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Bangtan Ranch | BTS Collab
Tumblr media
Do the dog days of summer have you down? Are you looking for an escape from the stress of everyday life? Find yourself yearning for endless blue skies and verdant fields, where excitement and adventure wait for you around every bend?
Come to Bangtan Ranch! Here you'll find all you seek. Whether it be something to get your heart pounding or something to help you relax, we offer it all. Vacation packages are tailored to meet your specific wants, and can include such activities as:
horseback riding
overnight campouts
couples massages
wine tastings and fine dining
And so much more! No matter what you desire, the Bangtan staff is here to meet all your needs. Check out some of our staff below!
Bookings now open for September 2022!
Tumblr media
A/N: I'm so excited to announce the Bangtan Ranch collab, hosted by me and @sugalaritae! This whole idea stemmed from the extreme thirst caused by Yoongi in the "That That" mv and the idea of him running a brothel like the Bunny Ranch. We hope you'll enjoy the amazing stories these authors have written - whatever you're searching for, you're sure to find it at the ranch!
Banner by @herecomesjoon
Collab Rating: M (18+)
Collab Warnings: sex work, mentions of past sex work, explicit sex
Disclaimer: NSFW; obviously none of us own BTS, they just inspire us. Summaries, genres, and warnings are subject to change between now and when the fics are posted. Each fic will have its own specific warnings.
Tumblr media
Heartbreak Hotel ↣ @thatlongspringnight
Pairing ↣ Kim Namjoon x Female Reader
Genre ↣ angst, smut, some fluff, non-idol!au
Summary ↣ When your boyfriend breaks up with you, with no warning, you’re left with no choice but to drown your sorrows in the one place you know you’ll find him.
Tumblr media
Hidden Heart ↣ @herecomesjoon
Pairing ↣ Kim Seokjin x Female Reader
Genre ↣ fluff, some light angst, smut, non-idol!au
Summary ↣ You left the city to escape. To get away from the pressures of your high paced job, of your family, and to forget the person that you thought you loved. You left to heal yourself, but what you found at the ranch wasn't the new beginning you were expecting.
Tumblr media
This Time ↣ @sugalaritae
Pairing ↣ Min Yoongi x Queer OC (to be named)
Genre ↣ strangers to lovers, a little bit of enemies to lovers, ranch!au
Summary ↣ This time Yoongi isn't going to let his fears dictate what happens. This time he's not going to put other's lives ahead of his own. This time he's going to do it right. This time things will be different. Except, sometimes you need to move on.
Warnings ↣ phone sex, mentions of depression, anxiety, heartbreak
Tumblr media
In Good Hands ↣ @sunshinerainbowsbts
Pairing ↣ Jung Hoseok x Female Reader
Genre ↣ smut, porn with the barest of plots, ranch!au
Summary: Once again, another partner has left you feeling unsatisfied. Maybe it's time to call in an expert. Don't worry, Hoseok knows exactly what you need.
Tumblr media
Wonderful Tonight ↣ @minttangerines
Pairing ↣ Park Jimin x Female Reader
Genre ↣ angst, hurt/comfort, sex work!au
Summary ↣ During a memorial, you take the time to rediscover yourself from before your life changed.
Warnings ↣ mentions of death, depression, cursing
Tumblr media
Untamed Hearts ↣ @sunshinerainbowsbts
Pairing ↣ Kim Taehyung x Female Reader
Genre ↣ angst, smut, hurt/comfort, ranch!au
Summary ↣ In need of some relaxation, and still reeling from your recent breakup, you book yourself a vacation at the famed Bangtan Ranch, with one goal in mind: learn how to ride a horse. Head wrangler Taehyung is more than willing to teach you, but he has a few other lessons in mind, too.
Tumblr media
Calling It Now ↣ @reliablemitten
Pairing ↣ Jungkook x Female Reader
Genre ↣ friends to lovers, grad school!au
Summary ↣ Jungkook has always been there for you, a steady friend and supporter. But when you cross the line, does he really return your feelings or are you just another client?
Warnings ↣ implied big age gap with an “off-camera” client, cursing, drinking, protected sex, unprotected sex (probably), oral sex, kissing, everyone is repressing their feelings and—unsurprisingly—that leads to angst and heartbreak
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The End is You and I [Taehyung x Reader]
27. Let Me Try
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hell is empty - jjk, kth
Tumblr media
❝what about us?❞
❝me and you? us?❞
❝there is no us, you’ve made that perfectly clear tonight.❞
series masterlist
Tumblr media
life has a tendency to throw things your way when you least expect it, when you’re content, and the ominous presence knows exactly how to steer your existence back into the darkness.
pairing — drug lord!jungkook x reader, hotel owner!taehyung x reader
genre/rating — R | angst, fluff, smut, love triangle au
warnings/tags — single parent!reader, dad!JK, ex-boyfriend!JK, CEO!taehyung, strong language, mentions of violence & blood, mentions of infertility, puke warning, bickering, teasing, junho’s paintings *sigh*, alcohol consumption, lots of feelings :(, it’s an angsty one, special guest appearance 🫣, tae’s pov !!, their fits @ the auction/dinner, couple fights, domesticityyy, explicit smut ++ (i’m not giving away much now heh)
note: part 10 🫣 the main main part & another special chapter !! a lot of stuff comes to light…i hope you guys enjoy it <3
Tumblr media
play — prey by the neighbourhood
Tumblr media
☆ posting soon ☆
Tumblr media
taglist ☆ masterlist
Tumblr media
© aquagustd 2021-2022 do not copy/repost/translate
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isn’t it romantic? | myg (masterpost)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
many things in life have a polar opposite: left and right, night and day, yin and yang, you and min yoongi... hopeless romantic meets gloomy cynic. the only thing you seem to share is a magazine column but even then, you still can’t seem to understand how min yoongi can be called ‘the love doctor’ when he is the antithesis of everything love represents.
Tumblr media
pairing: yoongi x f!reader; side taehyung x f!reader
rating: 18+ (minors dni)
genre: strangers to frenemies (?) to lovers, magazine writer au, coworker au; fluff, angst, smut
warnings: drinking, cheating, failed relationships, unsupportive parents/family; specific and individual warnings in each entry
word count: n/a
updated: august 14, 2022 → taglist: open
Tumblr media
entry one: me before you (upcoming!)
entry two
entry three
entry four
entry five
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
all rights reserved © jeonqkooks. reposting, translating and/or modifying is not permitted by any means.
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Tumblr media
Gif discovered by Golden Idol @weheartit
He was a patient man.
He wouldn't mind to wait for the right time to reap what he thought he deserved.
He had lived in the dark for far too long, that happiness was such a foreign notion for him. Until you crossed his path and awakened something deep inside him.
Until he realized there was indeed glowing light on the other side of his world, just a flicker at the end of the journey he had to conquer.
Until the sunshine he had waited became you.
Full Masterlist and elaborate warning please read here.
Tumblr media
Pairing : Taehyung x Ballerina Reader
Genre : Yandere, Mafia AU.
Warning : Nothing, I guess.
Word count : 3.4K
Tumblr media
"They're late."
Sitting on one of the table at Etto, Taehyung blankly gazed to outdoor patio next to its manicured garden. There were several tables occupied despite the mild winter breeze.
"I don't like to wait."
People would usually know better than asking him to wait.
Taehyung liked to keep himself busy and constantly on the move, distracting him from memories, the ghost of his past.
His days were passing by in inexorable cycle. Everyday felt the same. No matter how he wished there would be something or someone to bring back the color to his life.
Alessandro looked at him with neutral gaze, knowing well his boss' impatience and agitation.
"They'll be here in ten minutes. You know how women are, they are always late. And besides, he will bring his daughter too."
"This is business meeting. Is the daughter has anything to do with our deal?"
"No, ... but I think you might want to know her."
He paused on the man's words, looking at him with stern gaze for a good moment.
"Since when you are playing the matchmaker? Don't be like my father, it won't work."
Alessandro's expression was unwavering when he returned the look with unwavering gaze.
"It's been a year. I don't remember when was the last time you were attached to any particular woman. It's not healthy."
Taehyung narrowed his eyes to the older man. His tongue was bitter with the need to inhale some nicotine, couldn't wait for the meeting to be over. No, he needed something stronger, definitely some weed. Something to help him forget, even temporarily.
"I don't need you to give me love advice."
"You have to move on with your life."
"Did you see me avoid my responsibilities? We will close on fifteen percent increase in profit end of this year. That's an achievement considering today's inflation rate."
"It's not about the company, Gio. Mens sana in corpore sano. You know what that means."
Taehyung scoffed in disdain. The nerve of Alessandro to bring this up to him. The man had a normal family, ordinary relationship with his wife and his daughter. Despite his job for the group, he went home at five everyday like any family man would.
"Don't tell me what to do, Alessandro. If the business on the move and money flowing in, I am living my life here."
His glare was interrupted by a man in his fifties, wearing a long sleeves baby blue shirt with black pants.
His appearance was opposite with Taehyung who wore three piece winter suit. All of his men were in suit considering the current cool weather in Reggio.
"Good afternoon, gentlemen, apologize for my tardiness."
There was a full blown smile on his lips when Alessandro made the initial introduction.
Taehyung studied the man in silent after exchanging some basic courtesy, inwardly thumbed through his profile that Alessandro shared before.
Sergio Moretti was a british merchant, despite his Italian descent. He made an offer to set up distributorship for olive and bergamot oil from Romano's subsidiaries, promising to commit an average of five to ten forty feet containers per month.
The deal wasn't supposed to be his responsibility, he had people to do the small scale affair.
Romano's main income wasn't from their plantation.
Taehyung didn't need to meet with the man, if it wasn't for Alessandro's persistence.
When they were finally seated, he looked at Taehyung with careful regard, curious but seemingly contained himself.
"You quite surprise me, Mr. Romano."
He raised his eyebrow over the unexpected statement.
"Mr. Testa didn't tell me about your age, I surmised you must be ... at least forty, -considering your reputation."
"And what reputation that you heard of, Mr. Moretti?"
He dared the man to spread his card on the table. It would be a different conversation if he was dealing with one of his kind, but this guy seemed like the type to maintain a clean record all his life. He might be oblivious about Taehyung's main business.
"Well, to lead and maintain a business this size isn't easy. And I'm guessing you are not even thirty ...-"
"Darling ...!"
There were two women who walked over their table, one was older than the other.
The older one immediately stole the attention with her British accent and colorful fancy style. A little too splashy especially for cold season.
The young woman must be their daughter. Although she was taller by an inch or two, she was overshadowed by her mother's lively nature.
"Mr. Testa, finally! Pleasant to meet you here. I must say there are plenty of historical spots we have yet visited here, and ... oh my, the amount of awe I have for this city!"
She talked while waving her hands in excitement, drawing attention from guests on the other table.
As much as Taehyung was amused by her antics as well as her corny style, but his attention was drawn more to the young girl next to the woman. She was slim in average height, wearing a dark green knee length dress with ruffled sleeves. She looked shy, but her stunning beauty helped her to get people to notice her presence.
"Anna, please, can you lower down your voice?"
Her husband whispered while looking at his wife in reprimanding gaze.
Taehyung raised to his feet to act as the host he was supposed to be.
"Mrs. Moretti, please have a seat. It's nice to have you and your family here. I hope the accomodation and everything else meet your satisfaction."
He bowed a a little, earning a low squeal from the woman.
"Oh my ... you must be Mr. Romano! Mr. Testa told us about you, but ... he definitely didn't say that you are this young! Such a fine gentleman indeed! Please, let me introduce you to our daughter, Elena. She will be twenty one this year."
The woman extended her hand for a handshake, followed by her daughter, whose cheeks was blushed in mortification.
Mrs. Moretti was blatantly staring at him with obvious adoration, and Taehyung had to clear his throat to stop her stare.
"Mom, you don't have to tell my age."
Her daughter was trying to be subtle in tone down the woman's voice, albeit without luck.
Taehyung held her hand in his palm, it was smooth and small, looking so fragile compared to his own.
Watching her face and her countenance in general, there was an aura of inoccence that Taehyung couldn't help but having some pity as well as protective instinct for her.
When the girl finally seated next to him, -after stern instruction from her mother, he felt a feeling of familiarity looking at her.
The girl reminded him of you.
It wasn't exactly alike, but from certain angles and different side, the resemblance was evident.
He looked at Alessandro who was unfolding his napkin, and his gesture told Taehyung that the man understood his gaze on him.
"Shall we order now? Maybe start with some appetizer?"
The old man ignored his boss' sharp look on him, talking to Sergio with feigned smile.
"I heard this restaurant has been under your family's proprietary for three generations, Mr. Romano. May you suggest their signature menu?"
Mrs. Moretti scanned on the thick velvet menu book while adjusting her reading glasses.
"You can order from 'specialità della casa' for chef reccomendation. As for light bites, I will recommend crostini or caponata. The caprice skewers are also very good, the tomatoes are sweet amd juicy."
Alessandro answered for him, while Taehyung tried hard to avert his eyes from the girl before she started to think he was a creep.
It had been a year since the last time he was attracted to a woman. He still couldn't get over you.
Not that he didn't try initially.
He went to the club, trying to rid the memory of you by sleeping with any girl that could get him off, he desperately wanted to move on from the past. But the fulfillment after the deed was always incomplete, and it only made him thought about you more.
After three attempts, he finally gave up. If celibacy was a curse to his sins, he didn't have any choice but to embrace his fate.
But the past seemed like catching up on him today.
The girl reminded him of you so much that his heart was twitching in pain everytime your face flashed in his vision. The bullet was only a centimeter away from his heart that it was considered a miracle he was still alive. There was a deep scar after all, acting out whenever he felt his blood rushing and his heartbeat accelerated.
He waved to a waiter to order some alcohol, he needed something to numb his brain.
"Can you uncork a Barolo Riserva 2010? And serve five glasses for us."
When he had his attention back to the girl, she was looking at him too. Her eyes were different color from you, hers were darker shade of brown, but the rest of her features in general intensified the memory.
"Can you please recommend something to me, Mr. Romano?"
Elena was truly beautiful, and looking at the way her mother introduced her to him, it didn't take a genius to guess what was the purpose of this meeting.
It would probably be easier for him should he take her as his wife. Not the best option, but he was almost desperate.
"Veal saltimbocca if you fond of meat, or swordfish steak if you prefer fish."
He pointed to the main course list, trying to distract himself from the scent of her perfume and compared it to your fragrance that he loved so much, he used it as pillow spray every night.
He missed you too much.
And seeing the girl who reminded him of you didn't help his case trying to forget you.
He could feel his desire imagining the beautiful girl under him, like he had you in his bed the night before you were gone.
Maybe Alessandro was right, he needed someone to help him to move on.
He needed a wife he could go home to everyday.
"This one? It's beef and herbs, I think?"
The girl pointed to the book, and Taehyung felt his heart skipped a beat when looking at her finger.
It was a few seconds later before he could find his voice, looking at the diamond on her ring finger.
"Your ring ..."
It almost hypnotized him. All the memories of you were spiraling down flooding his mind.
He was going insane, borderline hallucinating.
"This one?" The girl straightened her fingers to give a better view.
"It's pretty, isn't it? I recall from Mr. Testa that you are also an avid collector, Mr. Romano. The ring is birthday gift to our dear Elena."
Mr. Moretti sounded proud while looking at his daughter.
"We have a fascination for precious stones as well as vintage paintings. Maybe you can pay a visit to our manor in London sometime, I can show you around for our collection."
Taehyung didn't hear the man, nor catch the subtle expectation for him to return the invitation. Not when his attention was solely on the ring.
It looked so damn similar.
"It's a Graff diamond." He almost talked to himself.
"You are indeed very knowledgeable, Mr. Romano."
Sergio looked at him with surprise and admiration.
"Different carat for different cut, only six of them released on the market. Each one of them was custom made for the bearer. I heard one of them belonged to our queen."
Sergio talked in lower conspiratorial tone.
"So, you bought this from Graff?" He couldn't believe his own eyes. He had to restrain himself from touching her fingers.
"Oh my lord, no. Of course not. The original price was almost eight million poundsterling. As much as we fond of precious stones, we set a limit when it comes to price. We bought this from a second hand dealer when we were in Russia. He said that a young girl sold this to him at a very cheap price. Most probably she stole it. It was impossible for a mere student to afford this kind of ring, not to mention this had travelled accros continent."
"I don't understand." There was no way this was like what he thought. He could hear his heart pounded on his chest loudly.
Sergio pointed to the ring before continued.
"There is a foreign script engraved on the inside, korean fonts that are visible only under magnifier. Something like, 'yours truly', or 'fovever yours' if translated. I think it belonged to a wealthy Korean before it was stolen."
It felt like all blood was drained from his body, goosebumps and chill crept all over him. The ring was glimmering, tantalizing him with a blooming wish.
Of all places, of all the time he spent in waiting, the ring made its way back to him, in the most unexpected way.
Maybe the girl, -Elena was the answer that universe had sent for him.
Taehyung could feel the connection since he saw how she looked like you, how he could easily imagine to have her in his bed, someone to distract him from his undying infatuation for you.
Different thoughts running through his mind, thinking about all the possible scenarios.
Looking at Alessandro, his expression was showing his shock too.
Before another completely different realization hit him like a train wreck. His mind halted when another enlightment struck on him.
Someone found your body and took the ring from your corpse. That was the only logical explanation. How the ring could travel thousand miles away to Russia was something he couldn't comprehend, and he knew he had to rely on the Morettis for more information.
To find your body and to give you a proper burial.
He owed you that much.
"I see ... can you, ..." He swallowed a big lump in his throat forcing himself to speak.
It was a closure he needed to finally let go, but the possibility to confirm your death dreaded him. To have his hope vanish forever.
He had tried a great length to find you alive, but deep down inside he knew it was just a wishful thinking.
"Can I have the name of the dealer? There may be something, ... some collectibles I might find interesting."
Unconciously he took Elena's hand, and stroking the ring on her finger. He could imagine your hand wore the ring next to the wedding band he kept in his safe in the bedroom.
His gesture startled the girl, and he released her hand almost immediately.
But Mrs. Moretti saw the whole thing and her smile couldn't be any wider.
"Both of you look very lovely together, like meant for each other. Darling, you should give that dealer's contact number to Mr. Romano."
Mrs. Moretti smiled fondly to her daughter, her words had Elena blushing with shy smile.
"There was no need."
Alessandro's voice cut through the conversation in a haste, his eyes trained blankly at him.
"I know what you are trying to find, but ... "
He exhaled before averted his eyes to Jungkook who stood near the door.
" ... you don't have to."
Alessandro closed his eyes before finally returned his gaze.
"Y/N ... she's ... she's alive. She's in Moscow now."
Silence was ensued, a long quietness that came from Taehyung's bewilderment gradually turned to disbelief, before finally anger consumed him.
"What do you mean by 'she's still alive'?"
His voice was dangerously calm, along with his escalated rage. He was too afraid to have another hope, too scared if his hope was crushed before he even had the chance to grasp.
"You heard me."
He looked at Alessandro to confirm what the man said. To make sure this wasn't some kind of sick and cruel joke.
"And all this time you hid her whereabouts from me? Despite that you knew well I was looking everywhere for her."
The man didn't answer, only looked at him with impassive manner.
"Why Moscow, and ... how could she get there by herself?"
He would think of this as a prank if it wasn't for Alessandro made the confession.
"Between Royal Ballet or Bolshoi, she chose the latter. I helped her to enroll and settle down."
He stood abruptly causing the chair to jerk and fall to the floor.
He drew his gun and pointed to Alessandro.
"Who do you think you are? You have no right to hide the fact, any fact, especially about her."
There were small screams and noises when people started to move and leave the room.
He saw how Elena turned pale, and all the similarities with you that he saw in her earlier were vanished. She looked completely different now.
Looking at Alessandro, he tried so hard to keep his finger from pulling the trigger.
"Why? I trusted you, but you betrayed me!"
"You know she's not born for this world. I have a daughter her age Gio, even I work for you, to have her live in this kind of world is the last thing I want for my girl."
