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How do you need to be loved?
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Like Lovers Watching the Sunset
Tumblr media
Calm, focused, tender. You need to be loved in the way teenagers kiss in the rain and giggle behind hands. You need to be loved like a child, taken care of, watched over, focused on. You need to feel the warmth of the sun, you need to feel the love rushing through your veins. You need to be reminded that love is worth it, and it’s beautiful to experience. You need to be loved in a way that is refreshing, again and again.
Like the Burn Marks On My Hands
Tumblr media
You need to be loved gently, taken care of. You need to let yourself be taken care of. You deserve the kindness. You deserve to have fingertips pressed to yours, you deserve soft smiles and quiet laughs. You need to be kissed in the middle of the night, you need to be told it’s okay. You’re used to aggressive love, yet you, you need it gently.
Till the End of Forever
Tumblr media
You need to be loved unconditionally. You need to be reminded that love is not temporary, that you deserve it. That those who love you will not leave. You need to be loved the way angels love humanity, or how devils love angels. You need to be loved in greatness, in fullness, you need to be loved hard and fierce. Loud, shout it to the ends of the earth, your love won’t leave. You need to be loved when nothing else will be. You need to realize you are worthy even through the end.
Like the Snow Melts
Tumblr media
You need to be loved patiently. You need to feel the love slowly creeping in, a warning, a way to back away if you’re too scared. You need to be loved cautiously, as if you’re fragile. You need to be loved gently, because love is messy and muddy and makes your socks wet and hurts if the sun gets too close. But you need to let yourself be loved, because when you do, it’ll feel like spring.
Like the Burn Marks On My Hands
Tumblr media
You need to be loved gently, taken care of. You need to let yourself be taken care of. You deserve the kindness. You deserve to have fingertips pressed to yours, you deserve soft smiles and quiet laughs. You need to be kissed in the middle of the night, you need to be told it’s okay. You’re used to aggressive love, yet you, you need it gently.
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Tumblr media
Turnabout Corner but apollo says some things out loud
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“You know Ace?!”
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Hang in there, Phoenix!
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in all seriousness i think it’s soo important to get into ace attorney at some point if you’re going to engage with fan content on the internet, because at its best ace attorney is a masterclass explanation on the difference between a villain and an antagonist, people who are irredeemable and people who aren’t. i think a lot of arguments about redemption arcs could be resolved much quicker if you could all look at a guy and decide if it’s an edgeworth or a kristoph situation
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One Piece Party Volume 3
Omake Manga Corner 1
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Hi Astra. If you ever started picking up Ace requests again, may I have an angst fic where Ace dated fem reader just because of a dare? Reader found out when they both went to a party together, the party host exposing the dare where Ace have to date her for $1000. She got heartbroken and embarrassed so she ran home. Ace, who had fallen in love with her ever since they started dating, regretted his actions. He went after name and tried explaining how much he actually love her and he wouldn't be able to meet her if it wasn't for the stupid dare? Now angered, Name went to give Ace a trial to prove that if Ace actually loved her. Thanks!
Warnings: angst, hurt/comfort, Ace begging, break ups, second chances
Word Count: 1300
He loved you, or at least, he’d said he loved you, but staring at the people in front of you, it was hard to believe.
“W-what?” you asked, feeling your heart start to crack, it couldn’t be true, it… it had to be a lie, a joke, something!
“Th-they were just joking around, babe, ignore them.” Ace said frantically before turning and glaring at the group of males who sat around laughing. He just had to run into them and, of course, they just had to open their big, stupid mouths. 
“Ace… I… I want the truth.” you demanded, looking at your boyfriend. The two of you hadn’t been dating particularly long, but already you cared deeply for him, and he cared about you, or at least, you thought he did.
“I’m telling you, he only asked you out on a dare, you just saw us pay him.” the leader of this band of idiots said, Ace turning around and giving them a dark look. They were lucky that Ace wasn’t like how he used to be, otherwise he’d be beating them into the dirt right now.
“Ace! Look me in the eyes and tell me the truth!” you demanded once more, the young man turning back towards you, an anxious, scared look in his eyes. You waited, Ace staring at you, clearly too afraid to say much.
“It… it only started out that way, I promise. I love you, truly I do. I… I was only supposed to date you for a month,” Ace said, swallowing hard, “But we’ve been together for almost a year! I didn’t leave you because I love you, I know how it looks, how it sounds, but I swear I love you.” he added frantically, his heart clenching painfully at the sight of tears starting to fall down your cheeks.
“Liar! You’re a liar, Ace! I hate you! I never want to see you again!” you screamed, spinning around and running away. Ace stood there, frozen to the spot as your words seemed to echo in his mind. ‘I hate you’, ‘I never want to see you again’. The next thing he felt was rage. He may have made a mistake, but these idiots had made everything worse. Their words, their taunting, it all had him seeing red. Ace turned around, the dark look in his eyes making the idiots stop laughing.
