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Not to defend Martin's terrible taste in men, but if I was at work and asked a coworker "Hey, have you seen a dog?" and they responded with "In general?" I too would fall in love on the spot
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theloopyjupiter · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The man, the legend
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thevoidcannotbefilled · 2 days ago
I find it hilarious that despite the show ending in April, Jonmartin is still in the top 20 ships and TMA is top 4 web series. No we will not shut up ❤
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fanonical · 3 days ago
the characters in the magnus archives are all named for famous horror authors, such as tim stoker being a reference to bram stoker or melanie king being a reference to stephen king
jonathan sims is, of course, named for horror author jonathan sims, author of the magnus archives and thirteen stories
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astroidart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some jmart selkie au character designs
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sidney65635 · 2 days ago
Zolf and Wilde: if I was fighting the apocalypse with my life partner I would simply not die. Rip to Jon and Martin but we’re different
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anglerflsh · 2 days ago
My boy Jon Sims, my Little meow meow
Tumblr media
Apologies for the late answer, here is your Jon
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jetlaggingbehind · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Made a drawing series about podcast besties!! :DDDD (click for quality)
in order:
Eiffel and Hera (wolf 359)
Tim and Sasha (the magnus archives, + a camp here and there reference)
Sir Caroline and Sir Angelo (the penumbra podcast, second citadel)
The Audio Tour Guide and Clockwork Mother (mistholme museum)
Juno and Rita (the penumbra podcast, junoverse)
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annabelle--cane · a day ago
sweater that martin accidentally left in the archives after moving out of the document storage room that jon grabs on his way to escape the scene of leitner's murder but then leaves at georgie's after being kidnapped by clowns that georgie keeps for a while before getting passed off to melanie when she moves in that melanie later tries to offer back to martin in the tunnels because he didn't bring a lot with him and she thinks it might fit
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entities-of-posts · a day ago
It's a seemingly normal day at the Archives (as normal as it gets) when suddenly I pop up from in front of your desk and sit down in a chair opposite you
"Hey, Archivist! Cabbage here!" (In a style reminiscent of Vsauce) "I have a question. Hmm? Oh, 'How did I get in here? The door was locked?', uh-uh-uh I'm asking the questions right now"
I tap my clipboard that probably wasn't there a second ago
"Now, I know that some of the Entities are opposites of each other, such as the Buried and the Vast, but I don't know what most of the pairings are, could you explain that for me? And for them?"
I gesture to a space behind you to your right, but both with and without looking you know that there is absolutely nobody there.
Why, of course, I’m always willing to help a budding researcher Learn. The theory of opposition, also known as inversion theory, is based on Smirke’s model, but not strictly included in it. It’s the subject of some… academic debates. Exactly which Entities mirror each other, if any, is a bit of a controversial matter - that’s part of why tend to keep the door locked - but I certainly don’t mind sharing some of my personal convictions on the matter.
Buried vs Vast: Needs little explanation. Hardly anyone worth listening to would deny that one, even those who tend to dismiss the whole theory altogether.
Lonely vs Corruption: The former deals in crippling isolation, the latter in toxic community. Time and time again, we’ve seen people teetering on the edge of the Lonely running headfirst into the Corruption in an attempt to escape. It offers them refuge among the kinship of the Hive, the gentle embrace of decay, miring them in feverish passion or sickly-sweet fraternity, creating a network of codependency perfectly opposing the Lonely’s cold solitude.
Web vs Desolation: The best laid plans of men and spiders are easily foiled by fire. The Web creates, weaving careful traps and tapestries, all delicate thread and subtle manipulation; the Desolation destroys, unpredictable and brutish and insatiable, burning through the most careful plans with sheer destructive relish, often without even knowing what its doing. Trying to bind fire to our will has caused an incalculable amount of disasters; it refuses any control, always fighting to burst away from its cage and render its would-be masters to dust.
Eye vs Dark: Some would say the opposite of the Watcher is the incomprehensible Spiral or the masquerading Stranger, and they’re close, but it’s the Dark, the total lack of literal or metaphorical light to See by, that truly render it blind. It’s not just the blackness of night, it’s everything secret and hidden and kept, well, in shadow. After all, its symbol is literally a closed eye.
Hunt vs End: The thrill of the chase relies on a certain element of uncertainty, of surprise, entertaining twists and turns and keeping your feet moving for the sliver of hope for escape, while the dread of death lies in its complete inevitability. The Hunt is all adrenaline and baying hounds and rushing blood, while the End is a slow, quiet, relentless march toward a fixed and certain Terminus. The blood-drunk Hunter likes to play with its food more than to actually eat it, but the Reaper cares only for the job to be done. There’s a reason the Everchase will never End.
Spiral vs Flesh: This one might seem a little more far fetched, but hear me out - don’t you move - it makes perfect sense. The Spiral is an extremely abstract fear, dealing with the mind and little else; the material world is only concerned when it begins to tatter into unreality, transcending its solid nature into terrifying chaos. The Flesh is the opposite, the burden of inescapable and repulsing physicality, the lack of anything to elevate the meat you’re made of above the one in your plate, the irrelevance of your thoughts and perception and memory in the face of heavy, solid bone and gristle and fat and muscle, in whatever warped and vulgar shape they take. Mind over matter vs matter over mind.
Stranger vs Slaughter: One is the fear that what you thought to be human is actually a monster. The other is the fear that humans are already the most dangerous monsters. The Stranger is not like you, though it tries to trick you into thinking it is, and that’s the scary part; that slight flaw in the mask that pulls it just to the left of human, plucking a discordant note in your hindbrain, a primordial instinct that something is wrong. The Slaughter looks out at you from behind the eyes of another man, a man that could be your brother or your neighbor of anyone you cross in the street, not because it’s wearing his face but because it was a part of him all along, and it’s a part of you and everyone you’ve ever met, and when he drives a knife between your ribs in a burst of random fury, when your shaking fingers claw at his face desperately, there’s no mask to pull off. Because he’s just human. There can be no hint, no slightly askew disguise to tip you off. And that means anyone, anyone could be a threat.
That, of course, leaves the Extinction, our babiest god of dread and fifteenth wheel of this abomination train. It hasn’t really come into its own yet, isn’t quite as well defined, and besides, it got to the party late and everyone’s already paired off so it has no dance partner :(
Of course, inversion theory throws a real wrench in the “aspect wheel” model of representation, which has some people denying it because they’re soooo attached to their simplistic circular classification which is ridiculously outdated and leaves no place for complex analysis-
*clears throat* I mean. I suppose it can work for basic and superficial visualizing. Like teaching first graders. There’s a use for it after all.
But if you want some actual thoroughness and accuracy, you’re better off with something like the “red string” model, which get a bit cluttered but at least allows for a lot of details, or the “family tree” model which isn’t the best for displaying opposition but I’m still quite fond of.
… I’d show you a few graphs, but I’ve already rambled on a while, haven’t I? My tea’s gone cold…
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arakhae · 2 days ago
Hey hey listen
It's not even my idea, and I'm sure someone has thought about this before, but I can't I just can't....
Archivist or Elias but
Tumblr media
Khkhkhkh I'm so stupid I know I KNOW
Tumblr media
I don't have much time so I didn't draw Elias sorry 😭😭 also I'm afraid I can't draw him like this because it's just TOO funny for me and....i just.... I start laughing when I just imagine him khkhkhkh .... sorry sorry you can hate me I understand
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