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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Alpine Ibex 26-30/? - 26 & 30:  Tour de Monte Rosa, July 2021
27:  GR5, June 2021
28 & 29: Alpine Haute Route, June 2021
photo by: nature-hiking
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why can't I watch anything without getting reminded of my otp?
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You ever read a fanfiction so, so fucking good that when you're done reading it, you're kinda disoriented? Like the place you were reading it in seems unfamiliar because the story sucked you into the fucking fifth dimension with how good it was? Unparalleled feeling.
Fanfic writers are an absolute gift to humanity.
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society if ao3 becomes an app
Tumblr media
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So many of my friends think that I read ao3 fanfics for the…spicy?…parts, but they don’t know that I actually read it to watch my otp go through trauma for 20 chapters before I get to read some tooth rotting fluff.
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Tom Riddle x fem!reader En bref: Tom’s thoughts keep wandering to her but he isn’t obsessed or anything.
Tom was bored.
He didn't like being bored.
He had been strolling for hours now, patrolling the dark corridors of Hogwarts. His sharp eyes set on the wooden doors, daring them to creak open.
His feet marched along the quiet hallways, the gloom of the late evening draping itself upon the air, the shallow light of the floating candles threading between the hollow walls. 
The drain of the day tugged at his feet, the classes had been an endless drone of mumbled words and then the bothersome hum of drizzle had dropped into a full thunder. Tom sighed as he remembered the second break, kids running around hastily with their books held against their head, the old - now soaked - covers doing little to shield them from the weeping clouds.
Tom had rolled his eyes, gracefully gliding across the hazy courtyard, what could a little drop of water do anyway?
Apparently, it could pour a ton of filth onto his shoes. He had cleaned them the very same morning so his irritation at the first year who had hopped onto the small puddle wasn't all that odd. He had glared at the boy's own muddy, terrified face, his chubby cheeks begrimed and his ginger hair stuck to his forehead by the force of the stream.
"He didn't mean to Riddle."
Tom shook his head at the irksome buzz of her voice. What was she doing, wandering in his thoughts?
Merlin, this was getting worrisome. The slight rasp of her voice was etched into the corners of his mind, the vexing curl of her lips arched into every branch. Could she be anymore pesky?
That's exactly why Tom didn't like being bored, his thoughts would desperately grasp onto her, clinging onto every single one of her uncanny traits, her tangled hair, her dulcet scent, her eccentric sense of style, her unimpressed eyes, her delicate skin, her, her, her, her.
"Riddle." Her voice drawled. Tom's brows furrowed, slowly turning around. There she was, at the end of the corridor, her robes swaying in the huff of cold air. Tom stood, stunned at her ghostly features, expecting her to be a hallucination, a mirage. But she started walking to him, her messy steps couldn’t be his illusion.
"Shouldn't you be patrolling the other corridors?" Tom asked, clearing his throat as his voice came out bizarrely hoarse.
"Good evening to you too." She smiled, walking past him. Tom pursed his lips, compelled to saunter along.
She started talking, of course she did. Holding her tongue for only a few moments was an unobtainable practice. Tom's hands bunched themselves into fists. 
Lord, she was as aggravating as Peeves' squeak at the break of dawn. 
Tom didn’t bother even plastering a smile on his face, staring at her with a frown, eyes dancing along her form. She went on and on about the 15 inches Slughorn had assigned and how she found it frustrating that they only had 2 weeks. Tom found the given time more than enough for such a simple assignment, Veritaserum was quite an infamous potion, its ingredients were scattered in the most basic of textbooks and it wasn't a hardship to find them.
But it of course made sense, she was incompetent even in the simplest of tasks.
Tom smirked at the thought, eyes alight with amusement as he watched her more closely. He despised how his brain was running frantically, memorizing the wild gestures she made with her hands as she groaned, the slight bob of her hair when she skipped to match his pace.
"Anyhow, I'll better get going back to my assigned hallway before Dumbledore comes around to kick my ass." She grinned at him, muttering a small word of parting before turning the opposite way.
Tom stood stoically, hands tucked in his pockets and eyes set on the corner she had disappeared into, the air had dropped in temperature, the hallways eerily silent and the light much dimmer. It was probably a trick of his mind, tiredly trying to lull him into his dorm for a few hours of much needed sleep, he told himself.
But as Tom managed to drag his eyes forward and pick his feet into a calm saunter, a knowing voice in his head erupted into a mocking chant of her name and before he could even comprehend, his direction had fell into the path she had faded into.
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(Gally x Reader)
Hello, excuse me, coming through - I bring you more jealous Gally ♥️ Because I like it. It’s fun. Maybe I like it a little too much lol Enjoy!
Tumblr media
The Safe Haven was growing more and more stunning every day. Thriving like the little patch of paradise it was. Neither you, nor any of your friends had ever seen anything like it, and now this place was your home. A hard-earned one, at that.
Though it was all very new, some aspects did call back to familiar times.
Much like it was in the glade, everyone did their part. Worked tirelessly and readily to make the place into something they always dreamed of.
The plantations were never at a shortage of people wanting to help in any way they could.
New huts and sheds were being built with such expert speed, it almost seemed like they were growing right out of the ground. Mostly thanks to your beloved boyfriend - the best builder the Safe Haven had to offer.
With Vince’s approval and encouragement, Gally had taken control over the construction of the place. He was in charge of what was being built, where and how. You were thrilled for him. He was back to doing what he loved, what his strong, hard-working hands were made to do. In the few months of being there, he had put together a sound team, and it was only growing.
