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Tlh characters kids

Jordelia’s Children

  • They are named Owen ( I kept the name from the family tree)
  • And Elizabeth (to honour Tessa’s Mother)
  • Owen is 2 years younger than Elizabeth and the youngest in the group
  • Elizabeth is a year younger than Edmund ( Blackdale’s son)

Blackdale’s Children

  • Named Edmund (to honour will’s dad since according to me Tatiana had a hand in their death)
  • And Abigail (We often see Jonathan name bt his sister’s name got lost i wanted to bring it back plus i wanted a badass shadowhunter name with a history)
  • Edmund is the oldest in the group
  • Abigail is 2 years younger than Edmund

Gracetopher’s children

  • They are twins (fraternal ofcourse)
  • Named Isidore ( i kept the family tree name)
  • And Barbara (to honour kit’s cousin bc Tatiana was the reason she died in the first place plus it was also a tribute to Barbara Pangborn)
  • Isidore is a few minutes older than Barbara they are the same age as Elizabeth

I did not make these just used artbreeder for mixing the faces….

I only made these for the ones on the family tree that’s why i didn’t include other ships……

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“A bad law is no law,” Emma countered, swinging a hard right onto Pico Boulevard. […] 

That motto has not served the Blackthorns well,” Cristina murmured, and Emma was about to ask her what she meant when Cristina sat up straight.

(Lady Midnight)

(COI spoilers ahead!)

Cristina knows her Shadowhunter history. By “Blackthorns” is she referring to Annabel? Unlikely since the story about her was still a mystery to the TDA gang at that time. It took years for Malcolm himself to find out the truth.

So if we presume that the Blackthorns haven’t been involved in any other major “scandals” (or at least we are not aware of such), we’re only left with the events which took place in The Last Hours.

In this case, Tatiana (and Grace possibly) seem like the logical referents. They are the characters who have clearly dealt with dark magic/necromancy. That the motto has not served them well means that they faced the consequences of their actions. (At least, in the eyes of the Clave)

Now, is Lucie part of this equation? From what we’ve read in the first two chapters of Chain of Iron, she is still against venturing deeper in necromancy. However, this is likely to change what with Grace’s ultimatum (”It is time to decide…” (COI, ch.1)) and Lucie’s growing emotional attachment to Jesse.  

She’s not a Blackthorn, you say?

Well, according to the family tree, she married one. I ranted before about the possibility of Lucie being stripped of her runes and exiled to live as a mundane. If she manages to bring back Jesse, he won’t be a Shadowhunter proper because he has no runes to begin with so he may just be exiled. This would be a severe punishment by Shadowhunters standards. But not as severe as execution. Both of them come from powerful lineages of Shadowhunters so it would be quite the nuisance to get rid of those genes (the Blackthorn line would be erased ffs). If they happen to have children, their Nephilim blood will still be dominant and they will have a chance to become Shadowhunters themselves (like in the case of Will Herondale). Thus, the Blackthorn line will be restored. Also the Herondales have strong connections and hold powerful positions so that would also help to decrease the severity of this situation. Still, the exile will tarnish the Blackthorns’ reputation, especially given the strict social rules in the Edwardian era, and they may have a hard time recovering from it.

So it’s a possibility that Cristina refers to this case. (If it happens, that is) But it is strange that Emma doesn’t know what she means. Is it because it’s not common knowledge? Or did Emma sleep during her history lessons? Or have the Blackthorns broken the Law so many times that she has to specify which case she’s talking about? (jk 🤣) Questions, many questions…

Thank you for reading! And come tell me what you think or if I have missed something!

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Hey! I’m looking to liven up my dash a bit because I disappeared for awhile, and now a lot of the people I follow are inactive. 

Reblog/Like/Interact if you post:

  • Six of Crows/grishaverse
  • SJM
  • Wicked Saints
  • Gilded Wolves
  • The Wrath and the Dawn (or anything Renee Ahdieh)
  • PJO
  • RWRB
  • Addie LaRue
  • These Violent Delights
  • FBAA (or anything Jennifer L. Armenrout)
  • Shadowhunter Chronicles
  • Lunar Chronicles
  • TCP
  • An Ember in the Ashes
  • We Hunt the Flame

Or really anything bookish!!


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You ask, we deliver! Let’s talk about my theories from the two preview chapters of Chain of Iron, shall we? So many thoughts, I’ll have to be brief with each one. Feel free to ask questions on anything I don’t mention or clarifications on points I do touch. 