“Dude, Ace, what’re you so upset about? She’s just some loser chick, dime a dozen, go find another. We’ll even pay you again.” the leader said with a laugh, the sound cut short when he was knocked to the ground, blood dripping from his cut lip. He tried so hard not to be the demon that people seemed to think he was, tried so hard to contain the anger that sometimes still bubbled beneath the surface, but these fools, these ignorant, malicious, motherfuckers had just cost him the best thing to happen to him since he’d met Sabo and Luffy. It was something he wasn’t going to let slide, he couldn’t face you, not yet, especially not when the anger and embarrassment was so fresh in your mind, but he could take his anger out on the ones who’d opened their mouths in the first place, teach them to know when to shut up.
You sobbed, alone in your dark apartment. The lights were off, making the place feel as cold and lonely as you felt. It had been 3 days since you’d found out the truth and you’d really come out of your room for food when absolutely necessary. Not that you ate much, the thought of what happened made you nauseous. The sound of your phone ringing didn’t even draw you out of your sobbing anymore, you knew who it was. How many missed calls and texts was this now? You’d block him or turn off your phone if you could think straight enough past the pain to do so. But all you could think about was that day, of how much it hurt, of how embarrassed you felt. A small notification sound, another voicemail. It was a few hours later that you heard pounding on your front door, pulling yourself out of bed. Who was visiting you? Hadn’t you told all your friends that you wanted to be left alone? Answering the door, you looked up, fresh tears gathering in your eyes.
“Y/n, I-” Ace didn’t get to say much more before you were attempting to slam the door in his face. Not that he hadn’t expected that, his hand immediately coming up to stop the door, “Please, Y/n, let me say something. I’m begging you! I know I don’t deserve it, but please, please just let me say something. I’ll… I’ll do anything. I… I’ll leave and never come back if you decide that’s what you want after you hear me out. Just please, let me in, let me… let me explain.” he begged, his broken, pain filled eyes staring into yours. Pain, ha! He’d been the one to hurt you, yet he was feeling pain? Still, it was sincere, he regretted hurting you, that was worth… something, right? Slowly, you opened the door, letting him in, not that he immediately entered, hesitating for a moment as if afraid of entering. Even before the two of you stood in your living room, he stood there looking very much like a kicked puppy.
“I… I’m sorry, about… what you heard, about how this all started. I was being stupid that day, but I promise, I truly do love you, I swear. I know it sounds bad, and it looks bad, and I’m a total ass for asking you out on a dare, but I… part of me’s happy that I did, because it meant I got to meet you and see how amazing you are. You’re my everything, I promise, I love you so much. I wasn't lying all those times I told you I love you, everything I told my brothers that Luffy blurted out to you was true, please, I… I’ll do anything to have you back, to hear you call me ‘Firefly’ again.” Ace pleaded. Firefly, your nickname for him after you’d caught him playing with matches. You knew you still cared for him, still love him, it was why this hurt so much, why you’d spent the last 3 days sobbing. 
“I… I can’t just take you back.” you said, looking away, hearing the thud of Ace falling to all fours. Looking back, Ace was on his knees, head pressed to the floor in a bow.
“Please! I fucked up, I’ll do anything you want! I… whatever it takes!” he swore, surprising you, did you really mean that much to him that he’d go to these lengths? Not even another dare would be enough for a person to go this far. Kneeling down next to him, you hesitantly brushed the tips of your fingers over his arm, the young man looking up at you.
“One chance, that’s all I’m giving you. If you so much as falter or stumble, you’ll fail and it’ll be well and truly over. No more chances, no more begging, we’ll be done.” you stated firmly, Ace just nodding rapidly. Anything for you, you were his love, his life, if soulmates existed, you were his. 
“Whatever it takes, whatever you want.” Ace swore, still not standing up until you offered him your hand, the both of you standing up together, though he still looked very much like a kicked puppy. He probably would for a while, at least until you gave him that smile that he loved so much, one that wasn’t filled with pain. But if he could have you back, it would be absolutely worth it. 
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Tumblr media
dancing queens💫💃🏻✨
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
...and it feels like someone’s cut you open with a jagged piece of glass
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(iii) daffodil ; portgas d. ace
Tumblr media Tumblr media
↻ hurt/comfort, mention of blood, mention of injury, kinda angsty, mutual pining, crack (not literally), grammatical error, not proofread
↻ pairing ↬ ace x fem!reader!
also, if theres some different spelling in my writings, please dont mind it cuz i learned british english at school :)
series masterlist
today wasn’t the best day of your life. no― it was the worse. if anything, your best days were hanging out with ace, cuddling with ace, laughing with ace, reading with ace, ace, ace, ace.
everything had to do with ace. sure, ace had something to do with what was happening right now. but it wasn’t something that you hoped for. him bleeding out in front of you all because of you?
he chuckled. “what are you crying for?” the male asked, somehow tried to comfort you. “you’re bleeding! and i’m worried about you!” you shouted at him. “ouch... my ears,” he flinched.
