that the two loved each other.

A/N:  Some dialog at the beginning is taken from the episode Ruby Rose from the show but I changed it enough to not make it too similar.

Day 3: Mother AU

“I still can believe my baby sister is coming to Beacon with me!” Yang Xiao Long’s ecstatic shouting fills the air as the curvaceous blonde girl hugs her younger sister, a huge smile on her face. “This is the best day ever!”

The the older girl didn’t seem to notice how hard she was squeezing the red-hooded girl. “Yang…ugh… please stop!” Ruby pleads, wheezing.

“Yang let your sister breath, please,” Summer chides lightly as she walks up to her daughters with a smile on her face, the rest of her team following. “We’ve told to be careful with your hugs since you’re stronger than most people.”

“Oh, oops,” the blonde girl looks sheepish. “My bad!” And she releases her sister, allowing Ruby to breathe again. “Sorry, but I’m so proud of you!”

“We all are,” clarifies Tai.

“Yeah,” Qrow agrees as he takes a swig from his flask. “It’s not every day that you get admitted into Beacon two years early.”

“Personally, I’m not surprised,” says Raven as she crosses her arms. “Afterall, children tend to take after their parents.” And she directs a proud smirk at Summer, who’d blushes at the praise, feeling embarrassed but also pleased.

“Really everyone, it was nothing.” Ruby was trying hard to hide her red face in her equally red hood.

“It wasn’t nothing!” exclaims Tai.

“You’re being too modest,” Raven glances at Summer as she says this, as the older, hooded woman also tends to downplay her accomplishments.

“Yeah,” adds Qrow. “Not many 15-year-olds can singlehandedly stop a robbery.” He takes another drink from his flask. “Sure, you didn’t catch that Torchwick guy but it still impressed Oz.”

“Yeah, it was incredible!” exclaims Yang. “Everyone at Beacon will think you’re the bee’s knees!”

Ruby didn’t seem to find that to be a good thing. “But I don’t want to be the ‘bee’s knees’, or any kind of knees! I just want to be a normal girl with normal knees.”

“That expression doesn’t really have anything to do with knees,” Tai points out, but he’s ignored.

“What with you?” yang was confused by her little sister apparent lack of enthusiasm. “Aren’t you excited?”

“Of course I’m excited… I just…” the red-hooded girl sighs, looking down. “I don’t want people treating me weird just because I got moved ahead two years. What if I’m not as good as they expect me to be?”

Looks of comprehension came to everyone’s face as they realize what is really bothering Ruby. Summer especially understands better than anyone what her younger daughter is going through. So, she walks up to Ruby and cups her cheek, making the young girl lifts her head so that their matching silver eyes met.

“I get it, Ruby,” Summer says with a reassuring smile. “I was nervous about going to Beacon early, too.  I was scared that I might not live up to the expectations that were placed on me and disappoint everyone.”

That surprises Ruby as she couldn’t imagine her mother fearing anything. She was one of the best Huntresses that had graduated Beacon and had destroyed many powerful Grimm, either by herself or with her team.

“But I didn’t let that nervousness overcome me because I remembered all of the people who believed in me and I knew that I wouldn’t let them down.” Summer places her hands on Ruby’s shoulders. “You too have people who believe in you, Little Rose, so I know that you won’t let anyone down.”

Ruby stares at her mother in awe for a moment before her smile widens until it is as bright as Summer’s, and both hooded Roses hug, the rest of their family joining a second later.

The speakers suddenly announce that the flight for Beacon is now boarding and the Xia Long-Branwen-Rose family disengages from the hug. With one last good-bye, Ruby and Yang join the other passengers in boarding the airship, and a short while later the aircraft has flown away towards Beacon.

The four members of Team STRQ watch the airship leave and once it’s out of sight, the quartet heads home, Tai and Qrow taking the lead while Raven and Summer hang back.

Summer sighs, “I already miss them.”

Raven rolls her eyes but smiles. “It hasn’t even been half-an-hour.”

“I know but now I’m thinking how empty the house will be without them.”

“I know but we should enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts since it will be noisier than normal on the holidays.” Raven points out. “Especially if the girls decide to invite their future teammates over.”

“Hmm, you do have a point,” Summer then gasps as something occurs to her. “What if they bring a special someone over?” she seems excited at the prospect.