There were plenty of newcomers, faces you hadn’t seen when you first arrived there yourselves. Every few weeks, Vince and a few others would venture out into the “old world” in search for more survivors and bring back whoever they could find.
And every other week a large bonfire was held, not only to celebrate everything that’d been accomplished, but also to welcome all the new arrivals. Another tradition that had apparently followed you all the way from the glade, not that you minded.
Tonight was one of those nights.
Vince and his friends had had a particularly fruitful trip, bringing back a whole lot of fourteen people. Most of them were young, around the same age as you and your friends, from what you could tell.
One of them had apparently taken an interest in becoming a builder as soon as they all settled in, and surely enough, he was swiftly pointed to Gally.
Though Gally tried to mask it, the spark of amusement behind his eyes was evident as he sensed how nervous the guy was to talk to him. His hand practically trembled, trying to keep a hold of the drink Gally had offered to help him relax.
“Ethan, is it?” Gally inquired, taking a seat next to him on the bench and taking a swig of the slightly bitter liquid sloshing in his mug.
The guy nodded, quickly, his eyes darting between Gally and the dancing flames of the fire “Y-Yeah, that’s me. I don’t know how much they told you - I just got here a few days ago.”
Gally scoffed with a light grin “Well they told me that much. Settling in alright?”
Ethan nodded once more “Yeah, this place is amazing. I never thought I’d end up anywhere like it…”
Gally hummed, taking another sip. He knew that feeling all too well, as did you, all of you. Whatever hell hole Vince had dug the new group out of, the Safe Haven had to be a drastic change of scenery to them.
“I take it, you’ve been here a while?”
Gally glanced over to Ethan’s question “Depends what you call “a while”. My friends and I got here about five months ago.”
“Wow…” Ethan exhaled with a small smile “You guys must have it all figured out by now, everyone knows what they’re doing.”
Gally grinned from the corner of his mouth “Pretty much.” He nodded towards a small group just a few feet away “You already know Frypan - he’s one of the reasons we don’t just have coconuts and bananas for dinner.”
Ethan let out a chuckle, finally beginning to ease up as Gally continued.
“The one next to him, with the dark hair, that’s Minho. He’s one of the Explorers. They do exactly what you’d assume from the name. Then there’s Thomas and Brenda, they’re at the armoury most of the time, but sometimes they join Minho on his outings and sometimes they even help me.”
Ethan listened closely, fascinated by the multitude of ways people could find a purpose for themselves. He still was certain he wanted to try and join Gally’s team, but it was nice to know that if he failed there, there were plenty of other options.
Then, the guy’s brows suddenly shot upwards as something else caught his attention. Or rather, someone. His eyes zeroed in on a young woman laughing chirpily at something Minho must’ve said and looking positively radiant in the warm golden glow cast onto her by the fire.
“Wait, who’s that…?” Ethan discreetly gestured towards the source of his momentary lapse of focus as Gally’s gaze landed on it as well.
The grip Gally had on his drink involuntarily tightened, his eyes flickering with something that shouldn’t have been prodded at.
Of course it had to be you. Would’ve been weirder if it wasn’t.
From time to time, Gally would catch a few other guys staring at you. Things like that couldn’t evade him in a million years. They were all newcomers - no one who actually knew Gally would be dumb enough to ogle his girl. He tried not to let it bother him. He knew you only loved him. However, more often than not, it couldn’t be helped. Gally was definitely the territorial type, especially when it came to you. Most of all, when it came to you.
Luckily for everyone involved, Gally was no longer quite as hotheaded as he was back in the glade. While he was still a force not to be messed with, he was much better at keeping his cool than he used to be.
Gally huffed under his breath, all trace of his kindling temper vanishing from his face as he spared Ethan a stoic glance.
“That’s Y/N.”
Ethan’s mouth broke out into a dopey grin as he eyed you up and down from the distance.
Gally held a short pause, fingers nonchalantly tapping on the side of his mug as he anticipated how quickly that stupid look was about to be wiped off the shank’s face.
“My girlfriend.”
Gally bit back a smirk as Ethan’s expression suddenly fell, rapidly widened eyes darting to him in utter horror.
“OH…! I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t-I had no idea!” He stammered, frantically, visibly shrinking into himself.
Gally almost let out a laugh, swallowing it at the last second. He could practically see the poor guy’s life flashing before his eyes. Maybe back in the glade he wouldn’t have let something like that slide so easily, but Gally was more mature than that now. Or at least he hoped he was.
“It’s alright.” He snickered, placing an unintentionally heavy hand on Ethan’s shoulder. “You didn’t know. You do, now.”
Ethan nodded quickly, Gally’s leniency keeping him from sweating through his jacket. Still, he hurried to excuse himself.
“Definitely! Sorry, I-uh… I think I’m gonna go find my friends.”
Gally chuckled at the guy’s crooked attempt at a smile before he disappeared out of his sight.
The builder drew in a deep breath before taking another swig of his drink. It wasn’t surprising that it had happened again. But it was still annoying as all hell. Those new guys that kept showing up… He had no desire to have to approach every last one of them and state that you weren’t up for grabs. But they needed to know. No matter if they just got there last week or an hour ago.
Maybe a bit of a demonstration was in order.
Gally swiftly pulled himself up from the bench, leaving his mug behind as he strode towards you, every step echoing with purpose.
