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Daichi Sawamura X Male Reader ~

When you wear your binder again without time to rest.

TW: chest dysphoria


You sighed as you tried to tuck into the blanket. Your binder was off, you had to get it off as youd worn it for nearly 24 hours, but didnt think anything of it as it wasnt very tight to begin with.

Daichi had said he would be home in 15 minutes, so you opted to wait so you could get some comfort cuddles.

But your stomach hurt, the sweat was building up and you didnt want to damage yourself, so now it was off. You just wanted to sleep everything away.

But you couldn’t, no matter what you did. You turned to the left, to the right, on your back, facing down, but your chest just felt so much more there than it had been before.

You tried scrolling through facebook, but countless straight couples popped up and while normally you’d just fawn over the cuteness of it, right now wasn’t it.

Your feelings crept up from behind you, hitting you with another wave of depression – in other words, dysphoria.

You tried and you tried, just watching other videos, closing your eyes and hoping to sleep, but you just couldn’t.

At some point a few minutes later, you’d had enough, scrambling out of your bed and grabbing the binder back on.

Looking yourself in the mirror, you scrambled to put it back on, as fast as you could — and then you relaxed. You breathed. Flat.

But you knew it wasnt good for you.

The door knob opens halfway in a clack, it seems you hadn’t heard his footsteps or keys, and you see your beloved Daichi. He was wearing his usual winter’s outfit, save for the shoes, and you felt maybe you could get through today.

“How are you, darling?” He says, not noticing. “Tell me about yo- why are you wearing your binder?”

His voice was more of concern, cooing out the words as his face showed worry. You didn’t know how to reply.

“Honey, hey,” he shrugged his bag off hastily. “Have you been wearing your binder all day?”

“No, I-” The words wouldn’t come out. “I don’t, I can’t, I just-”

“Hey, hey,” Daichi cooed. He moved his arms to pull you in a hug, wrapping you tightly. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Once you pulled away, he held a hand to your face. “Let’s get it off, okay, lovely boy? My one and only honey boy?” He smiled warmly.

You couldn’t help but choke out a smile, though faint. “Okay.”

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Drabble! - Warning, Character Death, mild gore  

 ( Aka, the loss of team glacier’s leader. )

                                There was a saying, of having steel and fire in one’s blood, how heros, how they were made in the hour of defeat. Avros knew this, he knew of the stories of the underdogs that clawed their way to victory, baring their teeth in the face of death. These stories, they seemed most fitting for Glacia, her violet eyes sparkling under the sun as she tore through grimm in time of one’s own heartbeat.

                                                   But they also were for Aycan, whose temper may very well cost them one day, yet was loyal without doubts. For Cymbeline, who always found a way to smile, and inspire others even when things looked bleak. Not him. It was never meant to be him.

                                 But, fate it seemed, had deemed him a warrior, long ago.

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