Raven’s eyebrow raises. “Well, I can see Yang doing that, Ruby?” she scoffs. “That’ll be a surprise.”

“Well, I did find you,” they stop for a moment and Summer kisses Raven, the dark-haired quickly reciprocates. Separating, the lovers hold gazes, small smiles on their faces. “So, I don’t think that we should be worried about that.”

“Hmhm, you’re right as always,” Raven chuckles and goes back to kissing the love of her life.

This one was kinda hard to write even if it’s not as long as the previous two. With luck, I might be able to write and upload the next one-shot later today and I’ll be trying to finish the rest by tomorrow.

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Why do I always end up writing chapters longer than I intended? Anyway, here’s the second one-shot for Rosebird Week, I hope that you enjoy it!

Day 2: First Date/First Kiss

Summer had developed a small crush on her partner shortly after initiation and said crush had grown over the past year, but she kept it quiet for fear that Raven didn’t reciprocate, and their friendship would be ruined. But then Raven had revealed to Summer the real reason why she and Qrow had come to Beacon, the older girl saying that she didn’t want to hide things from her partner because she had fallen for the shorter girl. This gave Summer the courage to confess her feelings as well as reveal her own not so noble past, reassuring Raven that Summer didn’t hate her.

A few days later, a Saturday evening found Summer Rose inside one of the bathrooms in her team’s dorm room just finishing getting ready for her first date with Raven, the taller woman was getting ready herself on the other bathroom. Neither woman had ever gone on a date before, so they weren’t exactly sure what to do at first. Luckily, Tai had gone on a few dates before and was able to offer some ideas. It was a relief because otherwise they would have had to ask Qrow which Raven said you should never do.

Putting the finishing touches on her hair, Summer was now ready, and she took a moment to look herself in the bathroom mirror to make sure everything was perfect. She was wearing a knee-length black dress with white straps, sash and on the border of the bodice, a white scattered rose pin on the sash, dark grey stockings, and black pumps. Instead of her usual half-up, half-down style Summer had let most of her long, almost black red hair loose with a small portion tied up with a white ribbon. Though she didn’t care too much about wearing make-up, Summer had put on some black mascara and red lip-gloss.

Seeing that everything was perfect, Summer exited the bathroom to find the boys lounging around the room, Tai playing videogames while Qrow sketched what looked to be modifications for his weapon, Harbinger. They lifted their heads from their activities at hearing the bathroom door opening, and both smiled in approval.

“You look beautiful, Summer,” smiled Tai.

Summer smiled back at the compliment. “Thanks, Tai. I hope that Raven thinks the same.”

Qrow huffed. “Believe me, Sum. My sister will be speechless when she sees you.”

It was at that moment that the other bathroom’s door opened for Raven to emerge. The taller girl wore a strapless red dress with black accents that hugged her curves and red strappy heels on her feet which surprised Summer a bit since she knew Raven didn’t like wearing heals (or ‘stupid lady stilts as she called them) and the silver-eyed girl felt happiness bubble within her at the knowledge that Raven had wanted to look her best for their date.

Just as Qrow had predicted, Raven speechlessly stared at Summer as soon as she laid her eyes on the shorter woman and Summer found herself without words herself. How could she say anything when no words could describe what she felt when she saw how beautiful Raven looked at that moment.

The two women were broken out of their stupor by the sound of Qrow’s voice. “Hey, weren’t the two of you going someplace or are you just going to are at each other all night?”

Breaking out of her stupor, Raven spared a glare at her smirking brother before turning her attention back to Summer, offering and her hand and smiling. “Shall we?”

Summer giggled at took the offered hand in her own. “Yeah, let’s go.”

After saying good-bye to the boys, the girls exited their dorm room and headed for the docks where they took an airship to Vale. Once in the city, thy hailed a taxi to take them to the restaurant that Raven had chosen. The girls had decided that for their first date, Raven would decide the eating place while Summer would choose where they’ll go afterward.

“This place is very nice, Raven.” The silver-eyed girl said as they sat at their table. Raven had made reservations for an eatery that’s served a variety of Mistralian dishes at reasonable prices. The Mistral Delish was fancy enough to have a dress code, the prices were low enough that the 'common people’ could enjoy high-quality food.

“I’m glad that you like it,” the dark-haired woman was pleased that her date approved of the place that she’d chosen.