You grinned, brilliantly, at Gally’s fast approaching form, having veered away from the rest of your friends for a quick sip of water.
“Hey, where’ve you been? I was starting to miss you!” You let out a soft giggle as your boyfriend came closer. And immediately you noticed the strange glint in his eyes and the devilish smirk playing at the corner of his mouth.
“Gally…?” You didn’t get to inquire further as his large hands scooped you up from the ground in one effortless motion, his lips crashing down on yours in a fiery kiss.
Only a short squeak escaped you before you melted into Gally, your legs wrapping around him as you returned his passion, your lips moving eagerly and seamlessly against his own. It wasn’t unusual for him to get pleasantly rough with you at times. He knew how to be that way without hurting you and he was well aware that you enjoyed that side of him. However, it was quite rare for him to handle you in such a manner in public. What could’ve brought it on…?
Finally you pulled back from the hungry kiss, your lips still tingling as you looked up at Gally, your face undoubtedly feeling hot to the touch.
“What’s gotten into you?” You panted, slightly, tracing a finger down his freckled cheek “People are gonna stare…”
Gally merely huffed, a grin curling his mouth “Great. Let them. Hope they get a good look.”
Your brows propped up at the unexpected response. It wasn’t typical for Gally to want that kind of attention on the two of you. Unless…
Realization paved your features as a breathy chuckle trailed from your reddened lips.
“Oh, I think I get what this is. Did you see some guy checking me out? Are you teaching someone a lesson, my keeper?” You grinned. Your sweet voice, dripping with underlying teasing, only added fuel to Gally’s inner burning.
His right hand gave your thigh a languid squeeze as he gazed deep into your glittering eyes.
“You just know everything, don’t you?” Gally husked, his lowered tone sending a tingle through your nerves.
“Well, not everything. But a lot. Especially if it has to do with you.”
Gally didn’t respond for a second. Only held you closer, admiring your smooth features as he lightly swayed you from side to side. He didn’t necessarily need to - you already knew you guessed right.
You shook your head, brushing your thumb over his cheekbone “Please tell me the poor guy’s still alive.”
Gally rolled his eyes, smiling nonetheless “He’s fine. Got off with a warning.”
You snickered, bringing your arms around his neck. If he really wanted to show off the fact that you were his so badly tonight… very well. You could indulge him.
“Okay then… ” You murmured, your lips inching closer and craving to be back on his “Assert your claim, baby.”
Gally’s eyes flashed with determination and longing, his burly arms around you feeling like an impenetrable shield as his lips captured your own once again, swallowing your deep hum of satisfaction.
Your tough builder could get a bit possessive, there was no arguing that. It wasn’t a bad thing though, not to you.
Because you sure knew how to make the best of it.
Tags: @ultraintrovertedgryffindor @maraudersimp @abundantxadorations @izzymultifan @magnoliabloomfield @willseyebrows @annoyinglythoughtfuldestiny @anniemylennox @gallysonegoodlung @joemomma2121 @lattsgocaps @sherbertscarrothead-2 @lullabaesstuff @thesuitkovian @blanknamed @mastersurf @lealup
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women don’t want thor’s muscles, women want stiles stilinski to roll his sleeves up to expose his forearms <3
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Men and Tea
Based on this request: “a newt fic with her using the “I like my men like I like my tea” and everyone’s staring at her until she says “hot and British” and newt is just like “hey I’m British” and she’s like “yeah i know” and he’s all blushy, flustered and cute?"
Tumblr media
Is it a terribly dark day, or is it just you? You’re used to life in the Maze. You’re used to the constant feeling of never being able to fully relax, all because of the walls shading your back with every step you take. Sure, you can hang out with your friends, and laugh and joke all you want, but at the end of the day you’re still stuck in the Glade, with no way out. It’s wearing on you today, this knowledge. It’s wearing on everyone.
Everyone can sense it, too. Eventually Alby has had enough of seeing everyone moping around and announces that there’s going to be a Bonfire Night later in the day, which makes the Gladers perk up a little. Bonfire Nights are usually reserved for Greenie Days or particularly thrilling celebrations, so the fact that Alby’s given in and let one happen tonight should say enough about the overall atmosphere of the Glade.
But hey- it’s a Bonfire Night. Forget about the reason for it happening in the first place, forget everything about today and the days before. Tonight, at last, you’ll be able to throw caution to the winds and just have a good time. You’ve heard rumors that Gally’s sprinting to cook up extra batches of his brew in time for the night, so whatever happens, at least you’ll have some form of entertainment.
Newt swings by to talk to you around midday, about half an hour after Alby gives the announcement that you’ll be having Bonfire Night at all. He leans against a nearby tree, grinning in spite of himself. 
“You heard the news, Y/N?” 
You chuckle to yourself. “Kind of hard to avoid it. I think Chuck’s been running around telling everybody like he’s some kind of messenger. I think he believes Alby sent him out personally.”
Newt can’t help but grin at that. “Chuck, Alby’s dedicated worker. Never thought I’d say those words in the same sentence.” 
You smile along with him. “I suppose it only took a Bonfire Night to get the kid to focus on something. Funny.” 
Newt considers this a moment longer, then steps a little closer. “Got anything planned for tonight?”
You sigh, drumming your hands against your legs while you think. “Nothing specific, I think. I’ll hang out with you, Minho, and the rest, make sure everyone gets too drunk to think straight, and laugh through whatever happens.” 
Newt nods sagely. “Sounds like a plan.” 
