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herbgerblin · 2 days ago
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ID: Some lineless art of Taako and Wup (worm Lup.) Taako is an elven man with tan skin, long blonde hair, and a slight build. He is wearing casual wizard clothes in various shades of blue. Wup (worm Lup) is a huge, magenta-colored worm of the string. On the left, Taako is wearing Wup like a giant scarf. His hands are in his sweater pockets and his face is partially obscured. On the top right, Wup is laying in a neutral position, with a caption of three question marks. Right below that is another drawing of her, this time revealing an open, muppet-like mouth with the caption saying, "Oh geez no why." Another caption reads, "Author's note: I refuse to give her a realistic mouth." On the bottom right, Taako is holding Wup on his outstretched arm. She is facing forward and shooting magic missiles. A caption with an arrow pointed to her face reads, "spell fire from her snoot." End ID.
some worm lup in these trying times
worm lup au: post | post | post
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nacecye · a day ago
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phantasmal, resplendent, etc
(click for better quality :)
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penbattles · 2 days ago
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Memories of the stolen century
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fuckin-flip-wizard · 2 days ago
As much as I love how genuinely emotional his character is I also love it when he's just an dramatic little bastard (affectionate)
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seawarrenmess · 2 days ago
I’m re-listening to the balance arc and I finally noticed something real sweet
Spoilers for TAZ Balance
After tres horny boys meet Barry and outline the BoB heist thing, Taako says he trusts no one and nothing it’s just a big void
But later when they meet up with Angus, Taako admits (under zone of truth) that he trusts Angus implicitly
Just thought that was really sweet and wonderful how attached Taako had become the Ango
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barry-j-blupjeans · 2 days ago
11 from the fluff prompts is giving me Taako or Angus vibes if that strikes your inspiration at all :) love your writing!!
11. “All I’ve ever wanted was a place to belong. Somewhere I could call home. And you gave me that. Because you are my home.”
"I don't know if I can do this," Angus said. "I feel a little queasy, sir."
He did feel very queasy indeed. Ever since Angus had woken up this morning (and a little last night), his stomach had been tossing and turning. Magnus had checked his temperature twice before he let Angus leave the house and Angus was sure he'd still be at home if he hadn't been so insistent on coming.
The backyard of Taako and Lup's jointed house was decorated fairly well. Over the past four years, the celebration of Story and Song had grown tremendously into a weeklong event. Everyone was expected to be at Neverwinter tomorrow afternoon, to give speeches or greet fans or whatever they needed to do. Angus was very excited to be going again, but first...
First, he had to get this out of the way.
"Listen, little man," Taako said, straightening Angus's bowtie. Angus hadn't even noticed it was crooked. "You're what, eight now?"
"I'm fifteen actually, sir-"
"That's irrelevant," Taako said, despite the fact that he had brought it up. "You're fine with public speaking. I should know 'cus I fuckin' hired you to do that."
"Teaching is different than public speaking," Angus said. "And I don't have a problem with public speaking, sir, it's just the... the meat of the matter, if you will."
"I won't," Taako said. "You're fine with public speaking- great, even! You know everyone here. Hell, you know Maggie, and there's no way in hell he's gonna refuse ya. If he does, then like, I don't know, I'll send a few magic missiles his way-"
"And maybe he'll reconsider."
"But-" Angus started, but it was too late. Kravitz came to stand by the glass sliding door, not so subtlety peeking in to look at them. He had a microphone in his hand. Angus swallowed nervously.
"That's your cue, kid," Taako said, nudging him towards the door. "Just remember DPYP and you'll be fine."
"D- what? What is a- a Dp-" Angus couldn't even begin to pronounce the word that had just come out of Taako's mouth. He's not really sure how Taako had pronounced it at all.
"Don't Piss Your Pants," Taako said like it was obvious. "DPYP. Keep up." Angus couldn't help it, he rolled his eyes.
"I'm fifteen," he said again.
"Then you'll be fine," Taako said, sliding open the door. "Go on. Get."
Kravitz held the microphone out to him, smiling comfortingly.
"You'll be great," he said, pinching Angus's cheek when he took the microphone. Angus squirmed away, rubbing his cheek to get rid of the sting.
"Right," Angus said. The momentary distraction of Taako making fun of him faded away. Angus tiptoed his way to the little stage they had set up- Captain Davenport had given a little speech earlier, but it hadn't been much. He paused at the steps, taking a deep breath. Taako and Kravitz took their seats and from next to them, Lup nudged Magnus hard in the ribs, pointing over the stage.
Angus took a deep breath and made his way up before he could chicken out. The little crowd in the backyard came to a silence relatively fast. A lot of that had to do with Lup leaning over to smack Merle in the head when he didn't shut up fast enough.
"Uhm," Angus said into the mic. All eyes were on him now. He wiped his hand on his pants. "H- hello everyone. Uh, it's nice to see you all again! I'm gonna try to keep this brief.