"I didn't ask for your opinion, she didn't need you to save her from me. I would never hurt her intentionally."
"No, but you don't realize that she will only bring you to destruction."
There was a gunshot accompanied by Alessandro's figure dropped to the floor, holding his ankle. His curse with pain was showed on his expression. But it wasn't long before his eyes changed into a condemning stare.
"Give me one reason why I shouldn't put a bullet in your head now!"
"You can't deny the truth!"
"You ... you don't know, how many nights ... how long I have spent regretting my incapability to protect her, how I ... I thought I should have given her a proper burial."
His tears started to blur his vision eventhough his grip to the gun was still firm.
"How many times ... I was imagining to take the gun and end this all, ... my misery. When I had questioned the purpose of my life, ... time and time again. It was the hope to finally find her body that kept me to live!"
Taehyung closed his eyes, trying to contain himself and blink back the tears.
Somehow his prayer was answered, even he wasn't sure who he had prayed to.
It all didn't matter now.
You were alive and breathing, that was the most important.
He put the gun back into his coat before  throwing a questioning glare to Jungkook who stood just a couple feet away.
The Morettis were gone, it didn't surprise him.
"Did you know about this?"
The younger man looked at him with a tinge of regret.
"I was the one who pulled her from the river."
"We thought with logic, you thought with your heart."
He pointed his gun to Jungkook who didn't blink. Just like him, death never scared Jungkook.
"I don't kill you now because you saved her. Cross me one more time, consider your life is done."
He turned around, throwing a quick scan around the room. The servers were on their spot near the cashier, watching the whole incident. They quickly dispersed when he gave them silent warning stare.
He was about to reach the door when he heard Alessandro's voice.
"She sold the ring. Have it ever occured to you that she probably wanted to forget, to leave all the past behind?"
He stopped on his track, but didn't turn to see the man.
There was no doubt in his answer.
"It's one in a million chance that the ring came back to me. Maybe she's my soulmate, maybe she will be my doom. I don't believe in coincidence, everything always happen for a fucking reason. You know well what I will do if she did that."
He turned to see Alessandro still settled on the floor. The bullet wound on his ankle was visible with blood stain.
"I forgave you this once, as a token of appreciation for your service to the family. But be careful, Alessandro, there won't be a second chance."
He walked out with Jungkook and one other man followed him from behind.
When he stepped outside the building to his car, his chaffeur opened the door for him. He stopped from entering the vehicle, watched as people walking along the pedestrian lane, the wind blew some falling brown autumn leaves on the row of trees along the street.
The color of his world turned vibrant, changing from monochrome to technicolor.
He was welcoming his new purpose of life, something he could finally live for.
He pulled his phone and dialed a number while breathing in relief when he heard the person answered on the first ring.
"Prepare the jet for a red eye tonight. I'm leaving for Moscow."
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Little do You Know | OT7 | Twenty Nine
Tumblr media
Pair: Bangtan (ot7) x f!reader 
Summary: In a world where idols and actors can’t date, whether it be because of contracts, lack of time, or the dangers that involve having your personal life leaked, the market opened up for a new work field. Playmate Agencies emerged to supply the entertainment world with highly trained companions for hire. Bangtan is looking for new playmates. And you just happen to be the one all of them choose. 
Genre: Fluff, angst, smut, playmate au, idol au. 
Chapter warnings: You go home, one of the boys comes to visit, a day in the zoo with your sister, so much softness…. The start of angst and a little bit of smut. 
WC: 5.3k
← Previous | Series Materlist | Next →
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Getting into a routine every time you went back home to Daegu was easy. You’d help out your father with house chores, fix anything that he couldn’t, and you’d spend time with your sister. The main difference this time around was how much your thoughts seemed to be elsewhere at all times. 
You had been home for a week, and you hadn’t seen most of the boys in way longer than that. So you’d constantly miss them, wonder if they were taking care and how they had been enjoying their breaks. You knew Jimin was in Jeju Island right now, he’d bombard the groupchat with pictures of the places he was visiting. Jin, Jungkook, Namjoon and Hoseok were also in their respective hometowns. Yoongi had been MIA for the last couple of days, probably hibernating after working so hard while being in America, and Taehyung, your other fellow Daegu resident, was traveling with the Wooga gang.
“These are really delicious, unnie.” Minsuk’s voice broke you out of your momentary reverie. “You really got better at making pancakes.”
“A friend of mine gave me that recipe.” you told her with a little smile, bringing your empty plate to the sink. 
“Better than your old one.” she nodded, popping a raspberry into her mouth. 
Your eyes squinted at the little girl, knowing she was taking a jab at your cooking skills. But now you were a lot better in the kitchen, thanks to oppa’s recipes and tips. Ugh, you missed Seokjin. 
The doorbell ringing made you stop washing the dishes to see who it was.
“Is Sana coming in today?” you asked the girl on the table receiving a disinterested shrug. 
You didn’t think the old lady that helped your father manage the house would come in today. Sana barely showed up whenever you were home, so she could spend some time with her own family while you took care of everything. When you opened the door you were a little taken back. Maybe you missed the boys so much you had started seeing things. 
“Hi?” Yoongi laughed at your dumbfounded face.
That’s how you knew it wasn’t a mirage or your brain playing tricks on you. No matter how many times you thought about his laugh, you never managed to conjure the exact sound in your mind. 
“Yoon!” you screeched, throwing your arms around the man’s neck. 
He stumbled a bit, but caught his balance. Yoongi groaned as you repetitively kissed his dumpling cheeks, the way he did when he pretended to hate something, but actually really liked it. 
Yoongi was a little indecisive if he should pay you a visit or not. He had gotten your home address from Sejin, who didn’t bat an eye; the manager was used to how attached the group of idols was to you by now. But maybe you would get creeped out, maybe you’d think he wanted to cut your Christmas break short. Maybe you just didn’t want to see him. 
So when you hugged him and looked so happy to see him at your doorstep, Yoongi was relieved. Even more after you pulled him into the home, welcoming him. Your family home was pretty, he noticed. Simple, but homey. Not many things out of place, except a bright pink helmet hanging from the stairs’ banister. Also on the staircase, he could see a stair lift mounted to the wall, like the ones he was used to seeing in his grandparent’s homes when they got too old to walk up to the second floor. 
“Are you hungry?” you asked him. “It’s just Minsuk and I right now.”
“I could eat.” Yoongi hadn’t properly thought about this, he realized. 
Sure, he focused on seeing you, but he didn’t anticipate meeting your family. Especially not your little sister. Yoongi didn’t hate kids, but he wasn’t their biggest fan either. At least his little cousins and younger family members were always annoying and loud, both pet peeves of the quiet producer. 
“Sukie, I have someone I’d like you to meet.” you found your sister trying to climb on the counter to reach the bottle of chocolate syrup. 
She froze in place, realizing she had gotten caught, and then bowed politely to the new visitor. 
“This is Yoongi.” you told her. “He’s a friend of mine.”
“Yoonbi?” she smiled brightly at the man, showcasing her two missing teeth. 
“Hiiiii.” Yoongi waved awkwardly, the same way he did whenever he started or ended a Vlive. 
“Do you like animals?” Minsuk asked him, socked feet padding back to the small table in the corner of the kitchen. “Unnie made animal shaped pancakes.”
“Um, yeah…” he nodded as you made him sit down next to her. 
“What animal do you want?” the small girl asked, coming closer to his face and definitely invading his personal space. She tried to whisper, but you obviously heard it: “Just don’t ask for the bear. It’s abysmal.”
Yoongi laughed. An actual belly laugh, gums out and eyes closed. You already regretted giving her the little “Word of the Day” booklet if she was going to use the words she learned as insults against you.
“I’ll take anything.” he regarded you with a sweet smile. Maybe kids weren’t so bad after all. 
You went back to the stove, putting the batter you still had in the pan to make a new pancake for the man. As you cooked, you listened to what Yoongi and Minsuk were talking about, often giggling to yourself whenever he was impressed by her answers. Your sister was a very clever girl. 
“What’s your favorite color?” Yoongi asked, wanting to stay in a safe topic.
“Pink, duh.” she told him without hesitation. “What’s yours?”
“That’s boring.” the girl’s little nose scrunched, much like yours did sometimes.
“And technically not a color.” you chipped in. 
You placed the pancake in the middle of a plate, using whip cream to make ears, three raspberries for the eyes and nose, and chocolate syrup for the whiskers. You brought them to Yoongi, watching as Minsuk’s little face lit up in excitement. 
“You made a cat!” she yelped with little claps.
“Yeah, because his nickname is meow meow.” you told her, standing behind Yoongi so you’d be out of his line of sight. 
“Kitten.” he warned, but the little girl was already agreeing. 
“Can I have a raspberry, mister Yoonbi?” she asked him, little finger pointing at his plate. 
“You had yours already, go brush your teeth so we can go.” you told her. 
Minsuk pouted, but got up from her chair. Before she could leave the kitchen, your sister pulled you to the corner furthest away –one that wasn’t even that far to begin with. 
“Can he come with us to the zoo?” she fake whispered again. 
“I don’t know, tiny. He might be busy.” you told her, not wanting to break her little heart in case Yoongi didn’t want to join you. “Why don’t you go ask him?”
“Mister Yoonbi, would you like to come to the zoo with us?” she asked as she ran back to him, almost slipping once or twice. 
The man looked back at you, not knowing if he should intrude on your family day. 
“You can say no, Yoon.” you told him. But he didn’t want to say no.
“I’m not doing anything.” he nodded. “Are we going now?”
“Yeah!” Minsuk jumped. “It’s cheaper in the mornings.”
Tumblr media
The Dalseong Park Zoo was a lot different now than it was during your childhood. The animals were healthy, their enclosures were spacious and well kept, and they actually looked happy. It was a lot nicer to see happy elephants playing around with inflatable balls and jumping on their pond, than to have them stand in a corner while staring at the scraping painting of a tropical forest. It was wrong on so many levels. 
Yoongi had driven the three of you to the Zoo and pouted when you insisted on paying for his ticket too. ₩2.000 wasn’t about to make you broke anyway. Even though it was a cold end of December, families and friend groups had also chosen to spend the day watching the animals. Kids were running around and yelling, but Minsuk kept close to you at all times, little hand holding yours. 
“This place is definitely better than I remember.” Yoongi commented, reading your mind. “It used to be falling to pieces.”
“There was a whole renovation a couple years back.” you told him, swinging Minsuk’s little arm to make her laugh. 
“Do you come to the Zoo often, Minsuk-ssi?” Yoongi asked the girl.
“Only when unnie is here.” she shook her head, making her two braids dangle under her pink beanie. “Appa can’t walk properly, so it’s hard for him to bring me.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
You could tell Yoongi felt a little awkward, so you let go of Minsuk’s hand so she could see the monkeys jumping around closer to the cage. Yoongi and you were a little far away so you could talk without her listening. 
“Appa used to work at a car factory, but he had an accident. He can’t work anymore because of it, and he needs to use a cane to walk.” you explained. “But he takes good care of Minsukie, and he’s doing rehab once a week, so he’s getting a little better.”
“So the lift chair in the stairs is for him?” he asked and you nodded. 
“He can climb up stairs, but it takes a lot out of him and with a young child he’s tired enough as it is.”
“And there isn’t anything else he can do besides rehab?” Yoongi wasn’t being nosey, he was genuinely interested. Having just finished rehabilitation for his shoulder issues not that long ago, he knew rehab could only help so much. 
“There is a surgery he could do.” you kicked a little stone on your path. “But it’s only done in one place in all of Korea, and it’s super expensive, so.” you shrugged, trying not to sound like you were complaining, and hoping he wouldn’t think you weren’t providing your dad with what he needed. “He’s been on a waiting list since it happened, so we still have hope.”
“When did it happen?”
You didn’t usually tell this story to anybody, not wanting your clients to think you were asking for their pity. But Yoongi was also your friend, you hoped, so you told him about the accident, and how you were at university when it happened. It had become too much for your mother to care for him and your sister, and help support you in a big city like Seoul, so she simply packed up her things and left. 
You told Yoongi about how you had two choices; either find a job to support them yourself, or come back to Daegu. So you gave it a try and started working as a playmate. It was really hard at the beginning, but a lot had changed since then. You managed to move them into a better house in a less dangerous neighborhood than you had grown up in, and you planned to save enough money to send Minsuk to university when she was old enough. You didn’t want her to have to worry about the things you had to. 
Unfortunately it also meant you didn’t have enough money to pay for your dad’s surgery and still provide them with what they needed in order to not struggle. Your father also agreed that your sister's education was more of a priority for him. After all, he could still walk and live life normally, and there was still a chance that he could be selected for the surgery from the Health Program he was enrolled in after the accident. 
The little girl came trotting back to you, little hands behind her back and you knew she wanted something. 
“Unnie, can I have my allowance, please?” she bounced on her little pink boots. 
“You already got your allowance for this week, tiny, you put it in your piggy bank.”
“Oh.” she looked around, with a crease on her forehead. “Can I have a lone then?”
“You mean a loan?” you asked and Yoongi chuckled as he watched the exchange. “Why do you need money?”
Minsuk walked closer to you, covering the sides of her mouth with her hands, as if that would make Yoongi not hear her. 
“I want to buy cotton candy for my new friend.” she shout-whispered, little finger wiggling in Yoongi’s direction. 
At that moment, Yoongi’s Grinch heart grew three sizes and he decided Minsuk was okay, even if she was a kid. You watched as he crouched down to be eye level with her, pulling out his wallet from his back pocket. 
“This is a credit card. You just tap it on the machine and it gives you whatever you want.” he told her and Minsuk’s eyes lit up in amazement. “Why don’t you go buy two cotton candies? And don’t lose it!”
She nodded, holding his card safely between her two palms. Minsuk yelled a ‘thank you’ and ran away in the direction of the cotton candy booth. You and Yoongi walked after her, just a little slower. 
“I can’t believe you just gave your black credit card to a six year old.” you said in disbelief. 
“If the price is over five million won it will ask for the password, don’t worry.”  
You and Yoongi stopped near the big cats exhibit, by a bench in front of a big bengal tiger enclosure. Minsuk looked for you after taking her two very desserts, running back to you once she found you. First, she gave Yoongi back his card with a bow of thanks. Then she passed him the candy on a stick.  
“They had pink and blue, so I got the pink one for you, mister Yoonbi.” 
“For me?” he took it from her little hand. “Thank you, Sukie.”
The girl walked to the front of the glass of the tiger enclosure after promising not to go very far and you and Yoongi sat on the bench to watch her. 
“You’re already soft for her, aren’t you?” you told him with a giggle, making the man roll his eyes as he shoved a piece of the candy into his mouth. 
“Can you blame me?” he sighed. “I feel like I’d do anything for her.” 
“She does have that effect on people.” you laughed, because you felt the same way. 
“I’d do anything for you too.” he said so quietly you wondered if you should have heard it. “I’m sorry about what happened at the airport.”
Yoongi offered you a piece of the cotton candy and you only opened your mouth for him to feed you, and of course he did. 
“I know you are.” you said after the sugar melted on your tongue. “I know you all are.”
After getting mobbed when you arrived at Incheon from NYC, the news spread fast. It didn’t help that you were crying when you got to your apartment, picking up Seokjin’s frantic call. He promised not to tell the others about your state, but they knew better than to believe that things were okay, that it didn’t scare you to be shouted at, pulled, and grabbed.
At least no one was actually trying to harm you, just to get closer to you. But since there was no security system put in place for your arrival, things escalated quickly. 
“Any idea how the information got out?”
Yoongi shook his head, feeding you another piece of the sweet. “HYBE took down the account that leaked it, but they were anonymous. And we really have no idea how they knew.”
“It’s okay.”
"No it's not. We should have been more careful. Just because we weren’t with you didn’t mean you didn’t need security.”
You wouldn’t have accepted it anyway. Knowing you, you would have shrugged it off, assuring them that there was no need for that. But you didn’t know how the situation in Korea was when you arrived. There had been well known playmates before, the ones who paved the way for the career today. So for a playmate to have “fans” and followers wasn’t news or uncommon at all. You just never thought people would be interested enough in you to follow you like that. 
In hindsight, you should have listened to Hana. You should have paid attention to the countless gossip articles that came out daily while you were in America, all detailing your day to day with the seven men. From the Clippers game you went with Yoongi, to the afternoon at Central Park you had with Namjoon, from the way Jungkook waved and sent you kisses and winks from the stage during PTD and to Jimin and you leaving together after the last concert. 
Now people knew your name, and they knew your face. And while the international media was trying to figure out what a playmate was, and what you actually did for the biggest boyband in the world, South Korea and most of Asia already knew. So a lot of people were expecting your return.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It had been quite a few years since you had to sneak out through a bedroom window, but you still got it. You managed to land safely on the ground floor, no ankles bent and no mud on your pants. Yoongi was parked where you told him to, with a disbelieving expression stuck to his pretty face. 
“You really are minx, aren’t you?” he greeted you as you sat on the passenger seat. “Your poor father.”
“Hey, you were the one asking me to sneak out!” you giggled, pulling on the seatbelt. “If you want me to go back to bed like a good girl, I’ll leave right now.”
Instead, Yoongi started driving away from your house. It wasn’t even that late, just a little over eleven at night, but your father was always very tired after a day at the rehabilitation center, and Minsuk had bedtime at seven. 
As he drove through roads and streets that were familiar to the two of you, Yoongi told you how he couldn’t wait to go back home to Seoul, since his parents were already driving him crazy. You could definitely feel for him, knowing that no matter how famous you are, or how much money you have, parents will always treat you like their child. And while you are under their roof, you’ll obey their rules.
You also couldn’t wait to go back and see the boys again, but you would miss Minsukie and appa very much. 
“Where are we going?” you finally asked once the silence settled between you and the road narrowed to a one way street you remembered quite well. 
“You’ll see.”
Yoongi had a little smile in the corner of his lips as he drove through the half opened gates of Gangbuk High School. You couldn’t see anyone around, not even the guards that usually stayed all throughout the night to make sure no pissed off students or vandals paid a visit to depreciate the buildings. You could already feel the nostalgia warming up your chest. 
The car stopped at the parking lot, facing the tall building that made up yours and Yoongi’s High School. It was too cold out right now, so Yoongi kept the car running, but turned off all the lights. 
“It feels like nothing has changed, doesn’t it?” Yoongi ran a hand through his recently darkened locks. 
“I’m pretty sure nothing has changed here.” 
You recognized the painting on the walls, the same old trees that lost its foliage during winter, the tiling on the floor. Maybe everything, except for the two of you, had stayed the same. 
“I ran into Mr. Kwon sunbae-nim at eomma’s restaurant the other day.” Yoongi said, unlocking his seatbelt and getting comfortable on his seat. 
“Oh my god, I remember him!” you mirrored him, shoes falling from your feet as you folded them under your legs. “Mr. Kwon was always giving me a hard time about the height of my skirt.”
Yoongi chuckled, and he could just picture a teenager version of you trying to fold the uniform skirt so it would reveal more of your pretty legs to the eyes of other hormonal teenagers. 
“Do you see that building next to the quad?” you pointed. It was dark, but you could still tell the shapes of it. 
“Yeah. Isn’t that where people used to hide behind to makeout?” he asked, lost in thought. 
You didn’t say anything, but your silence spoke louder than words and Yoongi’s head turned to stare at you. His forehead was creased and lips slightly parted.
“Did you?” he added. “Of course you did.”
“I’m not very good with peer pressure, okay?! All of my friends were doing it!” you tried defending yourself, but your higher tone of voice was a dead giveaway that it was just an excuse. “And there was this older guy, who was super cute by the way, and he said yes to being my first kiss.”
“Oh my god.” Yoongi snickered. 
You huffed, crossing your arms to your chest. 
“Come on, don’t judge me. I bet you were kissing girls and boys all over the school, mr. cool rapper, basketball player.”
“Pff, yeah, right.” he laughed again, shaking his head. “I didn’t have my first kiss until I was a trainee.”
