Camilo: Don’t argue with me-
Camilo: This is why you’re the slowest in your class.
Antonio: This is why you don’t have a girlfriend.
Camilo: You know what? Santa Claus isn’t real.
Antonio: ....w-what?
Antonio: MOMMMM
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allyouthought · a month ago
it’s (not) fair
Tumblr media
request: could u write a fic where the reader and kristie mewis were dating, but she ended up with reader to hook up with sam kerr, then in a match against australia sam hurt the reader, causing reader to bleed and have to be taken off the field. all the girls get angry, especially alex because she and reader are secretly dating? after the game they go back to the hotel and kristie tries to apologize to reader about sam, she and alex get into an argument and alex reveals that she and reader are dating
word count: 1.5k
warnings: mention of blood + injury, angst
You weren’t quite sure how it’d happened.
One second, you were boxing out Sam Kerr while waiting for an Australian corner kick and the next, the forward was in front of you and jumping in time with you, elbow flying into your face. The impact causes you to stumble backwards and into Kristie’s chest, who grabbed at your shoulders to hold you upright as a steady stream of blood began to make its way out of your nose. Just barely over the sound of your pulse pounding in your ears, you hear the blonde curse when she spots the injury, and thankfully follows by helping you kneel down while frantically waving over your trainers.
“God,” you groan, throbbing pain creeping outwards from your nose, “What the fuck was that?”
“Shit, I’m sorry, Y/N/N,” Kristie mumbles before she slowly retracts her hand from your back at the scene unfolding in front of her. Every one of your teammates in proximity were infuriated by the foul play committed by her girlfriend, and pulled no punches while they let her know, with Sofia, and Morgan, and even Abby merely a foot away from the Australian as the four dove headfirst into an argument that grew more heated by the second. “Fuck.”
Vaguely, you could hear Kristie defending Sam from the team, but were far more concentrated on the blood that shifted from dripping onto the turf below you, to the white of your jersey while a medic sat you up, not nearly as swift with her towel as she’d hoped. You turn only when you hear Alex’s voice, its general coolness and rasp vanished and newly replaced by unprecedented anger, which you’d only ever heard from her a handful of times in all the years you’d known her.
“Everybody stop!” she directs towards the women as she slips in between them and Sam, “I get it, I really do, but back up. Please.” Blue eyes flicker rapidly between you, your teammates, and the quickly approaching referee who’s more than ready to deal out yellow cards to anybody and everybody involved. As they reluctantly take steps backwards, Alex turns to face Sam, who’s being pulled away courtesy of Kristie’s arm around her waist, your girlfriend’s body rigid like she was nearing combustion, and she briefly points haphazardly in your direction, unfazed by Sam as she stood up straighter and closer to her. “Thirty minutes left; don’t let me catch you near her, again.”
Kristie shakes her head in response, shocked, but is more than ready to call out the comment, “Alex.”
The forward isn’t paying attention to the pair any longer, though, because she’s at your side in the next second, a gentle hand on your back and eyes softer than ever, “You okay?”
While she’s calming Sam, Kristie can’t hear the conversation that ensues between you and Alex, but she spots the way you lean into her body immediately; she notices the tenderness of the fingers that plucked bits of grass from your face, and her stomach churns. Alex was your captain, and it was her job to check on the team after injuries mid-game, that’s what she’d told herself; that’s what she chose to believe, even when the forward walks you to the sideline and you shoot her the loving smile you’d shown her so many times throughout your own relationship.
With the blood on your jersey and the unintentional sway to your movements as you stood, talking to the medics and to Vlatko, nobody’s surprised when you’re ruled out of continuing the game, but that didn’t at all counterbalance the team’s irritation with the Australians. Still, they fought hard until the last second of the game and pulled out a victory, because that’s who they are; that’s who all of you had always been, and you shoot them a smile when they enter the locker room.
“How’re you doing, champ?” Tierna grins teasingly as she nears you.
Rolling your eyes with a smile, you fight to ignore the stabbing pain behind your skull, “Fine, T, thanks.”
All of Alex’s attention is on you the moment she enters the locker room, and when she exhales softly as she cups your cheeks to inspect the bruising that’d already begin to blossom, eyebrows furrowed, you lean into her touch.
“I’m okay, Al,” you assure gently, swooning at the concern lacing blue eyes, “Nothing’s broken, just a concussion. Mild, though.”
Pulling you into her chest, she presses a kiss to the top of your head, body far less tense than it had been for the remainder of the match.
“Good,” she mumbles, “That scared me.”
Kristie doesn’t have the chance to approach you with the constant rotation of Alex, Abby, and Sofia by your side, and even on the bus ride back to the hotel, Alex is watching over you like a Pit Bull despite the gentleness of her fingers tracing lines over your arm.
By the time Alex is out of the shower in your shared hotel room, you’re nearly knocked out in bed, sending your girlfriend a sleepy smile that makes her heart swell as she nears you. When she sits down on the mattress, pulling one of your hands into her lap and beginning to toy with your fingers, she shakes her head.
“You should get some sleep, y’know.”
You shrug lightly, “I was waiting for you.”
With a soft grin, she concedes as you tug at the hem of her t-shirt, urging her downwards to allow the kiss that you press against her lips. Even if you were hurt, and exhausted, and nearing sleep, you had Alex, and were certain that she was (more than) enough.
“Scoot,” she murmurs, face mere inches from yours.
She slides underneath the hotel duvet when you shift, and the moment she’s settled against the headboard, you’re curled up into her side; not that she at all minded.
Alex hums in acknowledgement, peppering gentle kisses along your hairline.
“When you were defending me earlier,” you begin, nearing laughter despite the fabric of her shirt muffling your voice, “It was really hot.”
“Go to sleep,” she groans outwardly, earning an audible chuckle from you, “You got knocked on your ass, and I was worried. You’re lucky I love you.”
Slowly, you pick up your head to press an affectionate kiss to her cheek, “I know. I love you too, babe.”
The room falls silent as your urge to continue the conversation fades, the feeling of fingers massaging the back of your neck enough to lull you into slumber, but just before you can slip out of consciousness, knocking on the door startles you awake.
Alex is careful as she untangles her limbs from your own, and when she opens the exit in question, Kristie’s standing before her, confusion quickly pulling at the blonde’s features.
“Hey, is Y/N here?” she asks, tucking stray bits of hair behind her ears sheepishly. “I just wanted to apologize for everything that happened earlier, y’know?”
Nodding slowly, your girlfriend takes one look backwards at your sleeping form before swallowing hard and stepping outside, closing the door behind her, much to Kristie’s questioning look.
“Look,” Alex breathes, “I know that you still care about her after everything you guys went through, I get it, but you can’t play both sides of the table, Kris. She deserves more than that, you know she does.”
More confused than anything, Kristie scoffs, “I’m sorry? It’s great that you care so much, and it’s great that she has someone like you to lean on, but our relationship isn’t your business, Al. I just want her to know that I feel awful for how she got hurt, and that I’m here for her.”
Surely, you couldn’t have moved on, already. You and Alex were roommates, roommates assigned by Vlatko, and nothing more than that, because Kristie wasn’t even positive that she’d moved on, yet, even with Sam by her side. As she watched the woman in front of her cringe, though, she’d never been more unsure of anything in her entire life, and it made her throat tighten and heart sink.
“God,” Alex pinches the bridge of her nose, “Y/N and I are together, Kristie, you don’t have to worry about her, I promise. If you care about her the way you seem like you do, you’ll let her move on and be happy; we both know that she deserves it more than anyone.”
All Kristie can do is release a short, stagnant breath, “Oh.”
The revelation plunges the two into silence, silence that’s only interrupted when Alex coughs uncomfortably.
“Y-Yeah. Right, sorry,” the midfielder nods, “I’m just gonna… go, then; can you just… apologize to her, for me, then?”
With a deep breath, Alex purses her lips, “Yeah. Anything else?”
She shakes her head, and when the door shuts when Alex enters the room again, she’s left staring at the numbers centered on the door. It’d been her who’d ended your relationship so that she could start seeing Sam, and yet, her stomach churned in the most sickening of ways; mostly because she knew that it was her own doing.
When Kristie returned to her own empty hotel room, she laid awake for most of the night, the knowledge that you were with Alex overwhelming her mind. She was stupid, and reckless for letting you go so easily, but she’d have to be even dumber to not recognize the joy that caused the sparkle in your eyes when you were around the forward.
And she’d have to live with that.
feedback is always appreciated!
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kuroosimpurou · 4 months ago
Not Again
Akaashi x reader, exes to coworkers angst
NSFW mentions, no outright smut 
Warnings of toxicity and foul language 
Part Two
Author’s Note: I love mean Akaashi I’m sorry. 
Akaashi was hating his job. He worked his ass off in a department he didn’t want to be in all while his boss didn’t even notice. It wasn’t that he hated editing shonen manga, it just wasn’t what he was passionate about. Everyone knew he wanted to be in the literature department. He belonged in the literature department. Yet here he was, denied the transfer position. He’d been beat out by an external candidate. Why the fuck would they hire an external candidate when he’d proven himself over and over again? What was all his hard work for? 
The worst part was his next project would be working with said external candidate on some new experimental shonen manga that required a literary eye that Akaashi knew he was more than capable of providing. But no, he just had to work with whoever this person was that had ripped his dream job from his hands.
“Hey, Akaashi-san how’s it hanging?” His male coworker stood in the doorway of Akaashi’s office.
He was so not in the mood for small talk.
He sighed, “Other than the fact that my work is crushing my soul, not much.”
The young guy chuckled at his dramatics, Akaashi liked him. He was the closest in age to Keiji and it was nice to have someone to bitch about their writers with. 
(CW/N) smirked as he said, “Well I just met the new transfer who I know took your job Mr. I’m Too Deep For Shonen and I hope it gives you solace to at least know that they are a total babe.”
Akaashi rolled his eyes, “Of course they are! I’m sure that’s why they even got the position. Maybe if I’d showed some ass I would’ve gotten the job! And by the way, I am too deep for shonen manga.”
(CW/N) let out a loud laugh and left but not without adding, “Well when you work with her don’t make her fall too hard for you pretty boy. I want my fair shot.”
“Is she really hot enough to risk compromising your work environment?”
“Oh hell yeah.”
Akaashi scoffed as the door to his office closed. As if he’d ever fall for the enemy. He knew realistically it was his boss’s fault for overlooking him rather than his new innocent coworker. But, he couldn’t help but dislike this person. He took a deep breath, knowing that she was on her way to have their first meeting. He had to be professional. 
His mind wandered to his friend’s comment though. Akaashi hadn’t been in a real relationship since his early college years. He’d tried, oh how he’d tried, to meet someone else but no one had ever sparked that life long infatuation he was craving. Maybe he was just too much of a hopeless romantic to ever find love in real life and doomed to daydream about it forever. 
“Hi, my name is (Y/-” The woman at his door only got through her surname before her mouth hung open as she met her new coworker’s eyes.  
Akaashi’s fingers stilled on his keyboard as he met the eyes that had haunted him his entire adult life. Here you were, his one and only ex-girlfriend standing at his office door. 
“What the fuck are you doing here?” Akaashi couldn’t help the fury in his voice. Things had gotten messy between the two of you as it always did when college makes high school sweethearts drift apart. It wasn’t that he hated you, he could never hate you, but he couldn’t deny the disdain that filled him at the idea of any kind of interaction with you.
Your shoulders slumped the way they always had and the same wrinkle formed between your brows. You sighed, “I work here now. I just got hired as an editor in the literature department. Please tell me you’re not the Shonen manga editor I’m supposed to be working with.” 
Akaashi gritted his teeth, “How the hell did you get that job?”
“What?” Hurt filled your eyes but you walked into his office and shut the door behind you. 
Akaashi stood up shaking his head, “No, no no. I am so not doing this, especially with you.” 
He got up and stalked passed you to open his now closed door but you grabbed his arm. He hadn’t felt your touch in years but his body never forgot it. He froze instantly, ignoring the warmth that spread over him beginning from where your fingers gently squeezed his bicep. He whirled on you with a fire in eyes that burned with anger. You stood your ground and met his gaze. 
“Why are you being such an ass? God, Akaashi can’t you just be a professional for three months so we can get this done? I just started here and I don’t need you ruining my first project.” 
At that, he yanked his arm out of your hold and looked away from you. Your eyes were hard but they still made him feel weak in the knees. He had to shove down the instinct to bend to your will. 
“Sorry I’m not shitting rainbows at the fact that the person who got the job I was passed up for is my ex-girlfriend that I’m now expected to work with.”
You blushed and looked down at your hands. You started picking at your nails like you always did when you got anxious. How have you not changed at all? It frustrated Akaashi even more that he still remembered all your dumb little habits. 
You laughed, a humorless laugh and Akaashi could tell you were fighting back tears. He blinked, why were you crying? He didn’t think you cared enough about him still to cry at him being angry with you.
“I understand. I know you and I always wanted the same job. I promise I had no idea you worked here. I would have never applied had I known. I also don’t really want to work with my ex-boyfriend but I can’t afford to throw a fit over it,” you swallowed and met his eyes again as your voice steadied, “I have worked my ass off for this opportunity so please Akaashi, don’t ruin this for me. Let’s just get this over with and then move on with our lives again. You won’t have to deal with me ever again after these three months. If they ever try to put us together again I will say no ok?” 
You took a breath finally once you’d finished your speech. Akaashi bit his lip. Why did you calling him your ex-boyfriend bother him so much? Why did you saying he’d never see you again after this make his heart ache? God, this is why he had cut off all contact with you. You gave him too many awful feelings. 
He sighed and ran his hands through his hair, “I can’t do this (F/N).”
He saw you flinch and his hands automatically reached out for you. You slapped them away. 
“Don’t call me by my first name, Akaashi-san. And can you not stand me that much?” 
“No I can’t.” At that he turned and walked out of his office.
* * *
Here he was with you in his office after everyone else had gotten to go home. It was just past midnight but he was forcing you both to work until you couldn’t anymore. He’d tried to explain the situation to his boss but had gotten threatened with losing his job altogether if he couldn’t put his personal feelings aside to get a project done. So, he resigned himself to just get this over with as quickly as possible. That meant three cups of coffee and red eyes. He ignored the fact that it was just you two in the office even though the thought wouldn’t stop overtaking his brain. 
He also ignored the spark that shot through him every time your knee touched his. You two were across from each other. You had your laptop set up on the empty part of his desk as he worked on his desktop. Akaashi should have been looking at his screen. He should have been reading his section. But he’d glanced away to give his eyes a break and now he had been staring at you for far longer than a coworker should. He knew you weren’t going to catch him. Your tongue was poking out and your pupils were dilated so he knew you were too focused to feel his gaze. He’d done it so many times over study sessions that it’s a wonder he ever even graduated.
His old setter instincts made him look you over and analyze how you looked now compared to his memories. You had aged but in a way that made your chest fuller and face thinner. You had on a button up shirt that complimented your skin tone, skin that still looked as soft as it always had. The shirt fit well and was tucked into your pencil skirt. He remembered how you’d said in college that you couldn’t wait to wear the typical office woman attire someday because it was so different from your everyday look. His lips quirked up on their own at the idea of your younger self seeing you now. 
His heart lurched though as he remembered that all your future plans back then had always included him. Did it include anyone else now? Oh god he should not have thought that. Now he couldn’t get it out of his head. He hadn’t kept up with your life. He couldn’t bring himself to look at your social medias, having had to block you on everything to prevent himself from constantly refreshing your pages. He had no idea what you were up to or who you were up to it with. Did you find love with someone else? Were you being treated well? Were you happy without him?
You moved to rub your neck and as you did his eyes latched onto a bruise that covered your forearm being exposed to him right under your now rolled up sleeve. He grabbed your wrist, his grip gentle but firm. His eyes bore into you as you looked at him confused.
“What happened?” His voice was steady, a million scenarios running through his tired brain of you being hurt by someone sending him into an internal panic. 
You pulled your arm back and rubbed your bruise self consciously, “I fell off my bike yesterday trying to find the office before my first day ok?”
He sighed and leaned back in his chair, “Sorry I forgot what a klutz you are.” 
“Don’t do that. Don’t act like you care then be an ass to me in the same breath.”
His eyes snapped to yours again at those words, “Why does me being an ass mean I don’t care?” 
You scoffed and rolled your eyes, “I’m so not having this conversation with you right now. Look, I’m done with my section so can I please be released now warden?”
You turned your laptop to him so he could see that you had in fact completed all the parts he’d requested you get done tonight rather than in the next week. He blushed as he realized he was nowhere near done. Anger pricked him again at the fact that he’d set this insane schedule and you’d met it while he’d gotten too distracted over staring at you to stick to it. 
“What in a rush to get home to your boyfriend?” He spit and turned back to his work in shame at his outburst. 
“Oh my god, I didn’t know you were capable of being this immature.” You stood up fast and started getting your stuff together.
“That wasn’t a denial.” He wanted to slam his head into his keyboard to get himself to shut up. You always brought out a side of himself that he hated. Not even Bokuto had been able to anger him and make him snap like you. 
You sighed and continued to pack your bag. As you slung it over your back, Akaashi finally looked up to see you staring at him. You looked away quickly at being caught but he’d seen the disappointment at his actions in your stare. 
He stood up and put his hands on his desk, “Wait (F/N), I mean (L/N). Did you ride your bike to work today?”
You simply nodded, still not looking at him.
He sighed and rubbed his eyes, making his glasses go askew, “You can’t ride your bike alone at this hour. I’m sorry I didn’t think of that before I asked you to stay so late. Please let me drive you home. It’s the least I can do for how I have behaved.”
“What about my bike?” 
“Leave it here, duh. I’ll come get you in the morning too.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Akaashi.”
His heart cracked at that. It’d been so long since he saw you and his brain was so fogged with exhaustion and work that all he could think about was how close you once were. You’d been friends before you were lovers. There was a time when he was your home and rock but now you didn’t even want to be alone in a car with him. 
“Then at least let me call you a cab or an uber.”
“Akaashi please.”
He looked at you now, the desperation in your voice furthering the crack in his heart. You didn’t know what you were begging him for, you just needed this to stop. It was too late and you were both too tired. This wasn’t how he really felt. 
“I just want to make sure you get home safe, (L/N).”
“I’ll be fine, I promise. I don’t live that far.” 
“At least call me when you get home.”
“I don’t have your number anymore.”
“It hasn’t changed.” He knew you’d memorized it.
“Then you have to unblock me.”
That hit him hard. He’d forgotten for a moment that he’d blocked your number as well. He used to fall asleep on facetime with you every night then wake up still on the call every morning, not being able to bear a moment without you. Now he had you blocked and had for years. Did you ever try to text to him? Did you ever want to?
He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. You were the only number he’d ever blocked. He unblocked you and sent you a text saying ‘It’s Akaashi from work’. He swallowed at the bitterness of having to sound so distant from you. All the years of your souls being intertwined with one another reduced to nothing but being formal acquaints in one four word text. 
“Please be safe. Is there anyone you could call while on your ride if not me?”
“No all right. I live alone and I don’t have a boyfriend since you’ve been so desperate to know. But I will be fine, Akaashi. I’m not seventeen anymore and I can take care of myself.” You instantly regretted your outburst but you just needed this conversation to end.
Akaashi realized you’d misinterpreted his question to be asking about your love life again and felt like an idiot, “I didn’t mean to insinuate that you weren’t capable of it, but you’re still a woman. As shitty as it is it’s dangerous for you to ride alone this late at night in a city like Tokyo. Please, I’m begging you for my sanity to just let me drive you home. I know I’ve been nothing but a dick since you walked into my office this morning, but I would never want for anything bad to happen to you especially if it’s my fault you were put in that situation. I know we are exes and I promise to respect all the boundaries you set as we work together these next few months. But please, just for tonight let me make sure you get home safe.”
You cursed internally at his way of always articulating himself so well. You couldn’t argue with him, he was right. You’d been anxious all night as the sun went down and the clocked ticked about riding home in the dark. It wasn’t safe, and here was a free ride that you really shouldn’t turn down.
But it was Akaashi. The man you’d never really gotten over. You’d learned to be alone and like your own company. But you’d never been able to find another lover after the devastation of your first and only breakup. How could you be alone with him and not show your true feelings?
But how could you deny him when he was looking at you like you were still his whole world? 
“Ok, fine. But I’ll ride the train in the morning.”
He smiled, small and hopeful. 
“And we’re not leaving until you finish your work.”
The smile on his lips fell but it stayed in his eyes. He bowed his head sheepishly and sat down to get back to work.
“Fine, I’ll try to finish fast.” 
You smiled and sat back down in your chair. You pulled out a book from your backpack to pass the time. 
Akaashi felt his heart finally crack into two at the familiarity of the moment. You two sitting in comfortable silence engrossed in different activities while still in each other’s presence. It felt like falling back in time but he couldn’t erase the years of hurt and silence that separated you. He tried to push you from his mind to focus on his work but he just couldn’t. He was never going to be able to push you from his mind.
But he got his work done within an hour without even a glance your way. When he finally finished he looked over to see you asleep in your chair. Well, his chair since he’d forced you to switch with him so you could have his regular chair with better lumbar support. And fuck was seeing you like that not good for his heart. 
You were slouched back in the chair with your head tipped back. Your mouth was wide open with drool dribbling out one side. He couldn’t help but lean forward with his head propped on his hand with a love struck goofy smile on his face at you. You looked ridiculous but to him you looked wonderful. He had never liked looking at you more than moments when your guard was down and you were just existing as yourself. 
He smacked his forehead with his palm. This wasn’t him anymore. He wasn’t the same high school boy that pined over a girl he convinced himself was his soulmate, whatever that word even meant. He was an adult now, late into his twenties, and he needed to act like it. You were his coworker. He reached over and gently shook you. You jerked awake, confused as to where you were for a moment before registering him. 
Your eyes on him were soft and loving before you fully regained consciousness and Akaashi couldn’t help but blush. He hadn’t felt you look at him like that in so long, however brief and sleep ridden it was it set his heart ablaze. He felt the soul crushing love he once had for you ignite again. 
He packed up his stuff quickly as you stretched the sleep from your body. You moaned into the stretch and Akaashi remembered that he hadn’t just loved you for your personality. In all his rage and confusion throughout the day, he’d forgotten how attracted to you he was physically. His cock sure hadn’t, it was now standing at the ready after hearing a noise that had haunted his ‘self-love time’ since he was a teenager. That one fucking moan made all the memories of your magnetic sexual compatibility rush back to both his heads. 
He thanked the gods above that he had a shoulder bag that he could use to cover his crotch. He knew you and he knew you would comment on his little problem if you saw it. Akaashi also knew he couldn’t handle any of your coy sexual remarks or else he’d fold like a chair. Part of what had made your breakup so messy was both of your inabilities to keep out of each others’ beds. He was not looking to get back into that cycle of makeup sex at night then breakup sex in the morning, as hot and passionate as it had all been. 
When you stood up, your cheeks were rosy and your shirt was rumpled. Your skirt was riding up a bit, only exposing more of your calves but even that was effecting Akaashi. He shook his head and you cocked yours at his obviously flustered state. 
“Everything ok?” You asked, a hint of amusement in your voice.
And fuck your voice was doing things to him. It was husky from sleep and Akaashi remembered why every time he’d woken up in your arms and tried to end whatever your weird entanglement had become, he’d been unable to keep his hands off you. Your morning voice was a siren call to him. 
“Yes, are you ready to go home with me?” Fuck. His cheeks were set ablaze at his accidental innuendo.
Your eyebrow quirked up and a smirk formed. You chuckled as he buried his face in his hands, muffling his profuse apology. Before you could tell your arm not to move, you reached over and rubbed his shoulder soothingly.
“It’s ok, and yeah I’m ready whenever you are. How’d the rest of your work go?” You had to move the conversation away from sex. You literally bit your tongue to prevent any sexual remarks from coming out. Akaashi had always been easy to fluster but then so dominating in bed and just thinking of the contrast set heat straight to your crotch. 
Akaashi couldn’t help but notice the telltale flush that creeped up your neck that meant you were aroused. So you were still just attracted to him as he was to you. He didn’t know what to do with that information. He wanted to take you right here on his desk, but he needed to keep this professional. Plus, he knew his hormones were making him forget all the reasons you two didn’t work together as a couple. That didn’t mean he couldn’t tease you a bit though right?
“It was fine, better with a view of you asleep with your legs spread of course.” Oh he was shameless. Again, no one could pull the worse parts of him out like you. 
You turned scarlet instantly and he smirked. The asshole smirked. Two could play at that game. You put your hand on his desk and leaned forward. Your face was now inches from his and all his previous smugness vanished at your proximity. 
“How’s the view now?” 
He willed himself not to look down your shirt but he was never very strong when it came to you. Immediately, he saw something he’d had two many wet dreams about burying his face into, your chest. Akaashi had truly loved your intellect and heart, but he had also really loved your tits. Your cleavage was always his Achilles’ heel. Well that and your eyes.
But now your eyes filled with the realization of where this was leading you two. You suddenly pulled back. You looked down and picked at your nails again.
“Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. We both know where our flirting leads.” You tried to sound lighthearted but there was hurt underlying your words.
Akaashi loved the way you voiced your thoughts to him so open and honest. It helped with his overthinking. He knew where he stood with you always. You didn’t hide your intentions with him, being willing to say you were flirting out loud so he wasn’t left to wonder all night. 
He smiled, “I’m sorry too. Seeing you after so long in person is doing things to my body my mind isn’t fully agreeing with. Also, I haven’t gotten any in a really long time so even just the sight of your feminine calves is driving me mad.”
You laughed, a full genuine cackle. That was the worst thing for his heart.
“It’s ok I haven’t either so my inner cave woman is practically in heat being alone with a man for the first time in years.” 
That was the worst thing for his ego. You hadn’t been with anyone in years? Was he your last? Most likely not but he was your first, a fact that he loved despite his feminist beliefs. You were his first as well so it was nice to have that part of each other no matter where life took you both. 
You turned to leave and he took in the curve of your ass along with the limp to keep off your right foot. 
“Why are you limping?” He asked as he came up behind you to reach over you and hold the door. He was still a gentleman, again despite his constant reading of feminist theory. He liked to do things for you. 
You blushed and looked over your shoulder at him. 
“My heels are just kind of hurting my feet.” 
He chuckled. Heels had never really been your thing except for nights out which had always ended in him carrying you home. 
“Do you want a piggyback ride?” He teased, he couldn’t help but tease you. It was like breathing to him.
You laughed again and smacked his shoulder, “That is a completely inappropriate suggestion from a coworker! What kind of floozy do you take me for?”
“The kind who shoves their cleavage in said coworker’s face.”
“Oh come on you started that.”
“No you started it with that moan!”
“What moan?” Panic filled your voice instantly. 
You’d been having a sex dream, of course about the annoying man in front of you. They were never really about anyone else as pathetic as it was to admit. Seeing him in a button up and tie with glasses had done things to you. So your dream was filled with him brushing off the work on his desk and fucking you like he used to on it. 
“Oh don’t ‘what moan’ me. I know you don’t usually stretch like that after a nap. Where you trying to drive me insane?” His words were accusatory but his tone was light and mocking. It made you giggle just as he always had.
You couldn’t even get out a retort because you were laughing so hard as he continued with his dramatics, spurred on by your laugh.
“You seductress you, coming into my office dressing like that-”
“Hey what’s wrong with my outfit?” You interrupted him as you two stepped into the elevator.
You looked up at him with faux puppy dog eyes that made his face break into the goofiest grin. He punched the button for the garage floor and turned back to you. You jutted your lip out in the cutest way and Akaashi didn’t know what happened. Without a thought in his head, going off pure instinct, he smiled and rubbed his nose on yours like he used to whenever he was too overwhelmed with his love for you. You laughed sweetly as it happened but your eyes widened once he stepped back. He ducked his head instantly to avoid looking at you.
You two spent the rest of the elevator ride like that, you staring at him dumbfounded while he read every button and sign on the wall. Neither of you spoke a word.
His mind whirled with what he’d just done. How could he have done that? It was way too far, way too affectionate. He knew he’d disrespected your personal space. God, you were so going to loathe him now. Akaashi knew that he had no right to have any spot in your heart other than as an ex that you looked back with nothing but anger and scorn, but the idea of you truly truly hating him always made bile rise in his throat. It was one of the things he’d always unblock you to call you about. Most of his drunken calls consisting of him wailing about how he couldn’t handle if you hated him rather than begging for you to take him back.
The silence continued as the elevator opened and he began to lead you to where his car was parked. He always parked in the back for fear of someone not liking the way he parked and keying his car. He didn’t look back to make sure you were following him but he felt your presence and heard the tap of your heels. He kept his head down and was consumed by his anxious thoughts of losing his job and never seeing you again after this.
Suddenly he felt your arm grip him and pull yourself to stand beside him. Your hand gripped his bicep and your thumb rubbed up and down his arm.
“Akaashi,” you breathed, “listen I don’t know what’s going on in your head but it’s ok. I’m not mad or upset. Please don’t shut me out. We were having such a nice time. Just for tonight can we not be coworkers or exes but just friends?”
He didn’t answer but wrapped the hand that wasn’t attached to the arm in your hold over your hand on his bicep. He squeezed gently, his silent way of agreeing with your statement and thanking you for saving him from himself. He knew it was a lot to put into a simple squeeze but he knew you’d hear it all. You always heard him.
You leaned your head on his shoulder as he slowed his walk to make it easier for you two to match in pace. He let himself go and kissed your forehead. The wetness that spilled from your eyes and onto his work shirt was ignored by Akaashi in favor of pretending that he could hold you like this without twisting the knife in your back.
When you got within view of his car you stopped and laughed. It echoed off the empty parking garage walls. Akaashi smiled the way only you could make him smile at it. He knew you’d love seeing his old car, the same one he’d always had. 
“How old is this thing now? I can’t believe you still have it!” You took off your heels and ran up to the vehicle.
“Hey don’t call Jeffrey old! He’s only seven! That’s barely a child!” He defended his car even though he had no real attachment to it. 
He wasn’t a car guy so he’d never bothered to upgrade his first car because hey it worked and got good gas mileage. Plus it held a lot of memories he wasn’t ready to send to the junkyard just yet. 
You put your hands to the windows and peered into the backseat in wonder.
“You really never change do you Keiji?”
His breath hitched at your use of his first name. Plus he knew you were looking in the backseat and thinking of the first time you two ever made love in the back of it. 
It was your first time, together and at all. He’d never been able to handle car sex with anyone else, too many memories of your eighteen year old selves clumsily exploring each other amid whispered promises of forever sewn into the upholstery. It felt gross to stomp on that grave by fucking another woman in it. He promised himself that if he ever got into another relationship that he’d get rid of the car, but it’d never happened so here Jeffrey was. 
Your heart lurched as your mind wandered to the same thing. He’d kept the car all this time and surely he’d had other women in his life since your relationship burned and crashed. How many other women had this car seen? You’d helped him pick it out and name it. You’d been the first person he’d ever picked up in it. But just because you were the first didn’t mean you’d be the last. 
Akaashi came up and opened the passenger door for you. He placed a hand on the small of your back to guide you in. He felt himself walk slower to get into the driver’s side. He knew that this bliss wouldn’t last. This night was bringing him pain and confusion but he wasn’t ready to give up these moments with you. These moments he’d never have or even want to have with anyone but you. 
He took a deep breath before getting into the car. You’d put your address into your phone and were holding up the GPS for him to look at. Before he could really process where you were going, you put a hand on his shoulder and beckoned for him to meet your stare.
“Hey Akaashi,” his heart hurt to hear his surname come from your lips again, “I’m sorry about what happened last time I was in this car with you.”
Akaashi carried you over his shoulder away from the party. You were thrashing in his hold and pounding on his back as you drunkenly slurred for him to put you down. He was on the edge, about to snap. He opened his back door and threw you in his back seat. His heart hurt at the yelp of pain you let out but he ignored it to fan the flames of his anger at you. He slammed the car door and stomped in the driver’s seat. 
“You can’t just manhandle me like that you fucking dick!” 
He whirled on you at that, “And you can’t jump my date at a party you fucking bitch!”
That silenced you. You had started a fight with his date in a drunken mess of jealousy and heartbreak. Akaashi ignored the tears in your eyes and the way your mouth hung open. He turned and started driving. He shook his head at himself for taking you, his ex who had started everything, home rather than his innocent date but he couldn’t leave you. It was wrong but you were still (Y/N) and as mad as he was, he’d never leave you in a situation that could be dangerous. His date knew people at the party who could take care of her and he didn’t know or trust the friends you’d showed up with. 
That night he’d dropped you off and drove away vowing to never look back. He’d never jump into your bed again. Look what it’d done to you. You’d never been the fighting type but somehow he’d brought that out of you. He had to actually cut you off this time. Tears flowed down his face and blurred his vision as he drove away from you for the last time. 
Akaashi was back in the present staring at you for the first time since that night. He’d forgotten that that was the last time he’d really seen you outside of his fantasies and memories. He tucked your hair behind your ear and rubbed his thumb along your cheek.
“It’s ok, (F/N). I’m sorry for not contacting you after that night. I just thought it was for the best after seeing how much I was hurting you by stretching out our breakup.”
“Keiji, I’m the one who hurt you. I should never have done what I did that night and I have always completely understood why that made you finally stop associating yourself with me.”
He took his hand off your face and gripped the steering wheel. This was too much. He started driving but one hand automatically went to your thigh. He stroked up and down soothingly, trying to tell you how he’d forgiven you. He could never not forgive you. 
Akaashi didn’t remove his hand the entire ten minute drive. When he got to your complex, you got out immediately and rushed up to your building without a look back. He watched you the whole way until you disappeared through the front doors. Once you were out of his sight, he felt anger fill him up again at your absence.
How could he have let his guard down so much tonight? All the hatred he’d felt for you that morning came rushing back to him as he drove himself home. He resigned himself to never letting you back into his heart as he got ready for bed, all the affection he’d shown you shoved from his mind in favor of dwelling on the ways you pissed him off. You had no right to apologize and try to weasel your way back into his life. You had no right to take his job from him. You had no right to make him miss you again. It was easier to hate you than to miss you. So Akaashi rescind himself to hate you because if he didn’t the missing you would swallow him whole. 
He was going to make this project miserable for you. 
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fangirl-everythang · 9 months ago
Smoke Break C. T. H.
Tumblr media
Summary: At Calums' party he leaves for a smoke, y/n joining him later on. Some rando pukes on y/n leaving the two to get away. He maybe receives a gift.
Warnings: Swearing, Sex, Oral sex, smoking, mentions of alcohol.
Word Count: 3475
Calum's POV
Who the hell are these people? It's a party for me and I know no one here. Fucking great, Oh yeah mate, trust me it's gonna be HUGE. You'll love it. This is the last time I listen to Ashton. Do I look like I'm fucking having a great time?
We need to get him a girlfriend. They all tell me I need to settle but I'm known as the lone wolf it never works with the lifestyle we have. Well somehow Luke and Michael make it work but to me it's exhausting.
"Aye mate, having fun?" I turn to see dyed hair and I know it's Michael.
"It's fine." I huff as someone shouts happy birthday once more. I see Roy across the way with some chick and he shrugs at me. I would've just preferred to go see Mali but she's always busy now. I just look at Michael while taking a sip of the beer in my cup I've been on this one since this shit of a party started.
"It could be worse you know? You could-" He's interrupted by Crystal who leans up and whispers in his ear he nods and begins to grab her hand. "We're gonna head out she's not feeling well." He gives me a sympathetic smile. "Happy birthday." is all he says when they begin to leave the room. Welp, there goes another friend.
I haven't seen Ashton since the party started and Luke definitely is getting it in with Sierra right now. Literally, all over each other, it's truly disgusting if you asked me. Deciding to move away from this wall I head to the kitchen to throw this drink away, taste watered down because of the ice. Pushing through the moving bodies and the lights everywhere, I dump that shit in the sink. Ashton comes my way trailing a girl behind him, "There you are! Y/n showed up?" I see the hair of a girl just talking to someone who's just come behind her.
Y/n has been around us for a while. I don't know when but our friendship started after we met at a party. She was waiting for Arzylea to join her when we started talking. Next thing you know she was a part of our inner circle. Not gonna lie, She's my favorite person in the group. Everyone thought that when Arz and Luke broke up, she would leave too but she's still here. And she keeps that group chat very entertaining shall I say. We've hung out a few times, with her it's different though. I don't feel the need to be THE Calum Hood bass player for 5SOS, she knew of me but cared more for the person I was. She asked questions even though she knew the answers. I just felt relaxed with her. As more people entered the kitchen, I go to the back porch where I don't see anyone. There are too many people and I don't even want to think about how to clean this up. Pulling a cigarette from the pack I just let the smoke fill my lungs and slowly exhale while leaning against the siding of the house.
"You know that's an awfully bad habit you have Hood." The familiar voice speaks, forcing me to open my eyes.
I chuckle, "Why aren't you enjoying the party?" I ask her.
"Come on you know that's not my scene." I nod silently agreeing. She looks stunning, the way her dress hugs her body, she's so effortlessly flawless. Most girls have to go through a tribal ritual to look as amazing as her. "Stop that." she laughs.
I shake my head slightly to remember what I just did. "Sorry I-I didn't mean to um yeah fuck." I stumble for words she just nods. "It's okay.'' she looks down and fumbles with her hands. It's cute how she does that, almost like she doesn't know she's the most beautiful person in the room. A harsh gust of wind pushes past and she shivers. I look at her and open my arms with my jacket she rolls her eyes but gets closer. Holding the cigarette with my mouth to free my hands I just pull her closer until I feel the warmth of our bodies touch.
"Thanks" She mumbles against my chest. She looks up at me before pulling the cigarette between my lips, just as I'm about to protest she takes a puff. Watching her smoke is by far the hottest thing I've seen, and I've seen Luke naked.
"Oh look who's punkrock now?" I smirk at her as she brings the burning toxin to my lips. Her laugh. Sounds like fucking angels I can feel her chest moving through my shirt. "Can I be in the band now?" She raises an eyebrow.
Dropping the small bud I just laugh along with her. "hEYYY I'm serious" she wines.
"Sure you are." I smile at her.
"No offense Cal but your party blows." She looks at the lights jumping on the hardwood of the deck.
"It's more of Ashton's," I admit. One hell of a birthday. She wraps her arms around my waist and places her head on my chest. "Happy birthday Cal," she whispers.
"Thank you y/n." I can feel my pulse in my throat. Being with her makes me so comfortable but yet I feel like I'm on fire. She gets me like no one else could imagine. I place my chin on the top of her head and just hold her. I don't want this to end. "Did Ashton invite you?" curious to how she showed up. In the group chat she said she had plans this weekend. I was really disappointed because if it wasn't clear enough I like her a lot.
"Something like that." She reaches for her phone and scrolls through her text. "From Ashton at 6:58 am," she begins to read slightly pulling away to look at the screen between us. "Hey Y/n! know you're busy this weekend but that doesn't matter because Calum likes you and won't admit it but it would be cool as lemons if you could show up." I'm going to fucking kill him. I hope he likes his ashes being burnt with that fucking lemon tree. She smiles at me and I feel like I could evaporate right the fuck here. Oh Ashton. I will kill you. The door next to us opens and some random guy comes out drunk as hell. "Oh h-hey you three," His burp interrupts him, "It's a great party in thheere"
As he stumbles Y/n goes to keep him upright, but his body has other plans. The foul smell that comes from the vomit projecting on Y/n is awful. He apologizes but quickly goes back inside wiping his mouth on his shirt. "Are you okay?" I ask her equally as shocked. Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment, I grab her hand without waiting for a response and drag her inside. After her many protest and looks from random people that can smell the bile on her, we make it to the stairs. There are too many fucking people here. Constantly pushing past bodies I know none of these bathrooms are cleared. I walk her down the hallway to my bedroom door when someone interrupts me. "Dude, I've been trying to get in there all night. It's locked. Complete dipshit of an owner right." He smirks reaching for a high five. I roll my eyes at his gesture and grab the key to open my door. His smirk fades into one of realization. He tries to apologize but I shut the door in his face after Y/n follows me inside.
I take off my shoes and she looks at me questioningly. "I have a bathroom in here you can use Y/n." as I relock my door. The last thing I need is for some stranger to come messing with my personal stuff.
"You shouldn't have-"
"Shut up. Some stranger just threw up on you. I would prefer to be in here with you than out there where I don't know anyone. Now go shower." She starts to argue but I just help shove her in the bathroom while closing the door. She knocks from the inside of the door, "Yes Y/n?" I smile at her playful banter.
"I need help. I can't reach the zipper" she says through the wooden door. I release the handle and nod. right she can't see me. Opening the door I walk in, "So your plan was to lock me in here?" She smiles looking through the mirror at me while moving her hair to one side of her shoulder.
"Not exactly, I was gonna kidnap you later." I grab the small zipper and begin to undo it. No wonder who the hell can hold this tiny thing. Once I get it down she thanks me. "Just throw it away okay?"
