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variantcomicscovers · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
This is the Jen Bartel variant cover for Superman and the Authority #1.
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nopain-nokogane · 39 minutes ago
dc is black hair, blue eyes propaganda
no i will not elaborate
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darkficsyouneveraskedfor · 52 minutes ago
Portrait of a Dangerous Man🎨5
Warnings: (series) non-consent sex and rape; slow creep; cucking; (this chapter) threats, implied and mild violence
This is dark!mob!Clark Kent x reader and explicit. 18+ only.  Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Synopsis: Your dream of having your work hung in an art show comes true but your first buyer is not all he seems to be.
Note: So between Friday and Saturday I’ll be doing eight hours a day for @buckyownsmylife​‘s writeathon (like 12-8pm EST) but you can send an ask at any time. I will share a list of what I intend to work on and possible ideas later today if you wanna ask some questions or gab about whatever. After the last few days on tumblr and that nonsense, I think we need a little carelessness.
Thanks to everyone for reading and thanks in advance for all your feedback. :)
I really hope you enjoy. 💋
<3 As usual, I’d appreciate if you let me know what you think with a like or reblog or reply or an ask! Love ya!
Tumblr media
You walked and walked until you could no more. You stopped in front of another humongous set of gates and ordered an Uber. You waited in the dark in the shadow of the wall and a car slowed as it approached. You waved as the model and plate matched the app and got in. The driver remarked on the odd pick-up but you just shrugged and dialed.
You’d called your mom several times and she hadn’t picked up. It was almost eleven then so you gave up as her voicemail beeped once again. You dropped your head back against the seat and held your head. Everything was fucked.
You couldn’t believe it. Clark making the offer, Marcus trying to barter with him. It was all so fucked up. Five years. Five years! You never thought Marcus to be that type, shallow and greedy. Sure, he griped about money but you always made due and you thought if you had each other, it would be enough for him. But it wasn’t and he was ready to trade you to a stranger for a check.
You felt nauseous and crossed your arms over your stomach as you hunched over. You felt like crying but you knew you couldn’t. You had to get what you needed and get out. You weren’t going to stick around to argue with either of those assholes. This was the last time you were going to let your hope be crushed.
How much time had you wasted? On both of them.
You got out in front of your building and finalised the tip for the driver. You felt worse that you were going to leave your work in that cretin’s house. That he thought he could just buy you like he did the canvas. It was all just a ploy to get in your pants. And the way he said it, “I’ll fuck her either way.” Like you would fall into his arms agog and smitten.
You rushed up the stairs as your eyes began to well and you sniffled as you unlocked your apartment door. You wanted badly to trash the large monitor sitting above Marcus’ glowing tower. You wanted to shred all his clothes and take a hammer to everything he owned.
You didn’t. You grabbed your laptop from your desk and swept into the bedroom. You pulled your floral duffel from under the bed and loaded it with your laptop, tablet, and a pile of clothes. You tossed the zip-up pouch with your passport and other important documents on top and hauled it over your shoulder. He could keep the rest of it. You didn’t care if it ended up in the dumpster.
You checked the time as you closed the apartment door and headed down the hallway. It was after midnight. You wondered if they noticed you were gone. You didn’t care. You were sending every penny back to Clark, even if you had to dip into your savings; those years of squirreling away in hopes of buying a home with the love of your life.
That was what you thought he was. You just couldn’t understand how he could be so easily won over by overpriced cars and the ridiculously overdone mansion. You came out onto the street and stopped.
Where could you go? There wasn’t a bus out of town until the morning. You could get a hotel room for the night and head to your mom’s then. God, you felt rotten at the thought of showing up at her doorstep, another failure on your shoulders. You swore to her the last time you talked that you were finally getting your feet under you.
Why were you so stupid?
You dried your cheeks with the back of your hand and adjusted the strap of the heavy bag and turned down the sidewalk. There was a Days Inn not far from your place. They might have a vacancy.
You didn’t make it two steps before you heard the car door. You tried to ignore the man as you were eager to be anywhere but out in the city streets after dark. It was too late to react as the passenger door opened and the dark figure blocked your path. The driver came up behind you and you cried out as you were seized from both sides.
“What the fuck are you doing?” you shrieked, “let go of me.”
“Shut up,” the driver said as he covered your mouth and the other man took your bag.
You murmured into his palm and kicked out with your heel, barely missing the passenger with the sharp tip. He opened the back door and threw your bag inside. He turned back and grabbed your legs as you thrashed and both men struggled to angle you in after the duffle.
You pushed your chin above the man’s hand and gasped, “please, what--”
“Shh,” you were finally forced past the door and it slammed behind you, nearly catching your skirt.
You sat up and pulled on the door handle but it didn’t budge. You couldn’t pull up the locks and your fingers just slid down the switches. Even the windows wouldn’t roll down.