“How?!” you screeched, body turning to stare at him in disbelief. “Look at you!”
“I didn’t look like this at seventeen!” he reasoned. “I can prove it.”
Yoongi turned around to reach for something in the backseat, picking up one of your high school yearbooks. He opened at a page that was already marked by a bend on the corner, showing you his picture.
“Aw, look at Min Yun Ki.” you cooed at the picture, placing the book over your legs. “To be honest with you, I don’t blame you for that haircut because it was mandatory for all boys at the school. Still cute, tho.”
“Yeah, thanks.” he scoffed with a small laugh, looking at the page with you.
“Oh, wait! It’s him! This is the guy!” you pointed at the picture three rows under Yoongi’s. “The guy I kissed behind the block!”
“That’s Chin Hwa, he was in my class.” Yoongi remembered him well. They weren’t best friends and used to hang out with different crowds. While Hwa had a lot of money and liked to go partying every weekend, Yoongi didn’t.
“Wait, what year is this from?” 
You started flipping the pages, going back a couple grades until you could recognize a few faces. And then you found yourself right there, an awkward fifteen year old with a glittery eyeshadow and pink sticky gloss.
“Cute bangs.” Yoongi laughed after you pointed it out to him. 
“It was a trendy haircut at the time, okay?” you giggled. “Who knew? You could have been my first kiss.”
Maybe it was the dreamy tone of your voice, or his nostalgic brain, but Yoongi started to wonder what would have happened if you were each other’s first kiss. Back then Yoongi got attached quickly, so he would definitely have asked you out after one kiss. And you were his ideal type back then –and still was to this day– so he’d have done anything to make you his girlfriend. 
Would you have moved to Seoul together? Him once he became a trainee, and you when you left Daegu for university? Would you have stood by his side through all of the hardships of pre-debut? He knew you would, no challenge was ever too much for you. Maybe you’d still be together to this day, dating and in love. And maybe he would have brought you here tonight to propose to you, next to the place you shared your first kiss ten years ago. 
“Well.” you closed the book, placing it carefully on the backseat. “We are on school property.”
Yoongi nodded, brain returning from its trip down Delulu Road. 
“You said you never kissed anyone at school before.” you continued, and Yoongi nodded again. “Do you want to kiss me? For Min Yun Ki?”
Yoongi bit his bottom lip, the way he did when he was embarrassed or nervous, and his eyes fell to your own lips. That was your answer. You got a little closer to him, over the console of the car, licking between your lips as the man leaned in to meet you in the middle. You closed your eyes as you felt his warm breath on your skin, waiting for him to make his move. 
His lips touched yours softly, as if that really was your first kiss. You couldn’t help but smile, suddenly taken over by a group of butterflies flying around in your stomach. Yoongi felt your smile against his lips, so his eyes opened just a smidge as his lips parted from yours. 
“Hm?” he wanted to know what was so funny. 
“Can we pretend we were each other’s first kiss?” you whispered. “Just for tonight?” 
“Then let me give you one to remember.”
Yoongi’s hand slithered to the back of your neck, pulling you back to him. You closed your eyes and parted your lips to him instantly, letting his tongue slip into your mouth and find yours. With a grip at the base of your neck, Yoongi made you bend your neck a little more so he could deepen the kiss. 
Kissing Yoongi was unquestionably one of your favorite things to do in life. 
You loved how his lips always tasted of mandarins, how they glided over yours softly, but possessively. You loved how his breathing always got heavier, but he refused to part the kiss until you were both panting for air. Only to take a deep breath and go back in. 
As he pulled away a second time, red parted lips as he fought his lungs for air, your mouth latched onto his neck. You started with gentle and delicate kisses, little nibbles on his skin, until you were kissing down his throat and his hand was tangled in your hair. Yoongi pulled you back to his lips, where he let you lick into his mouth, tongue sliding over his in uncoordinated moves. When you sucked on his tongue with an obscene little moan, Yoongi whined. 
“Love the sounds you make.” you whispered against his lips. “Will you let me hear more of them?” 
Yoongi gasped when your hand went to his chest, pushing him back into his seat. You kissed his neck again, tongue leaving a wet trail to his ear as your hand moved down his stomach. You bit on his dangly earrings, pulling them gently between your teeth. 
“Tell me what you want, Yoongi.” you whispered, sucking on the spot right under his earlobe. “Let your kitten take care of you.” 
His eyes rolled back and Yoongi could feel his cock twitching in his pants from your words alone. But it was hard to focus on forming responses when your lips kissed the expanse of his neck and your hand rested over his thigh, so close to where he wanted you. 
“Hm, do you not want anything?” your voice had a teasing tone as you started to pull back. 
“I do!” he stammered, raking his brain to think about something to ask for. “Want you to suck me off, kitten.”
You could tell how his submissive state was slipping, giving space to the more dominating and demanding side of Yoongi. The man took your hand and placed it over his crotch, where you could feel how hard he was. You took hold of him, squeezing gently over his sweatpants, teasing him just a little more. 
When Yoongi started groaning, an almost purr-like sound, you took pity on the boy and helped him drag his pants down to his knees, free cock bouncing out of its confines. You were thankful for the tinted windows, since you were sure the parking lot must have a few security cameras around. 
You spit on your hands a couple of times, so you could bring the wet mess to his cock and spread it nicely on his base so the sliding would be easier. Starting with a handjob was always a good way to go, making sure to lick your lips and letting out small sounds of appreciation, all in order to make Yoongi wish to have your mouth on him even more. 
"Kitten–" he gritted his teeth. "Please…"
"There we go." 
You smiled proudly at the boy for using the magic word. You knew it was hard for Yoongi to let go of the control and hand himself over to you, but you'd make it worth it. 
Yoongi closed his eyes as you leaned over his lap, feeling the way your tongue swirled around the head, with slow kitten licks, and your hand squeezed at his base, moving up until it found your mouth around the tip and then moving back down. 
With your lips curled over your teeth you'd move down on him, taking just a bit more, with suction movements, then you'd hollow your cheeks as you moved back up. The little sounds Yoongi was making were driving you absolutely crazy, never having imagined the cat boy could be so whiny. 
His hand was resting on the back of your neck, but he didn't push or pull, letting you dictate the pace in which you sucked him. But he was losing himself, hoping his self control would be strong enough and stay put, instead of fucking into your mouth like his hips wanted him to do. 
You let his clock slip from your mouth with a loud pop, hand returning to the length so you could wank him as your lips and tongue mouthed at the base, nose nudging at his crotch when your tongue licked at his balls. 
His hand took hold of your hair this time, keeping you in place so you'd do it again. You giggled at his eagerness, the vibrations adding to his pleasure, and sucked each ball into your mouth with lewd slurping noises.
"Fuck, fuck–" Yoongi moaned. 
Your lips got back to his head, wrapping around the pink tip, sucking and licking, while your eyes searched for his cat-like ones. Yoongi blinked heavily, cock throbbing on your tongue. His breathing was erratic, as was the beating of his chest. He started panting and you knew he was close. 
Your hand picked up the pace, jerking him into completion as your lips sucked everything you could into your mouth, his head being squeezed by the back of your throat as you swallowed around him. 
"Kitten, fuck!" 
Yoongi cried out when he came inside of your mouth, spilling in thick and heavy spurs all over your tongue and down your throat. You licked him clean, peppering sweet little kisses to his thighs as he calmed down. 
"That fucking mouth, I swear to god." he huffed, head falling back into the headrest. 
You giggled, coming up to kiss him after pulling his pants back up. 
"Will you bring me to your eomma's restaurant tomorrow?" you asked sweetly. 
"At this point I'll buy it for you if you want." 
Tumblr media
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☆.。.:*𝑻𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝑵𝒐 𝑮𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆 - 𝑲𝑻𝑯.。.:*☆
𝑷𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈: Taehyung x Reader
𝑺𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: All your life you’ve been sick with a weak heart but through it all is your loving boyfriend Taehyung. He reminds you why you love him after a scary surgery and he takes care of you and babies you relentless
𝑾𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕: 3,070
𝑾𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: Reader had heart problems so that’s what the surgery was for, mentions of death but NO ONE dies, hospital talk and such, pretty angsty tbh but don’t worry also very fluffy and a happy happy ending!! Probably some medical inconsistencies, I’m very sorry
𝒂/𝒏: EEEEEE this was a request and I really hope you guys like it!!! If you want a request please submit some! I take fluff and angst, NO SMUT and I’ll do drabbles, headcanons, and OT7 reactions!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You never one to take things for granted. For you, what mattered were the small things in life, the almost forgettable moments but once collected enough in the mason jar sitting within your brain, they were little personal belongings that meant everything to you. Instances such as leaning lazily upon your significant other in the morning, sleep and crust still coating your eyes while you both were doing a poor job in brushing your teeth, or buying the strawberry danish that you looked forward to each friday, after your shift at work to end the tiring week with something sweet, or perhaps even just riding the train to classes, listening to whatever new album your favourite artist had released.
You kept all those things close in the confines of your heart as that’s what kept you going, but you realised at the very second you exited the hospital that you would treasure these things even more, if possible, all because just two days ago, you thought you weren’t going to live to see them again the next day.
You were born with a weak heart and as a child it was hard to maintain health due to you being like every other kid; rowdy, curious, and an adventurer. This all took a strain to your heart but it only grew worse as you aged. Everyday you lived in fear of whether or not your heart would give up on you, a scary thought when your anxiety was rooted in abandoning your boyfriend, Taehyung, in death.
“Tete,” You huff. “You really don’t have to push me around in the wheelchair. I can walk on my own just fine.”
“Tete,” You huff. “You really don’t have to push me around in the wheelchair. I can walk on my own just fine.”
“Tete,” You huff. “You really don’t have to push me around in the wheelchair. I can walk on my own just fine.”
Taehyung halts abruptly, a deep sigh escaping from his lips. You turn your head to look at him, one hand on his hip, hiding underneath his oversized blazer, the other pinching the bridge of his nose as his eyes squinted. “Jesus y/n, you just got out of surgery two days ago. Your chest was wide open, alright? Just cuz your surgery was successful doesn’t mean you have to act like an olympian athlete.”
You pouted, downcasting your eyes to your hands folded over your lap. “Yeah but…I don’t wanna be…” You trailed off, not wanting to finish your sentence.
“Uh uh, none of that, I know exactly where your mind is going.” He scolds, pushing you once more out the doors of the hospital. “You never were and you’re never going to be a burden. It’s my duty and honour,” he expressed dramatically in a haughty accent, “as your loving and exceedingly handsome boyfriend to take care of you.”
You couldn’t help but cackle, a loud breathy laugh came from your throat as you tilted your head back. “What a dork,” you snorted.
“Yeah, yeah, but you love my dorkiness.” You do. “And besides,” He reaches over your shoulder, grabbing your cheek. “I wuv taking care of my widdol babyyyy.” He sing-songs in a honeyed voice.
“Teteeeeee,” you whine, swatting his hand away.
He rubs the skin of your cheek before leaning down to press a kiss to the reddened spot and you smell his tart and spicy cologne. His lips trail over the shell of your ear, his black permed hair tickling your forehead whilst it also hides the loving relief of his eyes. “Let’s finally get you home, darling.” 
Tumblr media
You sit propped in Taehyung’s bed, a mountain of pillows behind you and a blanket wrapped around your legs and waist. You hear your stomach gurgle, a long uninterrupted sound. As if he’s read your mind, Taehyung prances into the room, a cloth draped over his arm like a waiter. Upon closer inspection, you realise he’s drawn a French-style moustache over his upper lip in what you hope wasn’t sharpie. You have to stop yourself from laughing at the image of Taehyung leaning over his bathroom counter so he could draw his moustache with intense focus. He stops beside your lounging figure and hands you a piece of paper.
“And what would the mademoiselle like?” He inquires in a fancy accent, standing straight in a cartoonish pose of a waiter.
“What’s this?”
“Your menu, mademoiselle.” He’s trying not to break character and you can tell by the way he pinches his lips together, his neck growing red, and the way his forehead wrinkles inwards.
You decide to give in to his shenanigans. “Ahhhhh, I see. And what would you recommend?”
“EvERy-” His voice cracks and he coughs into his fist and you catch the way his shoulders shake in a silent laugh. “Hmmmm, my apologies. Everything. Every item on the menu was curated just for Mademoiselle.”
“Oh? I sure do feel lucky.”
“As you should be. The chef is…quite smitten with Mademoiselle and hopes to impress her.”
“Consider me impressed. I’ll have the macaroni and cheese with garlic bread, please. And a glass of strawberry juice, if you could.”
In a final flourish, Taehyung bows dramatically. “Of course. Your food will be ready in twenty minutes. Please rest until then.”
As he’s about to leave, you call his name. Your boyfriend’s that is, not the waiter. “And Taehyung? Don’t overcook the noodles again.”
You really thought he was going to stay in character but he proves you wrong. His shoulders slump in defeat and embarrassment and he hangs his head backwards, beginning to whine. “y/nnnnnn, that was just once! God, have some more faith in my exquisite culinary skills.”
With his ridiculous antics just now and his adorable complaining you finally let loose your laughter. It’s raucous and inconsistent with you taking deep breaths in between but to Taehyung, it’s music to his ears and he hopes to hear it every single day for the rest of his life.
“Don’t worry, darling. You get the Tete special so it’ll be extra yummy.” He leaves with a wink and you swoon just the way you did the first time you met him.
For a while you browse through your phone, bored and hungry whilst waiting for your food. But after ten minutes, becoming restless from scrolling, you turn it off and just lay with your eyes closed. Nо matter what Taehyung was doing, he always did it with music. Getting ready in the morning, driving to the Hybe building, cleaning the house, whatever. Silence was rare.
Right now he’s listening to Billie Holiday’s There is No Greater Love. You could hear the various clunks of pots, the sink’s running water, and the rusting of boxes and bags, indicating his ingenious cooking prowess.
There is no greater love than what I feel for you. No greater love, no heart so true.
He’s humming along to the song at first, a low and elegant song that reminds you of those nights where you had laid in pain, writhing, gripping your chest and all Taehyung could do was inject a low dose of morphine provided by the hospital for times like that. When your pain had subsided he would stroke and pat your hair as he hummed songs into your ear with tears brimming his eyes to lull you into a drug-induced sleep.
You sigh wearily, wanting to forget that awful pain, the worst thoughts running through your head, thinking that at any moment, you would pass in your sleep and Tae would wake up without you.
Taehyung’s present tinkering in the kitchen rips you away from these worries. Your boyfriend now sings, a timber baritone that would make for a lovely jazz singer, like the very ones he so idolizes.
You’re the sweetest thing I have ever known. And to think that you are mine alone.
His singing spurs you on even more and you watch out the window to somehow calm your mind. You see the sun, full and bright, casting its warm hug on your face despite the chilly autumn months. You see a few birds taking flight, no doubt somewhere south, somewhere much warmer, perhaps back to their little homes. You hear children yelling and cheering from the park across the street, and you’re happy that they get to be free, hopefully healthy, or at least healthier than you were.
You admire such simple yet gorgeous things, the tiny bits of life that shine individual colours of stained glass onto the world that creates life for what it is. All this creates hope, not just for you, but for other people as well, or at least you like to think so. But if all this was so dear to you, if it’s what kept you sane throughout years of physical, mental, and emotional pain, then why are tears streaming down your face in succession so fast, the saltiness of them make you even hungrier and thirstier. Actual, literal hunger, yes, but also hunger to know what peace of mind feels like.
You cry and think some more and a revelation dawns on you. You cry because you were frightened of losing everything. Your family, your stressful yet exciting job, the anticipation for tomorrow, and most importantly, Taehyung.
You would describe him like your rock, solid and never moving no matter what, no matter the circumstances, but a ship, or a small raft was more fitting. He kept you afloat through everything, and when you couldn’t move yourself any longer and couldn’t escape the impending storm, he kept you safe in his arms, in his hold. When there was no wind for your sails to keep you going, he made sure that you and him screamed, into the void or at whatever creator who made the blessed earth and sky but cursed you, so that the gust of air from your lungs would finally push you along.
Prone to over thinking, you thought you were to leave him behind, maybe suddenly in the middle of the day, on a normal evening on a date, in the middle of the night. You thought you were to see him one final time when the doctors wheeled you away into the operating room. That he would wait hours upon hours in the waiting room, filled with coffee and no sleep, hyped up on anxiety and worry, only to get news that the surgery was unsuccessful.
But you were wrong, and for once, you were happy you were wrong. You had never been more grateful for life and for living than you are now, alive, post-surgery, no longer having to be hooked up on machines and depending on medicine.
Staring out the window, you cry some more but you’re also smiling, knowing for a fact that you look insane. But you don’t care. You’re so happy to be alive that you’re overwhelmed with every emotion.
You’re interrupted when Taehyung walks through the door, the food resting neatly on a tray. With his low voice once more, he sings out, “Order for y/nnn! Hope it’s-” He stops when he sees your emotional state and hurries to place the tray on the bedside table.
He sits on the bottom of the bed, immediately and without any hesitation whatsoever, scooping you into his arms. He cradles your entire body, one arm around the back of your neck to press your face into his neck as he rocks you back and forth. The position is intimate, every inch of your body touching and entwining despite the two of you being fully clothed. It’s intimate because he presses his forehead to yours as if he could read your thoughts. It’s intimate because your hearts are connected, separated only by skin and tissue, almost like he could share your emotions. It’s intimate because your arms and legs are mixed together and you could feel the shared thrums of your pulses, an unspoken vow of being together in mind and in body. It’s intimate because you find out he’s joined you in crying, your tears mixing with his, your pain becoming his. You are him, and he is you, and together you have become one.
He holds you like this while your sobs reach a crescendo, a loud wail at one point but slows and simmers down into broken whines, and finally ragged and laboured breathing.
Taehyung pulls himself apart from you and cups your face with both hands and they fully envelop you. “Are you in pain, does anything hurt?”
You shake your head.
“Why were you crying then, darling?” he asks, wiping away your tears by kissing both cheeks.
“It’s so silly, Tete.” You whisper, falling limp against his hold.
“No, no, it’s not,” he rushes, rubbing the tip of his nose against yours. “C’mon, it’s not silly, please tell me, darling.” He’s almost begging at this point because he wants to rip whatever’s ailing you away.
“I was so scared, Taehyung.” Your fists clench, somewhat ashamed that you’re being a baby and creating a fuss.
“I know you were but guess what y/n? You were so so so strong and you did so so so well. Not just for the surgery but everything before that. All the hospital visits, meds, all the pain. You were so brave and I love and admire you for that. If I was in your place I never would have been able to do that.”
You sniffle, rubbing your eyes. “Yes, you woulda. Cuz I woulda been there for you too.”
He chuckles lightly, finding it incredible that despite being vulnerable to him, you were ever the fighter. Always had been and always will be. “Yeah? Is that so?”
“Yeah, cuz you were there for me even though you could have left.”
Taehyung’s silent for a few beats, thrown absolutely into confusion and doesn’t know what to say. “Why would you ever think that, y/n? I never, ever, in a million years, would have left you.”
“I know but it would have been easier and I wouldn’t have blamed you…I feel silly for saying that, though.”
“I understand but not even an army could separate me from you. You’re stuck with me.”
You slap his chest and giggle and again, it’s music to his ears, like little chimes playing in the wind. “You make it sound like a bad thing.”
“Well it’s obviously not!” He fakes offence. “You have the most loving and exceedingly handsome boyfriend.”
Normally you would have playfully scoffed at this but this time it’s your turn to cup his cheek. “Yeah, I do, and I don’t know what I’d do without him.” He leans into your touch and his skin warms up with love. “I love you so much, taehyung. I can’t put into words how much I love you cuz you just jumble up my thoughts but all I know is that I want to stay with you for the rest of my life.”
His eyes shine wide and bright as he perks up. “Yeah?”
“Yeah. I wanna fight with you over where to eat every week, I wanna get ready for life with you every morning, and I wanna have debates on which kind of peanut butter is better.”
