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g0lden-diety · 2 days ago
Omg I loved your Hawks reaction with the sexy costume! Could you do other characters? Like Dabi, Fatgum, ect.. ?
Me reading this request:
Tumblr media
The way I YELLED😩
Ok, lets do this‼️
✎ᝰ┆ Dabi
Ok, lets start with our favorite Menace to Society
So, in a costume, here are the things that he would probably think are hot and/or sexy:
Either exposing some stuff, or barely covering shit
So it's Halloween, and the League want to cause chaos
What better time to do it than Halloween?
Dabi ain't even wanna go chile🙄
He just wanted to stay at the base, smoke a couple blunts, fantasize about railing you into oblivion, eat some snacks, go to sleep
Toga eventually convinced him to let her put eyeliner on him and smudge it to stay true to his edgy persona
Dabi’s just sitting at the barstool, waiting for everyone to get finished getting ready
Homeboy does a double take when he sees you coming down the steps and a black, latex leotard-like thing with ripped fishnet tights, black , goth platform boots with a latex/leather black trench coat with the collar popped (giving very much dominatrix)
Lets not talk about how the leotard is unzipped at the top a little, your cha-cha bingos up and at ‘em (that was so corny I’m sorry😭)
You got on silver necklaces, rings, earrings, dramatic eyeliner, blood red lips, and a silver chain belt
Dabi stares a little harder than normal, and will not refrain from landing a smack on dat ass
He’s wayyyy more touchy, arm around your waist, hand on your ass back, standing way too close to you (like uh, you’re in my bubble tf)
Man oh man, any guy that looks at you funny you could swear Dabi’s eye twitches before he turns them to ash
Constantly pinning you up against walls and whispering dirty shit about how good he’s gonna fuck you
After he says that you ready to GET TF…ASAP
“Shiggy hurry this shit up, I got shit to do!”
“Be patient!”
“Bitch fuck you!”
So y’all are wreaking havoc, and you’re into it, using your quirk n being flashy, fighting and flipping people over
Guys, gals, and non binary pals are looking at you, lust in their eyes, and Dabi wants to live up to his mass murderer label
Some idiot decided to harass you, touching your ass and the emo toaster oven snaps
He takes your wrist (after you broke the harasser’s hand, ofc) and Dabi can’t hold it no more, he grabs you, the both of you breaking away from the rest off the group
He picks you up and slams you against the alleyway wall, completely unzipping your leotard, ripping open your fishnets, and slamming his rock-hard dick into you
“Yeah, you liked all those bastards starin’ at what’s mine, huh? You like makin’ me fuckin’ jealous, yeah? Well this is whatcha get, so take it,”
Sinks his teeth into your neck as he rams into you at an almost inhumane speed and force, laughs at the few tears running down your face, and slightly heats up his hand to brand you
He nuts in you, holding you there so you can cockwarm him, humming in the crook of your neck as your body shakes against him
“You’re mine, n’ mine only, understand? “
Definition of fucks you like he hates you
The exhaustion from all your energy being drained from Dabi got you, so he ended up covering you back up, carrying you over his shoulder
Tumblr media
Ohhhhh my god
He’s so flustered it’s not even funny
He’s trying his best to respectful
Y’all aren’t going anywhere, it’s just for the festivities of Halloween
Poofy Mini -skirt, sweetheart top, sweetheart platforms, tight thigh-high stockings with thigh overspill and garter, pigtails (do with that what you will)
Has been hard the whole night but doesn’t touch you out of respect
You call him in the kitchen because of an “accident” and he instantly runs to the kitchen because he’s worried your hurt
Oh boy , was he wrong
Your sitting on the counter, leaning on your side with whipped cream sprayed across your chest
Taishiro is S H O O K
Face goes redder than a red velvet cupcake
Uh, s-sugar? D-darlin’, your a little-uh- exposed,” covering his face, but taking occasional glances
“I made a mess, Taish, could ya clean me up?”
You gasp as his warm tongue trails up your chest, lapping up the whipped cream while his eyes are stuck on you
“Don’t you worry honey, I’ll take care of you”
Kisses up your thighs and eats you out so sweetly and sensually you almost cry
Sucks on your perky nipples while gently thrusting into you, careful not to hurt you
“You’re so beautiful, my pretty little sweetheart,”
Aftercare KING
Runs you a bubble bath, supplies you with cuddles, snacks, and blankets while you’re on the couch watching scary movies
Tumblr media
“Where the hell do you think you’re going?”