You cock an eyebrow at him. “Why’d you ask? Are you doing anything?”
Newt shakes his head a little too quickly. “No, nothing. I just, uh, wanted to make sure you’d be there.” 
You give him an incredulous look. “Was there any question of it? If Alby’s willing to give us lousy shanks a Bonfire Night when there aren’t even any Greenies to get underfoot, I’m not about to pass that up.”
You walk past Newt, tapping him lightly on the shoulder as you go. “I’ll see you there, then?” 
Newt watches you go with a faint smile. “Yeah, you will. See you, Y/N.” 
You wave goodbye over your shoulder. Strange that he should come over just to ask if you’d be at the Bonfire Night, but you’re not sure that you mind.
In truth, you could never hold Newt visiting you against him. You’ve been harboring a soft spot for the blond Track-Hoe for a long time now. You’d been friends for a while, basically since the day you arrived in the Glade as a disoriented and utterly bewildered Greenie, but sometime in between you getting your bearings and coming to recognize the Glade as your only true home, you’d gone and fallen for him.
You think you’ve done a good job of covering up your little crush, though. Sure, you catch your gaze lingering on Newt for a few moments longer than it should, but you’re quick to play it off. Minho might suspect something, but he tends to tease Newt about you more than he teases you about Newt, which confuses you, but never leads anywhere. In the end, you have your friendship with Newt, and even if you find yourself hoping that it would go a little farther, you’re happy enough to have him beside you on dark nights and early mornings.
The end of the day cannot arrive soon enough. Minho and Thomas look thrilled to hear the news once they come jogging out of the Maze, with Minho swearing that he’ll personally thank Alby on his hands and knees for letting the Gladers have their night of fun. Thomas snorts, and cracks some joke about never being able to see Minho willingly be shorter than somebody. The three of you dissolve into laughter.
There’s a voice from behind you, and you turn to see Newt walking up to greet Minho and Thomas. Although he says that he’s there to give the news of the Bonfire Night to the Runners in case they hadn’t heard it before, you do notice that Newt’s eyes seem to linger on you more than they do either of the other boys. Minho sees it too, you think, although every time the dark-haired Runner tries to bring it up, Newt smoothly cuts him off to talk about something else.
At last, Minho gives up on his efforts, and takes off with Thomas to catalogue their run in the Map Room. Newt turns to you, noting the quickly darkening sky. 
“I think they’re starting soon. Want to head over?” 
You nod happily. “This is going to be great.”
And it is. Bonfire Nights rarely disappoint, and tonight's no exception. You help ignite the haphazard pile of logs and sticks dragged over by the Builders, and stand for a while by the growing bonfire, watching the way the flames lick and spit over the wood, crawling up every available inch of space until the fire itself seems to stretch all the way up to touch the sky. It casts a golden glow over everything, and the very air seems to vibrate with heat and pure joy.
You think you could stand there for a long time, just taking it all in, but soon enough a hand tugs at your arm. You look over to see Minho pulling you over to a corner of the bonfire, where Newt, Thomas, and Teresa all sit, piled on logs and the ground. He passes you a glass of Gally’s secret drink before downing some of his own. You take your first swallow, and are greeted as always by a taste fiery enough to rival even the nearby flames of the bonfire. It’s bitter and then sweet, cutting yet addicting, and it’s become such a familiar taste that you smile at it.
A few feet away, Teresa pulls a face after drinking some of her own cup of brew. “Honestly, I don’t know how you guys can stand this stuff. It’s a little awful.” 
Newt shrugs. “Yeah, but that’s kind of the whole point. It grows on you after a while.” 
You nod fervently. “If it’s not just bad enough to make you question why you’re drinking it, it’s not worth it.” 
Newt nudges your shoulder with his own. “Exactly.”
As the night wears on, and you and your friends progress through your drinks, you can feel your worries starting to lift away from you. See, this is why Alby knew a Bonfire Night would be perfect to counter the seemingly endless monotony of life at the Glade- no matter what, you’ll have a good time tonight. You find yourself laughing until tears prick at the corners of your eyes, sharing stories until your throat is hoarse. You’re not sure how well you’ll be doing tomorrow morning, but hell, you have tonight, and that’s enough for you.
Teresa’s sharing some joke about how she swears that half the Builders tried to flirt with her until they realized that she was dating Thomas. You raise your drink in understanding. 
“Tell me about it. So many of you shanks wouldn’t leave me alone the second I showed up.” 
Minho snorts. “I remember that. You were the first girl in the Glade and everyone was staring like you were an alien. Didn’t Alby try to pass some rule about how we couldn’t come within two feet of you just to stave them off?”
You laugh, remembering those days of old. Sometimes, it’s strange to think about how long you’ve spent in the Glade, and how fast things change even when you swear that they aren’t changing at all. 
“Yeah, and it was awful. I think I made him repeal it within a week, it just hindered everything. I mean, everyone learned soon enough, right? Besides, no offense, but like none of you guys are my type.”
Teresa raises an eyebrow. “Then what is your type?” 
You grin now, you can’t help yourself. “Let’s just say that I like my men the way I like my tea.” You wait a beat, then continue. “Hot and British.” 
Beside you, Newt chokes on his brew. He tries to cover it up, but your grin is even broader now. Minho raises an eyebrow. 
“Got something to say, Newt?”
Newt attempts a casual shrug, although it does nothing to erase the surprise in his eyes. “Well, I’m British.” 