“Crunchy, obviously.” He quips.
“Disgusting. It’s smooth.”
“Did you mean debates like that?”
You kiss his nose, his cheek, his forehead, his lips. “Exactly like that.”
“You know what I wanna do?” Taehyung asks
“What’s that?”
He tucks a strand of hair behind your ear and props you back against the pillows, gently placing the tray of food on your lap, ready to feed you. “I wanna take care of you in big ways and small. I wanna help you relax when your stupid boss is being a meanie, I wanna get your favourite snacks whenever you forget, I wanna do everything with you.”
“Everything? Like what?”
He ponders for a moment but he already has a list inside his head. “Take you somewhere nice, let you see everything the world has to offer. See you accomplish everything you wanted to, see you at my concerts, have you with me when I release my first album.”
“Dedicated to me, of course.”
He firmly nods his head, pouting his lips. “As if I’d have it otherwise.”
“Alright, keep going. What else would we be doing?”
He leads a spoonful of macaroni and cheese to your mouth, watching with a small smile as you chew and swallow your food. “Make horrendous concoctions of food and serve them at big dinner parties with the utmost seriousness and see how people react. Dance around the apartment in our underwear at night.”
He stops feeding you for a moment and he looks down at his lap. “Is that it, Tete?”
“No. I want to settle down with you, have children, grandchildren, a big family. I want to grow old with you, all gross and wrinkly but you’d still be the most stunning. I want you in my life now and forever, y/n.”
“Are you sure you want forever?” You jokingly challenge, heaping more macaroni into your mouth.
He leans forward and grabs your face, pressing multiple kisses upon it. “I’ve never been more sure about something in my entire life.”
Of all the things you had come to love in your life, everything small and miniscule, almost unimportant, there’s no greater love than yours for Taehyung, and his for you.
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kimtaesss · a day ago
Lost in you | index
Tumblr media
Summary: he fears people leaving once they witness who he thinks he is; a monster. She fears people leaving her; for not being good enough. When they cross paths, they are both forced to face their fears.
“Maybe I knew all along you wouldn’t stay but even then I tried my hardest to give you one reason, one thing that prevented you from leaving.”
Pairing: Taehyung x reader (there will be talks of past relationships)
Genre: angst, fluff, neighbors au, strangers to lovers, friends to lovers, somewhat slow burn
Warnings: infidelity (between parents), neglect, abandonment, anxiety, panic attacks, bad relationship with parents, drug addictions, thoughts/attempts of self harm, mentions of insecurities, body shaming, body image issues, bullying, sensitive comments, irrational actions, past traumas. lots and lots of flashbacks (some people don’t like these so I’m letting y’all know), one sided relationship (between side characters).
authors note: accidentally deleted my first post so had to repost it..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
one: empty promises (📝)
→ family is people you choose.
Tumblr media
two: (tba)
Tumblr media
three: (tba)
Tumblr media
four: (tba)
Tumblr media
five: (tba)
Tumblr media
six: (tba)
Tumblr media
seven: (tba)
Tumblr media
taglist: @bambamsthings @belovedsthings @ikonsiconic @gotjimin13
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Shattered Glass | kth - Fic Announcement
Tumblr media
Series Summary: They say time heals all wounds, but it's been eight years since you cut each other out of your lives and the pain is still sharp as ever. You were the best of friends, and a whisper of something more, but the future you once dreamed of shattered in the blink of an eye. Thrust back together by a twist of fate, you find yourselves torn between the past and the present as you struggle to pick up the pieces.
Pairing: idol!taehyung x idol!reader
Genre : idol!au (mostly canon-compliant), friends to enemies to idiots to lovers (these two will put you through the ringer), mutual pining, fluff, heavy angst, eventual smut, slow burn
Rating: 18+
Warnings: swearing, alcohol consumption, serious trust issues, physical violence (not with each other), mentions of past sexual abuse and infidelity, explicit sexual content; chapters will have their own warnings!
Schedule: Fall 2022
Taglist: Please comment or send an ask to be added!
a/n: I wrote half of this last year before getting pregnant with my daughter, but have been stalled out since then. I'm hoping that by posting this announcement I'll magically find the motivation to finish this once and for all :)
teaser below the cut
⋘ ──── ∗ ⋅ Taehyung ⋅ ∗ ──── ⋙
When Taehyung’s gaze landed on you, he nearly choked on his martini. The drink - his third of the night - was in clear violation of the personal rule he usually adhered to of having no more than two drinks while at any Big Hit-sponsored events. While his tolerance had improved significantly over the years, he still never wanted to take any chances, knowing how quickly a light buzz can morph into much more if you aren’t careful. Being that one inebriated idiot in a room full of mostly sober people was never a good look, but it was far worse when some of those people were your bosses or, if you were really having a bad day, members of the media.
And yet, there he was, well on his way to legitimate drunkenness.
You must have arrived recently because there was absolutely no way he wouldn’t have spotted you sooner. Your dress was bright red, the same exact shade of red as a stop sign, he couldn’t help but notice. It was form fitting, falling just above the knee, with a sweetheart neckline and halter tie strap. You’d paired it with matching red stilettos and a few simple pieces of silver jewelry. Your hair was up in one of those perfectly messy buns, your lips painted scarlet. 
You and the other girls from Red Velvet were on the far side of the room in the middle of a conversation with the guys from TXT. You appeared to be telling some sort of story, having apparently just said something hilarious given the way the guys all threw their heads back in laughter. You were smiling back at them, looking confident and relaxed, elegant yet sexy, truly and utterly stunning.
And, just like that he was annoyed. 
You would dress like that tonight, wearing something so eye-catching that it made it virtually impossible for him to not let his gaze linger on your figure every time he stopped staring into the bottom of his glass. You would act so boldly, waltzing in here like you owned the place, talking and laughing with his friends while he sulked alone in the corner. You would be completely unaffected by his presence, that is, if you even noticed he was there.
Watching with narrowed eyes as you leaned in to whisper something into Yeonjun’s ear, his grip on the glass in his hand tightened. You were the reason why he’d broken his two-drink rule within an hour of arriving at the party. In fact, you were the reason why he’d been drinking more and sleeping less and losing his grip entirely these last few months. Since the moment Bang PD told them of the acquisition, he’d been living in a constant state of low-level, but ever-growing anxiety. 
He had long ago locked you in a box and thrown away the key, taking all that you once were and never would be and erasing it from his waking mind. You were meant to stay in there forever, but now here you were, crashing back into his life and threatening to ruin everything. Just looking at you was stirring up memories and feelings he hadn’t the slightest clue how to deal with, ones that were still sharp and terrible as ever, even after all this time.
As he took another recklessly large gulp of his drink, he seriously considered making a break for it through the emergency exit behind him. Clearly the two of you would cross paths sooner or later now that you worked for the same company, but he wanted to delay that reunion for as long as humanly possible. Having not had a legitimate conversation with you in almost a decade, he had absolutely no idea what he was going to say to you. 
Despite the fact that you were both K-pop idols, and therefore members of a rather small circle, the two of you had done a remarkable job of avoiding one another over the last few years. Belonging to different management companies had certainly helped in that regard, as did the fact that you didn’t share any mutual friends. Although BTS and Red Velvet often attended the same award shows, there were usually so many people there that you didn’t run into each other. On the rare occasions when your groups had been forced to interact on stage or on the red carpet, the two of you had donned your most convincing smiles and pretended to be friendly, casual acquaintances. 
The only truly meaningful correspondence you’d had since high school was three years ago when his grandmother died and you sent your condolences in a handwritten letter. It had taken him two days to build up the courage to open it. The instant he started reading, he broke down. There on the page before him, in the same neat handwriting that used to appear on folded notes tucked into his backpack, were the most heartfelt, sorrowful words. 
You had met both his grandparents many times when you came with him to visit their farm in Daegu, but you’d always had a special relationship with his grandmother. Having never met either of your own, you said that she filled the hole in your heart by showering you with love and affection as if you were one of her own grandchildren. From the scattered blotches of smeared ink he could tell that you’d cried while writing the letter which absolutely shattered him. He hated it when you cried, especially when he wasn’t there to comfort you. 
The letter he wrote in response was five pages long. Into it, he poured his entire soul, telling you how happy he was to hear from you and how much it meant to him that you’d remembered his grandmother. He told you that she always loved you and that she asked about you every single time he called to talk to her, even after you’d stopped speaking to one another. He recounted some of your fondest memories from the farm like that time you got stung by a bee on the tip of your nose and looked like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 
He asked about your family, wondering if they still lived in Jeonju and if you were able to see them often. He asked how you’d liked living in New York City and mentioned how impressed he was with your English. He congratulated you on joining Red Velvet, confessing that he’d been following your career closely for the past year and was so proud of how seamlessly you’d filled the role of main vocalist. 
And, he told you that he missed you. He told you he missed you so much that it hurt and that he thought about you every single day. He apologized again for the awful things he said to you that fateful day all those years ago, telling you he truly didn’t mean any of it and that he was just sad and scared because you were going to be so far away from him for so long. He said he wished more than anything that you could be a part of his life again. He left his phone number and all but begged you to contact him before signing the letter, ‘Love Tae’.
But, you never did. 
You never wrote back. You never texted. You never called.
Deep down, he had been holding out hope that you would come back to him one day, but your silence made him realize that was nothing more than wishful thinking. You had written out of respect for his grandmother, nothing more. You had moved on and carved out a new life for yourself, one in which he did not have a place. 
You were no longer his best friend. You were no longer his princess. You were no longer his anything. 
And it was all his fault.
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slumber dreams | KTH
Tumblr media
“𝘐’𝘷𝘦 𝘣𝘦𝘦𝘯 𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘰𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶"
paring: y/n x taehyung warnings for current act: lots of fluff, jealously, age gap content: (Based in the 1980s) The fundamental criteria of the arts and music, entertainment/mentions of historical events, and perpetration of law and crime. The ideas of this piece also describe the attitude of love and lust and the influences of learning respectability between both ends. Naïve suggestions in the pleadings of knowing what love is and life in itself. 
Please, under no circumstances, repost my work on any other sites. I do not consent to anyone taking my work and posting it as their own.
Copyright © 2022 slumberdreams.
There are some things you can't look at the same anymore. 
Your eyes gleam bright as you stare at the figure in front of you. His hair is now long with the softest shades of black and hidden strands of permed curls. You are already in tune with his deep scent of warmth, knowing spring blooms each time he's near. He hums to himself and admires the sunset from a distance. His eyes ease to the sight of the sky, shifting into the calmest colors. 
Just like the wind, he was calm with his feet bare on the fresh turf. His exposed legs are slim to a soft-muscular likeness, visible skin showing beneath his looser green shorts. The young male's beige t-shirt is thin and flows just above the hem, revealing his soft belly. As you stare at him, his watchful eyes speak of genuine loss while his soft smile implies otherwise. A man of a fragile past still holds a strong demeanor. His dad always knew, and so did you. In the patch of soil, you dirty your knees to realize how so much could be discovered from watching afar.
And as time passed so did the day when he would leave, winter blooms and it'll all be at loss. His shoulder slopes and his eyes are never again to be distinguished since he was the one with incurable pain in his heart. You find yourself in front of all the mirrors you came across. Finding it harder to bury the untold truth, the truth you wish you never had to hide from him…and the one you'd sooner find that he hid from you.
“It's been a while, hm?”
His lips were soft on your temple, palms resting on your shoulder before he peers down at you. His kisses were meaningful in a way. But to you it made you feel warm. You were always warm in his arms but it wasn’t the warmth he could ever think of. Instead, he felt the warmth of innocent fraternal love. He didn’t know how his scent engraved your mind, the sweet and husk of lavender, faint with a fresh cigarette, the White Honey Rose kind. The freshness of him from his morning bathing was somehow your favorite scent. You could dwell with his aroma, still in his arms, but you had to respect his bounds.  
The sweet scent of chestnut and great warmth lingers near his grandparent’s home not too far from yours. Taehyung’s grandparents often treated you like their granddaughter, their caring ways made you feel welcome during summer evening visits. Just like the soft boy they’ve raised, there was such decadence that was spoken through words. You knew that he came from a wealthy family, for his words were always soft-spoken, dripping like honey whenever he sang to you.
“How long will you be staying?” You asked pleasantly as you walked downhill of the grassy field with him. Noticing how your heart smiles just like your hands that clasp together behind your short loose-fitting dress. 
“Not for long…”
Your mood shifts just like his when you notice his aflutter expression from the corner of your eye. You could tell there is something on his mind and was shortly given an answer when he stops in the middle of his tracks. 
“May I ask you something?” 
You nodded, suddenly more concerned than before. He’s never been this tense around you…
“What is it?” 
You could see his face become troubled, his eyes cast down to his feet before he combs his fingers through his hair. You watch his lips move but nothing is said. 
“I was wondering if you want to– if you–” he pauses. 
His hands began digging in his pocket for his pack, looking once again for another cigarette. But you stopped him with a quick tug on his wrist before he was to light it. That's when you see a soft smile appear on his lips, those types of smiles of his that catch up to his sweet eyes. You feel your heart clench so swiftly before you feel the heat in your ears arise. 
When words reached his mind once again, he spoke. 
“I’ve been wanting you to meet someone…” 
You were always waiting for this day to come, shooting you down like a weary bird in the sky.
A low feeling of covetousness instantly hits your soul, almost the death of a tale you’d thought would hit too soon. But just like the fool you are, you are distracted by his smile. The smile that has got a reaction from all of the other women he has ever encountered in his life. It hurts you to smile with him, the idea of not ever being the reason behind his smile is a deadly killer as well. You felt selfish for enjoying his presence though he deserved it with someone else. 
Now there is a silence between the two of you.
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Request for: spooning at night, fwb au, Taehyung. Thanks 😊
note: tysm for sending a request, sorry if this is disappointing i didnt know where to take it, if it should end fluffy or angsty so here’s this!
genre: fwb, childhood friends 2 fwb, slight angst, light fluff.
warnings: allusions to nsfw acts, nothing graphic at all. just kind of hinted at.
wc. 817, UNEDITED.
listening to: coffee — beabadoobee
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung knew every inch of you– every event that formed you, every person who’d wronged you, every scar, every birthmark– he’d seen it all. He’d seen it all, and stayed. 
  Stayed, thinking there was nothing you’d ever hide from him, no words left unsaid– but there were things he couldn’t know. 
 Thoughts that ransacked, plagued, and weighed down on you with every night spent like this– laying with the skin of your back pressed flush against his bare chest, arms secured around your waist, tousled hair, and candle flames that danced below moonlight as your only motor for visibility. 
 His breathing is steady, as you feel his chin reach your shoulder, nose caressing the hair on your head, lips parted at the base of your ear– he’s awake, and you are too. 
 And part of you wonders why he hasn’t gone home already. Surely he thought you were asleep, which is usually when he’d take his chance to leave, and see you the next day with no strings attached. 
 But the last few nights spent tangled together had grown longer and longer, he’d stay 5 more minutes, then 10, then 40, then hours more. Tonight, he held on tighter, inhaled softer, exhaled slower. He was taking his time, as if trying to remember this. 
 It’s not until the umber headed boy sat up, hands running over his face, eyes scanning your sheet covered body did he come to realize you were awake.
  “Can’t sleep?” 
    With every bone in your body, you fight against the warm feeling that rises throughout your chest, and you almost fail– but turn your body to face him anyway.
 As if he had some sort of inkling, some sort of sense for how you were feeling, he brought a hand to brush some hair from your forehead, whispering a husky “What are you thinking about?” 
 Kim Taehyung knew every inch of you– supposedly, even the ones you thought you’d done well at hiding. 
 And the boy watches, with the same eyes he’s always had, but something softens– and it frightens you. Love, and in love mean different things, after all. And you didn’t want to know which he felt for you. 
 “You’ve been staying later,” you whisper in return, eyes darting back and forth between the irises of the boy who looms over you, taking in the puzzled expression you’d painted on. 
 He catches on to the questioning, and if you’d blinked, you might’ve missed the way his smile widened, if only a millimeter, if only for a second– but you saw. 
  “Is that a complaint?” His fingers begin to trace your jaw, to caress, to hold, to love. 
   And that love is accentuated as he huffs out a tired laugh, watching with that boyish smile as you roll your eyes, a playful smile of your own making an appearance.– “I don’t know that I’d be able to sleep anyways.” 
He chuckles, and its quiet again. Until it isn't.
 “What do you do then? If you’re not sleeping,” he tilts his head to the side, and you can’t help but smile sadly as he continues, “you can tell me anything, Y/n, you know that. If there’s something I can do, if I can help you sleep at night, you know I will.”
 It’s frightening how fast the conversation flipped, from genuine playfulness, to treading the sea of unwavering thoughts, that all pertained to him. But even if you wanted to hold it in forever, a certain someone knew you too well– and the guilt of keeping it from him was starting to eat away at you. 
 “I never want you to leave.” He smiles.
 “I lay awake, hoping you won’t leave. But you do.” It falters. 
 Even in the nearly pitch black of your bedroom, even in the silence that sat on the crackling of candle flames, Taehyung catches your tears before they begin their trek down your reddened cheeks. His eyebrows furrow, pupils dilated with concern, and what worries you the most– guilt.
 “I know what we agreed to, Tae, I do–” inhale. “And if that’s all you want from me, that's ok. Just promise me you won’t feel guilty for leaving.” exhale. 
 “I want to stay.” He’s stern, but you need to know he’s got the message. 
 “I don’t want you to stay for me. I want you to stay because you want to,” the break in your voice has his lips forming a pout, “For us, for maybe, for tomorrow.” 
 And again, “I want to stay, Y/n.”
 Maybe the fine print wasn’t read, the intricate details weren’t established yet, but as he finds his place again, facing you as his cheek touches the pillow opposite to yours, and he guides your lips to embrace his– you know that can wait till tomorrow. 
 Because no matter what this meant, Kim Taehyung stayed, because he wanted to– because he always had. 
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allthelovefromstylesxx · 18 hours ago
tropes with each bts member (happy ending version)
wc: so short, like 500 words idk
pairing: bts x reader
a/n: this is so random, but these are the “tropes” i think i would have with each bts member, however i wrote it in second person, so if you stumble across it, i hope you enjoy!! i’ll be making a sad version too, because i am inherently a sad bitch and must wallow in angst at least once a day
Seokjin: best friend’s older brother
“we shouldn’t be doing this, Jin.”
“of course not.” *leans down and kisses you*
*pulls away from him, and lightly slaps his chest* whisper yells, “Jin!” but then you giggle and you pull him down for another kiss*
Taehyung: soft enemies to tolerable acquaintances to friends to lovers
“you know, your attitude sucks and you’re so fucking pretentious.”
*you cross your arms as you pointedly stare up at your arch nemesis. but taehyung only thinks you look cute all riled up bc of him. not that he would ever tell you that ofc. not ever.*
“you’re no ball of sunshine yourself, sweetheart.” *smirks down at your flustered face before he pats your shoulder and goes on his way.*
*you glare at his back until he his out of your sight (finally)*
Jimin: strangers traveling
“The whole point of me traveling was to take a solo trip and be by myself and reflect, but I’m glad I had the pleasure of meeting you along the way.”
*jimin chuckles before pulling you into him, and leaves a soft kiss on your lips*
Namjoon: frequent art museum goers
“You know, I love the Monet collection in this museum, but nothing compares to my favorite piece of his.”
“and which one is that?”
“Branch of the Seine Near Giverny (Mist).”
“I’ve never seen that one.”
*smiles over at him* “Oh, you must. I’ll have take you to see it, sometime.”
Yoongi: work colleagues to lovers
“good morning.”
“don’t talk to me.” *stares grumpily ahead*
“who pissed in your cereal this morning?”
“Careful y/n, you wouldn’t want someone to accidentally poison your coffee.”
*yoongi grumpily walks away, you trailing after to tease him more*
Hoseok: strangers in a shopping mall to lovers
“You’re not seriously thinking about getting that one, are you?”
