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The trouble with grieving a suicide of someone with such a warped perception of reality, is I have no idea how the person felt about me. What they thought about me. What they thought I felt about them.

I loved this person, but I don’t think they knew I loved them. They isolated themselves from everyone and truly believed that they were hated and unloved by friends and family.

I miss them. God, do I miss them.

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Just gonna leave this here. A litle idea about Taya’s brother, Alex, finally deciding to leave home and arranging with Taya how to do so

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“The Incident”

Sorry guys tumblr ate my fic. Here it is again


The medbay was silent except for the lone Medic who dragged his feet to the storage unit just outside the brightly lit room. Hops’ eyes were sunken from the hectic hours but he pushed on. His shivering hands retrieved the fresh rolls of bacta tape but were alarmed by the medbay door opening. He quickly alerted himself to face whatever ale’d the sudden patron but softened as he realized who it was.

“You’re still awake? Why am I not surprised.” his commanding officer Scanner leaned against the wall with a smile. Hops tried to think of a witty retort but the sight of his blood smeared armor silenced him. He knew it wasn’t Scanner’s blood, but that of his general.


Force.. The barrage of lasers pummeled the sealed doorway as the troops prepared to assist the reckless Jedi. Hops held his breath as he tended to a light burn. He knew general Natali was more than capable on her own. She was a Jedi after all. They can’t get hurt like us. This was a belief he chose when he gave into the mythics of the Jedi order. But that all crumbled down in a single moment. A blood curdling scream filled the hall causing everyone to freeze. Hops stared ahead as the blast doors gave way and Commander Scanner sprinted into the hall ahead with troops behind him. So many voices filled his comm’s causing his heart to race. The medic hurried into the funnel shaped hall of Kamino and was stunned at the sight. Scanner was crouched over General Natali’s limp body trying desperately to look for signs of life.

Falling into protocol, Hops knelt down and got a better view of the situation. Her left leg had been severed but the slice from the saber was not enough to completely catarize the artery. Her grin was cracked with a burning bruise already embracing her complexion. He hurried an anesthetic and jabbed the device into her neck causing her limp body to shiver. Before he could continue, Scanner shouted in his ear.

“What do you need?!” Hops blanked are the question. He needed many things but it wasn’t likely they would be found here. His eyes traced his general’s frail figure and stammered the first thing he thought of.

“S-She needs to be moved to a sterile environment.” Before he could finish his sentence, Scanner already had pushed into his place and hoisted the Jedi into his arms. “Careful!!” He shouted in alarm but the commander cradled the general close.

“Lead the way!”

Acknowledging, Hops hurried back down the hall they were in and tried to retrace the steps of his youth. Medical training on Kamino was hardly a hands on affair but he still remembered a room or two that could suffice. He turned a corner and found one of his men being pinned by a couple droids.

On instinct, Hops spun on his heels to retrieve a pistol from Scanner’s holster and took aim. The two droids crumbled immediately with the shot. He recognized the trooper’s incomplete paint job and called him over.

“Sprinter! We need you!”

“Sir!” The shiny replies hurrying over. Hops approached the nearby door and punched in a code to gain access.

“In here-Quick!” Scanner carried the dying general inside followed by Sprinter and Hops. “On the table!” Hops commanded before hurrying to the medical droid that laid dormant in its charging station.

Scanner carefully placed the Jedi that was like a sister to him on the table.

“ that..” Sprinter’s voice quivered as he watched the commander remove his helmet.

“Guard the door, Sprinter. Make sure the clankers don’t get in.” The shiny nodded obediently and returned to the doorway with rifle in hand. Scanner turned to check on Hops and the droid but was startled by a sharp gasp coming from the young general.

“Kriff- Hops she’s waking up!” A short whimper came from the Jedi as she started to come to. Scanner grabbed her shaking hand before she could reach for the open wound.

“Almost-GOT IT!”

“Hello. My name is 142-“

“No one kriffing cares droid! Here is your patient! Help me stabilize her!” Hops pushed the droid to the bed who began work on her leg. He hurried a proper anesthetic into a device to inject it. He couldn’t afford her falling into a further state of shock.