"But-" I stare at her and she agrees. Closing the door to let her shower. Clothes, she needs clothes. I walk into my closet and grab a t-shirt and her emergency bag. She came up with the idea since no one knows how to bring clothes anywhere we all have one outfit at everyone's place. Thanks to Michael she had to wear the outfit here, but her undergarments are still there.
I knock on the door and she's still in the shower so I leave the shirt and the bag on the counter in the steamy room. Walking out I take off the skinny jeans I'm wearing and change into sweats and a t-shirt.
So many options. Who ever came up with Netflix is a fucking genius. My phone buzzes next to me and I see Ashtons Name. A text, great!
From: Daddy 1:17 am
Bryana's here. Gonna go Catch up.
I just send him an 'Ok' because we all know they're still stuck on each other and there's no way in hell I'm going down there. About 20 minutes into big mouth Y/n walks out of the bathroom wearing the clothes I left for her. No one's ever looked that good in my shirt, shit I don't even look good in my shirt. "Thank you Calum" she quietly commented. "No problem." I pat the spot next to me and she climbs in the bed. I hit play on the tv remote as the show continues to play. I can't even focus on the hormone monster on the screen, this feels so fucking right. I feel her playing with my hand as she watches the screen intently. Her brow furrowing when she doesn't get the concept of Jay being a magician or the way her eyes crinkle when she laughs. I could literally just watch her all day. I mean I know she doesn't like me but I can't help but imagine what a relationship with her would be like. I don't want to jeopardize our friendship but this, this feels more important. It's just not fair I mean there's tour and I wouldn't want to be away from her that long if she were mine. I don't understand how she's single I mean look at her. And you don't find many girls with a personality like hers, she's so kind-hearted and the most humble person I know. When we were in Bali, everyone went to this pool resort and we thought she went missing for the day. But she returned home after visiting orphanages and helping at the village day clinic. I don't want to be selfish but I'll be damned if I let her go. I'm so thankful for that girlfriend of Luke's to bring her completely unbothered, outgoing, and amazing friend with her to that club in New York.
"Did you hear me?" The soft voice brings me from my thoughts. I look down at her "No what?" She starts laughing. I see a black screen on the wall and look at her quizzically. She raises her hands in defense "It's been off for the past 15 minutes." she shrugs. "You looked deep in thought." I just stay silent and look up at the ceiling. ''You can talk to me you know?" she whispers.
"Have you ever wanted something you can't have?" I ask. She chews on her bottom lip before responding.
"I suppose, I mean in regards to what?" but I cut her off, "Why'd you come tonight?"
"It's your birthday." she states clearly confused. "Ashton's text doesn't bother you?"
"I didn't think it would have to bother me?-"
"You had plans."
"You mean much more Cal." I let her words sink in. Did she like me the way I like her?or maybe she doesn't and I'm really hoping for something? No. This could never work. I don't do relationships.
"Do you wanna keep watching? " I ask her hoping she'll say yes.
"That was the last episode" she says as she turns to me a glimpse if hope in her eyes. "We can just talk Cal."
"I'm actually pretty tired." She nods, a small frown on her face as she goes and turns the light off. "Night Cal"
"Goodnight Y/n." I whisper before pulling her closer to me. I feel her muscles relax and soft snores escape her lips.
* * *
The sun in the room feels warm against my skin. Opening one eye I see the contract of the bright light against the walls. As I go to move the curtains I feel a warm presence next to me turn. Well, fuck me. Her shirt came up just the slightest to exposed her black lace panties to me and damn is it a sight. Look away. Look away. Look away.
Physically getting up from the bed she pouts and rubs her eyes. "Cal? " her slightly rasped voice speaks. "Yeah just closing the blinds. "
"Can you leave it just a tad. " she ask pulling the covers over her. "The soft light is nice. " I mean I can't say no. "Come here. " she demands and I get back in bed with her. "I should probably start cleaning soon. " I say as a line ass excited to leave the room. All I can picture is how good she looked in these panties and I need to take care of this soon.
"No you won't, since when have you cleaned? Plus I told you I'd help. " my dick is straining against these fucking briefs.
She softly traces random patterns into my skin as we just lay there admiring the room. "Cal" she mumbles.
"You've got an uh-problem. " the blood rushes to my cheeks as she notices my boner. "Sorry i-" I begin to excuse myself from the room hoping a black hole could appear. That would be great.
Surprisingly enough she pushes me to keep me in place. "It just occurred to me that I never got you a gift."
She runs her fingers over my manhood, "Can I make it up to you?"
"Y/n I don't think-" Oh fuck. My dick twitched at the sight of her removing my shirt leaving me speechless. The black lace that clung to her, which landed us in this situation, looked even better than before. "Um you -uh" I start mumbling trying not to look at her body for too long. I mean I could but I'd cum no question.
"It's either a yes or no?" as I was about to answer she started running her hand along the thin black lines. My eyes never leaving her hand as she teasingly rubbed her clit through the fabric. "You see Cal, I want you as much as you want me."
Fuck friendship. I replace her hand with my own to feel her. Fuck how long I've waited to do this. She pushes my hand away from her core while leaving open mouth kisses down my jaw. Licking my earlobe, she whispers, "You're the birthday boy."
She scoots further down the bed until her face is near my groin. This is a sight I could get used to. She slips her fingers in the band and starts pulling my briefs down. Her eyes light up once she sees my throbbing shaft. "You have such a pretty dick." Her thumb runs over my tip causing me to shudder and if possible made me harder. "Y/n you don't have to." My voice cracking a bit, why the fuck was I so nervous.
She rolls her eyes as she kisses my tip her tongue licking along the vein. She slowly begins taking me in her mouth, "Oh fuck y/n" I moan as she swallows around me, her hand pumping what she can't fit all the way. Her mouth is so warm and she's so fucking perfect. My head hits the headboard as my other hand laces itself in her curls as she bobbed her head along my length, letting every sound fall from my lips. Accidentally I pulled her hair which I was going to apologize for until she moaned. The vibrations that sexy ass sound I thrusted up. Fuck no I want to be in her.
"Y/n stop." She let her teeth graze my dick as she moved her mouth off of me. My stiffened member glowing with her saliva.
"I'm sorry this was a bad-" She started mumbling getting off the bed and fixing her hair.
"No!" I yelled surprised at my own tone. "I mean um you're great I just- I want to be in you." The redness on my cheeks very visible. She hesitates before sliding her panties off, "We don't have to I'm sorry I just thought that's where this was going and I-" She kisses me softly and I shut the hell up.
"Calm down, I was just thinking." She says straddling my lap removing her bra. "And before you ask what about well," she lines me with her entrance "It was whether I wanted a condom or not." Our moans are in unison as she slowly slides onto me. Feeling her tight walls stretch around me, her dripping arousal glistening in the soft lights of the sun. The whimper that came from her mouth as she takes all of me. "I'm on the pill and it's your birthday meaning you get the full experience." She says after a moment of her adjusting, sending a playful wink my way. She begins to move and I swear no one has ever felt this good. My hands find their way to her hips slowly rocking her back and forth.
"Fuck Cal" She whimpers as she begins to ride me. I move one of my guiding hands to find her sensitive nub, tracing small circles with the pad of my finger. She jerks back from the touch causing me to smirk, someone's sensitive. I place my thumb over her sensitive nub yet again rubbing back and forth eliciting a moan from her. “Cal I can’t-“ Grabbing her hair pulling her face closer to me, “ You can and you will, got it?” She whimpers nodding in agreement, “I’m not cumming till that pretty pussy of yours is pulsing.” Slowly grinding my hips up, grazing her g-spot with my tip. “Cal-fuck, this was supposed to be your gift.” Grabbing the back of her thigh slowly bringing her body closer to mine, I turn us so she’s underneath me.
“Go out with me and we’ll call it even yeah?” I ask her before continuing to thrust into her. Our moans fall in unison as I pick up the pace. Thrusting into her faster than the time before, the only sounds heard throughout are those of our moans and skin clapping together. My mouth finds its way to her neck, assaulting the soft skin in the area- leaving a reminder for this evening. I can feel her tightening around me, edging me close to my own release. “Cal I’m close.” She manages to mutter as I find my way back to her clit, rubbing fast purposeful circles. Watching the way her pants and moans fall through her lips to the glistening of her chest as it rises and falls with each breath. The sight being enough to drive me to the brink of insanity, “Cum for me y/n.” Almost instantly her eyes roll back as she arches her back, her pussy tightening without mercy forcing my own orgasm to appear. My hips jut forward as I release into her , slowly edging us both along. Our panting is the only thing to be heard as a gently collapse on top of her. “Did you mean it?” She ask, moving the hair from my forehead.
“If you mean me asking you out, yes.” She smiles and pulls my face closer to hers. “took you long enough.” She whispers before attaching her lips to mine.
A/N: (Also posted to Wattpad) I hope you enjoyed it. I'm actually really happy, I've been doing quite a bit of writing so yay! We have another calum smut blurb on the way.I also need help deciding who's the endgame for my Loki/Bucky love triangle but all with time. Anyways I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!
XOXO Janelle
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yellowsuitcase · a year ago
Intertwined // Draco Malfoy
Request:  Hi, can i request an imagine where Y/N and Draco has been together for a long time but one time, Draco forgot to use protection and didn't care for Y/N in the next morning so she got reallll upset. At first Draco don't understand why Y/N acted like that so he gets angry back at her but then he realises the reason and they make every thing up. Start with rough smut, angst in the middle and end with fluff pleaseee. I'll patiently waiting for you sooo take your time and don't force yourself too much ❤
A/N: I don’t have much to say about this one, I really liked the request, I thought it was really real. Also this takes place after Hogwarts and Y/N + Draco live alone.
Summary: Draco is inconsiderate towards his girlfriend and Y/N is n o t happy about it.
Warning(s): SMUT!!! Unprotected sex, choking, swearing, angst, couple verbally fighting, fluff.
Word Count: 2k
Tumblr media
{Not my gif also it’s so dramatic for this lol}
“That’s it, baby girl, ride my cock,” Draco purred as he gripped his girlfriend’s hips, slowly lifting her up and down on his dick. Y/N whimpered, they’d been at it for nearly thirty minutes now, and her pussy was painfully sensitive. Draco had already eaten her out as well as edged her with his fingers. But there she was, bouncing on his cock, wanting to please him. However, after a few more minutes of her riding him, Draco’s grip grew tighter, and he began slamming his hips upwards, pounding himself deep in her pussy.
“Fuck, Draco,” Y/N moaned as she let her legs go limp. Draco flipped them over and was now on top of her. His hand found her throat, and he held it firmly as his hips snapped into her mercilessly. He grabbed her legs and rested them against his shoulders. Y/N watched as he shut his eyes and let himself go, his pace getting even quicker. Loud squelching noises filled the couple’s bedroom, and Y/N could tell he was getting close.
“Such a good girl for me, my perfect little slut,” he grunted, making Y/N whine. She clenched her fingers in the bedsheets and warned him of her approaching orgasm. “Gonna cum again?” he teased. “Go on then, whore, cum on me,” he coaxed. Y/N closed her eyes and focused on the building pressure in her abdomen. But then, she felt Draco slap her clit and found herself cumming instantly from the stimulation. Draco laughed as she tightened her walls around him and scrunched her face in pleasure. He fucked her through her orgasm as his own was advancing. His thrusts became sloppy. Just as Y/N was beginning to whine about the sensitivity, Draco came inside her with a loud groan, his hips pressed flush against her ass. 
When he pulled out, Y/N quickly realized that Draco hadn’t used a condom. “Fuck baby girl, you look so pretty with my cum dripping from your cunt,” Draco breathed, his breath fanning over her swollen pussy. She wriggled her hips to get away from the cool air emerging from his lips, but then he yanked her close and licked a long stripe up her slit, pushing the semen back inside her with his tongue. A guttural moan left Y/N as she arched her back, the overstimulation sending sparks through her body. When Draco pulled away, Y/N expected him to help her into the shower, but she was wrong. Instead, he patted her pussy and flopped onto the bed beside her. 
“Goodnight darling,” he murmured before slipping underneath the covers and turning away from her. Y/N was shocked. This was rather uncharacteristic of Draco. Not using protection and now going to sleep right after sex. Quite frankly, it made her heart clench, and not in a good way. 
Slowly, she scooted herself off their king size mattress and trudged to the bathroom; the soreness between her legs made this a difficult task. Eventually, though, she got inside and immediately sat on the toilet. After she used it, she turned on the shower and sat back down, waiting for it to heat up. She couldn’t shake the confusion and the hurt from her mind. But ultimately, she decided to push those thoughts away and instead focused on cleaning her sweaty, bruised body. Draco’s always quite rough with her during sex, and she enjoyed it, but he had really done a number on her tonight. Maybe when he sees that tomorrow, he’ll apologize, she thought to herself as she rubbed the loofa up and down her arms.
When she eventually slid back into bed with Draco, she couldn’t help but lay her arm over his waist. Sure he’d been a bit inconsiderate tonight, but Y/N still wanted him close. So she stroked his stomach with her thumb as much needed sleep overtook her.
{The next morning}
Y/N’s eyes fluttered open as she yawned; the bright sunlight streaming from their windows was right on her face. She quickly shielded herself and looked to her left. Draco was still fast asleep. Y/N made sure not to wake him as she got up. Once on her feet, the memories of last night returned thanks to the pain between her legs. She hobbled down the hallway and stairs and made her way to the kitchen. She and Draco had no house elves per Y/N’s request, so they had to make their own meals. Y/N decided that today would be an omelet type of day. So she gathered all the necessary ingredients as well as a pan and began crafting the dish. 
While she was flipping the omelet, she heard Draco coming down the steps. She glanced over at him and watched as he settled into the cozy armchairs in their living room, not even bothering to greet her. Anger began to stir, but Y/N shoved it down and returned her eyes to the omelet, which she found was currently burning. “Shit!” she cursed as she quickly transferred it to a spare plate. 
The sound of a soft laugh caught her attention, and she turned her head to see Draco’s smiling face. Usually, this would amuse her, but not that morning. “Shut your trap,” she muttered as she started making a second omelet. 
“Excuse me?” Draco bellowed. Y/N instinctively tensed but held her ground. 
“You heard me. Shut up.” She heard Draco get to his feet and walk into the kitchen. Y/N’s anger was becoming unignorable now. But she kept her lips shut as he leaned on the counter beside her.
“What’s got you in such a foul mood?” he questioned. Y/N snapped, dropping her spatula on the marble countertop. Her head whipped towards Draco and his eyebrows jumped at the fury visible on her face.
“Why don’t you take a wild guess, Malfoy?” she spat, crossing her arms over her chest. Draco gave her a look of confusion. 
“Or you could just tell me what’s wrong,” he replied.
“Haha, no, I want you to figure it out.”
Draco couldn’t understand what his lover was getting at, and it was making him grow frustrated. “Y/N, I don’t have the patience for this bullshit; just spit it out,” he argued. Y/N shook her head in disbelief and flipped her omelet. 
“The fact that you won’t even stop and think for a second just proves how selfish you are.” This comment made Draco’s blood boil. He stood up straight and clenched his fists at his sides.
“Well, at least I’m not a fucking bitch like you,” he sneered. Y/N gasped, and Draco immediately regretted his words. He could see shiny tears in her eyes as she hurriedly turned off the stove and transferred the omelet to a plate. “Y/N, I didn’t mean that.” She shook her head and fled the kitchen, not even glancing at him as she stormed away. 
Draco kicked the cabinets, enraged with himself. He’d really done it now. And the worst part was he still couldn’t put his finger on why Y/N was so upset in the first place. Surely it wasn’t because of his laughter when she burnt the omelet. But if not that, then what else? Draco ran his hand through his hair as he began to pace in the kitchen. Eventually, though, he stopped himself, grabbed a plate, and started eating. The burnt texture was pretty awful, but Draco forced it down his throat anyway. 
Now with a full stomach, his head felt clear. He retraced his steps in his mind. He had come downstairs, then sat in the living room; that was it. But then he thought farther back, back to the previous night. And that’s when it hit him. “Fuck,” he muttered, dropping his face into his palms, feeling utterly terrible. Could he genuinely have just gone to bed right after sex? Now that he was thinking about it, Y/N’s neck was littered with love bites this morning, and she had looked exhausted. Yet he had done nothing for her, nothing at all. Draco felt sick to his stomach, and not because of the omelet. Without wasting another second, he jumped to his feet and hastily ran upstairs, but not before taking the second dish with him. 
A knock at Y/N’s door halted her tears. She sighed, not really wanting to face her boyfriend right then, but she still wiped her face and opened the door. There stood her blonde-haired boy, a guilty look on his face. “May I?” he asked. Y/N nodded and stepped back, allowing them into their shared bedroom. He set the plate in his hands on his desk and took hesitant steps towards her. It felt as though remorseful tension was in the air, and for a few moments, neither of them said a word. But then Draco lifted his hand and gently cradled her face, making her look up at him.
“I’m so sorry, love. I should have taken care of you last night instead of just falling asleep. And I shouldn’t have called you a bitch or been rude to you this morning. It was completely uncalled for, and I...I feel like an absolute dick, and I’m just really, really sorry.”
Y/N remained silent, simply letting her head rest in his hands. She could tell he was sincere. “I forgive you. But Draco," she started, "I could hardly hold myself up in the shower, and I really needed you. I wanted to cuddle with you like we usually do. And not to mention the fact you didn’t wear a condom, I could get pregnant…” she trailed off. Y/N wasn’t sure if she wanted a family so soon, or even at all. She didn’t think she nor Draco were even close to being ready for such a huge responsibility. But she was pulled from her thoughts by Draco stroking her cheek.
“Y/N, I promise you it will never happen again. You’re everything to me, and I will always take care of you and be there for you whenever you need me. I know I wasn’t last night. Last night I was reckless and a fucking git, but from now on I won't be, I swear it,” Draco declared. His eyes looked fearful as he waited for Y/N to reply. And she did, just not with words. She took a step forward and nestled herself against his chest. Draco immediately wrapped his arms around her and breathed in her scent, feeling at peace, knowing things were okay again. 
“I believe I am due for a cuddle appointment, Dr. Malfoy,” Y/N stated, breaking the silence with her playful tone. She giggled as Draco let her go and dragged her towards their bed. He then scooped her up, making her squeal, before he dropped her onto the bouncy mattress. Her bright smile was irresistible, and he scrambled onto the bed, smashing his lips onto hers. She kissed him back, passionately, happy to be reconciled. 
“Dr. Malfoy shall provide you with the necessary amount of cuddles to cure your ailment,” Draco stated in a funny voice, playing along with the bit. Y/N giggled and reconnected her lips with his, bringing his body close to hers.
And as the sun rose higher and higher into the sky, the couple remained on the bed, legs intertwined with legs and fingers clutching palms. Their hearts were content. All was forgiven. And even when the moon took the sun’s place, they still hadn’t detached from one another. They ended up falling asleep like that. And in the morning, Draco carried his girl to the bathroom, pledging to never let her wash alone again. 
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andypantsx3 · 11 months ago
defiant | bakugou/reader
Tumblr media
pairing: Bakugou Katsuki / Reader
status: complete
length: 4,485 words
summary: There are a lot of benefits to managing your pro hero boyfriend, but dealing with the PR nightmares he generates is not one of them. After Katsuki gets way too mouthy with a hapless reporter, you take it upon yourself to put him in his place.
Katsuki, however, has other ideas.
tags/warnings: smut, arguing, possessive sex, light bondage, aged up characters, reader attempts to dom bakugou (keyword: attempts)
notes: This is based several years after the events of my fic savvy though you do not need to have read it to enjoy this one!! This is also unedited because I am too lazy, my apologies for the various mistakes within. I will come back and fix them at some point. Dedicated to @bobawithpomegranate​ for reminding me I was supposed to be working on this.
Tumblr media
It was a Friday afternoon at approximately three p.m. when Bakugou Katsuki lost his fucking mind.
You knew this information because you had been watching the press coverage of your boyfriend’s latest fight, an operation in which he and Kirishima Eijirou had paired up to defeat a villain with an earthquake quirk.
Katsuki and Kirishima had taken the man down in record time, mere minutes after the reporters showed up. You’d watched them pound the villain into the very street he’d ripped up in the first place, and now Kirishima was puttering around in the background of the news coverage, smiling as he chatted up civilians against the wreckage of the city street behind him. Which left Katsuki to saunter over to the gaggle of field reporters and give the customary interview.
His blonde hair was disheveled, and his mouth was quirked up into a sharp smile, the way it always was after he’d just come out of a good fight. But he looked otherwise unharmed, just as intense and savagely handsome as always. He even looked like he might be in a good mood, pleased with the results of his fight, and you thought he might actually keep the swearing to a minimum this time.
He ducked under the police tape, flaxen hair glinting gold under the afternoon sun, and stalked over to the nearest reporter, already opening his mouth to crow over his latest victory.
Which is when something off screen caught his attention.
There was a muffled question from one of the reporters--not from the network you were watching or the mic would have caught it--and Katsuki’s scarlet gaze cut to the side. You watched in horror as his expression slowly morphed into one of apoplectic rage.
“You fucking piece of shit,” Katsuki snarled, eyes narrowing, an explosion already crackling between his fingers.
The camera jerked to the side, catching the startled expression of another reporter. He looked vaguely familiar to you--tall, handsome in a bland kind of way, teeth bleached for his job as a television personality. You thought you might have met him briefly at the last Hero’s Gala, but you didn’t have time to linger on the memory--Katsuki was already on the move, fighting his way through the pack of reporters, looking ready to commit a murder.
“--think you can just fucking talk to me, asshole?” you heard him shout.
“What did he say?” a voice murmured off screen.
“--he just asked Dynamight how he feels about his success today,” another voice uttered, closer to the camera, sounding bewildered and more than a little alarmed.
“You’re gonna wish you had never fucking been born, asswipe!” Katsuki shouted over them.
He’d nearly reached the reporter when there was a blur of red and Kirishima was there, one bulky arm seizing Katsuki around the middle. He hauled Katsuki out of the sea of journalists, even as Katsuki struggled, spitting and snarling like a wet cat.
“You fucking try that shit again and I’ll fucking blow your teeth straight into your brain!” Katsuki hollered, drowning out whatever Kirishima was muttering to him.
Your phone screen lit up next to you, several notifications pinging simultaneously. You let out a gusty sigh, glancing down at the contact names. News outlets, looking to scoop their competitors by getting the first statement from the Dynamight Agency on Katsuki’s behavior.
You swiped over a screen and dialed the number for the PR department, watching Katsuki continue to rage on screen, struggling against Kirishima’s hold. The crags in Kirishima’s skin told you he was close to going Unbreakable, and the sight sent a hot bolt of irritation through you.
You had no idea what the hell Katsuki thought he was doing, launching himself at a reporter like that. A reporter who had apparently done nothing but ask him how he felt about the success of his fight, a question Katsuki--the smug fuck--typically reveled in answering.
It had been a long time since Katsuki’s last PR disaster (tackling pro hero Deku over the side of a buffet table after an innocuous comment at one of their first Hero’s Galas), and you’d gotten him to promise you to be more careful after that. You’d honestly thought he’d pretty much moved past that sort of thing now. He’d grown somewhat calmer with age--though not less foul mouthed--and as his girlfriend, you were able to exert some level of influence over his actions, as each year, your understanding of how to play him grew deeper and deeper.
So what the fuck he thought he was doing right now was absolutely beyond you. And also absolutely not appreciated, as you had much better things to be doing than cleaning up after him for a shit fit that he definitely could have controlled.
If there was something bothering him, you were going to make him tell you. And if he was up to his old tricks, maybe he needed a refresher on exactly why it was inappropriate to go off like a bomb at every little thing.
As Katsuki’s primary PR rep picked up on the other end of the line, already speaking to you in a brisk tone, you resolved yourself to the task. You were going to get to the bottom of whatever had sent Katsuki into a fit--and you were going to remind him how and why to behave himself.
Whether he wanted to or not.
Tumblr media
The trickiest part of your plan was catching Katsuki off guard.
That kind of a feat was nearly impossible, as Katsuki had reflexes honed by years of experience, an alarmingly keen intellect, and a single-minded determination that was frankly terrifying to contemplate. It had been years since he’d been outmaneuvered by anyone in the field, and the odds were against anyone who thought they could get the jump on him.
Luckily for you, you knew that his single-mindedness was the one thing that could also be used against him.
You left the agency slightly earlier than normal, shooting off a message to Katsuki to let him know you’d meet him at home. And then you yanked open your proverbial bag of tricks.
You helped yourself to a long shower, lathering on some of Katsuki’s body wash instead of your own, a trick that--you’d learned after once running out of your own--sent him into something like a possessive frenzy, knowing you smelled like him, that anyone you encountered would know you’d helped yourself to a man’s personal effects and understand that you were already spoken for.
Then you rustled around in your drawers for a nicer pair of lingerie--not anything super fancy that would suggest you were up to anything special, but nice enough that Katsuki’s interest would be piqued.
And then you dug around in the closet for the most essential element of your plan--handcuffs. Your face warmed with the memory of the last time these had been used--a blur of rough palms and sharp teeth all over you, while you all but sobbed for more--but you frantically quashed the thought. Tonight, if all went according to plan, you wouldn’t be the one strapped helpless to the headboard.
You weren’t the one with a lesson to be learned, after all.
The scrape of keys in the door sent you dashing to hide the handcuffs underneath your pillow, and then the stomp of boots in the hall told you your boyfriend had made it inside. You hastily yanked a sweater and jeans over your lingerie, then went out to meet Katsuki in the kitchen.
He clearly hadn’t had time to change after his fight, still slightly disheveled, blonde hair mussed and scarlet eyes sharp as they narrowed in on you. His handsome features were twisted into a suspicious expression.
“The fuck’re you up to, ditching early? Thought I was gonna get fucking screamed at when I made it back to your office,” Katsuki growled, watching you intently as he stripped off his gloves and boots. They hit the ground with a dull thud.
Your heart shot into your throat, but you pasted on your best placid expression. “I ditched because I didn’t feel like dealing with every outlet in the entire country blowing up my office line. Thought I could get more done here where it’s quieter.”
You didn’t mention exactly what you planned to get done here, hoping Katsuki would assume it was all PR and damage control.
In a way, it was damage control. Just...not via traditional methods, exactly.
Katsuki’s eyes tracked you closely. He still looked skeptical. “You gonna let me have it then, princess?”
Oh you were gonna let him have it, alright. He just had no idea.
You watched him for a while, pretending to contemplate unloading on him the way you wanted to. “Just...not now. I’m too tired, I don’t even want to deal with it.”
He scoffed. “Bullshit. You live for giving me shit. Fucking out with it.”
You glared at him. “I don’t think you’re in any position to be giving me orders. And if I was gonna say anything before I’m certainly not now. Now go clean yourself up. I have work to finish, thanks to someone.”
You retreated back into the bedroom, smothering a grin.
Nothing got Katsuki jumped up like defiance. Years into your relationship, he knew on some level that he wasn’t actually in charge of you, but he still got just as worked up when you got mouthy with him as he had on day one. It wouldn’t be long until he came back in, trying to pick the same fight, altogether too interested in the attitude you’d give back to him.
He was such a boy.
You lounged around on the bed, pulling out your work laptop and firing off a couple emails while you waited, just for something to do. Katsuki’s PR rep seemed to have things well in hand, but you helped where you could.
Soon enough, Katsuki was stalking back into your room, hair dark from a shower, looking like he hadn’t even bothered to dry off before stomping back in. He wore only a dark pair of sweatpants, the hard planes of his chest on full display--you suspected he’d foregone a shirt on purpose, knowing how the sight of him usually distracted you.
Which it still did, somewhat, but you were too heady with your own plan to truly be diverted.
You smothered a laugh at the way Katsuki’s eyes immediately honed in on the lace of your bra strap, strategically peeking out of your sweater as you had arranged it.
Two could play at that game.
“Think you’re real fucking smooth, don’t you, princess?” he demanded, stalking over to loom over you in a vaguely threatening manner. You caught the clean scent of his body wash, just a hint of his syrupy sweet quirk under that.
Your thoughts fogged a little with his proximity so you pretended to ignore him, typing out some nonsense notes into your calendar for something to keep your attention off of him. The less you looked at him, the easier this would be. You were weak to his appearance, it was true, and nothing riled him up like not having your full attention.
“I don’t know what you’re on about,” you said vaguely, doing your best to sound distracted.
A rough palm shoved your laptop closed. “Oh I think you fucking do, princess. Think you’re gonna get all dressed up for me and then ignore me?”
You looked up into his face, just as his arms came down around you to cage you against the mattress. A thick spike of arousal jolted through you, but you pushed it down. Much as you were into this, he was not going to be in charge for much longer.
“And if I did?” you asked, victory surging through your veins at the dark look that entered his eye.
He leaned down, putting his face near to yours. “Gonna be real hard to ignore me when I’m fucking you so hard you’ll feel me for weeks.”
“You’re awfully confident for someone on such thin ice,” you breathed. You didn’t even have to pretend at being affected by his choice of words, your stomach fluttering with anticipation.
Katsuki wasted no time covering your mouth with his. The weight of him pressed you back into the mattress, your laptop tumbling to the floor with a loud clatter. Rough hands trailed up your sides, gathering up the fabric of your sweater and pulling it over your head.
Carefully, you eased him over, kissing him as hard as you could, so that you were the one on top, your knees braced on either side of his slim hips.
Katsuki swore, pressing you down on him with a rough palm on your back, evidence of his interest hard between your thighs.
And that’s when you struck. Using his momentary distraction, you pulled the handcuffs from beneath your pillow, weaving them through the headboard. You grabbed his hands as firmly as you dared, pressing them up over his head.
Katsuki noticed what you were doing the second before the handcuffs snapped shut over his wrists.
“The fuck you think you’re doing, nerd?” he demanded, flexing against the tight hold. You watched with interest as his bicep pulled with the effort. “Unlock these or you’re in for it.”
You sat back on his hips, smirking down at him the way he usually did at you. Triumph swelled in your gut like a symphony.
“No, you’re in for it, Katsuki. What the absolute fuck did you think you were doing today?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. “You think I was just gonna let you get away with throwing a tantrum on national television for no discernable reason?”
“That’s none of your business,” he ground out. A bright spark lit up the skin of his palm, a sharp crackle slicing into the silence of your room. “Now unlock these while I’m still asking nicely.”
You trailed absent fingers down the warm skin of his abdomen, watching appreciatively as the muscle tightened under your touch. Katsuki hissed out a sharp breath.
He might be threatening, but he ran the risk of blowing off his own hands if he resorted to using his quirk right now. You didn’t think he’d chance his own skin just to get out of this situation.
“I’m your manager and your girlfriend--it’s one hundred percent my business. You’re not getting out of those until you tell me what the hell you thought you were doing,” you promised darkly. You let your nails scrape over the skin of his hip, just under the band of his sweatpants.
You felt his hips shift in interest.
“You’re really asking for it, huh, princess?” he said, his voice rough. “I’m not gonna be gentle with you when I get out of this.”
“Keep avoiding the question and you’ll never get out of this,” you said. You let yourself lean over him, reveling in his minute intake of breath as you pressed a kiss over his neck. “You want something, I’ll give it to you. But only if you tell me why you did it.”
“It’s between me and that fucking slimeball and that’s all you need to know,” Katsuki snarled.
You let your teeth scrape over his skin, the way he usually did with you. “Not good enough,” you said.
Katsuki’s hips shifted again as you pressed back harder onto him. You felt your own abdomen coil tight with hot excitement at the unconscious little circles he was making. But you couldn’t be distracted--you had a mission to accomplish.
“Mind your damn business you fucking nerd,” he growled, defiant to the last.
Well, you hadn’t thought this was going to be easy.
“You are my business,” you informed him tritely. “And if you ever want me to take care of your business again, you’re going to tell me exactly what is going on.”
“Fuck,” he said instead. “You’re so hot when you get mouthy.”
“Not the answer I was looking for,” you told him. You shoved down the hot flush that tried to rise through you at his admission. Even years later, you were weak to his praise and he knew it.
He bucked a little under you, like he was unable to help himself. “Let me touch you, princess.”
“Still not an answer,” you intoned. You held very still, careful not to squirm like he was making you want to, even as his thrusts grew more deliberate.
If he would just hurry the fuck up and give you an answer, you both could be getting what you wanted. But everything had to be a production with him, as usual.
He was lucky he was so hot, and so charming on the rare occasion when he wanted to be, because he really was a piece of fucking work. You deserved some kind of sainthood for your service to him.
You slid forward on his chest a little when he gave a particularly strong thrust, bracing your hands over his sternum, and the abrupt show of strength had you clenching your thighs unthinkingly around him.
Katsuki’s mouth twisted in a savage grin, like he knew exactly how he was affecting you. “This is your last warning, princess. Let me out or you’re fucking in for it.”
You frantically schooled your features back into some form of haughty disregard, reaching down into your nightstand for the keys. You twirled them absently around your fingers.
“I don’t think you understand what kind of position you’re in,” you said firmly. “The only way you’re getting what you want is if you tell me what kind of stick that reporter stuck up your ass. Or maybe he didn’t, and you’re just being a fucking brat. Either way, you’re not in charge here--I am, and you are the one who’s in for it.”
No sooner had the words left your mouth, however, than the tang of hot metal met your nose. Katsuki’s savage smile was bordering on feral now. You looked up in alarm to see that above his head, he’d worked his palms over to press to each opposite wrist, but he wasn’t blowing through the cuffs like you’d known he couldn’t. Instead, he was melting them.
You swore, scrambling off of him. You threw yourself off the edge of the bed, racing for the door like the devil himself was behind you.
You weren’t fast enough.
The world upended, the white of your ceiling paint swirling up over your vision. The next thing you knew, you were thrown flat on your back in your bedding, bouncing a little from the impact against your mattress.
Katsuki braced himself over you, hands firm around your wrists, eyes alight with the challenge.
“You were saying, princess?” he asked smugly.
You wiggled underneath him, trying to work a leg underneath his hip to kick him off you the way you’d learned in self-defense. Katsuki just shifted into the cradle of your hips, huffing out a rough laugh.
“I fucking taught you that move, nerd. Think you’re gonna get me with it?”
His hips pressed forward, his body a hot line all along yours, and you suppressed a groan at the feel of him hard against your core.
“That’s right, princess,” Katsuki breathed, pressing his face into your shoulder to bite at your throat. “Now I’m going to remind you who’s in charge here, and you are going to be good for me and take every single thing that I give you.”
He gathered your wrists in one hand, reaching down with long fingers to work off your jeans.
You shivered in delight at the thought of his dark promises, but some other, more stubborn part of you resisted. You had a fucking job to do, and no way was he going to reroute you so he could get out of talking about things.
“You’re not giving me shit until you tell me exactly why you tried to blast some innocent reporter into the sun,” you said hotly.
Katsuki paid you no mind, too focused on pulling your jeans off over your ankle, so you leaned in and bit his shoulder.
“The fuck--?” he demanded, reeling back.
“I’m serious, Katsuki,” you said, irritation rising. “You tell me what is going on this second or it’s just you and your hand for the next month. I’m not fucking around.”
“He’s not some innocent reporter, he’s a piece of shit,” Katsuki said. His fingers worked at the clasp to your bra, like he thought that was enough of an answer.
“And you know this how?” you asked, trying to shift to crush his fingers underneath your shoulder.
He glared at you for a long moment, red eyes hot on your face, looking like he was strongly considering just abandoning the conversation altogether and stalking off to blow something up instead.
“I know,” he finally ground out, looking like every word cost him, “because I overheard him in the men’s room at the last Hero’s Gala.”
So you did know the reporter from the Hero’s Gala. A dim memory came to you of shaking his hand, leaning over to get Katsuki’s attention to get him an answer to some question he’d asked. You were fuzzy on the details, as you’d had other things to worry about that night--the Hero’s Gala had ended with Katsuki in some kind of mood with Kirishima, the arm of Kiri’s suit burnt off, and Katsuki had refused to say more on things. They’d patched things up almost immediately after so you hadn’t pried, but now you wondered if there wasn’t more to the story--more including this reporter.
“Overheard him what?” you asked.
Katsuki’s fingers resumed their questing, releasing the back of your bra with the ease of constant practice. You let him, considering he was still giving you answers.
“Overheard him fucking talking about you,” Katsuki growled, his fingers digging into your waist, his touch turning more possessive.
You froze. “What?”
“Saying the nastiest shit about how you looked in your dress, what he’d like to do with you if you didn’t already belong to me,” Katsuki said, sounding disgusted. “Wanted to incinerate him but fucking Kiri got in the way. Told me I’d lose my license if I attacked a civilian and he took me to court.”
“Which you would,” you pointed out, your tone going breathier than you wanted when Katsuki slid his fingers up to pluck at your nipple. “That--um--that was still the case today, too. What did you think you were doing?”
“Didn’t think,” he grunted, palming your breast. He didn’t look like he was thinking a lot now either, eyes turning on your chest with that single-minded focus he was famous for. “I just saw him and saw red.”
You were starting to see colors too--white, mainly, as Katsuki released your wrist to trail his other hand over your panties with obvious intention.
“Oh, um. Well I’m glad you didn’t kill him and have to lose your license,” you said, your breath hitching when Katsuki found his way into your underwear. “I’m gonna--have to--ah--thank Eijirou.”
“You belong to me,” Katsuki announced imperiously, leaning back in to bite at your throat again.
You couldn’t bring yourself to be annoyed with him, now. Instead, his words relit some fuse within you, your arousal sparking back to life behind your navel.
Katsuki’s fingers curled within you and you couldn’t hold back a pleased little noise, shifting your hips to allow him better access.
That was all the affirmation he needed. In mere minutes, he was working you up to the edge of your pleasure, fingers hot and skilled and exactly right inside you. He trailed soft bites and hot kisses all over your neck and shoulders, looking supremely satisfied with himself every time you caught sight of his face. His thumb worked tiny, maddening circles over your clit, just like he knew drove you fucking insane, and he had you writhing and squirming underneath him embarrassingly fast.
Soon, he was hitching your leg over a broad shoulder, sinking into you right where you wanted him.
“That’s right, princess. You’re mine. Gonna fuck you so good you’ll never forget it,” he promised, already working up to a brutal pace that left you short of breath.
Your vision swam as he ground into you. He leaned down to catch a nipple in his mouth, sucking softly, in sharp contrast to the wicked thrust of his hips.
“Look at you,” Katsuki said around your breast, scarlet gaze burning into yours. “Spread out and trembling. Look so fucking good for me, only for me.”
“Katsuki--ah!” you barely managed the syllables of his name.
“So fucking hot when you think you’re in control. So fucking mouthy--” his fingers brushed over your mouth “--I’m gonna fuck you so stupid you can’t even string together a sentence anymore.”
You rather thought he’d already achieved that, considering you could barely manage anything other than single syllable words now--nothing but there and more and please and oh!
Katsuki gave a particularly hard thrust, snarling your name--and your climax hit you like a truck.
You cried out, writhing, and his hands came up to hold you down against the mattress, still fucking into you hard like he meant to fuck the sense right out of you. He fucked you straight through your orgasm, and only when you were gasping from the aftershocks, shivering and near tears, did he follow you, flooding your insides with warm heat.
“That shut you right up, didn’t it, princess?” he said smugly as he rolled off of you, leaving another love bite over your shoulder on his way.
You groaned. It had been fucked up but kind of romantic that he’d attempted to murder a guy for you, but he was really killing the mood now.
“Is there anything that would shut you right up?” you replied, still catching your breath.
Unexpectedly, a smirk twisted your boyfriend’s mouth, and his hand trailed carefully down your thigh.
“There is, princess. Too bad it sounds like you can still string together a sentence,” he said, watching you intently.
You stared at him, wondering where he was going with this.
Until he moved, shifting backwards until his chin met your thigh, still watching you intently with those scarlet eyes.
“I can think of something that would fix both of those problems,” he said, his voice rough even as his hands came up to gently pry your thighs apart. “Now you have thirty seconds to call out of work tomorrow before I finish punishing you for that little show earlier.”
Your breath caught in your lungs again. You didn’t waste precious time defying him.
This time, you obeyed.
Tumblr media
Deleted scene: What did Deku say to Bakugou that got him tackled over a buffet table at the Hero’s Gala?
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weelittleweasley · 11 months ago
unforgettable (g.w.)
prompt: george cannot wrap his head around that fact that someone like you loves him.
pairings: george weasley x fem! reader
warnings: language, allusion to sex (blink and you’ll miss it)
word count: 2.9k
taglist: @rosaliepostsstuff @harrysweasleys @gcdric @lumos-barnes @whizboingies @lumosandnoxwriting @pxroxide-prinxcesss @c-t-h @lol-idk-oops @Another-lonely-heart @starlightweasley @parseltongueswriting @shilohpug @peachypotter @spacexcowgirl @paintballkid711 @vogueweasley @gryffindcrghost @wand3ringr0s3​
Tumblr media
George sat on the living room couch, the smile on his face persistent as he watched you lay on the floor, Ginny resting in your lap laughing, as you argued with Ron about Godric knows what about now. You rolled your eyes as Ron passionately exclaimed something about how body blowing should be considered a foul in quidditch.