Your gaze is steady when it meets his. “Yeah, I know.”  
Newt looks at you for a second longer, then shrugs off his worries and leans forward to kiss you. Minho and Thomas erupt in twin howls of surprise and pride when he does, but you can’t care at all. All you care about is kissing him back, and the fire in your chest that feels even brighter than the bonfire. Maybe you do have to thank Alby for tonight after all.
maze runner tag list: my type babe @underc0vercryptid​, @ellobruv-blog​, @lxncelot​
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pinkandblueblurbs · 8 months ago
kinktober day 2: against a wall
newt x fem!reader. risky sex, exhibitionism, light hair pulling, exhibitionism, kiiiiinda fuck or die but not really (they kinda pretend it is), penetrative sex, dirty talk, degradation, d/s, rough sex
fuck you for sending me this idea @gxtitobxby :/
You aren’t really sure how you ended up here.
Naked, bare breasts flush with the cold stone, Newt pounding into you with a hand tangled in your hair, both your clothes strewn across the dirt around you, forgotten. But you suppose the details don’t really matter, because now you’re here, getting fucked against the wall of the maze before the sun has peeked over the horizon, and it feels so damn filthy that you’re more aroused than ever.
“Y’like this, you fuckin’ slut?” Newt’s growl is low and gravelly, his breath fanning over your ear. You can barely manage a nod with his tight hold on your hair, but your lewd moan is answer enough. “So fucking dirty. Anyone could walk out and see you getting used like a little whore, y’know that? Anyone could wake up early, especially with how bloody loud you’re being.”
Your eyes screw shut as you imagine it- Thomas or Minho or Gally peering out of their hut to see you both in the distance, caught right in the act. It only makes you moan louder.
“Oh, you do like that.” You can hear the grin in his voice, can picture his cocky smirk in your mind’s eye. “Naughty girl. Reckon it’s a good thing you’re enjoying this so much. We don’t have much time until the doors open up.”
“Fuck, Newt.” You gasp out, hands grappling at the wall, nails scratching down the stone for purchase as you tremble with each of his brutally hard thrusts.
“Yeah, baby. We gotta finish quick, wouldn’t want a griever to snatch you up, would we? You’re so sweet ‘n little, wouldn’t last a second.” You don’t know why the words arouse you when they should frighten you, why they make your blood run red hot and your walls flutter, but maybe it’s because fear and arousal often go hand in hand.
The air from Newt’s exhales tickle your neck, and his hips never stutter as he continues to drill into you. He has one hand holding your hair and one holding your hip, bracing you against the stone wall, supporting you so you aren’t left reliant on your weak, trembling legs.
Then the loud, mechanical rumbling begins, drowning out your pleasured moans. You know what that sound means; a winding labyrinth of sinister creatures, endless dangers, guaranteed death for all who enter. Yet somehow, in spite of all that, as the formidable doors you’re pressed against prepare to open and reveal the horrors within, you experience the most incredible orgasm you’ve ever had.
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when-worlds-end · a month ago
Get Your Hands Off My Girlfriend
Tumblr media
A/N - New fandom! New fandom alert! Time to write for one of my favorite TMR characters, the fluffy little newty boy! So very very excited, especially since I haven’t taken part in this fandom in a while! Let’s jump right in the chaos! Enjoy! :)
Day 15 of Writer’s Block Challenge
Pairing(s) : Newt x Female!Reader
Summary : The newest green bean hits on you, not realizing that you already have a boyfriend, the glade’s second in command, Newt.
Warning(s) : Male persistence/harassment, a couple swear words.
Word Count : 797
“Go on a date with me.”
Ever since the newest green bean had arrived in the glade, he’d been after you. Ever breakfast, every lunch, every dinner, even in between, it was always the same question. If he were asking anyone else, they would have been annoyed. You however, didn’t care that much, you were very good at blocking people out. It was something you’d gotten used to, being the only girl.
“I’ll pass,” you respond, the same answer you’d given him every time.
“Just one date,” he tries again, “I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”
You highly doubted that. Anyone that persistent normally couldn’t keep any of the promises they made, they just made them so that people would say yes. You weren't going to.
“No means no, Greenie,” Newt pipes up from across the table, pausing from his food to tell the newbie off.
“Let the lady speak for herself,” the boy fired back.
“Like I said before,” you took a bite out of your sandwich, “I’ll pass.”
As you chewed on your food, you could see the cogs in his mind turning, trying and failing to understand why your response was the one that it was. People like him just couldn't take no for an answer.
“You’re just saying that because Newt and Minho are here. I’ll be back to ask you again later,” with that, he finally leaves, allowing you to peacefully finish your meal.
“I truly don't understand how you’re able to tolerate it,” Minho wonders in amazement.
“Lots of practice, Minho. Lots and lots of practice.”
“I want to tell him off,” Newt stated when you were laying in the grass far away from the rest of the graders, your head on his chest, his arm wrapped around you.
“We’re not supposed to be dating,” you remind him of the rule Alby had set, one to keep the peace amongst all the boys.
“Fuck that rule,” he mutters, shoving his nose into your hair, “it’s a stupid rule.”
You couldn’t deny that statement so you lean up to kiss him instead, your senses immediately sharpening as you feel every sensation; the early summer breeze blowing past you, the grass brushing your legs, the beating of his heart beneath your hand.
“Just do your best,” you say when the kiss finally ends, “neither of us want to be scolded by the man in the charge.”
“Fair enough.”
