orange-catsidy · 2 days ago
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taz trusts hook to make his own decisions about his life but he appreciates the gesture
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gabbobaggins · a day ago
I love how in taz balance Taako goes from being comedically dumb to the most competent member of tres horny boys and is the one to come up with how to defeat the hunger out of the whole starblaster crew.
My headcanon is that forgetting Lup and everything else affected him like Davenport but on a smaller scale but the more time he spent with Magnus and Merle made him develop mentally beyond what he lost. When he gets all his memories back in the finale, he goes up 4 wizard levels and his intelligence rises before coming up with how to save the world, because now he's now using everything he learned in both lives.
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fitzroycontent · a day ago
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I jus. I just think they deserve a nap
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holy-terror · 2 days ago
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blupjeans bed
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ksandraal · a day ago
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ethersea is the first arc of TAZ that i’m listening to, and I’m so in love with the storytelling
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Also of i see people calling Travis annoying one more time im gonna blow something up
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thesevenofbirds · 2 days ago
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barry-j-blupjeans · a day ago
21. “Sometimes, being a complete nerd comes in handy.” and blupjeans? :)
21. “Sometimes, being a complete nerd comes in handy.”
"You ever notice how like... you really wanna be around the Light?"
Barry squinted into the dark of his room, seeing the vague outline of Lup sitting at the foot of his bed. He had woken up when she opened the door. Barry rubbed his eyes and fumbled to turn on the lamp next to his bed. When light flooded the room, he could see Lup more clearly. She was still in her pajamas. Granted, Barry was also still in his pajamas seeing as it was...
"What time is it?" Barry asked, reaching for his glasses. The room got a little clearer when he slipped them on.
"Three-ish?" Lup said. "But have you noticed?"
"Noticed what?"
"That the Light is like-" Lup made a motion with her hands that meant nothing to Barry. "It wants to be wanted."
"Uhm," Barry said. He pushed himself into a sitting position, thinking. God, it was too early to have to think. "Maybe?"
"Like- ugh, okay. Listen. I was trying to sleep, right? Siad good night, did all my night things and went to bed. But then I was like "hey I could just go hang out with the Light right now". So I got up to go do that. But instead, I'm here 'cus I don't know if that's a good thing to do or...?"
"Should I come to sit with you?" Barry asked, still not quite grasping the situation. Light. Lup. Something something, sitting in the lab. "I'm having trouble understanding what's going on, sorry."
"I need you to come sit with me in case the Light eats me or something," Lup said.
"I don't think it's gonna eat you, Lup," Barry said, but he pulled his covers back anyway. He yawned and rubbed his eyes again. "Why- can I ask why you want me and not Taako? Or Lucetria or someone?"
"Sometimes, being a complete nerd comes in handy," Lup said. Barry decided to take that as a compliment. "At least if it vores me or whatever-"
"I don't think that's the right word for that-"
"Then you can science something out," Lup finished.
"I wanna make some coffee first," Barry said, shuffling over to the door. Lup jumped off the bed to follow behind him. "If we're gonna do some shit with the Light, I'd at least like to blame it on caffeine."
"Oh, don't worry," Lup said. "I've already made a whole pot."
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faline-cat444 · 11 hours ago
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The trailer for MultiVersus which revealed a few more characters to the starting roster in the form of Velma,Taz,and the Iron Giant
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eevee-art · a day ago
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Long time no Kravitz
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manyfandomsonelog · 2 days ago
I love my silly little podcasts
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13fidelis · a day ago
is the suffering game your favorite arc from taz balance or are you normal
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ludwigvods · a day ago
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sorry this was the best image i could find to express myself
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subspacecadet · 4 hours ago
Taz: *growls*
Harley: It don't bite.
Jake: YES IT DO.
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backfliptopancake · a day ago
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fr0gpie · 4 months ago
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i come complete and invincible behind my dirty imbecile!
all these things i've tried, boy: be cute, be dumb, be wise, be young
so don't tell me what to fear in the darkness of this atmosphere
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Please i need Devo to get a boyfriend that he can do that cool back-to-back-weapons-in-hand-in-the-middle-of-battle pose with
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tuherrus · 3 months ago
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finally drawing what was the most iconic moment in balance for me
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barry-j-blupjeans · 2 hours ago
Also 28. “This is why we can’t have nice things.” and Davenport? :O I couldn't choose which one lol
28. “This is why we can’t have nice things.”
