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unfortunately for everyone who follows me, you will all have to suffer thru weekly textposts of me trying to do my software assignments (on the day they’re due ofc, in this house we don’t do assignments in a timely fashion)

in other (but still related) news: fUCk array manipulation!! maybe i don’t wanna create an array of sub arrays using dynamic memory allocation, sort those sub-arrays, and replace them in the array, how abt that?? instead, im going to binary sort myself into an early death thx :)))

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I’m going to be honest: I have 0 motivation or inspiration to write this. It might be because I’m pretty sensitive today, or because I have received more requests like this, but this one bothered me. Is it too much to ask that you say something like ‘could I request’ or ‘please’, or a smiley face or an exclamation mark or something? It just feels like you’re dropping your request to a machine, and I’m just not feeling it.

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`The Roadouse`, 2020.10.25 
(heavily inspired by `The Bang Bang Bar` in Twin Peaks the TV series)

I had the idea to paint something like this for a while. Supernatural is ending, but I believe for Dean, a new life is beginning. The life in which nothing and nobody is pushing him down, the life in which he`s enjoying himself, having lots of fun, visiting all the places he wants to visit, and all of that with the person who cares for him and loves him fiercely yet softly and gently, like he deserves. The life where there are no more trauma, or nightmare, or pain. 

I don`t care about the ending Dabb and Co cooked up (we all know there`s nothing good). I don`t believe in their stories anymore. They don`t understand Dean, they don`t deserve him, they can`t write for shit, and as far as I`m concerned, they have no say in how Dean`s life unfolds. Because Dean deserves better. 

So there is the ending I believe. The ending where Dean is happy and free, where he is able to let go and heal. The ending where he is brimming with joy and glowing, shining fro all the love and appreciation people give him. The ending where he is cherished and respected. 

That is the only ending I`m willing to accept. 

So, for Dean, because he`s awesome, wonderful, amazing and deserves all the best things in the world. 

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Come into my ask box, ask trick or treat, and I’ll either treat you to some fluff, or trick you with some darkness!


“Dude, where in the hell are you?” Rin screeched in Sousuke’s ear. Leave it to Rin to be dramatic about him only being a few minutes late.

“I am right around the corner, will you chill out?” Sousuke kept walking at a leisurely pace. Just because Rin was in a tizzy didn’t mean he had to go rushing around.

“Are you sure? Do you need me to come get you? You know, your sense of direction…”

“Oh fuck right off, I know exactly where - oof!”

“Oof? The fuck does oof mean!” Sousuke heard Rin screech again, but couldn’t be bothered. Not when the prettiest man he’d ever seen had just run face first into his chest.

The man looked up at him, alarmed. “Oh, oh god! I’m so sorry! Are you hurt? Are you okay?” The man was flailing his hands around, looking frantic. Sousuke hung up on Rin and pocketed his phone.

“I’m fine, calm down. I’m a big boy, I can take care of myself. Are you okay?” Sousuke looked down into a pair of pretty brown eyes and smiled. God, this guy was gorgeous.

“Oh! Yeah! I’m good. I’m just a little turned around.” The man looked down at his own phone, with a map pulled up, and started peering around. “You wouldn’t happen to know how to get to Yamazaki’s Pub, would you?” Sousuke smiled.

“As a matter of fact, I do. And I’m headed there myself. Wanna go together?” The man beamed at Sousuke, then looked at his map one more time before heading in the direction Sousuke had been walking in.

Over the course of the short walk, Sousuke learned that the man was named Sugawara, but preferred to go by Suga, and that he was new to the area, but had a relative he was meeting nearby.

In turn, Sousuke introduced himself, and delighted in Suga’s pleased little gasp upon learning it was Sousuke’s family that owned the pub they were heading to.

Sousuke was also delighted to discover that the relative Suga had been talking about was Nitori, and that he and Rin had been waiting for them both to introduce them to each other.

As Sousuke sat with his friends, both old and new, he felt a little spark of something else in the air.

“To new friends,” Suga said, raising his beer mug.

“To new adventures,” Sousuke agreed.

