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burcublog · 3 hours ago
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Ama yüreğim bir ateşin alevi gibi, ne kadar çok uğraşırsam beni o kadar yakıyor.. Gözlerim, ağlamaktan asla yorulmayan bir bulut parçası...
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jiminslight · 2 days ago
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your tour guide in heaven 🥰🤍
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dymoura · a day ago
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Evolving every moon every sun
. free yourself to evolve
. liberté-se para evoluir
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thespace-alien · a day ago
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"North America and the Pelican" Is the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day of today, September 16, 2021
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myfairynuffstuff · a day ago
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Abdulmari Asia Imao (1936 - 2014) - Sarimanok. 1997. Acrylic on canvas.
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randomreasonstolive · a day ago
Reason to Live #6191
 Sunbathing, to feel that nice warm sleepy feeling.  – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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hoseoksssangels · a day ago
❀☾Astro observations☽❀
[DISCLAIMER: everything I’ve written comes from personal experience and observation. It may not resonate with you and it’s totally fine! Ty and stay safe!]
🌏-Mars in the first house people, love motorcycles or cars. They also drive pretty fast, especially men with this placement.
🌏-Having the 7th house ruler conjunct Mars or Pluto in the 1st house, in certain cases can point to getting killed or murdered by a partner.
🌏-Mercury on the 12th house in Synastry charts could have a way of communicating that only the two of them understand. Like a personal language. (Telepathy may be very common with this aspect)
🌏-Jupiter in the 1st house/conjunct Asc, in Synastry charts is one of the BEST placements out there! There will be so many laughers and so much joy when the Jupiter and the Ascendant person will be together, no stress or worries, just fun!
🌏-Parents that have their 5th house ruler in the 11th/10th house or vice versa, might give birth to kids that will get famous in their life or kids that will have their name known in the world.
🌏-Pisces Moon in a composite chart is one of my favourite placements to see. I have this with a very close friend of mine and one thing I’ve noticed about this placement is that both parties are always ready to sacrifice themselves for the other.
🌏-Pisces in the 8th house people are more prone to suicide than any other. Pisces is the sign of self undoing, so one way for them to die could be choosing to kill themselves.
🌏-Aries Mercury/Mars in the 12th house could be very quiet around other people when fighting, but once they’re alone and no one is around, they could be screaming, crying and swearing to release the repressed anger they have inside.
🌏-People with Chiron-North Node in their natal charts are meant to break, built and heal in this lifetime, mostly of the time their life at the very beginning (childhood and teen years) will be very difficult as well.
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anes-tesia · a day ago
Quiero rodearte como los anillos a Saturno,
Quiero llenarte de vida como el agua a la tierra,
Quiero verte brillar tanto como el sol,
Quiero estar tan cerca de ti como lo estamos de la luna.
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sunshinedragonofthewest · 23 hours ago
zey -> sunshine
rb's appreciated <3
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thespace-alien · 14 hours ago
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"Video: Flash on Jupiter " Is the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day of today, September 17, 2021
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