“why would you do that?” ouch, that expression hurts him. the first time and the last time he saw that expression was during his time at marineford. that war.
the pain he was feeling couldn’t match the one that he felt in his heart. that look on your face. he doesn’t want to see that. he wants you to be happy instead of that anguish look.
he wants to comfort you to heaven’s back. the things he would do to take away your pain but he couldn’t. he could only stare at you from afar. the blank look on your face as luffy’s hands clawed at him tighter.
“a-ace?” the rubber boy called out. “luffy... would you tell y/n that i love her?” he asked. “w-what are you talking about?! you’re going to get out of here and tell her that yourself!” he yelled, tears starting to flow freely down his cheeks.
“i’m afraid i don’t... have the time to do that,”
“chopper? is he okay? please tell me he’s okay,” 
“he’s fine y/n. it was just a slight gash. thanks to his devil fruit, he managed to sustain most of the injury. it could have been worse,” chopper explained. you immediately sigh in relief before rushing inside the med bay, ignoring the reindeer’s plea to let him rest.
of course, you weren’t going to bother his rest. you just wanted to be by his side. in case he wakes up. “hey...”
your eyes quickly flew open and were met with ace’s tired eyes. even seeing him without those injuries, it still hurts you. after all, he got hurt because of you. “w-why are you crying?!” he asked in a panic tone.
“you idiot! you shouldn’t have done that!” you scolded him, smacking his arm lightly. he chuckled lightly. “y/n... i’d do anything to see you safe and sound,” he said, looking at you with vulnerable eyes. “but what if it had been worse? you― you could’ve died!” 
“but i didn’t. i will stay with you until my last breath. i will save you again and again,” you could feel your face warm up at his words. “hey... look at me please,” ace plead. ignoring your burning face, you looked at him slowly, eyes still wandering aimlessly. “i...”
‘should i say it...?’
“i lov-” the door flew open and luffy immediately lunched himself onto ace, ignoring the groan that came out of his brother. “ace!!!” luffy cried, hugging his brother tighter to him. “l-luffy! i can’t breath―” you quickly smacked your captain’s head.
“if he’s not dying right now, then he will the next few minutes of you hugging him,” you huffed. “s-sorry,” he apologized, wiping away his tears. “i’m hungry,” ace suddenly said with a sheepish smile. “of course! sanji―”
the blond was at your side in seconds. “yes, y/n-swan~” you chuckled at his enthusiasms. “will you bring dinner for ace?” you asked sweetly. “anything for you, y/n-swan!”
“i think my hands are suddenly numb,” ace pouted, faking his hurt expression. you sighed, moving closer and took the plate off his hands and feed him instead. “you’re such a baby,” you muttered frustratingly, trying to mask your flustered face. 
after you finished feeding him, you get up from your seat to bring the dirty utensils back to the kitchen. “where are you going?” he asked, jerking his body towards you a little. “i’m going to bring this to the kitchen,”
“well, you can just ask sanji to do that right?” he asked, the light in his eyes dimmed. “i’ll just be putting this away. i’ll be right back,” you answered with a reassuring smile. “then hurry and come back or else i will die from this boredom,” he sighed dramatically.
you chuckled and hurry yourself to the kitchen. the moment you came back to his room, you could already hear the soft snores coming from him. you sighed in relief before retreating to the girls’ room.
you wouldn’t know how to handle him now that there was nothing to distract you.
“i feel so betrayed right now!” 
you gasped loudly. “you were the one who slept on me!” you rolled your eyes at him. “you could have wake me up!” he shot back. you shot your hands up in a frustrated manner. ‘he’s such a man-child! i can’t believe he was upset about it,’
“ugh, could you two get a room already?” nami groaned, “nami!” you scolded. “what?! you two have been arguing like an old married couple,” she rolled her eyes. suddenly, you could feel shiver running up your spine. like when someone giving off a murderous glare.
but when you turn to see who it was from, it was from the one and only blond cook. “i mean...” your head quickly turned to ace. “what was that?”
for the entire day, he acted weirdly around you.
taglist: @maaarshieee​
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so the way Ace's sunglasses change to show his expression cracks me up
Tumblr media
but it raises the question, does he do that in Gorillaz as well? Do the rules of that style allow his sunglasses to crack before the other members eyes? Or does he just change his sunglasses every time he feels something?
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selkiecoded · 5 months ago
ace attorney is fucked up deranged for the overarching plot of the fey clan. its so fucking good. we learn bits and pieces of it slowly through the first game and onwards, dragging all of the main characters into it one way or another until it finally culminates spectacularly into bridge to turnabout. oh my god ace attorney is about family and how it hurts you. for the good of the fey clan..
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amycurtismarchs · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you all over me ⇾ taylor swift
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bess-turani-marvin · 6 months ago
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how tragic it is to love something death can touch (insp)
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capisback · 6 months ago
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W H O 
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vickyvicarious · a month ago
Kinda wanna write a joke AU where Phoenix does eat the poisoned medicine, and just. Fails to die.
He's sitting there "oh my cold got a little worse for a while, how about that" and Dahlia is just fuming.
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