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Has anyone have thoughts on Steven Wilson’s upcoming album, The Future Bites based on the released songs (as of October 30, 2020 when I write this)? Personally, I feel like this is not gonna be my vibe considering I’m more used to heavier and softer but not electronic type of sound but I don’t mind it. My favorite is Personal Shopper because of its chorus (Just can’t get rid of it out of my head for some reason).

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- steven wilson really wants to be prince and we may as well just fucking let him

- it’s actually really catchy

- much better than personal shopper (but then again anything would of been better than personal shopper imo)

- the video was black mirror fanfiction that probably had something to say about Society but i was too busy vibing to notice

- he’s becoming more comfortable experimenting with his voice that i feel actually really works for the first time

- i misread the title as imminent sneeze and I loled

overall I think it’s actually Pretty Good, renewed my hope that TFB will be good after having it dashed by personal shopper

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Listen, yallre cute af and id be totally willing to throw some spare money towards getting y'all the cute stuff on your wishlists, but I can’t do that if youre gonna keep using Amazon for it, yall!! Id rather be dead than go back to supporting Jeff Bezo’s and his fucked up, abusive, unsafe, unhealthy work environment and ethics.

There’s list makers online, yall! Put links to stuff from stores that aren’t Amazon or run by them on a list and I’ll be more than happy to get you your cute desires when I’ve got the money to spare!

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How the saiyans would react to you asking them if you want to be friends with benefits hcs…. (NSFWish Warning)


- “Doesn’t being friends with someone already have benefits?”

-After several explanations: “Oh! Yeah! Sure! It really would make it easier to be around you when you start smelling good if we can do that!”


-"Hmph. I’m surprised you got the confidence up to ask. You’ve made it pretty miserable for me trying to keep my hands off of you.”


- “Its a bit late for that don’t you think? This is what the third time we’ve been together? But as long as you’d be open to more some day, I’m okay with this. ”

Future! Trunks

- “I can’t say yes to that. If you really want to be with me then I’d rather we try dating first.”

Main timeline! Trunks

- “As long as you call me daddy when we are together, I’m down~”


- “I never thought it would be you asking me. Since its you, of course I’m interested!”


- “Took you long enough. Now, hold on tight to me and let’s go find a place where we can finally be alone.”


- “I’m not going to say no since you got the courage to ask, but when exactly did we become friends?”


- “If that’s what you really want, I’d like that. Just don’t be surprised if you can’t live without me after just one time.”


- “One night and that’s it. If you don’t want to be my mate then that’s all the time I have for you.”

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