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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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Thank you!!💜 I’m new at this that’s why I can’t lay it out nicely ha

30. Bluetooth headphones/speakers/mic: yes or no? Do you hear the difference?

Honestly idk I don’t hear the difference…probably going deaf anyway my ears r rlly bad ha

68. Tell me about a soundtrack in movies or tv shows that really left an impression on you. It can be just a song during a specific scene

Not scene specific, but Lost in Translation has a great soundtrack for some reason (including Sometimes by mbv which is one of my favourite songs!!) if I remember correctly it’s while they’re driving through the city at night…

76. Are there songs you only listen to when you’re in a specific mood?

Yes!!! I make most of my playlists by mood…so sad playlists, dance playlists etc (Sing by blur is obv 1st on the sad one lmao)

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I’m having one of the weirdest days if my life, honestly.

My favorite song is Paris is Burning by St. Vincent!

My favorite genre…

is Christian rock. Do not laugh. Okay, laugh. It’s actually pretty funny. I got into it to impress a girl I fancied who was obsessed with it despite being atheist herself. That was 7 years ago…still enjoy it. It’s pretty goofy, but hey. We did end up dating for a while!

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Does anyone have that video of like, a man acting terrible table service big ol wigs where the “server” over pours the water and then throws the paper towel roll at the “patron”? I’m in need (also if you know who it is so I can find more of their stuff!)

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thank you ines! 💙

4. Who is your favourite female television character of all time? hhmm tbh it definitely changes from time to time, depending on which show i’m obsessed with atm but probably max from black sails? rose & clara from dw too, given how important the show was to me in my formative years

8. Favourite television soundtrack? black sails, hands down (the opening credits alone are a masterpiece) but also got (ramin djawadi really went off with that one too)

9. Favourite guest-star appearance on a television show? probably Gillian Anderson as media in American gods s1

30. Favourite movie from the early 2000′s? ocean’s 11, pride and prejudice, ratatouille, fellowship of the ring, hp3, the incredibles (i know it asked for one but i couldn’t choose)

32. Favourite movie villian? can’t think of one rn so i’ll probably go with my fave emo boy space wizard kylo ren

37. Favourite series/saga/trilogy, etc.? the lord of the rings because they are the better movies, but also the harry potter series bc how much they meant to me

*୭✧˚₊television & film ask game! ₊˚✧୭*

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Who gets jealous more often?

Lucas, no doubts about it. Again, people seem to forget he’s a hedgehog. That boy has way too much sass in him and not enough patience. And Eliott usually doesn’t see that people aren’t just being nice, they’re flirting with him and he’s being nice to them. And that makes Lucas 10000x more jealous. 

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Hi love!!!!! Thank you for these ❤️❤️❤️❤️

7. What’s the last thing you read that made you cry?

Ooooh that’s a good question!  The first fic that comes to mind is probably @bourbon-ontherocks‘ ghost fic Please Don’t Remember Me For My Crimes.  Julia really came for me with that ending and it’s so lovely despite being kinda sad haha

15. Post the last line you wrote without context.

“Don’t forget to lock up.”

fanfic asks

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