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I love how every translator went “Nope! This way is much better!” and then changed the episode.

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Super Sons Omnibus

I just got Super Sons omnibus and this is the first image, something we all know and love. You’ll all get so much Damian Wayne and Jonathan content soon.

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Truth, Justice, and the Symbol of Peace.

Kyoto, Japan.


All around him he felt the heat of the fire, the light of it bouncing in his peripherals. The flames seemed to tower above him, which was impressive given his height. High into the air, touching the tops of buildings the heat rose and masked all from his sight. The yelling was piercing through the wall of fire, screams for help as the back up heroes did their best to corral the citizens away from the encounter. The sky had turned dark and cloudy when he arrived, a hallmark of his style. First the ground shook, then the buildings fell. It was only with superspeed that he was able to save them all. They all shouted his name, called for him when there was trouble. He was…

“The symbol of peace? Please.”

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