“Uhhhh…out?” You mumble through Aizawa’s restraints
Does not let you take a step towards that door before you’re wrapped up
It’s so dark in the house, he doesn’t see your costume, but when you step foward, it’s like a sluttier version of his hero costume
Black crop pullover with front zipped almost all the way down, black cargo pants and utility belt (waist is giving very much Aaliyah)
Knee high black boots and the yellow goggles hanging loosely over your chest
You were looking for Aizawa’s restraints to just borrow, but you couldn’t find them so you decided to leave without them
That is, until Aizawa popped out of nowhere
Truthfully, Miruko was having a Halloween party, so you were quietly trying to leave because Shouta was asleep
“So…you’re telling me… you thought you could just leave looking like that… and expect me to not wanna fuck you senseless?”
He’s dragging you upstairs, tossing you on the bed, and next thing you know, you’re naked
Aizawa has your hands tied over your head, and he’s holding them into place with one hand as he’s pounding into you✨missionary style✨
He’s planting little kisses on your jaw while he’s whispering dirty talk in your ear
He’s quickening his pace, and just when you’re about to cum, he stops, making you whine
“You don’t get to cum unless you beg for it, kitten,”
It’s the punishment for me
Tumblr media
Sexy Cruella De Vil costume sexy Cruella De Vil Costume sexy Cruella De Vil Costume
So there’s a Halloween-themed hero gala going on, and you and fire man were invited
While Enji didn’t wanna dress up, you did
“Y/n, hurry or we’re going to be late!”
“Oh, calm your blowtorch Enji we’ll be fine!”
Cue the sexy trombone jazz sound
You had on a tight, long spaghetti strap black dress with a super high slit, white, fluffy, fur coat, red stilettos, red, silk, elbow length gloves, vintage cigarette holder
Your hair was half white and half black, styled in old Hollywood curls, red lipstick, expensive necklace, just looking fine asf
Enji’s eyes are WIDE OPEN
The way you strut over, your heels clacking against the floors as you grabbed the keys and pressed them firmly against his chest, your hand running down his suit jacket?
LAWD have mercy he’s eyes are you the whole night
But so are everyone else’s
See, you’re sitting at the bar area, talking to one of your colleagues, Enji’s eyes are burning (not literally) a hole through you
You notice and you laughed at one of your colleagues jokes, lightly smacking his chest as you hiked your leg up on the stool, revealing your red, lacy , thigh garter
“Alright, that’s it,” Enji mumbles to himself as he gets up and grabs you by the arm, dragging you out to the car
What does he do?
Breeds you in the backseat of his Rolls Royce (all Todoroki men have a breeding kink don’t @ me)
Lipstick is slightly smudged, but nothing you won’t be able to fix
Your sat on Enji’s lap the whole night, and there totally aren’t lipstick marks on his neck👀
Tumblr media
✎ᝰ┆Present Mic
I have a raging headcannon that Mic is a diehard Aaliyah fan
So when you dress as her in her Try Again music video he is head over HEELS , 29x more in love with you than he was before, and his heart was swelled with love for you
Mans audibly says “WOWZA!” (Just to make you laugh)
You went to a Halloween party thing, and you guys were just dancing and vibing the whole night (you were channeling your inner Aaliyah, and killing it on the dance floor)
He has heart eyes on you all night, and he’s constantly touching you, holding your waist, major pda finatic
By the end of the night, you were tipsy, singing random Aaliyah lyrics and stumbling tryna do her dance moves
“Say yes or say no, cause I really— need somebody, ‘Zashi, are you that somebody?”
He just laughs, picking you up princess style and carrying you to the car
Since you can’t really function that well, Zashi gives you a bath, and gets you to bed
Tumblr media
He literally stops playing his game when he sees you
Your costume is based on The Purge ( that Kiss Me mask, black bralette with an oversized white, bloodstained bomber jacket, low-waisted, leather pants with a silver chain belt, and black combat boots
You haven't pulled your mask down yet, so you a messy, black smokey eyes, purple-reddish lipstick, silver rings, silver chains, silver clips in your braids, y’know, looking all sexy and dangerous
Looks you up and down, staring at your bloodstained chest a little to hard
“Im going with you,”
He goes to the Halloween party with you, which happens to be at a club
Shiggy has his hoodie up, watching you with a careful eye while you swung your bloodstained bat around, having the time of your life
He doesn't even wanna be there pls
“Hey. Let's go, I don't wanna be here,”
He refused to leave you around a bunch of creeps so yeah
You, obviously drunk: “awww, c’mon puddin’, live a little,”
When you call him Puddin’ it's like something in his goes off
Instantly dragging you to the bathroom to plan on scolding you
“Don’t call me-wait, why the hell are you looking at me like that?”
