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#Tadashi Yamaguchi

what their kisses are like

featuring: hinata, sakusa, yamaguchi, akaashi, tsukishima, tendou, and kuroo

warnings: kuroo’s is very suggestive lol

a/n: i’ve seen this type of thing everywhere but i just wanted to write one of my own 😌

this also takes place post-timeskip :)


each of hinata’s kisses are packed with energy. spontaneous kisses are his favourite, especially the ones where his hands twirl you around, bringing you into his grasp only for him to dip you towards the ground as his lips slot between yours. he claims his kisses are the cure for your rough days, but what he really means is that it’s your kisses that make him act like a giddy teenage boy all over again.

sakusa’s kisses are hesitant, as if he’s still testing the waters after years of being together. his hands sweat too much for his liking, and his heart beats too hard when you get close to him that he can’t help but ask for a breather. when he hears your soft voice assure him that you feel the exact same way, he allows himself to revel in the feeling of the burning love the two of you have established.

yamaguchi’s kisses are filled to the brim with love. he looks at you with stars in his eyes, as if you’re some ethereal god. he stands up a little straighter when he sees you, and all of his self-deprecating thoughts seem to dissipate when you allow him to pull your chin up with his pointer finger and press his lips against yours.

akaashi’s kisses are awkward, but beautiful nonetheless. he believes his hands are too large, and he always frets about whether he should link his awkwardly long fingers with yours or not. when you reassure him that his hands fit yours perfectly, he knows he’s in too far. but he isn’t complaining when your smile is the exact reason he has that velvet box in his pocket.

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A quiet knocking woke you from the hazy homework-induced trance you’ve been lost in for the past few hours. You slowly get up, disoriented of the exact time, and confused at who would be visiting you. Had you ordered food or something then forgot? Should you bring your wallet?

Cracking the door quickly turned to swinging it open to allow your boyfriend entry.

“Hi Dashi!” Your excited greeting was snubbed slightly by his muttered response. He quickly set down his backpack and took his shoes off, tugging you to your couch as soon as he could. He plopped down first, pulling you down into his side right after. When you started to pet his hair, he willingly leaned into your touch, resting his head in the crook of your neck.

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Random Haikyuu headcannons

- Yamaguchi had a pillowpet collection when he was little (he still has the giraffe one, its on his bed)

- Tendou always outshines everyone else on Halloween, he spends the entirety of October putting his costume together

- Tsukishima wears fuzzy socks when he’s at home

-Kiyoko loves cinnamon flavored coffee

- Kiyoko also has a favorite cafe/coffee shop that she visits regularly and she does her homework there

- Tanaka listens to Childish Gambino, his favorite song is 3005

- Asahi takes like 30 minute showers

- Daichi doesn’t have a phone case, his screen is cracked a little but he insists it doesn’t bother him because “it still works the same”

- Oikawa leans on walls when he’s on his phone

- Kenma prefers sitting on the ground and will always do so if given the option. His mom bought him a cushion/beanbag to sit on when he was little and he just sat on the floor next to it

- Hinata is really good with little kids

- Hinata loves to pull faces when he sees little kids in public or in crowds to try and make them laugh

- Ukai scratches at scabs absentmindedly and so they never heal properly and he just has a bunch of small scars from them

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Losses (Yamaguchi x Reader)


They lost. That was the end of the tournament for them. Aoba Johsai had won but the Karasuno team was devastated. But at least they made it that far.

The Karasuno volleyball club was eating, coach’s treat, at least most of them were. Some were crying and others were just staring and talking. Assistant manger, F/n L/n, kept glancing over at her two best friends, Tadashi Yamaguchi and Kei Tsukishima. She was worried about how they would-were- taking the loss.

Yamaguchi and F/n were walking home together side by side. As far as Yamaguchi remembered, F/n had always been there for him, that’s one of the reasons he liked her more than a friend. “Tadashi.” Yams looked at the h/c-nette confused, she had never used his first name even when he told her to.

