nysus-temple · 7 months ago
Don Quixote, riding a horse: LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Sancho, without moving: Go where.
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cozylittleartblog · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
queencember day 7: free day! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
rouxls is like the most pathetic man i’ve ever seen and i say that endearingly. affectionately bullying him can be so bonding experience
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ttvck · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
unlocked it -w-
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rohan-defender · 3 months ago
Actually I think its sad that nobody ever talks abt Joseph canonically trying to Read Rohan's manga.
#Am I the only person who remembers this#ok. ik the answer is no but ik thats how we find out that pink dark boy hasnt been translated into English#i also think its nice he respects him so much#(rohan to joseph this is)#GSMDGZNZJ its absolutely funny to me that even joseph is like ''oh look. 🙄 rohan''.#ITS SO FUNNY WHEN HIM AND JOSUKE SAW HIM AND DECIDED TO IGNORE HIM HXMZHZMZHNSN#but yeah its funnier to me than rohan highly respects that old man.#okokok. also biased bc joseph is. also one of my favorite characters. but thats not important right now.#HDJZJZJSJN hes canonically told josuke that his dad is the only reason he respects and puts up w/him#a lotta ppl assume incorrectly he means jotaro. no he does not.#why would refer to jotaro as mr joestar 😭🤚 his last name is KUJO#SORRY lol. as a rohan expert its a pet peeve of mine#but he does seem to be friends w/jotaro! they do get along and are shown working together#but anyways joseph probably finds rohan annoying bc. well. LMAO. rohan is rohan#i bet he begs to hear stories from him and joseph has some really funny stories he knows everything LMAO.#so im sure he sees rohan and is like. great im gonna be stuck here for an hour at the least.#i dont think hes as close with jotaro bc jotaro isnt the kinda person who enjoys telling stories.#i interpret their friendship more as jotaro probably likes watching rohan work and rohans ok with it bc jotaro just watches quietly#he will let ppl watch him work. if theyre quiet. LMAO.#but yeah#hes hungry for knowledge. hes hungry for stories. and i think thats why he has such a strong respect for joseph.#thank u for coming to my ted talk.#arra speaks#id add tags but this is more of a pet peeve ramble <3
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deus-ex-mona · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
hi rio it’s your turn to suffer
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sallicinnamon · a month ago
how he saw me in that bar
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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beatriceportinari · 8 months ago
One of the first greek myths I heard about as a kid was about theseus and the minotaur, but since it was in a children's magazine thing thes cut out some parts, like him forgetting to change the color of the boat's sails. What I'm saying is I was in for a real berenstein's universe moment when I heard the story again in school
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whenyouguideme · 8 months ago
Sometimes I forget myself,
The breath you steal,
And my attention that is unable replace you,
It’s all and nothing that I feel,
If it is the connection of your lips,
To my forehead as I drift,
Let it only be known to me -
It needn’t concern you, if you so wish.
One thing though, my dear,
Do not leave me here alone. See,
My worst thoughts are the ones you aren’t in,
So let me be your quiet devotee.
[Twenty-sixth day of Inktober. Prompt: Connect]
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blazingflareon · a year ago
was looking through rc9gn localizations and for SOME reason randy is called danny in norwegian??? i should ask my norwegian friend if he knows abt it
anyway apparently there is a dutch dub - which is what i was looking for in the first place - but theres no way im finding it (other than through disney+ but like. fuck that) which is unfortunate bc i love ironically watching dutch dubs,, also im super curious how they translated the slang fsdklshdsd
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reineyday · a year ago
the oya oya conversation and that whole scene is absolutely priceless in english too
(bokuto in english is still amazing ahh bokuto supremacy tbh)
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floralbfs · a year ago
tbh spanish is the superior language but like only bc of the perez serán joke
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ewwgene-fitzherbert · a year ago
reasons i need to have incredible drawing skills immediately: c/ass wit/che/r au
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rudesheep · 2 years ago
tiktok translates your name to english as a nickname suggestion when you sign up????? wtf ajsjdjddbdddd
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tofire · 3 years ago
Everytime someone in a danganronpa game tries to pronounce a character's name i m just dyin laughing cause like.... Cock itchy.... Kay aye dee.... Mac koe toe.... Fu cow ah....
