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Shattered Glass | kth - Fic Announcement
Tumblr media
Series Summary: They say time heals all wounds, but it's been eight years since you cut each other out of your lives and the pain is still sharp as ever. You were the best of friends, and a whisper of something more, but the future you once dreamed of shattered in the blink of an eye. Thrust back together by a twist of fate, you find yourselves torn between the past and the present as you struggle to pick up the pieces.
Pairing: idol!taehyung x idol!reader
Genre : idol!au (mostly canon-compliant), friends to enemies to idiots to lovers (these two will put you through the ringer), mutual pining, fluff, heavy angst, eventual smut, slow burn
Rating: 18+
Warnings: swearing, alcohol consumption, serious trust issues, physical violence (not with each other), mentions of past sexual abuse and infidelity, explicit sexual content; chapters will have their own warnings!
Schedule: Fall 2022
Taglist: Please comment or send an ask to be added!
a/n: I wrote half of this last year before getting pregnant with my daughter, but have been stalled out since then. I'm hoping that by posting this announcement I'll magically find the motivation to finish this once and for all :)
teaser below the cut
⋘ ──── ∗ ⋅ Taehyung ⋅ ∗ ──── ⋙
When Taehyung’s gaze landed on you, he nearly choked on his martini. The drink - his third of the night - was in clear violation of the personal rule he usually adhered to of having no more than two drinks while at any Big Hit-sponsored events. While his tolerance had improved significantly over the years, he still never wanted to take any chances, knowing how quickly a light buzz can morph into much more if you aren’t careful. Being that one inebriated idiot in a room full of mostly sober people was never a good look, but it was far worse when some of those people were your bosses or, if you were really having a bad day, members of the media.
And yet, there he was, well on his way to legitimate drunkenness.
You must have arrived recently because there was absolutely no way he wouldn’t have spotted you sooner. Your dress was bright red, the same exact shade of red as a stop sign, he couldn’t help but notice. It was form fitting, falling just above the knee, with a sweetheart neckline and halter tie strap. You’d paired it with matching red stilettos and a few simple pieces of silver jewelry. Your hair was up in one of those perfectly messy buns, your lips painted scarlet. 
You and the other girls from Red Velvet were on the far side of the room in the middle of a conversation with the guys from TXT. You appeared to be telling some sort of story, having apparently just said something hilarious given the way the guys all threw their heads back in laughter. You were smiling back at them, looking confident and relaxed, elegant yet sexy, truly and utterly stunning.
And, just like that he was annoyed. 
You would dress like that tonight, wearing something so eye-catching that it made it virtually impossible for him to not let his gaze linger on your figure every time he stopped staring into the bottom of his glass. You would act so boldly, waltzing in here like you owned the place, talking and laughing with his friends while he sulked alone in the corner. You would be completely unaffected by his presence, that is, if you even noticed he was there.
Watching with narrowed eyes as you leaned in to whisper something into Yeonjun’s ear, his grip on the glass in his hand tightened. You were the reason why he’d broken his two-drink rule within an hour of arriving at the party. In fact, you were the reason why he’d been drinking more and sleeping less and losing his grip entirely these last few months. Since the moment Bang PD told them of the acquisition, he’d been living in a constant state of low-level, but ever-growing anxiety. 
He had long ago locked you in a box and thrown away the key, taking all that you once were and never would be and erasing it from his waking mind. You were meant to stay in there forever, but now here you were, crashing back into his life and threatening to ruin everything. Just looking at you was stirring up memories and feelings he hadn’t the slightest clue how to deal with, ones that were still sharp and terrible as ever, even after all this time.
As he took another recklessly large gulp of his drink, he seriously considered making a break for it through the emergency exit behind him. Clearly the two of you would cross paths sooner or later now that you worked for the same company, but he wanted to delay that reunion for as long as humanly possible. Having not had a legitimate conversation with you in almost a decade, he had absolutely no idea what he was going to say to you. 
Despite the fact that you were both K-pop idols, and therefore members of a rather small circle, the two of you had done a remarkable job of avoiding one another over the last few years. Belonging to different management companies had certainly helped in that regard, as did the fact that you didn’t share any mutual friends. Although BTS and Red Velvet often attended the same award shows, there were usually so many people there that you didn’t run into each other. On the rare occasions when your groups had been forced to interact on stage or on the red carpet, the two of you had donned your most convincing smiles and pretended to be friendly, casual acquaintances. 
