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#THEN i'll get those replies started
wenellyb · 13 days ago
I stumbled upon this post and at first I just wanted to let it slide, because believe it or not, this is not the first time I have had a Tumblr user who had a personal vendetta against me (esecially since I’m really “extra” about Sambucky let’s say) and I can’t stop random people from thinking what they want. 
But this post is a little different because they are stating their opinions as fact, like the saying that I’m not Black or saying that I stole gifs....???......??? 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1) I do not steal gifs, I hate that. My gifs are bad and still, I have gotten my gifs stolen in the past and I hate it. And unlike this OP, I actually have proof of it, so I’ll be posting screenshots of how I made my gifs if I manage to, just to prove that I made them...This is actually the most annoying part.
The post where I said I can’t gif was from May 2021, by the way, I have watched tutorials and tried to improve my gifing skills since (but I’m still bad at it😂).
2) I don’t know where OP got the idea that I wasn’t Black because I have made several posts saying that I was Black and not American. If OP is saying this because I said I was French, I have some flashnews for them: there are Black people in France  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
3) Here’s the link of the post about the back and forth. What happened was that I was disagreeing with another user, and I still disagree with them,  it was indeed a back and forth because that user had said that Anthony disliked Sambucky as romantic, which I disagreed with, and I still disagree with that... From where I stand, during that interview that was edited for clickbait, Anthony didn’t say anything negative about Sambucky (not that it would matter if he did or didn’t because he has every right to), but in this case, he didn’t, at least that’s what I hear in the audio. And I stand by this. To me Anthony was merely stating his opinion about male friendships, question asked by the journalist. But then they shifted the conversation to Sarahbucky, so I knew the conversation was going nowhere.
OP is saying that they have talked about me already, however I have never ever interacted with that OP before, unless they changed their username or something like that, so I’m really interested to know where all of this is coming from?
If the OP finds this and has more links to some of my posts where I’m either “harrassing” or “exploiting” I’m interested because I would like to know. A gifset isn’t enough of an argument if you can’t back it up. If I “stole those” gifs...Where did I steal them from?
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general-thinks · 5 months ago
to celebrate the anime + manga development, i was wondering, when did you start reading komi-san? for me i started reading it when the most recent chapter was the bike practice chapter
Oooh! That bring me so much memories!!
Ok, so, first of all thank you anon for this message, because it's a really cool question that I sometimes ask myself how I would respond if someone asked me so.
Then, to the actual question at hand, the first chapter that I read in par with everyone else of the fandom were the first year's Valentines arc. I started to read the actual manga the week before, after the tenth time I saw @carnival-phantas post about this shy and cute "anime" girl.
I remember the sheer excitement in seeing Komi, Onemine and Kaede preparing the chocolates for the day after, and once I reached the end of the chapter and saw no 'next chapter' I felt hollow inside.
On a unrelated note, I remember that my first post about Komi was the chapter where Komi brings Tadano his chocolates (or around then), since I was going apeshit and I needed to vent to someone about the emotions I felt back then.
#then I saw I actually got rome notes and I thought to myself#'hm why not. let's keep doing this#apparently there's people who like my ramblings'#and then I started to excange messages about the chapters with cartoonfanorwhatever and zer0crazy#the biggest blogs that back then posted in the komi tag and interacted with my posts too#and the rest is history#if I don't remember wrong I met midnight-sloth and arcade-lackey in the same way#midnight for sharing with her the link of a new chapter I think to remember#and arcade beacuse he replied to a post of mine and we couldn't stop talking to each other#it's-3-am too I meet in the komi tags because his shitposts are the peak of comedy#I miss old boogs that used to interact with my blog like frankiemorga#got deactivated one day and still today I miss them#but I meet a lot of cool people too like tsunesama renamon weaponscomplex worange bobstropajo#halfblood-writer catgirlhightights coffee-fueled-sloth a-hobbit-of-the-shire topiyas...#and those are just some of the first people that come to mind when I think of my experience in the Komi-san fandom#(you think I would forget you!? AH! once inside my world I'll never let you go)#the komi tag has been a big part of this blog for a lot of time since it had my firsts fanart fanfiction and fanblogging on#and the serie will always have a special place in my heart#even in chapters were I felt sad tired or just disinteressed I always kept going mostly for you people#and now with the anime announcement the fanom id bound to get bigger and I'll get lost in the hundreds of more talented and better#managed komi-san fandom blogs as it should be#so thank you guys for these magical... what? two? three years? because while Komi was building friendship in the manga I was building actua#friendships in this god forsaken website that now I can't stop loving it's your fault guys#so thank for having stick with me this whole time even if I was iralian all along and see you guys next chapter <3#komi-san wa komyushou desu#komi san wa komyushou desu#komi san can't communicate#komi san has a communication disorder#komi san is bad at communication#ask!