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Best I could do quq oh well
I rerolled until it kicked me out😂😂 welp… hopefully this returns 🙏
I’m missing Lily and ONLY LILY on Jp server so tbh… not bad :) I’m happy to FINALLY have her TT she’s so cute and funny xD
Tumblr media Tumblr media
From when I was playing earlier, it’s so fking funny ngl😂😂😂😂
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chinese-chaos-agent · 5 months ago
I gotta start watching chinese variety shows that are just starting out and have less than a certain amount of views like getting in on the ground floor yknow? If its a good show (BIG if) then thats when it'll be best like s1 and s2 of 名学 were sooo low budget they couldve filmed it in half a school gym and they didnt even have a sponsor (pretty sure they still dont actually which is so rare) but that means they got away with saying stuff they would never allow on regular tv and their editors/show runners were On the ball like they knew about All the inside jokes in and out of the show (ie. that time pyx went on stream wearing a purple wig and makeup and his pink cat ear gamer girl headphones and his gf's dress and edited him back in that get up and they even knew the girl ver of his name that his fans gave him) and theyre always so nice with the edits like no one is ever made to look mean or bad just to make drama and they knew about all the bff pairing names and listened to the audience about what games they liked watching..... Now its just like any other show ... And once they got actual famous people in it. Direct downward spiral. this show should be about z list celebrities and their barely in the entertainment industry friends. Thats IT
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oopsabird · a year ago
One of the other boats I’m paying attention to that’s stuck in the Suez debacle and has decided to wait it out is THIS one:
Tumblr media
I know, I know, I can hear you saying “What the fuck, Liv. That’s not a ship, that’s an attachment for my vacuum cleaner that lets me suck up dirt out of hard-to-reach crevices.”
Nah man, hear me out! It’s a boat I promise!
This is the FJORD FSTR, and it is currently anchored amidst the ships nearest the canal entrance in the Red Sea, waiting for the clusterfuck to unfuck itself:
Tumblr media
Now, much like you probably do, when I first happened to click upon the VesselFinder profile of this vessel and saw that photo, I had some serious questions. Namely, uh:
what is that for, and uh,
why does it look like no boat in the history of boats has ever looked before?
it says it’s a passenger ship and it looks HUGE, are there hundreds of disgruntled passengers stuck on there???
Scrolling through the specs on FJORD FSTR’s profile for the beginnings of answers, one SUPER interesting thing immediately jumped out at me:
Tumblr media
WELL. Now that deserves some googling.
(Aside: hehe, “year of built”)
Anyway. Google was super helpful and immediately eager to fill me in about this ship, and inform me that she is:
a fancy-ass catamaran-style car and passenger ferry,
destined to operate across the strait between Denmark and Norway (“between Kristiansand and Hirtshals”, to be specific),
equipped to hold 1200 passengers and MANY cars,
capable of a top speed of 70km/h (!!!)
totally brand spanking new.
How new?
I’ll take “the company that ordered her literally only took possession from the shipyard on February 26th” for five hundred Alex!
Turns out there ARE no passengers on this ferry yet, because it hasn’t even reached its actual operating location yet!
After being launched at the shipyard in the Philippines last month, it has been picked up by employees of the operating company (Fjord Line) who have been taking it home from the store the only way you can, with a 109m long massive floating lego block: by driving it there, empty and shiny and with the dust covers probably still on the instrument dials, in what was expected to be about a 4 week trip with an April 1st arrival.
Now, obviously from the Philippines to Denmark is a looooooong trip. It’s been a long trip so far just to get to the Suez Canal, an approximate route shown here in blue, and I’m sure both the crew and the ferry company paying by the hour for them to sail the shiny new toy home would much prefer that the rest of the trip be the much shorter Mediterranean route in pink, rather than going the looong way around Africa. But boy oh boy is there something funny about them going so far, after nearly a month at sea, only to end up stuck in traffic just a week or so of sailing away:
Tumblr media
(I have no idea if they would or wouldn’t cut through the English Channel, but I didn’t feel like trying to draw it while not putting a line through Kent or whatever)
No wonder they’re willing to wait around in line and gamble that the canal will be cleared sooner rather than later! Especially when you consider that they already sold off the ferry it’s supposed to be replacing lol.
