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irrelevant-ramblings · 5 months ago
me on adhd meds: yay i completed a whole lecture time to take a break :)
me: takes break
my brain: you have interrupted today’s working processses. now cancelling the rest of today’s actions
me: wait no-
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firelord-boomerang · a month ago
Re-watching the Bitter Work episode where Toph teaches Aang earth bending and I forgot how great it is. Toph and Katara are helping Aang with his training for important avatar stuff.
Iroh and Zuko are in the middle of nowhere as Iroh tries to teach Zuko how to lightning bend to defeat Azula all the while alluding to the whole center and balance and being at peace with one's self thing.
Meanwhile, Sokka is stuck in a hole in the ground having an existential crisis and making deals with god.
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hjbender · a month ago
Tumblr debuts Post+, a subscription service for Gen Z creators
From this article on TechCrunch
Tumblr media
It astounds me how ignorant the general population is when it comes to IPs, copyright law, and attempting to monetize transformative fiction.
It seems like the only people aware of the dangers of monetizing fanfiction are 1) fandom olds who remember the early days of lawsuits and C&D orders, and 2) the owners of the IPs themselves. The average Joe who is not in fandom--and the brand new generations of fans--have no idea. And it’s that ignorance which is going to create a veritable shitstorm for the rest of us fans, and threaten Tumblr’s very existence. (Yeah, we all know Tumblr isn’t the best, but right now it’s probably the only tolerable social platform I personally can stand and I don’t want it to die, especially with no comparable option in sight.)
The way I see this panning out:
User puts fan content (fic, gifs, etc) behind paywall
IP holder finds out and hits Tumblr with DCMA/C&D
In typical hamfisted Tumblr fashion, staff will delete user’s blog instead of dealing with this on a case-by-case basis because a) a precedented knee-jerk reaction like when the app got removed from the Apple store, and b) who has time for that anyway? Pffft
Mass deletion of monetized blogs. Remaining monetized blogs either become victims of harassment or make no money at all because solid gold nobody wants to see Post+ happen
Negative net profit for Tumblr
Tumblr finally shuts down
And what is Tumblr going to do in order to prevent users from monetizing fanart and fanfiction? Hire a team of living breathing humans to examine every single paywall to make sure the content is 100% original? How would someone who is not the IP holder be able to tell if the artist ripped off a character? What if the character was traced but slightly altered? What if it’s an original character but from an existing franchise like Star Wars or Marvel?
Would a regular person be able to make these judgement calls? I don’t think so. And Tumblr certainly isn’t going to bother hiring people to do that. (Which they could and should have done in 2018 instead of throwing thousands of artists under the bus and doing fuckall about the bot problem. Which is still a problem, nearly 3 years later. Good job, guys.)
@staff​ you need to be aware of the absolute deluge of litigation that implementing Post+ will bring down on your heads. People will try to monetize fanfiction, regardless of whether or not they know it’s illegal.
You have to ask yourself, is this venture really going to be worth a lawsuit from Disney--and the subsequent loss of your remaining userbase? Because you definitely won’t be making any money when all of us have been deleted.
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shanastoryteller · 4 months ago
me, purchasing a japanese american cookbook from 1966: i sure hope this is in english
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dadstiel · 7 months ago
plantdadcas destiel fic rec part 2: electric boogaloo
Hello everyone! I have continued to consume fic at an alarming rate since I made my last large fic rec post, so here is part 2! Again, all fics are canon verse, I don’t read much AU. 50+ below the cut:
These are all personal favorites that I swear by. Read them or die by my sword (jk... unless?) I listed a lot of these in my last fic rec post, but I thought it would be helpful to compile all my favs in once place! In no particular order:
All Things Shining by askance, 141k. literal masterpiece. canon verse, but has auish mythology. Road trip vibes. Very plotty. Great OC’s. I love this fic, it does NOT get enough credit! this is an all things shining stan account
So Says the Sword by komodobits, 85k. impeccable, masterpiece, prompted the “castiel did you fuck the michael sword?” jokes. alternate season 4. I quite literally have decided to treat this fic as canon in my head. just got to s4 in my rewatch and it TRULY makes s4 hit different. a must read! 
Named by RC_McLachlan, 94k, alternate s5. I once saw someone describe this fic as, paraphrasing, blasphemous in a fun sexy way. Plotty, and brave enough to ask: what if we killed Jesus in the supernatural universe?
Dean (and Cas’) Top 13 Zepp Traxx by pantheon_of_discord, 82k. post-series (written in 2017) deancas roadtrip! one of the first fics I read when i got back into fandom and boy oh boy is it a masterpiece. 
a turn of the earth by microcomets, 95k, time travel fic where cas on the run gets stuck in pre-series dean’s timeline. cannot say enough about how good this fic is! an instant classic for me. time travel fics imo are pretty hit or miss, but this one is flawlessly executed!
