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Fun Fact

The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Collab with cerulean-lynx@ IG, see original template: [link]
Sven takes the rifle without a doubt, so Pyotr will have to take… the revolver. That’s generous enough))They both are from similar region background so it seemed only fitting for them to be pictured here together

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…I’m back to cause a commotion
I’m back to demoralize
Sit back and feel the emotion
I’m back to keep it alive
I’m back watch out I’m back
What ya gonna doWhen the sound goes boom
What ya gonna do
Make a make a move
When the sound goes boom
Watch out I’m back…”
- “I’m Back” by Dope

My oc Sven. I needed desperately to practice drawing back muscles which I’m not good at.The marking on his back is from disciplinary punishment by both school teacher and his father. VERY sensitive topic for him.

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OC posting time but this is literally sven’s theme song this is him. there are other songs that i would call his theme song too but this one just makes me feel so much about him and his whole thing

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@xangelsxdevilsx | Cont. from here

“Yes, you certainly are different.” Vergil mused. His appearance of course, but most noticeably his scent. Humans tend to have faint and delicate scents unique to their individual and up until now Sven was no exception. Vergil lets himself breath in the almost powdery quality of Sven’s amplified scent and finding he quite liked it.

“You flatter me,” A smirk grows. “Though I’m assuredly not a little boy anymore, now am I?”

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