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How do you need to be loved?
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Like Lovers Watching the Sunset
Tumblr media
Calm, focused, tender. You need to be loved in the way teenagers kiss in the rain and giggle behind hands. You need to be loved like a child, taken care of, watched over, focused on. You need to feel the warmth of the sun, you need to feel the love rushing through your veins. You need to be reminded that love is worth it, and it’s beautiful to experience. You need to be loved in a way that is refreshing, again and again.
Like the Burn Marks On My Hands
Tumblr media
You need to be loved gently, taken care of. You need to let yourself be taken care of. You deserve the kindness. You deserve to have fingertips pressed to yours, you deserve soft smiles and quiet laughs. You need to be kissed in the middle of the night, you need to be told it’s okay. You’re used to aggressive love, yet you, you need it gently.
Till the End of Forever
Tumblr media
You need to be loved unconditionally. You need to be reminded that love is not temporary, that you deserve it. That those who love you will not leave. You need to be loved the way angels love humanity, or how devils love angels. You need to be loved in greatness, in fullness, you need to be loved hard and fierce. Loud, shout it to the ends of the earth, your love won’t leave. You need to be loved when nothing else will be. You need to realize you are worthy even through the end.
Like the Snow Melts
Tumblr media
You need to be loved patiently. You need to feel the love slowly creeping in, a warning, a way to back away if you’re too scared. You need to be loved cautiously, as if you’re fragile. You need to be loved gently, because love is messy and muddy and makes your socks wet and hurts if the sun gets too close. But you need to let yourself be loved, because when you do, it’ll feel like spring.
Like the Burn Marks On My Hands
Tumblr media
You need to be loved gently, taken care of. You need to let yourself be taken care of. You deserve the kindness. You deserve to have fingertips pressed to yours, you deserve soft smiles and quiet laughs. You need to be kissed in the middle of the night, you need to be told it’s okay. You’re used to aggressive love, yet you, you need it gently.
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tarteggs · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
self-indulgent chinese botw designs just for fun ٩( ᐛ )و
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yuutta · a year ago
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jujutsu kaisen op 1 + locations
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eggdrawsthings · 3 months ago
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probably talking smack about their captain again 😒
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mariane-sheridan · 4 months ago
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miggiisdumb · 4 months ago
Oh to return to the era in history when being plump and round was the beauty standard
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storfulsten · 3 months ago
A neo bf and neo Whitty under a beautiful sunset
Tumblr media
I tried
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honeybadger03 · 5 months ago
Netflix: *creates an rivalry between Lando and Daniel, saying they don’t like each other*
Daniel and Lando:
Tumblr media
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owlwinter8 · 6 months ago
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"Don’t be shy. Jester called more than one favour tonight to make sure you both leave in one piece." -Fanart for Hush Now by @corpse-art !! <3
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ochomachuu · 7 months ago
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(via Which Matsuno sextuplet are you?)
hi i have brainrot and too much free time so i made a 60 question personality quiz :D 
tried to stray away from more surface level characteristics and more towards one’s innermost traits, so there are a lot of hypothetical situations and things along those lines. there might not be an option that fits you exactly right for each question, but try to pick the one that seems the closest. enjoy!
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thaliasthunder · 4 months ago
grecia reading The Trials of Apollo #1: the hidden oracle
first impression: the covers of this saga look actually dope
"My name is apollo. I used to be a god" hi sweetheart
"I inflicted a plague on the Greeks who besieged Troy." can u shut the fuck up
A four thousand year old god being afraid of a 12y.o girl? this is amazing
“I know someone who might help. He lives on the Upper East Side. Take me to him, and I shall reward you.” let it be who i'm thinking of please 😭😭😭
"Zeus did not answer. He was probably too busy recording my humiliation to share on Snapchat." Help me 💀💀
“Let’s find Percy Jackson.”' WAAAAAAAA 😭😭😭😭😭
"For children blessed with an immortal parent, they were strangely sensitive about their backgrounds." this bitch didnt just say blessed
"the young man swung open the apartment door and said, “Why?” As usual, I was struck by his resemblance to his father, Poseidon. He had the same sea-green eyes, the same dark tousled hair, the same handsome features that could shift from humor to anger so easily." PERCY MY BELOVED SON, MY FIRSTBORN HI BABY BOY 😭😭😭😭😭
"sacred sybil" ??? "Are u cursed?" what the actual fuck apollo 😭😭
“The war ended in August. It’s January.” percy is 17 im gonna fucking SOB 😭
sally finally got to write her book <333
"He smiled, and some of that old demigod mischief twinkled in his eyes." STOP 😭😭😭
“Some of the best demigods have gotten their start by blowing up toilets.” *sobs in the lightning thief* 🤧
"I did not like the way she was grinning at Percy. I didn’t want the girl to develop a crush. We might never get out of here" LMFAO everyone falls in love with my boy i know he's so gorgeous he's stunning he's mesmerizing 😭
Because Poseidon 😭
“I keep thinking, I have now killed every single thing in Greek mythology. But the list never seems to end.” “You haven’t killed me yet” “Don’t tempt me.” percy is so done w apollo's shit 💀
"The calmness of his eyes, the smile resting easily on his lips, the way his hair curled around his ears…" oh? look at that! im sobbing!