Tall Grass by aeli_kindara, 57k, post series written in 2017. LISTEN, if you follow my blog (or just read my URL) you KNOW how obsessed I am with the concept of plant dad cas. this fic is THEE plant dad cas Bible. everything about this fic is perfect. bonus: has a great OC! 
Teaching Poetry to Fish by aeli_kindara, 52k, another aeli_kindara fic! this fic is destiel, but cas-centric and gives us the cas lore that we deserve! bonus is that it includes a lot of beautiful poetry :) excellent read for cas girls or dean girls who are therefore in love with cas or sam girls who are therefore bff’s with cas or jack girls who love cas or-
Aprés by imogenbynight, 24k, I am obsessed with this fic. I remember when it came out in 2013, it was THEE post-s8 fic. very, very cute. dean and cas in paris :) 
organized by shortest to longest (i gave my own short descriptions for some, and copy and pasted the descriptions from ao3 for others that i didn’t remember as well off the top of my head!) i tried to tag authors whose tumblrs I know off the top of my head for everyone to follow!!! If you read a fic and enjoy it, be sure to leave the author some love! <3
Abandoned by quiettewandering, 1k, short, sweet fic where Dean finds Cas’ journal from when he was human :) 
in the dark by sicsempertyrannis, 1k, cas getting so happy that the lights burst :’) bonus points for Jack 
Hope by @sinnabonka (ao3) 1.7k, 15x19 coda, empty rescue and reunion :) 
To Change the Things We Can by cenotaphy, 1.9k, 15x18 confession scene fix-it
stay by aeli_kindara, 2.5k, tombstone coda yeehaw
Shelter by aeli_kindara, 3.1k, for all you sexy john winchester haters out there <3
r/supernatural by renrub, 3.5k, listen, i don’t normally read crack fics... but this one is straight up hilarious. dean posts on reddit
Bring Home by cenotaphy, 3.8k, post 15x19 fix it. cas comes back, but he doesn’t go to the bunker. has some great dialogue 
La cucina by orange_crushed, 3.9k, dean’s love language as food, s9 human cas 
at the end of the world by dothraki_shieldmaiden, 4.6k, 15x20 fix-it. the soft heaven epilogue that we deserved!
Down in the River by Ias, 4.7k. s8. you’ve heard of dean praying to cas in purgatory. how about cas praying to dean in purgatory?
The First Thing There Is by bendingsignpost, 5k, Dean temporarily loses his memory to get rid of Michael. but he does not lose his feelings (I am a shameless sucker for this trope)
Never or Forever by almaasi, 5.6k, soft dinner with the wayward sisters. everyone knows except dean. Jody pov 
The Cry of Elisha after Elijah by intothesilentland, 5.8k canon-compliant with 15x20 fix-it. the reunion we deserved!
Without Further Ado by almaasi, 5.8k, set s14. dean has a list of reasons not to be with cas, and it seems like all the reasons have run out. super soft i love this
Fata Morgana by orange_crushed, 6.6k, post 9x23, Bela-centric fic (still destiel tho) Dean is the king of hell. I love Bela so I loved this fic!!! exactly what i needed after just finishing s3 in my rewatch 
ours is the fire, all the warmth we can find by xylodemon, 6.8k, post 15x19 fix-it with a super creative and fun way to bring cas back! 
To Know by imogenbynight, 6.9k. dean is away on a hunt and tells cas NOT to open a box in his dresser! loved this fic <3 
The 36 Questions that Lead to Love by sicsempertyrannis, 7.5k another fic with THEE thirty six questions!!! cas comes back from the empty after 15x19 and everyone in the bunker is sick of dean and cas not confronting their feelings. if you ever just wanted dean and cas to talk it out (haven’t we all) this fic is for you 
First Date by aeli_kindara, 8.9k. post 15x14, is a canon-divergent series followed by Second Date. Dean and Cas go on dates :) the s15 we deserved
The Thirty-Six Questions That Lead To Love by aeli_kindara, 12.9k. case fic with Claire where cas and dean go undercover as a couple and talk about their feelings :’) i mean, what more can you ask for? 11/10 love this fic got distracted because i had to go reread dean and cas getting together in this fic again :’) aeli_kindara stan account 
Trials and Tribulations of Raising a Nephilim by sickandtiredofyou, 13k, post-12x23. Jack is a baby. Dean cares for him and deals with his grief. don’t worry there’s a happy ending 
The Girlfriend Experience by rageprufrock, 15k. I have nothing to say about this fic other than the fact that it is a classic and required reading 
i crippled your heart a hundred times by bravest, 19k, set after s8, cas confesses his love to dean and he takes some time to digest it. honestly love this fic bc i feel like this is exactly how dean would react to a love confession. it felt very in character to me
Tacoma by ellispark, 20k, canon divergent s15 after the deancas breakup, angst with a happy ending. dean reevaluates his life and goes after cas (as he should’ve!) who is trying to figure it out on his own 
Hope and Clay by tabulaxrasa, 20k set after 12x12. great sam, dean, mary, cas case fic! dean and cas trying to figure it out. has literally one of my favorite dean lines from a fic ever: "Oh my god, stop talking. Right now. Forever. You're not supposed to cry when other people have sex. What is wrong with you? Christ. I am embarrassed for both of us."