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prettyboylovemail · a month ago
Vent below.
I literally just changed my url yesterday to avoid the drama, but of course he found it super quickly and immediately made a post about it and updated my urls in his dni.
not only that, but he’s also put the urls of the person closest to me, who has done literally nothing at all and is only being called out because of their association with me. i’m so scared of them getting harassed and bullied now too because of me when they didn’t do anything.
i’m just... so tired. it’s been days. leave me alone.
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mark-hoppuss · a month ago
#i'm starting my third week at work and i already know how shitty is going to be#i can't fuck up in the slightest and i mean it as in just texting someone else to explain them via text message work related stuff......#she yelled at me and was so rude to me damn#and every day i'm about to leave home to work i'm thinking to myself#'what will she yell at me today for'#and honestly it's not even my fault they don't explain shit to me i'm doing what i'm told#so. noah fence i have been working more than anyone else there yet tomorrow i bet my ass imma get yelled at for ignoring her texts#but like? i don't know what's worse if responding saying idk or just not opening the text#(btw because of those dudes not working i am getting thrown down the bus#like the boss thinks i didn't do my part of the job and was doing somebody else's#and in reality I've been doing whatever they told me to do#but nobody else is replying in the group chat except me so they are literally throwing me to the sharks#even though i did all the work....)#but i have to hold on just 240 more days (literally)#i have to suck it up like this lady will suck the last bit of self esteem (if i had any) of me and drain me#that's life i guess and the saddest part is that i have to get used to this schedule still and i#barely have time to be here or enjoy anything really I can't let this stress consume me#thinking about what she's gonna do to me i can't be bothered she doesn't even care about me why should i#I'll try to leave work shit at work so whatever humillation she's gonna make me go through tomorrow#it's gonna happen tomorrow so fuck it#sorry bye#mine
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kitkaf · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
#okay now im lowkey mad about it#i need to rant and i can't rant to a lot of people irl because its a personal thing so I'll rant here because u guys can't do anything heh#so Like. this isn't just a simple haha misunderstanding :3 thing either. like. u purposely took my words out of context#AND HEY OUTRIGHT LIED ABOUT IT TOO.?? EXCUSE U UR TWISTED LITTLE SS DON'T SHOW THAT EITHER#if u want i can send u the real ones. did u like. forget i can just ss the whatsapp convo? and any deleted msgs of ur will be shown?#also i took ss even before u started gossiping because i sent it to akanksha being like— hm this is so weird? 😂#who knew you'll just. do that?#and like. in my head I've always excused u getting things wrong or being stubborn and mean and rude#thinking 'ur the younger child lmao' as pathetic that excuse sounds. even tho ur actually older than me.#i always treated u as someone younger than me who obviously makes more mistakes than me. and is still learning her place.#and like. while those things i just jokingly shook off. hell i apologized ecERY SINGLE TIME we fought. even tho in the end it was ur fault#and you'd show up at my door and be like. i came here to have u apologize to me and i just went along with it because i was in 8th grade 🤡#but rn? for u to still be the same?? we're not 12 anymore jfc.#and hey. idc rn but that day i cried. i cried so fucking much#because even tho i was just shocked in the beginning it was literally betrayal#and for u. to not even come to my face and ask anything. and just backbitch and then say— no she doesn't wanna talk to mr#OH I DON'T???? WHEN I MSGED U 'ARE U OKAY' AND U DIDN'T REPLY????#EXCUSE THE FUCJ ME?????#aand after all this u just add me on snap being like hello 🥺#yeah no.#im like. sick of this#can people stop being fucking toxic to me#im begging u#literally what did i even do to u ppl#but no being a friend isn't enough for u guys right? u have to fuckin use them too#ugh#ffffffff i mean. why am i even crying now#i don't have the energy to deal with this#just gonna be hashtag mature and ignore sorry 🥰🥰
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ablockforwritersblock · 11 months ago
Writing Prompt #107
A skeptic and a psychic are quite a pair for a weekly spooky podcast. Of course, things get all the more interesting when the skeptic starts to fall for the psychic, and the psychic looks more and more like the real thing
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earnednight-a · a year ago
hi, hello, it’s been a while, & by that i mean, it’s time for a new start. i’ve officially moved blogs! it’s been a long time coming, & tbh i’m very excited about this. so, if you’re still with me, & you’re still interested in writing with my son & i on our new blog, please do my the biggest of favors & either like / reply to this post, or shoot me a message. 