The only truly meaningful correspondence you’d had since high school was three years ago when his grandmother died and you sent your condolences in a handwritten letter. It had taken him two days to build up the courage to open it. The instant he started reading, he broke down. There on the page before him, in the same neat handwriting that used to appear on folded notes tucked into his backpack, were the most heartfelt, sorrowful words. 
You had met both his grandparents many times when you came with him to visit their farm in Daegu, but you’d always had a special relationship with his grandmother. Having never met either of your own, you said that she filled the hole in your heart by showering you with love and affection as if you were one of her own grandchildren. From the scattered blotches of smeared ink he could tell that you’d cried while writing the letter which absolutely shattered him. He hated it when you cried, especially when he wasn’t there to comfort you. 
The letter he wrote in response was five pages long. Into it, he poured his entire soul, telling you how happy he was to hear from you and how much it meant to him that you’d remembered his grandmother. He told you that she always loved you and that she asked about you every single time he called to talk to her, even after you’d stopped speaking to one another. He recounted some of your fondest memories from the farm like that time you got stung by a bee on the tip of your nose and looked like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 
He asked about your family, wondering if they still lived in Jeonju and if you were able to see them often. He asked how you’d liked living in New York City and mentioned how impressed he was with your English. He congratulated you on joining Red Velvet, confessing that he’d been following your career closely for the past year and was so proud of how seamlessly you’d filled the role of main vocalist. 
And, he told you that he missed you. He told you he missed you so much that it hurt and that he thought about you every single day. He apologized again for the awful things he said to you that fateful day all those years ago, telling you he truly didn’t mean any of it and that he was just sad and scared because you were going to be so far away from him for so long. He said he wished more than anything that you could be a part of his life again. He left his phone number and all but begged you to contact him before signing the letter, ‘Love Tae’.
But, you never did. 
You never wrote back. You never texted. You never called.
Deep down, he had been holding out hope that you would come back to him one day, but your silence made him realize that was nothing more than wishful thinking. You had written out of respect for his grandmother, nothing more. You had moved on and carved out a new life for yourself, one in which he did not have a place. 
You were no longer his best friend. You were no longer his princess. You were no longer his anything. 
And it was all his fault.
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orion's belt  ⊱ kth ╱ menu.
Tumblr media
40 days — that’s just how long it takes to prepare a human soul for death, undoing the threads of a life second by second, until it meets its final fate. but you wish for more than 3,456,000 seconds when kim taehyung’s pulse lies in your death-bound hands.
•    full teaser under the read more.
Tumblr media
⊱    pairing: human!kth x angel of death!reader (f.) ⊱    genre: grim reaper(ish) au |  heavy angst  |  fluff. ⊱    rating: 16+ (teen and up audiences). ⊱    content warnings: religious discourse, mentions of death, grief, depression, minor character death, somewhat undeveloped lore, eventual heavy angst.
•    important note: this work does not contain a masterlist. you may track new chapters through the #orion’s belt: update tag!
Tumblr media
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chapter 𝐈. the most human color.  full release on august 16th, 11pm est.
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Tumblr media
monvante   ©   2022. all rights reserved.
Humans were so powerless, greedy. Heaven spoke of their selfishness, their unwillingness to sacrifice, to submit. But century after damned century, something about them refused to quit. And even in the brink of their own destruction, even in the face of hatred and prejudice, there was so much hope. What did humanity hope so much for? How did they hold so much love in these short-lived moments? 
Wild and tenacious, hurting even in tenderness. 
They were so free. You thought to yourself.
Maybe that’s why God loves them so much. Maybe He never gave up the hope they’d come back to Him. 
You couldn’t grasp the concept of love, even if time after time you told yourself it was just a state of deep affection, you couldn’t understand why humans always hurt the ones they loved the most, pouring salt on the same wounds they promised to heal. But humanity had always been far beyond your immortal comprehension, and the closest you’d ever get to it were the vivid memories of their lives, their deepest sighs and flickering shadows dancing along to a melody you had never heard of.