“I’m not intentionally hurting anyone if I body blow someone, Ronald. I’m simply ensuring that they drop the Quaffle in a manner that’s not directly me hitting it out of their hands,” you explain as Ginny just cackles harder in your lap, making you chuckle at her hysterics and Ron’s frustration with the both of you.
Ron throws his hands up in exasperation before exclaiming, “But you do end up hurting someone, (Y/N)! For Merlin’s sake, it’s called body blowing! Meaning that you literally knock the wind out of someone from sandwiching them!” His frustration only makes you and Ginny laugh harder, clutching your sides as he groans out. “Whatever, you two are impossible.” 
George watches your amusement and his heart beats faster and his eyes glow with adoration. You nose scrunches up as you laugh, grabbing Ginny’s arms as the two of you come down from your fits fo laughter. You wipe tears from your eyes as you catch your breath, George lightly chuckling to himself before rising from the couch to enter the kitchen to pour himself a cup of tea. 
In the kitchen, Fred sits on the counter, sipping on a mug of his own tea as he watches George stride into the kitchen, whistling a happy tune to himself. Fred shakes his head and chuckles to himself, knowing the reason for his twin’s especially happy mood. “Enjoying yourself, Georgie?” he wiggles his brows as he takes a cautious sip from his hot tea. Georgie looks at his brother who has a teasing smirk on his lips, making George roll his eyes. “Don’t lie to me, brother. I know there’s a reason for the goofy grin.”
George shakes his head, pouring hot water from the kettle into a matching mug over a tea bag. “You would be happy, too, Freddie, if your girlfriend came home with you for holiday break,” he tells Fred. “I’m just happy that I can spend some more time with her away from school and all.”
Fred laughs, “Oh, I bet. No one to disturb you or inconveniently interrupt a tender moment.” George throws the spoon he stirs his tea with at Fred who dodges it quickly. “Temper, temper, my dearest brother,” he giggles as George slaps him in the arm with a tea towel, Fred taking the blow with a chuckle. “Alright, alright, I’m done. I swear.”
“Having fun without me?” you interrupt from behind the two boys as you walk further into the kitchen, George turning towards you with a bright smile. He opens his arm as you happily run into it, hugging his side as George plants a kiss on your forehead, smiling down at you happily. Fred mocks you by making gagging noises as you roll your eyes. “Jealous, Freddie?”
He hops down from the counter, placing his mug in the sink. “Oh, extremely. Who wouldn’t want to be cuddled next to my ferociously handsome twin? Oh, right. Me,” he teases as you laugh, George mimicking him sarcastically. “I’ll leave you two be,” he speaks as he exits the house with Ginny running after him outside, the two of them now racing to the shed to grab broomsticks for an impromptu game of quidditch.
You turn towards George, looking up at him as he wraps both of his arms around you. “Hey there,” he speaks as you chuckle. “Having fun?” 
You nod up and down. “Lots. Thanks for inviting me to stay here for winter break,” you place your hands on his, giving them a squeeze.
George smiles, “Please. Mum practically begged me to invite you. She adores you.” Your heart warms up at his words. George’s family was so welcoming and kind to you from the day you first met them. The Weasleys took you in as if you were their own and you couldn’t be more grateful to have your boyfriends family adore you as much as you adored them. “I’m just glad that we can spend time with each other outside of the castle,” he sighs as you smile, grabbing his tea cup, stealing a sip from it. 
“Agreed,” you tell him. Most of your time with George was, in fact, at Hogwarts. It’s where you met, where he asked you to be his girlfriend, where you shared your first kiss, everything. Hogwarts held a majority of your memories as a couple. Even though you loved school, it was nice to escape and make new memories outside of Hogwarts, especially somewhere as special as his childhood home. “Anytime with you is a special to me.”
Your words make George beam with happiness. The time that you shared together was precious to George. Each moment filled with love and tenderness that he wouldn’t change for the world. He hated not being around you, that’s the majority of the reason why he desperately begged you to come home with him for winter break. George knew that winter break would be simply unbearable without you near him. Sure, he could always visit you at your parent’s house, but he preferred having you at his side, sleeping next to him in his bed, sitting next to him at dinner with his family, running outside with his siblings. But regardless where you were, you were on George’s mind, nine out of ten times. To George, you were simply unforgettable.
George ducked down and placed a sweet kiss to your lips as you pressed yours harder onto his. He pulled away with a smile, pressing his forehead against yours. “You’re special to me,” he retorts as you roll your eyes at his cheesy line, but nevertheless, it still made you swoon. 
The day rolled around too quickly for George’s liking. He wished the days could be longer so he could spend more time next to you, making you smile at him with that smile that could make him drop everything. But the nights with you were George’s favorite. It was when you two could be truly alone. Without Fred barging in on a tender moment, or Ginny dragging you away to hang out, or Ron pulling you into a conversation about quidditch. The nights where were George had your complete and undivided attention, just the way he liked it.
You stood in the bathroom, brushing your teeth in your fresh pajama shorts and t-shirt as George squeezed into the bathroom behind you. His hands placed on your hips as he pressed a kiss into your hair before reaching next to you for his toothbrush, joining you in your nighttime routine. The two of you stood in the bathroom, brushing your teeth, mouth foaming with minty toothpaste as you giggled as white foam dripped down George’s chin. You tried wiped it away, but he swatted your hand playfully. “I like it like that,” he teased you with a mouthful of toothpaste as you giggled. “Makes me feel sexy,” he insisted as foamy toothpaste spit out of his mouth and onto the mirror which only made you two laugh harder. 
It was absolutely childish, but that was the thing you loved most about George. He wasn’t afraid to be childish and laugh about something as silly as toothpaste being spat out onto a mirror. You spit your toothpaste into the sink, rinsing your mouth before George did the same. “Breath check. I don’t want to kiss dragon breath,” you tell him as he blows onto your nose as you sniff. “Minty fresh. Well done.”
“Your turn then,” he says as you mimic his previous actions, George sniffing the air. He contorts his face with disgust as you look at him strangely. “Ugh, better brush again,” he teases as you swat his arm, making him chuckle. “Kidding, kidding,” he retaliates as you walk out of the bathroom with a roll of your eyes. “I’m teasing you! Come on, give us a kiss!” George chases after you down the hall as you squeal, running down the stairs now away from your boyfriend.
Quickly, you divert yourself into Ginny’s room, running onto her bed as she shakes her head with a smile. “The two of you are ridiculous,” she huffs as you lay on her body as she tries to read a copy of the Quidditch Times. George then stumbles into Ginny’s room as she sits up straight, pointing a warning finger at him, “No funny business in here, I swear to Merlin. Out of sight and earshot, please!”
George walks straight to the bed and grabs your body in his hands, pulling you into him as you squeal in protest. “We’ll be out of your hair in just a second, Gin,” he winks before grabbing you by the legs and hoisting you up as you flop over George’s shoulder with a yelp. “Night, small fry!” he calls out as he leaves Ginny’s room, heading back up the stairs to his room.
While walking up the stairs, George passes Fred who makes his way downstairs. Fred groans, “This is really what I’m sacrificing my room for!” You laugh as George continues to walk up the stairs, ignoring his brother’s comment. “You’re really making me spend another night in Ronald’s room? The bloody kid sleep talks! You know what that’s like?! One minute being fast asleep and the next waking up to the sound of your brother moaning Granger’s name?” Fred huffs.
“Shut the bloody fuck up, Fred!” Ron bellows from his room as Fred rolls his eyes before disappearing back down the stairs.
You finally reach George’s room and George flops you onto his bed before shutting the door and crawling into the bed next to you as you giggle. George places a kiss to the tip of your nose, lips, and then chin. “Good evening,” you smile at George as he smiles, you running your fingers through his freshly washed ginger hair. “Ready for bed?” 
George shakes his head, “Eh. Not just yet.” He crawls off of you and sits up as you follow, facing him criss cross applesauce. George pulls you closer to him as you smile, kissing his lips quickly. As you pull away, the look in George’s eyes is so soft and tender, making your heart skip a beat. There was a look on his face that you have never seen before as you give him a puzzled look. What could he be thinking about? But before you can ask him, he opens his mouth and says, “Sometimes...I just forget that you’re mine.”
You let a breathy laugh escape your parted lips. “What do you mean? Of course I’m yours, darling. I’ve always been yours,” you tell him, placing a hand on his cheek. It was the honest truth. Even before you and George had been official, you were always his. Your heart belonged George before you even knew it. He was always the first person you thought about when you opened your eyes and the last one when you closed them. You went out of your way to “bump” into him in the halls or “accidentally” find him in the common room. George Weasley had you wrapped around his finger no matter how much you hated to admit it. But soon enough, you came around and accepted the fact that there was no one else for you but him.
The words spoken make George feel like he’s on cloud nine. When George met you, he knew you were special. Special in the sense you were a person George couldn’t forget. No matter how many girls he flirted with, how many activities he occupied himself with, no matter how he tried to distract himself, you were unforgettable. Never before has someone been more unforgettable. 
George gives your hands a squeeze before he tells you, “I mean you have always been on my mind. You’re never not there. And knowing that I really have you, all of you, is something incredible to me. It’s incredible that I have someone who is unforgettable. And that same person thinks that I am unforgettable too.”
With a happy sigh, you melt into George’s touch. As if he couldn’t get more perfect than he already was. The love that you had for each other was enough to move mountains and part oceans. It was a love that was so powerful, so immeasurable that it almost terrified you. You didn’t think that such a love was possible, but George made it easy. Loving him was like breathing. It was second nature to you. Involuntary even. “Georgie...” you trail off, gazing into those deep brown eyes that could make you melt into a puddle on the floor. “You’ll stay unforgettable forever. You’re my one and only,” you tell him, placing both of your hands on his jaw. He sighs and leans forever, connecting your lips in a gentle kiss as you inhale deeply, goosebumps erupting on your exposed skin. Kissing him was like the first time every time. It never got old.
George pulls away, pressing a quick peck on your lips again. “I could listen to you say those words over and over again,” he speaks with his eyes closed, smiling happily as you chuckle. With a dramatic sigh, he flops onto his back, “I’m living in a dream.” You laugh and shake your head, trying to pull him back up. “Shhh, don’t wake me up. It’s a lovely dream,” he protests.
“You’re so dramatic,” you huff teasingly as George peaks one eye open. “Come on then. We’ve got all night. What do you wanna do?” you poke his chest as he lays for minute, trying to think of something. 
George puffs his cheeks, lost in thought before an idea pops into his head, eyes brightening up with the idea. “Put on a jacket,” he speaks with a smile before jumping off the bed and opening his door and disappearing down the hall. 
You furrow your brows in confusion. What could he possibly want to do that required a jacket? It was the middle of December. It would be freezing outside. “What?” you speak to yourself before scooting off the bed and eventually following him down the hall.
In typical George fashion, he insisted that the two of you go for a walk outside. He claimed that cold winter nights were his favorite. “It’s freezing, Georgie. You could have at least told me to put on proper pants rather than have me in pajama shorts,” you tell him as you pull your jacket closer to your body, trying to keep in your body heat. 
George pulls you into his side, “Don’t be a cry baby. It’s so nice out.” You shake your head, mostly from exasperation, but also from the windchill. The two of you start on a short walk outside, a little ways away from the Burrow, but not too far. You had to give it to George. The moon beautifully illuminated the countryside, the Burrow standing behind you two in all of its glory. Suddenly, George darts away from you and starts running into a grassy part off of the road as you roll your eyes and follow him. In the grassy field, there is a small bush full of beautifully blossomed winter white roses. George plucks the most full rose from the bush with a smile and hands it to you. “A rose for my rose.”
You accept the gift with a blush and kiss his lips quickly. “Cute,” you tell him. “I didn’t know that roses grew wild out here,” you sniff the rose in your hand as George places a hand on the small of your back, guiding you away from the rose bush.
“They don’t,” he tells you as he quickens his pace. “That bush belongs to the house over there,” he points before he breaks out into a light jog. “So start running before we get caught!” he calls before breaking out into a full sprint.
“What are you doing on my property?” an unfamiliar voice calls out as you immediately start running, following George as he cackles. “Weasley!!!” the voice screams as George runs faster, you trying to keep up. Obviously this wasn’t the first time George had trespassed the property.
After running, George slows down his pace with a breathless laugh as you catch up to him, slapping his bicep. “Are you out of your bloody mind?!” you yell at him as he laughs. “You realize how much trouble we could have gotten into!”
George shrugs, “What’s life without a little trouble?” You roll your eyes before looking down at the gorgeous rose he had plucked for you. You sigh, giving in, and sniffing the beautiful rose again as George smiles proudly, knowing you had liked the token. He pulls you into his side and places a kiss to your forehead. “But I reckon we’ve had enough trouble for tonight,” he sighs as you both walk hand in hand to the Burrow, both smiling messes. 
As you walked back to his childhood home, you looked up at George. In the moonlight, he was breathtaking. George was really one of a kind. There was no one like him in the world and being loved by him was better than anything you could have imagined. Being loved by George was simply unforgettable. “Hey,” you stop in your tracks as George follows suit. “I love you.”
George smiles and cups your face in his hands. “And I love you. Forevermore.”
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txmhoelland · 10 months ago
out of love [tom holland]
Tumblr media
PAIRING: tom holland x female!reader 
SUMMARY: being close friends with your ex is fine, right? even if your love for them was unparalleled among others. even if you were still in the process of moving on from them. even if you know they’re happy with someone else. even if you have no clue whether they loved you like you loved them. 
WARNINGS: foul language, so much angst, it starts ok at first then goes downhill from there. i literally write things on the go so i don’t know if this will have fluff at some point 
(if it does and i didn’t state it here, send me a cute photo of tom and a message of: ok wow she pulled thru 🤪; and if it doesn’t have fluff, send me a meme and a message of: miss girl i simply cannot today ✋😃)  
A/N: hello! tonight, we are going to be sad!!! i know i usually like to write about all things fluff, but this?? this is just for me because i am having one of those episodes. i just need to feel something again aside from the stress of writing 3 academic papers per week lmao. i’m def not expecting people to like this type of vibe but yannoe. i apologize in advance. 
this is inspired by that one episode from new girl (season 6 x ep 16)
gif credits: @thollandgifs​ 
vanessa’s masterlist | taglist form | part two - pandemonium ​​
Tumblr media
“You know, you can still live with us right?” Your friend Maia commented as she placed the box, labelled “fine china that mom gave me but will i ever use them?”, on the kitchen island. 
“I know,” You murmured dropping the heavy case of pots and pans on the floor. “But maybe living alone will be good for me.” You replied, forcing a smile. “Besides, I don’t want to int—“
“Hey, Y/N, where do you want this?” Harrison asked as he held out a box that’s labelled with “books that my grandpa passed on. HANDLE WITH CARE!” 
“Oh, just set it down on the living room—“ before you could even finish, Harrison dropped the box on the floor as if it was nothing. “Harrison!” You hissed, as you quickly rushed to check on the box. 
“Y/N, babe, they’re just books. Surely they can withstand any amount of pressure, yeah?” Haz tried to reassure you. 
“Haz, those books are from my grandpa—which I’m sure he got from his grandpa.” You sighed. “They’re really old and fragile, so I just want them to be in a well enough condition to stand in my bookcase.” 
“‘m sorry,” He murmured, rubbing the back of his head. “It’s just, why do you have to move out?” Harrison asked, frustrated at the whole thing. 
“Like I told Maia, maybe having my own place will be good for me.” You replied calmly, as you neatly put the box filled with your grandpa’s books in the corner room—the initial place where you want to build your bookcase. “It’s been a while since I’ve lived on my own.” 
“Yeah,” Harrison acknowledged “But there’s absolutely no reason for you to move out. You can’t possibly leave me with her!” He pointed at Maia who let out an audible gasp. Harrison was being dramatic of course.  
“Haz—“ You were trying to fight off a laugh. “You two are my constants and if I became dependant on having you two at my convenience, it’s going to be a huge problem.” 
“In my opinion, I don’t see it as a problem.” Maia pointed out childishly. You shook your head in disbelief. You had to move out because you miss having a place to yourself— a place where you can be at your complete worst and you don’t have to think about your friends worrying about you. 
Besides, moving out means you don’t have to see Tom that often and that was a bonus in your book. It wasn’t a sour breakup per se, it’s just really difficult to feel happy for your ex when he practically showcases how different he is now with his girlfriend. 
You prided yourself as a mature and well-rounded person who could be complete friends with her ex as if that’s normal. You could only keep the façade for so long. 
Tumblr media
Four months. It’s been four months since you and Tom broke up. You lived with Maia soon after the breakup and that enough was a blessing. Maia couldn’t bear to handle the fact that you would be alone at a time like this. Harrison usually crashes at Maia’s so he was bound to move in with you two. In fact, he was always there more often than you. 
That was the point where you were convinced that Harrison liked Maia and that Maia liked Harrison.
Conveniently, you and Tom never ‘officially’ moved in together so you could avoid him freely at all costs.
Of course, that was eventually going to end soon. You and Tom were in the same friend group so you were bound to see each other, much to your dismay. You couldn’t exactly make Harrison and Maia pick friends because it’s not fair for anyone. 
You were all friends before you and Tom decided to date. Maybe that’s why people say to never date a friend—especially if they’re near and dear. 
You were coming back from work when you found people in the living room, and as if the universe really wanted to test you, it was the least likely people you’d expect to see. 
“Y/N!” Maia’s voice was pure panic. “I didn’t know you’d be home this early.” 
Your eyes quickly flickered between the two people standing across you before you diverted your attention to Maia. “Uh—yeah. There wasn’t really much to do in the office so I came home early.” 
Maia turned to Harrison who was equally lost on how to handle the situation. I mean, who wouldn’t?! What were you supposed to do when your friend drops in unannounced with their new girlfriend and to makes the matters worse, your other friend—whom your friend dated before— decides to come home early? 
You didn’t know how what kind of spirit took over your body that prompted you to extend your hand to the girl sitting beside your ex and say: “Hello, I’m Y/N.” 
The girl looked surprised but shook your hand in return. “Nadine,” Nadine smiled slyly “I—um, I’m Tom’s girlfriend.” 
Tom looked mildly uncomfortable but you chose to ignore it. You were becoming good at that—ignoring Tom. 
You returned the smile at Nadine. You could feel the burning stares from your friends, mostly Maia. You cleared your throat and said, “I’ll just be in my room to finish the papers I need to send to my editor if you’ll excuse me.” 
Before you left completely, you gave Nadine another smile and said, “It’s nice to meet you again, Nadine.”
You don’t remember how you got to your room but that was the least of your concern. You were just undeniably overwhelmed with what just happened that you didn’t even notice that there was a knock on your door. 
When you opened the door, it was the last person you expected to see standing in your doorframe. 
“Can we talk?” Tom asked in almost a whisper. 
You gave him a half shrug and opened the door slightly wider for him. 
“We’re okay, right?” He asked, looking at you in the eye. 
At this point, you convinced yourself that you were numb. You never talked about the breakup. You never overtly said anything about what you felt. You felt empty. You convinced yourself that you were empty. 
You stared back at Tom and without missing a beat, you replied “Of course. Why shouldn’t we?” 
Tumblr media
“Just admit that you two will miss me,” You teased, grabbing another box from Maia. 
“Only if you admit that you’re moving out for an entirely different reason,” Maia whispered carefully as her eyes flickered towards Tom who was also helping with your move out. 
You pressed your lips together and acted like he wasn’t even there. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You said, you know, like a liar. 
You weren’t a vocal person. The idea of talking about your feelings was really difficult for you so you try your best to avoid it. Actually, it’s worse than that. You’d go to extreme lengths to avoid confrontation.
Obviously, it wasn’t healthy. You would always distance yourself whenever you feel emotionally exhausted, and you really meant that distance. It wasn’t bad at first—maybe a day or two was all you needed before you felt comfortable enough to be around people again. 
Then it became worse when you were in university. You were beyond unreachable. Aside from being emotionally exhausted, you were mentally drained too. You were always buried with papers and readings which was unavoidable but it took a huge toll on you. So whenever you get a chance to get a break, you completely shut off from people. 
Your friends definitely noticed it and they tried their best to help. 
Tom was among the people who definitely went out of their way to help you. He would always drop by at your dorm with food or coffee—he would literally just drop them off, most of the time. He would leave small notes that up to this day, you still kept and tucked away in a box. 
Both Maia and Harrison followed Tom’s approach. They would all alternate on who’s dropping what and when. Some days, Maia would drop off a new skincare product she’s been using or a lovely box of macarons from your favourite patisserie. 
On other days, Harrison would drop off some of his home-cooked meals or maybe a book he saw from a local bookstore—a book that reminded him of you.
Tom was very persistent though. He would sometimes wait out on the hall, just so he could see you and reassure himself (and your friends) that you were okay. 
You found it taxing at first—you would often try your best to match the energy from your friends, which only left you exhausted at the end of the day. You wanted space and you clearly weren’t getting that from Tom. You did acknowledge that he only did it out of pure concern. 
You often wondered why he did that, staying, but you didn’t ask him. You never did.
Maybe you were afraid that you’d come off as rude or that you’d seem ungrateful for dismissing someone when they’ve clearly taken the time off their day just to check on you. 
However, every time you’d open that door, it always seemed that Tom would breathe a huge sigh of relief when you lock eyes. Even if it was just for a quick second. You wondered about that too.
Tom wasn’t really being intrusive. Most of the time, he will leave a few minutes after you’d open the door to get the things your friends would drop off. You’d always ask him if he wants to stay inside for a bit, but he’d always decline.
Except for that one time, though. That one time that you knew you were going to fall in love.
Tumblr media
It was the week of midterms and deadlines. You were knee-deep with papers from different classes that demanded to be finished that week, one of which was a research paper that practically tied you to your laptop and made you consume an unhealthy amount of caffeine. 
It wasn’t until 2 am when you were about to go on a quick drive to a McDonald’s but saw Tom dozed off in the hallway, his back pressed against the wall.
“Tom,” You shook him gently, trying not to startle him. “Tom, wake up.”
His eyes slowly fluttered open, seemingly disoriented at first but would soon fall into the warm familiarity that your face always brings. 
“Why are you sleeping in the hall?” You asked quietly, careful not to make a fuss. The walls in your dorm were very thin and you learned that the hard way. You’d think they’d put a disclaimer about that in the lease when you’re housing a bunch of university students with raging sex drives. 
It took Tom a minute to fully comprehend the question, seeing that the bright fluorescent light was being harsh on him and that he’s generally like that when being jolted awake. 
“Oh, erm, I—” Tom was finding the right words to use. He can’t exactly exclaim ‘I’ve been worried sick about you!’ out of nowhere. Instead he said, “I was waiting for you to open the door, just to see if you’re alright.” 
“All night?”
Tom scratched the back of his neck. “It seemed that way, yeah.” He muttered sheepishly. 
You were dumbfounded. Surely this was the first time someone actually fell asleep outside your door, waiting for you to come out. It was sweet but highly unnecessary. 
“I was just about to head out and get some McDonald’s, do you wanna come with?” You asked, giving him a hand to hoist himself up. 
“I should get going—“ 
“Have you eaten yet?” You asked cutting him off, taking Tom by surprise. He shook his head no. “Then you should really come.” You said, jingling your car keys in front of him.
Tom was debating whether or not to go with you. It’s been a while since you hung out, but that was the same case for everyone. None of your friends have properly hung out with you ever since the semester started. 
Tom should say yes, right? 
“Let’s go, Tommy,” You said as you grabbed his hand and dragged him across the hall. “I’ve been staring at my laptop all day and I really need some unhealthy food to balance out the concerning amount of caffeine I’ve consumed.” 
“Is that why you’re practically bouncing off the walls?” Tom asked amused, trying to keep up with your pace with your hand holding his. 
“Totally,” You grinned at him. “I need to wear out the caffeine or else, I’d have to skip my morning class again.” 
You nodded. “They’re counting the amount of absences in that class and I really need to keep my shit together.” 
“‘m not exactly sure why you took that as an elective,” Tom commented, properly wrapping his hand around yours with fingers interlacing each other.  
You tried to ignore it, you really did, but the warm feeling that settled around your stomach drove you crazy. 
“Why not? I think it’s cool to learn another language.” You nudged him playfully which he gladly returned. 
“I know and trust me, I’m in awe that you’re learning another language! erm—I guess it’s just I feel like you’re overworking yourself too much.” Tom pointed out softly, hoping he didn’t come off as rude or intrusive. 
“Eh, I don’t mind.” You replied “It’s what drives me to keep going and for me that’s more than enough. Even if it leaves me little to no sleep, even if it takes too much of my time—it’s enough reason for me to do it.” 
Tom stared at you in admiration as soon as those words slipped out your mouth and you didn’t even notice it. You were walking towards the student parking lot, consumed by the twinkling lights from the neighbouring lanes near campus. 
Maybe if you weren’t busy consuming the quiet campus grounds, you’d notice the very first time Tom fell in love with you. 
“Besides, I know a phrase in french now.”
“Hm—and what’s that, then?” 
“Je ne suis pas l’escargot” 
“L’escargot? Isn’t that—“ 
“I am not a snail,” You giggled. “Well, it’s true, isn’t it?”
Tom laughed, “I supposed so.” 
Maybe if you weren’t so afraid of confrontation, you’d have an idea of when Tom knew that you were his person.
Tumblr media
See, the thing is— you needed to face reality sooner or later and both your friends could see right through it. 
“Honestly, Y/N, how on earth can your box of art materials be this heavy—” Tom appeared in front of the door frame, heaving as he carried the box from two flights of stairs. 
You quickly averted your gaze from Maia, who was staring at you expectantly, and cleared your throat. “You can just set them by the door, Tom. I don’t know where to put them yet.” You said as you tried your best to act normal. 
“You sure? They’re a tad heavy and I don’t want you to strain yourself.” Tom asked with furrowed brows. 
All you could do was nod. The last thing you wanted was Tom’s focused attention on you.
“If you say so,” Tom sighed in defeat “I’m going to grab more boxes—Baby, you don’t have to carry that!” Tom was quick to disappear as he urgently dashed towards his girlfriend, Nadine. 
“Oh, but I want to help, Tommy.” You heard Nadine say sweetly, assuming she was also pouting. 
You could see Maia roll her eyes, urging you to give her a nudge and a taunting look. “Maia,” you called her out, silently pleading her to stop. 
Maia settled down but she wasn’t exactly calm about it either. “I’m still not sure why she’s here.” She murmured. You and Harrison were close enough that you can hear her rambles—which was expected from her anyway. 
Maia and Nadine go way back—like toddlers and playgrounds kind of way. Though that sounds figuratively adorable in a way, Maia and Nadine never got along. 
Nadine used to date Maia’s brother, which already caused Maia a great demise. As one could expect, the relationship didn’t end well. She left him out of nowhere, saying she needs to find herself—or something along those lines. 
A week after the breakup, what Nadine found was herself in the arms of another man. Of course, Maia’s brother was devastated—He truly loved Nadine. Maia had to be the pillar that her brother leaned on. It took Maia a great amount of time to help her brother pick up the pieces that Nadine left. 
So yeah—Maia wasn’t thrilled when she heard that Tom was Nadine’s new boyfriend. 
“She offered to help, Mai,” You whispered “Who am I to deny help?” 
Maia looked at you as if you managed to empty your head while you were moving in between flats. “She’s been after me ever since we were kids. She’s also the reason why it took my brother months to get out of bed,” Maia deadpanned “and She’s Tom’s new girlfriend. Remember Tom? Your ex?” She said rather loudly.
You gave her a tiny pinch on her arm, causing her to yelp. “Maia, are you nuts?!”
Harrison left the two of you so he could grab more boxes, while you and Maia bickered silently amongst each other. 
“You are thicker than I thought—Seriously, Y/N. Quit pinching me!” Maia aggressively rubbed her arm. 
“They’re going to hear you!” You hissed. “The last thing I want is for those two to get involved.” 
“Babe, they’re already involved. Tom, especially.” Maia remarked. “I see the way you look at Tom. I also see the pain you feel whenever he’s with she who must not be named.” 
“I’m not doing this Maia,” you mumbled as you walked past her. Your objective was now to help Harrison with the remaining boxes. Your objective was anything but to talk about you and Tom. 
“You have to face it sooner or later, Y/N.” Maia called out “I’m not leaving you or this apartment until you tell me what really happened.” 
“What’s going on?” Harrison asked as he entered the apartment, carrying three sets of boxes. You grabbed one from him and actively avoided his question. 
Before Maia could reply, Tom and Nadine appeared on the doorframe, with Nadine practically glued to Tom. 
“Harrison got the last remaining boxes so we’re heading off now,” Tom announced as Nadine’s face painted with clear desperation to get out of your place. “Are we still going bowling tonight?” Tom asked before Nadine whispered something in Tom’s ear and left.
“I’m actually exhausted so I’ll pass,” You answered, obviously avoiding spending time with your ex and his current girlfriend. You’re not that pathetic. 
“Same might actually have to just drink the night away,” Maia responded with a grin.
“Well, there’s no way I’m third-wheeling so I’m good,” Harrison said as he threw himself towards the plush teal couch that you snagged from a flea market. 
For the tiniest second, Tom seemed disappointed but gave a tight-lipped smile. “Oh, maybe we can reschedule our bowling night, then?” He asked. “It’s not as fun to go bowling with just the two people.” 
You, Harrison, and Maia all shared a look. You weren’t on board with bowling-night, to begin with, but you didn’t want Tom to feel as if you were avoiding him—which you were but no one needs to know that. 
Maia looked at you, waiting for an answer because god knows she will solely depend on her decision based on yours. You don’t even have an answer, to begin with. 
“What are you two supposed to do then?” Harrison asked Tom. Thank god for Harrison.
“I might take Nadine to this poetry jam event that she’s been dying to go to” Tom replied with a soft voice. 
“A poetry night?” Maia almost wanted to laugh “You don’t even have the slightest interest in literature, Tom.” Maia didn’t mean to offend him or maybe she did? She wasn’t completely fond of Tom ever since you and Tom broke up—well, she wasn’t fond of the idea that Tom was dating her ‘arch nemesis’, but Tom was her friend and so were you. 
“I know that, Mai.” Tom rolled his eyes “but Nadine likes it and I’ll do everything to make her happy.” That left a bitter taste in your mouth. 
“If you say so,” Maia murmured before she took a quick look at you. She looked like she wants to give you the biggest hug. But you held a stoic look on your face—something that you picked up because you were afraid of confrontation. 
“I’m serious,” Tom defended, lost in his feelings, which only irked Maia even more. 
“I know, I heard you— we heard you,” Maia replied, her face showing only one emotion: annoyed. “God, read the room,” Maia grumbled to herself. Harrison had to reach for her hand, urging her to calm down. 
“I really love her,” Tom whispered. That left a slap in the face. 
Tumblr media
It was a cold Saturday afternoon and it has been raining almost all day. It was one of the rare weekends that you weren’t really occupied to do anything other than to lay on your couch and consume a copious amount of entertainment.
Despite the spitting rain, you actually want to head out this time. Being confined to your desk and the university was torture especially since you couldn’t do anything about it—the four of you were graduating this year, no one could afford to slack off. 
You and Tom were cuddled against the sofa— Tom was busy watching something on TV while you were busy scrolling on your phone. 
“Hey, Tom?” 
“Yes, my sweet girl?” 
“Do you want to go downtown?” You asked, looking at your phone as you read the details of an event happening this weekend.
“Right now?”
“Mhm,” you hummed. “There’s a book fair being held at the local theatre.” You rested your chin on top of his chest and gave him a pout. You were getting sick of being cooped up between your study table and the library. This book fair was a change of scenery and it’s definitely right up your alley.
“But it’s raining, darling” Tom tried to say in the softest way possible. It’s not exactly up in Tom’s interests though.
“I know,” You sighed “I guess I’m just getting sick of this place.”
“You’re getting sick of me?” Tom asked with a huge pout. He was kidding of course. 
“I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of you, Tom.” You chuckled softly. 
“Okay,” He hummed, pulling you closer to him—if that was even possible. “Then can we stay like this for a while?” 
“Anything for you, angel.” You whispered as you closed the details about the local book fair. Maybe next time. 
Tumblr media
Soon after Tom left, Maia pulled you to her side and asked, “You okay, babe?” 
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” You feigned innocence. It was clear as day that you weren’t okay, your friends knew that. 
Knowing that you weren’t going to budge, Maia walked towards the kitchen and brought out a bottle of wine from the fridge. 
Harrison raised an eyebrow at her and asked, “When did you manage to put that in the fridge?” All of you had been occupied with grabbing boxes that there was no way that Maia had the time to put wine in the fridge, let alone obtain them from somewhere.
“It was supposed to be a celebratory drink for Y/N’s new place,” Maia replied as she set the wine and three various mugs on the coffee table. “Obviously, that’s not happening now.” Drinking wine using the oddly designed mugs you collected over the years was a cry for help. 
“It’s 4 pm, Mai.” You pointed out as you stared at the white LED clock that you bought off Amazon—another impulse purchase enabled from scrolling on Pinterest for way too long. “We haven’t even had lunch yet.” 
“Oh please,” Maia snorted “If there’s one thing that I’ve picked up from university, it’s drinking with little to no food consumption.” 
“And if there’s one thing that I’ve picked up from university, it’s cancelling all of my plans for the entire day because I have to tend your hungover-self, Mai,” Harrison remarked as he grabbed the bottle and placed it back on the fridge. “I’m ordering food and no one’s drinking until everyone has finished a meal.” 
You heard Maia mutter a string of curses but most especially the part that she said, “This is not the version of daddy that I envisioned Harrison to be.” 
All of a sudden Maia’s idea of binge drinking doesn’t seem like a bad idea, you thought. 
Tumblr media
Turns out Harrison had no intention of letting any of you drink. He was pretty adamant about not having to babysit two drunk messes in one night. 
“As if babysitting one isn’t enough,” You recalled Harrison say. He was obviously pertaining to Maia, in which she just huffed the entire time. You often wondered if Maia and Harrison noticed the obvious tension between them, because personally you found it endearing. It was no question that they were meant for each other. 
“Y/N, you still haven’t told us whatever happened between you and Tom.” Maia suddenly pointed out. You, Maia, and Harrison were still in the living room, silently watching TV. 
You were actively avoiding this conversation for the longest time as you haven’t told anyone about it, and based by the curious faces of your friends, you figured that Tom didn’t tell anyone about it either. You’re still not sure whether that’s a relief or not.  
“There’s nothing to talk about.” You mumbled. It’s not like you were lying, there really was barely anything to talk about. Heck—You and Tom never got to talk about it properly either. 
“We see the way you look at him, Y/N.” Harrison replied softly. “I think there is something.” 
“Look—” Maia sat up properly “I know you’re not really vocal about your feelings, but the fact that you’ve never talked nor showed any emotion about your breakup terrifies me, babe.” Maia’s tone was laced with concern. 
“I remember the day you told us about it too,” Harrison couldn’t hide his concern too “We were having brunch together at our usual diner and half-way through our meal, you promptly said “We broke up” when Maia asked where Tom was,” Harrison recalled it like it was a fever dream. He and Maia had already expected that you weren’t going to tell them about the breakup when it just happened. However, it baffles them that it’s been over a year since you and Tom broke up, and not one word has been said about it. 
It was silent for a while, except for Criminal Minds that was playing on the TV. You blankly stared at the screen, hoping that you’d catch whatever the agents were saying. It was impossible, especially when all your mind could focus on was the recollection of the day Tom knocked on your door at 1 am to breakup.  
Tumblr media
You were relatively busy that day from volunteer work, so you haven’t seen any of your friends the entire day—or Tom for that matter. Actually, you haven’t seen Tom in a few days. He would send texts periodically throughout the day but they were always short and most of the time, you always forget to reply. 
You figured Tom was busy with his own thing and both of you established early on in your relationship that texting—or lack thereof— shouldn’t account to your relationship, especially since both of you are equally bad at it. 
You didn’t think any of it since you were bound to see your boyfriend and your friends tomorrow for brunch anyway. He will have your undivided attention by then. 
So imagine your surprise when you heard a soft knock from your door at 1 am, only to find Tom in disarray. His eyes were bloodshot red, tears falling down his face. His messy curls were masked under the hood from his jumper. 
At first you were in panic, you thought that something terrible had happened to any of your friends—his family even. 
But as soon as Tom dropped to his knees and whispered, “I’m sorry,” you had a clear idea what was bound to happen next. 
It’s been silent for a while. The door was still open and Tom sat out in the hall with his back leaning against your wall. You did the same thing except you were on the other side of the wall that Tom was leaning on. 
You two were close enough to the door frame that you could hear each other, actually facing each other was a whole other thing. Tears kept streaming down your face as you kept your eyes closed and rested your head against the wall. 
At some point in your relationship, you prepared yourself in case this happened— that you would accept whatever happens between you and Tom. You didn’t exactly anticipate that it would happen so soon. 
“Was there someone else?” You asked quietly. It was the first time you spoke after Tom dropped to his knees. You hoped there wasn’t. In fact, you silently begged to yourself that there wasn’t someone else, because you knew that you couldn’t handle that. 
“No, no—of course not.” Tom immediately answers.”I could never do that to you.” 
It was silent again. You were starting to feel numb—you tried your best to gather your thoughts and forced words out of your mouth, but you couldn’t. 
“Are we not worth fighting anymore?” You practically whispered. It was a gamble— you weren’t exactly sure if Tom had heard it and you don’t have enough strength to ask it again. 
“Y/N,” Tom sniffled. “You can’t say that.” He placed his hand on top of yours. You had your hand resting on the floor and you didn’t exactly notice that it served as an invitation for Tom hold it again. 
You love Tom with all your heart. He kept dismissing it but Tom made you a better person. He made you feel like love can be expressed through different forms of things—not just words.
You loved him by exclusively making time for him. You went on museum dates where he would make cheesy remarks, saying that you’re the most remarkable piece of art in the entire place. You went on dates to watch football games—you never understood it but Tom was happy, so you were happy.
You loved him through your touch. You would often massage his back because he had been tirelessly working himself to the core. He didn’t ask for it but you knew it would make him feel better. Your touch didn’t have to be intimate—though you expressed it through that way too
You loved him through mindless actions. Almost every time you would stop by at the local cafe to grab yourself some coffee, you would always recite Tom’s favourite order on autopilot. 
You loved him through silence. Study dates were gems for you. Even if you didn’t talk for the entirety of it and even if you were the only one who studied for the most part and Tom was just playing on his phone, having Tom beside you was enough.
You loved him so much that it pains you to think that maybe you weren’t enough for him. 
“I don’t think I can fight for someone who doesn’t even want to,” You muttered bitterly. “Just answer the question, Tom.” 
He didn’t answer. All you could hear were the silent sobs that you two were trying to hold back. At this point, you knew you wouldn’t look at Tom. Your heart wouldn’t take it—it will crush you. 
“Are you not happy anymore?” Your voice cracked as you broke into a sob.
“Y/N—“ Tom squeezed your hand even more. You’re going to miss it, but you had to let go. 
“Tom, if I’m standing in the way of your happiness then we should end this.” You cleared your throat and pulled your hand away. There’s a ghostly feeling that still lingered from Tom’s touch. 
“Please, Y/N, let me explain—“ 
“It’s okay, Tom.” You whispered. “I understand.” 
“You know I love you, Y/N.” 
“I love you too, Tom.” 
“But maybe it’s best if we end it, I know. I got it.” You let out a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down from crying. “Maybe it’s better if we stayed as friends.” Maybe it’s better to realize that whatever you and Tom had were too good to be true—that your love will never compare to the love he deserves. 
Tumblr media
“Do you want the truth?” You asked your friends, with tears forming in your eyes. You can’t even decipher how they looked at you because of the tears clouding your vision. 
Were they looking at you in pity? Empathy? Sadness? 
“The truth is—I’m mad.” You gritted the words through your teeth. This was the first time your friends had seen you like this. All of the pent-up sadness, aggression, and hurt you felt was starting to get the best of you. 
“I’m angry. I’m hurt.” You snarled, furiously wiping the tears from your face. “I’m angry at the fact that I can’t seem to be genuinely happy for Tom. I’m hurt at the idea he seems to be a better boyfriend for Nadine, that he constantly makes an effort for her.”
“I don’t even know if he even loved me the way that I loved him,” Your voice became quiet “and it’s selfish for me to think that way because I never fought for it—for us. That’s enough reason to keep me up at night.” 
That’s enough reason for you to wonder if you’ll be capable of loving someone so deeply again. 