But wait, there’s more!
I may have lied, a little bit, earlier, when I said that there were no passengers on the FJORD FSTR during this delivery voyage. That is, strictly speaking, only half true.
While nobody has paid to take part in this voyage so far, there are some additional folks onboard who are not crew, but are being paid to be there:
Oh yeah, you read that right.
In addition to the 11 Fjord Line crew members operating the ship, for their passage through the particular bunch of waters they have currently been (unexpectedly) spending a week sat in, FJORD FSTR has embarked an unspecified number of persons who make up a “specially trained safety team”.
All this in the interest of deterring any potential pirates who (in the minds of these Danes) might look at this gargantuan floating slide whistle and start rubbing their hands together eagerly — or whatever paranoid Scandinavian ferry owners imagine tempted pirates might do. (Why desperate people like the Somali pirates would go after the big red empty Borg Cube when there are literal dozens of loaded-full cargo ships anchored as far as the eye can see nearby, is beyond me, but who am I to question rich Scandinavians lmao.)
Tumblr media
So like, next time you’re having a weird week, try asking yourself:
“But am I having a weirder week than 11 sailors trapped indefinitely on a massive empty ocean-going luxury vape pen, with a team of hired guards, in the middle of the Red Sea during a crisis, hoping desperately against all clues to the contrary that they’re not about to live out the catalyzing incident of a Bond film?”
Odds are, probably not.
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nativestephaniebrown · a year ago
currently my biggest flex is that my new english teacher, who is notorious for being too busy to remember the name of anyone who isn’t her favorite speech kids or theater leads, knows me by name by day 2 of class.
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sinshinsin · 4 months ago
Who will definitely dominate you?
From the most—to the last.
[Ayo kids, this is an NSFW content. Comeback when you have your own driving license or at least can pay for your grocery]
Fandom !? Bungou Stray Dogs (male) (might do this again for female) x gn! Reader
Warning !? Smut, Dom/sub thingy, so many seggs, ah also a rough one, mention of bondage, hickey, marking, m*ri (not really hate him but censoring his name feels funny), tentacles thingy, degrading, manga spoiler lol
A/N: not all of them, just some character that I'm familiar with lmao (also this is only my opinion, you may disagree with this and it's okay)
Tumblr media
Most likely—
The idea of being a sub is not a favorite thing in bed for Kunikida. He can't simply lying then watching you teasing him by stroking his cock slowly and hearing you whispering that he's a good one. No, he's not totally against the idea, but if there's another choice than being a sub, then that's it.
Mori has the power in bed, that is the simplest form I could tell you. He will dress you in expensive clothes then fucking the shit out of you with those. And oh, don't make me started with the doctor-nurses or the doctor-patient roleplay one.
If pleasuring you is a major in a university, Fyodor would be the professor (not me wheezing when writing this sentence-). He knows everything about pleasuring you in bed. Including which part shall his rope should ties in a knot to prevent you from moving to much (my english is on life support pls help)
In between—
This mummy-like-whore man, Dazai, can be on the most likely tier. But he's the most willing to be a sub other than those three. He can make you screaming, crying his name then moaning or being the passive one and giving you the dominant power, so he would be a switch.
Oh dear, Ango is right on the boundaries of will dominate you or not. No matter which dynamic side is he, he would definitely leave mark on any part of your body once you're finished. The mark has a meaning itself, it means you're his.
Nikolai is the masochistic person. He's not against the idea of being on the top or controlling everything, it's just he enjoys the feeling of you edging him before he's releasing more than tying you up or being the one edging you. But once again, there may have a chance of him being a Dom.
Small chances—
Being an inexperienced man he is, Atsushi clearly didn't really understand how to be a Dom. You may have to guide him making you being the one who dominate. But for sure, Atsushi want to dominate you at least once.