The sight of the next dying soul in question is pleasant. You can’t quite make much of his face in such darkness, but even if you did, you’d fear disturbing him in his sleep.
Kim Taehyung.
Tumblr media
•    author’s note: this is a full on revamp of my original orion’s belt, published originally in 2021. i’ve missed working on this series far too much not to re-launch it, so i hope you enjoyed this small teaser. chapter one is all done and ready to go. i’ve decided not to have a taglist for this series (as mentioned above), but you can track the updates through the tag. thank you! constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated ♡
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i think i loved you more. | kth
title ; i think i loved you more.  you don’t even think about me. 
description ; how could you love me and then walk away?
cast ; taehyung x you
tracklist ; chilly - niki, fools - troye sivan, consequences - camila cabello, the apartment we won’t share - niki 
tags ; best friends to lovers to exes, angst, it’s literally just angst, anyway surprise!! i didn’t think i’d actually finish this but here we are so i hope u like it 
it would be a lie to say you haven’t thought about taehyung in years. it would be a lie because taehyung crosses your mind far more frequently than you care to admit, occupying his own little corner, sitting so comfortably there that he’s made a home out of it, the kind of thing you wish didn’t feel like such a constant in your life, and yet, it is. 
and while you’re relatively good at pretending taehyung isn’t a permanent facet in your mental inventory, a part of you still knows full well that he loiters. you should’ve fined him six months into it; either he start paying rent or move the fuck on out of your head. 
of course, then, you’d have to admit you never moved on as much as you should have. 
regardless, there are still times when he doesn’t linger in the recesses of your mind, when your thoughts decide to take a break from playing grainy film reels of memories that you can’t seem to burn. photos can be deleted but it’s much harder to erase the sight of his lips slowly curving upwards, until it grows into that big, goofy grin you love so much. 
loved. loved, so much. 
the point being, that for once you weren’t thinking of taehyung tonight. it’s a little difficult to be thinking of past love affairs when you’re too busy trying to find and squeeze yourself into a hoseok-appropriate outfit (how come yoongi gets away with wearing whatever the hell he wants but if it’s you it’s all, ‘i know damn well you can do better than that y/n,’ and ‘i know you did not come to this fancy ass restaurant in jeans y/n’ like? it’s blatant favoritism.) 
by the time you show up to whatever new instagram-aesthetic restaurant hoseok has been begging you to come with him to lately, you’re approximately ten minutes late. by your standards - it’s not so bad. yoongi might not even whine about being forced to wait for you to show up to order something more than drinks. 
(come to think of it, maybe hoseok doesn’t play favorites. you have to wear something nice; yoongi isn’t allowed to start eating without you. all things considered, you pulled the better bargain.)
“fucking finally,” yoongi groans, as you slide into the booth across from him. yoongi never does pass up an opportunity to complain. 
“it’s not even 7:30,” you wave him off. a waiter sets down a plate of calamari in front of you and you raise your brows. “and it looks like you got an appetizer anyway.” so much for waiting for you. 
“that’s because in five minutes they would’ve kicked us out for waiting any longer,” yoongi raises his brows back at you, eyes darting away only so he can gauge when hoseok is finally satisfied with the number of photos he’s snapped. 
“cut her some slack,” hoseok tucks his phone away. “she dressed like a person today. that probably took some time.” 
you stare at him. “that’s it? that’s all i get?” 
hoseok grins. “you’re ten minutes late, i can’t be honest with you or your ego will get too big. if i tell you you look stunning, next time you’re gonna show up twenty minutes late looking breathtaking.” 
“or i could show up on time in a hoodie,” you offer, cackling when his expression flattens immediately, unimpressed with you. hoseok knows you enjoy dressing up, it’s just that you’re too lazy to do it if he isn’t there to badger you about it. 
“here,” he passes you a menu, which you flip open and browse through as he starts chattering on about his day, complaining about how namjoon got on his ass again about something or another at his job. 