It as during a meeting that he asked you again, sliding in beside you, bumping Thomas out of the way. He truly had the worst timing, talking to you when you were focusing on other things, other tasks.
“Go out with me?”
“Come on, it’ll be fun.”
“Why are you playing so hard to get?”
“Why are you talking to me when Alby is making an important announcement?”
Surprising even to you, your patience was beginning to wear thin. Normally you could hold up a lot longer against the advances of the newest green bean but there was something about this boy that ticked you off. Maybe it was the consistency at which he asked you, maybe it was the timing of when he asked you, maybe it was the way he asked you, you truly didn’t know. You just knew that it bugged you.
Wanting to get away from him, you silently begin making your way over to Gally, knowing he’d protect you from the unwanted advances. You didn’t get far however when the boy’s hand wrapped around your wrist, keeping you rooted in place.
“Release me,” you grit out.
“Not until you say yes,” he responds, looking at you expectantly. He fucking expected you to say yes.
“Get your hands off my girlfriend,” a voice rang out. Newt.
At this point, the meeting had been put on pause, everyone’s eyes and ears on you as Newt stalked over, a murderous look in his eyes. It had been a very long time since you’d seen this look.
“What?” The boy stammered out, “girlfriend?”
“Are you deaf as well as dumb?” Newt asked, coming to stand beside you, his arm wrapping around your waist protectively.
“I, I,” the poor guy didn’t seem to know what to say.
“I’ll let you off with a warning this time, but if you ever touch her again, I will shove you into the maze myself.” Everyone in the room knew Newt wasn’t kidding, he never made threats unless he absolutely meant them.
“Yes sir,” he turned and fled to the other side of the room, much like a dog with it’s tail between it’s legs.
“With that out of the way, let’s resume out meeting,” Alby called out as you kissed Newt’s cheek in thanks, “and Newt?”
“You both are in trouble.”
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vent-boy · 4 months ago
Tmr boys if you gave them a rock
A/N: found a TikTok in one of my albums from Marauders TikTok (ooh Marauders TikTok 😊) of someone doing this with them so I had to do this with my favorite boys. also I live in a reality where Newt survived and I will not be taking any criticism on that fact (fight me and you will not win).
and sry I have no ideas for zart and frypan and I didn’t wanna just make theirs extra short bc they deserve full length ones so I’ll make theirs longer in the next post I do :)
his first instinct would probably be to take it and throw it at someone
‘A rock? Thomas! Think fast!”
but once he realizes you wanted him to keep it he’d take it in his pack whenever he went on runs through the maze
he’d joke about it being his good luck charm
after they survived all the crazy stuff from the maze to the scorch trials and he realized he had it with him the whole time he’d claim it genuinely was his good luck charm
when he got taken by WCKD they’d ofc take it from him but he’d put up one hell of a fight trying to keep it
once he was rescued he’d probably find it and cut someone with it because he can
would probably stay attached to it until he saw you again and then he’d keep it as a memory since he’d had you again and that was enough
he be so confused but then he’d get weirdly excited about it
it would definitely add to his ego that he’d received a present despite it just being rock and go around gloating
‘look at this rock [Name] gave me’ ‘isn’t it cool?’ ‘look there’s a sparkly piece on the end’
the excitement would probably die down in a couple days but he’d still keep it because it reminds him of you
eventually it’d become as important to him as Newt’s letter, or Chuck’s wooden sculpture, especially if you gave it to him in the maze
would probably make some stupid decisions and end up in bad situations that he only gets out of by sheer luck trying to protect it or get it back if he was ever without it
I feel like he’d be so swept up in the chores of the day that he probably wouldn’t think much of it at first depending on when you gave it to him
‘I’ve finished counting our inventory, reviewed everyone’s jobs, made my hammock, thanks for the rock [Name], now I just need to wash my clothes-‘ etc. etc, you get the idea
once he realized that you’d given it to him he’d probably give you a confused look, like the one unsettled tom meme
he’d get over it pretty quickly and simply keep it in his pocket, being sure not to lose it because as he’d say ‘it’s rude to lose things gifted to you by friends’ but it’s really because it’s specifically from you, and also because Newt’s a great person
throughout the all the trials whenever he felt nervous about having the flare or as if he shouldn’t be with his friends at all because of it he’d look at it for a while and it’d make him feel better
he’d give you a look mixed between confusion and disgust, ‘why the hell are you giving me a rock?’
he’d end up taking it, but not after asking a bunch of questions about why and what gave you the idea to give it to him
would definitely act like it wasn’t a big deal and like he didn’t care about it but he would make sure to take it everywhere with him and wouldn’t let anything happen to it
having it with him would become a part of his daily routine, wake up, get ready, grab the rock, go to work
‘I’m not obsessed with the rock I just don’t want anyone to touch it or ruin it, for [Name]’s sake’
in the end it’d be the only thing from the maze he’d still have once they all made it to the safe haven because he’d gotten so used to protecting it, it was his favorite thing after all
he wouldn’t understand at first wondering why you were giving him of all people a rock but I feel like he’d be quick to take it just to have
he’d get really attached to it really fast and especially in the second book since he didn’t know anyone too well he’d probably latch onto it
unless he somehow found a way to keep it on him, he’d feel awful about getting it taken from him when WCKD took them despite it not being his fault
when he was rescued if you ever gave him another one he’d latch onto it as quickly as the first being sure never to lose this one
would probably talk to random people about it in the safe haven and especially to you because he was so fond of it
eventually he’d give it a name and start talking to it when no one was around
not because he’s crazy but just for the fun of it
the adventures of Aris and his rock :)
This one was fun to do like it’s so random but I love it
Have a nice day and night !! 🪨 Also Happy Two’s day!! We’re living through a historical event
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crazysheeplyca · 3 months ago
In the middle of the night
Y/n shout-whispering : Gally ? Gally can I sleep with you ?