profoundly bonded (by law) by sobsicles, 20k, post-canon written in 2020. dean and cas get married, and THEN dean figures his shit out. fellas is it gay to marry your best friend. soft domestic vibes 
the taste of gravel in the mouth by deathbanjo, 22k, post s9. This is what Cas gave up Heaven for: greasy diner food, shitty motel rooms with even shittier cable, long car rides spent in complete silence except for the same six tapes playing over and over again, and a burnt-out husk of a man who can barely hold a conversation anymore.
Seek to Know You Better by ahurston, 27k. post-canon. another 36 questions that lead to love fic can you tell that i’m obsessed? this one is a roadtrip and has some cases in it too. so wholesome 
what a terrible world, what a beautiful world by dullahans, 35k, post 15x03 the rupture. cas asks dean for his help finding jack. dean refuses to give leave without cas. 
Love: A Retrospective by xylodemon, 40k, set post s12, angst with a happy ending. brave enough to ask what we’ve all been thinking: what if they’ve been hooking up this whole time? excellent fic 
Heroes for Ghosts by panethon_of_discord, 42k, canon-divergent after 12.08 when sam and dean get arrested. Cas stops at nothing to rescue them. listen, I haven’t even SEEN s12 yet and i just know this is better than whatever the spn writers came up with 
Someone Who’s Feeling For Me by ellispark, 45k. absolute PEAK deancas being idiots and miscommunicating. case fic that involves lisa! i love lisa in this fic she’s so cool. set in s12
IPAMIS OL OLPRIT by emmbrancsxx0, 56k. set in s14, john winchester comes back from the dead and (obviously) causes problems. cathartic in the sense that shit gets to be hashed out (as it should have been) also plotty! and established relationship 
Emergence by ellispark, 58k, this fic was interesting! plotty. dean, sam, and eileen have their memories of cas erased. cue them running into the mysterious jimmy novak three years later. angsty at times 
what stays (and what fades away) by dothraki_shieldmaiden, 64k. loved this fic. i don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s a djinn-esque fic where cas gets stuck between two worlds
*The Goldenrod Revisions by aethylas, 65k, script-style rewrite post 15x18. i loved this! i could not put it down. I thought the author did such an excellent job wrapping up the series in a very satisfying way and it all seemed like it could have happened in canon. This seriously gave me the closure that I needed and did not get. I HIGHLY recommend this one. 
Memories Bring Back Memories (Bring Back You) by sobsicles, 66k, Dean and Cas wake up with no memory of who they are, but they’re pretty sure they’re serial killers. lots of pining, miscommunication, and relationship drama. I read this fic between the hours of 2am-6am like god intended i couldn’t put it down
Forgotten by NorthernSparrow, 161k, set mid season 9 and goes canon-divergent. OH BOY where to even start with this fic? first, it’s not technically destiel. HOWEVER there is a massive sequel that IS destiel so essentially this is just the slow burn to end all slow burns. technically a case fic, involves memory loss, plotty, interesting mythology, great mystery! excellent fic. 
Flight by NorthernSparrow, 319k, sequel that follows the events of Forgotten. "glacially slow romance”, wing fic/angel lore, warning that there is a lot of angsty and hurt cas (as a cas girl this hurt me to read. but the fic is worth it) great oc’s from the last fic, excellent plot. NorthernSparrow outdid themselves, truly we are blessed. both these fics are worth the read imo!