Tumblr media
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sugarshoyo · a year ago
𝟕𝟎𝟎 𝐟𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 - 𝐠𝐮𝐢𝐥𝐭𝐲 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐞; 𝐤𝐨𝐳𝐮𝐦𝐞 𝐤𝐞𝐧𝐦𝐚
Tumblr media
➳ 𝐤𝐞𝐧𝐦𝐚 𝐤𝐨𝐳𝐮𝐦𝐞 + 𝐟𝐞𝐦. 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 + 𝐤𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐨 𝐭𝐞𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐮
➳ 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: camgirl/camboy au 
➳ 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 1.6k (sad i know, but i have a hard time dragging out smut)
➳ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: bi!kenma (because he likes you and kuroo lmao), characters are aged up, kenma is such a closet pervert, mr. sugar daddy ceo man here is jerking off to the thought of you and tetsu, me having a hard time trying to distinguish which “he” is who. not proofread!
➳ 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: imagine being so horny to the point where you can only get off to the faces of your best friend and his sweet girlfriend. only kozume kenma doesn’t have to imagine, it’s his fucking reality. 
➳ 𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫'𝐬 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫: this was a nightmare to finish and i’m still not sure if this was good, but i got the most lovely ask requesting for a kuroken + reader threesome and since the sub!kenma agenda is so loved on here, i decided to write this! thank you for 700 followers and for all my babycakes who have been here since i first posted fics like “dear you”, i truly appreciate everything! i’m considering doing a part two if you like this where the three of them actually fuck each other rather than kenma being a thirsty bitch jacking off to your faces hehe lmk if you want to see that please!
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
This is disgusting.
The sentence echoes in Kenma’s head, but his fingers have a mind of their own. And before he can snap out of this little trance, he’s off clicking on another video of the pretty camgirl on his giant gaming monitor being fucked silly by her hunk of a boyfriend.
Of course, everyone masturbates, they’re lying if they say they don’t. Especially if they’re like Kenma, rarely interacting romantically with their peers. All that frustration has to go somewhere and unfortunately, it’s always rushing to his dick.
Only, the problem is that the camgirl who’s currently gripping the bed sheets underneath her for dear life, is someone he knows as the man with the terrible hair on the screen is battering into her pussy a mile a minute. To make things worse, Kenma’s literally getting off to Kuroo and Y/N, the two people he’s had the fattest crush on since first year of high school. 
And to top it all off, they’re already dating each other.
How low do you have to be to do this kind of thing? Jacking off to the point where cum sprays all over the computer monitor to the sight of your two taken best friends fucking like rabbits? Kenma’s already running out of sanitary wipes to clean the screen but here he is, spending another hour fantasizing how your breasts would feel in his hands and how Kuroo would spank him.
He can feel his cock throb in his hands as he watches your pretty face scrunch up together when Kuroo pushes in a thick finger into your ass. Kenma looks with envy, wishing that he could be the one in thrusting his fingers into you. Or better yet, be in your position. He is conflicted, to say the least.
How bold of him to think he could ever live out his fantasies though. Imagine how revolted you would look if he were to tell you how much he wanted to fuck you like his best friend. Kuroo didn’t even let Yamamoto look in your direction the wrong way back in high school, what makes Kenma think he would be the exception?
Still, this train of thought doesn’t stop Kenma from clicking on the ‘donate’ button on the side of your webpage. Yet another $20 tip. How much was he losing from his bank account for this stupid obsession? All that money could’ve gone into buying new games for his channel but Kenma can’t stop thinking with his dick.
It’s unfamiliar, feeling so vulnerable and ashamed in this kind of way. But regardless, Kenma still wants more. He still feels blood rush to his cock when he hears your soft moans after Kuroo smacks your ass raw. The salivating thought of how your velvety walls would feel around him still gets him excited to no end. The way Kuroo would tease him for being so blushy when the bedhead of all people is the first to take his virginity. If only that dream could come true.
He knows Kuroo’s dick is big. It would probably split him open and the dildo he bought two months ago to “experiment” looked embarrassing next to his friend’s. Perhaps Kenma is simply a masochist, but the appeal is there for that specific reason. If only the pillow on his bed is closer, then maybe he could hump it to satisfy the ache inside. 
Kenma’s hunger is insatiable when it comes to you two, hell, he’s even set up notifications and he never does that anymore. 
Tonight however, he can’t stop thinking about you in particular. How taboo this is, to lust over your best friend when she’s already taken by the best. 
Then again, Kenma never cared for taboos in the first place.
Your thighs looked especially good today, nearly glowing on the bright monitor screen, the red stockings (which strangely resembled the Nekoma volleyball jacket colors) accentuating the dips and curves in your body. What he would give to be suffocated to his death by them, lapping at your cute little pussy before being crushed mercilessly! 
He wonders how you would feel around him. Kuroo didn’t seem the type to be a liar, especially when it came to camming (another reason why Kenma adored you both so much) so all the more reason to think that you would clench around him like you do with the raven-haired man. The things Kuroo would whisper into your ear must’ve been absolutely foul considering how loud you would whine out, begging for him to do more, that you can handle it.
Kenma pumps his cock faster at the sight of your breasts bouncing up and down, nipples erect and Kuroo’s beautiful hands playing with the buds like a toy. You’re making the lewdest sounds as your boyfriend’s hips only thrust deeper. The moans from the screen forces a shiver down Kenma’s spine.
By the time the video is over, Kenma is already desperately looking for another one. He’s watched everything at least twice (proof of his strange fixation) but it still manages to make him feel like heaven every single time. The only problem was when he’s doing his Saturday night stream and all he can do is stare at the clock by his desk, counting down the seconds for your next upload. 
His favorite video, if he really had to choose, was probably one people wouldn’t expect. There’s only one video in the masses of your website where you dominated Kuroo and even then, you were assisted with toys. Yet you seemed experienced in this area and Kenma’s eyes could only widen when he first saw it when Kuroo practically became putty in your hands. 
Kuroo’s ass was red and he was in tears when you took him in your mouth from the overstimulation. Kenma’s heart had pounded rapidly and before he knew it, there was cum all over his sweatpants. He couldn’t help but ask himself if you were a sadist. 
God, Kenma hoped so. You were pretty submissive on your camming channel, Kuroo normally taking the lead (especially with the popular demand on your Twitter and comment sections). But knowing you, the type of girl who laughed when Lev accidentally received the ball with his face, the possibility wasn’t necessarily unrealistic.
You loved teasing everyone anyways, laughing at Kuroo’s sarcastic remarks all the way back in high school and often joining in. Lev was often your victim, but you made sure to distribute it evenly amongst the team. 
Especially to Kenma.
“Ken-Ken, are you busy with your games again? Come play with me,” you would whine out, purposefully making it sound extra annoying just to get on his last nerve. You used to coddle him constantly despite being in the same year as him, pinching his cheeks and giggling when he would blush.
He would pay all the money in the world if it meant he could lay his head in your lap while you played with his hair, tugging at the soft strands to elicit his pretty moans. You did that once in a Q&A video with Kuroo and never had he ever been so envious. The fingers Kenma is using to run through his hair is pathetic, but anything will do as long as he just imagines it’s you. 
You always looked so amazing in the videos too. Kuroo tended to stick to basic clothing and the two of you never roleplayed (Kenma remembers vividly that you answered that “It’s a little cringey, haha!”) but you never failed to impress the CEO with whatever you were wearing. And that by itself speaks volumes, Kenma secretly adores high fashion. 
Would you wear red lingerie for him too? He knew how much you did it in your videos since Kuroo loved it (and so did you) and everyone swore that red was your color. Kenma can feel the knot in his stomach slowly unravel with each lingering thought of ripping off the lacy panties you flaunted your ass in on your Twitter account. They were almost as gorgeous as you and holy shit, he can feel himself getting closer to his release of pure bliss.
But there was always one thought that managed to push him over without fail. There were hundreds of things Kenma could rattle off in seconds that made his dick harder than a rock, yet this one always topped the charts.
It was that face you made when Kuroo hit the right spot. There wasn’t a good enough word to describe the feeling Kenma would get when your eyes would roll back, glassy with tears brimming and your lashes clumping together. The makeup you wore would smear slightly and your tongue would peek out on the premium videos you posted on your website. 
And of course, Kenma is the biggest donor for them. The price tag was much tempting to pass up, only $30 a month to be able to have unlimited access to the library, bloopers, archives, and sneak-peeks? Fuck Animal Crossing, that can wait for another day. 
A small cry escapes past Kenma’s lips. “Shit,” he murmurs. He’s going to cum again. Within seconds, thick ropes of hot, white seed burst outs and covers his hands completely. Kuroo loves to cum on your face, would you let him do that to you as well?
The pang of guilt always dwells on Kenma’s mind after coming down from his high. How can he think of you and Kuroo in this way? The surge of excitement and arousal dwindles down and all that’s left is the mess all over his screen and his body, allowing him to take in the weight of his actions.
This is disgusting. 
Which is why he likes it. 
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
© all content belongs to sugarshoyo 2020. please do not modify or repost.
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neptunesfullbuster · 5 months ago
I said I’d shamelessly request something for Gajeel, so here I am.
Okay, so what if we use the fake dating trope (bc I love it and its cliche and I don’t care)
Where Gajeel and reader are fake dating for a while until they start catching feelings for each other
- fake dating until it isn’t fake anymore
Tumblr media
summary ; you and gajeel are in a fake relationship but what happens when it doesn’t feel fake anymore
authors note ; I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG JFEIDWHFIUDHFHESDWG. i really hope you like it as much as i do!!
pairing ; gajeel redfox x gn!reader
warnings / genre ; none, fluff
Tumblr media
It was a lie. It was all a lie; none of it was real. So why did it feel real? He made something that was fake feel like it was so very real; it’s almost forgotten that the things that conjured between you two were supposed to be fake. He made your heart flutter at every touch, glance and cracked it at the mention that it was one big lie, just an act. You didn’t understand why it hurt, but it did. 
In the beginning, you thought it was a terrible idea to pretend to be Gajeel’s girlfriend, but yet three months later, here you are, no one knew, and it shocked you how easy it was to foul every single person you knew. Honestly, you had no clue how this would work, were you allowed to hold onto him or sit close to him? Were you comfortable with him holding you a bit closer or putting a hand on your waist? Would he even do that? Would you have to kiss him to make it more believable? These thoughts ran through your mind constantly- though, but then they quickly faded, and it shocked you at how comfortable you were with him, and the same goes for Gajeel; it almost felt real to you both.
After a month of putting up this act, you caught yourself getting lost in it like a good book. Things like absentmindedly grabbing hold of his hand and playing with his fingers or just randomly leaning into his touch it would cause you to get flustered, but you wouldn’t stop or lean away.
Gajeel found himself getting a bit handsier, and arm draped over your shoulder, a hand on your waist. Sometimes he’d gently pull you closer to him, just because he could, as your boyfriend. At first, it wasn’t on purpose, like you, he did it without a second thought, and then suddenly he’d caught himself, but you didn’t seem to mind, so he continued. 
This became the new normal for you both, and you didn’t mind; it worked. You had everyone tricked into believing that you and Gajeel were an item. Your friends gushed at how amazing your relationship was and that you two were a perfect pair. It made your heart swell, but it also hurt because it was fake. Every little glance and touch meant nothing- were supposed to mean nothing, but why, god, why did you feel something for a man that you aren’t actually dating. 
But there you stood with him by your side, he was chatting with a few of your guildmates, and you silently listened, occasionally making a comment or two. The conversation slowly faded, and then it was just the two of you, sitting in comfortable silence while the guild was chaotic as usual. 
You look at him, eyes tracing his face. He held a slight grin as he watches everyone around him. Noticing you staring, his attention turned to you. 
“Hey, why ya staring? Got something on my face?” He joked. You let a small smile creep on your face and tilted your head. 
“Not staring admiring.” those words fell out of your mouth without a second thought. Something at this moment felt right, and you didn’t feel like dancing around him anymore.
That answer seemed to catch him off guard, but he quickly grinned and let out a chuckle. 
“Oh really?” 
Silence fell between you both once again as you tried to find the courage to admit your feelings after months of avoiding it. Why now? Well, why not? You didn’t feel like holding back any longer, and it seemed perfect.
“Gajeel, I-” you paused, breaking the silence. Then, looking away, you sighed and pulled away from his grasp while Gajeel looked at you curiously. 
“I like you- a lot, actually. I don’t want this to be fake anymore; I’m tired of it.” You stared at him with hope he’d feel the same; he looked shocked but then once again, a smile appeared on his face. 
“Couldn’t agree more.”
Tumblr media
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justkending · 8 months ago
Moral of The Story. Chapter Two.
Tumblr media
Summary: Marrying young out of highschool leads to a naive and failed marriage. Now 10 years later, word comes that the divorce was never actually completed. Bucky and Y/N have to come back together after all these years to settle what wasn’t all those years back. Passive attitudes, miscommunicated endings, and reminiscing of an old love all comes back for the two.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Y/N
Word Count: 2800+
A/N: This chapter is heavy in Y/N’s background as well as relationship with her father. We get some backstory on quite a few things in Y/N’s life here, so take notes friends! Hope you enjoy and please let me know what you’re thinking!!
If you would like to be tagged in this series, please send an ask! It keeps things more organized for me:)
Chapter Two:
“Will the owner of a white Honda Sedan please come to the front desk? You are in a no parking zone and your car will be ticketed and towed if not moved within the next 5 minutes. Thank you!”
The Brooklyn airport was one that was always crowded and busy all times of the year. With it being New York, the amount of tourists and residents was substantially larger than most airports around the states. 
Even with traveling a ton for work, she struggled maneuvering through the herds of people who saw the walking escalator as a convenient way to stand and get from place to place, rather than use it the right way. 
God, non-airport goers were the worst. They had no idea how the common courtesy of things worked in these fast paced environments. 
“Excuse me. Excuse me,” she said kindly, moving around an older, wider, and heavier set man who was taking up the width of the track. “I need to get by right here,” she said politely as he grunted and moved over. 
She wasn’t ever one to really use her ‘big city mannerisms’ unless she was in a foul mood or just irritated beyond measure. Right now, she was more nervous than anything. 
She hadn’t seen her father in person for over 2 years. She had actually never come back home after leaving for college 10 years ago. There was always just too much going on in her life to take a vacation back home. And the few times she had planned on it, it got canceled due to weather, or something with work popped up. Though, she could have tried more. She could have set more time aside to visit her dad, but what the beginning of her job was, it was near to impossible. 
Her father understood though. He loved coming and visiting her, so for the first few years in California, he made his way to her instead. 
However, they did have family vacations almost every year to keep in contact with each other. 
Her mom on the other hand... Yeah, she didn’t care to make time for her or her step father. She didn’t get along with her in the least. Her mom, Marlene, was very fake as the young kids say. She believed she was better than everyone around her, and if she wasn’t, she did her best to be. 
It was a toxic person to constantly be around growing up. She would judge Y/N, picking fights with her if she didn’t wear clothes found pristine and polished. She judged her if her hair wasn’t done or she didn’t wear makeup, saying that a woman was never beautiful if she didn’t try. She was a bully to her own daughter and really anyone around her.
Y/N however had inherited her stubborn bluntness, and unlike most people who would just brush her off, or unfortunately let the words affect them, Y/N would just bite back. 
Fights on top of fights always broke out between the two constantly. Almost always started by her mom having to make a comment on something about Y/N’s appearance or attitude. Her poor father had to be the median between the two a majority of the time.
And if Y/N wasn’t the one she decided to pick on for the day, it was her father. Though her father didn’t show that if it affected him and would usually just brush it off going to another room to avoid the harassment, Y/N would fight in his place. 
A lot of the time her mother made herself the victim and say that Y/N always attacked her and never fought with her dad because she loved him more. And in all honesty, she did love her dad more. He was a loving, calm, and humble man. He loved the simple things and didn’t care if he had the extravagant, expensive, and luxury items like her mother demanded. 
Her father was her best friend. They were near to the same person. So, yeah. She would stand up for him and put her mom in her place when she decided to harass them constantly.
Eventually, she divorced Y/N’s dad and moved off with Jerry. He was basically just her sugar daddy who supplied her shopping addiction and threw money at her when she was upset. Just what the woman needed because she didn’t deserve her sweet father. 
All of that would also be why she hadn’t called her mom about coming home. She had kept in contact with her mom just when she would reach out to her. And a good chunk of the time it was Marlene asking something of her. She knew her daughter was well off now and had many business connections with her own business. But who’s surprised by the older woman taking advantage of those around her for her own gain?
“Junie!” an excited voice shouted in front of her. 
She looked up from the last step she had taken from the stairs and saw her father by the baggage claim with a small piece of poster paper in hands and wide arms open for her. The paper labeled with the words “June Bug” and a perfectly drawn heart next to it.
“Hey Dad,” she laughed, relaxing her shoulders. All the nerves vanished at the sight of one of her favorite people who always brought her comfort.
“How you doing, Bug?” he grinned, pulling her in for a tight hug. His Brooklyn accent was much thicker than Y/N’s ever was. Her’s only came out in certain words, or if she was drunk or tired.
“Oh, you know. Things could be better,” she sighed into his shoulder. 
They stayed like that for a second before finally pulling away.
“Would you look at you?” he smiled softer now. “You know, you look more and more like your grandmother everyday. It’s crazy.”
Y/N never truly looked like her mother or father. Given the grandmother he was talking about was his own mother, she had some features of him, but looking back at old pictures, she was the modern version of her grandmother that was born in the mid 30’s. Not that she was complaining because she was a gorgeous scholarly woman who was a very well known advocate for the environment. Famous to an extent. 
So she didn’t have just her features, but also her mindset and passions. It helped that her grandmother was a big part of her life until she passed when she was 18. She was the one who taught her about her own love for nature and the earth, and taught her how to use that sassy attitude of hers for a better fight in what’s right. Now playing a major role in who Y/N was and did for a living today.
And with Grandma Georgia, or GG, being a sassy missy herself, was the only one that could make Marlene truly shit herself. She used to say Marlene was just a bitch to her because she was jealous that her daughter was 1000x more beautiful than her.
“Thanks Dad,” she smiled with a small blush. “Where’s Sherri? I thought she was coming with you?” 
“She helped me make my poster here, but before we were about to head out, she got a call from the hospital. She had to go in for an emergency, but is hoping to be home tonight for dinner,” he explained, throwing an arm around his daughter and walking the two to the conveyor belt of suitcases.
Sherri was Thomas’s girlfriend. They had been dating for about 8 years now, but never worried about the whole marriage thing. Both having been divorced already once and not wanting to risk it all again. Though, who were they kidding? They weren’t breaking up anytime soon. They were a match made in heaven that just ended up meeting a little late in life. Both weeding through people they weren’t meant to be with before finding the other. 
“Ah, joys of being the head nurse at a ER in a Brooklyn Hospital,” Y/N winked up at him. 
“Quite the woman that one,” he winked back.
“That she is,” Y/N giggled. “She’s doing good though? Liking her new job?”
“Yeah, it’s taken some getting use to, but she’s got a good crew from what she’s said. Only thing that’s crazier is the type of people coming in, now that she’s in a higher poverty part of town.”
“She’s staying safe though? No weird nightly mishaps in the ER or parking lot on the way back to her car late in the night?” Y/N asked, concerned for the woman she considered more her mom than her actual mom.
“Nope. They have a system to keep them all safe and the security guards chauffeur them to the cars at night for further safety. Nothing crazy has happened yet luckily,” he answered. 
“Good. I don’t know what I would do without that woman,” she nodded happily. 
“She would say the same about you,” he chuckled, happy that the two main women in his life were so close. “How was the flight?”
“Eh, it was a long one. I had a stop in Colorado before here, so it was about 6 hours of flying and layovers combined…”
“And it’s only 5:30 in your head. Whereas I would normally be getting ready for bed about right now,” he joked as he looked at his watch.
“Careful Tommy. You’re sounding like an old man there…”
“Well, I’m not getting any younger…” he winked. But the meaning behind it was something that only his daughter could distinguish.
“If you ask me for grandkids again, I’ll fight you,” she pointed, moving to grab her luggage she saw coming her way. “Denise already gave you some.”
Denise would be Sherri’s oldest daughter. She was a few years older than Y/N at 32 and had 3 little rugrats that Y/N gladly claimed as her own nieces and nephews. They lived in Manhattan where she was a stay at home mom and her husband, John, had his own law firm. Sherri also had a younger daughter, Chloe, that was a surprise baby just before her divorce with her past husband. She was 18 now and about to graduate highschool. 
Denise and Chloe’s father was just as good as a dad as Y/N’s mom was a mother. He however, completely cut off ties from them as soon as the divorce was finalized and they’ve probably heard from him a total of 3 times in the 18 years they had been separated. 
To put it lightly, they were very much a blended family, but sometimes the best families are just crazy puzzles that add a piece here and there throughout a lifetime. Plus, Y/N always wanted a sister, having been an only child for the longest time. Now she had two and they were as close as blood sisters could ever be, but without the blood. 
“Speaking of Denise, did you call and tell her about your little situation?” her dad asked, taking the luggage from her and wheeling it himself as well as her carry on too.
“Not yet. These new lawyers, Nelson and Murdock, said they would do it all probono. But I may still have John take a look at the papers just to be sure it’s done right this time,” she groaned. 
“Probably a good idea if you really want this to be finalized. Only of course if that’s what you really want…” he emphasized suspiciously.
“Dad, I’m not doing this with you,” she shook her head, knowing once again where this conversation was going to go.
“I didn’t say anything,” he played innocent.
They reached the car and he began throwing the suitcases in the backseat as Y/N moved quickly to the passenger side. Seconds later, her dad loaded into the driver's seat and turned on the car. Awkward silence filling the air now.
It took them leaving the parking garage from the 10th floor before she finally gave up and let him say what he was hinting at. 
“Ok, say it.”
“He’s doing good Y/N. He’s a good, honest, young man. Single and grown up now,” Thomas went on, defending his son he never got to paternally have himself. 
“I’m sure he is. But our time is over. Out of all the people to understand just not finding your person at the right time, I would hope it’s you,” she sighed, looking out the window and slouching in her seat.
“I do. But I also believe that what your mom and I, had is not the case between you and James.”
“How can you be so sure of that, Dad? I haven’t spoken to him since the day I signed the supposed papers that separated us,” she shot back, looking at him now. Her fire and stubbornness coming out like the spitfire she was. 
But her dad had always had the presence of the coolest cucumber in the veggie drawer. Weird analogy, but it was true.
“Because I’ve watched both of you grow up separately and together, and think that you both have matured enough to at least make amends,” he said calmly.
“Make amends? Is that your starting point to trying to set us up again?” She laughed through her nose. 
“No, but I think what’s happened here is a sign of fate.”
“A sign of fate? Who are you?” She couldn't help but chuckle some at his wording. The most normal kind of man was sounding more like his spiritual girlfriend. 
“Sherri made a good point. You both are at good points in your life. Both thriving, both having found who you each are as a person now, and both the most mature you’ve ever been. We think this crazy random issue that came up isn’t quite an issue, but more so a second chance.”
“A second chance, Dad? Really?” She deadpanned to him. He watched the road as he took a turn and shrugged with raised eyebrows. “You know what? Can we not? I just started thinking about him for the first time in almost 9 years yesterday since this fiasco happened, and I don’t really want a lecture from my father on getting back together with a man who broke my heart.” She waved both her hands and crossed her arms before looking back out the window.
“Oh, that is such a lie,” he rolled his eyes with a short laugh.
“What?!” she shouted.
“Don’t act like you haven’t thought about him at all in the past 9 years,” her father narrowed a knowing eyebrow at her.
“I haven’t-”
“Listen, I get it. You guys had a rather crappy falling out, but that does not mean you just wiped him from your memory. Minus you guy’s romantic relationship, you guys were each other’s best friends all your life.”
“Yeah, and when your best friend wrongs you, you usually don’t have the greatest feelings towards them after or care to think about them. All that does is bring more pain!” she argued. 
Thomas didn’t respond right away. He just looked at her and took in her emotions. What he wanted to say would only fuel the fire in this moment, and he had just got her back home. Plus, it didn’t matter if he said what he was thinking, she would find a way to fight him to protect her own heart no matter how wrong she was. 
She had put up a whole artillery of armor around herself when it came to Bucky, and until it was the right time, his words wouldn’t make a difference in making her see a different perspective. 
Y/N was slightly shocked by his response, but remembered this wasn’t her mom. Her dad knew when to stop before it escalated, even if it meant he didn’t come out the victor in an argument. That’s how Y/N and Marlene’s fights went, not theirs. 
“Ok,” she said after catching her breath. The rest of the short car ride home was quiet. It was slightly tense, but slowly went back to normal after a few minutes.
“I have a roast going if you’re hungry. Sherri may not be back until later, so you may miss her tonight.”
“That’s ok. I booked an extra day while I’m here to spend with you all just in case something like this happened,” she replied. Their tones back to normal. “That plus, I do have some friends I want to catch back up with. Wanda and Vis already reached out. Denise, John, and Chloe will be here tomorrow right? And all the little rugrats that are my nieces and nephew?”
“Sunday. Chloe is at a friends house tonight and will be here tomorrow. We figured Sunday would be better so you’re not stressed after the real signing tomorrow,” he smiled softly.
“Thank you. I guess I didn’t think about that part,” she nodded with a small thankful smile.
“That’s what I’m here for, June Bug.”
Her grin grew as they turned into her childhood home. A little two story home on the outskirts of Brooklyn, just 10 minutes from the city. Paid for by the military all those years back from Thomas’s army days. 
It was well taken care of thanks to the older man. It looked just like it did back in the day and it only brought a happy form of nostalgia to Y/N’s heart. 
Which wouldn’t be the only kind of nostalgia she would be experiencing this weekend.
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chaashni · 12 months ago
If you don’t ask me to stay
Tumblr media
Sleeping for half the day
just for old times sake
I won’t ask you to wait
If you don’t ask me to stay
- Tis the damn season by Taylor Swift
Y/n has a tendency to move out real quick until she grows attached to a place and Harry owns a Diner
Warnings: None, fluff with a twinge of angst. The parts in italics are flashbacks.
Word Count: 7k+
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was official. Life sucked.
3 months after the strenuous, adrenaline-infused shift from London to Nottingham with the impulsive motto of “ My life, my rules” chiming in her head, Y/n had concluded that those words, as gusty and cool as they sounded, were far fetched. Her back and knees hurt from all the furniture she had moved around her new single room apartment and all the walking around she had done in the town. The walking around part was unnecessary, but she had done it anyway, just to get to know the place and because she adored the person who was keeping her company and insisted that " you never get that vibe in a car love". Her head hurt from the fact that her neighbour insisted on playing some corny music in the loudest volume possible, and she was just very tired.
The move from London was not anticipated. It wasn’t something she had planned or counted on happening in any of her wild ‘future-plans’. Some of the crazier of her plans included a shift to mars or a world tour which would be completed in exactly 80 days with a fancy bet at stake, but never did she imagine that she would get a chance at her uni, in the subject she always wanted to study.
The news had come in like a torrent, and all of her friends, family and acquaintances had encouraged her to go for it. It was a 3-hour drive from London to Nottingham, but if she was clever she could cut it down to 2. There were buses which went back and forth between the two places every day so she could reach her classes on time and even snag breakfast at the diner she was paying a regular visit to. Even after every situation was in her favour, she decided to move out. For the third time that year, Y/n had moved out.
“You just enjoy the pattern, don’t you?” her exasperated best friend, and roommate, Rue asked her.
“ Well, no. You know I don’t. I have motion sickness. 3 hours on a bus is going to be the death of me. I would never be able to concentrate when I wanna hurl out every two minutes.” was her reply, with a steady face and eyes fluttering from Rue’s annoyed expression to Caleb, Mr Boyfriend Extraordinnaire’s slightly anxious expression at how close his girlfriend was from breaking something or having a breakdown.
Rue and Y/n had been friends for so long she couldn't remember a time when she was away from her bestie, but her friend was taking the move a lot harder than she was. She didn’t have a new place to look forward to, so yes, her reaction was warranted. Honestly, Y/n would have been offended had her friend been completely cool with her moving out.
The moving out had felt like a long-awaited victory, it was so good that everything felt sweet, the air felt calmer, the wind was faster, the view out of the window more beautiful. She had found a place, not in Nottingham, but a smaller, quieter town some 20 mins away from it. The ambience reminded her of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls with the diner and everything, but at the moment, she felt homesick.
Deciding that wallowing was not going to help her in any way, she decided to go out. To the diner.
The diner was her ‘place’ since she had settled in. Her busy schedule did not allow her to cook and the people of this diner were so cool she couldn’t stay away.
Pulling on a pullover and fixing her hair as best as she could, she hopped down the stairs. 
She had known quite some people in the town. Mitch and Sarah were the couples she adored cause they never bickered and then there was Jeff who had recently married the woman of his dreams and had a smile so wide it put the sun to shame. Then there was the twin brother duo- Cass and Sass, who were named Cameron and Samuel but hated their name too much. Y/n knew she liked this place, and she decided as she walked towards her destination, that she was going to be here for a long time.
The row of vintage cars of numerous bright colours, most of which belong to the family and were placed for the aesthetic, made her smile which only grew larger as she faced the medium-sized chalkboard, on which ‘ Styles’  was carefully written. Right underneath, in a barely legible scrawl was written ‘today’s favourites: ‘ followed by a load of food names which she was ready to bet anything nobody in the town could decipher. Letting the fond smile grow more on her face, she pushed the door and walked in.
Her favourite seat had been taken by somebody and her favourite boy in town, well, he was surrounded by three beautiful girls who seemed to be talking less and giggling more in his presence. Shaking her head, she made way to another table, shooting a dirty look at the man occupying her stool, which was closest to his counter. She should have checked the intensity of her glare because the poor man looked alarmed and then broke into a nasty coughing fit. The obnoxious sound invited the attention of everybody in the diner, and Y/n felt sorry for him. That was when her favourite guy locked eyes with her and raised his heavily ringed arms for a wave.
The reply was so instantaneous she felt she had imagined herself saying his name, but the way he excused himself from the girls and moved in her direction with his eyes set on her face told her otherwise. He was wearing a yellow t-shirt with white flowers on it, the bright colour making him so noticeable she was sure people from the streets would be drawn to him as well. " Hey there, sunflower," she said, as he stood right in front of her.
Her dig at his shirt only made him smile more, dimples pressing into his cheeks as he looked her over. Over his shoulder, she saw the girls tossing their head back and looking unamused. 
"Hello there, love"
"So what do we have tonight?" She asks, raising up the menu right up to his face, to which he chuckled, pushing it down just enough to peer at her. " The usual?" He asked
"No shit" she replied cheekily. That was when the man who was sitting at Y/n's seat got up and she jumped out, leaving Harry equal parts startled and amused. She managed to give another shock to the man, who didn't even drink his water, walking over to the cashier to pay his bill and leave as quickly as possible.
The cashier, who happens to be Harry's sister, Gemma, was trying hard not to burst out laughing and as Y/n caught her eye, they both erupted into peals of laughter.
"Look at these deranged people here, taking joy over scaring a man out of his life, think I lost a customer" Harry said, shaking his head dramatically. Naturally, his comment was ignored as the two ladies kept on laughing and Harry turned his attention to the new order at hand, while quietly passing over Y/n's order to his staff, adding one item to the list, a brownie which he would quietly slip into the kitchen to decorate.  
It had been a tradition since the last three months, right from the day Y/n stumbled into the diner, looking like the sky had fallen on her, mumbling something in the lines of, "this better not ruin my day even more." Her foul mood had drawn Harry so much towards her that he got her to stay for dessert, finally taking her out for some homemade ice cream his friend Cass sold at the other block. The next day she stumbled back in, demanding for the 'icecream-guy-with-a-chicken-sweater'. That evening she had stuck around while he dealt with the last of his customers, talking about some regular stuff while sneaking into the kitchen to steal some chocolates. He then took her to his studio behind the diner, where he had a whole collection of photographs- Polaroids, frames, digital, everything you could name. She saw pics from his Gucci campaigns, a few Valentino here and there and journals full of his time in fashion week London and in Milan. All of that really impressed her and helped uplift her mood.
"So this is your diner?" She had asked him the second time she hung around in the diner, looking around to emphasize.
"I meant, did you set it up or…"
"No, it's my dad’s, he doesn't manage it anymore, carted off his savings and now plays cards in some country club. I took over after him"
This was when Y/n looked at him as if she was trying to solve some equation out of him.
"What? I know I look great but…"
"You ever tried your hand at acting or modelling?" She asked suddenly.
"You got the looks alright for it. You can charm an audience. You would be great for the theatre." She states, earning a lopsided grin from him. 
"You think so?" He asks.
"I said what I said, put two and two together if you can" she fired back.
"Okay okay, surrendering baby. I was a photographer before. Editorial staff. I can do makeup and nail art too and I worked in Milan for a while. I returned a year and a half ago." He explained. Y/n dropped the fry she was twisting in her fingers going, " You were in Milan and you came back? Home?"
"My mum was sick"
"oh…" The conversation would have taken a strain, when Harry went, " You get tired of their accent after a while, love. The food is also ridiculously overpriced. Pizza isn’t all that great there either, even though I suppose pizza is Italian. The pasta’s cool, but it's no Styles diner” with dimples indenting his fine features, hyping up the crinkles around his eyes. 
“Well, I suppose yes. I cannot stay in one place for long either.”
“Really? You have been on this very chair for the last, say 2 hours?”
“Fuck off”
This memory whirls back in her head as she diverts her attention from Gemma to her phone, shooting a ‘hi’ to her best friend for their daily text-conversations. These days, Y/n increasingly looked less forward to these conversations, each one reminding her more of home and all that she had left behind. The irony was that she always texted Rue from the diner, and the diner was the place in her new town which felt the most home to her.
“I don't know why, I was just so desperate to leave. I first left my mom’s place, right after graduating from school, as anybody would have. No, they were not like..you know, they never stopped me from doing anything, they let me be all independent, and headstrong and stuff, but I just wanted to be out of their shadow.” She had said, as she observed the angle of Harry’s jawline and the curve of his cheekbones. His eyes swiftly moved from her hand clasped in his to her eyes, moving back to her fingers. Steadying the nail polish bottle on the counter, he turned towards her, still not letting go of her hand.
“Why their shadow, love?”
“Cause they are influential.They have contacts everywhere, they would walk into any high profile restaurant and the manager or the owner would come to welcome them. Just that. I have never had the luxury of walking into a diner, cause they are not the same as a five-star restaurant, you know.”
“You like travelling?” he asked.
“ I love it.” The question was out of topic, but it was something which excited Y/n so much she beamed, “ I would like to go everywhere you know, France, Spain, Mexico, Japan, India…” she pulled her freshly painted hands out of Harry’s to emphasize and move them around, but Harry gently grabbed her wrist, pulling them back to his thighs and enveloping them with his large hands “ Careful there love”
They had ended up sitting in the diner behind the counter for the entire night. Y/n ranting about growing up in London and her life which she found frustrating, the number of times she switched apartments and roommates, finally giving a shot at staying with her best friend who did not mesh well with the way Y/n preferred to live, but chose to overlook all her irritating habits. " She was just so clean it's ridiculous."
Harry spoke about his time touring with a photography firm as they did outdoor photoshoots, staying on the road with multiple people who came from different places and Y/n could not help the look of longing on her eyes at all the travelling he has done and the slight jealousy creeping on her at the thought of how many beautiful girls he would have met and associated with. Y/n remembered the first time she had seen Gemma, blonde and effortlessly beautiful as she stood next to Harry near the counter. She had assumed that Gemma was his girlfriend, till the similarities in their smile and eyes became evident and soon enough, she was able to extract that they were, indeed brother and sister. 
For Harry, growing up in a small town near London was cool but they didn't always live there. They had another house in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, where they celebrated Christmas every year. He looked quite happy where he was, he loved the diner, he loved interacting with people and almost all his friends were in this town. Even then, his eyes shone when he spoke about work and all the travelling he did. His parents had to move around a lot due to work, so he had to transfer multiple schools and had been on the road for a very long while, with friends- Niall, Louis, Liam, were some names which she could recall, and from what she had heard about them, she would love to hang out with them.
"Here goes your usual'' Harry said, setting her plate down with a flourish when he saw her nails " You removed the paint?" He asked, a frown painting itself on his chiselled face.
"Harry, they were chipped. It looked like I was rubbing my hands on stone" Y/n replied, to which he nodded his head and went " I’m not giving you any free dessert tonight", voice stretching to an amused drawl at the end. "No! " 
"Yes, unless you stay and I paint this exact pattern as my shirt on your nails" referring to the yellow and white flowers on his shirt.
" Things went south for me when my boyfriend told me he was bored of me," Y/n said, stepping outside Cass's ice cream parlour. Seeing that she was towards the busy side of the road, Harry gently grasped at her elbow, switching sides with her so she could be safer. At her look, he went " You're my guest. 'S my job to take care of you. I invited you, should make sure you return in one piece, love." She just smiled and would have said something, preferably cheeky when he continued " And for your picture-perfect prince charming boyfriend-" " Ex-boyfriend" she chimes in, " he probably grew up filling cursive writing handbooks so he doesn't know what should be interesting and what boring" 
Safe to say, Y/n snorted at it. 
"You know what's the only  boring thing here?" He asked, eyes twinkling,"The number of times you have watched Harry Potter since arriving, I'm so done with Daniel Radcliffe at the moment".
"Not a word against my Harry"
"Your Harry? Which one?"
"The wizard"
"Oh that one "I-know-not-how-to-smile-unless-I-get-killed' stereotype"
"Go back to eating your ice cream"
"or we could go back to the diner"
"Is that the only place you have got to take me back to? Or the other places are stocked with your girls who would lick your curls?" She asked, one finger running through his front curls and then running her hand to it, tousling his carefully styled hair.
"Hey!", he slipped out of her reach, trying to manage his hair "That would be gross. And no. I don't stock girls. They do line up behind me sometimes but that is taken care of"
"Taken care of? for whom?"
"Go back to eating your ice cream, oh wait, go back to stealing my ice cream"
"Oh, thanks" and with that, Y/n casually shoves her empty cup into his hands, taking his cone and making a show of turning around as if she is done with him. Only, she isn't.
Y/n has been daydreaming lately. She often has multiple wild thoughts throughout the day, most of which if she shares to people, are laughed at and deemed impossible. That, however, is reserved for certain times of the day. She could control her imagination, she could come back to reality real quick and was never lost in her head. Now, that has changed. In her classes, which were so important- for heaven's sake- she left her city to study and if she goes back home with less than a perfect grade her aunts are never going to let her hear the end of it. 
She had lost her mind.
Her head was clouded, mind fuzzy and she felt drunk on her thoughts, all the while knowing that this wasn’t doing her any good. Her mind was full of a person, his eyes, his jawline, his hair and his hands. God, that man was everywhere. It has been less than four months and he was consuming her. Wherever she went, whatever she did, she would always make her way back to his diner.
It wasn't like Y/n was the only one going out of her way. Harry was right in sync with her. Getting her brownies and cakes, taking her for drives and walks around the town, introducing her to his friends and even painting her nails. He went out of his way to make her feel comfortable and home in this new place, which Y/n was glad about because this was the first time she was properly out of London and her parent's shadow. The touches- Harry was such a touchy and affectionate person, always kissing her hands, lightly touching her cheek and smiling that smile of his, which made her drool, twirling her hair between his fingertips while taking care that not a single strand slipped between his rings. He was, in every way, treating her like he would tend to a glass sculpture. Always so careful, yet lingering. It felt like he was just as drawn to her as she was to him, as if not doing these to her would cause him physical pain. 
She was in her class, looking at whatever the professor was drawing. She had tuned everybody out long back and heck- she shouldn't be doing it- but she was thinking about Harry. She remembered about the time she had been paired with a ridiculous guy who was not working at all, and she had almost lost it on him for being so perfectly useless, except for Harry and his saving grace. Also, that one time in the diner when a good looking guy came up to her and stayed around for a bit, and how she had seen the green of his eyes darken before he strolled up to them, casually slinging an arm around her waist like it was the most normal thing in the world. He had hung around long enough for the guy to get the signal that Y/n was- well- flirting with Y/n was not a good idea, but also gave her full opportunity to state otherwise. That night, Y/n couldn't stop the blush from coating her cheeks every time he looked at her.
She was desperately waiting for the class to end, so she could go see Harry. When it finally did, she drove back home just a little faster than she usually did. Reaching back to her new place, she realized she had been referring to this place, this one-bedroom apartment, as her home. After all the moving around she had done for the last few years, this was the only place she had subconsciously accepted as her home. And the thought brought a smile on her face. Why wouldn't it? She was happy, she was free. She felt independent, she felt herself. It was everything at its finest. And Harry, he was like a cherry on top. 
Changing, and choosing to wear something wildly printed and loose, which she loved, paired with black pants for the contrast, she walked out. Straight to the diner. On reaching there, though, her bubbly mood rapidly dissipated. The sight which awaited her wasn't the most pleasant thing. She had seen Harry surrounded by multiple women many times, but this time, this woman kinda crept onto her. It was probably the way Harry was looking at her, with such adoration and almost reverence. The woman had a very confident air to herself and looked so sure of the way she was twirling her hair between her fingers. And sure, she was sitting at her fucking seat. Sure, absolutely.