Before he could do or say anything he was tackled into a hug.

His guard had fallen.

He started crying all over again but F/n just hugged the boy tighter while whispering comforting words. The one thing he didn’t expect to hear from the girl was the words, “I love you.” Gasping slightly Yamaguchi pulled away from the hug and harshly wiped away his tears. “Y-you love me?” The reply he got was just a nod and a smile, causing him to smile as well.

The duo quickly kissed each other and started laughing, “Are we going to tell Tsukki?”

“Let’s wait.”

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► play pretend - yamaguchi’s route track 01: good friend(?)


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a/n: ugh i love yams. also i apologize for the second hand embarrassment of y/n not knowing how to start a conversation. it’s based off personal experiences.
fun fact: tsukishima teased yamaguchi the whole way back to karasuno about you wearing his sweatshirt. yamaguchi didn’t listen to a word he said since his whole focus was on you.
taglist: @tetsoleil@whootwhoot@vhskenma@hikari-writes@macchiatoast@peteunderoos@mattsuny@oikawaplssteponme@smolbludandelions@angrylittleriri@mochipk@estmagnifique@bewwybun@elianetsantana@starboyshoyo@kellesvt@otsut-writing@noyasnev@hey-juicebox@akaashirin@tsukisemi@alysken@misssugarless@lannaxhajime@korean-bbq@al3x1ss@haikyuu-bitch​  @yn-tingz@live-2-fangirl@thechaosoflonging@iminlovewhaikyuu@virgoamajiki@stickystrawberrysyrup@yamagucji@tadashisprout@ukeishin@wherethehoesat@yamichxn@cadenceh2o@pyromaniac-olive@420-uwu@miitchii@d3ad-b3at-b1tch@atria-avior@honeygiavanna​  @sunandtsukki@tadashi-simp@vixenstail@icareabouteverythxng@mirikusashes​ (continued in comments)
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i think thats very neat of him <3

warnings : stalking, masturbation, somnophilia??, cum eating, non consensual pictures

this wasn’t wrong, right? it was only a crush! it’s not like he was stalking you or anything… that would be crazy! he just happened to follow you home by accident and you just so happened to leave your curtains open. he only wanted to make sure you were tucked in bed alright! it’s just a coincidence, he told himself as he pulled his cock out of his pants.

it’s not like he’s touching you, you’re just so beautiful when you sleep. so vulnerable. so much more unaware then when he normally watches you on campus or in the little cafe you like to visit.

he watches your unconscious body stir while he roughly fists his cock. he wonders how your hand would feel around him… soft probably. softer than his calloused hands from years of playing volleyball.

it doesn’t take long for him to cum, painting his hand white. he pretends it’s your tongue licking his hand clean instead of his own. he tucks his softened cock back in his pants, eyes lingering on you for a moment longer before he turns around and mades his way back home, but not before snapping a few pictures for later.

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request: juabsba t h i r st Yamaguchi is an awkward mans but 🥵🥵 can you write something where him and the reader haven’t done a lot of stuff, and one day he lets her use his computer for homework and when she opens it there’s porn, where someone is being eaten out and Yamaguchi is like “akauanbabsba IM SO SORRY” and the reader is like “Can we do that 👉👈🥺 can you kiss me down there” hzshsg that scenario has just been in my mind - anon

a/n: ugh YES i love this so so much thank you for this beautiful ask nonnie 😽😽

(also i got wayyy too carried away with his HAHA)


► now playing… 


pairing: yamaguchi x female reader

genre: nsfw ! (characters are in their third year)

warnings: smut, cunnilingus, one (1) kind of embarrassing situation? maybe two

word count: 1.7k+


yamaguchi was a busy man - being captain of the volleyball team and all. his responsibilities only grew, leaving less time for the two of you to spend alone together. his desire to simply cuddle up with you on his bed or yours while watching a movie was becoming too much, and all he wanted to do was be with you.

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