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abaddonrighthandofgod · 2 years ago
// I want to thank everyone for such nice wishes for my exams and the unexpected interest how it all went down XD Since you’ve been so nice to me I feel like I owe you all an update.
Written exam: B (wanted to shoot myself when I saw my mistakes, such amateur mistakes) Oral exam (was today): A, which means the overall grade is A
I’m very happy and proud of myself, but when I returned from celebrating with my friends, my laptop’s motherboard died. No warning, the bitch just died. Just my type of luck, honestly.
Tumblr media
This pic is my actual reaction. The face of someone that says ‘I’m so happy but I’m so screwed. Fuck you world!’
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Okay so like, life update? Life update.
I'm moving again! Same area and it's honestly not that far from where we are now but the house we're renting got sold so we gotta go lmao So for like 2-4 weeks I'm gonna be all over the place while we're packing and everything.
On top of that I re enrolled in the course I'm doing!! (I went back on Jan 28th but only properly enrolled last week) I go to classes two days a week and i wake up at 4 am and get home at 5 am so that's exhausting!! I'm very tired!! Always!!
And I got a kitty, I told a few friends already but yeah!! His name is Honey and he's the devil!! I LOVE HIM!!
Tumblr media
#personal#nadine rambles#i'm excited about moving but also stressed#i gotta throw out a lot of stuff and decide what i'm keeping#the goal is to do it all in 2 weeks but we'll see how that goes akskfkfkg#my bank account is in pain rn but we're fine it's fine ajsjdjfjf#i have messages to reply too but my heads like going a mile a minute and i'm havung trouble just focusing long enough to reply#i'm gonna try toooo chill out and take my time#i have been doodling and writing so i'll post some of that at some point#i'm well behind in f/o feb but i do wanna post the wedding drabble i wrote because it made me mushy#i'll try to find time to reblog a bunch of the f/o feb stuff from others too cuz it's all so cute and somft#but rn i'm just spiralling into my head and distracting myself by drawing#i also know i keep mentioning starting commissions and then not bringing it up for a while#i have everything ready technically#just making the post abt it is difficult because i'm like#trying to figure out what i have the energy; time and capability to do right now#like doing something like chibi commissions would be easy on me and i could probably handle those right now#but i have multiple chibi styles too RIP-#and i always get that fear of not being good dnoigh to be paid for my art#even though multiple people have asked if i do commissions#and i second guess my prices even though i've spent four years sussing out other artists prices and how they price things#hmmmm idk i'm overthinking it like everything probably lol#like moving is gonna be expensive so i am just wondering if people would be interested in me doing comms#AAAAAA IDK I'M GONNA JUST SIT ON THE COUCH THINKING ABT EVERYTHING UNTIL REMY WAKES UP AND CAN TALK TO ME AKSJDM
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twcmccns · 2 years ago
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konmari-dogs · 2 years ago
do you ever plan on adding more dogs to your home? thistle seemed like she really enjoyed puppy thyme!
omg she was sooooo excited to have a puppy. too excited almost. i do really really want a third dog. the ever elusive welsh springer spaniel. a boyo. I adore @lappaika‘s Tito and I dearly want one to join us.
BUT. not for a while I don’t think. Once grown I think two boy spaniels would drive Thistle nuts and she’d really want her space for them. And Thyme is still young and still growing into his own.
Maybe in a few years
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vacanpaathy · a year ago
[dabs] now that i finally finished up s3 of legion i gotta rework that whole verse to explain what would happen to her post-series and the options there fdsghsdfg COOL
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