“Who are you? What are you doing?” you kicked the door desperately, “please--”
“Hurry up,” the passenger growled, “don’t wanna keep the boss waiting.”
“Hey! I’m talking to you--”
“And you better stop,” the driver pulled out a gun and turned to point it at you, “close those sweet little lips and be a good girl. We got a far way to go, doll.”
You swallowed and pushed yourself back against the vinyl seat. The driver turned forward and shoved the keys in the slot as the other bent around the console and reached to snatch your clutch from you. He wrestled with you for a moment then ripped it away. He took out your phone and waved it triumphantly as the car began to move.
“Please, what--”
“Don’t make me tell you to shut up again,” the driver warned as he focused on the road, “god damn maniac got me out in the middle of the night with this shit.”
“It’ll be a good cut,” the other man said, “can’t complain about a late night if I’m getting paid.”
“The boss? Who--”
“Fuck, you ever know when to shut up?” The passenger turned to glare at you, “you’re really not doing yourself any favours so please.”
He looked forward again and flipped on the radio. He turned the dial so you were deafened by the raucous tones of hair metal. You cradled your ears and huffed as you fell back against the seat. The street lights flashed down on the seat beside you as you passed and you shook your head.
This wasn’t a coincidence. It couldn’t be. But the question still remained; who exactly was Clark Kent?
You screamed as the man dragged you out of the car. The other came around to grab your other arm as you swiped out with your nails. Your ankles bent under you as you tried to stop yourself on the mosaic stonework. The large mansion loomed over you in the dark, still night. The party was over and all the cars were gone.
You writhed as they forced you through the front door and you tried futilely to shake off the larger men. Your chest hammered with panic and you leaned back as you were dragged up the stairs. You grunted as you wriggled and hissed at how they twisted your arms back and held them firmly.
“Please, please, just let me go--”
“Well, doll, we’ve come this far,” the driver snickered, “you really think you can get out now?”
“I don’t-- who are you? Why are you doing this?”
You were dragged towards the pair of pale doors that stood open as they offered a peek of the studio within. The amber glow of a lamp washed over shadows and limned the lines of the overturned easel as you were taken inside. You whined as the men stopped just past the doors.
Clark sat in the same chair he sat in for your sessions. He smirked as his eyes fell upon you but your own skittered over to Marcus as he sat on the stool by the table of paints. You blinked and batted away tears of disbelief with your lashes. His eye was swollen and his lip split; thick rope held his wrists behind his back and coiled around his torso and legs.
“Let her go, close the door,” Clark demanded, “I can handle her.”
The moment the hands left your arms, you spun but an arm caught you swiftly around the waist. You were flung back so you sprawled across the floor. You cried out as you met the polished wood and your body rang with pain.
“Hey,” Clark warned and his footsteps neared you as you pushed yourself up on shaky arms, “that doesn’t happen again, got it?”
“Sorry, boss, I was just--”
“Go,” Clark barked as he knelt and took your arm.
The doors slid closed with a harsh snap and you hit Clark’s chest as he tried to pull you up to your feet. You dug your heels into the floor and pushed yourself away from him. You turned and got up on your knees. You climbed to your feet but he was quick to block your path to the doors.
“You left so suddenly,” he crossed his arms, “not even a goodbye?”
“Fuck you. Fuck both of you,” you sneered, “I heard your offer,” you paused and looked around at Marcus, “and I heard you too. I’m not a whore.”
“Sweetheart, I know you’re not,” Clark said patronizingly, “but apparently he doesn’t.”
“Whatever, let me go, I don’t want either of you,” you snarled.
You tried to brush past him and he grabbed your arms and backed you up. “Sweetheart, I don’t have to pay for it. Understand that. And we did settle on a deal but I’m not paying for your services.”
“What-- Why--”
“I’m paying him to watch,” Clark winked, “I want him to see how he fucked up. I want him to see what a real man can do for you.”
“I’m not interested,” you tried to shrug him off but he held firm, “get off of me, Clark. We’re done. I’m sending you your money back and I don’t want to see you again.”
“Where are you gonna go, huh? No job, no prospects, no money?”
“I did alright before you, I can take care of myself--”
“Sweetheart,” he framed your chin with his hand and leaned in, “this is where we make a deal of our own…” his blue eyes clung to yours as he lowered his voice, “you can go along with it and the boy gets to walk off with just a couple bruises or… he doesn’t leave this room on his feet.”
Your eyes rounded and your lip quivered. You sucked in air and steeled yourself.
“I told you, I’m done with both of you,” you hissed.
“Uh huh, but I know you’re not gonna let him die just like that,” he turned his hand and rubbed your cheek, “besides, neither of us are stupid. I saw how you look at me and you know what lies behind those eyes.”