Giving a slight wave at Harry, and managing to retain her composure she sat at the other table. She felt Harry’s eyes follow her every move and she had just grabbed the menu for the heck of it when her phone rang. Rue.
“Hey!” She said, excitement creeping onto her voice despite the irritation she felt before. Rue’s throaty voice from the other end alerted all her senses. The next two minutes she just listened to her best friend cry from the other end of the phone. Eyes drooping, she pulled herself off of the table and walked out, phone pressed to her ear.
“So that bastard cheated. You were the one he was cheating with? You had no idea he was married?” She asked, features darkening and face moulding into a terrible scowl. Rue’s cries only increased from the other end, and she reminded herself that she shouldn’t be harsh. It was her best friend and she needed her support. How do you support someone when you are away from them? How do you love someone when you are not seeing them every day? It suddenly dawned upon her how easily she had replaced all her friends, even her family and disregarded everything they had said for her selfishness. She had come to stay in a town as far from them. She was running away from them. She ran so far away that she was the last person who knew about this, and because of her stupid scheduled tests, she wouldn't’ be able to get back and hunt that idiot and rip all his hair off. At that very moment, Y/n realized she was one hell of a failure.
Y/n was sitting staring at the email in front of her. An email which she had typed and retyped for the last three hours and email which she once sent, would shift all her classes online. She would quietly pack her bags and get back on the bus to London, back to her friends. At some time of the 3 hr journey, when she wouldn't be overwhelmed by nausea, she would cancel her lease with her landlord and probably delete Harry’s number like nothing happened. Was this reaction extreme? Hell yes. So was she clicking send anytime soon? No.
Y/n was jerked out of her thoughts when the doorbell rang. 23:35. Who would be at the door at this time?
Opening the door just a bit to peek through, all she could see was darkness. That was till her eyes adjusted and she found herself squinting at Harry’s H-S rings. Sighing, she pulled the door to let him in.
“ You never came back. Everything alright?” he asked, doing a once-over at her. He must have taken in her disgruntled state and her red-rimmed eyes, as she had spent a majority of the evening weeping and rubbing at her eyes to stop the tears from falling, and she couldn’t even place why exactly was she crying. Harry extended his arms to hold her shoulders “ what happened love?”
Slipping out of his touch, Y/n shook her head and turned the other way to walk back inside. “All men do is lie, isn’t it?” she asked.
“You all, men, liars aren’t you?”
“What are you talking about? Is this because of that phone call? You looked like you were talking to a ghost.”
“Yeah, something like that.”
“Wanna talk about it? “
“Not now”
Harry stiffened at the curtness of her answer. Then again, he wasn’t an active part of Y/n’s life. He was there, as long as she remained in his town. She had an entirely different life waiting for her in London. A life with friends and family and people who she felt didn’t appreciate her as much as she deserved. She could move back whenever she wanted because that’s how she liked it. Harry could be as involved as possible and even love her more than anybody ever did, but the possibility of her leaving back to would always be there.
In the last two months of knowing Y/n, he had been drawn to her like a magnet. Right from her brutal honesty to her crazy ways of approaching life, he liked everything about her. Her smile, her eyes, he just couldn’t stay away. He had shared a lot about his life to her, and so had she. From her best friend Rue to Rue’s picture-perfect boyfriend who always managed to annoy Y/n, it was like he knew all of them. It seemed they had wordlessly established a no-secrets rule between them, a rule which was never broken till now, in the almost suffocating silence of her messy living room.
Y/n was not letting him know why she was upset. Yeah, she could have secrets, she could have a bad day, which is fine but Harry so badly wanted to make her happy again. Seeing her laptop perched at the edge of the desk, he went, “ So, you’re working?”
“Yeah, busy day, you know…” she drifted off, not finishing her sentence.
“What about you? “ She asked again. 
“What about me?”
“You had a visitor”
“Oh, Camila”
“If that’s what her name is, yes. Anything interesting?” she asked, clearing her head and shifting her focus from the doubts regarding herself clouding her head to Harry. All roads lead to Harry, she thought to herself and rolled her eyes.
“She was on your chair”
Despite herself, Y/n felt her face break into a grin, mirrored by Harry’s who sat on her couch and splayed his legs out. Seeing him, she put her legs on top of her coffee table and went “ Yup, couldn’t scare her away.”
“She left immediately after. I kept the seat vacant wondering when you would come back but guess what, who ditched me,” he said, pouting.
“Whoever ditched you, must be crazy.”she said, heart fluttering at the thought of him saving the seat for her.
“No, she just suddenly thinks all men are liars. At the moment she is looking at her laptop like it's her worst enemy.”
“Woah, she seems crazy from your description. Beware”
A silence passed over them, a lot more comfortable then the one before till Harry went “ Have I told you this before, comfortable silence is so overrated.”
“Yes you have. Now instead of talking in circles, tell me who she is.” In Spite of the jest in her tone, Harry could detect an undercurrent of jealousy in her tone, possibly insecurity too.
“She works for a modelling agency. They take models from around the world for photo shoots, runways, campaigns and stuff. She was one of my contacts when I did photography before. They have an All-Europe campaign , focusing on, uh-stuff- and she wants me on the crew of photographers. Like, to run around with them the way I used to. Don’t know about my other friends, but they wanted me to be a part of the team. It’s supposed to be a good project” he said, looking down at his rainbow shoes. Most of his wardrobe was Gucci, because he had friends in the designing team who sent him gifts to maintain business relations. Harry had been an in-demand photographer and had shot loads of Gucci campaigns before he stopped abruptly due to his mum’s health.
“What did you say?”
“That I would think about it.” he answered, looking away. The idea was tempting, sure. It had been a while since he was out of this place.His mum was with her sister, so there was somebody who could take care of her. The diner, he was sure Gemma and her boyfriend could manage. As tempting as it sounded, he didn’t like being on the run.He loved photography but he was tired of campaigns, tired of all that it brought. He liked the stability the diner provided. He liked his friends. He liked Y/n, who he had met in this town and who was staying here, atleast as long as she had her classes.
“You have stalled your career for almost a year and a half, you should go.” she said, looking down. Moving out was a norm for Y/n, she shouldn’t be affected by it. Suddenly she realized how her friends and family would have felt seeing her run around.
“You want me to go?” he asked softly.
“Are they paying you nice and do you like that job?”
“Yes and...Yes?”
"Then you should go.” she said, with her voice having an air of finality.
“Oh” Harry said. What had he been expecting? That she would beg him not to go? That she would run into his arms and finally press her lips to his? The same girl who ran with the wolves and never settled, who claimed that she didn’t know what she wanted with life and wouldn't stop running till she reached the place which was hers. Was it that easy to change a mindset, especially one which doesn’t allow you to trust and let yourself get familiarized with a place, person, entity? No. Harry was a believer. A narcissist would be a better description, but he had felt that maybe he would be Y/n’s place. The person with whom she felt the most herself, the person she couldn’t bring herself to leave behind.
He must have got it wrong.
So why was he seeing tears pooling in Y/n’s eyes?
“What’s wrong love?”
“Nothing, no…”
“You can tell me anything, you know that ,don’t you”
“I think you should go. You know, you’ll get to meet people, you get to bring out your camera lenses so they won't be eating dust. Your mum isn’t in town. I'm sure the diner could do without you dirty handwriting.” she said with a light chuckle, blinking her tears away from her eyes and finally facing him ,and to Harry’ disappointment, she seemed happy for him. Which meant, his staying around didn't matter as much as he thought it did.
“Ok, yeah. I haven’t made my mind yet.” he said, shuffling around and playing with his rings.
“I am thinking of going for online classes.” Y/n said after a moment.
“What? Why? Didn’t you think that was the worst thing that could be done? ” he asked, confused.This was the last thing he expected her to say.
“I have no idea. I also have no idea how many times have I told you this phrase, but I just don’t.”
“Where is all of this coming from? Is it the call? Is there a problem back home? You don’t have to tell me what, but now I am getting worried.” Harry asked, eyebrows furrowing, he was about to go sit next to her and hold her hand because it calmed him down and he could really use that at the moment.
“Remember Rue?”
“Your best friend with the boyfriend?”
“ He cheated. And by that, he already had a wife, and he was cheating on his wife with Rue and none of us had any idea. Like great. That is why I was saying that all men are liars.” she explained
“Oh fuck” Harry said, this wasn’t what he expected. Also, this wasn’t the answer of why in the name of hamburgers was she thinking of going online. Online classes meant she was free to leave. Fuck.
“That must have been terrible. How is she holding up?"
“She is bad. Real bad. Especially if she has a shit best friend who is never there for her.” 
“Are you referring to yourself-oh yeah-dumb question.”
Again silence drew over the pair. Harry absolutely hated silences.
“So, is this why you are going back?” he asked, softly, carefully approaching her like he would to a deer which had lost its way and was hiding, holding onto the last of safety.
“I don’t know. I typed an application  but that was mostly impulsiveness and I don’t wanna do it but I also don't wanna be a bad friend or anything” she said, tearing up again. She was so damn confused and hated being overwhelmed by her own feelings. This time, Harry got her. He went to grab her hands and sat next to her on her side of the couch going “ Hey, none of that. Just because you are following your dreams and doing what you want doesn't mean you are a bad friend.”
Y/n pulled one of her hands out of his soft grip to rub her knuckles over her eyes, and Harry peeled her hands off and delicately rubbed the tiny drop of liquid which managed to roll down her eye, away from her cheeks. Just like he would handle a glass sculpture.
“I am never there. I was not there when my cousins graduated, I was moving boxes when my mum broke her arm, I was fussing over rent when my ex found a better person to stay with. I can never stay around long enough for people to actually love me, and now again when one of my closest friends is in the worst phase of her life, I am not around.” Y/n’s voice cracked more as she neared the end of her sentence, pulling her face out of his grip to bury her face in her knees and curl up into a ball, all the while willing herself not to cry.
Harry wasn’t just going to let her suffocate on her feelings.He knew she troubles expressing herself, he knew of her abandonment issues. He respected her space, so he very softly asked her, “ Can I hold you?” If anything, this just made her jerk more and she found herself leaning into him. For the first time in a very long while, Y/n allowed herself to cry out loud in the presence of somebody else.
Harry stayed over that night, holding her tight to himself as he slept. Sleeping in his work clothes was uncomfortable, but Y/n spend the night alone and disappointed in herself was worse.
Morning came and he went out to get her some coffee. She didn’t have anything in her kitchen so he went into the diner, marched into the kitchen and brought with him a kettle full of coffee.
“I thought you left.”
“Not so soon, love” he said, turning around and giving Y/n a light peck on her forehead, and smiling at the way her cheeks heated up.
“So I have Styles’ diner at my place today”
“Yup, due to unavoidable circumstances the shift had to be executed overnight.”
“Don’t worry, I am no stranger to shifting.” she said, sighing and looking around her unused kitchen.
Harry hummed at the back of his throat and  took in her morning appearance, clothes rumpled, eyes half closed because of sleep and lack of caffeine, and hair all messy. If he could, he would tattoo this sight onto himself, like the numerous other tattoos. While at the diner, he had changed out of his uncomfy clothes to softer pants and a light t-shirt with ‘safe sex’ written on it, a detail which wasn’t missed by Y/n.
“So Camila, that woman. How is she like?”
“She is...nice. She is good at her work.”
“And otherwise?”
“Otherwise I haven't spoken much to her. Gorgeous she is,but dunno about the other things ”
Y/n’s eyes narrowed lightly at the ‘gorgeous’ thing, but she didn’t say anything. How long does it take to get a hint?
“I take it you are not moving back?” he asked, setting a coffee mug, brought in from the diner, in front of her.
“ No, everybody thinks that would be the most stupid thing I can ever do.That is saying something, considering I have a humongous list of stupid things.”
He scoffed slightly , looking down at her from the rim of his cup.
“Got something to say?”
“Umm..yeah, it won't be the same here without you.” Y/n knew she was being extra and jumping to conclusions, but she also wanted to draw answers. Quick answers. As bad as she was answering things about herself, she knew Harry real well. She knew which buttons to push and get the replies.
“I have not confirmed that I am going.”
“But you will, won’t you? It's a great chance to get your career back on track, you shouldn’t lose it.”
“ Would you leave a well-settled life for a new opportunity, a new adventure, some years from now?” he asks suddenly. This gets Y/n thinking. A few months ago, she wouldn’t have to think before replying to this question. Of course, she wouldn’t have left a single chance. But now, she had a taste of something permanent, a home of hers and a lot of feelings associated with it. It filled her with a certain warmth that she loved. She had toyed with the idea of leaving just the day before, and she couldn’t convince herself to do it. For the first time, Y/n was attached to a place. Would that change in the next few years? Sure, it could. She was just as sure that even if she left this place, she would always come back here, it was her town, her place.
“I don't know. Maybe I can, maybe I won’t, it really depends.”
Harry, who was watching her intently, pushed a strand of hair out of her face.  “Same here. My going also depends on some circumstances.”
“Like?” she managed to choke out, her face heating up.
“Like Gemma agreeing to manage the diner on her own. Also, you. I won’t go if you ask me to stay.”“Wha…” she trailed off, unsure of how to reply to such a direct statement.
"If I go, will you wait for me?" He asked, eyes never leaving her face. Y/n just stood transfixed, not knowing where this would lead. “yes...” she muttered, mostly to herself. The reins of this conversation were no longer in her hands, and she hoped it would end in a pleasant way. In the way which could lead to something better. Damn, She hated confrontations.
“Do you want me to stay Y/n?"he asked again, green eyes boring into hers so intently she felt she would combust.
“Why will that change anything?” she whispered, leaning towards him.
“Damn it Y/n, you know I’ve got feelings for you, just say you don’t want me to stay, and I swear to god I will call her right now and say that I am going. I won’t ask you to wait , if you don’t ask me to stay.” 
Y/n didn’t know what possessed her. Selfishness? Yes. The desperate need to be as close to Harry as possible? Very much yes. Her own feelings for Harry? Hell yeah. One second, she looked him in the eye and the next, she took the step separating them, latching her hands behind his neck and pulling his head down to meet her lips- all in a frenzied rush with her pulse thumping in her hands.Harry felt euphoria like never before, dazed, he grabbed her face in his large hand, the other going to encircle her waist, pulling her close. Out of breath, she leaned back slightly to read his face when he pulled her back to him again because he had been waiting for this for so long he couldn’t just let it slip away.
“Stay” she panted out, in between his desperate kisses.
“Only if you want me to.” he said, breathing heavily.
“Only if you want to. Not because I am asking you to. You can take your words back.”she said, trying to slip away, suddenly shy.
“Never” he growled, latching his lips back to her.
He switched their positions, Y/n once again being amazed by the strength he had. With her back against the refrigerator he pressed his lips down to hers again. He went slower this time, licking into her mouth and grabbing at her sides as he slipped his tongue into her mouth, resulting in a set of broken whimpers from her end. Her hands traveled down the broad expanse of his back, nails tracing the taut muscles as she risked slipping one of her hands underneath his t-shirt. Harry shuddered at her cool touch, leaning more into her and almost crushing her under his weight. He pulled his lips off of her, and Y/n couldn’t help the strangled cry escape her at the loss of his touch. He traced his fingers over her swollen lips, smearing a rough kiss at the corner of her mouth. His other hand went to grab her jaw, pulling her face up to look him in the eye.
“I like the diner, I like you, I left that life behind and I don’t intend to go back if I can help it.” Harry said, finally resting his head against her. Though he would very happily go back to kissing her, she needed reassurance. So did he.
“What if...I wanna run again?”
“Just let me know of your plans, I’ll catch up with you.”
“Yeah?” she asked, pecking his lips and grinning at him.
“Yeah, with every intention of running with you,” dimples popping into his face. “I might get some great pictures too. It's a win-win. Sounds good?”
“Sounds great”
Hi! My name is Vee ( Not really, but its complicated to the point nobody understands it sooo...)  and I am so new here. This was my first attempt at writing a full blown fic, not a blurb or concept. I really really hope you like it. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Please reblog, so this fic reaches to more people. And you can say what you think about in the tags. Shoot me a message in my inbox. I will accepts requests, so send in your concepts and I will share what I think
My inbox for your requests and feedback
Thank you for dropping in! Love you all. TPWK.
- Vee
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boxofbonesfic · 8 months ago
Pattycakes (Chapter 6)
Tumblr media
Title: Pattycakes
Summary: Like they say, it really does just take one time... Patricia Hodgins knows that better than anyone. She’s got even worse luck when it comes to her child’s father: Billionaire playboy Thor Odinson. He’s selfish and manipulative; and Patty’s not sure which outcome frightens her more—killing him or letting him worm his way into her heart.
Pairing: Thor x Black OFC
Rating: Explicit
Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 
Warnings: Manipulation, Possessive behavior, Mildly dubious consent, Breeding Kink, Age Difference (significant but not extreme), Stalking (light stalking though lol), Past Relationships, Class drama, Dad!Thor, Character improvement
A/N: Please let me know how you’re feeling about this fic with a comment or a reblog! Thank you 😘
This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk!
Chapter 6: Ashes, Ashes
Patty finds it isn’t easy being “single” when Thor is involved. Thor weasels more... “agreeable” terms out of Patty.
Thor spent the entire next few days in a foul temper, and when Loki knocked on his office door, it hadn’t yet improved. He hadn’t heard from Odin or Idunn, and could only surmise that the latter hadn’t yet informed his father of his… transgressions. Worse still, he hadn’t had the time to make any progress with Patricia. There had been a strange sort of truce in the apartment since the beginning of the week, with Patricia dancing skittishly around him. 
  She was using Amelia as a buffer, though whether she was aware he’d figured it out was anyone’s guess. Thor had intended on slowly chipping away at her resolve with soft touches, expensive gifts—but that seemed to work better on their daughter than her mother. Amelia loved the tablet he’d gifted her, but Patty had stoutly shook her head, firmly stating that Amelia was too young for it.
  Thor couldn’t understand. He had the means with which to provide—why was her every response to his lavish gifts disgust? It hadn’t stopped him from allowing Amelia to play on it when Patricia wasn’t around. He grinned at the memory of her holding up her tiny pinky. “Pinky promise,” She’d said seriously, her little mouth set into a serious line.
  Thor threw his pen down in frustration—he wasn’t getting any work done, not like this. He took a sip of lukewarm coffee and grimaced as a familiar knock sounded through the closed office door. The person on the other side didn’t wait for him to answer, and the door slid open. Thor could feel his younger brother’s displeasure from across the room, and he glowered at him, stroking a frustrated hand down his chin as he regarded him silently from the doorway. I suppose that makes two of us.
  “Well? Are you just going to stand there or are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” Thor snapped, and Loki’s resounding chuckle only incensed him further. 
  “Honestly, I’m surprised you hadn’t fathered a bastard sooner, what with your… proclivities. ” he snickered. Thor gritted his teeth. “How old is she now, three? Four? Christ.” Loki closed the door behind him, leaning just out of the way as Thor’s favorite coffee mug smashed against the thick wood. He tutted at him, shaking his head. “Terrible aim.” 
  “Call my child a bastard again, and even father won’t be able to put you back together again,” He warned. Clearly Idunn had gone and run her mouth to Loki after leaving his apartment, though he couldn’t say he was particularly surprised. They were closer in age, and while Idunn had always had a... thing for men a little older, she’d tried her luck with Loki many times before. Thor cut his eyes at his brother, who was slowly making his way across the carpet, brushing small fragments of porcelain dust from the sleeves of his otherwise immaculate suit. 
  He wasn’t particularly pleased to see him, especially not with that introduction, but he supposed it was better than Odin himself bursting in. That would have far more dire consequences than just his personal irritation. A memory came, unbidden, swimming up to the surface of his mind from the murky depths of his childhood. 
 “Father, where is Hela?” Odin looked down at him disinterestedly, shaking his son’s small hand from his pants leg with a scoff. He straightened his bow tie in the mirror, and tucked his watch into his pocket, before sighing and rolling his eyes at Thor’s expectant gaze. He brushed past him on his way out of the master bedroom, speaking over his shoulder. 
  “She made her choice, Thor. As far as I’m concerned, you have no sister.”
  Loki cleared his throat, and Thor rubbed at his temples. He didn’t enjoy memory lane on a good day, and having them pop up unnecessarily now was even less ideal. “Fair enough.” He continued, holding his hands up placatingly, though his barbed tongue didn’t still in his mouth for even a moment. “I also thought you’d be smart enough not to let your betrothed find out about your…what are we calling her, mistress? Girlfriend?” He quipped, leaning against Thor’s desk with feigned disinterest.
  “She’s not… Gods, you’re such a shit .” Thor hissed. “Idunn is not my betrothed. I don’t recall ever agreeing to that, not even to please father. And Patricia is not my mistress.” Though in a perfect world… Thor shook his head. Though the fantasy was certainly tempting, there was nothing he could hold over Patty that would make her accept second place in anything. There was no conceivable future where he could have both his father’s approval and Patricia’s warm, lithe body next to his at night. Not to mention that he’d long since lost interest in Idunn, though he’d never deigned to share that information with her . He hadn’t exactly seen the point then , though hindsight was always 20/20. 
  “No, but she is the mother of your ba—child.” Loki corrected himself quickly, but Thor glared at him in warning. “Idunn called me a few days ago, I made out what I could from all her blubbering.” 
  “And you didn’t tell me?” Thor questioned accusingly. He and Loki were close—the closest out of all their siblings. He trusted Loki—though perhaps only about as far as he could throw him. Loki grimaced. 
  “I had to… persuade her not to tell father. It was quite a process.” He spat the words out distastefully. Thor looked at him in surprise. Though he and Loki were close, they still bore the same trademarks of Odin’s upbringing; they were fiercely competetive with one another, and it wasn’t a stretch to imagine either of them attempting to undermine the other, especially with such… lucrative information. Loki must have realized Thor’s shock, and his cheeks colored. 
  “Look, as much as I would love to see you get your due comeuppance—” Thor snorted derisively at this—“I thought perhaps it might be more prudent to help you.” 
  “And how do you plan on doing that?” Thor raised a single eyebrow in question. 
  “Well what; she wants money, right?” Loki asked, shrugging. “Isn’t that why she’s hanging around? So, we pay her off. People do it all the time. What, you think we’re father’s only children?” He snarked, and Thor rolled his eyes. He hadn’t met any of Odin’s... other children, and while their existence was relegated to hushed whispers, the thought of all the women he might have paid for their silence left a sour taste in Thor’s mouth. 
  “She doesn’t want our money.” There . He’d admitted it, both to Loki and to himself. He’d been loath to do so, because if he acknowledged it, it meant he had to feel bad about not letting her off the hook—but he didn’t. He still wanted Patricia more fiercely than he’d wanted anything … and he still burned with fury at her when he thought about how she’d kept herself from him. “I won’t abandon them.” He’d already laid claim to her— the only kind of claim that even fucking mattered— and now all that was left was for her to realize who she belonged to. Him. “I… I asked her to, er—”
  “Oh christ.” Loki hissed, pinching the bridge of his nose as he sat down on the desk. “You didn’t.” He rubbed his temples before dragging an exasperated hand through his thick black hair. “You said she was a fling, Thor. We don’t move flings into our apartments three years later . Along with our very much out of wedlock children.” The mention of marriage made Thor’s frown deepen. If Odin wasn’t on him about his work at the company, then he was riding his son’s back about marriage. The thought of marrying Idunn, and having to put up with her clinging, whiny behavior until death did they part made him gag. Not to mention the kids… He shuddered.
  The match with Idunn was already made, and though Thor had never treated her like a girlfriend—much less a fiance—he would be lying if he didn’t admit that both of their families had been waiting eagerly on him to pop the question since Idunn turned twenty one. 
  “I wasn’t going to leave my daughter in a run down apartment in Canarsie.” Thor snapped. “And Patricia… it’s complicated.” He certainly wasn’t going to explain the mired depths of his innermost feelings to Loki , of all people. “I intend to have her.” He said simply. 
  “And when father finds out?” Loki drawled, drumming his fingers against the thick wood. “Because he’s going to, so… will it be worth it?” A moment of silence passed between them, and Thor knew that like him, Loki was also thinking of their sister. Unlike Thor, Loki had never been close her. He’d been about six when she left, and now, over two decades later, they still didn’t know what had become of her. “Is she worth it?” 
  “The old fuck is going to be pissed no matter what I do,” Thor said with a grimace. Barring completely hiding Amelia’s existence (which was no longer a viable option), there was little Thor could do to avoid his father’s wrath—only delay it. Idunn wouldn’t tolerate being cast aside so easily, nor would she remain quiet about it for long. “I can’t very well hide her now.” Whether it would be worth it or not… remained to be seen. Thor glowered, thinking of Patricia’s rather difficult demeanor. But the sweet payoff… Instead of irritatingly painful memories, this time his mind conjured up images of Patricia; writhing and sweaty and full of him—
  “You know, of the two of us, I always figured it would be me that would go off script like this.” Loki sounded amused, which didn’t make Thor feel any better, though his assumption had frankly been true for both of them. “You know, go against the family, seduce some pretty little thing, knock her up and run off with her.” 
  “Sorry to beat you to the punch,” Thor replied dryly, not entirely pleased with Loki’s summation of events, though he knew that had Patricia heard them, she would probably agree that she’d been “seduced” by an older man. He chuckled lightly. Though, now that he’d thought about it, there was a certain thrill that came with their age gap. “I’m sure there’s still enough time between now and when father disowns me for you to knock up a college girl if you try hard enough.” He snapped sarcastically, rubbing his temples. 
  Loki snorted. “So when do I get to meet her? She’s the girl from the lobby I pointed out to you, isn’t it?” He asked eagerly, his grin widening when Thor nodded. “Hah! And to think, if I hadn’t said anything…” He trailed off. It was true, had Loki not attempted to taunt him, he very well might have remained ignorant of Patricia’s proximity to him indefinitely, he wasn’t the most… observant member of the family. “I’m just stoked to meet your bundle of joy, too,” He added. 
  “When I’ve got everything sorted.” Thor replied, shooing his brother off of his desk. “It would be… chaotic to introduce you now.” Especially while Patricia is so… wily. Patty’s behavior was unpredictable. One moment he’d think he had her pinned down without question, and the next she was just out of his reach. He couldn’t introduce her to the family until he could control her—and having to threaten her with legal action was proving to be as tiresome as it was effective, and he had a feeling it too would become obsolete as far as threats went. “What are you even doing here, besides being a thorn in my side?” Thor didn’t want to talk about Patty anymore—he would leave Idunn to Loki, who was far more underhanded with his machinations than he himself was. Idunn was petulant and spoiled—no one was better at playing to those than his brother. 
  “Can’t I just check in with my favorite brother after hearing an absolutely atrocious rumor?” Loki lied so easily, Thor wondered if perhaps their father had known something of his nature when he’d named him. God of mischief and lies indeed.  
  “I’m the only brother you’ve got, being your favorite is meaningless.” Thor grumbled. “What else did she tell you?” 
  Loki shrugged. “The usual threats, you know. ‘My father will hear about this’, and ‘I’m going to ruin you’.” 
  “How did you get her to stay quiet?” 
  “I told her her marriage prospects were already fairly thin, considering everyone knows how hard she’s been panting after you—and under you—for literal years. Said I’d try to talk a bit of sense into you, but we all know that’s next to impossible.” Thor chuckled a bit at the insult—he didn’t much change his mind once he’d made it up, that was certainly true. 
  “How long do you suppose you can keep her quiet?” He asked, and it was Loki’s turn to frown. 
  “A week. Perhaps two, if we’re lucky and she doesn’t remember that she’s angry at you while she’s out spending my money.” 
  Thor barked out a laugh. “You paid her?” Loki looked appalled. 
  “I did not pay your ex-fiance off.” He rolled his eyes. “I gave her access to my card as a… condolence for your transgressions while I ‘help you see the light’ , is what I believe I said.” 
  Thor wasn’t sure what he could possibly accomplish in a week. His father knew everyone who was everyone, and there was no faking the level of pedigree that Odin would require from any person who would be joining their family. 
  “A week, then.” Thor replied, feeling no better about the situation than he had before Loki walked in. 
  They chatted some about the Stark merger, and their acceptance of his revamped proposal terms. Odin was pleased with him, but no one knew how long that would last—it would likely burn out in the face of his fury at Thor’s indiscretions. When Loki finally left his office, Thor had one of the interns come and sweep up the broken bits of mug, which they did wordlessly, a grace he was thankful for. His wrath had blanketed the office for days, and no one was particularly eager to incite him. 
  At four thirty, he was locking his office door, and heading eagerly down to the lobby. Though, technically the work day wasn’t finished until five, being the boss had its perks, and one of them was leaving early to tend to Amelia. Patricia watched his time with her like a hawk, circling them protectively while he read to her, or played games. He thought back to the argument they’d had just that morning, when he’d declared over breakfast that he would be picking Amelia up from school. He’d been pushing Patty for it, demanding it in harsh whispers in the hallway as Amelia slept at night, oblivious. 
  I’m done waiting for permission. When has an Odinson ever waited for permission for anything? He thought amusedly, punching the down button on the elevator. Patty had fought him hard, of course, but she’d given in when he’d slid a warning hand up her thigh, squeezing it as he’d made his request again. 
  She’d acquiesced easily after that. 
  Thor felt a slight stirring in his loins as he thought about it—he couldn’t help it. There was something about Patricia that just made him want to take charge, to bully her. He hadn’t had anyone to help slake his lust for her since the restaurant, and his patience was wearing thinner and thinner every day. The doors slid open, and Thor pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind, turning from the elevators and walking towards the entrance of the daycare. The receptionist looked nervously down at her folded hands as he passed, likely not wanting a repeat of the last time he’d picked up Amelia. 
  Good. He didn’t like people questioning him, which she’d learned thoroughly when she’d tried to stop him from strolling out with his daughter. Amelia was sitting in a circle with the other children, and it looked as though the teacher was showing them letters, having them name words they knew that began with the ones she was pointing at. Amelia was sitting eagerly at the front, practically jumping up from the carpet as she raised her hand eagerly. The teacher pointed at her, and she stood proudly. 
  “House! House start with ‘h’, Miss Robbins!” She said, running up to the board and pointing at the letter decisively. “Right?”
  “That’s right, Amelia.” The teacher looked up from the class, making eye contact with Thor as she smiled softly. Thor’s cheeks burned as dozens of pairs of small eyes turned to gaze at him. “Look, I think someone’s here to see you, Amelia.” Amelia waved excitedly before running over, and grabbing his hand. 
  “Door, l learn letters!” She gestured excitedly back at the board to illustrate her point. He squatted down, ruffling her messy curls with a gentle hand. 
 “I see that. You should go say bye to your friends and your teacher, okay?” He’d learned a little more about talking to her by watching Patricia—she phrased most things as questions, and spoke to her gently, regardless of whether she was angry or not. Amelia was endlessly curious, and full of questions. Why did she have to go to school on time? Why did she need to take a bath? Where were her fairy wings? Though it never ended, Thor had come to find it amusing, instead of irritating. Amelia nodded, and began making her rounds. She got distracted by her friends by the building blocks, but Thor allowed her a few more minutes of play time before he cleared his throat. 
  “Amelia, it’s time to get ready to go.” She heaved a heavy sigh, but scampered away to grab her backpack. Had she worn a jacket that morning? He couldn’t remember. It was warm now, but… Thor shook his head. How did Patricia remember all these things? One of Amelia’s puffs had come loose from its band in the time it had taken her to run over to her small desk to get her bag, and Thor knelt down, frowning as he tried unsuccessfully to bunch her hair back together. Patty didn’t yet trust him with Amelia’s hair, so most of the time he simply sat back and watched. 
  Once he was satisfied that it would at least stay until they made it back to the house, Thor grasped her hand and led her out of the building. It was a nice day, and while his apartment was a good twenty minute walk from the office, it was nice out, and he knew Amelia would enjoy the walk.
  “Did you have a good day at school?” He asked, and she nodded excitedly. 
  “I like school,” She replied, threading her small fingers through his larger ones. “And aminals, I like aminals.”
  “I like animals too. I think I told you my family used to keep horses, right?” He asked, and she let out an excited gasp. 
  “Yes, lots of horsies,” Thor tried to mirror her excitement, and she grinned up at him, a little whistle sounding through the gap in her front teeth. “Maybe one day mommy will let you come see them.” 
  “I want to see them, Door,” She whined, and Thor patted her head comfortingly. “Door, why you pick me up today?” She asked after a moment, peering up at him curiously as they waited at the crosswalk. 
  “Because I…” he paused. He couldn’t very well say that he needed to spend as much time with her as he could, to make up for what he’d missed. I can never make that up , he thought bitterly. “I like to spend time with you. We’re a family.” He said simply, and a confused, yet happy expression crossed her small face. “You, and Mommy, and me.” He hadn’t gotten approval from Patricia to make that statement, but he didn’t much care. He was her family. 
  He’d been worried he would have nothing to talk to Amelia about—but that wasn’t particularly a problem, not when his little chatterbox could barely manage to finish one question before the next was fighting to get out of her mouth. 
  Just outside of their building, Amelia pointed excitedly to the ice cream truck parked just across the street. Thor had always thought he had strong resolve, and after a stern head shake, he knelt in front of her. 
  “No, Amelia. It’ll spoil your dinner.” 
  She reached out, and placed a small hand on his own, her wide eyes tear filled and her lower lip trembling. “Please?” 
  If the doorman was irritated at the chocolate icecream he was sure to find smeared on the walls of the elevator as Amelia happily slurped at her cone, Thor was none the wiser. Patricia wasn’t home yet, though Thor knew she would be there soon; she didn’t often leave Amelia alone with Thor voluntarily. Thor kicked out of his shoes, and padded down the hallway, grimacing when he stepped in a cold puddle of melted ice cream. 
  He looked around frustratedly for Amelia, who was now sitting on the couch, still working on her treat. 
  “Amelia, be careful with that.” He called. “I don’t want mom to find out…” 
  “Don’t want mom to find out what?” Patricia’s voice rang out from upstairs, and Thor jumped. The living room had been dark, and he’d assumed that meant she wasn’t home, but clearly had been incorrect. Amelia jumped up, and ran excitedly over to Patricia, who was coming down the stairs. She was still dressed in her work clothes, well fitted slacks, and a loose, flowy white button-up. Amelia tried to jump on her, but Patricia successfully evaded her chocolate covered toddler, holding her at arms length. “Oh, I see. We went and got treats, did we?” She asked, laughing as Amelia bounced excitedly, nodding. 
  “Door got me ice cream!” She leaned up on the tips of her toes, showing Patricia her sticky face. The remnants of the cone were no more than mush in her tiny hands, which Patty kept dutifully away from herself. 
  “I see that, Mels, you’re a mess!” She said, laughing. Amelia giggled right along with her. “Why don’t you and Thor go wash hands, and I’ll try and… clean up.” She straightened up after giving Amelia a loud kiss on her forehead. Amelia scampered over to the sink, where they’d set up a small stool for her to stand on so that she could reach the faucet. “Good walk?” She asked Thor, who was stripping off his ice-cream coated socks with displeasure. 
  “Of course. We got ice cream, and discussed horses and the many things that begin with the letter ‘Q’,” Thor replied, a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth. Usually by now, Patricia had changed out of her work clothes, usually sporting loungewear that wasn’t meant to be sexy, but made Thor’s eyes follow her to every corner of the apartment anyway. 
  “Good luck, the sugar rush is going to hit her in about thirty minutes, so… may the odds be ever in your favor,” She joked. Amelia ran back over with damp— but clean— hands, and Patty swept her up in a hug, picking her up as Amelia laughed loudly. She blew a raspberry on Amelia’s exposed belly, and she shrieked, kicking her legs. Patty put her down, and Amelia ran over to the living room, turning on the television. 
  “Going somewhere?” Thor asked, gesturing at her. Patty looked skittishly down at herself, before pursing her lips. 
  “As a matter of fact, I was . I was just… just about to ask you if you would mind watching Amelia by yourself tonight, I wanted to, er, get some drinks with a couple of friends.” Patricia swept a lock of curly hair behind her ear as she studied him. Thor was careful to keep his expression neutral, though all he wanted to do was tell her she couldn’t—which would devolve into more arguing, something he didn’t need right now. As if she sensed his hesitation, she held up a hand. “I can always get Melissa if you’re, you know, busy.” Somehow, the idea of her calling a babysitter when he, Amelia’s father was there, incensed him further. 
  “Do you not think I’m capable of watching my own daughter, unsupervised for an evening?” He asked, raising an irritated eyebrow. Patricia rolled her eyes at his mood, before leaning back against the island. “I don’t need a sitter.” 
  “No. I just know that sometimes, it’s nice to have a break.” She scoffed. “Should I do something for dinner, or—” Thor dismissed her with a haughty wave of his hand. 
  “I’ll take care of it.” He snapped, more forcefully than he meant to. “So… out with friends?” He drawled, enjoying watching the way her eyes snapped nervously up to his face. 
  “Yeah. Just some people from work. Don’t worry Dad, I’ll be home before curfew,” She said sarcastically. Thor reached for her hand, tightening his grip when she tried to pull away. 
  “See that you do.” He could feel her pulse fluttering against his fingertips, and for a moment he considered sending Amelia upstairs with her tablet and sinking into Patricia on the table— again— but stopped himself, releasing her. “Where are you going, out of curiosity?” He asked, and she swallowed thickly. 
  “Red Hen, in Union Square.” She said tightly, refusing to meet his gaze. 
  Patricia puttered around the house getting ready, and for Thor, every moment was torture. She changed into a slinky, fitted cropped turtleneck, and a sinfully tight pair of jeans, before sliding into a heeled pair of boots that exaggerated the sensual lines of her legs. It was all Thor could do not to take her upstairs and take her to task for daring to leave the house looking like that without him, but Amelia was curled comfortably on his lap watching Backyardigans , and he was loathe to move her. At half past seven, Patty crawled across the couch cushions, bribing a kiss from a thoroughly distracted Amelia. 
  “Be good for Thor while Mommy’s gone, okay?” She instructed, standing in front of the television and crossing her arms until Amelia mumbled out an affirmative answer. 
  “We’ll be fine, Patricia,” Thor replied smoothly. “Go have fun.” 
  He didn’t even wait for the elevator to go off before he had his phone out, messaging Natasha. 
  T: I need you to do something for me.
  N: Again? Spying on your baby-mama wasn’t enough the first time?
  T: You scratch my back, Nat, I scratch yours. What do you need?
  Natasha’s specialities usually fell along the lines of corporate espionage, but Thor knew those talents could serve his more… personal purposes, so long as he didn’t piss her off and send her blabbing to Odin about it. 
  N: A raise. 
  T: Done. I need you to follow her tonight. She just left here, said she’s getting drinks with friends. 
  N: Shit, Thor, could you be more vague? Where’s she going??
  T: Red Hen. 
  N: I’ll see what I can do.
  Thor repeatedly checked his phone as they moved from activity to activity, waiting to hear back from Natasha about something—anything. Reluctantly, he allowed Amelia to give him her “back up” fairy wings, and joined her for a dance party in the living room, before removing the device from his back pocket once again to check it. Nothing.  
  “Door!” Thor looked up from his phone. He vaguely remembered Amelia scrambling off his lap to go to the bathroom, but that had been about ten minutes before. Her whimpering wail of his name had him instantly on his feet, and looking about wildly. 
  “Amelia? What’s wrong? Where are you?” He asked, and heard her sniffle. She hadn’t gone upstairs to the bathroom, instead he found her in the one on the first floor, her sparkly leggings down around her ankles as she looked up at him miserably. 
  Oh Gods. The smell hit him before he was ready, and Thor gagged, clapping a hand over his mouth and nose. It was clear she’d had an accident—though that seemed a grave understatement. 
  “Door, my tummy hurts,” She moaned, her lip trembling. Thus far, Patricia had been there to deal with the more… unpleasant parts of parenting; this was the first time he’d ever had to deal with anything of this magnitude alone. Despite his disgust, he took a deep—rancid—breath, and knelt down, peeling Amelia’s soiled leggings off of her, and throwing them into the tub. Perhaps the combination of ice cream, greasy pizza and a small dance party wasn’t a good one… Thor thought irritatedly, though his movements remained gentle. He helped Amelia off of the toilet, and narrowly avoided being thrown up on as Amellia retched. He grabbed the trash can, holding it under her chin. 
  Fat tears began forming in the corners of her eyes, and Amelia began wailing, snot and tears mixing on her cheeks. 
  “It’s okay, Amelia. Everybody gets sick,” He said gently. “Lets get you out of these clothes, and into the shower, okay? I’m sure you’ll feel better after that.” She held her hands up, and he peeled off her soiled shirt as well, before bundling up her dirty clothes as best he could, and ferrying them to the trash. I’ll be burning that. Once she was sufficiently clean, Thor took her upstairs and helped her into her unicorn pajamas. 
  “My tummy still hurts, Door,” She whined, tugging on his hand. 
