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realitynotfound · 5 months ago
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apollos-boyfriend · a month ago
ranboo: yeah guys idk why i’m sick
also ranboo:
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curiosity-killed · 4 months ago
I know I am a failed proponent of Pursue Ur Dreams as well as a young person starting out in their career so this is a lil hypocritical but y’all.....your self cannot be defined by your work. You gotta have some separation and compartmentalization. Wherever you work in whatever field there are gonna be times when the organization or the people you work with do some dumb or fucked up shit and it’s normal and right to be upset by that but if you let your definition of yourself be so wrapped up in that work, you are going to be harmed by that inevitable fuck up and that’s not good
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ssardothien · a month ago
I was just logging into my amazon account and it went to authentication site that said please enter your OTP below and I was like whaaaat? But I have so many, which one do I choose? Rowaelin? Poppycas? Elorcan? How do they even know??? And then I saw the email with my One Time Password, my brain is damaged...
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hotgirlhockey · 6 months ago
Y’all I wasn’t going to write a whole ass post about this, but I’m seeing tons of asks and blogs answering and brushing things off when there’s a huge problem in this community. Just to make one thing clear: bipoc is not a homogenous group, we -just as you white people- are unique in our own ways, that means yes we have black conservatives, we have trans conservatives, etc but that doesn’t mean if they told ya that something did not hurt them it doesn’t hurt others either. So when there’s a black person on your asks saying that she’s not bothered about a player who has made a racist remark that doesn’t mean she’s speaking in the name of the whole community, and that doesn’t mean that another black person who felt deeply hurt by it is wrong. Take one person’s remark as the truth is racist itself, it’s like saying “hey, my black friend told me this is alright with him, so this needs to be alright with you too”. I’m asking for you guys to STOP hiding behind the “I’m trying to be anti-racist” bs and just straight up have the guts to tell your opinion and say that, in fact, you really don’t care about some groups not feeling safe in this damn site or in this shitty world matter of factly. 
And yes support someone who openly did something that is clearly racist/homophobic/transphobic is feeding and agreeing with this violent structure, even if you don’t wanna recognize it. This is not about canceling people or starting a dictatorship, this is about seeing the bigger picture and trying to do something about it. Because while you’re just there in the comfort of “oh I support the cause, hockey is for everyone, etc” and not doing something or not calling your friends out for their behaviors people are *dying*. 
ALSO: if the player eventually says they’re sorry it’s not your place to say “oh okay, we forgive you” if you were not the one hurt. 
another thing: we hold the right to not forgive someone after they did something mean to us (directly or indirectly) and that’s ok, so stop coming to people who still made at some @ to say they need to let go of hate. 
plus: if you don’t understand the situation, don’t judge or starting saying shitty things, just shut up and go educate yourself.
If your fave follows and likes transphobic, racist shit he’s agreeing with it and if you still support him after knowing all this you are also agreeing with it. 
*this goes not only for the example I gave, but this also goes especially for the transphobic remarks we’ve been having lately on this app. 
Pay some respect for the trans ppl in this community who are open to teach you even thought is not their job to educate! 
That’s it, thanks for coming to my ted talk. 
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seyaryminamoto · a month ago
Anon-Nemesis - I just took a looky at the list of arcs and WOAAAAAHOWOWOWOOO is that the amount of arcs you have planned for Part 3 or just an estimate? Its a lot anyway, but at the speed you're writing, you might actually finish them all in a bit over a year from now would be my humble guess, 2 at most.
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I am not going to lie, my friend... I was waiting for this ask x'DDDDD I seriously wondered if anyone would notice the major upgrade before the next arc caused the sharp spoiler-hunters to go on the navi and look for the summary of the next one... and you were the winner! xD Good job!
Soooo... yeah. Those are the expected arcs of Part 3. It looks like a lot. It IS a lot. The ones with numbers next to them, as usual, are the ones already written and finished :'D I still have a ton to go through though xD but the most important thing is...
The entire Gladiator outline has been officially plotted!
I have no idea how long it's going to be, not really, no clue how long each arc will be, nope... some might be standalone chapters, even, while others might be fairly long. But... yes. There's a huge document in my PC at the moment that I'm sure you'd be spying on if you were still in your old ghostly form (?), it's literally 43K worth of plotting and outlining, I may add a few things here or there, or alter a few others... but the core of the story, the structure, is finally well and truly set in stone by now.
I am a bit proud of this achievement, yes (?) and it also feels a bit terrifying and daunting to think I'm getting that close to the major developments I've been plotting and working on for... so long. Eight years, man. How on earth has time gone this fast? x'D I am keenly aware of the fact that the work that sustained my very existence won't last forever... but man, I have a duty to this crazy commitment to see this mess through to the very end! So onwards we go, to ensure this huge story gets the ending it's meant to have!
Anyway, yep. I may have gotten the numbers wrong, not gonna lie, maybe I added a few more bullet points than there should be, or didn't add enough... but, by official doc count, we're looking at no less than 33 arcs in Part 3... ahaha :'D so many 3s, ahahahahaha...
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sebexmackiena · 4 months ago
I miss the times when kids were obsessed with Bieber, 1D, Hannah Montana, Selena Gomez and other Disney Channel celebrities closer to their age.
Now they just obsess over 40 years old men that could easily be their father and who's filmography is inappropriate for them to watch.
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blushnote · 9 months ago
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how have i never seen this? 😔
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Going through an identity crisis because of the no-match days.
Going to find a hobby.
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08stay · 3 months ago
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flirtyjensen · 10 months ago
Listen, I grew up with supernatural. I remember being in school and anticipating the day of the week it would be coming on. Nothing else kept me going at the time. Vampire diaries was a close second. Supernatural will always always have a place in my heart. I've met some amazing people, made life long friends, and the memories I've made. Those I will cherish. Meeting the cast was also a great moment. I'm a brothers fan okay but if they end the show with the two of them and no one mention of cas or jack??? I'll never forgive dabb. The amount of love I have for this show will not be able to mend the pain and betrayal I will feel. I'm anxious, tired, and going crazy thinking of what's to come.
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vinomadefiedmedusa · 8 months ago
Gentleman jack is epic and I will rewatch it as much as I like sorry you don't have a say in that😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌
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