“I..j-J..ce..” Scanner mustered a smile for he knew Taya’s eyes deceived her.

“Jace is assisting Captain Rex and Commander Cody. I’m all you got, sis.” He held her hand in both of his to help distract her. “You’re gonna be alright.”

“Actually the patient has a twenty-two percent possibility of survival”

“No one asked you!” Hops snapped before readying the injection. “General?” Her haze filled eyes searched for her medic. “I’m going to give you an injection that will put you to sleep. Myself and the medical droid will do everything we can.” she tried to protest but the moment the injection shot into her neck she lost tension in her grip and fell limp once more.

Scanner reluctantly placed her hand by her side before looking to the medic.

“Great bedside manner, vod.”


“Hey.” Hops blinked at the commander who had a look of concern. “You doing alright?”

The medic wanted to say no. I’m not alright. My general’s life as a Jedi is completely dependent on the half ass’d job I did in the moment. Her blood is a sight I’ll never lose. Everytime I’m met with silence I hear her screeching pain.

But he remained silent. Thumbing the bacta tape in his arms, the medic sighed with a small nod. Though he could feel the Commander’s unrelenting gaze.

“’re not.” Scanner gestured to a seat for the medic who reluctantly complied. “Look. I was there hops. I saw what you did. You did everything you could. Hell I heard the doctors on the transport were utterly shocked that a clone did such a job on the field! In the heat of battle no less!” Hops knew in his heart how hard he could be on himself. But this felt like the one time where he truly doubted himself. Scanner sighed before continuing. “Listen. If you weren’t there… I would’ve lost a sister today. My Matyu would’ve lost a daughter. And Jace.. well you know… it would’ve been a horrible loss for all of us. But you-Hops-you saved us all from that heart ache!” Hops felt the commander’s hand on his shoulder causing him to finally release his gaze from the tiled floor and meet that of the elder brother before him. “You understand that?” The medic bit his lip in an effort to hold back the budging tears. He nodded in response causing the commander to crack a smile. “Good.”

Scanner shook his hand through Hops silver hair before standing. “Now you need to get some sleep.”

“No no-really- I can’t.”

“Yes you can. You’re not the only medic on this ship.” Scanner pushed the younger clone towards the doorway of the medical bay as he protested.

“No-I need to replace Jace’s Bacta tape!” Scanner paused his efforts for a moment, his eyebrows furrowing.

“Jace’s what? What the hell does he need it for?” Hops spun around in disbelief.

“You didn’t hear? He’s kriffing psychotic, that’s what he is! It’s a miracle his neck isn’t in pieces!” Scanner’s jaw dropped at this new information.

“What-what did he do?” He stammered. The words Jace and psychotic had never been in the same sentence before, even back when they were batch mates. Hops rubbed his eyes as he shook his head.

“All I know is that Grievous grabbed him and he’s lucky to be alive.” Those words made Scanner’s blood run cold. He had no idea that he came so close to losing both Taya and Jace. Hops’ yawn caused Scanner to shake out of it. He knew he had to get to the bottom of this from the source.

“Vod, you need rest. I’ll take care of Jace’s tape.” He reached for the bandages that were lightly held in Hops’ arms.

“No I can do it-“ Hops waived as he spoke causing Scanner to smile again.

“Nope! You are officially off duty.” Before Hops could protest, Scanner snatched the bandages and held out his free arm to keep the medic at bay. Hops tried to glare at the Vod but gave in when Scanner messed with his hair again.

“Stop that.” He chuckled pushing his hand away.

“Can’t help it. It’s shiny. Now you go ahead to the barracks and get some shut eye.” Scanner once again found himself pushing the medic out of the room, this time with less resistance but much more instructions.

“Be sure and remove the top half of your armor so he doesn’t see the blood. Do not let him speak even if he tries his hardest. Make sure the droid is fully charged before restocking its tape. And most importantly do not tell him anything about General Natali’s condition.” This last comment made Scanner’s eyes narrow.

“Why? She’s alive, shouldn’t he have a right to know?”