A waiter soon came over with their menus and after taking their drink orders, leaving them to decide what they wanted to eat with Summer asking Raven for suggestions. The silver-eyes woman had only eaten at Vale-focused restaurants before, so she had little experience with the cuisine of the other kingdoms.

“Well, actually, I haven’t tried as many of these as you may think I have,” the raven-haired woman admitted. “Most of our food was animals that we hunted or obtained by… other means.” The last part was said with no small bit of shame and Summer understood the implication so there was no need to elaborate. Raven recovered quickly and smiled reassuringly. “Still, we did sometimes get to eat at inns and such so there are some things that I can recommend.”

The waiter came with their drinks and quickly took their orders, promising that their food would be ready soon. The two women busied themselves by sharing some funny anecdotes from their younger years. Due to their unusual pasts, there weren’t many but the few that they had made for some hilarious tales. Raven was relating about the time that Qrow had tried to ride a Nevermore and somehow lost his pants when their food arrived. Summer had ordered Grilled Fish with Southeastern Mistralian Dressing while Raven had opted for Chilli Chicken with rice. Thanking the waiter, the pair dug into their food with gusto. Afterward, they ordered dessert, Raven pineapple cakes, and Summer friend banana cakes, sharing them like before.

After finishing their food and paying the bill (as well as tipping their waiter), the girls exited the Mistral Delish and hailed another taxi. Summer gave the driver the directions to the place she had chosen for the second part of their date. The driver took them to one of the more rundown districts in the city. Raven was curious as to why Summer had decided to take them here but, seeing the strange look that Summer had on her face (a mixture of apprehensiveness, determination, and nostalgia), she refrained from asking.

The taxi let them off at the entrance of a small park with a slightly rundown sign informing that it was called “Dickens Park”. Summer quickly led the way into and through the trees, Raven looking around as she followed. The park was very nice-looking actually and it appeared to be well taken care of in comparison with the rest of the district. Still, Raven couldn’t fathom why what was this place importance to Summer.

The pair soon arrived at a small clearing and Raven stared in awe as she gazed upon the many night-blooming flowers growing there. “It’s beautiful,” she breathed.

Summer giggled at that. “It gets better,” and she guided a curious Raven to take a seat in the center of the clearing and waited. The wait was not a long one as many tiny lights began to shine among the flowers and soon, thousands of fireflies began dancing around the couple, dazzling the young huntresses-in-training with their performance.

“Wow," whispered Raven, awed by the spectacle She then turned to Summer with a huge smile on her face. "This is amazing!”

“Hehe, thanks.” Summer grinned smile though when she looked back at the dancing fireflies the smile turned melancholic. “The others and I used to come here when we could sneak out, sometimes to play but often to just watch the fireflies. It was one of the few brighter spots in my life.”

Raven’s eyes widened at that, realizing the significance of this place. Summer’s childhood wasn’t as great as many assumed, the shorter girl rarely talking about it as she barely had any good memories of that time. So, the fact that she was sharing one of those few good childhood memories was a big deal and Raven felt honored that Summer trusted her so much.

“Thank you,” Summer’s gaze returned to Raven. “For sharing this with me.”

Summer didn’t say anything, but her smile was happy again and then leaned forward and presses her lips to Raven’s. The taller woman froze in shock, but she quickly closed her eyes and soon reciprocated the kiss as electricity seemed to flow between them.

After what felt like an eternity, the pair separated and opened their eyes, their gazes locking together.

“I love you,” whispered Summer, her smile brighter than the light of the fireflies.

“I love you, too,” and Raven hoped that her smile was half as brilliant as Summer’s.

Nothing more was said as the two women sat back to continue admiring the dances that the fireflies performed among the night blossoms under the shattered moon’s light.

Some more hints about Summer’s mysterious backstory, I wonder if anyone can guess what it is. Yes, Dickens Park is a reference to Charles Dickens and one of his works is a clue. For the subsequent one-shots, I’ll try to make them shorter so that I can post the majority of them today so wish me luck!

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Hi, I’m starting this late because of real-life interfering and this one-shot ended up being harder to write than I expected. This resulted in the following one-shots being delayed as well but I’m working to catch up.

Also, these one-shots will be set in the same universe as the RWBY story that I’m planning and will be considered canon with it.

Day 1: First Meeting

Summer is excited (and nervous) about attending Beacon and meets the most beautiful woman ever.