"Five-ish years ago, I met three men on a train. They all, uh, they all bullied me pretty much that entire train trip, I think. And then threw me off the train."
"Woo!" That was Taako from the audience, which sent a ripple of laughter through the crowd. A little bolder now, Angus continued.
"If you somehow don't know," he said. "Those three men were Taako, Merle, and Magnus. Once I started working with the Bureau, I got to see them a lot more! A lot of Taako, at least, because he was teaching me magic. But eventually, I started hanging out a bit with Merle and Magnus too! It was a really good time, besides the times they all almost died. And did die, I guess.
"I don't know how many of you know this, but before I joined the Bureau, I was just sorta living on my own. Which was fine! I was fine, I had everything I needed. Or at least, I thought I did. But after joining, I realized the one thing that was missing. And- and that was friends!
"I'm not... the best at making friends," Angus laughed, a little nervously, but hardly anyone else did. Kravitz sent him a thumbs up to make him keep going. "But- but it was easier, at the Bureau! And I didn't realize how much those friends meant to me until I didn't get the chance to be with them anymore. After Story and Song, we weren't really living on the moon anymore. I'm sure I could have gotten help somewhere, but I really didn't want to? I- I wanted to be mature and make my own decisions, mostly due to the fact that I knew I could, if I had to.
"But- but then," Angus said. "When I brought that up to Magnus, as I was in the process of moving out, he offered me a place to live. His place, to be exact. And he wouldn't really let me refuse? Uhm, so when I eventually said yes, I didn't really know what I was getting into."
He swallowed around the lump in his throat, finding Magnus in the audience. He was watching attentively, his elbows up on the table and his head in his hands.
"The years that followed were some of the best years of my life," Angus said. "When I was... alone, by myself, I had a lot of thoughts about what would happen next, when really, all I ever wanted was a place to belong. Somewhere I could call home. And Magnus, with his hospitality, gave me that. Because- because he is my home."
Angus brought a hand up to wipe away his tears. His voice was shaking a little when he went on.
"Which is why I wanted to ask Magnus today, right now, if- if..."
This was it. Magnus's expression had grown a little serious, maybe a little concerned. Lup gave him a big smile. Taako gave an okay sign with his hand.
"If he'd be willing to adopt me," Angus got out, finally. "So I know that no matter where I go and- and what happens, I'll always be able to come back to him. And he can always come back to me. So, uhm, if- if you would like that arrangement, Magnus, please... please let me know?"
A few heads swiveled towards Magnus's direction. Angus's heart clenched uncomfortably in the seconds of silence that followed. But then, Magnus split into a grin. A big, teary grin like he sometimes got when talking about dogs that he really liked or one of his family members or even Julia. He stood up, rounding the table, and rushed to scoop Angus off the stage.
Angus dropped the mic (it made a horrible sound, but he couldn't be bothered) and wrapped his arms around Magnus the best he could, burying his face in his shoulder. He was trying not to cry too hard yet.
"Is- is that a yes?" Angus asked quietly. Magnus pulled back, holding him but the pit of his armpits- he was still amazed Magnus could do that even though Angus was so big now. He was grinning impossibly wider.
"Of course it's a yes, Ango!" Magnus said, sort of teary himself. "I could never say no to this little face!"
He set Angus back down on the stage, pinching at his cheeks like Kravitz had. Through the applause and the tears now streaming down his face, Angus couldn't bring himself to mind the sting as much as he did before.
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love-goblinn · 2 days ago
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mf got the color palette of the carpet at a roller rink
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magicalvoltage · a day ago
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Cosplayed Sloane from TAZ Balance today !!
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thesevenofbirds · 2 days ago
Hiii i wanna draw people, maybe without drawing backgrounds or context or anything at all. I wanna make it taz related cuz that's just fun.
So if ur reading this, plz interact with it/me (comment, dm, reblog, ask, literally whatever), and give me a character from taz (any arc/mini/whatever; anyone from PCs to a character that literally existed during one bit, etc..) with a simple prompt? Like a prop or an emotion or a color scheme or literally any thing you want
And I'll draw em for a little while :))) no promises but i just wanna have fun.
Plz interact I'm in such a mood to do goofy doodles i might not think to do myself :P
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sagesscribbles · a day ago
I decided to revisit my thb designs since I finished relistening to balance. Click for higher image quality!
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borinquenaqueer · 2 days ago
Ed: you...lived...so much longer than I expected.
Stede, chuckling tearfully: I know. I'm sorry I made you wait.
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mcelquotes · 11 hours ago
I saw all of existence, all at once. I saw a dark storm, a living hunger, eating it from within. But I saw a brilliant light heralded by seven birds flying tirelessly from the storm.  I saw seven birds: The Twins, the Lover, the Protector, the Lonely Journal Keeper, the Peacemaker, and the Wordless One.