  “Okay, well why don’t we lay down and read a book?” he suggested. “You can’t move around too much right now, sweetheart.” Amelia loved reading, so it wasn’t a particularly hard sell. They settled onto her bed with a couple of books, but by the time Thor was halfway through the second one, she was snoring. Afraid to jostle her and wake her back up by moving, Thor contented himself playing on his phone. He’d missed a few texts from Natasha, and he narrowed his eyes, scrolling through them. 
  N: Your girl’s popular.
  Her text was followed by a picture; Patricia with four or five people, most of them men. Thor frowned. 
  T: What’s happening?
  N: Nothing. She’s just drinking. Talking. Seems pretty chummy with the blond one.
  Thor scrolled back up to the picture Natasha had taken—Patricia was sitting in a booth next to a tall, older woman, and a man close to her age. He was tall with short blond hair, and a friendly smile. His hand was on her shoulder, and he was turned toward her, animatedly talking about something while she rested her chin daintily on one hand, watching him interestedly. 
  She’s on a fucking date.  
  The thought made rage roar to life in his chest. She’d said she was just going with friends, but the idea that someone else was touching her, her laughing and smiling with someone who wasn’t him… Thor clenched his fists. 
  T: How chummy?
  Natasha responded with another picture. The two of them alone at the booth, clearly in deep conversation. Thor quietly removed Amelia’s hand from his arm, and padded out of the room, careful to switch on her night-light before he closed the door. He headed for the kitchen, snagging a tumblr with a couple of pieces of ice before filling his glass with brandy as he sat down to wait. 
  Home by curfew indeed.
  He could almost hear the hesitation in her next text. 
  N: You sure you’re okay? This seems… I mean I know you’re my boss (technically), but isn’t it weird having your personal fix-it-gal keep tabs on your girlfriend?
  Thor drained his glass and filled it again before he answered.
  T: If I wanted to hear opinions, I’d have asked Loki to do it.
  N: Yessir. Looks like she’s headed home, so… good luck, Thor. 
  Natasha skated by on his nerves just like Loki did—he’d known her since they were both young, and despite her skill set, he liked her. She was probably the closest thing he had to a friend aside from his brother. 
  N: And try not to lose your temper. 
  T: No promises.  
  Thor paced the kitchen, waiting for Patricia to find her way home. Though Natasha had said she was leaving almost an hour before, it was past midnight when he finally heard the elevator slide open. He heard a thump and a giggle as he rose from his seat at the counter, peering around the corner just in time to see Patricia stumble into view. She was holding her boots in one hand, clearly trying to be quiet. She hadn’t noticed him yet—probably courtesy of the alcohol. Thor cleared his throat, and the happy, dreamy expression that graced her pretty face turned sour. 
  “Oh.” She said slowly, as though she hadn’t expected to see him in his own home. “You’re awa—ke.” She hiccupped in the middle of the word, covering her mouth cutely as a small smile wormed its way across her features. “Oops.” 
  “You’re drunk.” Thor spat, furrowing his brows. Patricia didn’t seem to realize the predicament she was in, raising a confused eyebrow at his ire. She went on a fucking date.  
  “Duh,” She intoned, rolling her eyes. Thor slammed the glass down on the table, and Patty jumped, her gaze traveling quickly between him and the stairs. “Shh! Melly is sleeping!” She hissed. She didn’t seem particularly concerned with his anger, which only served to fan the flames growing inside him. The thought that she might have freely given to another what he was denied…. Made something snap in him. Thor stormed over to Patricia, grabbing both of her hands in his. She yelped in surprise, dropping her shoes loudly to the ground. “Thor! You’re gonna—”
  “Shut up.” He snapped, his tone low. Patricia quieted immediately. “Where were you tonight, Patty?” He asked, taking a step forward. She mirrored his movements, her breath hitching as he caged her against the wall with his body. 
  “I—I—” She was stammering, her nervousness getting the best of her. Sober, it was easier for her, he was sure. Drunk, however, Patricia’s smart mouth was eerily empty of biting words. 
  “Where?” He asked again, releasing one of her hands to trap her chin between his fingers. 
  “I went to the Red Hen, like I told you! What are you doing this for?” She struggled, but it was uncoordinated and sluggish. 
  “With who?” 
  “What business is it of yours—” He silenced her with a growl.
  “It’s my business when the mother of my child is out throwing herself at anyone who’ll have her!” He spat, and watched as the meaning of his words first shocked and then enraged her. She raised her free hand to slap him, curses and half formed insults falling from her lips, but Thor caught her hand easily. “I will be fucking damned if I watch you whore around with just anyone.” 
  “How fucking dare you talk to me like that,” She seethed, struggling against his grip. “I was with friends!” She let out a frustrated breath. “And if you haven’t noticed, I’m fucking single!” Thor didn’t want to hear anything else from her petulant filthy mouth—so he silenced her with a kiss. He groaned at the contact, loving the taste of alcohol still on her tongue as he sucked on it. 
  I’ll show her single.
  Patricia was stunned into immobility, which Thor used to his advantage, pinning her arms above her head with one hand as he used the other to stroke the outline of her breasts through her shirt. 
  “Single? Patty you’re mine.” Thor hissed. Her face was flushed, eyes lidded as she looked up at him, her brown eyes wide. “Whether you accept that now or later is of no fucking consequence to me, but you will know it.” Thor was everything all at once: he was enraged, ready to find the man in the pictures and fucking end him—but he was hot for Patricia too, wanted her to know her place and who she belonged to. 
  “Stop it!” She whimpered. “I’ve had enough of the mind-games,” She looked off to the side, focusing on something behind him as her head hung low. “You didn’t want me then, and you don’t want me now! I’m not a toy you can keep on a shelf and get mad whenever anyone else wants to play with it!” For as drunk as she was, that was a fairly good analogy. What she didn’t understand, was that it was wrong. All his life he’d been taught that he was most important. His desires were the ones that mattered—he saw no reason to deviate from that now. 
  “You don’t need anyone else,” He replied stubbornly. “Let me show you…” He kissed her again, feeling her lips trembling against his as she broke, opening her mouth to allow his tongue back inside. Thor couldn’t help the satisfied smirk on his face when he felt her hard nipples rubbing against the planes of his chest through her shirt. The traitorous moan that escaped her throat only made him press harder against her, sinking his teeth into her lower lip. When he finally pulled back, her mouth was swollen and she panted through parted lips. 
  “You’re a real piece of—” 
  “Patricia why do you fight me so hard when we both know you’re wet for me?” He murmured, kissing along the tense line of her jaw. He knew she hated when he said things like that, hated that he saw the desire she tried so hard to bury. Her eyes went wide with embarrassment, and she shook her head. 
  “I’m not—I don’t want you,” She lied petulantly. Thor grinned down at her smugly, knowing how much she hated that he was right. “You treat me like a thing , Thor! I don’t like it.” 
  “You don’t have to like how I treat you for you to want me to fill you up, Patty.” He said crudely, and she shuddered, licking her lips. There was no way she could know what she was doing to him, with her smudged makeup, and drunk, wanting demeanor. Thor was experienced enough to know a facade when he saw one—he’d been seeing them and breaking through them for his own benefit his entire life. Patricia’s lip trembled, and she let out a low whine. 
  “I hate you.” She spat. “I hate you so much…” She writhed against him when he attached his mouth to her throat, tugging the slinky fabric of her top out of the way. “You— unh— you make me feel crazy.”
  Thor felt a possessive growl rise in his throat at her admission. “It never felt right with any of them, did it?” He breathed against her skin. “Never felt like me.” Thor was cocky about a lot of things, perhaps unduly, but his prowess as a lover was not one of them. 
  “No.” She admitted, her voice whiny, guilty, and angry all at the same time. “Never….” She gasped as he wrenched her shirt up, pulling at the cups of her bra to expose her breasts hungrily. “Nothing like you.” This sounded less like praise than Thor wanted, but he let it go in favor of tugging the cups of her bra down until they tore. “Hey!” 
  “Cheap lace.” He grunted disinterestedly. “I’ll buy you something better, baby.” He palmed one heavy breast in his hand, groaning inwardly as it threatened to spill over the sides. He remembered what Patricia’s body looked like before Amelia—lithe and tight, now replaced with wide, soft hips and ample breasts that threatened to drive him as crazy as she said he made her. “Something just for me…” Thor released her hands, but Patricia didn’t push him away, her hands coming to rest nervously on his broad shoulders. 
  “This isn’t supposed to be part of the deal,” She murmured, letting out a whine when he rolled her nipple roughly between his fingers. 
  “Fuck the deal.” Thor snapped, sliding his hands down her body until he met her jeans. He popped the button open easily, before easing a thick finger down into her slick folds. She moaned, ducking her head in embarassment, which Thor allowed with a dark chuckle. “Knew you’d be wet, Patty.” Thor spread his palm, grinding the heel of it into the swelling bud of her clit as he drove a single finger into her cunt. “Always wet for me…” He muttered appreciatively, burying his face in her hair. 
  He’d waited so long for this, waited so fucking long to have her again, he was almost giddy. Sure, Patricia would probably regret it tomorrow, but he would cross that bridge when he came to it. She clenched eagerly around his digit as she writhed against him, whining. 
  “Thor, not here!” She pleaded. “The bed… please?” He felt himself tighten. Was she asking him to fuck her in his bed? Oh gods . He’d been waiting to hear that… Thor felt his cock press hard against the seam of his pants, and he inhaled her scent deeply, thrusting his finger lazily into her a few more times before acquiescing. Her pussy clenched needily at his finger as he withdrew it, and Thor moaned aloud, anticipating how good she was going to feel wrapped around him.
  He sucked his middle finger clean of her as she watched, openmouthed and panting. “Get upstairs, then.” He drawled lowly, and Patty scrambled to obey. She stopped at the top of the stairs, waffling between his room and her own for a moment, but Thor delivered a light slap to her ass. She hissed and rounded on him, but he held a finger up to his lips. 
  “Amelia’s sleeping.” He gestured toward his own bedroom with a nod of his head—he’d break her of that soon enough, but for now, this was good. He closed the door behind himself, practically attacking Patricia as he pulled at her clothing. “Off, all of it.” He growled, tugging her jeans down her hips. He stopped for a moment to admire the lacy thong that matched the bra he’d ruined, before pulling that down too. Patricia tugged at his shirt with shaky, feverish fingers, exposing his broad chest to her questing hands. Next, they found the bun at the nape of his neck, loosing his hair from it. Thor didn’t usually like people touching his hair or his face, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care when she caressed the strong line of his jaw gently. 
  Patty allowed him to push her back onto the bed, her kinky hair spreading around her head like a dark halo. She looked up at him through her lashes, her lips kiss swollen. The bites he’d left at her throat were already darkening into bruises, and Thor groaned at the sight of them. How could anyone expect him to go back to Idunn after having Patricia laid out so perfectly before him? Jealousy rose in him once more at the thought of someone else seeing her like this, and irrationally Thor wished he could have been her first, too. 
  Her only. 
  He wanted to ruin Patricia for others the way she’d ruined him.
  Thor parted her thighs easily, settling himself between them. He could feel the nervous energy running through her muscles, and he stroked them idly with his thumbs as he dropped a kiss onto her clean shaven vulva. She smelled so good , something that was earthy and floral but distinctly her , and Thor found himself pressing his face into the soft skin of her thigh to leave an affectionate bite. 
  Patricia tried to reach a hand down and slide her fingers through her own soaking folds, but Thor pushed it away before laving his tongue down her slit. 
  “No touching.” He instructed, watching as she rolled her eyes, but lifted her arms above her head and clasping her hands obediently. “Good girl.” Her breath hitched at his words, and Thor smirked against her skin as he parted her with two gentle fingers. “You’re soaked, Patty.” He couldn’t help the mocking lilt that colored his voice. “For someone who hates me so much , you’re very eager, baby.” 
  He could feel Patricia readying another scathing response, and silenced her with a long, slow lick; sucking her swollen clit into his mouth and rolling his tongue against it. Her complaints died in a ragged moan that made Thor repeat the motion, earning him another for his trouble. 
  “Oh fuck , Thor—” He slid two fingers into her, letting out a muffled groan at her tightness. He curled them inside of her, scissoring them as he continued to tongue her clit until her thighs shook and she was writhing beneath him. “Nnng— Fuck, I’m gonna cu-um,” She whined, bucking her hips against his face. Thor pulled away as she began twitching, and Patricia cried out in frustration. 
  “Damn it, Thor, no—”
  “I’m revising the deal, Patty.” He murmured against her, sinking his fingers into her clenching heat deliberately slowly, keeping her teetering on the edge. He circled her hard clit with his thumb, refusing to touch her where he knew she needed it most. 
  “Wha—? Thor, I don’t think now is the time—” He thrust in again, flicking the throbbing flesh with the tip of his finger, and she hissed, throwing her head back. 
  “Three years.” He repeated his original demand. “You’re both mine for three years.” He snarled, continuing to play her body like an exacting musician. She was practically riding his face, emitting soft, yet urgent moans as he worked her into a frenzy with his tongue. Patty’s thighs shook with exertion, and her back bowed up off of the bed as she started to crest again. “Say it, Patricia,” Thor growled against her. “Give me what I want…” She came, sobbing out her release as he watched. 
  “Yes, fuck—yours, Thor—” Patty went to pieces, shuddering and tightening her thighs around his head as she cried out hoarsely. All Thor could think about was getting inside of her, finally fucking spending himself in the wet heat he’d been thinking about since they’d reconnected. He fumbled with his pants for a few seconds before tugging them down and kicking them off, fisting the hard length of his cock in his hand. 
  “Oh God,” She breathed, staring unseeingly up at the ceiling. She sat up on her elbows after a moment, watching him crawl over her with heated eyes. “This doesn’t change anything,” She muttered as he settled on top of her, caressing her still trembling flesh with a reverence that surprised even him. Her breath hitched as he slid up her body, sucking a puckered nipple into his mouth. 
  “It changes everything.” He responded, reaching between them to drag his fingers down her slit, eliciting a small whine. Thor stroked himself against her, his eyes rolling back at the feel of her slick entrance against the head of his cock. “I may be a lot of things, Patricia,” Thor let out a grunt as he pressed just inside, enjoying the way her eyes fluttered to half mast, even as her mouth formed a petulant pout at his words. “But I always keep my promises.” He thrust home, and she let out a strangled cry, her fingers coming up to dig into the flesh at his shoulders. 
  “Nnnnn— shit— ”
    “Yes,” He hissed, digging his fingers into her hips hard enough to bruise as he bore down with heavy, deep thrusts. “Take all of it…” Patty let out a mewl as he bent further over her, holding her soft hips tightly as he thrust in and withdrew over and over. Wet sucking noises echoed around them, and Thor snarled, burying his face in the crook of her neck and sinking his teeth into the skin there. 
  How was it possible that every time he was inside her it was better than he’d remembered? It was unnatural, the way she seemed to respond to his every touch with honest eagerness. Patricia, as if responding to his very thoughts, reached up to scratch her nails down his chest, leaving sparks of pleasure trailing across his skin. I want to get her pregnant again. The thought sent even more blood rushing to his cock and it throbbed inside of her, making Patty moan in response. Her pussy clenched tightly around him, signaling that she was close again too. 
  The first time had been accidental, but to do it on purpose… Imagining her all swollen with his seed, his claim obvious to anyone who looked at her was enough to send him over the edge. “You need me to fill that pussy up, don’t you good girl?” He growled, thrusting in once, twice, before pressing his cock against her cervix hard as he came. She shuddered around him, her cunt sucking hungrily at his throbbing cock as she came apart at his hands again. Thor groaned, resting his forehead against hers for a moment as he came back to himself. 
  He didn’t want to pull out—it felt too good stuck fast inside Patricia’s wet heat. Thor rolled off of her, wrapping her in his arms as he laid on his back, keeping Patricia nervously straddling his waist. She tried to dismount, but he stopped her with a hand on her thigh. 
  “No, stay.” 
  She raised an eyebrow. “But… I should go,” She said somewhat awkwardly, folding her arms over her breasts as though he hadn’t just seen them. More than seen, he thought smugly. “If… If Amelia wakes up, she won’t know where to find me.” 
  “She’s a smart girl,” Thor intoned, reaching for the lights. “She’ll figure it out.” HIs tone brokered no room for argument, and though that had never stopped Patty before, she sighed. She wiggled her hips irritatedly. 
  “I don’t want to fight. I’m tired and my head hurts,” She said. “At least let me… get off.” She gestured at where their bodies were still joined. Thor was still half hard, and he gave an experimental thrust. Patricia bit her lip, silencing a moan. “Come on.” 
  “Fine,” He groused, though he thrust in another few times before releasing his hold on her hips. Patricia settled against him stiffly, jerking when he circled her body with one arm, tugging her closer. He’d never slept with Idunn like this—or at all. 
  Will it be worth it?
  Patty woke up in parts, slowly coming back to awareness through the haze of the hangover. She could feel her head throbbing from the sunlight that was coming in through the open blinds, and when she groaned in displeasure, her tongue stuck to the roof of her dry mouth. She flung an arm across her face, sighing in relief at the darkness. 
  A loud snore startled her, and she jumped, whipping her aching head around. Oh shit. She hadn’t forgotten the night before exactly , but it all seemed to rush back with shocking clarity, and Patricia moaned, slapping a frustrated hand to her forehead. He’d done it again. Convinced her with that silver tongue and busy hands, and now… What the hell did I agree to last night? She sat up slowly, rubbing her temples. 
  There was no way he could hold her to that, could he? Did it count as a verbal agreement when you were three knuckles deep in someone? FUCK. Patty glared at the sleeping man next to her, scowling when for a moment, her gaze softened. 
  No. She wasn’t going to waver, she couldn’t. Amelia’s security depended on her working out… whatever this was with Thor. He didn’t seem to understand that he could have Amelia without Patricia too—or rather, he didn’t want just Amelia, which was the worst part of all. She crept slowly out of bed, tip toeing across the floor over to the door. She peeked out—the hallway was empty. She headed for her own room, stopping for a change of clothes before making a beeline for the bathroom. She could still feel his hands on her, running so deceptively gently over her heated skin…
  There was a part of her—larger than she would ever admit—that felt... pleased at his jealousy. That he wanted her that much. Patty scowled beginning to soap up. She stepped out of the a short while later, hurriedly dressed in pajamas. Amelia was usually awake by then, but when Patricia checked her room, she was still sound asleep. 
  I guess Thor wore her out. Patty rubbed a sore spot on her hip and frowned. That makes two of us.  
  She’d half been expecting panicked phone calls for help, but none had come—allowing her to actually have fun. Well, until she’d come home drunk and Thor had pounced on her like a jealous, hungry wolf. It had been nice, drinking with her work acquaintances, and Peter, well… He’d been nice too. They’d agreed it would all just be friendly, but he’d been more than pleasant to talk to after everyone else had gone. And then… everything had all gone wrong. 
  Patricia walked over to the bed, switching off the night-light before sitting softly on the bed. It was already past eight, and Amelia was usually awake long before that. But today, she was still sleeping. 
  “Amelia, sweetheart are you feeling okay?” Patricia rubbed a worried hand over Amelia’s forehead. It didn’t feel warm. She stirred sleepily, rubbing her eyes. “Hey, sweets. How you feelin’? How was it with Thor?” 
  “I eated too much pizza, mommy.” She said after a thoughtful moment. “I dance too,” She added, grinning at the apparent memory. Patricia snorted. Clearly Thor hadn’t yet mastered the “do not feed gremlin after midnight” rule when it came to Amelia’s bedtime. No doubt he’d been intending to establish himself as the fun parent, but it had backfired on him, at least a little. 
  “Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. Did you have fun too?” Patricia asked, beginning to run her fingers through Amelia’s hair, undoing the tangles of the day before. She nodded vigorously. 
  “Yeah! Door is my friend!” She exclaimed enthusiastically, and Patty felt guilt answer deep in her gut. She needed to tell her, she just… wasn’t sure how. The last thing she wanted to do was traumatize her daughter forever, a desire that stood on a razor’s edge. She swallowed thickly. “Mommy?” Patty felt her daughter’s small hand on her face, and her heart melted. 
  “I’m fine, sweetheart. Let’s get you some breakfast.” 
  It seemed as though he thought that by virtue of sleeping together, the matter of their dysfunctional non-relationship was solved. Just because Patty’s body seemed to crave him like she had some strange addiction didn’t mean that she had to indulge it. It was starting to feel hard to label these as accidents, not when it didn’t seem like Thor was sorry for them in the least, and was actively trying to encourage her back into his bed each time she left it. Patty couldn’t shake the shame floating around in the back of her mind, either. How could she have done this again ? Allowed him past her defenses another time and let him work his detestable magic on her?
  Three more years of this…  
  That seemed an impossible length of time to put up with Thor’s petulant attitude and constant sexual pressure. And giving in… that was unthinkable. 
  Wasn’t it?
  Patricia’s mind wandered as she fixed a toaster waffle for Amelia, and cut it up into pieces for her. Thor wanted to use that time to influence her, force her to bend to whatever social pressures he himself had already allowed to run his life, and though the reward would be a cushy, safe existence, Patty wasn’t sure if the price was worth it. Not to mention that allowing Thor to treat her like a trophy would grow old. He was the kind of man who was thrilled by conquest, and if she just piped down and let him control everything, she’d find herself walked all over. 
  “Good morning.” Thor’s smooth baritone sent a shiver up her spine, and Patricia had to will herself not to turn or to tense, her posture remaining relaxed. “How are you feeling, Amelia?” He asked, stopping to give her arm an affectionate squeeze as he made his way over to the coffee pot. It was always easy to pretend when Amelia was there, neither of them wanted to cause her any undue upset. 
  “Better,” Amelia chirped through a mouthful of waffle. “Mommy braid my hair, see?” She said excitedly, pointing at the six large braids in her kinky hair, all finished with shiny bubble hair ties.
  “I love it,” Thor said, exaggerating his excitement for her benefit. It worked, and Amelia grinned up at him. She was fond of him, that much Patricia was sure of. He glanced up at her, his gaze hot, and Patty found herself swallowing thickly. How could he be so… hungry for her, as if he hadn’t just been buried so deep inside her that Patty feared she might actually never be rid of him? Just last night, in fact? She was suddenly glad for the birth control injection she’d been maintaining regularly since Amelia was born. If he could get her pregnant again just to control her, Patricia didn’t doubt for a moment that he would. 
  “Good morning Patricia,” He rumbled, pulling her close as he buried his face in her hair. She swallowed. He’d never been so forward in front of Amelia before and she was so young and impressionable… What if she started making assumptions about their relationship? He squeezed her tighter, and Patricia braced her hands against his chest. Thor grinned down at her. “Sleep well?” 
  “Just fine, thank you,” She snapped, pulling herself away from him. Patty didn’t want her brain going to mush at his touch again, so she would have to be more careful with herself. He wasn’t pleased, but he didn’t protest it, watching her move away with narrowed eyes. She could feel his gaze resting on her, her skin heating up as his eyes traveled over her. Patty hated the way her body seemed to know and respond to him—it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that she should despise him so much and want him all at the same time. 
  “Testy?” He asked smugly, fixing her with a knowing smirk. 
  Patricia didn’t grace him with a response, instead focusing her attention on Amelia, who was still going to town on her plate of waffles. “Mels, what do you want to do today? Mom has all day off, so we can do anything you like.” Amelia grinned at her with a mouth full of food. 
  “Wanna go to the Zoo, mommy.” She said after a thoughtful moment. “Cause I want to see the aminals.” 
  “Animals,” Patty corrected gently. It was late spring, and the weather was certainly nice enough for a walk around the Bronx Zoo. 
  “That sounds like fun,” Thor interjected, and Patricia sighed inwardly. Of course he was going to want to come. He wouldn’t miss an outing with Amelia—especially not one where he would get the opportunity to do a little bonding. Patricia couldn’t help but feel a little jealous at the way Amelia’s eyes lit up at his interest. Patty had only spent every spare moment for the past three years raising their child and keeping almost nothing for herself, but in waltzed Thor with his gadgets and goddamn bank account , and Amelia was just as happy with him as she was with her mother. 
  “Door can come too!” 
  Patty glanced at Thor, who was nodding, patting Amelia’s curly head affectionately. “Of course, sweetness. I wouldn’t dream of missing it. You know if we get there early enough we can watch them feed the lions.” He leaned down conspiratorially, stage whispering to their giggling daughter. Her eyes went wide, and she turned excitedly to Patricia. 
  “Can we go, mommy? I wanna go,” her voice turned whiny, a quality Patricia had noticed was increasing the longer they were around Thor. It seemed that was a technique that worked well on him. 
  “Of course, babes. That sounds like a lot of fun.” She replied, steeling herself for a day with Thor. He was handsy all morning—touching her arms, her waist, her hair— her only respite was an escape into the shower, locking the door behind her. She ran mouse and leave-in conditioner through her damp locks, watching her own face in the steamy bathroom mirror. She stared at the large purple hickey he’d left on the side of her throat, tracing it with her fingers. Patricia didn’t make the same vow she did last time—she was growing tired of promising herself that she would never let Thor touch her again, only to give in under the pressure of his knowing hands. 
  Patricia slipped into a pair of well fitting jeans, tucking a loose button up shirt into them before slipping her purse over her shoulder. Thor had volunteered to get Amelia ready, and she approached the kitchen with trepidation. Amelia had a penchant for picking out the most ridiculous clothes she could find, and with how much of a push-over Thor seemed to be when it came to putting his foot down with her, Patricia wouldn’t have been surprised to find her daughter in rain boots, a tutu and her swimsuit. 
  I’m actually impressed.  
  Thor had managed to wrangle her into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, which Patty was thankful for—more than appropriate for the zoo. She straightened up, looking at Thor. He’d dressed down, though Patty hadn’t much thought that was possible. Everything was probably still designer, but the unzipped hoodie, t-shirt and jeans were a far cry from his usual business-casual attire. “I figure we’ll hop on the 2 train straight there.” 
  Thor snorted. “Why? We’ll drive, it’ll be easier.” He said authoritatively, and Patty shook her head. 
  “Have you ever… been to the Bronx Zoo on a weekend, Thor? It’s going to take like… an hour if we try to drive. Trust me, it’ll be much faster on the train.” She knew he hated taking public transportation, like it was some sort of affront. But rarely, Patricia got to be both smug and right, and this was one of those instances. Besides, she wanted Amelia to know how to get around, and not be too snobby or too reliant to take a damn train. “If we buy our tickets online, it’ll be faster too,” She said placatingly.
  Thor looked like he was going to disagree on principle, but Amelia distracted him, grabbing onto his hand excitedly. “Door! Aminals, we gonna see aminals!” Patricia used that to her advantage in true Thor style, buying the tickets as he responded to her energetic chatter. 
  “Come on, the train comes pretty regularly, and we’re only like six blocks away.” He pursed his lips at Patty’s badgering. 
  It was worth the irritation of getting him a metro-card and forcing him to touch the turnstyle, which he complained was “probably filthy”, just to see him jostled uncomfortably among strangers while Amelia continued to talk at him, completely oblivious to his discomfort. The closer they got to the zoo, the fewer people were on the train.
  “What animals do you like, Amelia?” He asked. 
  “I li-ike… bears. And monkeys!” She grinned up at him, and Patricia was suddenly struck with just how much Amelia looked like him. It was stupid to even try and hide it. Even though she’d done her best to try and erase Thor’s impact on her life, that too had been an impossible mission.
  The zoo was as crowded as Patty thought it would be, but it was easy enough to navigate around. Not only did they manage to catch the feeding of the lions, they got to see the bears getting fed as well, which Amelia was especially excited about. 
  “I can’t see,” She whined, standing on her tip-toes, trying ineffectively to see over the adults in front of her. Patty tried to make room around them, squeeze past the other people in the crowd, but she wasn’t making much progress. 
  “Excuse us.” Thor spoke loudly, his voice forceful and intimidating. Patty jumped, and the three people in front of them did likewise, making room instantly. I suppose it is helpful to have a six foot bully on your side, Patricia thought to herself, though she stepped into the new space gratefully. Thor swept Amelia up onto his shoulders, pointing down at the bears. “Look, see? They’re putting out the meat for them.” He said, glancing up at Amelia’s excited face. Patty was suddenly struck with the desire to take a picture. God help her, it was cute, the two of them together. 
  She wasn’t sure what had changed between them, but it seemed like he was eager to heap affection on her today. To show her he could be something other than surly and demanding, and Patricia hated to say… it was working. Rationalizing that Amelia would want to see pictures of herself and her father, Patricia quietly took a few, hoping that Thor wouldn’t notice. If he did, he’d preen, and she wanted… natural pictures. 
  Patty shoved her phone back into her pocket as Amelia turned around. “Mommy, mommy, see the bears?” She asked excitedly, pointing down at the enclosure. “Grr!” 
  “Oh my goodness, is that a bear? How did a bear get out?” Patty exclaimed, looking around wildly while Amelia giggled from Thor’s shoulders.  Amelia growled again, and this time, Thor took part. 
  “We’re just going to have to leave this baby bear at the zoo, I suppose,” He said, turning away from the bears as they finished feeding. “Any idea where I can drop her off?” He asked Patricia, winking conspiratorially. In spite of herself, she grinned back at him, before cupping her hands around her mouth as if she were calling to anyone who could hear her. 
  “Any zoo keepers around? We’ve got a baby bear here that needs to go back right away!” Amelia’s giggles continued as they walked. Amelia clamored down off of Thor’s shoulders to walk between them, holding both of their hands. For a moment, Patricia was tempted to pretend that this was her normal—a nice, family outing with her husband. 
  Husband? The thought made her stumble a little. Where in the hell had that come from? Thor was barely one night stand material, let alone husband material. He was good with Amelia— so far— but that didn’t have any bearing on their relationship… Did it? Seeing the two of them interact so sweetly was tugging on Patty’s heartstrings, and she was afraid for a moment that it was all an act. 
  “Door, I can have ice cream?” Amelia asked, sticking her lower lip out and batting her eyelashes at her father. She’d already learned how to play him easily, and Thor caved instantly. 
  “Of course, sweet pea. What flavor do you want?” Patty watched as he allowed her to lead him over to one of the stalls, pointing at the flavors visible through the case. Patricia sat down heavily on a bench, before pulling her phone out while she waited for them. The pictures she’d taken were still pulled up, and after a moment’s consideration, she forwarded them to Wanda. 
  P: look at your girl.  
  The first picture was from the side, with Amelia perched on Thor’s shoulders, pointing excitedly down at the enclosure. Thor was looking up at her adoringly, his handsome face bearing the first genuine smile Patricia had ever seen on it. 
  W: Awww! 🥺 My baby is getting so big. And is that Thor I see??? 👀You guys doing family outings now, girl?  
  Patty could practically hear the tone in Wanda’s text. 
    P: I can’t exactly tell him he can’t come to the zoo with his kid. Especially not when she invites him, lol.
  W: What ever you say. Just remember your mission: Operation drive him so crazy he leaves you alone forever.
  Patricia sighed. If there was one place she and Thor seemed to be evenly matched, it was in their tempers. He seemed less keen now on letting them go than he’d ever been. She’d been banking on him finding parenthood disgusting and time consuming—but strangely, he seemed to be adapting. Amelia certainly liked him—more than liked him, she trusted him.
  P: Right. I didn’t know that was what we were calling it, but… Okay. 
  “Mommy, look what we got!” Her daughter’s ever excited voice drew Patricia’s attention away from her phone. The two of them had returned from the ice cream stand, bearing not two, but three cones. 
  “Amelia said you like pistachio.” Thor replied, his eyes burning into hers. He pressed the cone into her hand while Amelia nodded approvingly. “Well, she said you like ‘the green one’, so I made my best guess. You don’t seem to be one of those heathens who eats mint chocolate chip.” 
  Patricia tried to hold it in, but the peal of laughter escaped her anyway. “You’re right about that.” She licked at the sides, stopping the melted bits from dripping onto her fingers. She caught Thor licking his own lips as he watched her, mirroring the movement. Her cheeks burned. “Thanks. You didn’t have to get me anything.” 
  Thor rolled his eyes and sat down on the bench next to her while Amelia clamored into his lap after shoving her own ice cream into his free hand. “Well I thought you looked so hot sitting here on the bench, so I wanted to refresh you.” He drawled, and goosebumps rose on Patty’s skin. She scooted away from him until their thighs were no longer touching. 
  “The last thing I need is ice cream,” Patty replied, though she continued to consume the frozen treat. She poked her own thigh. “If I keep this up, it won’t be baby weight any more.” She lamented, sighing. 
  “Though I don’t believe your body needs any work other than the work I’d like to give it—” Patricia’s hand snaked out to slap his arm in warning, glancing pointedly down at Amelia, who wasn’t paying the least bit attention to their conversation. “—there is a gym in the building. I can set up your membership if you’d like, since you’re a tenant now.” 
  Patricia cocked her head at him, raising an eyebrow suspiciously. “Do I have to… do anything for this membership?” She asked, and he frowned, rolling his eyes. 
  “Patricia, really. Stop treating me like a dirty old man every time I try to do something nice for you. It’s off putting.” Patty held in the biting retort that he was a dirty old man, but only barely. 
  “You’re not exactly in the business of offering handouts,” She replied. “I’m just being careful. I can’t really afford any more of your… deals. ” He chuckled, ruffling Amelia’s hair. 
  “Just because you don’t like the terms now doesn’t mean you get to renege on your end of the bargain.” Ah yes, here he was. The Thor she knew all too well was back— the smooth talker, the master manipulator. She wished he’d kept a lid on it for just a little longer, at least then she could have continued to enjoy the zoo. Now Patricia was reminded of the gilded cage she’d willingly entered, handing Thor the only key on her way in.
  Her face heated. “I’m not—! And I didn’t—” He fixed her with a look. “We’ll discuss this later,” She snapped. 
  When they got back to the apartment, Amelia was worn out and cranky, fussing whenever Thor tried to put her down. Patty couldn’t help the envy that flared to life in her chest at the sight of it. 
  “Mels you’re a big girl now, and big girls walk by themselves—” Amelia let out a whine as tears began gathering in her big, blue eyes. Patty backed off, watching jealously as Thor walked their daughter up the stairs and put her down for a late nap. It was already late afternoon, they would be lucky if her entire sleep schedule wasn’t thrown off. Patricia was on the couch, rubbing her feet when Thor came back down. 
  “I’ve never seen a child lust after ice cream so much,” He said tiredly, seating himself next to her. 
  “I’m pretty sure she’s got it in her veins or something.” Patty leaned back against the sofa. “She’s been a fiend for it ever since she was a baby.” 
  Thor chuckled. “I’d like to have seen that.” Whether intentional or not, his words made guilt settle in Patty’s stomach. Amelia had a right to know. 
  “I want to tell Amelia soon.” She said, and his eyes lit up. 
  “Yes. I mean… As hilarious as I find ‘door’, I have a feeling ‘dad’ might be easier.” Thor chuckled at this.
  “Thank you, Patricia.” Patty was struck by the honesty in his voice. It wasn’t too often that his words weren’t laced with some hidden meaning. 
  “You’re welcome.” 
  Thor went off to work on some things at the kitchen counter, while Patricia busied herself checking emails, and deciding what to make for dinner. Something buzzed loudly, and Thor cursed behind her. She peeked over the back of the couch to watch as he picked up his phone, frowning. Instead of taking the call there at the table, he quickly strode across the kitchen and living room to his office, shutting the door. She strained her ears, but couldn’t make out what he was saying, only that his voice seemed to raise in volume, like he was upset. Patty padded over to the door, pressing her ear gently against it. 
  “—not being reasonable, Idunn.” Silence. “And what did Loki tell you?” Another pause. “And that’s exactly what I said. You’re— fuck —you know what? Tell him. I’m done playing this stupid game with you, Idunn.” 
  Idunn… that was the woman who’d come to the apartment the week before. Patty grimaced. He was still in contact with her? After what she’d said about their daughter? Uncertainty grew in her, but before she could digest any further, angry footsteps pounded toward the door. Patty threw herself away, and sped back to the couch as his office door was thrown open, and Thor stomped angrily toward the elevator. 
  “Thor…?” She called his name questioningly, and he paused. 
  “I’ll be back later.” Was the only explanation he gave her, before punching the elevator call button heatedly. “Try not to burn down the apartment.” He drawled as the doors slid shut, barring Patty from responding to his dig. She rolled her eyes. 
  The doors dinged again, and for a moment, she worried he might have supernatural hearing, and was coming back to lay into her, but when they opened, it was someone Patricia had never seen before. Tall and lanky, with wavy black hair that fell around his shoulders. If Thor was smolderingly handsome, then this man was the opposite, handsome yes, but icy. Cold. He stepped out of the elevator and looked around, before clucking his tongue disapprovingly. 
  “Always has to buy the most expensive things. I’m always telling him money doesn’t account for taste,” The man said to Patricia, who continued to gawk at him as he kicked his dress shoes off in the entryway. 
  “...Who are you? And how the hell did you get in?” She asked, her eyes roving the room for potential weapons. As if he sensed her trepidation, he grinned at her. 
  “I’m Loki. Thor’s brother.” 
Next Chapter
To be continued...
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bakugosbratx · a year ago
Hi! I saw your request open so I was wondering if you could do a college!football player!quarterback!bakugou x cheerleader!reader where he lost a game and was angry and insecure about it. Later that night reader goes to confront him , and tells him everything she loves about him. ( Sorry if this request is complicated) Basically fluff, tiny angst, comfort smut (at the end) ~ Mika
NSFW 18+ Winner - Quaterback! Bakugo x Cheerleader! Reader
Tumblr media
WARNING: NSFW 18+ Content towards the end, smut, cursing, some angst, harsh language, etc.
Check out my other works here
Tumblr media
A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this. Hopefully it met some of your expectations. My request are open if any of y’all want me to write your ideas ✨
Words: 1,236
Tumblr media
The crowd cheered as your college quarterback boyfriend, Katsuki Bakugo, runs as fast he could to the goal. He has ten seconds to get the football to the goal in order to win the game. He has always been competitive his whole life which is why he has gotten to where he is now. Katsuki is on one of the most successful college football teams in the country and it's all because of his hard work and dedication.
The clock ticked down and you started to sweat. You are a cheerleader and you always did you best to cheer the team on. Especially your boyfriend. You've always loved the flirty winks, the soft gazes, the passionate kisses after he won yet another game. Of course, we can't forget the sex afterwards. Katsuki loved you in your cheerleading outfit and nothing like celebrating an excellent game with some magnificent sex.
Just when Katsuki was about to throw the ball, the opposite team trampled him and caused the football to go out of bounds. Costing the game and the other team won. You could hear gasp from the audience along with yours. You ran to the field to make sure your boyfriend was safe. Three big guys landed on top of him so of course you were worried.
"Katsuki!" You exclaim as you run to him. The guys have done got off of him while talking shit. You could hear Katsuki yelling into the ground in anger, banging his fist into the ground beside him.
"Baby, are you okay? Are you hurt?"
You examine his shaking body.
Katsuki looks up at you with a glare through his football helmet.
"Do I look like I'm fucking fine, dumbass?"
You were taken back by his tone. Usually, Katsuki has a rude nickname for you, but his tone was never mean with the exception when you guys fight. You understand he is upset, but you are his girlfriend. You just want to see if he was okay.
"I'm just checking on you!"
Katsuki stands up, taking off his helmet and throwing it across the field.
"Why? Are you looking down on me?! I DIDN'T NEED YOU CHECKING ON ME!!" Katsuki yells with tears brimming in his crimson eyes.
Before you could even argue, Katsuki stormed off mad as hell. You ran after him, grabbing his arm. He shoved you off.
"If you want to continue being my girlfriend, I suggest you don't fucking touch me." He growls.
Tears brim your eyes as you processed what he just said. You ran past him and to your dorm room. You knew he was just angry and didn't mean the things he said, but that doesn't give him the right to be an asshole to you. You are his number one supporter.
Katsuki would usually chase after you once he realized he was being a jerk, but his stubborn ego and anger will not let him. He is too upset about losing the game and his hurt pride will just make the situation worse. So, he decided to go have a self pity party in his dorm room. He will apologize once he is in a better headspace.
You laid in your room, fuming with anger and sadness. Not only was he being mean, but he embarrassed you in front of everyone. You already receive a lot of people's comments for you dating the asshole jock on campus. Your parents, friends, and professors are not a fan of Katsuki's arrogant ways but they don't see the great man he can be. He truly does love you. He is just very short tempered with a foul mouth.
Your anger got the best of you and you stormed to your boyfriend's dorm room. You pounded on the door just to hear a grouchy Katsuki scream to "GO AWAY!"
"It's me, Katsuki. Open up." You demanded, softer than you intended your tone to be.
You hear Katsuki shuffle to the door, unlocking the locks than walking away. You open the door to find Katsuki's room destroyed. Posters were ripped, his clothes covered the floor, the chair to his desk was awkwardly placed against the wall on the opposite direction of the room with a missing leg, and his usually made bed was gutted onto the floor as well.
Katsuki was sitting on the bed, breathing heavy while staring at the floor. You let out a deep sigh.