He's surely shy, and Poe may also bring the same character on bed. He's just so cute when he's stuttering if you overstimulating him! So it is not your fault when you accidentally being the one who's at the top, making him saying incoherent words and whines right?
Akutagawa had a weak body, we know it. So it's a hard time when he's trying to dominate you in bed, making you being the one who's at the top place. Don't get me wrong, there's one time when he's go crazy on you.
no comment, I'm confused!—
Our president, Fukuzawa, he's a stranger to something like sex. Sure he may or may not have done it in the past. But not with the loving one.
Lovecraft is too sleepy sometimes when you want to do it. So he'll just use his tentacles and overstimulating you with it. Or if he had more energy, he will lazily degrading you about how naughty you are.
Woah, w O a h. Tachihara had a short temper, so you rarely doing sex with him. But there's time when his short temper just went, "fuck it imma go crazy owa owa." Then there you are, ass up and face down on the pillow. (He can went slower or more gentle if you ask him thooo)
Sometimes, Sigma is too busy organizing casino. But still! You both had an intimate time. (There's one time he's eager and fucking you at the toilet)
Tumblr media
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cleostoohot · a month ago
a lot of y’all seem flabbergasted that you don’t have to believe your affirmations!? here’s 3 mini success stories of times i didn’t believe my affirmation but it still manifested 🐻
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
there’s a lot more but here’s my ‘biggest’ three
Tumblr media
[🫶🏽] 𝐛𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐲
i had always thought i was ugly. especially during quarantine when i got super depressed. last saturday {may 7th} i decided “ight bitch, it’s time to stop hating yourself” and i started to say i’m pretty instead of ugly. i did not believe that shit, i mean how could i have. i spent my whole life thinking i was ugly then randomly started saying the opposite. by the next day i had a whole confidence boost. i couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror and i made so much tiktoks when i usually never put my face in my tiktoks. fast forward to now, i just feel so much better about my appearance and can’t believe i used to think i was hideous.
[🫶🏽] 𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐫
i was almost 5’7, i hated my height because i wanted to be short like most girls in my school. after some time i stopped hating being ‘taller’ (ik some people don’t consider 5’7 tall) but at the same time i wanted to be a little shorter at least. there was this girl in my school who was probably a inch and a half or 2 shorter than me and i loved her height so i was like “mhm yup, lemme manifest it”. i started on a saturday (idk it’s sum about saturdays for me lol) and i was constantly affirming that i’m shorter than (the name of the girl). I DID NOT BELIEVE IT! i even tried to compare my height to my sister to see if the difference was still the same or would look for old marks on the wall where i marked my height, but i stopped bc i was just like “this obsessing is hurting you not helping you”. ff to that tuesday (i stayed home that monday bc my hair wasn’t done lmfao) i was walking in the hall and ole girl happened to be in front of me. even though i told myself i was gonna stop obsessing, i kindaaaaa sortaaaaa walked a little closer up to her to see the height difference and she was literally TALLER THAN ME! exactly how i wanted. i wanted her height but i still wanted her to be taller because i liked being shorter than people (idk wtf be wrong with me lmao). that was in march of this year but now i’m not obsessed with my height anymore but if i compare myself here and there to people i used to be kinda taller than, i see that i’m shorter. i also got measured by the doctor in april and my height was 165.6cm (i could be wrong ima have to look back at the paper again) but idk cms, i only know abt inches and ft so anybody who knows the accurate measurement in inches or ft pls lmk😭 i tried google and some sites said 5’5.# others said 5’4.# like ???? but i think i’m in my 5’5s
[🫶🏽] 𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐲 𝐜𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐡
there’s this boy in my english class that sits right next to me, our seats were pretty close too. he never spoke to me, looked at me, nothing. oh and not to mention i kind of liked him bc he was fine af and funny lol. i affirmed that he always talks to me and 2 days after he finally did. again, did not believe it at all. this was one of my first manifestations so i was kind of anxious during the process but i still pushed through.
even though i mentioned doubting and obsessing, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to check your thoughts or just obsess all day. i still flipped every thought i could and tried to keep myself in check. i also have a natural assumption that i get results within days so i still got my manifestation quickly.
Tumblr media
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