“We don’t know what he knows. But Scanner..” Hops bit his lip before continuing. “In my experience… false hope hurts a lot more than a difficult truth.. we don’t know the state of General Natali’s condition. To tell him she is perfectly fine..only for her to succumb to her injuries…to be honest I’m not sure he could take it.” Scanner wanted to argue with his younger brother but he could see where he was coming from. Besides even bringing her up in the first place would cause him to talk so it was best they avoided the subject all together.

“I’ll take care of him, Vod.”


Removing the last bits of bloodied armor, Scanner juggled the rolls of bacta tape in his arms as he approached Jace’s medical room. Tapping the door with his foot, the door slid open causing the lights to spring to life.

“There’s my cooky lil Vod!” Scanner mustered a smile as he was met with the sight. His brother laid on the bed completely still as the contraptions beside him pumped medicine into the tubes stuck to his throat. His eyes were Inflamed along with the dark bruising traveling up his neck to his chin. Scanner could see the pain that came with every breath he took. It pained him to see Jace like this.

“You’re probably asleep so that’ll make this easier on both of us.” Scanner patted the end of the bed as he approached the medical droid that watched his every move. “Here you are little buddy.” He handed the droid the bacta rolls and was met with a chirp of acknowledgement.

“Bacta-tape———restored——-recommencing procedure.” The droid whirled past Scanner and hovered by Jace to begin its work.

“That was easy.” He thought to himself as he readied to leave the droid to it’s work.

“Vod..” the smallest whisper sent a chill up Scanner’s spine as it had the faintest resemblance to that of his brother’s. He turned around quickly and hurried to Jace’s side.

“Hey hey- Don’t talk. Doctor’s orders!” He placed a comforting hand on Jace’s shoulder but was startled to notice the slight wince he gave. “Heard you got a little psychotic today? Couldn’t believe it at first. I mean- straight-laced-Jace doing something ridiculous? Without Taya being involved? Now that’s a first for yo-“ he was cut off the moment he saw a tear escape his brother’s closed eyes. “D-Droid what did you do! He’s seriously hurt- you need to be carefu-“

“She’s..gone..” once again the crumbled voice escaped his quivering lips. Scanner stared at his brother as he tried to understand how he knew about what happened. He wondered if their transmissions caught each other, had he heard from a shiny what happened, could he have possibly seen-

That’s when it hit him. Scanner couldn’t recall Taya’s lightsaber at the scene. It was all very chaotic so there was a chance he could’ve missed it. Though he knew one of the many nasty traits of General grievous was to steal the lightsaber of the slain.

“Jace…I’m..” Jace weakly raised a finger toward his storage unit that sat at the foot of the bed. He gritted his teeth as he tried to muster the word

“H-ol..ster..” Scanner stares completely dumbfounded at the injured clone. There was no way he could’ve possibly gotten it. But he was quickly proven wrong for doubting him the second he opened the locker. Beneath the crumpled Kama and armor laid a holster that had a rather shiny object tucked into it. Scanner couldn’t help but laugh at the sight in utter disbelief.

“You..are..insane!!” He laughed as he removed the hilt from the holster and lightly held it in his hands. Though a simple design, it was undeniably Taya’s. He recognized the markings anywhere.

“Jace- how I’m the kriffing universe did you get thi-“ Scanner looked back up to his dear friend and found him limp once more. Panic shot through the general as he dropped the saber and sprinted to his side.

“Do not be alarmed———-the patient is at rest——-it is imperative that they do not speak in order for a full recovery of their vocal chords——-“ a sigh of relief escaped the commander as he knelt down once more by his friends side. His cheeks were stained with tears.

“Yeah it’s a shame. He always did have a lovely singing voice.”

Scanner waited in the room for an hour before deciding he too needed to heed his own advice. The commander studied the hilt in his hand carefully.

“If anyone has the right to return this to the jedi, it’s the psychopath who did so.” he placed the hilt back into the holster before closing the unit shut.