"Shut up." He grumbles.
An awkward silence fell between you two. All the anger you felt before started to bubble up to the surface once again and you balled your hands into fist. You grabbed one of his shirts by your feet and throw it at him. He didn't even flinch.
"Is this how the number one quarterback acts?"
"Exactly how am I acting?"
"Like a sore loser!"
Katsuki scornfully chuckles.
"I am." He states with no expression in his raspy voice.
You glare at him.
"What the hell are you talking about? You're Katsuki Bakugo. You are intelligent, handsome, an asshole, but a very sexy one-"
"You're about to drool, princess." Katsuki teased.
"I'm not done," his sad crimson eyes meet yours. You can see he has been crying, "you're not a loser. In fact, you're far from it. You have worked so hard to get where you are today. Winners get to where you are, Katsuki, and winners learn from their mistakes so they can grow."
Katsuki softly smiles.
"You always know what to say, don't ya, dumbass?"
"Comes with the job." You shrug, referencing that being his girlfriend is a job.
Katsuki gets up and pulls you into a tight hug. He was never one to initiate cuddling or hugs unless he really needed it. So, even though you are still not very happy with him, you decided to be there for your boyfriend's vulnerable moment as you wrap your arms around his neck. You feel his hair against your jawline as he nuzzled into the crook of your neck.
"I love you. I'm sorry for being an asshole." He mumbled into your warm skin.
"I love you too."
"Let me show you how sorry I really am." Katsuki huffs before kissing on your neck.
You bite your bottom lip as Katsuki nibbles on your collarbone. His hands travel their way up your cheerleading skirt to grab a hand full of your ass. He gives them a nice hard squeeze so you yelp. He smirks.
“God, no matter how many times I see you in this outfit I just want to rip it off and devour you.”
You pull away to meet his lustful eyes.
“Then do it.”
You feel a hard slap on your ass.
“Don’t tell me what to do, princess.” Katsuki warns.
“Yes sir.” You whine submissively.
You feel Katsuki’s fingers slip into your wet folds through your cotton panties. Your cheeks are red as Katsuki feels the wet fabric.
“Tch. I didn’t even do anything to you yet and you’re soaked. You truly are a cock hungry slut, aren’t ya?”
You nod, bitting your bottom lip and hiding your face with your hands. Even though you and Katsuki had sex more than one occasion, you still get shy and embarrassed. Katsuki eats it up, though, as he loves being dominant and having this control over you.
“Don’t be shy, princess. You’re going to enjoy fucking a winner tonight.”
All Rights Reserved
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sleepy-kody · 9 months ago
-Second And Third Chance- Tony Stark x Female Reader
   Kody: favorite dilf- i’m sorry lmao
   Movie/Show: after endgame. but no one is dead because i’m still in denial.
   Summary: (Backstory included) Being the fiancee of Tony Stark was all you could dream of, but not everyone is perfect and Tony is certainly no saint. Even with Thanos being gone, Tony is still obsessing on how to keep you safe from other worldly beings, but due to his own ignorance ends up losing you all by himself. 
   Possible Triggers / Warnings: angst with fluff ending, cursing, Tony being Tony, F.R.I.D.A.Y and Wanda being your besties lmao, 
   you wondered how you were ever came across such a man. Narcissistic, arrogant, just completely full of himself in every way possible. You had met the infamous Tony Stark at a shield ball/party so long ago. He was charming, you’ll admit, but you were fully aware of his playboy status. 
   you wore a long black off the shoulder dress that started skin tight at the top and flowy at the bottom, also sporting a slit down the side of the dress. Some said hi and gave you compliments on your outfit. You wanted to find Fury so you could talk to him as he was the only person you really knew. 
   walking along the floor a woman holding a platter of drinks offered you one and you gladly accepted it. You spotted Fury a few tables away, talking amongst Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers. Once you made it over, you slipped yourself into a empty seat. 
   Fury noticed you first and patted your shoulder “Didn’t think these parties were your scene Agent L/n” he spoke with his usual formality. You hummed into the glass of wine as you took a sip “They are not, but i needed a reason to drink” you admitted, earning a chuckle from Natasha. 
   you then took the time to look at both of them and smile “Natasha Steve. Still doing the whole saving the world thing?” you say. Steve cracks a smile and nods once “The world can’t seem to give us a break” he says. A chuckle bubbled in your throat “Not that you would take it though, right cap?”
   you four spent a good thirty minutes talking about the usual, until Maria Hill showed up then you got to talking about new missions that he Fury only trusted you all with. You were like Fury third in command. Someone Maria had recommended if something would have ever happened to her. 
   not to long Natasha and Steve had left the party earlier then expected, but they were always in the rush. You, Fury, and Maria were now standing next to the table. Maria’s phone rang and she slipped it from her bag and pressed the green button “Yes?...Give me ten minutes” 
   she hung it up and put it back in her bag. Fury looked at her with a questioning stare “I’m going to assume Romanoff or Rogers were on the end of that line. Would the rest of us be needed?” he asked. Maria shook her head “No. Just a minor problem. I’ll call if it escalates”
   Fury nods once and gestures with his head to the exit, dismissing her. They were so loyal to each other. Maria then sends you a polite smile before exiting the ballroom. You placed your cup on the table were you all resided minutes ago “Should we be concerned?” you ask. 
   he shakes his head “They’ll be fine. I like to come in at the end anyway, makes me alluring” he says, making you stifle a bit of laughter. “Right” you agreed not really wanting to dwell in that subject. Only seconds later is when an unfamiliar voice spoke “Nick”
   both you and Fury turn around and see the nice tailored suit belonging to the less nice man of Tony Stark. Fury cracks a small grin and holds his hand out “Stark, fashionably late” he points out. Tony grabs his hand and shakes it “Well if i wasn’t i’d be stuck looking like you losers.”
   did this grown man just call you both losers? Okay then. You folded your arms over your chest, not really paying much attention to there very testosterone filled conversation. Tony eyes removed themselves from Fury and looked at you “and who is this?” he asked. 
   you removed your eyes from the people walking past you and looked towards the billionaire “ This is Agent L/n. works alongside Agent Hill and myself” Fury explains. You give Tony a polite nod “It’s Y/n L/n” you say. Tony grins and went to say something more when Fury coughed. 
   “I’m going to use the bathroom. Tony don’t be weird” he spoke before leaving you both by your lonesome. Great. “May i offer you another drink?” he asked and you shook your head “I already had one and i have to be alert at all times. It’s in the job description. Very fine print”
   “Sounds like you need a vacation or a xanax” he makes a face, earning a small smile from you “Maybe, but i like my job too much” you reply. Tony steps to the side and gestures with his hand for you to walk. You didn’t see much wrong with that, just a friendly stroll. Why not. 
   you step in forward and Tony lifts his arm up a bit for you to link yours. ‘What a charmer’ you thought before slipping your arm through his. YOu both began to walk slowly through the ballroom “So what does your significant other think about how much you work?” he asked. 
   ‘very slick’ “I don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend at the moment. Tried dating on the job, but no one really understands how much working here changes you in a way” you explained, Tony nodding along with your answer. Being an Agent had its perks and downfalls. 
   “Why did you get into this line of work, if you don’t mind me asking?” Tony questions. It was strange seeing him be so genuine with his wording, the complete opposite of what Fury, Steve, Natasha, or Maria had to say about him. It was pleasant.  
   you gulp, a few choice memories deciding to flood your mind “I worked CIA with my sister for awhile. Our whole family was worked in some form of Government job. Then the 2012 attack happened and we were told to stand down. Me and my sister were stubborn so we didn’t”
   you inhale deeply and managed to keep your formal smile upon your face despite the urge to down another glass of wine and call it a night “No one knew about aliens back then, but we wanted to help people in any way we could. In hindsight it was very stupid of us”
   your mind began to wander to something else, the smile fading from your face and be replaced with a blank stare. For an expression so neutral it would be hard to tell that you were reliving a terrible memory. Crashing, a blood curdling scream, your pleas, and a then silence.
   Tony looked at you once you had stopped talking abruptly and used his free hand to pat your shoulder. You broke out of whatever horrific trance you were in “Sorry, zoned out- anyway my sister ended up passing, i was charged with treason funny enough, but Fury convinced them to drop the charges”
   Tony chose to ignore the brief daze you were in for your own sake and you two continued your stroll. The night ended with more talking and much needed laughter. He also offered you a ride home and you gladly took him up on that. It was really nice. 
   when you got to your house he asked you on a date to a very nice restaurant near your place. You accepted even though your brain was telling you not to. On the day of the date you ended up being called in and canceled. He said he understood and that you could reschedule anytime. 
   you never did go on that date 
   just like most things it only happened once and you figured that was that. Spending a couple magical hours talking to Tony Stark would be any girls dream and just like dreams you awoke to reality. You had a job and had many other important things to do beside fantasize about a billionaire. 
   that was until Hydra took over Shield in 2014, you and Fury faked your deaths. Tony actually went to your funeral, wearing sunglasses and standing away from everybody. It was pretty sad, but you had a job to do. fury actually came back, but you stayed in hiding.
   then in 2015 when Ultron was a the main problem and you were itchy to bash some robots skulls in- wait they don’t have skulls. Whatever, Fury wouldn’t get involved. Then Sokovia became a giant plane and Fury caved. After a year of doing grunt work you could finally fight. 
   all the staff, including you loaded up a helicarrier. You made your way to the command center where Fury and Maria resided “Ah Agent Y/n. Glad that you could join us. Already suited up i see?” Fury points to your all black outfit and mask. 
   shrugging, you walked towards the front “I’ve been ‘dead’ for a year, cut me some slack for being excited” you say. Fury nods, agreeing with your statement before facing forward. “Set a course to Sokovia and making it fast” Maria announced.
   and with that, you were off
  Maria hacked into the Avengers coms and connected Fury’s, your’s, and her own. “Where else am i gonna get a view like this?” a woman said through your earpiece. You instantly recognize it as Nat. You missed her so much, god you couldn’t wait to talk to her again. 
   “Glad you like the view Romanoff. It’s about to get better” Fury spoke, folding his arms behind his back, interlocking his hands. The helicarrier started to raise above Sokovia. Holy shit this is high. As you ascended you were able to see Nat and Steve standing together. Nat cut her hair, it looks pretty.
   rest of the staff began to enter the command room and set up “Nice right? Pulled her out of mothballs with a couple old friends. She’s dusty, but she’ll do” he spoke. “Fury you son of a bitch” Steve said right back. Did he just curse? That had to be Ultron. 
   “Woah, you kiss your mother with that mouth?” Fury said with a fake surprised tone. His comment made you chuckle a bit since he had a foul mouth. Hypocrisy am i right? “Altitude is 18,000 and climbing” Maria spoke, typing away on her keyboard like desk. 
   another guy spoke up from behind you “Lifeboats secure to deploy, disengage in three...two...take them out ” he clicked one final button and sat back. You felt the helicarrier rumble beneath you, which meant the lifeboats were being sent to the ground.
   oh shit. You were supposed to be on one of those. “Shit!” you yell before running out the command room. You raced down the stairs and made your way to the deck. You watched as a lifeboat flew right below. This is such a bad idea. Your doing it anyway.
   taking a couple steps back, you mentally prepare yourself before running as fast as you could. As you touch the edge you jump and launch yourself off the helicarrier. The lifeboat came closer to you until your shoulder collided with it. You hissed and slowly pushed yourself up “Damn- that’s gonna sting”
   “Did you just jump off the helicarrier?” Fury says through the coms
   “Who did?” Steve spoke
   “Oh you know, backup-” Fury replies before Maria cut in “Sir we have multiple bogeys on our starboard flank” she spoke and indeed when you looked up you saw a bunch of Iron man suits flying above. Oh shit. “Show them what he got” he replied back. 
   you reach down and pull both guns out the holsters that were on both of your thighs “It feels good to be back” you said to yourself. You heard something fly above you that wasn’t a Bogey and saw War Machine- Rhodey blasting through a bunch of them. He’s pretty cool.
   just as you were about to bask in the moment a Bogey landed on the lifeboat and came charging at you. It swung and you ducked just in time, lifting your foot to kick it in the chest. As it stumbled back you raised your gun and shot it straight in the head.
   the literal lights behind its glass ‘eyes’ flickered until it shut off and it fell to the ground. “It better not be that easy to kill the actual Iron Man” you spoke. “And your not gonna find out” a voice spoke. You turn around and see Tony in his suit, with his arm raised, ready to attack you. 
   you raise your hands “Woah- What the hell Stark!” you shout. Oh shit- you had a mask. “I’m on your side” you add. Tony tilts his head “Really, prove it” he says. You slowly move your hand. as to not startle him and slowly pull the mas down from your face “Hey Tony”
   he visibly tensed up. His mask retracting back into his face. Still has handsome as ever. He reaches up with both arms and takes off his helmet, dropping it to the side. “So is faking your death a Shield initiation thing or you just really didn’t want to go out with me?” he asked. 
   you cracked a smile and dropped your arms to your sides “I told you work gets in the way” you said. He went to say something when four Bogeys landed on the lifeboat. Damn you couldn’t let any on until you landed. Tony groaned dramatically and shot one in the chest, causing it to fall off the ship.  
   “No. See regular work doesn’t involve faking your death. I went to your funeral you know?” he says. You drop off and push off the seat and onto the Bogey, wrapping your thighs around its head. You push the barrel of the gun against the top of its head and shot “I know. I was there!” you shout.
   “Oh that’s just great. You saw me all vulnerable and teary” he says with a scoff. what was happening right now. You drop to the ground and the Bogey grabs your leg, pulling you back. You shot it in the arm and it lets go “I actually didn’t know you cried. That’s kind of cute though”
   you shoot the Bogey in the head and stand up on your feet. Just as you are about to take a step, a metal arm wraps around your neck, pulling you back. Oh yeah there was four. You went to reach behind as Tony shot through it’s head. The grip around your neck was released and you pushed it’s corpse off.
   “Your welcome” Tony spoke, he still sounded snappy. “Your such a baby Tony. What can i do to make you stop moping?” you ask, putting one of your guns into the holster. You look behind you as the lifeboats pull up next to Sokovia “One date after all this. So i can show you what you missed of course”
   you crack a smile, pulling your hood off your head. You raise your hand and hold up one finger “One date. That’s it” you say and he nods along “That works for me” he replies before picking up his helmet. He puts it on his head “But you’ll come back for more” he says as his face is covered by metal once more.
   you ended up did going on that date with Tony and he was right, there would be multiple date and girts until he finally asked you to be in a relationship. It was any big grand gesture that you expected from him, it was simple and sweet. It took him three years for him to propose in 2018.
   but he was always one to wait. 
   the second battle with Thanos, but everyone seemed to be somewhat recovering, but Tony wasn’t himself anymore. You already knew he was a workaholic, but it had never been this bad. He’d stay up all night working on new tech. Security, suit adjustments, anything. 
   when it first started happening you chalked it up to his response to trauma. One night you suggested he’d go to therapist. Just one session and if he thought it would work then he could continue and vise versa. Tony ended up shooting down the idea with a couple harsh words. 
   it was strange to see him yell at you because he had never done before. It was like you were talking to an entirely different person. It scared you to be honest, but you loved him. A whole year after Thanos had gone by and he was just falling deeper and deeper into his work and less into you.
   “Friday, is Tony awake?” you spoke, pouring coffee into a black mug. You place it on the silver tray and grab the light beige cardigan off the counter, slipping it over your white sports bra. “Yes Miss. Would you like me to inform him your coming down to the lab?” Friday asked.
   “No that’s alright. I’d rather surprise him. Thank you Friday” you say and grab the tray off the counter, it had a mug of coffee and a plate of pancakes. You knew he wouldn’t have eaten already “Just doing my job Miss” she replies. You smile to yourself. You liked listening to her accent. 
   you push open the door with the side of your hip since your hands were full “Tony!” you call out, looking around the lab one time. You stop as you see your lovers head pop up behind a machine you were unfamiliar of “Y/n? What’re you doing up? It’s late” he said, putting down a tablet.
   you roll your eyes and walk over to the big table in the middle, placing the tray down “It’s nine in the morning, love” you reply. Was he starting to lose track of time now? This place needed more windows clearly. Tony put on a confused face as he scratched the back of his neck “Really?”
   nodding, you lift up the mug of coffee from the tray and make your way over to Tony. You dodge a few tools laying on the ground and hand him the cup “Drink” you say. He takes it from you and brings it to his lips “Thanks” he says. While he drank you studied his face. He looked so exhausted.
   it broke your heart
   “You look terrible by the way” you comment, causing him to crack a small smile. “You said yes to this face, remember that” he retorts. Well he wasn’t wrong about that one. “That is true, seriously i want you out the lab today and into bed. Tomorrow is an important day”
   Tony goes silent for a moment and you can tell he was trying really hard to think “Tony” you said, your voice sounding like a mom who was getting ready to lecture there child for forgetting to do homework. “I know i know- important day. Can’t wait for that...day”
   you narrowed your eyes “Friday” you called out. “Yes Miss” she replies instantly. “Read me Tony’s schedule that he set for himself for the week” you ask. Tony steps forward, but you take a step back, moving away from him. “There is nothing on Mr. Stark’s schedule this week Miss” 
   moving away from Tony, you walk over to the table “It’s our anniversary tomorrow you ass” you snap at him. Tony sighs and runs his hand over his face “I’ve been busy-” “You’ve never forgot it before” your tone was unusually calm, which through Tony off. 
   “Thanos is dead Tony” 
   “I know-”
   “Then what are you doing?!” you shout, shocking yourself at the loudness of your own voice. “I’m trying to keep you safe!” he exclaims. Your fist clench. God you loved this man, but you wanted to punch him in the nose “You know i thought that you would get over this, but i can’t take much more”
   your words seem to scare Tony a bit, but you continued to speak “It’s been a year Tony. You don’t sleep next to me, we barely talk unless it’s me making sure you don’t fucking starve to death, we haven’t been intimate in god knows how long. I’m tired of being neglected”
   crying for a man was so pathetic, so you reached up and wiped any forming tears away with your thumb. Tony reached his arms out and wrapped them around you. You wanted to push him away, but he hasn't hugged you in so long, so you gave in. 
   he rubbed the back of your head as you let a few tears fall onto his shirt “I’ll stop okay- look i promise i’ll get some sleep and will have a whole day together okay?” he says. You were mad and you wanted to scream at him, but you also loved him and wanted to give him a second chance.
   “Okay, but i swear Tony. You screw this up and-” you were cut off by him placing his lips on yours. Damn Stark. You smiled lightly into the kiss and pull away a couple seconds later “and you’ll throw me out on my ass i know.” he says. 
   you ended up making Tony go to sleep in your shared room while you cleaned up his lab and such. 
   the anniversary, night 
   you were waiting outside a restaurant since Tony wanted to show up in his car to ‘swoon’ you wearing a black jumpsuit, it was his favorite color on you You looked at your phone and noticed he was about ten minutes late, but that didn’t worry you much since he liked to be fashionably late. 
   he’d come. He wouldn’t risk his last chance.
   would he?
   after two hours Happy ended up picking you up and taking you back to your home. He apologized for Tony a couple times, but you said it was fine. Once you got home you kicked off your heels at the door. You were kind of running on autopilot just in shock and realization at the same time.
   you knew what you had to do, but at the same time you didn’t want to, but it was over. You gave Tony a chance and he blew it. Nine years down the drain in a flash. You just couldn’t believe it. Walking down the hall, you wipe your face from the warm tears.  
   shutting the door to your shared bedroom, you go over to the closet “Miss you seem to be in distress is there anyway i can help?” Friday spoke. For an AI she was very self aware on feelings. “Is Tony awake Friday?” you ask, going over to your closet. “No Miss, he is asleep in the lab. May i call someone for you?”
   you open the closet and pull out a suitcase you had in there and bring it over to the bed “Call Wanda” you say as you unzip the suitcase, opening it up and throw it on the bed. “Of course Miss, contacting Wanda Maximoff” she replies. After a couple seconds you hear her voice. 
   “Y/n? It’s late, are you alright?” she asked. You had confided in Wanda about your relationship problems with Tony since you were both in a long term relationship. You had also told her about the anniversary thing and Tony’s last chance. she said if it didn’t work out yo could stay at her place.
   “Hey Wanda- uh. Yeah i know it’s late but-” you didn’t get to finish speaking when Wanda cut you off “Are you crying? Tony didn’t come did he? Know what? i’m on way. He better like a car through his window” she threatens, you could hear her moving around and the sound of keys. Well damn-
   you began to grab your clothes from your dresser and stuff them in your suitcase “He’s sleeping, just pull in the front. I’ll send you the gate code okay?” you say, beginning to take off the jumpsuit you were wearing. “Fine, but no promises if i see him in the street. I’ll see you soon Y/n, goodbye”
   Wanda hung up the phone “Friday-” “I sent Wanda the gate code. Before you leave would you like to leave a message for Mr. Stark?” Friday asked. You grab a dark green sweater and jeans from your dresser and throw them on quickly. You didn’t bother to pack the jumpsuit. 
   you wanted Tony to know why you had left so he could see the consequences of his actions and so that he wouldn’t tear the city apart thinking you were kidnapped. “I will, can you record a holographic message?” you ask. “Yes Miss, also Wanda will be arriving in 15 minutes”
   Tony awoke to the sound of his alarm blaring off into his ear “Shit. Friday shut that off!” he groans, lifting his head from the table “Yes Boss” she replies and the alarm shuts off. “Y/n has left a message for you to listen too. It is very important” she adds.
   “Play it” he says going to lay his head back down on the table “It is a holographic message, Boss” Friday says. Tony begrudgingly lifts his head and leans it on his arm “Play it” he repeats. A second later you appeared sitting on the chair at the table with a blue hue around you. 
   “Hey Tony” you spoke a half smile on your face. tony would have found comfort in it if he doesn’t your puffy eyes and saddened expression. His head lifted on his arm “Remember our anniversary, you know your last chance and all that? Yeah.” you began. Tony sighed mumbling curses under his breath.
    “I care about you, i have since you talked to me at the Shield dance, but i haven’t been your first priority in a while and i get it, but you promised when i left Shield that you would always make time for me. I know that Thanos shook you and you won’t admit it, but you need realize that something bad isn’t lurking around every corner”
   Tony watched as you reached up and rubbed your eyes, the scene tugging on his heartstrings “We need a break from each other Tony, just for a little while. I’m going to stay with some friends. Please try to help yourself, get out the lab, clean yourself up, all of that.”
   you pulled something off your ring finger and placed it on the table. Tony looked down and saw the silver ring with three aquamarine stones. He remembered proposing to you with it. You said the color reminded you of his reactor. Weirdly enough your hologram looked up at him and smiled. 
   “I’ll be waiting” you said and then flickered away “That’s the end of the message, Boss” Friday says. Tony slowly picked up the ring off the table. You had recorded the message in hear, talking to his sleeping body. He wished he had woken up. 
   three months later
   staying with Wanda was fun, but after a month or so you decided to get your own place. As much as you loved your big house you shared with Tony you bought small cabin well away from the city. It was quiet, it was outdoors and you loved it. 
   when you and Tony got engaged you ended up retiring from Shield so you could be more at home and help Tony with his work, but now even though you didn’t need a job you also didn’t like the idea of sitting on your ass. In that night of packing you put your old suit in there while on autopilot. 
   It took awhile, but you called up Fury and he was more than happy to let you back in “What does Stark have to say about all this?” he asked and you just sighed quietly “What Tony doesn’t know won’t hurt him” you replied and he didn’t ask any more questions after that. 
   getting back into your old life was pretty easy. All you needed was to get back into your regular exercise regiment that you had been lacking on and you felt more confident than ever. You didn’t feel neglected or forgotten, the complete opposite, you felt badass. 
   one day when you were walking out the store after picking up some groceries you felt eyes on you as you walked along the sidewalk. After years of being an Agent you knew when you were being followed. What was strange was that it felt like someone was watching you from above.
   having a hunch at who it might be you quickly looked up and see a quick blur of red and blue swing away from your vision. Was this kid following you? but why? You duck into an alley way and walk slowly. You hear him drop behind you and follow your steps. 
   “Hi” he replies in nervous tone. You turn around, placing your free hand on your hip “Why have you been following me all week Peter?” yopu ask. You haven’t talked to Peter in months. Did he need something? Peter lifts his arm and grabs the top of his mask, pulling it off of his head. 
   he was lucky you were in a remote part of the city “Mr. Stark told me you weren’t together at the moment” he starts, looking at his feet. “I just wanted to make sure you were doing alright” he says and flashes a toothy grin. Aw- wait. “Did Tony ask you to check on me?”
   Peter shook his head “No. He’s been busy with setting up the new senteries and therapy- i mean i don’t know. I just missed you and i can tell Mr. Stark is trying to change, but i hate to see you both so sad. I couldn’t imagine not being with Mj” he says. This kid was too adorable. 
   not only that he went out of his way to see how you were doing. Wait- what did he say about Tony “What senteries?” you asked, stepping closer to him. Peter started to fidget a bit “Uh- i really have to get going-” “Peter” you said in a demanding tone. 
   he exhaled deeply, knowing he wasn’t getting out of this “Mr. Stark has a whole line of senteries to sell to the senator so he can finally retire from being Iron Man. Not fully retire just on a long term vacation- that’s what he called it.” he spoke. Holy shit- you hoped he had done this for himself
   and you as well- but mostly himself
   a smile creeped onto your face. The most stubborn man you had ever met changed. “When does he plan on doing this?” you say to Peter “A dinner party this weekend. I wasn’t supposed to say anything until it was done. He was going to do some grand gesture to show you he’s changed” 
   you shook your head and placed a hand on Peter’s shoulder “Don’t be. For once i’m doing the grand gesture”
   after figuring out and planning on when and where you were going to show up you decided to tap into Friday’s systems and watch most of his speech then find Tony when the time was right, preferably when he was alone. Being with Tony for so long you figured out a way to enter your shared home, undetected.
   once you were in the building you hid away in a spare room that was never used “Friday show me the room Tony’s in” you spoke, pulling out your phone “Yes Miss” she spoke and on your screen you saw Tony in the dining room. You lift your phone and flick it so its projected off the screen.
   your eyes latched to Tony as soon as it turned on. He looked so different and healthy. It was pleasing to see that he was doing much better. You were also glad he took your advice. A warmth invaded your chest, it’s like you fell in love with him all over again. 
   gosh how you wanted to run into his arms that very moment. 
   “So Stark, why retire now?” the senator asked, taking a sip of wine from the glass he held. Tony seemed to tense up the question, but no one noticed other then you and Tony himself “If you asked me three months ago i would have told you to go to hell and that i don’t need to retire”
   “and now?”
   “Well back then i had my fiancee and thought i was the king of the world. Then i lost her because of my workaholic nature- also i’m not retiring Iron, Man will still be here for whoever needs him, but i think it’s time i put my future wife first if i want to keep her” he shrugs his shoulders casually.
   most at the table were stunned into silence before the senator lifted his hand for tony to shake “I guess Tony Stark does have a heart” he spoke and Tony shook his hand. You felt something warm come down your face and reached to wipe the tears away.
   god- what a charmer. Always knew just what to say.
   “Well this was fun, but my finacee i’ve been talking about is actually here on the moment” he said. Wait what? You looked at the screen as Tony’s head turned towards the camera, sending you a wink. How the hell did he find out?! Tony grabbed a pen from his pocket and signed the paper.
   “Happy will show you all out” Tony waved them off before walking out the room “If you step out the room you’ll be able to meet Mr. Stark in the hallway” Friday spoke. Oh so she snitched. Betrayal at it’s finest “Thanks Friday” you spoke before stepping out the room. 
   as you turned your head you come face to face with your husband to be, except he seemed nervous? “You look great- well you always look great” Tony says, making you form a smile “I’m proud of you” you say back. Tony reaches up, using this thumb to wipe away a stray tear. 
   “That means a lot coming from you. I can’t believe i let you slip away” his voice got darker, a frown forming. “I’m right here” you open your arms out. tony takes the opportunity to wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you flush against him. “But seriously Tony i will really leave you next time”
   he nods “I know i know. You can have the whole house if i do” he says, making you chuckle. After a moment of staring into each other's eyes, silently making up for lost time. “Oh my god Tony Stark if you don’t kiss me right now-” you didn’t even need to finish before his lips were on yours. 
   the kiss was desperate and starved for a deeper feeling. Who knew one person could miss another so much? After this, you speculated you’d be stuck to his side like glue for a couple weeks before he say something stupid to piss you off. 
   Tony’s hands traveled lower and lower until they gripped the back of your thighs, causing a familiar feeling to bloom within you. He pulls away from your mouth and his lips attach to your neck, leaving hot open mouthed kisses. Zero to one hundred real quick. 
   “Tony” you breathed out. You could feel the smirk against the skin of your neck. Horny bastard “Tony seriously” you say, a laugh bubbling in your throat. He pulls away and looks at you ‘I’m trying to seduce you. Why are you interrupting?” 
   you shake your head and hook your arms around his neck “I love you, you idiot”  you say, trying to catch your breath. A ego filling grin decorated his face as he pecked your lips “I love you too. Now let me get back to work” he says and goes back to kissing your neck and his hands worked off your belt.
   yeah- you were in love 
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   Kody: Eh this kinda sucks. requests are open and my taglist. Anyways, peace
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13uswntimagines · a year ago
McFiance (Sam x Reader)
Tumblr media
Requested by @hales548​  : R is a basketball player (who is taller than Sam by a few inches). They are also teammates with Sue Bird on Team USA. The USWNT have a day off on the day of the gold medal match for the basketball team. Sam suggests that the team goes to support the women's basketball team during their game. Reader surprises Sam after receiving their medal by proposing in front of both their teams and the world. Lots of fluffy happy moments.
Author’s Note: First and Foremost Happy Birthday my dude! I hope you have an awesome Day!! @literaryhedgehog​ and I had a lot of fun writing this (and it gave us an idea for another one...) so i really hope you enjoy it!
“So are we just going to pretend that you didn’t drag us here to watch Mchottie shoot baskets?” 
Sam almost missed Sonnett’s comment, watching as her girlfriend did a layup, her eyes following the ink that accentuated her bicep. and tricep. General arm area. God, her girlfriend’s arms were amazing. Delectable. Heaven‘s gift to her…? She didn’t care if that was overkill, the fact was her girlfriend had some beautiful arm muscles perfectly outlined by the tattoos Sam loved to trace with her fingers whenever she had the opportunity. 
“Sonnett if you keep talking during the game you’ll miss something. I’m not explaining why someone’s doing a free throw if you miss the foul again.” Megan said, elbowing the blond defender and glaring in her direction. You had spent months planning this, and the blinds complaining wasn’t about to mess this up. 
“You’re just pouting cause Mcsexie came off after the half,” Emily huffed, rubbing her arm. 
“This isn’t a fucking Grey’s anatomy episode, every player doesn’t need a nickname with a mick,” Tobin laughed, shaking her head at Sam, who still hadn’t looked away from you. She was glad the tall blond had found love like she had found Christen. Sam lit up when she was around you and vice versa, you completed each other and made a hella cute couple (and took amazing couples photos helped by your 3 inches over Sam). 
“And I would actually appreciate it if you didn’t nickname my fiance ‘Mcsexie.’” Megan said, offhandedly. “For starters it’s demeaning, but also, I mean come on. You know Sue and Y/n, you’ve met their teammates, you can’t just call them the stupid nicknames you give literally every other girl to annoy your girlfriend.” 
“SWOOSH” several people in the crowd said interrupting the conversation. Emily jumped, not expecting 
“Fuck yeah, that’s my Mchottie,” Sam yelled, standing from her seat as you got a 3 pointer in seconds before the buzzer went off. Then the ref blew their whistle and the two coaches ran across the court. 
“Why can Sam call her Mchottie and I can’t?” Emily whined, missing the worried looks Megan was sending Sam’s way when you didn’t pop back up. 
“Not the time babe, Y/n just got fouled,” Lindsey said softly, leaning close to her girlfriend so she could hear, placing a hand on the defender’s thigh to calm down her boisterousness slightly. 
One of your teammates gave you a hand up and you stood in a group of your teammates, waiting to hear the call. You were pretty sure you knew what it was going to be, considering the defender had smacked you in the face as they tried to get the ball. You had still gotten the points, and fallen back just like you trained to do (so you didn’t accidentally foul your defender back) but they could have decided it was accidental. It probably was accidental- you did have several inches on the girl defending you. Still, it was unnecessary contact and you grinned as the ref beckoned you to take your place at the free-throw line.
“That was a world-class flop, I bet she took lessons from you, Pino,” Tobin snorted as you stepped up to the line. 
“Nah, she got it from Sue. I do a bit more rolling to really get my point across,” Megan shrugged, popping a piece of popcorn into her mouth. 
“She’s got the best stats in the league, there’s no way that she’s going to miss these,” Sam mumbled, more to herself than the rest of the group. You worked your ass off to be the best, spent hours taking shots from the line for moments just like that. You were the best for a reason, and now you just had to show it off. 
Emily rolled her eyes. Your team was up by 16, so there was no way you were going to lose no matter what the outcome of these next three shots were (an opinion she thought better to not voice considering the death grip Sam had on her seat). 
She looked around to see rows of people in the audience raising their hands in the air as you lined up to take your first shot. 
Your grin was blinding as you bent to accept your metal, your eyes glued to your girlfriend rather than the commissioner placing the gold around your neck. It was only now that you felt the butterflies bloom in your belly, fluttering excitedly. You had been dead calm about the game but terrified of what you had planned for after. 
What if she said no? Everyone, you knew assured you she wouldn’t, but what if it was too soon? You had both talked about the future as though there would be one, and while you hadn’t specifically said ‘hey Sam, I want to marry you’ you were pretty sure she knew. Unless she didn’t.
“You better take a deep breath before you pass out kid,” Sue’s voice broke through your internal ramble, her warm hand on your shoulder grounding you back in reality. You blinked at the veteran’s kind eyes, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. 
“Good, now I think you’ll need this yeah?” She smiled, passing you the tiny ring box. You clutched it tightly, running your thumb over the velvet. Some people said it was corny, but you wanted everything to be perfect. To fulfill the dream your girlfriend had in her head since she was a little girl. 
You took another deep breath, squaring your shoulders and swaggering over to the group of soccer players staring at you from the sidelines. 
“Hey superstar,” You smiled, engulfing your girlfriend in a very sweaty hug, ignoring the gagging noises from the blond defender behind her. 
“Hi goldie,” Sam said, giggling. “Or do you prefer just plain ‘winner’?”
“Hmm, you can call me anything you like baby,” You said, pulling back, suddenly feeling all the bravado and swagger you had on the court fill you. “as long as you let me call you my wife,” You finished, dropping to one knee and pulling out the ring. 
“Oh my god,” Sam breathed, looking down at you. 
You gulped, your mouth suddenly feeling very dry.“I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to do this, but I really fucking love you. You’re my first thought in the morning, and at night and like a billion times in between. Every time anything happens, you’re the one I want to tell.  I want to share everything with you. Every experience, every moment, every win, and every loss with you for the rest of my life. So, will you marry me?” 
You blinked up at the woman in earnest, waiting with bated breath for her answer. Sam opened and closed her mouth a few times, and just as you thought she was going to respond, Emily gasped. “I thought it was supposed to be a ring pop?”
“Sonnet!” Megan and Sam said at the same time, both turning to glare at her 
“What?” Emily said, “you always joked that diamond rings were overrated and that a ring pop...” going quiet at Lindsey’s “just shut up” look. 
“Well,” you said, clearing your throat as you drew the attention back to yourself, “as you can see it’s not a ring pop. Or a diamond. It’s a very pretty green onyx ring that I would like to give my girlfriend/fiance…”
“Just shut up and kiss me,” Sam said, cutting off your rambling, grabbing the front of your jersey, and pulling you into a kiss. 
“Is this a yes?” You mumbled against her lips, your neck bent at an awkward angle and unsure what to do with your hands considering you still had the open ring box in your left and you didn’t want to drop the ring. 
“It’s a definitely,” she said, holding out her hand so you could slip the ring onto her finger. 
“Cool,” you said, grinning as you took just long enough to get the ring on her finger before she pulled you into another kiss, her fingers tango long in the baby hairs at the back of your neck, and your hands firmly grabbing her hips. 
You were so engrossed in your fiancé (and how great it felt to call her that) that you almost missed Emily asking “So like, they’re McFiances now right?” 
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canarygirl1017 · 9 months ago
Ghosted - Chapter 3 (Teaser)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Reader / Jungkook, Reader / Taehyung (past relationship, friends to lovers to friends)
Genre:  College!au, fluff, angst, supernatural drama, smut, friends to lovers, emotional trauma, hurt/comfort
Length:  2, 933k words (partial chapter)
Warnings:  language, episodes of anxiety, panic attacks, sexual themes in later chapters.
Summary:  Living in a world full of things only you have the ability to see, growing up with Jungkook has been your island amidst the chaos. But when your best friend makes an impossible request, your friendship is fractured, and your sudden decision to cut ties and move abroad changes everything. Three years later, Jungkook is thriving at university as he begins his junior year. He’s a star athlete, member of a popular fraternity, and every girl’s ideal boyfriend. He tells himself that he’s long forgotten you and the friendship he never had a chance to mend – that is, until you show up on campus as a transfer student with new friends in tow. It’s been three years, and everything has changed, but the biggest change is you. Your new found determination to use your abilities to help the ghosts you used to live in fear of, no matter how dangerous it might be, makes Jungkook fear he’ll lose you before he has a chance to fix what he broke. College AU.
Disclaimer: Just for funsies, I don’t believe in real-life shipping. But I like to write, and I like fandom, so here we are. Please do not duplicate this work or repost anywhere else without permission.
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Ghosted Playlist
Chapter 3
“You ready to go?”
You turned to see Taehyung leaning in your doorway. He was wearing flared jeans and a green paisley silk button-down shirt. The open butterfly collar revealed a vintage Chanel gold medallion, and he’d added light green sunglasses to complete his retro look.
Taehyung had picked out your outfit – a short, cream colored wrap dress with an abstract floral design and long flared sleeves. Knee high rust red boots and pin straight hair completed the look, and for once you felt like a match to his fashionable appearance.
You held up a finger as you opened your jewelry box, looking for the vintage garnet drop earrings you’d found to complement the outfit. You slid them in, moving your hair back to admire how they dangled and caught the light.
“Okay, I’m ready,” you said, turning to find him behind you.
“Almost,” he said, pulling a small box out of his pocket.
“Tae,” you said reprovingly as he opened the box and took out a ring. The antique gold setting was beautiful – an oval opal surrounded by a halo of garnets – and it looked perfect when he slid it onto your right ring finger.
“Now you’re ready,” he said, looking pleased as he stood back to check your appearance.
You raised a brow. “When did you even have time to shop for this?” Taehyung’s little surprise gifts were something to which you’d become accustomed over the last few years, and your attempts to discourage him were usually ignored.
He shrugged and as always, his sheepish grin disarmed you. You reached up and adjusted his collar.
“You look like you’re ready for a Vogue shoot,” you said, smiling back. “The poor girls at this party won’t know what hit them.”
“That’s why I have you to protect me,” he replied.
It was Friday, the final weekend before classes started, and the welcoming activities had ramped up in the last week. You and Taehyung had attended some of them and declined others, but you’d committed to the biggest events of the weekend – tonight’s Musical Eras mixer and tomorrow’s Movie Night on the Quad.
The mixer was being held at the Kappa fraternity house, something that had almost made you reconsider attending because you were certain to run into Jungkook again as you had for the last week. While your anger had cooled, you still felt that knot of anxiety in your stomach whenever you saw him, wondering if he’d still be angry or if he’d just pretend you didn’t exist.
So far, his attitude fell somewhere in the middle – when he saw you and Taehyung together at the supermarket, he tried to hide his reaction, but the little muscle ticking away in his jaw was a dead giveaway. A couple of days later, you saw him in the park while you were walking Yeontan and for once, he didn’t look big mad at the sight of you. You were alone and had considered trying to talk to him, but he was with friends. Not wanting to invite public rejection, you waved at the group and hurried away, noticing the little wrinkle between his brows as he watched you go.
Jin, Jimin and Jimin’s girlfriend, Ayeong, had all been by the house a couple of times. Sera had also visited with her mother, accepting Taehyung’s offer of a house tour since Sera’s mother was interested in how the historical home had been renovated. Jungkook was noticeably absent, though Jin seemed certain that he’d eventually come around.
You weren’t so certain of that. In all the years you’d been friends with Jungkook, you’d never seen him so deeply upset with another person. If someone upset him, he might avoid that person for a while, but he always got over it, and you’d never seen him blow up at anyone the way he had with you.
You always thought you knew him better than anyone, and he you, but now you had to acknowledge the reality of this situation – three years had passed, and the truth was, you didn’t know this Jungkook. Worse, he didn’t know you either and you had no one to blame for that but yourself.
