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Here are your half-skirts 😏😏


(This is sub-hoshi-enthusiest btw) Hongjoong is a blessing, he specifically asks for half skirts cause he says they make him look pretty and it gives great content 👏👏👏 (and of course there were the iKON ones on my blog)


And holy H E L L you might have just fucking killed me

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08: Played any sports?

  • yeah!! i played soccer, basketball, and swam when i was growing up

24: What is/are/were your best subject(s)?

  • im really good at like. ela-type stuff, and then my content classes like education and psych

30: What’s irritating you right now?

  • the fact that my godforsaken brain isnt fucking working and i havent gotten anything done in two days
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An update to my last personal post,

I’m doing a little better now. Still having my off days here and there where I start to kind of spiral downward, but I’m better than where I was when I made the original post. Thanks for the kind messages guys <3 

I started writing a new fic - something small to get me back into things. Mainly I’ve been reading a lot of Volturi fics lately and I wanna make a post recommending my recent new favourite writers 

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I uh… can i write my side characters into a fic on AO3? Does it work that way? I’ve only used AO3 for a few months, but I thought you could only post fics for fandoms not your OCs 😂

I’m glad you love them! Oscar, Jaiden and Dante are my fav boys atm, I actually do have their entire backstory/future planned in my head so I could write it 😅 If I find a way, I’ll let you know 🥰

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REALLY???? Omg please send the link to me when you’re done!!! I really want to read it! If you need a beta reader to give you some feedback, I’m all ears <3

(I read your other ask, btw! Don’t want ya to think I ignored it, I was actually gonna respond today ❤️ make sure to take a break! Don’t push yourself)

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Thank you so much. God, I literally read this while in tears and needed a bit to reply. I really can’t wait to look back on all this and feel relief that its not still going on. Things are tough. The love and support really helps. ♡

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hiiii ahhh thank you so much sweetheart, ily tooo! you’re too kind, angel :’) I think you’re the one amazing, precious, incredible, valid and lovely here <3

i hope you have a pleasant whatever part of the day it is for you^^

— admin

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Happy birthday, lovely Owlie~

“Can I actually take this damn blindfold off now? It’s so annoying!” you laugh, though you’re only half joking when you elude to the nuisance it’s been to wear it.

“Wait, just a second-”

The subsequent chaos that ensues suggests that perhaps Jisung might have something more up his sleeve than a simple birthday cake, and admittedly, you’re intrigued.

Until a thump and a crash causes your concern to grow, your urge to rip off the cursed blindfold only seconds away from breaking through.

“Ji? You okay there?”

“J- Just a minute! Don’t take it off, ah, shit-”

More ruffling and hushed curses, and you’re now straining for even the faintest sign that he’s under some form of supervision. Lord knows he needs it.

“Hyung, pass me the… No, the other one! Yeah, yeah… Quick!”

Given that he appears to be addressing someone else, your nerves are eased somewhat, a distinct smile crossing your face as you feel hands on your shoulders.

“Who is that?” You ask, struggling to find any familiarity in the touch.

“Just me,” Minho cooes, giving you an affectionate pat.

“Oh, thank god. Is he okay? Can I take this off yet?”

A low chuckle resounds from behind you, and you’re guided to what you assume to be a sofa, step by careful step.

“Sit, then you can take it off.” He instructs.

“On my count!” Jisung pipes in, and you can almost hear the daggers he shoots at the elder.

“Okay, okay…”

You sit as gracefully as you can, fingers taking hold of the blindfold either side, your stomach tingling with excitement.

“Ready?” You ask.

“One, two… three!”

And on Jisung’s third count, you tug the material from your eyes, only to be utterly taken aback at the sight before you.

Firstly, and most prominently, the almost hilariously large three-tier birthday cake, adorned with edible flowers and sweets of all sizes. Ribbons and icing trickle down it in waves, and you’re sure it’s the prettiest thing you’ve seen all year.

The table it sits on is positively laden with delicacies and party foods, far too much for three people to finish by themselves, but you still find the gesture to be grand enough for you.

“I… I don’t know what to say-” You stammer, truly lost for words.

“A thank you might be nice,” Minho quips, giving you a nudge from your side.

“O- Of course, thank you… I mean, wow!”

“Do you like it?” Jisung beams, clearly ever-so proud of himself for what he’s managed to achieve. And you can’t blame him.

Yet you’re not given a chance to answer his question before a haphazardly wrapped box is thrown in your general direction, Jisung evidently too eager to wait any longer.

“This is from both of us,” Minho informs, rolling his eyes at the fact that Jisung neglected to offer an explanation.

“Guys, you didn’t have to-”

“Don’t even,” Jisung interrupts, raising a firm hand to you. “Just open the damn thing.”

And so you do. You dip your fingers into the wrapping paper, and it doesn’t take much effort for you to pull it apart, the lack of care that went into the wrapping itself only suggesting that Jisung was the responsible party. It’s utterly endearing.

You slip off the decoration, finding a cardboard box beneath it. A nod of excitement from Jisung urges you to open it, and you’re too willing to comply.

And the sight that awaits you sends tears pricking to your eyes.

A sleek black box with a clear plastic panel in the centre, allowing you a glimpse of the contents. There’s paints of every kind and of every colour of the rainbow, watercolours, acrylics, and oils, each one of them as pristine as the day they were made. You clamp a hand to your mouth, flipping open the lid to get a full view of them, and you’re equally as surprised to find the set completes with a veritable array of paintbrushes and designs, all sizes, designs and strokes.

A small white card rests atop it, and you pick it up between your fingers, turning it over to read it.

‘I dream my painting and I paint my dream- V.V.G. Happy birthday, little one. We love you.’

It’s overwhelming, at the very least, and the expression on your face must have said it all. 

“You… You don’t like them?” Jisung mutters quietly.

“Are you kidding me?!” You choke out, no longer attempting to hide the sheer happiness that bubbles inside you. “This is amazing… It’s everything. Thank you so much…”

“Don’t thank us,” Minho assures, rubbing gently on your back. “We know how stressed you’ve been with school. We wanted to help somehow, but the two of us have about all the artistic talent of a hippo. So, this is the only way we could think of.”

You shake your head, filled with only the swelling of love your best friends have given you. It’s more than you could have ever asked for, and nothing you could ever repay.

“Happy birthday, little one.” Minho repeats, pulling you into a hug, all while a beaming Jisung watches the scene in adoration.

It truly is, a birthday to remember.


I didn’t realIze you had sent this earlier in the day but I just read it and I’m speechless

This is honestly so beautiful and like I truly felt the emotions you portrayed.

The Van Gogh, the sentiment they say at the end I’m just

I’m so emotional this is like the sweetest start to my bday by far.

Also little one is cute af like OwO

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aww thank you so much!! i’m doing my best to relax, i take breaks for school and relax by watching the great british bake off. it’s difficult and fucking with me, but i’m making sure to take care of myself.

now you take care of yourself too!! relax and do something nice for yourself, we all deserve it (i’m gonna order lunch bc. i want to fjdklsfjds;lka) and i hope you have an awesome day!!

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ugh im gonna cry again happy tears this time i promise i love boom boom boy so much 🥺🥺

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