"D'you think they'll notice?" Taako asked from his place perched upon Davenport's captain chair. Davenport didn't mind too much. He rarely flew the ship sitting down.
"It's fine," Davenport said. He started to slow the Starblaster down as they reached the clearing Barry, Lup, and Lucretia should be meeting them in. Taako hummed, unconvinced, and peered out the front window. Davenport stopped the ship completely in midair and pressed the button that activated the communication system.
"Are we clear to land?" he asked into the little microphone built into the control panel.
"All clear from what I can see," Magnus's voice answered back. "Go for it, Cap."
Davenport started the Starblaster's descent, slowly lowering them to the ground. Taako stood up from the captain's chair and stretched, his spine popping audibly. Davenport winced but didn't comment on it. Finally, they reached the ground with a smooth landing and there was a hiss from somewhere below them as the legs popped up to keep them steady and the entrance opened up.
"I think they're gonna notice. Barry's deffo gonna notice." Taako said. Davenport slipped off his gloves.
"I'm a master illusionist, Taako," Davenport said. "They're not gonna notice."
"Wanna bet?" Taako asked.
"None of my shoes would fit you," Davenport said as a response. Taako followed him out of the pilot room. Merle was lounging on the couch they had picked up two cycles ago. They had only gotten halfway across the room when Magnus lead Barry, Lucretia, and Lup back in. This was the moment of truth.
"And then I punched it!" Lup was saying.
"With your hand on fire??" Magnus gasped.
"With my hand on fire," Lup said. Magnus was hanging off her every word. Barry was, too. Lucretia was glancing around the room was a critical expression.
"It was more of a fist bump, actually," Barry said. "Like, you didn't really deal any damage to it-"
"Shh," Lup said. "I killed it."
"Yeah, but not by fist bumping it?"
"What happened to this room?" Lucretia interrupted. Next to him, Taako muttered, "master illusionist my ass".
"What do you mean?" Davenport asked.
"What happened to this room?" Lucretia repeated. "It's..."
"Glimmery," Barry said, scratching his chin. "Like illusion glimmery."
"I have no idea what you're talking about," Davenport said. Magnus bit his knuckle to keep himself from laughing.
"No, it's deffo, uh, different," Lup said. She took out her wand. "How 'bout we just-"
She flicked her wand and the sparkly, glimmery look of the room faded. There was a hole in the wall between this room and the next room over (Barry's quarters, unfortunately). The hole was singed at the edges. Even more concerningly, there was a rather large burn on that corner of the floor as well, as well as a smaller dent in the floor from where Magnus had stomped part of the fire out.
It was best not to mention what Barry's room looked like right now.
"What the fuck?" Barry said. "We were gone for two hours!"
"It's a real funny story, actually," Magnus started, but Barry cut him off with,
"This is why we can't have nice things!" He walked over to the hole into his room. "Who- Taako?"
"Hey," Taako said. "I would never do that to you, Barold."
"Well it wasn't Magnus, I bet!" Barry said.
"I could totally destroy that wall if I wanted to!"
"Did you?"
"Well, no-"
"Merle," Barry said. "Did you-"
"Don't look at me, kid," Merle said, kicking his feet up on the coffee table. "I ain't the one who knows how to build a fire machine or whatever."
"One," Davenport said. "Putting a flame thrower on the Fantasy Roomba was not a fire machine. Two, it wasn't even my idea. If we're gonna blame anyone, blame Lup."
"I wasn't even here!" Lup defended. "And it was an idea, not something to put into reality!" She paused for a moment. "Not without me here, at least."
"Why- why would you want to put a flame thrower on the Fantasy Roomba?" Barry said weakly.
"S'funny," Lup said with a shrug.
"It was very funny, in her defense," Taako said.
"I..." For once, Barry seemed at a loss for words. But he wasn't actively asking Davenport to clean up the mess, which was good. Taako's advice of playing to Barry's weak points (notably, saying Lup was involved at all) had worked very well. Davenport would have to remember that. Barry sighed, sounding very bone-weary. "I'm gonna go take a shower."
"I'll fix the hole!" Magnus offered.
"No!" Barry said. "No, you... you stay away from it. I'll fix the hole."
In Davenport's defense, the flame-throwing Fantasy Roomba had been hilarious for the two and a half minutes it lasted.
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