Gally lifting the covers still sleepy : sure sweetheart, come here
Y/n snuggling with him : Thanks
Gally : So what's the problem ?
Y/n pulling up the covers : Nothing I just missed you
Gally chuckling : There's a spider in your hut right ?
Y/n dramatically : That thing was huge ! I swear it's a shucking monster !
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n0agranger · 2 months ago
first day - newt
pairing: Newt x fem!reader
genre: fluff
warning(s): SA (sexual assault), cursing
summary: You're the first-ever girl in the glade, which means all the attention is on you. Newt becomes very protective over you when he sees a glader giving you unwanted attention.
word count: 1.5k
author's notes: my first maze runner fanfic!!!!! woohooo
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Tumblr media
You woke up with a terrible headache and a lot of confusion when bright lights started to hurt your eyes. You sat down, your elbows supporting you as your eyes slowly adjusted to the light. You looked up with a puzzled look on your face, unsure of where you were. All you could see were a group of curious, whispering boys your age, which didn't help you feel any better. When you turned to your left, you noticed a good-looking blonde boy standing next to you, inspecting you with a bewildered expression on his face. The closest you could describe him as was an angel: he had a kind but handsome face and a small frame, but still quite tall. You couldn't explain why, but in the midst of all the chaos, you felt safe next to him. He turned his gaze to the group of boys, then back to you, still the same bewildered expression on his face.
“It’s… it’s a girl?” he remarked, dumfounded after a moment of inspecting you further to ensure his mind wasn't playing tricks on him. His confused expression led you to believe that there were no other girls besides you, making you feel uneasy. You weren’t exactly looking forward to coming to an unknown place, with only boys around you.
The whispers got louder as the boys started to lean forward, astonished by the blonde boy's remarks and eager to see it for themselves. When you looked around, you noticed you were in some sort of metal box with all kinds of goods surrounding you.
The blonde boy reached his hand out to help you get up, his features softening into a friendly smile as he tried not to startle you. You grabbed his hand in yours and stood up, your legs unsteady and weak, making you almost fall over again until his grip on you tightened, helping you stay on your feet.
“Easy there, we don’t want you breaking your bones on your first day already, do we?” he joked as his handsome face lit up with a bright smile that made you flush. There was something about him that was particularly charming, although you couldn’t quite put your finger on it.
“Alright, let’s get you out of here” he grabbed your hand and guided you out of the box. You were relieved that he was helping you since you figured you didn't have the strength to get out on your own. The group of boys began to gather around you, with some whispering things like “the new girl is hot” or “she’s shucking cute”.
“Okay, that’s enough. Everybody, get back to work before you make her uncomfortable. I'll show her around the glade” the blonde boy said as he took your hand and led you away from the crowd of curious boys.
The two of you walked around the glade, the weather warm with a pleasant cool breeze now and then. You gazed around in utter disbelief, unsure of where you were. The blonde boy then turned to you, his face lit up with the same charming smile.
“I’m Newt, by the way”
“Newt? That’s an odd name” you blurted out without thinking. He chuckled, shocked but also loving your boldness. Your face got red after realizing you’ve said it out loud, although he didn’t seem to mind it.
“Roasting me already? You couldn’t wait at least a day for that?” you had to admit, he had a sense of humour.
“Right. Sorry” an embarrassed laugh leaving your mouth.
“Well, I’m… I’m…” you tried your hardest to think, but nothing came to mind.
“I… I don’t know who I am?” you panicked a little when you realized you had forgotten your name. Newt noticed it right away and began rubbing your back in an attempt to calm you down.
“Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. You’ll remember it after a few days at most”
There was a brief moment of silence as you processed what was happening. It was a lot. A lot to process in a span of just a few hours.
“Hey, there’s a bonfire tonight, to celebrate your arrival. It will be fun” his words repeated in your mind. To celebrate your arrival. As if you willingly came here. God, you wish you could get out of here as quickly as possible. But you knew it wasn't going to happen, so you smiled and nodded.
You had to admit, Newt was right. The bonfire was indeed fun, so far. Gally was fighting people, which shocked you a bit at first, but apparently, he does it regularly. Others had gathered around the bonfire and were chatting with one another. You weren’t quite sure what people would still be talking about, since you assumed they would be out of conversation topics by now. Newt explained to you earlier that all the memories from the life before the glade were erased from our minds.
You decided to use this night to forget your worries, drinking until they all left your mind. You drunkenly walked over to Newt with a drink in your hand, struggling to keep your balance.
Newt sat peacefully on a tree log alongside Thomas, observing what was going on around him. The moment he spotted you, he helped you down to sit next to him while he held you close, making sure you wouldn’t fall over.
“Newtie! I’ve missed you!” you yelled drunkenly, giggling a little. He chuckled and grabbed the drink out of your hand, putting it down on the ground.
“Whoa, you definitely had a bit too much to drink tonight. Calm down with the alcohol for now, darling” you blushed at the nickname as you felt butterflies in your stomach. You rested your head on his shoulder while feeling the cold wind of the night, giving you chills all over your body.
