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louisegluckpdf · 12 days ago
okay so who else thought roman and the knockoff ben shapiro were gonna fuck in that bathroom
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an-unknownsoul · a month ago
Enemies to reluctant allies to cordial acquaintances to hm, maybe this person isn’t so bad to friends to oh, I have feelings for this person but they can never know for fear of ruining our friendship to lovers.
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iwantyoudamon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Smells Like Teen Spirit
ELENA: You had Rebekah drooling all over you and your marshmallows. DAMON: Yeah, before she skewered me. I thought you were too drunk to notice.
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mariaoz · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
can we talk about that fraction of a second where Joe stepped forward a bit more and Adam interrupted, caN WE TALK ABOUT IT???
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sunnibits · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Seriously this reads like a slowburn fantasy romance
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loving-ricciardo · 6 months ago
So who is gonna write a fanfic about the dancer and the bmx rider
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yoonpobs · 5 months ago
Touch her and die trope omg 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Any member!!! tysm ❤️
Yoongi was a rational man. He was patient. He was level-headed, never erratic. He was the placard of calm and composed—sometimes eerily unnerved that it unsettles those around him.
Tonight is no exception, as his eyes lazily skim through the crowd of people in the club. He's sat by the bar, looking every part of the lonely and mysterious enigma that often drew women and men in.
Tonight, as always, he remains unbothered. Unbothered at his own event, to celebrate a new business deal he's signed with an infamous organised crime gang that guarantees him and his people safety. Really, he should've been the one on the tabletops drinking his heart desires—not Jimin. But he fit the image more than Yoongi did, anyway.
He lazily swirls the whiskey around his mouth with his tongue, observing people like he does best. It's the reason why he's feared and respected by anyone who crosses his path. It's also why people never end up close enough to learn who exactly is Min Yoongi.
The heir to an organisation so powerful that anyone who he blinks at could suffer the consequences, the man who unblinkingly executed those who cross him and his people, the man whose eyes are enough to command an entire room shut—the man who has yet to bare his heart open.
Yet, when his eyes drop to your figure, loosely dancing along with the beat, he feels his resolve slowly fade. It's unfamiliar and terrifying. Yoongi doesn't like it.
But he decides that he doesn't like this more.
This being the man that approaches you, disgusting hand trailing down the curve of your body until it reaches the swell of your ass. Yoongi is observant, a necessary trait to be the man he is today. He sees your face, recognises the uncomfortable tilt of your eyebrows.
The man doesn't. Instead, his other hand wraps around your waist—and that's when you struggle.
Yoongi is on his feet before he can think twice. The most emotion he's felt in a long time and it's anger. His eyes are trained in a straight line, jaw clenched ever so slightly that it may not be obvious to the naked eye. But to his enemies—it's a sign to plead for forgiveness.
"You dare touch her?"
His voice is calm and low as always. Yoongi doesn't need to raise his tone to make a point, his looming figure along with the slight raise of his brow is enough to send the unfamiliar man stumbling back.
"Mr. Min—"
"You dare lay a hand on my people?" Yoongi repeats, lower. A warning.
"I was just—"
"Yoongi," you murmur as an interruption.
Yoongi freezes, catches himself off guard for a split second when your hand wraps around his forearm loosely. Your hand squeezes, forces him to break the menacing yet monotone stare that he gives the man to look at you.
"I'm okay."
You are. Yet, Yoongi wants to see the man's head off his body.
But your pleading eyes compels him to step back, something he's never done before. He notices this trend with you, doing things he's never done, feeling things he's never felt.
It's ... interesting.
Yoongi allows one last look as a warning, and he already sees the man bowing. He doesn't pay him any mind, not when you reach for his hand to softly tug him away. His heart stutters—and it's the most overwhelming thing he's felt that night, even more than the rage he felt brewing at the man's hands wandering on your body.
"Thank you," you say quietly, cupping his cheeks in your hand.
You're the only person that has ever touched him like this. That he's allowed to touch him like this.
"I protect my people," Yoongi returns, straightforwardly.
Your lips curl into a small smile before you're on your tippy-toes, pulling him close by the neck and he doesn't even stop you. He finds that he can't say no when it comes to you, even if it goes against his very nature.
"You protected me," you whisper.
Yoongi doesn't say anything—but when you press a soft kiss to his cheek—he swears that he'd make sure that man doesn't live another day.
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