“You’re sexy when you're angry,”
Man's goes RED
Instantly gripping you up
“You’re lucky I’m not dusting the clothes off you right now,”
Do it, pussy
Throws you over his shoulder and carries you out of the club
You know the headcannon that gamer guys have big dicks?
Yeah, well Shiggy’s a gamer, and he knows how to use it
Tumblr media
✎ᝰ┆All Might
Omg I'm laughing so hard rn😭
He's literally next to you staring straight ahead, eyes wide, hands squished in between his thighs, trying to hide his boner, refusing to look at you out of respect
“So...nice whether we have today, isn't it hon’?”
“Toshinori, you know you can look, right?”
He's like an icicle, just sitting, looking ahead
Once he looks at you ✨poof✨ Small Might
His face is a cute shade of pink and he's cleaning the blood from his mouth, trying to be discreet about looking at your protruding tits
Once you sit on his lap and softly guide him to look at you, oh my GOD he's flustered 😩 hands in face, rambling, trying to keep cool while you pepper his face with kisses
Soon, he just buries his face in your chest, snuggling your boobs like pillows while you tease him
Very VERY respectful (until you give him access to ravage you for looking so good, then it's like Uhhhh Symbol of Peace? More like Symbol of destroying this pu-)
Tumblr media
Playboy bunny costume. That's it. Send Tweet.
So, Miruko’s having a Halloween party and it's jumping, people dancing, drinking, having a great time
So Miruko's talking with Hawks and all of a sudden, she sees you, black bodysuit/leotard (whatever its called) black fishnets, black red bottoms, the cuffs, the bow tie, the black bunny ear, and a cute little white bunny tail
The bunny hero literally has heart eyes for you
“My cute little bunny, look at you...lookin’ all hot,”
She grabs you by the waist and leans down to your ear
“I might have to take a trip down that rabbit hole later”
Hands are on your waist the whole night while you guys dance
Her eyes are trained on you the whole night, giving very much ✨prolonged eye contact✨
When your talking to someone who gets a little too friendly, she comes up behind you, staring right at the person, and leaves a hickey on your neck
Tumblr media
Oh lord, the woman is ON YOU
So flustered and whispering how good you look in that latex mini skirt
Whisper all sort of FREAKY STUFF in your ear
“You look so beautiful tonight baby, I just wanna tie you up in a cute little a matter fact, we’ll do that later,”
Any person who gets to friendly? Uses her quirk to put them alseep
Either that or makes out w/ you right in front of them
Not gonna say much, just gonna say you discovered some new kinks that night 👀
Tumblr media
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smndragon · a month ago
My initials are: P.G🌷
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I included effy as a pfp because I just felt that it fit
Around 5-7 or 9
Things: generational, generational trauma, Vince, marble nights, marble frights, cherries, marabel, high school, sleep deprived, gender vary, blue sneakers or red with designs or stickers, ginger, hearty meals, metal, red necklace, large hands for the gender (female I feel maybe?), Let me down slowly, let me down, let me go. Alright uhh the thing on TikTok where Elsa goes"ShOW yOurseLf" came to mind😭 "please just leave me alone!", Henry, harry, eagle, Vance, marigold, golden presents or properties, angel remarks. With the angels I feel yours if you believe in them may be supporting a certain push into a relationship soon or at some point. I feel someone has made you feel good from words or telling you thins you needed to hear, sitting you down and talking or making small remarks about how you should take better care. Germanic. Grazing, mishaps, may have met or had a bunch of misunderstandings or times where either one of them or you approached in awkward or random manors. Cry me a river. I feel like you could game with one of them. You've forgotten one, someone from a long time ago. Maybe could've been elementary. Dance dance revolution. Lost and found. Don't forget me, may have been words someone wanted to say or has. A few have liked you for your resilience or bounce back, eyes also. Why tf did I get foot fetish Randomly. Scratching the back of someone's neck. It'll be okay. Charcoal brown, ash brown, dark chocolate brown. I see fluffy hair maybe? Goes up or is curly and messy. One may be flirtatious or playful. I feel they are more discreet than they seem. Chain necklaces. E-boy looking. I see red song, vendetta. "Fuck off." "Goodbye now" waving sarcastically. Allergies to peanuts, eggs, egg whites, peaches, honey, bees, cats, animals. Maybe even seasonal allergies. Max, Andrew, Michael, Jake, Finn, Alex, Nichol, Nicholas, dolin, Andy, Archer, Mary, Paul, Jack, Washington, Marcus, Stephen, Steven. Aries, Gemini, Saturn energy, Pluto in Sagittarius or a strong planet. I heard Forrest Gump for some reason, movie nights. Nat King Cole. Chet Baker. Old 40s songs. Vera Lynn. Etta James. Billie Holiday. Louis Armstrong the singer or astronaut. Jeremy. Michaels. Jacobs, Jacob. I see ginger hair, long eyelashes on a guy, nervousness that's hard to notice but very prominent in atmosphere. Someone has bad memory. Hard time remembering names so may say what they see. Sports. Skinny jeans. Lotus. Pink lotus. May have played superheroes younger or wanted to be one lol, even now someone wishes they could save someone any way they could. To have a deep connection and make someone feel safe and whole. James. Lucas, Lukas, Markus. Adam. J, K, R, M. Zeke. Sun goes down.