“No, I don’t…” you uttered and looked back at Marcus. He squirmed on the stool helplessly as he stared at you intently, begging you silently as he bit down on the gag. “Why are you doing this?”
“Shhh, sweetheart,” he trailed his finger over your lower lip, “it’s okay. Haven’t I been good to you?”
“I can’t… please, don’t make me do this.”
“Come on, let’s sit down,” he dropped his hand as his other clung to your arm, “we have some things to sort out first.”
He pulled on you and you locked your legs. After a moment, your knees buckled and you let him lead you over to the chair. He sat and drew you onto his lap. You sat stiffly as his hand tickled your lower back and crawled up to pick at the straps of your dress.
“You see everything I have, everything I can do,” he said staunchly, “I can snap his neck as easily as I snap my fingers,” his other hand settled on your knee and squeezed. He nuzzled your shoulder and grazed your skin with his lips, “and even if it came to that, I’d still have you, sweetheart. This isn’t about what I get, I know my prize, this is about you and how you want things to go.”
You shuddered and shakily touched your neck. You hated the way his fingertips sent shivers through you and his lips made your stomach churn. You stopped his hand as it crawled up your leg.
“I… I only wanted to paint,” you said numbly.
“And did you really think that was all I wanted? A painter?” he scoffed and slipped his hand from beneath yours. He felt along the slit of the dress and shoved his hand beneath the fabric.
“I don’t… know…” you squeezed your thighs together as his fingers curled into your flesh.
“You really want to make this difficult? Sweetheart, you can’t even begin to know who I am and what I can do. This is just a taste.”
“Wh-why me?” you stuttered as he forced his hand between your legs and kneaded your flesh.
“Why not?” he replied.
He slapped your thick lightly and urged you off of him. You stood and he reached beneath his jacket as you wobbled on your weak legs and looked at Marcus desperately. He shook his head and let it slump down on his chest.
“Now, Marcus,” Clark revealed a dark pistol, “we talked about this. If you want your money, you don’t get to look away.”
You stared at the barrel as he pointed it at Marcus and lifted a brow. You flinched as your emotions swirled in your stomach and every one of your nerves was set alight.
“Sweetheart, you have one minute to make up your mind,” he pulled back the hammer, “as much as that looks gorgeous on you, I want you in only this.”
He pushed his fingers into his pants pocket and pulled out the diamond necklace. He held it out and the gems twinkled in lowlight. You swallowed and reached to take them from him.
“Who are you?” you asked as you hooked your fingers through the chain.
He chuckled and ran his fingers along his beard, “I’m exactly who you need me to be.”
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k3fanblog · 57 minutes ago
studio100 is homofoob?? tell me more alsjeblieft
Nee, studio 100 is niet homofoob voor zover ik weet. Het is meer dat er voor zover ik weet ook niet echt een lgbt+ personage in een studio 100 product bestaat? En dat ze hun producten nog steeds best wel verdelen in jongens/meisjes, al lijkt het dat ze dat beter willen gaan doen nu aangezien ze expliciet hebben vermeld dat ook mannen zich mogen aanmelden voor K3.
Dus het is meer dat studio 100 ook niet echt helemaal lgbt+ vriendelijk/supportive is. Maar ik denk dat studio 100 meer zoals de meeste mensen in Nederland (ik ben Nederlands, dus ik houd het ff bij Nederland) is, waarin lgbt+ dingen helemaal prima zijn, maar ze het nou niet per sé zelf nodig vinden het te promoten/normaliseren.
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arianna-love-is-love · an hour ago
Sooo, it is confirmed that S&L are on another Earth? Because James said that Superman first save was a plane? Not a car? Are they gonna blame everything on Crisis and just erase everything that was established? Pretty convinient that this show is the only one who seems heavily affected by Crisis...
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lostsoulincssea · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey, babe, there's something I need to tell you. Lois, what day is it? I'm pregnant. You're pregnant? Yes. I know, we weren't even trying. We didn't even know this was possible, but there are three pregnancy tests in the bathroom, and they all say the same thing. We're gonna be parents. Okay, Lois, something really strange happened right before you came out. I can't believe it either. It's like you said on our honeymoon. This is why you kept your secret. So we can share our life together.  — Superman and Lois 1x11 “A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events”
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deiasilva10 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Reposted from @dianaandkal 💪❤️ #Repost from @66_seals • Superman & Wonder Woman One And The Same What adds lots of credence to the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman is the way the two genuinely understand each other. They've both spoken out about the struggles they face, from supervillains to how the public views them. They also both originate from a different world and feel alone in ours. Not to mention there aren't many heroes who can equal their strength and power levels. Characters like Diana and Clark face a lot of responsibility. Only they can experience and truly understand this amount of pressure from the world. They help each other lift a heavy burden off their chests just by conversing. This kind of chemistry on this power scale is rare to come by in superhero comics, which is why it's so refreshing. . . . . . . #superman #wonderwoman #superwonder #comics #comic #dc #dccomics #galgadot #powercouple #art #artist #artwork #arte #arts #artsy #fanart #illustration #illustrator #illustrations #drawing #drawings #together #couple #couplegoals #love #lovers #justiceleague #supermanwonderwoman @gal_gadot @henrycavill @dccomics #henrycavill
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cwdumptruck · an hour ago
The Rest of the Conversation
Lois: John you were right. Superman's turned on us.