*glares over at the strange man side eying the outfit you tried on* “and who might you be? The fashion police?”
“No, I’m simply someone looking out for you. Here, try this color on instead, it should go better with your complexion.” *sticks out hand to shake* “I’m Hobi.”
Jungkook: childhood friends to strangers to lovers
*little boy with round eyes shyly approaches you and sticks out his hand, which is holding a dandelion*
“I saw you scrape your knee, so I picked this for you.”
*years later*
“Jungkook, what are you doing here and why on earth do you have a bunch of dandelions in your hands?”
“well, I used to pick them for you when we were kids in order to cheer you up, so that’s what I’m doing now.” *sticks hands out with dandelions towards you* “I love you, and I’m sorry.”
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here2bbtstrash · 17 hours ago
this is my current obsession. 😭💜 any member, whatever comes to mind for you, bb! 😘
TAAAASTE, CLARE. also - the way i actually managed a proper drabble 😩 look at me GO
send me a song to turn into a drabble! specify the member you want OR let me choose~
pairing: taehyung x reader wordcount: a lil under 500 contains: exes hooking up, infidelity (reader is cheatingggg 🤐), bathroom hookup lol, cunnilingus, hair pulling, dom/sub and brat tamer mentions, tae says noona oops, dacryphilia if you squint oopsoops, tae is subby yet bratty yet maybe in love ?? 🤪
“That’s the thing,” Taehyung huffs a laugh as he sinks to his knees. “It’s never gonna work out with him.”
You roll your eyes as you hook a leg over his shoulder. When the point of your high heel drags over the bare skin of his back, it’s only a little on purpose.
“You need someone you can be mean to.” He blinks wide puppy dog eyes up at you, and you hate that you just proved his point. The diamond on your ring finger catches the bathroom fluorescents as you wind a hand through his dark hair.
You wiggle forward slightly on the sink countertop, other hand fisting the pulled-up fabric of your dress to expose your pussy for him, your panties dangling off the ankle that isn’t hiked up over his back. You can already feel the way you’re dripping with anticipation.
“When I said use your mouth, this isn’t what I meant, Tae.”
At this, he complies wordlessly, and you breathe a sigh that’s equal parts relieved and appeased. It’s fucking good, the steady and familiar flick of his tongue over your clit. And it feels even better to be able to give orders to someone who can follow them again. You’d forgotten the little thrill that shoots up your spine at the feeling of telling a man what to do.
“Tastes good, noona.” Taehyung barely pulls off of your slick folds to speak, and his voice comes out wrecked. You wonder if he might cry. “Wish we had more time. I don’t wanna rush.”
You tighten the hand in his hair until he gives a soft hiss at the pain. “Well, we don’t have time, Tae. And you’re wasting it.”
Despite your hand pulling him so taught that his head tilts back slightly, Taehyung smiles, eyes glinting. “You like it.”
Damn him. You don’t have time for a brat taming, and you know he knows it. It’s exactly why he’s doing this shit. “Make me come, TaeTae.” You spit the nickname out at him, paired with a harsh tug on your handful of his hair, and he outright moans.
“T-t,” he has to swallow down the first attempt at the word, take a second to gasp an inhale. “Take your ring off.”
“Taehyung, I—”
The waver in his voice makes you cave. Wordlessly, you unwind your hand from his hair to slip your engagement ring off, setting it gently on the counter next to you.
“Thank you,” Taehyung murmurs, ever the polite gentleman. “Now pull my hair again.”
When you do as he says, he lets out another little whimper. The warmth of his breath teases over your center as he leans back towards you, as he stops just shy of making contact.
His eyes flicker up to meet yours. “Missed you.”
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bubbleteatae · 2 days ago
Puppy Love - Part 8
Read previous parts here
pairing: idol!Taehyung x reader
warnings: smut - long time reader, first time writer 🫣 reader’s first time (and it’s perfect, not reality), intercourse, fingering/oral (f receiving), swallowing, minor handjob, soft aftercare, language.
tag list: message me if you wish to be tagged in future updates of this story :)
authors note: I'm so nervous posting this, as it's the first time I've ever written smut, so I hope it's okay..
Tumblr media
5:52, I was finally back at Taehyung’s apartment after a long day of work. I input his security code and opened the front door, expecting Kana to come bounding over as she usually did, Yeontan running to keep up behind her.
Instead I was met with darkness. Taehyung had the day off, so I had assumed he would be home having a chill day.
He must have just gone out for the day. I thought to myself. But usually he would leave the dogs out?
Closing the door behind me, I placed my bags on the kitchen bench and was about to turn on a light, when I noticed a lamp left on in the hallway.
“Tae?” I called out, slightly hesitantly.
“Down here” he called back, and I could hear a smile behind his voice.
I let go of the breath I didn’t realise I was holding when I knew he was home and made my way towards the hallway, about to question why it was so quiet.
I stopped.
The lamp that Taehyung had left on emitted a warm glow, highlighting scattered rose petals across the floor.
“What’s all this?” I giggled. He didn’t answer.
I looked up and saw that they continued their trail up the stairs, where a warm glow flickered faintly against the walls.
“Taehyung..?” I questioned, barely audible. My mind, and heart, racing.
I kept my head down as I walked up the stairs, being careful not to trample the red and pink petals, only looking up when I reached the open door of Taehyung’s bedroom.
There he was, sitting on the edge of his bed, one leg crossed over the other. The source of the warm glow was the dozen candles scattered across each surface, rose petals spread around them.
It wasn’t until Taehyung stood up that I realised I had yet to speak. He made his way towards me, giving me a moment to take in the white dress shirt hugging his upper body, which only just hid his toned skin underneath.
“I told you I would make it special” he smiled, taking my hands into his own.
“Really?” Was all I managed to say, my voice slightly cracking. I prayed he didn’t notice, but if he did he didn’t point it out.
“Only if you want to of course” he spoke softly.
"Of course I want to" I softly replied, barely. My voice shaking with nerves.
"Well, the kids are asleep in the other room" he smirked. I stared at him as he laughed "Yeontan and Kana."
"Oh my god" I laughed, only stopping when I realised Taehyung was holding my gaze.
I was glad when Taehyung naturally took lead, pulling me in close and pressing his lips against my own. His kiss started gentle, but didn't take long for his needs to take over as his kiss became more hungry. My body responded the same, lust overcoming the nervousness I felt being so intimate with him.
His hands moved from my waist to my hips as he pulled them to press against his own. I could feel his hardness grow, causing heat to instantly rise between my legs and my breath the catch. I moaned into his mouth as I felt his large hands slide to my ass and squeeze, naturally pressing my hips even closer to his.
"Can you feel how much I want you right now" he heavily breathed between kisses.
"Mmm.. then take me" I said boldly, between our heavy breaths.
That was enough for him, as he moved to push me towards his bed pulling my shirt above my head as he went. As I sat down, he quickly unbuttoned his dress shirt, revealing his perfect caramel skin. Without taking his eyes of mine, he removed his belt discarding it somewhere on the floor, and stepped out of his black pants. I lifted my hips to slip out of my skirt before shuffling back towards the head of his bed, as Taehyung climbed across to straddle my hips.
"Tonight is all about making you feel good, love" he whispered, instantly crashing his lips to my own. Moans escaping as his hardness pressed against my growing wetness.
Taehyung began to move his lips to the spot behind my ear and slowly down my neck. I was confident he was leaving marks on my skin as he went, dominantly saying to the world I was his, and his alone.
My stomach tightened as he went from my collarbone to the top of my breasts. His hands moved to my back, pulling me up towards him. "May I?" he asked. It was only then I noticed his cheeks were starting to darken and flush. I nodded, allowing him to gently remove my bra, exposing my breasts.
"God" he muttered, brushing his thumb over one of my erect nipples before massaging with his large hand. "Mmmm" I hummed, already getting lost at the feeling of his touch alone. Taehyung began placing kisses against the other side once again, before teasing his tongue over my other nipple, instantly causing me to squeeze my thighs together.
Taehyung noticed this and stopped immediately to look up at me through his hooded eyes. "Are you trying to tell me something, darling" he smirked, rubbing one hand along my thigh.
I whimpered, becoming more and more at mercy of his touch. And his words.
Without warning, he began placing kisses down my stomach, and along the inside of my thighs. The way he teased so close to where I wanted him caused shivers to run throughout my entire body.
"Fuck, look how wet you are already darling" he smirked.
"Stop teasing" I laughed, feeling slightly embarrassed at how vulnerable I was beneath him. I noticed a shift in his eyes from hungry to soft. "Are you doing okay, love" he asked.
"Yes" I smiled.
"Are you happy if I continue" he said, rubbing his thumb over the waistband of my underwear.
"Very" I said.
Taehyung simply smiled, pulling my underwear over my hips and throwing them to the side.
My breath hitched and my hips immediately bucked up as he gathered my wetness on two of his fingers, rubbing against my clit. "Fuck" I breathed out. He slowly rubbed his thumb in small circles around my clit, as I moaned his name and threw my head back against the pillow "Taehyung.. god.. yes".
"I love hearing my name cursed on you lips like that. Just seeing what effect I'm having on you." he said deeply. He continued to rub circles with his thumb, before pressing his middle finger to my entrance.
As I waited to feel him from inside, I realised he was waiting for my okay. "Yes.. Tae.. please" I said, trying to think through his touch, my words becoming a moan as he pressed his long finger inside and began to slowly pump.
"Oh fuck" my hips starting to move in time with his finger, my body already accepting and stretching to accommodate him. Taehyung felt this too, taking it as a sign to insert a second finger. I could feel the orgasm already building up inside me every time his fingers reached my g-spot. The feeling only stopped when I felt his fingers curled down leaving behind a cold emptiness from the absence of his warm touch. I looked up to see him put his two fingers in his mouth, my mouth agape at the sight of how hot he looked in that moment. "Mmm.. you taste so good" he smirked.
"I want you.. between my legs." Taehyung's eyes widened slightly as he realised what I was asking, wasting no time to shuffle so that he face was inches from me, his hands grabbing either side of my thighs. My hips buckled towards his face as I felt his tongue move from my centre to my clit, and my hand reached down to grab a handful of his hair, loudly moaning from the contact.
My head was already starting to become dizzy with how he moved his wet tongue and swollen lips against every part of me. I could feel his spit mix with my own juices. Each time I thrusted my hips towards him, his nails dug deeper into my thighs. I began to squirm as I became more tender from his touch, which only caused him to laugh against me and hold onto my legs.
"Tae.. I think I'm close" I breathed.
"I know you are baby girl" he smiled.
"But I.. I want you inside me. Please."
"Oh?" He said, stopping to look up at me. His pink lips glistening with my wetness.
"Fuck me, Taehyung" I smiled, my chest rising and falling.
He immediately sat up, his hooded eyes filled with lust. "Fuck. I love this side of you" he said, pulling his Calvin Klein's over his prominent hip bones, exposing his full erection.
"Fuck.. you're so hot" I smiled, promoting him to climb back onto me.
With his body hovering over mine, I dragged my thumb over his slit, watching as his brows fuse together, catching his breath.
"Shit" he moaned. I used the pre-cum building up to slowly move my hand up and down his length. My small hands looking even smaller against him.
"In the.. draw" he said between his heavy breaths. Never taking my hand off him, I turned to open his bedside draw, shakily rummaging through his stuff, needing not ask what I was looking for. I fumbled to pull a condom out of the packet, before opening it with my teeth.
"Y/N" he moaned, watching as I did.
My hands started to shake - unsure if it was my nervousness or still reeling from having Taehyung's head between my legs - as I tried to place the condom onto him. Taehyung's hand grasped onto my own, helping.
He shuffled back so that his hips were just above mine, my legs instinctively opening for him.
"I'm still going to ask" he smiled softly, his face already flushed.
I nodded.
"And you'll tell me if you want to stop"
I nodded again.
My hips rolled into him, as soon as I felt the tip of him at my entrance, the two of us moaning as he pushed himself inside of me. He stayed there for a second, allowing me to adjust to his size, before rolling his hips back and forth against me.
"God you feel so good" he moaned as he grabbed ahold of the headboard above me. I looked up at him, eyes screwed shut as he bit onto his bottom lip.
My legs responded to his thrusts and opened further trying to accommodate of much of him as I could, and I couldn't help but notice the way his stomach contracted every time he did. The longer he went the faster he got, our breathing matching the speed of his hips slamming into me. Taehyung's hot breath and raspy growls at the side of my neck.
A mixture of lewd moaning and cursing of each others names, filled up the bedroom. My fingernails digging into his broad back, while my other hand grasped onto the fabric of his silk pillow. Taehyung brought his hand down to grab onto mine, sliding his fingers up my wrist until his fingers tightly intertwined.
"I'm already close for you baby"
"Me too.. oh god" The knot tightening in my lower stomach. I wanted to scream.
"Mmmm" he whimpered, rolling his hips shakily a few more times, groaning loudly as he snapped his hips one last time. That pushed me over the edge, my whole body shook, and I threw my head back, moaning loudly as I felt my orgasm wash over me, dragging my nails up his back as it did.
Breathing heavy, Taehyung collapsed on top of me. I could still feel him twitching inside me from his own orgasm.
"Fuck Y/N" he smiled between heavy breaths, pressing his sweaty forehead to my shoulder as he pulled himself out.
I turned to look at him. His face flushed, beads of sweat dripping from the front strands of his hair. The most obvious being the boxy (and exhausted) smile on his face. As I heavily breathed, recovering, I was sure I looked the same.
"Was that.. did you enjoy it?" He nervously asked.
I pulled my body closer to him. "Amazing" I smiled.
“Did I hurt you?”
“It hurt a little” I replied, causing worry to wash over his face. I shook my head “but the way you made me feel.. I guess it pushed that aside” I smiled.
“I’m sorry it hurt you” he frowned before pressing a soft kiss to my lips. It tasted salty, and I didn't know if it was sweat, or I was tasting myself on his lips. “You know I love you. So much, Y/N"
"I love you too, Tae".
"Let me grab a towel to clean us up" he smiled sweetly, contradicting the sinful mess we left all over his sheets.
We laid there together for around half an hour, a mixture of silently being in each others company, tracing skin, and still being giddy from our previous endeavour. Scratching from the other room broke us from our bubble away from the rest of the would.
Taehyung lightly sighed, as I stretched to get up, trying to piece together the clothes that had been heatedly tossed to different areas of the room. "We better let them out" I said.
"Fine. But then we can spend the rest of the night cuddling?" he whined.
"Only after you've had a shower with me" I smirked, prompting him to jump out of bed immediately.
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daechwitatamic · 2 days ago
Chapter 14: Poisonous || KTH
(banner by @itaeewon)
Tumblr media
Title: What Was Hidden (Masterpost)
Rating: explicit, minors DNI pls
Genre: college!au, angst, eventual smut, strangers -> friends -> lovers -> idiots -> lovers
Pairings: Taehyung x female reader, MYG x OC
Summary:  This is how it all starts: Taehyung is flunking Western Lit. You’re assigned to tutor him. His paper on Strindberg’s The Ghost Sonata could pass or fail him for the semester. As you and Taehyung slowly become friends, then more, you learn that there’s a lot more to him than you originally assumed. Together, you navigate your own experiences with the play’s themes: one’s “true self” versus one’s “shown self”, darkness behind the facade, and how people can be quite literally haunted - and it has nothing to do with ghosts.
In which being broken up really sucks, and some mistakes are made.
Chapter Warnings: language, drinking, still in the angst, kissing, groping, explicit sex including: fingering, unprotected sex with bc (this is fiction, your life is not), penetrative sex, possessive Tae, light dom!Tae vibes if u squint, a few spanks, a lil dirty talk
Word Count: 6.4k
I saw the sun and thought I saw what was hidden The Ghost Sonata | Scene III August Strindberg
Tumblr media
Chapter 14: Poisonous
Tuesday, January 29th 
You don’t see or hear from Taehyung for over a week. It sucks, there’s no way around that. You miss him - miss his jokes and his goofy smile, miss the warmth and love of his house, miss the other guys, miss the safety and serenity of being closed away in his room. Beyond that, you hate that he’s actively mad at you; you hate when anyone is actively mad at you, but this feels worse. 
It would be a lie to say you’re not mad, too. 
Honestly, on a campus this small, you’re surprised you make it the twelve days without running into him. It must be because he technically doesn’t live there. 
You see him in the cafeteria after your morning class on Tuesday. He’s in line to get a plate, looking at his phone absently. You wonder who he’s texting. 
As if he can feel your gaze on him, he lifts his eyes from his screen, curious. As soon as he realizes it’s you looking at him, you watch the wall come crashing down over his face. He turns his back to you, sliding his phone back in his pocket, shoulders tense.
You grab your food to go. You’re not even hungry anymore. 
You’ve never had anybody hate you like this before. You have absolutely no idea how to handle this besides to just grin and bear it. Maybe, with time, the anger will fade. Maybe in a few weeks, you’ll be able to see each other on campus and just carry on, no ugliness.
Or maybe not.
It’s going to be a long year.
Tumblr media
Saturday, February 2nd 
Bridget convinces you to come out of the room on Saturday, swearing you’ll go somewhere off campus and far enough away that there will be no chance of running into Taehyung, or Davis, or anyone from campus. The Lyft will be more expensive, but you all deem it worth it.
Your heart isn’t in it from the beginning, though. An hour and a half in, and you’re leaning your chin on your hand, bored and wishing you were back at the dorm where you could at least watch bad tv in comfy sweatpants. 
“You don’t look like you’re having a good time,” a guy next to you observes. He’s cute, and if you were looking at all you might actually give him the time of day. 
“I’m not,” you say flatly. You decide to just go all-in - what could it possibly hurt? “I’d rather be in sweatpants watching reality tv shows. I’m just here because my roommates insisted.”
He laughs. “That does sound better than this. Comfier.”
“I’m a big proponent of comfy,” you deadpan. Bridget’s watching you out of the corner of her eye. 
“You have a boyfriend?” he asks. Wow. Straight to the punch.
“Nope,” you say, the word tight like a rubberband. Your stomach twists.
“What? A pretty girl like you? Why not?”
You bare your teeth at him. “The last guy said I was beautiful but poisonous, so you decide.”
Now Bridget is fully watching you, frowning. 
When he gives up on you and leaves, she turns on you, a hand on her hip.
“What was the problem?” she demands.
“Don’t play dumb,” she snaps. “He was cute, he wasn’t being creepy, you might have enjoyed talking to him if you’d given him a chance. So what was the problem? I’d like to know.”
You’re silent. You both know the answer. Nothing was wrong. You just didn’t want to talk to him. 
He wasn’t Taehyung. 
“He was being a little creepy,” you grumble defensively. 
Tumblr media
Wednesday, February 6th 
You hate February, and you hate March too. You hate the oppressive darkness that starts at practically four in the afternoon, the bitter cold that accompanies it, the lack of anything fun. Add in that your heart is fucking broken and you’re fully aware that it’s your own fault, and you have a recipe for a serious funk.
Kiko finds you in the dorm on Wednesday, laying on your back in the middle of the carpeted floor, staring at the ceiling.
“Uh, Y/N?” she asks. “Everything… okay down there?”
“I thought about getting up,” you tell her without moving or making eye contact, “but then I thought… what’s the point? The floor is nice. The floor is good. I think I’ll stay on the floor.”
She seems to ponder this, and then she makes herself comfortable next to you. 
“It really isn’t that bad,” she agrees. You reach out and take her hand, and you lay there in silence for a few minutes.
“Have you talked to him at all?” she finally asks. 
You close your eyes against the answer. “No,” you say. “The last time he saw me he literally turned his back on me, and he blocked me on insta. He wants to be left alone.”
“You could try,” she suggests gently. “If nothing else, then to apologize one more time.”
“I don’t really see the point,” you say, your voice coming out a lot more defeated than you mean it to. “Like, to what end? Let’s say I apologize. Let’s say he forgives me. What would be different? We’d be exactly where we were when we decided to end it. We agreed this was better.”