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maddieandchimney · 29 days ago
I cannot find the post now but I read somewhere that Hen wears necklaces with K on them sometimes and is that true?? 😭
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lalunanymph · 2 months ago
Y/N: This encounter was something purely out of a badly written romance novel
You, the writer of this romance novel: 🥲 ouch bitch
First of all, stfu y/n your mom is a badly written romance novel don't be mean smh 🤚🙄
Second, Tee wtf queen your writing is so good oh my god?? Okay listen I'm a slow girl, I've only read "Angel's Lips" so far but I'm OBSESSED with you, I'm not kidding. Feeding our souls Nanami content just like that, for free?? I feel like I owe you my liver and my sanity bc boy oh BOY things are messy rn and 2D men and creators who base their content off of them just keep me sane
Also, kinda weird but I LOVE the way you depicting Mahito, like that slimey, nasty little moss ball type deal, his nasty ass smile WOOHOO you know?? And now I just saw you're writing smth for that scumbag of man, Naoya and I LOVE IT UGH like I just looked at the tags and I just know for a fact my annoying hornee ass is gonna appear in your asks like "Plz I want him to remove my spine and make it his fidget spinner and matching necklace set" like ok girl calm down 🤨
Idk it's just "Angel's Lips" is seriously iconic I was literally going to bed at around 8am this morning and I couldn't for the life of me remember your username so I spent 45 minutes scrolling down the nanami x reader tag only to realise I follow you
What can I say pure of heart dumb of ass you know?
Anyway love you sorry this ask is so long I have no brain 💖 you're amazing i appreciate your work sm MWAH k bb take care uwu
askdkfjfj nooo don’t say that, I love listening to y’all when you rant 😭❤️
thank you sm for ur kind words boo and I’m glad you’re enjoying the ride for Angel’s Lips hehe there’s more where that came from 💀💀
& omfg PLEASE DO SLIDE IN AND ASK AWAY I WANNA AKSKDKDK ABOUT NAOYA UGH HE’S SUCH A SEXY ASSHOLE and yes scumbag of a man how aptly put but I cannot stop writing p0rn about him hELp ALSKDKDKD 😭👌🏼
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vizorlette · 11 months ago
K and I are giving you serotonin boosts? Is that a free pass for me to overshare about what's going on between us because if yes I'll give you a big yaay and will certainly tell you a lot, haha.
So we do know each others address and I actually ordered fidget toys for both K and me, so I can sent the stuff to her but I also ordered heart necklaces, you know the ones that can be put together? But not a broken heart it's just separated really beautifully and there's a tree in the middle of the heart with lots of butterflies and both sides say "love you" and I'm so excited to give them the second half with the other stuff as I see it kind of as a promise that we will both meet one day and then we can put the heart together, the two halves will meet just as we meet and we also have something that we can both hold on to, you know? And it's subtle so I'm not giving myself away too, hehe.
I just really hope K will like it but I'm not scared that she won't like it. I'm just,, so excited aaa
And also, I hope you're taking care of yourself cuz if not I'll personally come to your place and make sure you do. It's important that you give yourself as much love as you give others too. And I also want to tell you that you're an absolutely beautiful human being and you can not change my mind about that ever. I love youu
~cat quirk anon
Ahaha ofc u can share whatever u feel comfortable with sharing and I will always be here to support u
But matching necklaces 🥺 not much of an accessory person myself but that sounds so cute 😭 oh my god I feel like I’m witnessing a teen romance movie and I’m sure she’ll love it
But dw it seems as if we’re in different time zones so I won’t put the pressure of taking care of me on u but thank u so much for all the love ur giving me I really very appreciate it. Ily too hun <33
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heir-of-the-founders · 3 months ago
Hey guys if you keep ashed of a loved one, esp in like a lil decorative necklace or smthn, i DO NOT recommend you read this, you have been warned. K thx
Ok so when people keep ashes in necklaces, right? Have you ever thought about. What part of the person those ashes were? Like. Are you just carrying your grandpas foot around? Or what if it was smthn worse 😭
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