John-Henry: Woman we would not be in this mess if you'd just let me kill his ass back at the DoD!
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spndxjck · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Instagram:  pedrorayz
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k3fanblog · 2 hours ago
Waarom mag een Jongen nooit prinseeeeeeesjeee Waarom mag een Meisje Noooit SupeeerMan Zijn? Soms houden prinsesjes van PRINseeeeEESjes Hier bij ONS mag IE-DE-REEN Zijn wie ze ZIJN!
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sethmacenzie · 3 hours ago
I am late to the party but I just found out that WB legit made Clark Kent black instead of using either Val Zod or Calvin Ellis, this is so infuriating.
When they anounced Black Superman I thought they would not be that stupid, they legit had the chance to make a good step forward and make a Val Zod or Calvin Ellis movie and tell every other racist asshole off by telling them that they just know nothing about comics, but nope.
As if the movie watchers today don’t watch anything companies produce under the superhero tag already, no matter the actual superhero in it.
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jonroxton · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
... between cataclysmic events.
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wlwjasontodd · 3 hours ago
i really like the idea of ex clark kent where dick only got clark as a father and all the other batkids didnt get to have him as another father and i imagine bruce is SO annoyed when they talk about clark . me and @ifilledtheroomwithlaughinggas imagine dinners at the table are like:
jason: “wait dick, wasnt clark like your other father for a while before the divorce happened?!”
dick: “YEA! he was awesome he used to get me ice cream so much after missions and like he was just an awesome dad”
jason: “lucky. since b got divorced with clark before i came around i really didnt get to hang out too much with him… i did get an autograph and a shirt from him though. he also gave me a pat on the back once.. i wish he could’ve been my other dad”
tim: “man i didnt get him as a dad either. kon doesnt really talk about clark but i imagine hes an awesome dad?”
damian: “yea jon talks about him a lot actually and i met clark before when i visit… i got a shirt from him too for christmas”
tim: “i want a shirt from clark?! bruce can you tell clark to get me a shirt please”
dick: “yeah i want another one too my last shirt doesnt fit anymore. can you invite him for dinner or something please bruce i miss uncle clark”
bruce: *leaves the dinner table*
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superfan2038 · 5 hours ago
Smallville might be returning as the animation show and it hint by Tom Welling A.k.a. Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman
Tumblr media
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kooks71 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
My husband's idea of humour
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blurbwitch · 6 hours ago
My niece likes Superman and Lois, she adores Superman comics and so she was super excited about the show. So I have them on the dvr for her to watch, granted not a lot but she likes to watch the ones I have on repeat when she’s hanging out.
So today I catch her staring at a paused image of Hoechlin and looking down at herself and I ask;
“What’s wrong?”
She goes on to explain/ramble about his muscles and how big they are and how she doesn’t want to look like that but she wants muscles too and it sort of went round and round. I listened patiently because Leah is like me, it sort of takes a while to get to the point.
The point being she wants to be fit with muscles too, not a lot like Hoechlin but maybe.
“I wanna do boxing. Do you think he does boxing?”
“I don’t know. He probably goes to the gym a lot.”
“Oh. Do you think girls can have muscles?”
I mean, absolutely right. She’s tired of ballet and she wants to take boxing lessons, she likes that Hoechlin is fit and has muscles (specifically Superman because, as I adored and looked up to Batman at her age, she looks up to Superman and ain’t that cute)
So when I said I thought that was a great idea she deflated. Because her mother, my cousin, told her point blank that she was not going to quit ballet (she never liked it) and that boxing was for boys, that muscles weren’t ladylike.
What damn century are we living in? I was fuming because Leah took that to mean that she was being boyish, again, nothing wrong with that but Leah doesn’t know that.
So I had a lengthy conversation with her mother reminding her about her childhood and how uncomfortable her mother made her by basically acting the exact same way (like a lot a lot this woman took the cake) I come from a family that is very by the box, you’re a boy you do these things, you’re a girl you do this right here. It’s so dumb.
So anyway, Leah is taking boxing and has hot pink boxing gloves. She’s the cutest thing and her mom is trying her best to be supportive. Baby steps.
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