Griffin McElroy
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fr0gpie · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
i come complete and invincible behind my dirty imbecile!
all these things i've tried, boy: be cute, be dumb, be wise, be young
so don't tell me what to fear in the darkness of this atmosphere
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tuherrus · 5 months ago
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finally drawing what was the most iconic moment in balance for me
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fuckin-flip-wizard · 9 hours ago
Also here's my character analysis I'm correct about it btw
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the-mothed-man · 9 months ago
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barry-j-blupjeans · 2 days ago
if you're ok with doing platonic fluff for the prompts, 13 with Lup & Taako?
13. “Can you stay? Just for tonight, please. I don’t want to be alone with my thoughts.” “‘l’ll stay for as long as you need.”
It was drizzling when Lup and Barry arrived at the studio. There was a throng of people around the entrance and Barry had to park next to a news truck because that was the only spot left. Last week, the throng of paparazzi that was desperately trying to crowd around the door had been an ambulance instead. Barry squeezed her hand reassuringly before Lup slipped her hood up and got out of the car. She made a dash towards the entrance.
"-and he's back here today," someone said as she passed.
"Cleared of all charges!"
"I never believed it was him-"
"And that nasty, nasty man who-"
"I couldn't believe-"
"My sister was in the crowd-"
"Is that Lup?" But the door had already been opened just enough for her to slip in and it shut soundly behind her. Lup lifted her hood off to see Susan, already walking down the hall. Lup hurried to keep up.
"Your brother is an idiot," Susan said as Lup fell into step with her.
"I know," Lup said shortly.
"I thought you were keeping him with you?"
"I thought so too," Lup said. She really didn't want to be having this conversation. Especially not with Susan. Susan didn't pick up on the tone.
"I thought you'd still be at court today," she said. "But I suppose-"
"Where's Taako?" Lup interrupted. Susan scoffed, seemingly annoyed. Lup resisted the urge to shove her and find Taako herself.
"Kitchen showroom," she said.
Lup sped up, leaving Susan behind her. She turned a few corners to get there. The door to the showroom was left ajar. Lup slowed, peering inside. Only one of the lights were on, but she could see Taako's outline against the stage. Lup shut the door gently behind her and went to sit.
He hadn't even changed out of his pajamas. Typical.
"Hey dignus," Lup said, plopping down at the edge of the stage next to him. Taako deflated slightly. "What happened to 'of course I'll stay with you and Barry 'til everything calms down'?"
"I just needed some air," Taako said.
"Some air thirty miles from our apartment?" Lup said. "In downtown? Where the air is arguably worse?"
"You know what I mean," Taako said, rolling his eyes.
"Yeah," Lup said. "But you coulda told me. I would have preferred to hear you say where you're going than finding out because Angus decided to watch the news and sent me like, seven hundred texts."
"That snitch," Taako said, not with his usual heat. Lup had to remind herself that unenthusiastic Taako was better than silent Taako, which had to deal with all week. Taako kicked his feet, staring down at the audience section. Lup waited for him to say something else, but he didn't, so she had to instead.
"D'you remember what you said to me when I came to pick you up?" Lup asked. Taako shrugged, playing with a loose thread on his pants. "You said 'Can you stay? Just for tonight, please. I don't wanna be alone with my thoughts.'"
"I'm pretty sure that's not what I said-"
"Shh," Lup said. Taako snorted. "And I said, 'I'll stay as long as you need, buttface.'"
"That's- that's a little more realistic, yeah."
"But I can't stay with you if you keep trying to leave, Taako," Lup said, grabbing his hand. Taako looked away. "I know the situation is shitty but I'm not gonna leave you. Please just- just trust me to help you. If you wanna go somewhere, like here, or I don't know, to the jail or whatever to beat up Sazed, then I'll be there. I'll drive you, I'll beat him up with you. Just don't... don't leave without telling me or Barry. Please."
"I'm not a child, Lup," Taako said.
"No, you're not," Lup said. "So you can be an adult and do this one thing for me, can't you?"
Taako was silent. He let out a deep sigh, shoulders slouching even further.
"You fight nasty, you fucking goober," he said.
"Is that a yes?" Lup asked, squeezing his hand again.
"Yeah, sure, whatever," Taako said, which was as close to a yes as she'd ever get. Lup leaned over, wrapping him in a hug. He spluttered but didn't try to shove her off him.
"I care about you," Lup said. "You know that, right?"
"You've only told me eighty times in the past week," Taako said.
"Yeah, well, it's true," Lup said, finally letting him go. "We gotta get going before Barry's car gets mobbed or whatever."
"Well that I've gotta see," Taako said.
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umbraastaff · 3 months ago
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[Images contain descriptions]
Crystal Kingdom Accidental Foreshadowing Compilation
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marina-does-things · 7 months ago
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So I read this fic (I'll link it in the notes) in which there was this very emotional parallel between Taako realizing he has a sister for the first time, and post-Stolen Century Taako remembering that he has a sister. Just had to illustrate it :')
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thesevenofbirds · 2 days ago
7 birds to bring them all, 7 birds to find them
7 birds to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them
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