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1. A ship I miss (Guzmán and Nadia - Élite)

I just won’t ever get enough of them.


Originally posted by evanbuckelys

2. A healthy ship (Nathan and Haley - One Tree Hill)

Always and forever.


Originally posted by alltogethermakingworldbetter

3. A toxic ship (Chuck and Blair - Gossip Girl)

Three words, eight letters. No matter how toxic it is.


Originally posted by ny-city-of-dreams

4. A problematic ship (Justin and Jessica - 13 Reasons Why)

There’s so much trauma here that brings these two together.


Originally posted by strnight

5. A ship that deserved better (Brandon and Kelly - Beverly Hills 90210)

When a show goes on for so long, there’s gotta be drama and that’s the reason why they destroyed them. Plus, why couldn’t Brandon actually be present in the series finale? Whyyy?


Originally posted by 90210kelly

6. An uproblematic ship (Ron and Hermione - Harry Potter)

I could fight with J.K. Rowling herself for them.


Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

7. A ship I didn’t love at first, but now I do (Molly and Sherlock - Sherlock)

These two had no serious scenes at first but I can’t count the times I’ve rewatched the clip with this gif and the combination of every possible song.


Originally posted by the-do-that-girl

8. A ship I loved at first but now I don’t (Hardin and Tessa - After)

The older I get, the more I grow apart from them.


Originally posted by minagilbertsson

9.A relationship I could envision myself having (Noel and Felicity - Felicity)

They were amazing. Funny. Supportive. There was chemistry. There was something so real about them. I would be thankful to have a Noel Crane in my life. Felicity obviously wasn’t.


Originally posted by sorrywhatever

10.A ship that everyone hates, but I love (Frank and Claire - Outlander)

We all know that Jamie was Claire’s destiny but Frank was her first love. And honestly Frank Randall should be more appreciated.


Originally posted by xpersephonesx

11.A ship everyone loves, but I hate (Michael and Sara - Prison Break)

Prison Break is not about the ships and I wasn’t feeling the chemistry.


Originally posted by marap

12.A ship that I don’t really talk about, but I love (Pablo and Marizza - Rebelde Way)

The amount of hours my teenage self has dedicated to these two is certainly beyond your expectations.


Originally posted by minhasnovelas

13.A ship with a sad ending (Jaime and Brienne - Game of Thrones)

You know the feeling when you don’t even dream about your ship becoming canon and then it does and then they completely crash your poor shipping heart? That’s the case.


Originally posted by thatonekimgirl

14.A ship with a happy ending (Kwon Shi-hyun and Eun Tae-hee - Tempted/The Great Seducer)

These two hold such a special place in my heart! It was the first kdrama I watched and even if it’s not that popular, I love them so much and I loved the ending!


Originally posted by idramaaddict

15.A dorky ship (Seth and Summer - The OC)

These two absolute dorks speak for themselves!


Originally posted by offensivebagel

16. A badass ship (Nancy and Jonathan - Stranger Things)

They can easily switch from cute to badass and kill monsters in the meantime.


Originally posted by quirkqueen-thesecretagent

17.A ship I have a love/hate relationship with (Oliver and Felicity - Arrow)

They were the most adorable thing ever until the writers completely ruined Felicity.


Originally posted by talkingtomyquiver

18.A ship that isn’t canon yet (Bellamy and Clarke - The 100)

Can you actually believe this ship is canon in real life, yet we still have to wait for it to happen on the show.


Originally posted by llostspiritl

19.A new ship (Marianne and Connell - Normal People)

This show is a precious little gem.


Originally posted by mchellesvanity

20.A ship I used to stan (Brooke and Lucas - One Tree Hill)

Brooke was too good for Lucas. She deserved better. And that was Julian.


Originally posted by alltogethermakingworldbetter

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That ending is just… it made me feel REAL good. I don’t want to spoil it (because someone might see this and would want to watch it so…), but that ending just made me realize that everything you do in this world not just affects you and the people close to you or directly around you, but it can also reach the lives of people outside your immediate circle.

Made me realize that whatever you do, bad or good, can vibrate back to people you don’t even know and haven’t even met. So it made me think that I should try and always consider that in whatever I do, because who will be kind to each other but us, people, all around the world. May it be virtually, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. 

Considering everything happening in the world, I think that this is something that all of these can try and live by. Be kind, and try to always do the GOOD thing. Always.

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📺 “Haunted Collector” debuted on TV today! (June 1, 2011)

People often think that ghosts and other spirits live in and “haunt” buildings. But people don’t usually think the same thing about objects like paintings, jewelry and dolls. But the Zaffis family, led by dad John, not only thinks that ghosts can inhabit such objects, they collect what they think are paranormal objects. John Zaffis is a paranormal investigator who has been asked to consult on hauntings for nearly four decades. Through the years, he has amassed thousands of possessed objects that he keeps in his bizarre museum, where visitors report feeling an evil presence upon entering the building. Assisting John on his investigations are his children, Chris and Aimee. Also along for the (potentially scary) ride are tech specialist Brian Cano, who has been fascinated by the paranormal since he was young, and an additional psychic investigator or two.

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