Jace sat in the docking bay in silence. The light weighted hilt resting in his hands. He stared at the hilt that had always adorned his general’s hip, feeling the dull ache in his chest grow. He couldn’t bring himself to speculate. All he knew was that this saber was not with its owner, and as the Jedi always said, the saber represents their life.

Those words echoed in his mind nearly bringing him to tears but the approaching footsteps caused him to swallow the sob. Jace stood to attention as General Kenobi and his commander stopped in front of him.

“Captain, I see you’re healing well.” General kenobi offered a small smile as he looked at the bacta brace lightly wrapped around Jace’s throat. Part of Jace was glad that Matyu had gone ahead to coruscant, he didn’t think he could face him. Though he wished that he could return the saber to him as a sign of respect. He simply nodded, Hops had told him not to speak too much due to the injury. “Commander Scanner said you had urgent news?” The captain nodded once more, glancing down at the saber in his grip. His heart pounded as he realized he would have to part with it. To let go of the last thing of his General. Of Taya.

“Yessir..” he choked on his voice causing a bit of a sting in his throat. He was lucky to use the injury to mask the true source of his breaking heart. “On Kamino, when I was assisting commander Cody, I went to get ammunition. That was when I ran into Grievous..” his grip on the saber tightened as he recalled the memory. The blind rage he felt had made the memory nothing more than a blur. “I…I saw this.” Raising the saber to the seasoned Jedi, he could see the surprise in his eyes.

“Well, that is quite impressive. To get that close to grievous and live..what possessed you to do so?” Jace tried to not lash out in anger. Grievous murdered her. The one person that kept my world from collapsing. Why would I? How could I not! I would’ve died at peace knowing that I did something.

He gathered his thoughts to himself and decided a better answer.

“Well.. the Jedi say their lightsaber represents their life…and sir,” he had to choose his next words wisely. Jace mustered the strength to look the General in the eye before speaking. “I couldn’t let that monster have her’s.” Handing the hilt to obi wan, Jace averted his gaze to hide the pain it gave him. The last remnant of his love was completely out of his hands. Jace could feel Cody’s eyes on him, trying to decipher his behavior. He was thankful that obi wan was too busy studying the hilt of the saber to notice.

“Yes, that is true. A Jedi’s saber is an extension of one’s soul. I thank you on behalf of the council and General Natali for all you did.” Jace swallowed hard before mustering a smile. Obi Wan returned the gesture as he continued. “She will be eager to hear the tale herself once I return this to her.”

Jace starred at the General before him. His heart jumped at the words as he replayed them in his mind.

“ in..” Jace sputtered trying not to get his hopes too high. But force! “She’s..alive?” His voice cracked as he was met with utter bewilderment across the Jedis face.

“Oh Jace, no one told you? Yes. She is alive” Jace felt his legs give beneath him but he managed to steady himself. This humored the Jedi as he continued “just barely, but she is quite strong willed. She will be out of the war for a time in order to recover from her injuries. Knowing her, though, I’m sure she’ll adjust to the prosthetics in record time.” All of this new information flew over Jace’s head. He couldn’t believe it. It was as if she had been brought back from the dead! He didn’t know when he’d get to see her again but the fact that there was a chance caused his broken heart to weave itself back together.

He nodded along to the Jedi’s words and gave a quick salute before the officers took their leave. Jace couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face as he returned to his quarters. Just knowing that Taya was alive meant more to him than anything in the galaxy

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IMPACT Wrestling
24 mars 2020
Sam’s Town Casino & Gambling Hall
Las Vegas, Nevada

First Match:
X-Division Scramble Match.
Willie Mack bat Daga & Trey Miguel & Chris Bey & Jake Crist & Acey Romero & Cousin Jake & Rohit Raju

Second Match:
Moose bat Chase Stevens  

Third Match:
The Reno Scum  battent The Rascalz

Fourth Match:
No Disqualification Tag Team Match
Sabu & Rhino w/Super Genie battent oVe (Dave Crist & Madman Fulton)

Fifth Match:
Michael Elgin & Taya Valkyrie w/John E. Bravo battent Tessa Blanchard & Eddie Edwards

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