Stepping into the Kappa house was like stepping back in time. The large house had several rooms downstairs, each of which reflected a different decade of music, and everyone had taken their costumes just as seriously. You laughed when Jimin and Ayeong met you out front dressed as Sonny and Cher.
“Very nice,” you said, gesturing to Ayeong’s dress.
“Thanks, I love yours too.”
Thought it was still early, the party was already a crush of people circulating between the rooms. Younger guys, probably freshmen, circulated with drinks on trays which they offered to guests.
“Pledges?” Taehyung asked Jimin as he took a beer.
Jimin nodded. “They have to put in an hour according to a schedule and then they’re free to party. That’s as close to hazing as we get here.”
When Jimin offered you a glass of wine, you shook your head. “I don’t really drink much when I’m…” you paused, unsure how to finish the sentence without being weird. “When I’m out.”
You could see that Jimin understood what you meant. “Got it. We have a dry bar too if you want to call it that.”
Ayeong linked arms with you. “I’ll show her. I’m not really in the mood to drink either.”
The dry bar turned out to be pretty impressive, with lots of juice, sparkling water, club soda, and even fruits you could add. You settled for club soda with a splash of raspberry juice and slices of lemon, while Ayeong created a tropical drink.
“I know Jungkook is being… well, difficult. But I just want you to know that Jimin is so happy you’re back,” Ayeong said. “He said you were all friends since kindergarten.”
“Jimin was always one of the sweetest people at our school,” you replied. “It was really easy to be his friend.”
“Not much has changed then,” Ayeong laughed. “What about Jungkook? Jimin says he wasn’t always such a fuckboy.”
You choked on a sip of your drink. “Jungkook is a fuckboy?”
“Well, a nice one? I think he only hooks up with girls who want the same kind of no-strings fun, so there’s never any drama related to it. He’s not the type to get serious though, which is why I’ve told Erin she needs to move on from her crush.”
Fuckboy Jungkook wasn’t something you could really imagine, nor did you want to. You chose not to think too closely about why it bothered you so much.
But once you spotted him across the room talking to a group of girls, you couldn’t shake that image from your mind. He looked good. Really, really good. He was dressed in tight red pants, a black silk button down, and he’d completed his Michael Jackson Thriller homage with a red leather jacket trimmed in black. When he laughed at something one of the girls said, his dimples appeared.
“I’m surprised Jungkook is wearing a costume – he almost never does,” Ayeong commented.
“He kind of stopped wearing them by the time we were in high school,” you said. “But this kind of party, plus a Thriller homage, is pretty on brand for him.”
“Oh, that’s who he’s supposed to be! I’m really bad at guessing all of these costumes.”
You and Taehyung stuck with Jimin and Ayeong, who introduced you to people you hadn’t met yet. Everyone was welcoming, but two hours in you were starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the crowds and the noise. There was also the fact that ever since Jungkook became aware of your presence, you’d felt his eyes on you. You’d hoped his neutral response to you at the park was progress, but you could feel his judgmental stare like a brand.
Every time you glanced over at him, his impassive expression was contradicted by some blazing emotion in his eyes. You reminded yourself that you’d known this would probably be a struggle – that Jungkook would likely be angry with you for leaving. Emmie had even said that no one mentioned your name to him anymore.
You’d just underestimated how much it would hurt.
Jungkook almost skipped Movie Night on the Quad because he was in a foul mood after the Musical Eras mixer. Seeing you there with Taehyung in your matching costumes had made him inexplicably angry, something Jin called him out on.
“Shouldn’t we be glad that she has good people in her life?” Jin asked him when he stomped around the kitchen the next day, slamming cabinets as he fixed a late breakfast.
“He’s right,” Jimin said. “Plus you know that she and Taehyung aren’t together, right?”
That made him pause. “They look like they’re together.” Fucking matching costumes and all, he thought viciously.
“They dated, but Ayeong said y/n told her it’s been a while since they were together like that. At least six months or so.”
“Who the hell follows their ex-girlfriend to another country? And buys a house?”
“If you took the time to get to know Taehyung, you’d understand that he feels like y/n saved his life. He’s committed to helping her with the ghost hunting because of that, but he also genuinely cares about her. So do Namjoon and Chloe,” Jin said. “They’re all good people.”
“Whatever,” Jungkook muttered, shoving cereal into his mouth.
“Forget it, Jin. He won’t admit the real problem, and we all know his anger default setting when it comes to y/n is because of that.”
“What is that supposed to mean?” Jungkook demanded.
“You’re jealous. You’ve always been jealous of anyone that got close to y/n,” Jimin replied calmly. He crossed his arms and sat back in his chair.
Jungkook grit his teeth. “I’m not jealous.”
“Really? So every time a guy expressed interest in dating her back in high school, and you very pointedly warned them all off, that was you just being what? A good friend?” Jimin rolled his eyes.
“Who? Like Lucas? You’re damn right I warned him off. He didn’t deserve her.”
“What about me?” Jimin asked, a challenge in his tone. “I told you that I liked her our sophomore year, and you shot down that idea so fast I was afraid if I pursued it, it would actually ruin our friendship.”
Jungkook stared at him, shifting uncomfortably. “Because you weren’t serious about it.”
“Says who? I was dead serious, Jungkook, and you know it. For that matter, I think even Lucas was serious about liking her. He never said a word about her that wasn’t totally respectful.”
“Yeah, because he knew I would beat his ass,” Jungkook said.
“You’re right – everybody knew that. Why do you think people steered clear of her? Why do you think Grace hated her so much? I told you that Grace wasn’t as nice as you thought she was. Yet you still held tight to y/n with one hand while you chased after Grace. And I figured it was just a matter of time until you realized how you really felt about y/n, so I let it go. But damn, Jungkook, you need to stop taking out your anger on y/n. Let her explain why she left.”
No one spoke for a moment. Then Jungkook asked, “Has she told you why?”
“I asked her,” Jin said. “But I think she’s waiting to talk to you first.”
Jungkook tried not to think about what Jimin said, but now that he was here on the quad, and you were just a few feet away, it was all he could think about. Jealousy.
He couldn’t deny he hated seeing how close you were to Taehyung. The way the other man touched you, or kept a protective arm around you, pissed him off. The way you smiled at him made him even angrier. Still, beneath the anger was something else – a yearning for the way things had been. No one had ever understood him the way you did, and he missed that connection with you.
It was his fault you left. That little voice in the back of his head kept reminding him that you weren’t the only one to blame for this vast distance between you now. He kind of understood why you’d left, but he didn’t know why it had taken you so long to return.
He kept stealing glances at you rather than watching the movie playing on the large screen set up on the quad. You’d been to the concession stand, and he wasn’t surprised to see you eating gummy bears since that had always been your favorite movie snack.
You looked pretty. Your hair was a little longer now than it had been in high school and fell in gentle waves around your shoulders. You wore another floaty little summer dress, the kind you had always liked, small feet encased in comfortable flat sandals. You and Taehyung had joined Jimin, Ayeong, Erin and Jin on a large blanket towards the front of the crowd.
Stubbornly, Jungkook had opted to sit with some of his friends from the baseball team. He was still close enough to watch you – to hear your voice – to just observe you while his mind sorted through his confusing thoughts and emotions. You had glanced over at him a few times, as if feeling his eyes on you, a silent question in your own. And somehow, he knew that you understood that he needed some time.
At the intermission between films, you went with Ayeong and Erin to the bathroom. Jungkook got tacos from a nearby food truck and when he returned, he noticed that you were the only one missing from the group. A few minutes later, Taehyung was frowning at his phone after making a call that had gone unanswered.
“I’m going to go check on her,” he heard the other man say as he stood up.
Jungkook hesitated for a few seconds before following him. Taehyung had his phone to his ear again, though again there seemed to be no answer.
“What’s wrong?” Jungkook asked as he caught up to him.
Taehyung turned and scowled at him. Then he sighed. “Ayeong said she stayed back because she got a call from her mom that she needed to answer. Maybe it’s nothing, but she’s been gone for almost twenty minutes, so I just want to make sure nothing happened.”
Jungkook nodded and then they were silent as they walked around the buildings that were still open. The campus was well lit, so it was easy to see the faces of people walking to the dorms or back to the quad. When they didn’t see you anywhere, Taehyung made another call.
“Chloe, I need you to ping y/n’s location and send it to my phone.” He listened for a minute. “Maybe nothing but I can’t find her and I don’t know – I’m getting a weird feeling. Okay, thanks.”
Taehyung’s unease was contagious, and Jungkook shifted from one foot to the other as they waited. Then Taehyung’s phone vibrated, and he studied his screen for a moment before gesturing for Jungkook to follow him. After walking for a few minutes, Jungkook realized they were heading towards a park where students often had lunch or relaxed between classes.
And there you were, a silent, ghostly figure swaying in the moonlight as you hummed a strange tune.
“Fuck.” Taehyung started running.
Jungkook was right behind him. When he reached you, he tried to take your arm to turn you towards them, but Taehyung stopped him.
“Don’t touch her,” he said, a note of warning in his tone. “She’s in a sort of fugue state, and it’s safer if she comes out of it herself.”
Rather than argue, Jungkook walked around to face you, but froze when he saw that your eyes were unfocused, and almost… glowing? It was clear that you didn’t see him, though he was standing right in front of you.
Jungkook’s heart was pounding now. “How do we make her do that?”
“There’s something else here,” Taehyung explained. “It probably tried to communicate with her. Sometimes, if she lets her guard down, or if the spirit is especially powerful, she gets sort of… pulled to the other side. It’s usually because they’re trying to show her something.”
Swallowing hard, Jungkook nodded. “Okay. How do we make her come out of it?”
“We can’t make her, and if we try, it can cause severe shock. She’ll already be in a state of shock when she comes to on her own, so we have to be careful. I’m going to go get the car. You wait here with her and just keep talking to her, okay?”
“Can I touch her hands?”
“Carefully,” Taehyung said. “Don’t pull her or shake her, and don’t try to make her move.”
“Okay.” Jungkook pulled his phone out of his pocket. “Jin, I need you to come to the park right now. The one behind the science building.”
You were still humming and swaying when Jungkook reached out to touch your hand. There was no response, so he carefully took both your hands in his.
“Jesus, your hands are freezing,” he said quietly. “You never dress right for being out at night. You know that you get cold even when it’s not that cold, right?”
He squeezed your hands carefully in an attempt to warm them up. There was no response from you, your eyes still fixed on something he couldn’t see.
A/N: I know it's been a long time since I posted, and I'm sorry about that. If you're still reading, I'll get the rest of the chapter up this week, and there is some fluff in the future as Jungkook and y/n start repairing their relationship. I hope I remembered all the people who asked to be tagged (and got the tags right.) If you’d like to be tagged for updates, let me know.
Tag list: @ggukkieland @jikooksgirl19 @waves-and-woods @kookiesbreaky @koochiekoo @monvieesdaebak
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blue-bird-kny · a year ago
Writing night!! Can we maybe get a Mitsuri, Giyu and Tanjiro with an s/o whose baby faced/short but is still rather thick/curvy? Maybe she's bit insecure or bothered by comments made towards her about it? (I suffer/deal with this so it would mean a lot qwq, thank you!!)
I could definitely relate to this on all levels
( 1k. words)
Mitsuri can’t get enough of you; you are the most adorable thing ever, even when you are telling her off it just looks nice. Like 9 out of 10 times she’s fawning over you and sometimes it feels like a bit much, but she knows your limits.
Mitsuri’s biggest display of affection is physical touch, regardless of where she is. She often has to have her hands on you somehow, running her fingers through your hair or resting her palm on your shoulder, she’ll caress your face soothingly in a crowd of one hundred without a care in the world. Your hands were hers; she toyed with them constantly, tracing the lines of your palm, grazing her nails against the skin or passing her thumb over the back whenever she could get a hold of them- this became something that brought you both comfort.
That was in public though, in the privacy of your homes MItsuri would up the wattage of her touch. On nights she could, she’d drag you to bed earlier then usual only to smoother you benneth her weight. Her hands would leisurely trail the length of your limbs and over your hips in a way that didn’t feel sexual (most of the time), but to confirm that you are here and real in her life. She commits every dip and curve to memory, grateful that she’s the only one who gets to see it, to be yours.
Foul comments from others NEVER go well with her, she didn’t even give them the chance. The only time someone had ever attempted to be rude to you was the only time because Mitsuri too it upon herself to sweetly tell them to ‘Fuck off’; Mitsuri rarly used foul language. You’d confide in her your biggest insecurities and she’d listen intently, not saying a word until she knew your were done, “Y/n you don’t have to do things alone if you don’t want to because I’m here and I think you’re breathtakingly beautiful in all ways” she’d place a passionate kiss to your temple, snuggling into you.
Giyuu wasn’t very physical, yet his presence was always felt beside you; With him it was a matter of the small things. When he spoke with you, his tone carried the faintest trace of bliss and his eyes a glint of raw affection reserved only for you.
In a way different then most, he too would always have you close, though his affection didn’t come in the form of touch. He left you gifts, things he felt were a necessity, like leaving fruits and sweets (a healthy balance he feels) in the kitchen counter for you to grab or leaving a cup of water on your bed side on morning’s he left early. Sometimes he’ll even leave little notes of encouragement like “Do well today”, even if they are simple and straightforward they made your day better.
It's been said before and will be said again: Giyuu lives for height difference. Can’t reach something off the top shelf? Don’t worry, Giyuu is already reaching over you to grab whatever it is. Mistaken for a large gremlin? Yes, you are his feisty little girlfriend and he couldn’t be happier. It bothers him immensely when someone makes a snid, double-handed comment about your stature, he finds it difficult to restrain himself. “Wow, I’m impressed that someone like you has survived this long” some blonde bastard mocked, looking down  with a cocky smirk Giyuu would pay to wipe away with his fist. “She is your superior and ranked more impressively than you are, so I suggest watching your tongue” Giyuu seethed.
Bonus: On nights when he is soft and vulnerable around you, he will compare hand sizes with you. Holding up your palms together to measure the difference in finger length, sliding them together to press tender kisses to each knuckle.
Tanjiro would see your build as nothing more than something to fawn over, void of any imperfections. He’d pay you compliments and coo over the slightest thing you do, hyping your outfits anytime you dress out of uniform.
Tanjiro is that boyfriend who pinches your cheeks and when you whine to him that it hurts, he’d simply release them, cupping each in his hands lovingly, “You’re just too cute I can’t help it”. A bonus he finds is that you are the perfect size to ride his back when you are tired; he lives to feel you resting against him, sleeping soundly as he carries you home safely.
If there is one thing you must understand about Tanjiro is that underneath all his niceties is a man and men are men after all. Out in the world, he is very respectful of you, blushing at the slightest touches and making sure to give you a healthy amount of space. Now in the comfort of your home, things are slightly different. While the respect is still present, his hands are no longer stuck at his sides, instead they are wandering the wonders that are your curves. He’ll have you lay on the couch as his fingers roam over each delicious dip, leaving goosebumps in the wake of his leisure finger tracing your form. Every so often he leaves a kiss here and there, so feather-light that it feels closer to the warm breeze that blows on a summer's afternoon.
One knows not to cross Tanjiro because when they do, they regret it big time. When someone says something that even resembles an insult, he is on them instantly. His face, dripping in a venomous smile that matches his murderous gaze, is in front their’s in seconds, his unwavering voice challenging, “What did you say? I don’t think I heard you right”. All in all, he is the #1 protective boyfriend.
Writing Night Masterlist
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jamiemackenziefraser · 8 months ago
All That Was Fair
Chapter 26: Fraser Publishing (part 1)
Tumblr media
Summary: Unwilling to leave her at home, Jamie takes Claire into work with him. She makes some rather unexpected friends, resulting in a conversation where Claire has to drop a bombshell.
Read on AO3
Read chapter 26 on tumblr below the cut
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Chapter 26: Fraser Publishing
Claire was nearly buzzing with excitement the whole car ride into the city. Jamie tried to stay on task in explaining what to expect at his office, but she was so damn adorable that he just kept getting off track. All of him wanted to just tell her to be herself and damn the consequences, but his publishing company was a family business, run by his closest friends and relatives, and he couldn’t afford to have them on his back over his strange girlfriend— well, anymore than they already were. He just needed to pass Claire off as normal enough before hiding her in his office with him for a few hours. 
He knew he didn’t need to bring Claire with him; he’d just feel better if she were by his side instead of facing down God-knows-what human catastrophe by herself enough. Leaving her that past Friday had been nerve-wracking enough, even before coming home to find her terrified by the storm. After his worry over her health the night before, there was no way he could leave alone. 
She’d woken up that morning seeming like her usual self, and it brought Jamie endless relief. There had been a light in her eyes again from the moment she’d woken him with gentle kisses.  Feeling much reassured but still anxious not to leave her alone, he’d come up with a plan while holding her in his arms that morning in bed. He had decided that she would come in with him, give a few smiles and waves to his staff, and then he’d get a few hours of work done with her tucked safely in his office.
Naturally, Claire had agreed to go with him with eager enthusiasm, and she’d bounded up to get herself ready before racing to the car. 
And that was where Jamie found himself then, driving into the city with a vibrating faerie in his passenger seat. 
 “Jamie I can’t wait to meet everyone,” she said, grinning ecstatically over at him. 
Their hands were laced together over the middle console, and she gave his knuckles a brush with her thumb— back and forth. 
“Aye, lass, but maybe it’d be better if ye—”
When she looked up at him, her eyes shining with enthusiasm, he cut himself off. He’d warned her enough. She knew to be careful, he didn’t need to dim her light. 
“Ah, nothin’,” he dismissed, answering her grin with one of his own, “they’ll love ye.” 
The building was nothing grandiose, just a one-story office space that Jamie prided himself on being rather homey. He wanted it to reflect the comfort that books brought him instead of being some sleek, modern facility that was cold and distant, and he thought he’d done a rather fine job of it. Claire, of course, had no comments about the finer points of architecture and interior design. She simply held his hand as they walked inside the front door. 
Jamie found himself holding his breath, his whole body tenses with nerves, and it was actually Claire’s squeeze of his hand that calmed him down, rather than the other way around. 
Upon entering, they were met with the sight of Mrs. Crook, his receptionist, sitting at her desk with the phone pressed to her ear. As soon as she caught sight of them, her eyes went wide with delight and she slammed the phone down. She stood up from her desk and came around in front of it, smiling. 
“Hope that wasna an important call,” Jamie joked. 
But the sweet lady had eyes only for the lass attached to his side. 
“Hello, dear. Jamie, who is yer bonny lass?” she asked. 
Claire straightened up instantly, absorbing the praise like it fed her, and let go of Jamie’s hand to step up to Mrs. Crook. 
“I’m Claire,” she said, beaming at her. 
Mrs. Crook was a goner, for sure. 
“Oh, Claire, verra nice to meet ya, I’m Mrs. Crook,” the receptionist answered, looking absolutely tickled by her. 
“I’m so happy to meet Jamie’s friends!” Claire exclaimed. 
His faerie, bold as ever, went straight in for the hug, wrapping her arms around Mrs. Crook with enough sincerity and warmth to bulldoze a person flat. 
Mrs. Crook was a bit taken aback but nonetheless delighted to be on the receiving end of such an unexpected gesture and quickly wrapped her arms around Claire, chuckling softly. Claire squeezed the lady gently once before letting go, stepping back from her to give one more wide smile. 
“Come on, a ghraidh,” Jamie quickly broke in before Claire could delve too much further into the unexpected, “there’s lots of people to meet.” 
Jamie took Claire’s hand, and she stepped back into the safety of his side, nodding. 
“Ye’ve got a sweet one there, Jamie,” Mrs. Crook said approvingly, “come around anytime, Claire, dear!” 
Bringing Claire further into the office, Jamie walked down toward the hall, knowing exactly who he wanted her to meet next. Sure enough, his quarry found them before they could find him.  
“John!” Jamie said as the blonde man stopped in his tracks and looked up in surprise, “I wanted tae introduce ye to my girlfriend, Claire. Claire,” he turned toward his wee lass, who was looking at John with that same beaming smile she’d given Mrs. Crook, “this is my friend, John Grey. He handles the financials.” 
“Hello!” she exclaimed. 
Before Jamie could squeeze her hand or do anything to keep her settled, Claire was flying over to give John a hug. 
“Oh,” John huffed out a laugh of surprise as she embraced him, “hello.” 
To his credit, John barely skipped a beat before hugging her back. Jamie watched his lass fondly, Claire standing on her tiptoes in order to reach John properly. John shot Jamie a helpless and confused look over Claire’s shoulder, and Jamie could only smile and shake his head. 
He loved her more than anything. 
It was so strange to see her here, in this area of his life. The last few weeks with her had been magical, unreal— tucked away in their little bubble of paradise at his home. Now, here she was, in his place of work, and it was like two worlds colliding. It wasn’t unpleasant though, simply jarring. He couldn’t help imagining this being his life— Claire coming into work to visit him on lunch break, bringing everyone cookies during a long evening of work, stopping by with their children to visit….
He was getting ahead of himself. 
With a mental slap on the wrist, Jamie brought his attention back to the scene in front of him where Claire was just letting go of John. 
“Nice to meet you, Claire,” John chuckled. He looked over at Jamie, his brows drawn together, and seemed to war within himself over what to say for a second before commenting, “Jamie, I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.” 
Jamie smiled a bit. “It’s still rather new I suppose, but she’s a keeper for sure.” 
That got Claire’s attention, and she turned back toward Jamie, face soft with affection, and stepped to him so she could press a sweet kiss to his cheek and take his hand again.
Naturally, it was that exact moment when an all too familiar voice called out his name from behind him, the “James” dripping with disapproval. 
Feeling like he was about to face the chopping block, Jamie turned slowly around to see the whole Murray family— Ian, the weans, wee Jamie, Maggie, and Katherine, and of course, Jenny. 
“Hello, sister,” Jamie said, squeezing Claire closer to him protectively. He sent a quick prayer up to heaven that Jenny would take it easy and forgo making a scene. Claire, for her part, glued herself to Jamie’s side as if she fully intended to be a permanent fixture there. 
“Bringing yer trollop into work now, I see,” Jenny gestured toward Claire with her chin, narrowing her eyes. 
“Dinna speak of her that way,” Jamie growled. He felt the hair on the back of his neck standing on end, his patience wearing thin before they’d even begun. God give him patience. 
Ever the peacemaker, Ian chose that moment to break the tension. “Hello, Jamie, good tae see ye back.” 
“Good tae see ye too, Ian,” Jamie replied, but his attention went straight back to his exasperating sister, “what brings ye and the weans in today, Jenny?” 
“I could ask ye the same, seein’ as—”
“Jes’ here for the morning, and then we’ll go out fer lunch,” Ian cut in. 
“Lovely,” Jamie remarked without any real enthusiasm, soured as he was by Jenny’s animosity toward Claire. 
“Dinna take that attitude wi’ me, James,” his sister chided. 
“I believe ye’re the one wi’ an attitude, Janet,” Jamie shot back. 
She put her hands on her hips, leveling him with her best motherly disapproval, but she refused to comment further. She must have known that he was right. 
While Jamie had been staring down his sister, he hadn’t even noticed that Claire had let go of his hand. But he suddenly realized that the wee body was gone from his side, and his heart skipped a beat. He whipped his head around to find Claire kneeling off to the side, talking in hushed tones to wee Jamie and exchanging smiles with the lad. On her right side, Maggie was already wrapping her arms around Claire’s leg fondly. 
Jenny followed his gaze to see her bairns interacting with Claire, and her irritation rose ever further. 
“Jamie, get back here,” she hissed at her son, beckoning him toward her side. 
“Mama, can we play wi’ the nice lady while Da works?” wee Jamie asked, reaching out for Claire’s hand. 
Claire, the charmer, took it with a smile, looking up toward Jenny as innocently as possible. There was no hint of smugness on Claire’s face, no pettiness that other people would have had in such a circumstance. She only looked politely to Jenny for approval. 
Maggie, only 4, was bobbing her head too. 
Jenny sighed, putting her hands on her hips and looking down at them for a long moment. Three pairs of eyes looked up at her in longing, and Jamie’s foul mood was dissolving by the second to see his love looking so soft with his niece and nephew. 
She certainly made friends fast, that one. 
“Alright, I suppose that wouldna be the worst thing. Jes’ stay where I can see ye,” Jenny relented. 
What followed was the most distractingly adorable two hours of Jamie’s life. His office being the biggest (but mostly because he didn’t want to let Claire out of his sight), he’d invited Jenny and Claire and the children in while he and Ian got some work done. Claire had sat on the floor with the weans, playing and chatting amicably, the whole time. She had the most distinct way of interacting with them— motherly, but at the same time, she didn’t baby talk them. She simply engaged their whims, bonding over whatever silly games they were playing, making them feel like they were the most important thing in the world. 
Jamie’s heart nearly burst over the sweet picture. He couldn’t help but imagine Claire with weans of her own— their bairns. She’d make an extraordinary mother, as he saw first hand. Safe to say, he did not get hardly any work done. 
He wasn’t the only one watching the sweet scene. Jenny’s eyes were fixed on Claire the whole time, and Jamie could see the softening in his sister’s posture as she reluctantly came to the realization that the lass who she was so set against truly loved her children. At one point, Jenny even glanced over toward Jamie, catching his eye and giving him a reluctant smile. 
It wasn’t near an apology, not even close, but Jamie still treasured this first step toward a change of heart, and gave his sister a smile and a nod back. 
He thought no one could stay hardened against his faerie for long, not even his stubborn sister, and it brought him comfort to think it was likely only a matter of time before Claire won her over too. 
When the time came for the Murray family to go on their lunch date, the goodbyes were excruciating. 
“Will we see ye again soon, Claire?” wee Jamie asked, clutching Claire’s hand tightly while his mother waited for him at the door of Jamie’s office, holding Kitty in her arms. 
“I hope so,” Claire said with a smile, shooting a glance toward Jenny, “Now you’d better go, your mother’s waiting.” 
Wee Jamie launched himself at Claire, wrapping her thigh in a tight hug before bounding toward his mam. Maggie did the same, hugging Claire quickly before pulling back and saying, “bye-bye, Claire.” 
“Bye, Maggie, darling,” Claire said, giving the wee lassie’s curls a ruffle. 
Soon, the door was closing behind the Murrays, leaving Claire and Jamie alone in the privacy of his office. 
His lass turned to him with a bright smile, starting to say “they’re—”
But Jamie— finding his self control at a minimum and his amorous intentions through the roof— cut her off by pulling her against him by the waist and pressing his lips to hers. 
She melted into the kiss, wrapping her arms around Jamie’s neck and allowing him to kiss her breathless. 
“What was that for?” she asked, panting, when he finally pulled away. 
“Ye jes’ looked sae bonny wi’ them,” Jamie said, “I've been wantin’ tae do that for hours.” 
“Oh,” was all she could say, but looked rather pleased. 
Her lips curved up, raising the apples of her cheeks, but she downcast her eyes. She looked so beautiful that Jamie couldn’t resist reaching out and finding a curl to tuck behind her ear. 
“Listen, we’ve some time for lunch. What would ye say to a wee walk around the park nearby?” Jamie asked. 
Claire nodded, and before he knew it, they were hand in hand, strolling around the empty park. The sun had decided to peak out from the clouds, illuminating an otherwise dreary day, and Jamie couldn’t imagine a more perfect lunch break. Nor could he image spending another lunch break alone after the bliss of having her there— but that was a problem for another day. 
As they walked along quietly, enjoying the day and the company, there was something sitting heavily on the tip of his tongue. He knew in his brain that this wasn’t really the right time to broach this serious conversation, but seeing her with the bairns had done something to him, and he couldn’t seem to taper down the question rising in his chest. 
Before he could stop it, his mouth was saying, ‘Claire, can I ask ye somethin?” 
She looked up at him, face open as always, and replied, “of course, Jamie. You can always ask me anything.” 
“Ehm… well this… this is a bit o’ an odd question…” 
Claire chuckled softly, tugging on his hand. “Out with it.” 
“I was jes wonderin’ how… ehm… how the fair folk... reproduce... and— and if it’s the same as humans,” he finally forced out. 
Claire looked surprised, taken aback for a moment before a soft blush began to spread over her cheeks. 
“Oh,” she said, “well. I… I wouldn’t know about human reproduction, but I can tell you how it goes for the fair folk.” 
She went on to explain, in hushed tones, the physical act of reproduction. To Jamie’s delight, it sounded exactly like the human way of doing things. By the end of Claire’s overview, the tips of both of their ears were flushed pink. 
A variety of feelings all swirled around inside Jamie. Foremost was elation bubbling up inside his chest, happiness as the thought of a future with her, a marriage like he could have with any lass. Accompanying that was desire. He couldn’t help but imagine the possibilities now that he knew sex was, in fact, on the table. Relief went hand in hand, and he nearly laughed at himself over how comforted he was that the secret fear— the fear that he’d never be able to be intimate with her in that way— was no longer an issue. 
As soon as he’d explained that everything she said went the same for humans, he couldn’t help the rush of words bursting out of him, “ye see, I’d been wonderin’ that for a while, but I didna want tae overwhelm ye. Sorry if the question was a bit sudden. It was jes’ seein’ ye wi’ my sister’s bairns, thinkin’ about how great a mother ye’d be... I jes’ had to ken if there was a possibility of that for us. In the future, of course, I dinna mean any time soon. But now that I know there is that possibility, Claire, ye’ve made me sae happy. I dinna want to get ahead of myself, but it’s always been a dream of mine to have bairns, and knowin—”
Jamie— caught up in his ramblings as he was— didn’t notice Claire until that moment. Her face had fallen and body tensed, her whole posture screaming that something was wrong. Jamie’s heart dropped to the pit of his stomach, and the words died in his throat. 
“Claire? What’s wrong, a ghraidh?” 
She bit her lip, looking away from him. Her throat bobbed as she swallowed hard. Something was really wrong, and it sent Jamie’s nerves on edge. 
He stopped walking, pulling Claire to a stop by her hand. She still wouldn’t look at him, so he gently took her face in his hand and tilted it upward. 
“Claire?” he prompted, his voice sticking in his throat, “tell me, lass.” 
She was quiet for a long time before she finally spoke. 
“I don’t think— I mean...” she fumbled quietly, avoiding his eyes, “I… I’ve thought a lot about it. I’ve dreamt of us having babies too, Jamie. But I—” tears beaded in her eyes, and she finally fixed her gaze on him for the first time, “I don’t think we can. I don’t think we’re physiologically compatible enough. We’d be able to be intimate, but… nothing would come of it.” 
The tears in her eyes finally broke free, two perfect lines trailing down her cheek in sync. 
“I know it’s your dream...” she continued, tightness in her distraught voice, “I'm sorry. I’m so sorry, Jamie.” 
“Oh, Claire,” the words tore from his chest like air from a punctured balloon. 
Feeling just as deflated, he drew her into a tight hug, pulling her body against his and squeezing tightly. She went willing, pressing her teary face into his shoulder. His arms wrapped around her back, he could feel her chest shaking with the force of containing her sobs. 
“Claire, mo ghraidh,” he said gently into her hair, “I have no life but you. Dinna cry, a leannan, dinna cry. There are other ways fer us to have bairns, even if they arena our own. And that way I wouldna have tae watch ye suffer.” 
She looked up at him then, blinking, looking confused. “I can bear pain myself,” he expanded, “but I couldna bear yours. It would take more strength than I have.” 
A tear rolled down her cheek, and he brought his hand up to cup her face and swipe it away with his thumb. Her eyes were swimming with disappointment and guilt in a way that tore at Jamie’s insides. 
“I love ye, Claire. I wouldna trade bein’ wi’ ye for the world. Even if it means that our bairns canna be our own flesh and blood.” 
Tear drops were beaded on her eyelashes, and she blinked them away. He couldn’t help but think how heartbreakingly beautiful she looked at that moment. 
“You… you won’t regret that I’m different… that I can’t give you your dream?” she asked. 
“No, no, Claire,” he said firmly, pulling her back into his tight embrace with the same force his words held, “I’ve told ye before, I will never regret who ye are, because I love you. More than anything. Do ye hear me, lass?” 
She nodded against his shoulder, her hands stroking up his back. 
Jamie drew away enough so that he could take hold of her chin with his thumb and forefingers. Her skin was soft under his fingertips, still damp. He brushed his fingers back and forth, trying to dry it. 
“Please, darling, no more tears. I canna stand to see ye weep.” He swallowed the lump in his throat. “I’m sorry for bringin’ this up now.”
“Don’t be sorry, Jamie. I’m the one who should be sorry. I should have told you sooner,” she choked out, a fresh wave of tears rolling from her cheeks and dripping onto his hand. 
“Nah, nah, lass,” he wiped them away untiringly, “please, dinna apologize.” He was quiet for a moment and then said, “I love you, Claire.” 
She let out a breathy sound and a gasp that was almost a laugh, and then smiled with watery eyes. “I love you, Jamie.” 
He took her in his arms then, holding her close, feeling like she— or he— might fly to pieces the moment he let go. Life in the park went on around them, birds singing and wind rustling through the greenery, but Jamie only had attention for Claire. The rending in his own chest would wait. All that mattered was her. 
She was enough. She would always be enough. And he would spend every day for the rest of her life making sure she knew that. 
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thesecretwordsmith · 10 months ago
Rain Showers and Quidditch Matches
It's a quidditch match almost like any other, but the tension is starkly different today. Remus cheers from the stands, the heightened atmosphere, created by the impending war, bringing him to a powerful revelation. There is a reason, after all, why he always thinks Sirius Black looks good no matter the weather.
getting together, kissing in the rain, fluff, marauders era, 1.4k words
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Cold fingers, foggy breath, chattering teeth; but Remus is too excited, too engrossed in the ongoing game, to care how bloody freezing it is. Peter, occasionally seated on his left, is in a similar state of anticipation, waving not one but two Gryffindor flags in a manner that might soon take someone's eye out. Lily clings to Remus's right side for warmth as she cheers for James, and further along the bench is Marlene, cheering loudly for her girlfriend as Dorcas zips above in search of the snitch.
This is not the first match of the year for either team playing, but the tension of the world outside Hogwarts has started to make itself known in ways so crystal clear that even the likes of Professor Slughorn cannot ignore it anymore; and this has created a heightened animosity between Gryffindor and Slytherin that is bitter, ugly and polarised to the extreme.
Sometimes Remus's heart goes out to those few muggle-born Slytherins who have been ostracised from their house but have found no support from any of the other houses due to the toxic culture now permeating the school; but then he hears word of Greyback's latest attack, or another dark mark hovering over a once-innocent house, or else a murmured whisper of Voldemort in connection to a disappeared activist; and the near jubilant response from Mulciber's gang hardens him against any and all Slytherins.
Never before has it been more true to say: Slytherin and Gryffindor do not get on.
And now they play each other.
Lily hisses and clutches tightly to Remus's arm as the taller of the two Slytherin beaters wallops a bludger at James's head from barely a metre away, but James is a quick flyer and flips his broomstick to dodge it. Lily relax as she watches James fly away, heading down to catch the dropped quaffle, but Remus's gaze is caught by the continuing path of the bludger as it zooms towards the handsome Gryffindor beater.
Sirius Black is the only player not ravaged by the wind and cold. His hair is tied up in a knot on the crown of his head and he laughs casually, arms raised as the spinning bludger zooms towards him. He hits it away with a triumphant yell and Remus feels a pleasant jolt in his stomach as Sirius tosses a few stray hairs from his face, expression elegantly self-satisfied.
Sirius Black looks good on a broomstick.
Of course, Remus thinks to himself, Sirius Black looks good no matter what.
“Come on James!” Lily yells from beside him and Remus tears his gaze away from Sirius just as James puts the quaffle neatly through the far hoop. Lily is on her feet, her face wild as she cheers. Remus stands and joins her. Loud jeers match the Gryffindors' jubilation from the stands on the opposite side of the pitch. “Bastard,” Lily hisses and Remus follows her gaze.
Severus Snape is booing in an uncharacteristically flamboyant fashion. Remus reaches and takes Lily's hand, giving her a reassuring squeeze. There's a whole pitch between them, a whole world, a whole opposing perspective; but infinite couldn't be far enough for Lily, not after everything.
“Bloody hell, it's started to rain,” Peter yells over the cacophony from both parts of the crowd. Remus follows his gaze skywards and suddenly understands why rain is often described as falling in curtains.
Here it comes, icy droplets that chill to the bone.
“Brollies out, gang,” Marlene calls and lifts her wand. The rest of the Gryffindor supporters mimic her movement and up it goes: the protection from the anticipated weather, the statement of desperate anger, of hope, of rage, defiance.
The shimmering phoenix is aflame above them, wings outstretched, hundreds of cold hands directing magic upwards to sustain it and Remus thinks yes. This is how they defeat the dark. This is how they stand against evil. Together they are unstoppable. He hears a whoop from on high and looks to see Sirius, hair drenched but still looking beyond normal mortals atop his broom, bat swinging wildly.
They make eye contact. Remus feels a thrill run down his spine, like fear but controllable. He owns this feeling now, this fire and passion and burning rage, and when Sirius looks at him Remus knows. He knows what it is he's been feeling these past months whenever he looks at Sirius. The phoenix glows brighter above him and his wand sparks but he won't look away blushing this time. Not this time. Not now.
Sirius pauses, hesitates, his mouth opening slightly, his broomstick drifting towards the stands as he stares back. The crowd is distant now. Nothing else feels real. The rain is loud – logically Remus knows this – but right now, in this moment, it is barely noticeable. All there is is Sirius Black; wet hair, wet robes, water droplets on his eyelashes.
And then reality comes crashing back.
Quite literally, for Sirius.
“FOUL!” Lily yells, her wand shaking but still held upright. Remus feels his heart drop, falling in time with Sirius's limp form. Was that a head wound? It all happened so fast.
“Padfoot!” James calls, broomstick whirring down to the ground after his friend, and Remus can't just watch from the stands. He lowers his wand, the phoenix flickering, and sprints for the steps, lunging down and almost tripping over his feet. Was that a head wound?
Distantly, as though from the wrong end of a telescope, he can hear frantic cheering, the match commentator shouting, but he doesn't care. He wouldn't put it past one of the death eaters – for that is what they are now: not children, not bullies, not fellow students: death eaters – to try taking out the treacherous Black heir. Merlin knows Bellatrix would do anything to kill her little blood traitor cousin and who can say what goes on in the head of the ever-silent Regulus Black.
The rain drops seem to get heavier, harder, like muggle bullets raining down: a secret promise of the war they are already engaged in before even leaving school. James is standing over Sirius. The ground is so wet. Remus slips but doesn't fall: momentum carries him forward and he finally reaches Sirius.
“Padfoot,” he breathes and falls to his knees at his side. Sirius blinks blearily at him, blood on his forehead.
“He's conscious,” James says, “It's not deep.”
“Did you see Dorcas catch the snitch?” Sirius asks, grinning widely. Remus almost chokes on his relief.
“You tosser,” he hisses and pulls him into a tight hug. He has no intention of letting go. Intentions, however, often don't get the desired result.
“Out of the way, Mr Lupin.” And just like that Madam Pomfrey has pulled him away. She kneels down in the mud and the wet, and tuts in disapproval.
“Terrible sport, just terrible,” she mutters. Sirius is indignant.
“Only how the Slytherins play it!”
“Hey, Potter!”
They turn to see Lily streaming onto the pitch, a trail of Gryffindors, Peter included, streaming out behind her. She launches herself at James and just like that they're gone. Lily briefly pulls back and James grins, dazed.
“You only bloody won,” she cries, laughing, jubilant.
Remus turns back to Sirius. Sirius who is, very strangely, not paying any attention to what is happening with James. No, Sirius only has eyes for Remus. Madam Pomfrey steps away.
“Only a small scratch,” she says, sounding almost disappointed at the lack of any reason for her to continue berating dangerous sports. Remus takes her place in front of Sirius and reaches up: the small cut is already healing, barely a pale scar now. Even as he touches it, it melts away. Pomfrey's magic works fast.
“I liked the phoenix,” Sirius whispers and Remus freezes. They're so close now, and Sirius's eyes are intense. The rain continues to fall in vast curtains, the wind blowing it into strange shapes, and their classmates continue to cheer and shout around them.
But it's quiet this close to Sirius, which is a rare occurrence in itself. His hair is all wet, there are droplets streaming down his face, mingling with blood from his cut; but still he looks good. He always does.
“Moony,” Sirius says. Remus's eyes snap down from his eyes to his lips then back to his eyes. Remnants of the phoenix still shimmer above the stands. Shimmering curtains fall across the greying world and Remus doesn't hesitate. He places one hand on Sirius's cheek and the other slips around to the base of his neck to tangle in the stray hairs there. Sirius's mouth parts and his neck stretches up.
“I'm going to kiss you now,” Remus says firmly. He hesitates.
 Sirius's eyes flicker closed, dislodging the droplets on his lashes to stream gently down his wet face. “About bloody time too,” he mutters and Remus finds himself laughing, exhilarated, nervous, determined, as he leans in to kiss Sirius Black beneath the heavy curtained-rain.
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