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I want to do some fun readings for halloween but I don’t knowww what questions i should do. Do you guys have anything in mind you’d like me to do that is halloween based ?¿

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im vibrating so hard rn i just found out that ny favorite zoo sim game from when i was i a kid is on steam holy shit i didnt think id ever see this again

#the base game + ALL expansion packs is 19.99€ & i might just treat myself just this once, #i can still hear the music in my head it was so good, #the graphics were shit but still the NOSTALGIA, #like this game literalmy has it all im talking dinosaurs dragons normal animals horses you name it, #it even had a feature where you could put a reasearcher next to some fossils & tgen you could get extra special extinct animals, #(other than dinosaurs), #it was SO GOOD, #it even had mermaids but they couldnt reproduce unfortunately, #and theres a marine life expansion pack & it has SO MANY FISH, #and HUMBPACK WHALES, #and so many differemt sharks it was amazing, #im sorry im just remembering stuff i loved that game SO MUCH before i got into the sims it was all i played, #and the free play mode is like an actual free play mode not like in the sequel & i think thar was the main reason why i stopped playing, #the sequel that is, #bec i had the base game for that bur it fprced you to build an actual zoo to get more animals, #not like this one where you can literally just fuvk around bec all animals & itemd are available from the beginning, #like you wanna build a breeding farm for albino crocodiles? no problem, #dont want to build a zoo at all & just have the animals live freely & get wayy to invested in their little families? YOU CAN DO THAT, #goz esp the dinosaur one was SO GOOD for that, #i would make familues of pachys or triceratopses & then a pack of raptors & a trex & then just. let them do their thing, #im so sorry i sound like a maniac but this is SO GREAT im excited sorry, #the only problen is i have shit wifi here so im not sure if its a good idea to download it here hhhhh, #i still have an open exam result if that comes back positive i might just get it oh my godd
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Send me a trick-or-treat and a character/ship and I’ll write you a fluffy autumn piece or a horribly twisted au!

The autumn winds were harsh, harsher than they usually were. Kou watched the leaves skate down the street and the trees bend and sway as the sunlight faded into streetlights, and then those streetlights winked out. Kou blinked, looking up and down the street. The lights in the apartment were out too. She sighed.

“Yuuji,” she called.

“’M okay,” Terushima called back. He came stumbling out into the living room and over to the window next to her. “You all right?” he asked.

“Fine,” she said. “So much for movie night.”

Terushima was quiet for a moment, then he grinned and bopped her on the nose. “Just a second,” he said. “Stay right there.”

She huffed, but leaned against the wall anyway, watching as he gathered supplies. She snorted incredulously as he brought out every pillow and blanket they owned, dumping them on the floor before creating a giant, comfy-looking nest out of them. But he wasn’t done when the blankets were down. He gathered up candles next, placing them strategically around the apartment until their soft glow turned it into a small little wonderland, just for the two of them. Then he came back with one more thing.

“Oh,” she said softly as she realized what book he held.

“Come here,” he said, “and let me read to you.”

She snuggled down into the blankets and let his voice take her away to a world of magic. It was her favorite book, her favorite story, but more than that, it was him. It was her favorite person, proving to her that she was his as well.

She fell asleep feeling warm and loved.

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… Horobi literally spent his entire life being manipulated and used as a pawn by pretty much everyone.

And then he gets blamed.

I’m sorry, what?

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» happy birthday , clarke


nina barely sleeps a wink before the alarm goes off and she taps her phone with an excited squeal. her mom’s at a pta meeting , her father on a night shift most likely home in an hour both having left wrapped presents and cards for the birthday girl , tucked away in a bright blue gift bag. megan helped her bake and frost the birthday cake that was sitting in a carrier and lucas was the one who helped her decorate the banner and blow up the balloons that were sitting in her car , 

cake , gifts , balloons .. “ 

the young woman runs down the list written in purple ink labeled “ clarke’s birthday !!!! “ that’s sitting on the counter next to the other bag holding the birthday tiara , candles and her own presents for clarke. a lot of their life isn’t normal; hospital visits on her end , long shifts on clarke’s end and crises on scott’s end but birthdays , especially clarke’s birthdays are a truly treasured day. she makes sure to eat a bagel and drink a glass of juice , take her meds before racing upstairs to pull on a soft blue sweater and skirt , pulling on booties before racing down the stairs in a way that would definitely have clarke begging her to be careful.

minutes later , nina has the gift bags tucked away in the back seat and the cake buckled into the passenger seat next to her. keeping impulse in check nina sings along to her and clarke’s playlist on her bluetooth , driving safely before parking next to clarke’s car. balloons in hand and gift bags in hand nina forgeoes even the slightest of knocks , setting down both gift bags before racing upstairs hopping on top of the bed with an excited and dimpled smile  , 

happy birthday ! happy birthday ! happy birthday , clarke

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