“Newtie, I’ll be right back, okay? I’m going to grab some warm clothes. Don’t leave!” you added with a wink as you struggled to get back to your feet. His cheeks became visibly redder as he looked at you with his beautiful brown eyes, accentuated even more by the moonlight.
“Alright, I’ll wait here”
You were on your way to the homestead when 3 boys appeared from behind a hut, glaring at you with a beastly look in their eyes. Although you recognized some of them, you haven’t talked with them before, which made the entire situation even more unsettling.
“Uhm… hi?” you said anxiously, eager to get away as soon as possible.
“Hello there, beautiful. You look so sexy tonight” one of them remarked while approaching you, making you feel more uncomfortable with each step he took. He then stood right in front of you, eyeing you up and down, while the other two boys looked around, presumably to make sure there was no one around. Something wasn’t right about this. You needed to get away.
“I- I have to go” the moment you were about to leave, he grabbed your arm with great force, preventing you from leaving. He then placed his hands on your waist, moving them slowly towards your butt while his lips hovered over your neck. At this point, you were on the verge of panicking, especially in the drunken state you were still in. You decided there was no other option than to scream since his grip on you was too strong.
“HELP! PLEASE HELP!” you screamed over and over again with tears forming in your eyes, enraging the boy in front of you. He swiftly covered your mouth with his palm, but before he could do anything else, you noticed Newt approaching from behind, a furious look on his face.
“Oi, dickhead!” Newt called out, making the boy turn around in shock.
“Listen-“ before the boy could finish his sentence, Newt punched him in the face as hard as he could, knocking him down to the ground.
“Newt?” did you just see that clearly? Newt punched someone in the face? The angelic-looking boy with the dreamy brown eyes? You didn’t have much time to process it, though, since he took your hand and led you away.
“We’re going to my hut” the anger could be heard in his voice.
“If that shank ever touches you again, I will put him in the maze myself” he spoke sharply as he led you into his hut and placed you on his bed.
His angry expression quickly shifted into a worried one as soon as he saw the tears streaming down your face.
“Oh love, come here. Let me hold you” he lied down on the bed and pulled you onto his chest, one hand stroking your hair and the other one rubbing your back.
“It’s alright. You’re safe now. I’ll never let something like that happen again, I promise”
“Thank you Newt. Thank you for taking care of me”
He kissed you on your forehead while drying your tears. You felt safe. The safest you’ve felt ever since you’ve entered the glade. Being in Newt’s arms felt like home. Not like your old home, whatever your old home was, but that was fine. Newt, he was your new home.
Tumblr media
author's note: thank you for reading <333
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tags: @okchijt @viaaaamalfoy-zabini
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fouriis · 10 months ago
the dystopia author:
Tumblr media
the dystopia author writing the protagonist:
Tumblr media
the dystopia author writing the protagonist’s final battle:
Tumblr media
and of course, the dystopia author™️:
Tumblr media
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sunder-soul · 5 months ago
Nothing More // T.M.R.
This is for @crazytwentythrees​​​ because you wanted a 200 word flash fic and this idea was kicking around my head recently. Not a full post/fic per se but hey this is where I’m at tonight 😘💖💖💖
Tumblr media
“I’d kill for you,” he promises one night.
This is the sort of untethered, unbridled, almost juvenile passion you’ve come to expect from him. He’ll be calm and quiet and gentle like this, his fingers trailing lightly down your waist and back up again, your head resting on his shoulder, your arms bundled against his chest, and then he’ll just say these things with dark, steady eyes like he’s speaking some natural truth into the world that he needs you to know, something fundamental and unyielding that works on him the same way gravity sinks him into the bed beside you. Immutable.
“I don’t want you to kill for me, Tom,” you smile patiently, taking a drowsy breath and settling closer into him. He’s unimaginably comfortable and your leg slides up his to rest on his hip, it’s hopelessly addicting to sleep pressed up against him like this.
“But I would,” Tom says quietly, his fingers brushing your hair.
“Don’t,” you murmur, sleep coming fast. “There’s about a billion better things you could do.”
“Like what?”
“Just live.”
There’s a second where, even with your eyes shut, you can tell that his brow furrows. “What?”
“Just live. Just you and me living. It’s enough.”
His head dips, his mouth presses to the slope of your shoulder, and when he takes in a long, slow breath you sink with his chest as he exhales. “I’d like to do more than that.”
“There’s nothing more than that,” you mumble.
Tom’s lips appear gentle against your cheek and you’re slipping into sleep, his hand glides up your thigh and he draws you closer against him, stomach to stomach, heart to heart.
・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.  
ℙ𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕋𝕒𝕘𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕥:
𝔸 - 𝕄
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gladerscake · 3 months ago
Y/N: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him. What should I do?
Thomas: Punch him in the stomach and when he doubles over in pain, kiss him.
Frypan: Tackle him.
Minho: Kick him in the shin.
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darlingoftmblr · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
he looks like a guy who's behind with his rent payments, however he has me in a chokehold.
📸: sarah ramos via Instagram
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subjecta33thehealer · 10 months ago
Maze Runner Incorrect Quotes #1
Newt: “I love this picture of the Gladers, you look so happy in it Gally.”
Brenda: “Where’s Thomas? Why isn’t he in the picture?”
Gally: “He hadn’t joined the team yet. That’s why I was so happy.”
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go-catch-a-chickn · 28 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
in my [tender music] feels, Newtmas edition
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