"crotchkicker mccaffrey" I CACKLED
significant annoyance
"they were so cute together it made me feel desolate" istg 😭😭
not paolo's arms JFJKFKS 💀💀💀
"She's a communist!" JFKFKDJF THIS CSNT BE REAL 💀
apollo sayin' gay relationships w gods can also have children might be the best thing i've read
paolo got his leg sewed for god's sake 💀
will being a doctor in charge and nico his little nurse this is good food
rachel elizabeth dare my redhead beloved so pleased to see u again !! <3
rachel jealous over apollo having more oracles bestie pls 😭
apollo using meg's rings as a necklace </3
apollo's thoughts about daphne in the woods oh the poetic tragedy of a lost love <\3
"rhea's laugh reminded me of a piglet with asthma" HELP ME??💀💀
who's the emperors??? nero??? caligula??? commodus?? TELL ME
apollo's melancholy singing for daphne & hyacinthus <\333
'“Sing. Sing like you did before" "I—I can’t. My voice is almost gone.” Besides, I thought, I don’t want to risk losing you again.' man dont do this to me 😭😭😭
"I love the Internet! It is impossible for me to fade completely now. I am immortal on Wikipedia!” i DID SEARCH THIS DUDE, sorry apollo 💀💀
"Artemis shot me in the groin because I was flirting with her Hunters." JDFKDFK GO BESTIE💀
"I stared at my beloved Dumpster waif. Yes, somehow over the past week she had become beloved to me." awe 🤧
The dryads & zephyros helping apollo in the woods <3
"Will, Kayla, Austin. Come with me" "And Nico. I have a doctor's note" boi ur doctor's note only consist on being by will's side 😭😭
"I wanted to flirt with Chiara and steal her away from Damien…or perhaps steal Damien away from Chiara, I wasn’t sure yet." this dude is so painfully bisexual it kills me 😭
percy & rachel together again it's been so long since i read them interact <3
they're beating the shit out of my boy leo 💀💀
"When they first saw each other, Percy and Calypso had hugged awkwardly. I hadn’t witnessed such a tense greeting since Patroclus met Achilles’s war prize, Briseis. (Long story. Juicy gossip. Ask me later.)" DUDE YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME
"piece of torta" help. also my water boi & fire boi giving each other a high five 😭
apollo, leo & calypso walking together to the amphitheater <3
more of my reviews & reactions of the rrverse books here: percy jackson & the olympians, the heroes of olympus, RRverse mini stories
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sapphoslibrary · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
finished my first day of my BSW program & celebrated with some tori/vera art! @whump-tr0pes i <3 your girls
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iwonderifyouwonderaboutme · 11 months ago
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Every friend group should include...
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It's not a question but I just wanted to say that your blog is the best thing on tumbler there isn't one post of yours that dosen't make ma laugh until I can't breath I swear your senso of humour is immaculate :)
laughing until you can't breath??? my god. that sounds terrifying. if i keep being this funny, one of these days you'll end up hospitalized!! so if you all see me flopping or posting shitty takes in the future, it's not because i ran out of ideas; it's only because i want user hanji-i-love-you to stay alive.
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spockandawe · 10 months ago
asking people on the internet to understand your tone without any tone indicator isn't the way to go. we cannot sense tone on text like this. Please use proper tone indicators or any simply make a statement about your tone next time <33 would be better and cause less mess
to explicitly, very clearly, very sincerely mark my tone:
If I get feedback like this on a weeks-old post, where i already walked back the emotional knee-jerk part of my response and spent like an hour plus doing a postmortem on my tone and how effectively i communicated and how conversation devolved (though i don’t admit any like... wrongdoing, lmao), I am deeply, deeply confused about whether a message like this is sincere, patronizing, or sarcastic. 
I don’t know! Hilariously, not enough tone indicators. Usually, the weeks-old context would be enough for me to settle on sarcasm, but the way it rehashes what I already spent a lot of time and effort saying would bring me around to patronizing, but the nature of this specific subject matter is just jarring enough to make me doubt either of those diagnoses. Unless insufficient tone indicators are part of the joke? But there are hearts? But hearts are also highly contextual and modulate based on tone and are both usable in sincerely helpful and in hostile situations????
Tumblr media
I’m not making assumptions, but I am very uncertain, and this is going to chew at me all day ;u; If I’m missing something horribly obvious here, blease tell me. Dc al coda with the tonal declarations, i am sincerely confused about this, and the hilarious nature of being so truly confused about an interaction regarding this specific subject matter will eat at me forever, and i am dying of curiosity.
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eileenguy · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i am smitten by the affection of the hunter//although the strength to flee remains
-couplet by mirza ghalib
(ID in alt text, and an explanation below the cut)
The word “sayyad”, which means “hunter”, is very commonly used in urdu poetry to mean the poet’s beloved while the poet is (their) prey. The most basic interpretation of the couplet is that the poet is so entrapped by his beloved that even though he has the strength to flee he cannot or will not. But sufi poetry and ghazals have a history of using common themes like love, infatuation and intoxication to also be applicable, on a larger scale, to God and religion.
For example, if a qawwal's (singer of Qawwali) song includes themes of intoxication by wine, it can be applicable also to gaining divine knowledge. The wine here represents the divine knowledge, the bearer of the wine goblet is God and the meaning conveyed then is wanting to devote yourself to the attainment of divine knowledge. I just think the two contexts of reading Sufi poetry (secular and religious) extend so well to Castiel and his falling from grace and finding a new cause in Dean and in humanity.
I haven't really thought much beyond "Dean is Castiel's new God" and "omg 'hunter' just like dean" and am not a voracious poetry reader or someone who is largely familiar with Ghalib's body of work so i cannot be certain that the metaphors work too well here. I just read the couplet and instantly thought of Deancas and could not rest till i posted this.
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nickfurrcillo · a month ago
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