Meanwhile, Raven wouldn’t admit that the clumsy, hooded girl who crashed into her has lovely eyes.


“Oh my Gods!” Summer Rose glanced out the huge windows excitedly, watching as the airship that she was traveling in approached Beacon Academy, the white-hooded girl’s enthusiasm increasing with each passing second. How could she not be excited? This was the greatest Huntsman Academy in all of Remnant! They only accepted the best of the best, their graduates often going on to become living legends. Heck, even the professors were often legendary Hunters themselves!

A sudden thought struck her. “Oh, my Gods, what if I’m not ready?” the silver-eyed girl frantically whispered to herself as her mind conjured all sorts of nasty scenarios where she ended up either dead or expelled, or worst still, got whoever she would be teamed up with killed or expelled. Unbeknown to Summer, her Aura was reacting to her inner distress, and a small gale blew through the ship. The other future students stared with a mixture of surprise, confusion, and awe as red and white rose petals manifested from the hooded girl’s cloak and swirled around her form on the wind.

Summer was unaware of this as she tried to calm down her anxious thoughts and put her worries to rest with some self-reassurance. ‘It’s fine, everything will be okay. I may haven’t attended a combat school, or any kind of school for that matter and my upbringing wasn’t in any way normal, but my fighting skills were good enough to impress Professor Ozpin into admitting me one year early.’ Her expression turned into one of determination.

‘Besides, Aurore, Ro, Dodger, and Olive also believe in me. I’ve never let them down before and I won’t start doing it now!’

It was then that Summer noticed that all the other passengers had their eyes on her. Wondering what they were all her eyes widened when she noticed the petals fluttering around herself, the accompanying wind now a gentle breeze to match her no longer frantic emotions. Summer blushed a deep red and pulled up her hood to hide her face, her mortification increasing as the majority of those watching recovered from their shock and chuckled, except for one tall, muscular blond guy who gave Summer a look of sympathy.  Luckily, her embarrassment didn’t last long as the ship finally docks, and the students can disembark.

Summer makes a quick escape by manipulating the wind to give herself a boost in speed. Unfortunately, since she had her hood up over her head while her eyes were focused on the ground as to not make eye contact, her field of vision was impaired so it was no surprise that she did not see the dark-haired girl right in her path.

The white-hooded girl squeaked as she crashed into someone, who fortunately was skilled enough to not be plowed over, though her face ended up pressed against a pair of soft, firm masses. Before she could try to figure out what these orbs were, Summer felt a hand grasping the back of her cloak and pulling her away, their strength great enough to even lift her off the ground.

“What are you doing?” The female voice was slightly deep, resounding with strength and annoyance.

Looking up, the first thing that Summer saw were the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. They were the color of a red sunset and seemed to almost glow with their own light, boring into her soul with their piercing gaze. It was another moment before Summer stopped focusing on the eyes to take in the rest of the woman’s appearance. Her face was slightly round with a sharp chin, a cute nose and full lips set in an annoyed frown that matched the look of her eyes; her skin was a light color but not as pale as Summer’s, her long ebony hair tied up in a ponytail, styled in a way that it resembled a raven’s plumage; she was very tall with a muscular but curvaceous body, wide hips and a pair of large breasts (and Summer blushed deeper than before as she quickly realized that was what she had faceplanted); she was wearing a black-and-red outfit with samurai-like armor, a sword hanging from her hip. In short, she was the most beautiful woman that Summer had ever encountered.

“Hey! Are you deaf?”

Summer was jolted out of the spell she was under and realized that she had forgotten that the dark beauty had asked her a question. “Oh, sorry.” She mumbled but that seemed to make the other woman angrier.

“Sorry? You almost knocked me into the ground then just stare at me like an idiot and all you have to say is sorry?”

“Um, well…” Summer wasn’t very good at talking to new people and this girl’s attitude was making her more nervous and she blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “I really didn’t mean to put my face in your boobs!” ‘Idiot! Why did I say that?’

The tall, dark beauty looked at Summer like she couldn’t believe what has just come out of her mouth. The shock was so great that her grip on the back of Summer’s cloak loosed and the smaller girl was dropped back on the ground, who thankfully didn’t fall on her butt. The dark girl just kept staring at Summer with a mixture of annoyance and disbelief.

“Geez Rae, we haven’t been here for a day and you already have girls wanting your goods. I’m so jealous!”

