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“New Ground” (S05E10, Stardate 45376.3) just never seems to gel. The Soliton wave story could be really interesting, but it is relegated to the “B” plot (and not well), and the Worf/Alexander story is okay, it just feels like it is missing an element somewhere.

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A break from the Jellyfish Princess series with my new fanart from the anime series, Dororo!

The demons cackle, laughing, taunting, thinking they are in for an easy win because they surround and outnumber the lone samurai boy.

They didn’t know who it is they are facing :>

Hyakkimaru versus the Night Demons !!!


Drew this with Micron 005, 01, uni inkpen 01, black sharpie marker, fountain pen from Daiso for texturing, and white gel highlight pen! Took me a looooooooooooooong time, since it has multiple characters, and I had to consider where the dark parts would be and where the light parts would be best placed to gain focus of the audience’s eyes :>

The crosshatching was an ordeal and hurt my wrist . __ . So I’m resting it for today~

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