Kiko doesn’t answer, doesn’t refute any of this. But she stays with you, side by side on the floor, until you feel ready to get back up.
Tumblr media
Thursday, February 14th 
You knew Valentine’s Day would suck. You mentally prepared for days. You were ready to validate your emotions when you felt sad that you were alone; you prepared to redirect your thoughts when you inevitably wondered how the day would have gone if you hadn’t shattered Taehyung’s heart; you game-planned a whole evening of self-care including really indulgent snacks, including but not limited to pretzels and ice cream.
What you didn’t account for was Kiko and Yoongi. You’re happy for Kiko - no one you know deserves happiness as much as she does. But even still… it’s challenging for you to fight back feeling bitter and mad - mostly at yourself.
The flowers get delivered as you’re getting ready for your ten o’clock class, a glass vase filled with roses, adorned with a red bow. A little card attached says, more to come.
“How did he even afford those?” Bridget wonders as she and Kiko press their faces into the flowers, inhaling deeply. 
“Probably his Dad’s credit card,” Kiko giggles. She’s blushing pink, trying hard not to look so pleased. 
You wish, desperately, that you could text Taehyung to tease them a little. Apparently your basement-dwelling rapper is a softie, you’d say. You imagine, as you finish straightening your hair before the bathroom mirror, what he’d say back. Probably some Taehyung form of we already knew that.
You miss all the dinner shenanigans - Kiko getting ready, Yoongi actually coming to the door to pick her up, somehow a teddy bear ended up in the dorm - because you’re at tutoring until seven. It’s honestly the first time since the spring semester started that you’re happy to be at tutoring. You’d even take an hour of Becky over trying to fight off feeling sorry for yourself through the whole process.
But the icing on the cake is the cd, left on her desk where you can see it. You pick it up, turning it over in your hands. He took Snow Angel and Thaw and mixed them over the same beat, one track telling two stories. Then, somehow, he’d had the case made, complete with cover art that reads MYG and k!k0 across the front. 
Bridget, also alone on this very excellent day, looks at you from her bunk. “Want to watch a movie with me?” she asks. “I hate Valentine’s Day.”
“Oh, god,” you groan in relief. “Yes, please, let’s hate today together.”
You climb up and settle in, and you agree on no romance for the film, choosing instead a horror flick about a happy, little family that moves into a house that will definitely try to murder them. You split the snacks you’d bought for today. It’s almost a perfect night, in the end. 
Perfect except for the gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach that feels weirdly like guilt.
Tumblr media
Sunday, February 17th
You’re at your desk working on a homework assignment when your phone lights up. You glance over to see if it’s important or if it’s someone you can answer later. 
You feel your face slide into a scowl. It’s Nina.
You’re alone in the dorm, and you haven’t spoken since the text where you told her you needed more time. It’s been weeks since then. With a sigh, you slide your thumb to accept the call.
“Hi,” you say, trying not to sound pissed from the get-go.
She’s quiet for a second. “I didn’t think you’d pick up.”
“I wasn’t sure, either,” you admit. 
“I’m sorry,” she says, and she sounds like she means it. She sounds sad. “I kind of want to tell you my explanation, if you’ll listen.”
You shake your head, knowing she can’t see you. “I don’t need to hear it, Nina. I know what it boils down to. You picked what you felt you owed Erin over what you felt you owed me.”
“Try to understand…”
“I understand,” you say, way more calm than you ever thought you’d be for this conversation. “I just don’t agree with what you decided.”
“She loved - loves - him so much,” she tries to explain. “Watching you two together killed her for those two years -.”
You flush hot. “And I didn’t?” you interrupt. “How the fuck can you sit here and tell me I didn’t love Davis? He was everything to me.”
So much for calm.
She takes a breath. “Y/N… I know you loved him, I’m not arguing that. But you two weren’t good together. Sometimes it felt like you barely tolerated him, let alone liked him. You were never - at least from the outside - you were never, like, crazy about him. We could all see it.”
You’re furious. “So fucking what? It isn’t your business - it isn’t anyone’s business. If Davis didn’t want to be with me, no one was forcing him. If he wasn’t happy, he could have just left.”
“You’re right,” she says quietly. “He should have, when he started having feelings for Erin. He should have just ended it. And I shouldn’t have… helped keep their secret. But I really think you’re both better off. Sometimes I feel like you never even let Davis know you. You keep everything so tight to your chest, Y/N, you don’t understand how hard it can be from the outside to feel close to you. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even know you.”
“Well thanks for the insight,” you drawl sarcastically. 
She huffs, frustrated. “I’m trying to help you. I heard you and Taehyung broke up. You probably pulled the same shit with him.”
“Fuck you, Nina,” you tell her, and hang up.
Her words float around your head for the rest of the night. You’re so mad, you feel like you hate her, but you can’t help but replay her last few sentences over and over. You keep everything so tight to your chest… how hard it can be to feel close to you… I don’t even know you…
Had you done the same thing with Taehyung? It hadn’t felt like it. It had felt like you’d let him in - closer to the center than anyone you’ve ever known. 
Maybe that was the problem.
Maybe that’s what had scared you so much.
You want to text him. No, you want to facetime him. You want him to pick up, sleepy, and give you a lazy smile. You want to ask him, did you feel close to me, before I wrecked it, did you feel like I let you in? 
You’re afraid to know the answer.
You know he wouldn’t pick up, anyway.
Monday, February 25th 
The last week of February trickles away like the last drops of bathwater retreating down the drain, and just as wet. You decide to stay in the student building between your two Monday morning classes instead of trying to brave the rain to go back to the dorm. 
You have about half an hour and you aren’t hungry for lunch yet, so you head to the coffee shop. The line is long, so you pull out your phone as you stand in line, scrolling through your notifications. As the line shuffles forward inch by inch, you glance up at the board behind the counter to see what flavors they have available today. It feels kind of like a hazelnut day.
That’s when you notice Taehyung, sitting at a table off to the right of the line, a paper cup in one hand and his phone in the other. He’s sitting across from someone, and as the line shifts you slowly get a glimpse of a girl. The girl he’d brought to movie night, way back before anything had happened with you. She’s smiling, talking to him quietly, a coffee cup steaming on the table in front of her. You feel frozen, your limbs actually going cold.
He spots you, and he lowers his phone, face going blank. You don’t wait to see what will happen or if he’ll try to talk to you - you abandon the line, abandon the dream of a hot hazelnut coffee, and turn tail out of there. He already called you cowardly, you might as well prove it.
You keep your phone on your desk all through your next class, half expecting him to text you. 
He doesn’t. You manage to feel both relieved and devastated.
Tumblr media
Thursday, February 28th 
The last hour of tutoring on Thursday night seems to drag on for days. All you want is to go grab dinner and get home to your nice, warm bed. Instead, you sit in the library, trying to keep your eyes open through the boredom, as some freshman named Frankie struggles through a basic introduction paragraph.
When Frankie finally packs up to leave, you pack your things too. You stand, pushing in your chair, and start to weave your way through the tables towards the exit. You nearly trip over yourself when you come face to face with Taehyung, sitting at one of the tables near the edge of the room. 
He cocks an eyebrow. “Are you going to run away from me again?” he asks, mocking.
It feels like a slap.
“Forgive me for not wanting to chat with you and Leslie,” you say quietly, your voice like a warning. “That certainly didn’t take you very long.”
He rolls his eyes. “Grow up, Y/N. Firstly, I’ve told you before that she's just my friend. Secondly, I can do whatever the fuck I want, now.”
“Don’t curse at me,” you snap. “I never said you couldn’t. All I said was -.”
You’re shushed by the librarian, and you notice that you two have gained a bit of attention from students at the tables near you. Flushing, you hike your bag higher on your shoulder and make your way towards the stacks, knowing Taehyung will follow. He’s not going to quit mid-fight. 
Safely tucked between two rows of tall shelves, you begin again. “All I said was that I didn’t want to stand there and talk to you while you were there with her. God, is this how it’s going to be for the next year and a half? You just taking shots at me every time you see me? Say what you want about Davis, but at least when he saw me on campus he didn’t rub my face in it.”
Taehyung’s eyebrows shoot up. “So I’m worse than him, is that the point you’re making right now? Just to clarify.”
“That’s not what I said,” you protest. “You want to be the victim so bad! Poor Taehyung, everyone’s so mean to him… I’m over it!”
“Wow,” he says, shaking his head in disbelief. “From the bottom of my heart, Y/N, fuck you.” 
“I didn’t start this, Taehyung,” you point out, eyes narrowed. “You came after me. I don’t think I really deserve the ire.”
He rolls his eyes. “You don’t deserve anything, right?” he asks sarcastically. “Everything is everyone else’s fault.”
“I don’t do that - I don’t avoid accountability,” you say adamantly. “I’m well aware of my part in fucking this up. I’m not turning the blame on you, so step off.”
You’re face to face, standing so close your toes are almost touching, voices hissing in low whispers so you don’t get shushed again. The space between you crackles with tension, and your body reacts the way it wants to, because it doesn’t know that Taehyung hates you - it only knows that Taehyung is so close. Your body wants to lean in, your hands want to take his shirt in your fists, your feet want to shuffle forward to close the space between you. Taehyung must feel it too, because he leans just a breath closer, his face tilting towards yours. Your breath catches in your throat - you’re sure he’s about to kiss you, and you’re sure you’re about to let him.
He stops with his mouth centimeters from yours. You’re not breathing. “Enjoy your fucking night,” he whispers, voice dripping with sarcasm, and he backs away. Once he’s a safe distance, he turns around and lopes back towards his table.
“Wow,” you say to his retreating back. “Cool. Good talk. Let’s do this again.”
He ignores you, turning the corner and disappearing. 
Tumblr media
Sunday, March 3rd
You stay in over the weekend. There’s nothing to say for it but the truth - you’re hiding from Taehyung. You wake up strangely early on Sunday morning, since you hadn’t gone out the night before. You head to the little coffee maker - the one he got you - and brew a cup into the mug he bought you. 
You silently curse Kim Taehyung for ruining morning coffee for you.
When you get back in bed with your steaming mug and start scrolling through your notifications, you’re surprised to see a message request from someone you don’t really talk to. She’s one of the girls from back home who is more Nina’s friend than yours, so you’ve hung out in group settings plenty but never on your own. 
Curious, you open it.
Hi, Y/N. I’ve sat on this message for a while because it feels like it’s kind of not my business or like I shouldn’t get involved. But you’ve really been on my mind and I think if I were in your shoes I’d like to hear this. If I’m wrong or if you feel I’m overstepping, please forgive me. Nina’s been telling me about how you guys aren’t talking right now and why and I just… wow. The whole thing is so fucked up. I just wanted you to know that I’m so sorry you’re going through this and I don’t blame you at all for being mad at her. That’s all - I just wanted to say I feel for you right now, and I hope you’re doing okay, and I know we weren’t ever super close but I’m here if you need someone to talk to about it. ❤️ - Luz
You turn off your screen and set your phone down, wanting time to process. You sip at your coffee and ponder this. You’ve always liked Luz - you don’t think she’d stir up trouble for fun. Probably she’s being genuine. 
You type back, “Hey Luz, thanks for saying that. I understand Nina’s reasoning but it doesn’t make it any less shitty. I’m doing okay, just dealing with all of this and trying to keep my head in the game at school. Hope you’re well, too.”
You leave it at that. There’s not much else to say.
Maybe in another world you’d go back and forth about it, develop a friendship, grow closer. But not in this world. You’re starting to really see the clear form of a truth that’s been shimmering in the back of your mind for a while now - in the end, you just aren’t the type of person that people stick with. Whatever quality - inherent or not - it is that makes people want to stay, develop ride-or-die friendships, make sacrifices to be with you - you’re lacking it. You just don’t have it. Davis alone was proof of that, but now you could add Nina and Taehyung to the list, too. 
You remember Taehyung telling you, “I won’t look back thinking maybe I didn’t love her.” Maybe that could still be true, but it hadn’t taken much to send him on his way. You don’t know what word to use for it. You’re just… leaveable. 
On days where you’re in this kind of mood, the best thing for you is some exercise. It’s cold today but not freezing, so you bundle up and decide to go sit at your bench on the trail - it’s been months, thanks to the cold. Maybe some time watching the ducks will cheer you up.
Tumblr media
Saturday, March 16th
“No. Absolutely no way, fuck no, over my dead body, no,” you say, arms crossed.
“She has a very valid point,” Kiko says. “Fuck no was especially good. Come on, Bridget, let’s find a different plan.”
“You don’t understand,” Bridget whines. “This is my favorite party of theirs all year. They put green lights in the whole house, they color the drinks, it’s a whole thing.”
“Is it not deeply weird to anyone else that a house of Korean guys go big for an Irish holiday?” Kiko muses.
“It has zero to do with the Irish aspect and everything to do with the spirit of drinking and decorating,” Bridget explains. “This is one of the biggest party days of the year! I promise, Y/N, whatever floor of the house Taehyung is on, we will stay on the other. Pleaaaaase, please, please, please?”
“Go without me,” you say, shaking your head. “I’m not going to party at that house.”
“Please,” she continues. “I have such a cute dress you can borrow. It won’t be the same to go without you girls.”
You look at Kiko for support. 
“Bridget,” she says slowly. “Think about what you’re asking.”
“It’s one party,” Bridget says defensively. “You two haven’t even spoken in over a month, it’s not like he’ll be trying to bother you!”
That’s a fair point. 
“I’ll stay with you,” Kiko promises. “I won’t go hang out with Yoongi until you’re ready to leave.”
Your resolve is crumbling. “Let me see the dress,” you grumble finally. Bridget squeals and races to her closet, sliding hangers until she finds what she wants. 
That’s how you end up at a St. Patrick’s Day party at the boys’ house on Saturday night, in a dress that barely covers your ass, wishing you were anywhere else.
Drink until you aren’t annoyed, you think to yourself. That’s the goal.
“Shots,” you say flatly to Bridget, who gives you an indulgent smile. 
The guys really did go big - green bulbs replace the normal ones, making everyone look like Wizard of Oz cast members. Decorations and streamers adorn the walls - you’ve never seen the place so done up. You wish you could tease Taehyung about it. Seokjin will have to do.
You three spend some time mingling in the kitchen after you mix your first drinks. Either you’re there for a while or you’re drinking fast, because you need a refill before BRidget even demands you head out to the living room to dance. Your head is swimming a little and you lean into the feeling. It’s better than the churning anxiety you’ve felt all day at the idea of running into him.
You dance with Kiko and Bridget for a little, then head back to the kitchen for a third drink, then return to the dancefloor. Normally this isn’t your thing, but tonight it’s helping you shut your brain up; you close your eyes, let the bass make your decisions for you, take every bad feeling you’ve been carrying for months - anger and resentment and heartbreak and loneliness - and pour them out as you swing your hips in time with the beat. Like nothing exists except stepping in time with the music and the burn of vodka in your throat every time you taste your drink. 
At one point, you see Taehyung at the edge of the crowd. He’s all in black again, like he usually does for events. He’s standing still, a beer bottle in hand, watching you, his face unreadable. You down everything in your cup and turn your back to him. You pray that next time you look that way, he’ll be gone.
He is.
You make your way back to the kitchen, leaving Bridget and Kiko behind in the living room. You make yourself a cup of water, deciding you need to slow down, and then you slip out the kitchen door to the tiny little deck out back. You worked up a sweat dancing, and the cold night air hits you like a slap, sobering you up and cooling you down in seconds. You drink half the cup of water and place it on the railing, leaning on your elbows and looking out into the dark.
The kitchen door opens and shuts behind you. You don’t turn around. You know who it is.
“You okay?” he asks, voice low. He comes up beside you, resting his elbows on the wood too, matching your pose.
“The fuck do you care?” you spit. You hate him. You missed him. You want to yell at him more. You want to hold him. Tears fill your eyes almost instantly - where the fuck did that come from? You hadn’t been upset ten seconds ago. 
He hears the choke in your voice and turns to look at you. “Y/N?” he presses.
“Go inside,” you tell him, your voice steadier. You just need to take a breath. “Go have fun. I’m fine. I just wanted to cool down.”
He takes a step back. You turn to face him, leaning backwards on the railing. “I know this sucks,” he says. “It’s hard for me too, you know.”
You laugh bitterly. “I know it’s hard for you, Taehyung. I get it. I’m the bitch that broke your heart. You don’t have to remind me.”
“Don’t do that,” he says, shaking his head.
“Do what?” you demand, pulse jumping.
“Don’t try to make me feel bad for you when I’m angry with you,” he says, but there’s a level of amusement in it. 
“Be mad then,” you say, spreading out your arms like take your best shot. “Go for it. If you want to hate me, hate me.”
He takes a step closer. “That’s not what I want,” he says, voice dipping low. You know this voice. He’s two seconds from calling you baby again, and then all bets are off. 
“What do you want, then?” you challenge, raising your chin defiantly. 
You watch the battle rage across his face - his common sense versus his desire. You see the exact second that the latter wins. He closes the space between you, pushing you hard against the deck railing, both of his hands coming to cup your face as he kisses you. You groan into it, so ready for this, so glad it’s happening. You wrap your arms around his back and hold him in place as you kiss him back, like maybe he’ll come to his senses and try to leave and you just won’t let him.
He’s hard already, and he pushes his hips against your trapped ones, humming low in his throat as he presses against you. You feel your own body responding, desperate, the desire flickering like electricity in your belly. A tingle spreads all the way to your toes as his fingers graze your bare thigh, toy with your hem, slip underneath. He goes for your ass first, fingers digging into the flesh he finds there, hard enough that you gasp into his mouth. 
“Baby,” he whispers, one hand caressing your ass, soothing the spots he’d probably bruised just a second ago, the second hand still gentle against your face - like he can’t decide if he’s feeling rough or soft so he’s going for both.
You knew that was coming - him calling you baby - but you didn’t expect it to hurt so bad. It feels like a stab, and you clutch him tighter, like you’re holding someone’s hand while getting a shot at the doctor’s - if you hold on tight enough, the pain passes, and you can move on.
To distract yourself, you reach down and palm him over his jeans, giving him two firm rubs before sliding just two fingers from base to tip over the denim. He growls into your neck, taking his hand from your face and cupping your heat with it. You’re embarrassed of the noise you let out, but it’s too late to hold it in. His fingers run over your slit deftly, his middle finger sliding along the slickness he finds even over your panties. You both groan, and he whispers, “You want me?”
“I really do,” you admit.
He slips a finger under the elastic and presses it home, sinking in to the last knuckle. “Mmm, you do,” he observes, sliding it out and back a few times. You whimper into his shoulder, your fingers twitching against his length, your own task forgotten. Just that, just one finger, already feels so good, your body flooding with waves of pleasure as his knuckles brush spots inside you that make you close your eyes and sigh. You know that anyone in the kitchen could look out and see you - well, they’d see his back, but they’d get the idea. 
“Upstairs?” you breathe, your voice shaky. You’re not sure you can get there. Your legs feel like jelly and he didn’t even fuck you yet.
He slides your panties back into place and you tug your skirt back where it belongs. He nods, backing away. Unsteadily, you follow him inside. You push through the kitchen, then the living room, heading for the stairs. He doesn’t wait, doesn’t look back, doesn’t hold out a hand the way he had in the past. Halfway up the steps, you catch Bridget’s eye. She’s in the middle of the dancefloor, but she’s standing still, watching you follow Taehyung into hell. So to speak.
He doesn’t give you any time to breathe or think the second his door is closed. He practically lifts you and places you atop his low dresser, kissing you with such force that your head knocks into the wall behind you. You’re tugging his shirt out from where it was tucked into his jeans, pulling at the shoulders until he pops his head through, reaching down to remove one heeled shoe and then the other as Taehyung undoes his belt buckle and slides out of his pants. You sit up, reaching for your own zipper. 
“Leave it on,” he mutters, looking up at you from where he’s bent down to pull off his remaining sock.
“Don’t rip it,” you giggle, “it’s Bridget’s.”