The two women turned to look at the voice’s owner, a young man about their age, his hair, eyes and skin tone the same as the taller girl’s. He was wearing a white shirt that was half tucked in his black slacks and a ratty, red cape draped over his shoulders. Summer could see that he was also a sword user, the handle of his blade visible over his shoulder. And while his appearance was similar the dark woman’s, his face was instead set in a playful, teasing smirk.

While Summer looked at him with curiosity, ‘Rae’ appeared to be more exasperated and annoyed than before. “Shut up, Qrow.” She glared at who was obviously her brother though Qrow seemed unaffected by the burning eyes.
“Aw, come on, sis.” teased Qrow. “No need to be embarrassed! You’re very good-looking so it’s not strange that people would want a closer look.”

“Qrow, I’m serious! If you don’t shut up, I’ll kill you!” He just chuckled softly with that teasing smirk, not looking worried at his sister’s death threat.

Summer let out a giggle at she watched the siblings interact, remembering how Ro and Dodger liked to tease Dawn all the time. Her giggles caught the twins’ attention, ‘Rae’ switching her glare to Summer while Qrow chose to introduce herself.

“Hey,” he gave a wave. “Name’s Qrow, and I see that you’ve met my big sister, Raven.”

“I’m Summer, nice to meet you both.” ‘Yay, I’m making friends!’
Qrow nodded. “Likewise,” then his smirk widened as he motioned to his still scowling sister. “And Raven feels the same but she’s too shy to say it.”

“Augh!” shouted Raven exasperatedly and stomped away as Qrow and Summer laughed.


‘Stupid Qrow, can’t go one day without getting on my nerves! One day I’ll finally lose my patience and kill him for real.’ Thought Raven as she stood at the back of the crowd waiting for the opening speech. The crowd gave her spot a wide margin, most likely intimidated by the angry energy that Raven was emanating. Good, she wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone else today.

As she subtly watched the entrance while she quietly seethed, Raven saw her brother and the hooded girl come in. They exchanged a few parting words before the girl headed for a spot closer to the stage while Qrow looked around for a moment until he spotted Raven and headed towards her. Raven glared as he approached but, as always, it was ineffective. Immunity to Raven’s patented death glare was one of the advantages of being related to her.

“Hey, sis,” His greeting was met with angry silence. “Don’t tell me you’re still angry?” Raven’s glare intensified. “Come on, it was just some teasing! Your girlfriend thought it was funny.”

“She’s not my girlfriend!” That managed to break Raven’s silence. “Just some clumsy girl that bumped into me because she wasn’t paying attention. What is she even doing here? She looks like she’s, I don’t know, twelve or something.”

“Sixteen, actually.”

“Really? She was short for her age then. What else did you to talk about?” By this point, Raven’s anger was momentarily put aside as her curiosity was piqued.

“Mostly about our weapons, girl is a bit of a nerd about them and was interested in Harbinger. She then showed me her own and it was really impressive.” Qrow was himself a weapons enthusiast and crafter, so he clearly was happy about talking with someone with similar interests. “She also told that she got early admittance because she impressed the Headmaster.”

Raven’s eyebrow raised, interested. “Really, what did she do? Defeat a Beringle with her bare hands?”

“Don’t know, she said it was personal but that’s beside the point. If she managed to get into Beacon early then she must have some skills, apparent clumsiness aside.”

“Well, whatever we did to get in early doesn’t concern us or our mission, so don’t get too attached since, if she manages to graduate and become a Huntress, we might one day end up having to kill her.”

Qrow’s smirk faded into a frown as he was reminded of their mission. He hadn’t been happy when the Tribe’s leader told them to become students to learn how to counteract Hunters and make the Tribe stronger. Neither had Raven for that matter despite her harsh personality and love of fighting. She did not like killing people without a good reason, but the Leader’s word was the law on the Tribe so Raven resigned herself to completing the mission.

Qrow scoffed. “Whatever, I’m still going to talk to Sum later and no one from the Tribe is her to keep tabs on us, so what they don’t know won’t hurt them.”

“Ugh fine!” Raven said exasperatedly, knowing that she couldn’t stop him anyway. “Do what you want! Just don’t start flirting with her.”

“Nah, don’t worry about it. She’s not my type anyway, even though she’s cute.” Qrow’s smirk was back as well as the teasing. “So, you don’t have to worry about me stealing your girlfriend.”