1. Belial. Who is he possessing? James would be so obvious it’s cheap. The fun plot twist would be Lucie, who complained in Chain of Gold that she’s also Belial’s granddaughter. It would go in perfect irony with Lucie’s line to Grace “I don’t want to do evil things” while she runs around being possessed by a Greater Demon killing innocent mundanes (and probably Shadowhunters too) in London. However, as marvelous as this sounds, it appears Belial is possessing a male body (unless it’s just written to mislead us). In that case, my next best guess (and something I DO NOT want happening) would be Matthew. He isn’t a descendant of Belial’s, but he is magically linked to James via the parabatai rune and bond, so that could be a loophole. What made me think that? At the Devil’s Tavern, Matthew wishes James gone for a second, and James ends up in the shadow realm, Belial’s realm, for the first time in four months.

2. There is something FISHY going on with Hypatia and the Helle Ruelle celebrating Lilith. Well, not really that. What stinks is that Cassandra would feel the need to explain Lilith’s history with the angels to us again and that Cordelia would spend another entire paragraph going over the ceremony performed when Shadowhunter babies are born. We know this already. She’s saying it for our benefit and for a reason. Are the warlocks hiding a Shadowhunter baby? Or alternatively, WHO DIDN’T GET THE CEREMONY? This could also be the answer to our previous question, because we know that “unbaptized” babies can be possessed by demons (like Jace after his rebirth in TMI) so it could solve the mystery of Belial’s possession without needing a blood relation. 

3. Cordelia will go see Wayland the Smith in this book. When? Well, when Cortana starts burning her, of course. She’ll try to find answers everywhere, consulting books, Jem, even friendly warlocks perhaps, but eventually she’ll have to ask that faerie to take her to Wayland, Cortana’s legendary maker, and make a deal. NEVER PROMISE ANYTHING TO FAERIES, DAISY! That will be a mess. 

4. I think the Gracelet doesn’t work in the shadow realm, which confirms that Belial didn’t cast the spell on the bracelet, because surely his magic would work in his own kindgom? James was thinking of the wedding in the tone he would under the effect of the Gracelet, and in the shadow realm he suddenly has a rather romantic view of Cordelia, like an avenging angel or “a goddess captured in a painting: Liberty or Victory leading the people.” Something to keep an eye on.

5. As we know, Grace and Christopher are supposed to get married, according to the misleading family tree. We don’t know if that will end up happening, but I suppose this is how they could grow closer: we know Lucie has been asking Kit for ingredients for their spells. When Lucie inevitably pulls away from the agreement with Grace because she doesn’t yet want to do full-on necromancy (good call, I hope she sticks by it but I doubt she will), Grace will need to ask Christopher directly - she can’t risk being seen at the Shadow Market, given her mother’s history, so he’s her best option. 

6. Filomena di Angelo will be the name of the Italian Shadowhunter, I’m 99.9999999% sure at this point. Am I happy? No. Speaking as an Italian myself, Cassie couldn’t have picked a worse name. (Yes, it makes me smile that she and Rick Riordan exchange character names, but this name still doesn’t sound right or fitting. Happy to elaborate more in another post if you’re interested!)

7. As I’ve said before, to the delight of our Jordelia hearts, James has no intention whatsoever of cheating on Daisy or breaking his promise to her by seeing Grace. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to help it because Grace’s spell will compel him to go see her at one point. Sad angst and a loss of trust will ensue. UNLESS the magic of the MARRIAGE RUNES is stronger than the Gracelet and can counteract it. That would be dope. But that would also mean a win for us, and it’s only the second book… 

8. The Lucie/Jesse content was too on the nose. it’s only the first two chapters and it’s 1903, stop flirting, goddammit. Apart from that, Lucie is being too reckless. She’ll get in trouble soon.

9. Matthew is going to behave with Cordelia. He would and will never put her in a compromising position or one where she would have to choose between him and James. The “”””kiss”””” was accidental, Cassie said as much in a Tumblr answer. I love their friendship, it’s one of my favorites. But trust me, it’s not going to go anywhere beyond that. Matthew may wish, but he will never act. He likes pursuing loves that are “hopeless”, it’s said as much in the text. 


11. Thomas and Alastair will finally speak at the wedding. Not make up yet, but have a conversation. I just hope Charles doesn’t magically come back from Paris to make an appearance.

12. THE NEXT CHAPTER WE READ WILL BE THE JORDELIA WEDDING (!!!) and all the adults will be there so we’ll see all our TID darlings as well. I am prepared to bet anything that Brother Zachariah will officiate the wedding. I cannot wait.

13. What the fùck was up with the reverse mermaid???????????

Need more analysis or clarifications on some points? Want help believing in Mucie and keeping your faith in Jordelia? WE’VE GOT YOU. Send me all your questions. I would prefer non-anonymous ones, so I can notify you! 

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