16x01 Witchy Business by @katistry script-style. The TikTok witch Sam episode of Supernatural that we deserved. I didn’t know where to put this because it doesn’t have a word count listed but it is quite literally the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I had tears rolling down my face bc i was laughing so hard 
ONGOING FICS these are some ongoing fics that I’m following and have loved so far!
ascend by quiettewandering @wanderingcas cannot say enough about how much i love this fic and how much i look forward to reading the update every sunday! fix-it fic set after 15x19 :) 
A Glimpse Beyond by NorthernSparrow, oh boy when i found out that NorthernSparrow from Flight/Forgotten fame was doing a s15 fix-it fic i SPRINTED to ao3. can’t wait to read the rest! 4 chapters up so far
The Pull of Us by @shelikestv (ao3) set pre-series 11. a memory loss fic that i’ve been following. i am obsessed! the mystery of it all is killing me and i get so excited seeing an update!
AS ALWAYS if one of your favs was missing from this list PLEASE drop a link in my inbox. I’m always looking for new fic to read and rec :) ALSO I have a fic rec tag on my blog and a tag for tumblr ficlets
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raceweek · 10 months ago
so this just came up on my ig feed from a non-f1 related account and i am maybe having several moments about how i have conditioned myself into thinking this is normal
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toh-tagteam-au · 28 days ago
So why does Belos even keep Luz around if he's stopping her from being creative, much less trust her as a high-ranking member of his coven?
Good question! Luz's initial use to Belos is that she serves as a way to keep Hunter in check: her presence, especially when she doesn't have magic or a staff, makes Hunter second guess his decisions and revise them to be more safe, and thus keeps him from being injured (we're sticking to the theory that Belos wants Hunter intact for the Day of Unity for whatever reason). Her creativity introduces an element of unpredictability to that plan, and by then it's too late to just get rid of her cleanly (she's already formed a bond with Hunter, and banishing her would make him devastated). So, she gets repressed instead.
Belos promotes her as Golden Guard with Hunter mainly to keep up that same "keep Hunter from dying on missions" plan, but she proves herself useful in other ways as well. She's charismatic and works well with her brother, plus she has loyalty to the guy who took her in when she probably would have died otherwise. He "trusts" her to not disappoint him, same as the other coven officials.
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eternally-cursed · a month ago
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hellenhighwater · 10 months ago
Thrilled to report that Job Number One has finally got the memo and is going mostly remote (I still have to physically be in the office only one day a week) and so that means that I am going from eleven hour workdays for Job One to something much more manageable for the indefinite future.
Also no jury trials until at least January. Love that for me.
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hoteltea · 2 months ago
i DONT want to yap abt dream too much to overshadow mcc but dream isn’t in this one bc he missed the deadline D:
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samwilsons-pillowpecs · 2 months ago
I took an okay selfie a week ago and suddenly I want to post it
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togidemicomics · a year ago
Tumblr media
probably half the money that circulates in artist alleys are just exhibitors buying shit from each other. deadass track a bill's journey throughout a day in an artist alley, there's a real chance it'll end up back at the original person's cashbox
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its-all-ineffable · 2 months ago
My blog
Hello. I am Rebecca. This is my blog.
Until recently, it was called "Good Omens (and other things)", as it was created when I was super into Good Omens, and that's why my url is what it is. I also have a long list of FANDOMS, so it changes a lot.
I have changed it drastically. Why? Because I adore Loki. I do! I have many fandoms (I made a list, that was, until recently, a pinned post), and I adore all of them. I change hyperfixations quickly. I am super into the Loki series, and as you can likely tell from my header, I ship Loki x Sylvie.
I have changed my blog look, title, description, and header because I want to make it clear that this blog is a LOKI SHOW POSITIVITY BLOG, and a SYLKI POSITIVITY BLOG.
Anyone who wants to come and hate on Sylki or the Loki show is NOT WELCOME. LEAVE NOW. If you do not ship Sylki, that is fine. But please respect that I do. Many people do not ship the same ships. But they still respect each other. And that is what we will do on my blog. This goes for ALL the fandoms I am part of.
If you leave hateful asks or comments, they will be deleted. If you are nasty towards me or my mutuals/followers for any reason, especially liking a ship or show you don't, you will be blocked and/or reported.
If you wish to find me elsewhere, I have a fanfiction blog (@theimpossibledetectivesangel), an original writing blog (@all-the-worlds-a-story), a female character appreciation blog (@pepperpottsandcompany) and a new random blog (@mischief-will-prosper).
Please respect that this is my safe space, and MY blog. I shall post about shows I love and ships I like. And if they're not for you, then please leave, block me if need be, and do not spread hate.
Thank you.
"If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." - Thumper, Bambi (1942)
Icon is art by @kaledrawss, please go check them out!
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donteatdoves · 3 months ago
george and tubbo ran around a park playing with each other for who knows how long and messing with jack and niki like little kids and have the audacity to question why people treat them like they are uwu wholesome
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