But before Raven could try to strangle him, Professor Ozpin cleared his throat to indicate that he was about to give his speech. So, Raven just settled for sending burning glares her brother’s way, but he just answered each of them with a smirk. Finally deciding to just ignore him, Raven focused on Ozpin’s words of ‘encouragement’, though she caught sight of a familiar white cloak near the front.

She found herself blushing as she remembered how the girl crashed into her chest but tried to shove these thoughts into a far corner of her mind as they would only distract her from the mission.

Though she admitted to herself (but to no one else, ESPECIALLY not Qrow), those silver eyes were quite beautiful.


Yeah, I gave Summer Airbending as her Semblance, so I don’t want to hear any complaints! As for the comments about Summer having never gone to school, those are part of the backstory that I gave her for my story and it won’t be revealed until I have it posted. The same goes for the people that Summer mentioned.

Edit: In the part where Summer mentions the people who believe in her, I changed one of the names from ‘Dawn’ to Aurore (formerly it was Roxie) because I liked it better (and it means 'dawn’ anyway).

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Rosebird Lemon WIP

I had a silly scene in my head annnnnnd it became part of chapter two of this story that I STILL HAVENT TITLED (Taking Asks for Title ideas for Angry Raven x Pixie Goth Summer story). I just need to edit chapter one and itll be up. Anyway, here’s a Funnyish scene.

The door opened to a small room with a bunk bed and a closet. It smelled of cleaner and dust, a place rarely used and almost unneeded.

Raven stomped in. “Top is mine.”

Summer laughed, and slid past Raven, her pink duffle bag landing on the top bed. “Yeah, no. I’m top.”

The way she said it had Raven thinking this was no longer about the beds.

“I’m taller, I need the headspace,” Raven argued.

Looking over her shoulder, Summer put lie to that logic. Both of the beds fairly cramped and the top under the slanted roof.

“I’m top, just admit it.” Summer grabbed the bed to jump up when Raven placed a hand over her hair.

“Do not argue with me, short stuff,” Raven growled. “I’m taking top”

“Oh, no you didn’t.” Fingers like steel wrapped around Raven’s wrist and the taller woman found herself bent over the bottom bunk.

Blinking into the sheets, she threw her elbow back. Summer grabbed it and used it to flip Raven onto her back. Fingers grasped her wrists and pinned Raven down. Summer sat astride her, pinning her down.

The heart in her chest beat wildly, something other than fear causing it to do so. Those lips leaned down and Raven’s heart beat faster. She gulped, trying to calm down, to push thoughts of what those lips would do away. Fuck, where had those thoughts come from?

Summer leaned over to whisper into Raven’s ear. “Call me short again, and you will pay for it.”

Remembering how Summer had turned a vague threat around on her before, Raven gasped out. “Oh yeah, how?” Her voice cracked and she didn’t want to admit why.

Teeth sank into Raven’s ear, gently nibbling on the lobe of it. “Mock my height again, and find out.”

Raven gasped. Her heart beat and she found herself more excited than anything. Mind whirling, she barely noticed Summer rolling off.

Pulling down her duffle and pulling out a toiletry kit, towel and night clothes, Summer stripped out of parts of her outfit. Clunky boots, stockings, top, and with a wink at Raven, dropping her bra over the other girl’s bag.

Draping the towel around her neck, Summer walked towards the showers.

Raven laid on the bed, trying to collect her thoughts. That had been too enjoyable and that upset her. She was not here to have fun, she was here for her tribe, her people. She was to be their greatest leader. Being brought low like that was shameful, unworthy of someone like her.

But she had enjoyed it, a part of her brain coming up with the best short pun she could think of. Would Summer actually carry her threat out? Would making it public, or semi public, be too much for the little Pixie Goth? Did she want Summer to make good on her threat, in the shower?

What that threat could be had Raven’s mind deep in the gutter and wallowing in it. She needed to shower, clear her head. This was crazy, stupid. Summer was a smart ass city kid. Push come to shove, she would crumble like all city raised huntresses did.

Sitting up, she bonked her head against the top bunk. Ducking out from under the bed, she vowed to take the top bunk back from that damn pixie of a girl. Raven would be top, cause she was Raven Oum-Damned Branwen, the best damn bandit on this continent and the next.

She stripped out of her clothes, ignoring the wet spot on her panties as she grabbed her towel and toiletry kit.

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