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< This Is The Game-Modem I Am Most Excited About!! Can’t Wait To Assemble And Test!! Stay-Tooned >

Game-Studio @the.GameSmith
Cards-Only @StarArenaGame
Minis-Only @StarArenaGame.Minis

#Gamedev of the #StarArenaGame: Get your #FREE!! #BGG #TCG #CCG #GameCards at

Whois the #GunShin? #軍神?

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Kediss & Malcolm will be raining treasure every combat. I’m loving this idea. Just some picks for and EDH build.

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Jungle Shrine

On Naya, ambition and treachery are scarce, hunted nearly to extinction by the awe owed to terrestrial gods.

Artist: Wayne Reynolds

TCG Player Link
Scryfall Link
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