“Tell her thank you later,” he says, reaching up to slide your skirt up over your hips. You lift up so he can tug your panties off, adding them to the pile of clothes on the floor without a second thought. Then he’s knuckles-deep again, pressing his forehead to yours as he seeks a deeper spot inside you. You kick your head back with a moan as he adds a second finger, his thumb brushing your clit once or twice, just enough to spike your heart rate each time.
“Did you wait for me?” he asks, mouth close to your ear as his teeth graze your jaw. “Is it still mine?”
“Of course I did,” you breathe. Your body flushes with heat from his words. Okay, you really like possessive Taehyung. “You know I don’t -.” You can’t finish the thought, he’s quickening his pace and you let a groan of appreciation slip through your gritted teeth. 
“So wet for me,” he whispers, and you think the jolt of electricity you feel might actually destroy you. “Were you waiting for this? Huh?”
“What’s gotten into you t-tonight?” you murmur, but you’re close and he knows it from the tremor in your voice, the shake in your thighs, the way you’re grabbing the edge of the dresser for purchase. 
“Missed this,” he admits, answering your question. “God, I can’t wait to feel you.”
“So do it, then,” you goad, hips pushing back against his hand, trying to feel more.
“This first,” he says, giving the inside of your thigh a light slap. Then he goes for your clit with his free hand, his fingers inside you crooking to find that spot, and color blooms behind your eyes. 
You’re trying to keep the noise down - there’s a party happening right outside that door, after all - but you can’t hold back letting his name pass your lips on a moan as you ride out your high. You’ve barely come down from it before he’s pulling his fingers away, positioning his tip right at your entrance. He pushes past your resistance slowly, and you groan again as your body adjusts to him. You can feel everything, and you think you might just come undone.
“God,” you whine as he bottoms out and stills, letting you adjust, “you’re fucking perfect.”
“Don’t fucking forget it,” he tells you, and starts snapping his hips. Thank god there’s a wall behind you, because you’re practically boneless, and this isn’t helping. He grabs your hips and pulls you to the edge of the dresser, his cologne bottles clinking together each time the piece of furniture shakes underneath you. 
“Aah, Tae,” you whisper, as he continues his steady pace, and he groans your name before capturing your mouth in a kiss again. 
“Wanna do this all night,” he tells you, slowing his pace just a touch. “Fuck.”
“I wish you would,” you tease. He hisses and picks the speed back up. Your eyes roll back and you keen out his name, reaching to hold onto his upper arms, needing him under your hands.
You continue this way, communicating in grunts and whines, moans and hisses, until he suddenly pulls away. You whimper in protest at the loss. 
“Turn over,” he instructs, stroking himself languidly. You waste no time, lowering your feet to the ground and bending over the dresser, folding your arms and resting your head on top. You feel the flat of his hand smooth down the small of your back, up the swell of your ass, before giving it a hard slap. 
You gasp, and he slides back in without warning. 
“Tae!” you cry, moving your hands so you can press your forehead right into the dresser top. “Fuck!”
“That’s right,” he murmurs, taking your hip in his hand and guiding you back on him. “Tell me it’s mine.”
“Taehyung,” you whine. He’s teasing you, going too slow on purpose, the drag of his skin against your walls both delicious and torturous at the same time. 
He tuts, but he grabs your hips with both hands and slams back into you, making you cry out wordlessly, before he sets a frenzied pace. “That’s not - what I - wanted - to hear,” he grits out, teeth clenched, fingers gripping you so tight you’re sure you’ll have bruises the size of his fingertips.
“It’s yours,” you cry, a moan taking over the word. You press your head harder into the hard surface beneath you, your hands gripping the edge of the wood so tight it hurts. “Tae, please!”
“We’re not done yet,” he tells you, voice low, pausing to push as deeply inside you as he can. “Want to hear you moan my name some more.”
“You’re being fucking bratty today,” you laugh, looking over at your shoulder at him.
He grins and slaps your ass again. “You love it,” he tells you, returning to the pace he’d set before. You manage to release the edge of the dresser long enough to reach back and rub your clit. It’s only another minute before you feel it coming, your legs starting to shake. Taehuyng feels so good inside you as your walls bear down, you can’t do a thing to stop the wail that starts in your chest as your second orgasm rushes through you.
“Yes, baby,” he croons, slowing just a fraction, reaching to smooth a hand down your back. “Keep taking it, just like that.”
God, he’s going to be the end of you.
“Fuck, Taehyung,” you groan. “I can’t -.” Your legs really are like jelly now, you’re struggling to hold yourself up. 
“I’m almost there,” he assures you. “You’re doing so good, baby. You can do it.”
He leans over your back, letting go of your hips and holding the dresser, and drills into you until he drops his head onto your back, hips stuttering, breath coming in gasps.
“Fuck - fuck - fuck - fuck, baby,” he moans, twitching inside you once. He keeps his head on you for just a second, catching his breath, and then he’s moving to grab a shirt for you both to clean up with. You take it gratefully, doing what you need to do, and then he tugs your hand towards the bed.
“What, round two?” you tease. He lays on his back, still tugging insistently on you under you spoon right up next to him. He wraps his arms all the way around you and hums happily into your hair.
“I’m not saying no,” he laughs. “But I’ll need a minute first. God. I forgot how good…” He trails off, breathes in deeply, hugs you tighter.
“I missed you too,” you whisper. You don’t mean it. Well, you do, but you don’t mean to say it. Not like that.
Taehyung lets you off the hook, not responding to this. He just keeps holding you tight, his chin tucked against the top of your head, your breathing slowing to match each other’s, until you both are claimed by sleep.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
CHAPTER 3 (8k words)
For more information about this story, find it here
The next few days that go by happen without anymore disturbances taking place in the coffee shop, which isn't a bad thing, it gives me time to really get used to everything without feeling bad about my mistakes, which become fewer and fewer, much to Seokjin's delight and pride.
Taehyung and Jimin haven't come by and there's still no sign of Namjoon, it lets me know that he probably only said what he did to be nice, which is fine, he's allowed to continue on with his life without me being in it, it just disappoints me a little, I'm not sure why though.
"Good morning Y/N- Goodness, was that your stomach? I can hear it grumbling louder than the chiming of the bells, please go eat something before we start the day" Seokjin exclaims as I make not even five steps inside the large room to head to the break room.
I pause and stare at him as he quirks a brow at me, a finger pointing at his own stomach before pointing at mine. "Food, now".
I purse my lips, mind begging for me to refuse the offer as much as it's begging for me to accept it, my eyes sheepishly meet his as he keeps staring at me before I finally decide to flee to the back to get out of sight.
"Y/N! You're going to get food, right? You won't be allowed to work unless you've eaten something!" he shouts from the front, my gasp his only answer as I change my trajectory to head to the fridge instead of my locker, he can't keep me from working just because of that!
That's not fair!
With a pout, I open the fridge, something that Seokjin has forced me to do every day only to freeze when I see it filled with too many containers to count, did he add more this morning? It was almost empty yesterday!
I spot an easy to eat bowl of a variety of cut fruits and grab it before making my way to the table just as Seokjin enters the room, his eyes falling on what I chose with a nod of the head before going to the fridge to grab something for himself, after which he comes to sit in front of me, a familiar sight now.
I point at the fridge after taking a bite of a fresh and sweet strawberry. "Do you intend to feed an army today? Why is it so full of food and prepped meals?" I ask before taking another piece, this time an pineapple, it has me cringing a little with how acid it is and Seokjin chuckles before sliding a bottle of water my way.
"I am indeed feeding an army today, as I have for the past days" he answers simply while pointing at the two of us, something that has me confused, he means the two of us... for all this food?
"But I don't eat that much, Seokjin" I mumble, feeling guilty about it, how long must it have taken for him to make everything?
He sighs and stares at me with a light smile. "That's exactly what I intend to change, dear, you don't eat nearly enough and I can't bear watching you starve yourself, that won't happen while you're under my care".
Unsure of what to say to that, how he could see through me that easily a little shocking to me - because is my hunger really that obvious? - I decide to simply continue eating in silence, the fruits' weight settling in my stomach and making me feel better even though his words weigh heavy on my mind.
Is this what I was doing? Starving myself? Or was I simply continuing what my mom already started?
Habits are hard to break after all, I've been eating more often this week only because Seokjin, who I have to remind myself is my boss at times, doesn't give me any other choice. It's either eating food or eating food with him supervising me and he won't have things any other way.
At this pace I won't be able to skip meals anymore and that's worrying, food is expensive and I don't feel comfortable spending a lot on that, eating is already a lot to adjust to for me.
All my life was spent having the strict minimum and all of a sudden, this man appears and forces me to eat more than I can handle, how am I supposed to deal with that?
"Thank you Seokjin" I eventually mumble, because while it's making me uncomfortable to depend on him that way, I can't deny that it feels great to have a filled stomach, that's not something I got to experience often before and I can see that I have a lot more energy than I used to have, which is more than needed for working here.
The man smiles and reaches out over the table to pat my hand and just like that, we continue to eat in comfortable silence, smiles shared and bites traded until we're both done eating, after which he then grabs the empty containers to wash in the sink.
"No need to thank me for that, dear, it's the least I can do and it's a pleasure. Now, I need to use the bathroom so could you please open up in the meantime? I won't be long" he asks and I nod, walk to my locker to wear my apron neatly and then suddenly go off running out of the room, which makes him chuckle and shake his head.
With today being Friday, there's definitely an ease that has taken place as I walk around the shop to make sure everything is perfect and ready to welcome customers before I head to the door to flip the sign to open, a routine that always makes me happy, I love doing that step.
It's sure going to feel weird tomorrow when I wake up with nothing to do, my first weekend off work almost feeling wrong since I'm so used to always being busy once I get started, but Seokjin was firm on that one, he's not going to have me work seven days a week, oh no.
Would it be weird if I ended up coming back here to talk with him anyway? I have nothing to do at home, no one to talk to and it's really boring, I'm not a big fan of the silence as it only reminds me of what I've lost.
I've grown used to Seokjin's presence during the week, there's something soothing and comforting about him that I wish I could have at home as well, he reminds me of my siblings sometimes and that's a feeling very dear to me.
It takes barely a minute before the door finally opens, bell chiming and echoing in the room as a body enters inside and when I look at them, ready to welcome and serve as I have for the past days, it's to freeze when a dimple smile graces my eyes.
"Namjoon! You came!" I chirp, unable to hide my excitement when I see the tall man towering over the counter in front of me, his elbows propped on it as he gazes at me with a pretty eye smile that makes my heart tingle.
"You remember my name" he muses with a pleased chuckle before sighing softly. "I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner, this week has been busier than I expected and kept taking me all over the place. Today's a day off so I figured I would come here to keep my promise" he explains and I hum, eyes looking down at his outfit to see that indeed, he's not dressed the same as last time.
Not quite casual but far from sporty, he looks very elegant right now and I have to force my eyes back to his own to avoid blushing at the sight of his covered biceps, did I see wrong or is his shirt stretching a bit too much around his arms?
"It's okay, I was wondering if maybe you wouldn't come after all but that gave me enough time to get better at making coffee, Seokjin says I'm getting really good now so I think I'll be able to handle it if you ask for a special kind" I muse with pride, I can't help it when I look up at him eager for a praise.
He grins, a chuckle leaving him that sounds like a soft melody, it wraps around my heart tightly and keeps a hold onto my very soul. "Really now? That's great, that means I won't be poisoned by mistake, right?" he asks and I shrug lightly, head tilting softly with a giggle.
"I wouldn't be so sure about that but I'll do my best so it doesn't happen" I respond jokingly, cheeks blushing when his eyes crease into a smile as he hums, chin resting on one hand causing my heart to fail me, he looks so handsome like this.
"I'm ready to take the risk, my fate is left to your capable hands. What would you recommend I get?" he asks next and my smile drops a little, my heartbeat getting faster as I suddenly feel the pressure of performance, can I really recommend something that he would enjoy? I don't even know what he likes, coffee has such a wide range! Why did I act so confident?!
Namjoon smiles widely at me, amusement flashing all over his face. "I'm just kidding, I wanted to tease you a little but you really didn't disappoint with your reaction. I don't expect you to know what I would like, especially not when you're still learning" he assures me after a moment and I heave a sigh of relief, oh thank goodness!
"How about... a cappuccino? Have you learned to make this one?" he asks with a tilt of the head and I nod with determination, I'll show him that this week has served well, I learned a lot.
"I can make it! You won't be disappointed, I promise" I chirp before turning around to use one of the coffee machines under his endeared gaze, he could get used to this if he were to come more often.
I grab a cup and get started on my very important task, this will be the best coffee he'll ever have in his life, I feel that urge to impress him for some reason and while tensed at the prospect of maybe failing right in front of him, I also feel quite comfortable because I did make cappuccinos often during the past few days so I know that I can do well if I take my time.
I finish up the order with attentive care just as Seokjin joins my side with curious eyes and I smile at him before turning towards Namjoon to hand him the cup that reveals a perfectly well made cappuccino, just as he wanted.
"Be careful, it's very hot" I warn him with a blush crawling over my cheeks when his fingers brush over mine as he accepts the drink from me, a weird feeling taking place in my stomach as I blink quickly, why does it feel like I have living creatures fluttering in there?
Unaware of the eyes burning a hole in the side of my face, I observe intently as Namjoon takes a sip of the drink, eyes closed to better enjoy it before he hums in satisfaction, this is even better than he expected.
"Wow, this is very good, Y/N, probably the best cappuccino I've had so far, you have no reason to be nervous if this is the kind of coffee you can make" he muses with a happy glint in his eyes, dimples poking out when my blush deepens at the praise that I was unconsciously waiting for.
But that dimple smile is short-lived when an arm wraps over my shoulders to pull me into a body. I look up in surprise to find Seokjin staring at me with a wide smile that has my heart stuttering in my chest.
"I've trained my Y/N well, she has a natural talent for this. With enough patience and guidance, she'll become even better than I am" he gives me an even greater praise and I feel my whole face light up with joy under his warm eyes, does he really believe that?
He chuckles at my expression and ruffles my hair without messing it up too much before releasing me when the front door opens to a woman coming in while talking on the phone for what seems to be an important call, she slides a note for her order on the counter and he gets started on it with expert hands, how could I ever become better than him?
I bring my attention back to Namjoon as he continues sipping the drink while looking around him to take in the shop, the calm music in the background really easing the mind into relaxing.
Sometimes I'm left to wonder why this place isn't more popular but then again, maybe it's for the best if there's only two of us to serve the customers, I don't think we could handle an endless stream of customers without any breaks, the pressure would be too big for me.
"This place looks great, I love the ambiance, it's very relaxing. I guess I'll have to come here from now on because I won't be able to forget your coffee, there would be no point in me going anywhere else and just to see you, it's worth the detour" he eventually says with a grin as his eyes land on me again and I look down to hide my blushing cheeks.
"That sounds good to me, I'll make your coffee whenever you come here" I murmur back and he lets out an appreciative hum, body lingering at the counter for a few more seconds before he grabs his cup to walk to a nearby table to give space to the next customers walking inside.
I stare at him as he opens a bag to take out a book and when he makes himself comfortable to start reading, I'm left speechless, because how can a man look so perfect?
I shake my head and focus on work to receive the next orders from the customers waiting to be served and proceed to grab the food along with the simple coffee order to which I add milk and sugar as requested.
While Seokjin makes them pay since he was already working the cash register when I bring over the orders, I turn around the clean the machines and counter surrounding them, eyes falling on Namjoon to see if he's still reading, the pull he has on me stronger than I would admit but when our eyes meet, I startle and focus back on the coffee machine with heated cheeks.
I hear him chuckle while I try to act normal, I can already tell that he's going to be the death of me if this continues, he keeps making me shy and I'm not used to that, I was only ever exposed to my brothers during most of my life so I don't know how to behave now.
An arm brush against mine softly and I look up to find Seokjin staring at me with a glint in his eyes that I can't recognize. "Who was that guy? You seemed to know each other pretty well" he asks, voice oddly sweet and scary at the same time, it makes me gulp a little, is he mad?
"You mean Namjoon? He's the man who brought me to work on Monday, the bike courier I told you about, remember?" I tell him with a hushed voice, he looks a little intimidating right now but he simply hums before getting started with making a smoothie.
"I see" is all he says and he doesn't ask anymore after that, mind focused on his task, I can tell that he has more questions on the tip of his tongue but he seems intent on not going through with asking them aloud and it makes me a little concerned, is he okay?
Why do I get the feeling that he's bothered by Namjoon's arrival? He's not usually like that, even when I entertain small conversations with customers coming in, but maybe it's just him feeling protective since I work for him and we've spent a lot of time together this week, my brothers would probably react the same were they here.
The door opens again and when I turn around to greet whoever just came in, it's to find Jimin, the pink haired man giving me a brief look before walking around Namjoon to sit at a table a little further away to start working.
Already feeling a cold sweat running down my back at what is coming for me if I take too long once more, I get started immediately with an espresso americano, something I practiced doing until I would know the recipe by heart just to avoid getting screamed at again.
Once sure that it's well done so that he won't have anything negative to say about it, I carefully but quickly make my way past Namjoon's table and to Jimin, the former's perfume following me for the few steps separating them before dissipating just as I set the cup down in front of the man before I'm quickly turning around to leave him but a hand grabs my wrist and I pause, a shiver traveling through my body at the sudden contact.
I slowly turn my gaze to Jimin and find him looking down, teeth biting on his bottom lip before he releases me with a deep and nervous inhale. I anxiously wait for him to do or say something, aware of Seokjin staring with a worried frown on his face, something Namjoon notices that in turn worries him too.
Jimin eventually looks up to look me in the eyes and what I can see in his orbs has me a little taken aback, is that... regret?
He scratches the back of his head bashfully before opening his mouth. "I'm really sorry about last time. I reflected on my behaviour during the last few days and came to the conclusion that I was an absolute ass. I was having a really stressful time and I shouldn't have taken it out on you like I did".
I can't do anything else but gape at the man who looks down upon seeing my reaction, that's... not what I was expecting from this, not at all.
Reaching out to his bag at my silence, he grabs what appears to be two tickets and hesitantly hands them to me.
"It's for an event I'm organizing for a friend... Equine-assisted therapy, it holds many forms of treatments depending on the needs but in each of them, the therapists will use horses to help people with physical and mental health and that sort of thing... It's not very well-known so they do this once in a while to share the word about what they do and they even allow you to ride a little if you want to. I received two extra entries to participate but... I won't have the time then so you can have them as my way of apologizing, if you would accept" he mumbles and after a moment of being unable to move, I eventually accept the two pieces of paper with a confused mind.
Equine-assisted therapy? It's the first time I hear about that but it sounds really interesting, I've never seen horses in person so I guess it could be fun? And he said he's organizing the event? Is his friend one of the therapists then?
"You don't have to keep them if you don't want to, you can just give them to someone else if you'd rather not go but please don't throw them in the trash, my friend is working really hard so I would hate for two possibilities to help people to go to waste".
"I... won't get rid of them, this actually looks pretty fun" I let him know in a whisper and he relaxes a little with a nod of the head, he looks relieved that I accepted, a soft exhale leaving him before he tries a tight smile.
"I'm glad. Again, I'm sorry for my behaviour last time, it won't happen again, thank you for the drink" he ends our conversation on that note, his gaze falling back on his laptop as he sips the coffee, it's enough to send me back to the counter where Seokjin waits for me nervously.
I reach his side and take in a shaky breath, I feel as if I just survived a natural disaster that should've buried me underground and my heart is still beating so fast, that was really nerve-wracking.
Namjoon can't help himself when he stands up to join us by the counter, his gaze falling on the strange man who has now fallen focused into his work before staring at me again just as Seokjin asks the questions he's been wanting to ask ever since he saw Jimin stop me.
"What did he say? He wasn't mean to you again, was he? He didn't insult you?".
I shake my head and glance at the pink-haired man. "He apologized for last time and gave me these, in an attempt to be forgiven I guess? Apparently, they're for an event about equine-assisted therapy, he said he helped organize it for a friend but he can't go, hence why he let me have them" I explain, watch as Seokjin's eyes widen while Namjoon purses his lips in unease.
"Did something happen with him?" he asks, he doesn't like being left in the dark about this and it shows on his face so I decide to tell him even though Seokjin makes a face not to.
"Well, on Tuesday, he said he was really stressed about something, I was new so I didn't serve him his coffee fast enough because I didn't recognize him as it was my first time seeing him and I guess it kind of threw him off because he usually gets it right away with Seokjin. He got mad and yelled a lot and I did end up burning myself but... well I guess it's all behind us now, he did apologize and gave me these tickets, he seemed really regretful and said he wouldn't behave like that again".
Namjoon frowns and bites on the inside of his cheek before nodding his head. "At least he did the right thing and apologized, I hope he'll take that as a lesson and not let his emotions get the better of him again, it wasn't your fault".
"You can say that again... he went all hulk on me and said that I should've reconsidered hiring her, all of that because he didn't get his coffee fast enough! I was just about ready to kick him out if he didn't stop sputtering all this nonsense" Seokjin mumbles before sighing when I rub his arm to comfort him, it's all over now, there's no need to get angry again at Jimin, I think he scolded himself enough for months to come.
Namjoon makes a move for one of the tickets to have a look and Seokjin does the same so I hand one to each so they can read the text on it, maybe one of them would like to come with me?
"So there's equine-assisted psychotherapy, hippotherapy and therapeutic riding... that's interesting, I remember hearing briefly about hippotherapy but I didn't know it was one out of different treatments, do they allow you to ride the horses there?" Seokjin asks and I nod my head, that's something that I'm really curious about even if I don't know if I would be brave enough, aren't horses really tall?
"Jimin said that it's possible, yes. There will be drinks, food and activities happening, I guess it's going to be a bit like a small festival? I really want to go but... well I don't want to go alone, I've never been around a lot of people all by myself, it makes me a little nervous" I let out with a sigh.
"When does it happen?" Namjoon asks while turning the paper around to try and see if the information is written somewhere but Seokjin finds it first.
"It's a two days event, on Saturday and Sunday... in two weeks" he reads aloud before sighing sadly at the end. "I was going to offer to go with you but I can't during that weekend, I have to go see my mother" he apologizes with a frown, he looks really disappointed about it.
I try to force a smile to not show that I too am upset that he can't, I don't want him to feel bad about it, he should enjoy seeing his mother, not worry about me.
"It's fine, Seokjin, I can go by myself... it can't be that bad, right?" I say, a little hesitant about the whole thing but my wish to go is stronger than my nerves, I really want to see those horses and see what the event is like, I've never gone to something like that before.
"In two weeks? I happen to be free during that weekend, would you like me to accompany you?" Namjoon offers all of a sudden and I turn to stare at him with wide, hopeful eyes.
"Would you really? It wouldn't bother you to go with me?" I ask, watch as he shakes his head with a pleased grin.
"I would love going with you, I was hoping to ask if you were willing to see me outside someday anyway, this seems like a great place to meet up and spend time together" he admits sheepishly, words that paint my cheeks with a deep pink once more, he really has a way with colouring my face.
Seokjin ticks his tongue and sets the ticket on the counter before walking away without so much as a word and I observe with concern as he walks into the kitchen with long strides. He's really been weird ever since Namjoon got here, does he not like him?
"So, what do you think? Shall I go with you?" Namjoon asks to get my attention back on him and I nod, a smile forming on my lips despite my concern for my boss who has been a warm comfort to me throughout the week. "I'd love that, please".
Satisfied with my answer, he hums and takes his phone out of his pocket before handing it to me. "Might I have your phone number then? So we can stay in contact without having to rely on me coming here while you're working" he asks and I get to see the cutest smile on his face when I nod my head while taking the device form him.
Seeing as he already brought me to the new contact page, I fill in my information easily and then give it back when I'm done. I watch as he taps on the screen for a moment with a shy smile on his face and then feel my phone in my back pocket vibrate as he puts his own away.
I don't normally keep it on me during work but I forgot to put it in my locker this morning, I'm kind of glad I did, Seokjin doesn't mind anyway since he knows that I never get distracted from work so it's not like I have to hide it from sight.
I'm about to take it out so I can see what I got, most likely a message from Namjoon but he stops me with an awkward scratch to the back of his neck, a shy pink to his cheeks that has me raising an eyebrow.
"You can read it once I'm gone, I need to go anyway" he tells me before taking out his wallet, something that has me frowning at him. "Namjoon, this was on me, remember? I won't let you pay for the coffee" I warn him but he simply smiles and shakes his head.
"It's fine, you can always treat me another time, I want to pay for the first coffee you made me" he says, eyes smiling as he tries to give me an opportunity to see him again.
I roll my eyes with a smile before reaching the cash register to make him pay and after a long and slow walk to the front door to extend the goodbyes that has me giggling and him chuckling, he finally walks out of the building and away from the shop on his bicycle.
Knowing that now I can look at my phone, I unlock the screen to find a message coming from an unknown number that can only be him.
Unknown: Hello Y/N, this is Namjoon! Don't hesitate to contact me if you ever need anything, be it when you need to talk or if you want to do something together, I'll always be happy to hear from you :) PS. I also wanted to let you know that I find you very beautiful, have a good day at work!
My breath hitches strongly at the last sentence, a blush crawling over my neck and cheeks as my body heat increases and I quickly hide my phone in my pocket, heart fluttering and shy, did I read this right? Did he really write that?
That's why he didn't want me to read it in front of him... was that... is he flirting with me? Is what I always saw in the movies with my sisters happening to me in real life? It's never happened to me in all of my life, how am I supposed to react to this?
Remembering Seokjin's earlier reaction that still doesn't make much sense, I shake my head to clear my mind and walk to the kitchen to see him smashing some flour over the counter, the white particles creating a cloud before settling down, he looks angry.
I clear my throat to make myself known and bite on my lips when he pauses without looking up at me. "Seokjin... is everything okay?" I ask him softly as I step inside the room to stand in front of him on the other side of the large counter, senses still attentive in case someone comes in the shop.
Still without giving me any attention, he resumes moving his hands to make what appears to be bread, still in the uncooked stage. "Yeah, I just forgot to make a new batch of bread for the display baskets" he mumbles quietly, nothing like his usual behaviour towards me.
I hum lightly and look at the way he moves his fingers to knead the dough, there's visibly a lot of strength that goes into the action, his muscles are not just for show.
"Can I help? I know that you've never seen me in the kitchen but I'm not too bad when given a task" I offer, not liking at all the perpetual frown I can see on his face but he simply sighs and shakes his head in a clear rejection.
"No, it's fine, you should stay at the front in case someone needs you, I'll be okay on my own" he answers and I stay still a few seconds, just staring at him as he keeps working in silence, am I actually hoping for him to change his mind?
"Okay, well... do tell me if you need help, or anything at all... you know where to find me" I make sure to let him know before leaving the room sheepishly, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth, he's usually so bright and attentive but this... I'm not used to this Seokjin.
I thankfully don't have time to focus on this weird situation when as soon as I reach the display cases to remove finger prints from the glass, new customers walk in to get their lunch time dose of coffee.
I put aside my concerns with Seokjin to focus on the endless flow that starts coming in, the time indicating that people are now hungry for food and in need of liquid energy.
I do become a little overwhelmed because I have no time to breathe in between each customers but I do my best anyway, I want to handle this to the best of my abilities to allow Seokjin to continue with his own tasks.
And I'm also a little unsure about bothering him, I know I shouldn't let that keep me from seeking his help but I want to give him some space.
I do notice Jimin staring at me with a frown from time to time, it doesn't help my current nervousness because is this all bothering him? Am I doing something bad again? Can he see that I'm slower than Seokjin?
My nerves start getting increasingly overwhelming as I try to follow the pace that has taken place, five more orders given to me when a group walks in to have a lunch here making me sweat a little because I'm still not done with the previous customer's orders which is quite literally a list for a group at their work most likely, this is starting to not go so well for me.
It's when that thought settles in the pit of my stomach that a shadow quickly walks past me and to the kitchen, so fast that I wonder if it was only my imagination.
I make the customer pay once all the food and drinks ready and then get ready to serve the five customers who've already been waiting for a moment, which they assure me is fine but I can't help but feel like I should already have started on their orders by now, I know Seokjin would've.
I get started with their drinks after putting the sandwiches in the counter oven, head spinning the more I turn to find what I'm looking for, every orders mixing together in my mind and making me turn confused.
It's while I grab some ice that I notice Jimin walking out of the kitchen with a angry look on his face, a guilty looking Seokjin walking behind him and past me to ask the orders that are left to be taken care of to get started on them.
While seeing Jimin there has me turning confused because - did he fetch Seokjin for me? - watching said man here is a huge relief for me and as he organizes each orders to be complete, it also brings order in my mind so I can finish properly what I started, it's amazing how quickly things become easier when he's here with me, it lets me know that I still have much to learn.
We get through the rush in silence if not for the occasional little requests and once no more customers walk in, I slump against the counter behind me, a hand to my slightly pounding head, that was a lot.
I hear him come over before stopping in front of me and when I look up to meet his gaze, I feel so shameful, I wish I could've had things under control when he came to join me, I just wanted to make him proud but it was a failure, wasn't it?
"Why didn't you come and get me when the rush started, Y/N? Me not needing your help in the kitchen doesn't mean that you don't need mine here, what were you thinking?".
I look back down in shame, eyes burning with tears that I don't want to release, he's scolding me with good reason, I tried to do more than I could handle.
"I'm sorry, Seokjin... I didn't want to bother you, I really thought I could handle this by myself at first but then I got pulled into the pace and couldn't find a way out anymore, I'm sorry" I mumble weakly, hear his sigh echo in response, a sound that breaks my heart because I know that sound, I know it by heart.
"No, it's... it's okay, I should've paid more attention, I'm sorry that you had to take care of most of it all by yourself" he apologizes too, his voice tired, I can't do anything else but wait for his verdict as we stay in an awkward silence.
He eventually sighs before walking away to have a round in the seating area and I purse my lips, he's mad at me, isn't he? I must have messed up badly this time, I feel really bad about it.
I follow him with my gaze until it falls on Jimin who has resumed working on his laptop, did he really head to the kitchen to get Seokjin for me or was it only because the noise and my inexperience were bothering him?
He suddenly looks up to see me staring at him and I hurry to hide behind a wall separating the area behind the counter from sight from the seating area, head hitting against it silently as I inwardly swear, I didn't realize I was still staring at him!
As if to make things worse, it is a few seconds later that I hear the sound of feet coming over until they stop nearby and when I look up again, it's to see Jimin standing in front of the cash register with an eyebrow quirking at me.
I sheepishly make my way to him, I guess I didn't really show him my best either, I must be disappointing everyone today. He settles his belongings on the empty counter and gets his card out to pay, I guess he's leaving for the day.
"You know, this week is your first here, don't try to do more than you're able, that rush earlier was too much, you're not Kim Seokjin, you don't have his experience. Ask for help, if I know one thing about him, it's that he wouldn't get mad at you for doing so" he tells me as I select what he got here on the machine, card swiped before I hand it back to him without daring to meet his gaze.
To hear that from a customer... I sigh and nod my head, he's right, I could've done better and that included letting Seokjin know that I needed his help, which I didn't do. I'll learn from this mistake, I won't do it again, I don't want to worry everyone like this, it makes me feel awful.
He leaves soon after that, a small smile given to me before he gathers his things and I turn to Seokjin when he comes back with a few dirty dishes, dishwasher filled before he washes his hands and then he's glancing at me.
"You can go to the break room and get something to eat there, I'll take over in the meantime" he demands and I nod before doing as told without a word, I don't dare say anything that could make things worse.
I enter the room and close the door behind me and then make my way to the fridge that I open to grab the kimbap that he now makes regularly after I shared my love for it and once I'm sat at the table, I start eating slowly, my appetite weak despite today's hard work.
It just feels so wrong to see Seokjin looking like this, he's always all smiles and laughter, he lights up a room and makes everyone feel good, so having him so quiet and almost avoiding me feels like a dark cloud is covering my head to hide me from the sun.
I exhale for many long seconds, a slice of food between my fingers that I can't find the will to bring to my mouth. I can't keep acting like this all day, I disappointed Seokjin so I need to do better to show him that I'm not giving up but it just feels like all my willpower left me.
The sound of the door opening but not closing fills the empty room and I hear him take a seat in front of me, I look up to find him gazing at me with a serious look on his face that worries me.
"You can go back home earlier today, I'll stay here and close alone" he informs me, words that have my breath hitching in my throat, a quick glance at the clock showing that it's barely one in the afternoon.
"But... it's so early, Seokjin, I can't do that" I tell him, confused and afraid of the reason why he would tell me to go in these circumstances, did I really mess up that badly? Is he that mad?
"I know, Y/N, it's okay. I won't need your help so just go back home, leave when you're done eating, I'll handle the rest here" he replies simply and I freeze, his sentence bringing me back to when mom decided to kick me out of home and away from my siblings.
I won't need your help anymore, nor do I want to see you ever again. Get out of here before I get back home after work, leave and never come back.
Feeling panic surge within me at the connections that my mind can make, I grab the hem of my apron tightly to fight back the tears threatening to spill. "Is it because of earlier?" I ask with a trembling voice.
"Because I wasn't good enough? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so careless, I know I'm not as good as you, I won't do it again, I promise... please don't kick me out, I'll work hard, I really will" I plead, tears finally managing to roll down my cheeks, a sight that has his eyes widening, my words not the response he had expected from me.
"Kick you out? Y/N, I'm not- you've done nothing wrong, dear, nothing. If anything, I'm the one who did bad today, I'm just ashamed of myself, nothing that happened was your fault, I promise. I'm only allowing you back home now so you can rest sooner, you look exhausted" he hurries to assure me with a soft voice, eyes worried as they follow my fingers as they wipe my face.
Did I get it all wrong then? He's not getting rid of me? I allow my mind to slowly differentiate the two situations, the one with my mother not the same one as here. Seokjin isn't kicking me out like she did, he's just concerned about me, I breathe in and out slowly to calm down under his careful eyes.
"Okay... I-I'm sorry for panicking, I'll take my leave like you asked then, I'm not hungry so I'll just go now" I mumble before standing up from my chair with a bow to then head to my locker, heart in shambles as I try to recover from the shock his words gave me, I would've been destroyed if I couldn't come back here next week.
I clumsily try to remove my apron, fingers fidgeting with the knot that won't come undone, it's stupid at this point when I start crying silently, fabric pulled in whichever way hoping for it to magically work until Seokjin sighs, the emotions that clash within me obvious in my posture and behaviour.
He stands up and grabs my hands to make me let go before undoing it himself, after which he moves me by the shoulders before pulling me into a hug, arms warm as they close around me to keep me close and safe.
I tense for a moment at the unexpected action but when he starts rubbing soothing circles on my back, I allow myself to relax, fingers letting go of the fabric of my apron to fall by my sides.
"You're okay, Y/N. You have a place here for as long as you want, you hear me? You've been doing a fantastic job this week and you've been a very good help to me, I'm not letting you go so easily" his whispers against my hair as I sniffle softly into his chest.
His words help settle the last of my worries and I nod, soul enjoying his touch for a little bit longer before he steps back to smile down at me, his thumbs serving to take the tears still rolling on my skin gently.
"Now, you head back home, you take it easy for the rest of the day, okay?" he asks, his voice finally shining some light on me again, dark clouds dispersing to lighten the burden over my heart. I make a noise to let him know I will listen to him and he nods before ruffling my hair softly the way he likes to do to praise me.
"Ah, before you leave, let me just get something for you" he suddenly mumbles before grabbing the kimbap I barely ate on the table and to the fridge and I watch his back from my locker, mind confused as I set my apron inside before grabbing my bag.
When I turn around, it's to find him lifting a grocery bag with a pensive hum before nodding to himself, as if to make sure that it's not too heavy, and when he sees me ready to go, he gives it to me.
Confused, I take it from him and have a look inside to see many different types of food, a few meals piled up on top of each other, the bag is pretty heavy but it's also surprising that it's not heavier than that.
"You bring that with you and eat well during the weekend, okay? They'll spoil if I leave them here, I'll bring a bit of what needs to be eaten soon back home too but I need your help, I can't eat everything all on my own" he says with a wink that has me gaping at him, he can't be serious, he's giving me all this?
"If you're worried about not finishing it all this weekend, put some meals in the freezer, they can last for longer that way and you can have them whenever you feel like it" he adds at my hesitation, it's clear as day that he really wants me to accept the food but part of me feels selfish for accepting so easily.
I turn to gaze at his own fridge which also has a freezer and I'm just about to point at it when he chuckles and turns me around and towards the doorway instead.
"Don't make me repeat myself, Y/N, take them and eat well, I don't want you looking sick when you come back on Monday. Do that for me, okay?".
Mouth into a thankful pout, I bow lowly at him, unable to believe that someone can be this nice to me. "Thank you, Seokjin, that's very kind of you" I let out, he has no idea that this is going to last me for days, I didn't have that much food left at home so he's doing me a huge favour.
He steps closer and hooks a finger under my chin to straighten me up with an eye crease. "I take care of my people, Y/N, you are my people so it's only natural that I do this, don't worry so much" he muses before leading me to the front of the shop and towards the exit door.
"Now get going! The longer you stay here, the later you get to rest and that would go against the reason why I'm letting you go so early" he teases me and I purse my lips before smiling at him bashfully, I'm really glad that we get to part in a better mood than earlier.
I get going and wave at him, feeling much better about this coming weekend that will have me alone for the first time in days, it's surely going to feel weird, but at least I won't go hungry, all thanks to this amazing man.
I start walking on the sidewalk, thankful for this miracle that I was given that is to work with Seokjin, I can't see myself going anywhere else, not when he's quickly starting to feel like family.
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40 days — that’s just how long it takes to prepare a human soul for death, undoing the threads of a life second by second, until it meets its final fate. but you wish for more than 3,456,000 seconds when kim taehyung’s pulse lies in your death-bound hands.
•    full teaser under the read more.
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⊱    pairing: human!kth x angel of death!reader (f.) ⊱    genre: grim reaper(ish) au |  heavy angst  |  fluff. ⊱    rating: 16+ (teen and up audiences). ⊱    content warnings: religious discourse, mentions of death, grief, depression, minor character death, somewhat undeveloped lore, eventual heavy angst.
•    important note: this work does not contain a masterlist. you may track new chapters through the #orion’s belt: update tag!
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chapter 𝐈. the most human color.  full release on august 16th, 11pm est.
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monvante   ©   2022. all rights reserved.
Humans were so powerless, greedy. Heaven spoke of their selfishness, their unwillingness to sacrifice, to submit. But century after damned century, something about them refused to quit. And even in the brink of their own destruction, even in the face of hatred and prejudice, there was so much hope. What did humanity hope so much for? How did they hold so much love in these short-lived moments? 
Wild and tenacious, hurting even in tenderness. 
They were so free. You thought to yourself.
Maybe that’s why God loves them so much. Maybe He never gave up the hope they’d come back to Him. 
You couldn’t grasp the concept of love, even if time after time you told yourself it was just a state of deep affection, you couldn’t understand why humans always hurt the ones they loved the most, pouring salt on the same wounds they promised to heal. But humanity had always been far beyond your immortal comprehension, and the closest you’d ever get to it were the vivid memories of their lives, their deepest sighs and flickering shadows dancing along to a melody you had never heard of.
The sight of the next dying soul in question is pleasant. You can’t quite make much of his face in such darkness, but even if you did, you’d fear disturbing him in his sleep.
Kim Taehyung.
Tumblr media
•    author’s note: this is a full on revamp of my original orion’s belt, published originally in 2021. i’ve missed working on this series far too much not to re-launch it, so i hope you enjoyed this small teaser. chapter one is all done and ready to go. i’ve decided not to have a taglist for this series (as mentioned above), but you can track the updates through the tag. thank you! constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated ♡
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