“i love him, i do, but that man is anal as fuck,” hoseok gripes, to which yoongi smirks and hoseok narrows his eyes back. lucky for hoseok, yoongi is too busy enjoying his calamari to be bothered to stop eating just to fire off sexual innuendos about hoseok and his love/hate relationship with his coworker. 
you glance around the restaurant. it’s a nice place, as expected given it was hoseok’s choice. it has a bit of an old-timey look, but what makes it stand out is the space carved out in the center, where you spot couples dancing together, or friends dragging each other onto the dance floor, laughter intermingling with the jazzy tune playing over the speakers. 
taehyung would like this place. 
for someone as mischievous and childish as taehyung, he liked jazz a lot. in retrospect it made a lot of sense - the sassiness in the notes, the moments when the music would take a surprise leap in another direction. it suited taehyung. he was whimsical and unexpected, a troublemaker and everybody’s favorite. 
including yours. 
sophomore year of high school 
“miss y/l/n,” mr. kang stops you in the hall. “have you seen taehyung?” 
you blink back at your teacher. “no,” you’re a little baffled why he’s asking you. how are you supposed to know where taehyung is?
mr. kang makes a displeased expression. he grunts. “that kid owes me homework. if you see him, send him my way, please.” 
mr. kang is an older, crankier teacher, but he’s also one of the most lenient. taehyung’s lucky the two of you got him for language arts; anybody else would’ve simply given taehyung a zero on his missing essay and called it a day. that’s all that crosses your mind when you head off, in search of your friend. 
it turns out, mr. kang stopping you in the hallway is the first in a long series of people asking you for taehyung’s whereabouts. you don’t consider yourself stuck to him like glue, but it seems the rest of the school does, the remainder of high school passing with questions of, hey can you pass this along to taehyung? or have you seen taehyung? or do you know if taehyung’s busy this weekend? as if you’re his keeper. but you’re only his friend. no one could ever be taehyung’s keeper. 
you wonder sometimes if anyone ever asks taehyung about you. you know of course the answer is no, because, for one, no one can ever seem to find taehyung in the first place, and two, nobody’s ever looking for you if they’re not already looking for him, anyway. 
you always knew taehyung was a troublemaker, but much like the rest of the school, he had you wrapped around his little finger. he wasn’t exactly the class clown, per say, but he could still upturn a whole class with a few well-timed, choice words, leaving teachers scrambling to get everyone back in order. he had a mischievous streak, but not enough to be considered a bad boy - just enough to have his grades dropping a little more than they probably should have, between the missing homeworks and the crammed studying he did right before his exams. 
but he was a good guy. he was your best friend. he made your goody-two-shoes life just that little more entertaining, and he loved to do just that. the only detentions you ever got were because he was involved in them, but they were far and few between, because taehyung rarely let you take the fall for anything. taehyung might’ve gotten you into trouble - but he also did his best to get you out of it. 
maybe that’s why you loved him. taehyung was balanced in an odd sort of way. or maybe it was just that he balanced you. 
you think maybe because of that you might’ve followed him to the end of the world and back if he’d have let you. 
junior year of high school 
“this is really weird,” you state, staring at the plastic baby in taehyung’s arms. sex ed is fine, maybe a little exasperating to get through considering half the boys in your class can’t talk about sexual organs without snickering or looking much more confused than they really should be, but this parenting assignment? 
this is really fucking weird. 
“i just wish it was cuter,” taehyung rocks the (again - plastic) child in his arms. “there’s no way you and me would pop out a baby this ugly.” 
you choke on your juice. you have never once in your life considered ‘popping out a baby’ with taehyung. your mind does work at quick speeds on a regular basis, but now it’s doing double time imagining a future with taehyung and - unnecessarily - the probable process that is required in order to have said child. 
stop. stop. this is so incredibly off limits. 
when you’re older - and taehyung is somehow yours, for a time - you learn that it’s actually really easy to imagine a future with taehyung. it’s easy to see him in your life for the rest of eternity because taehyung isn’t shy about wanting to spend his time with you. you were fully prepared to pair off with jimin for this assignment but taehyung gave you an offended look and said, “are you really ditching me for jimin?” 
you don’t think there’s anything wrong with jimin, considering jimin is a much better student than taehyung. 
but also it’s taehyung. so he has a point. 
taehyung passes you a napkin. he doesn’t look at you when he says it, but, “is it really that weird to think about?” 
“think about what?” 
he looks up. the smile that taehyung usually has playing on his face at all times is nowhere to be found. “you and me,” he says, softly. 
he looks like he wants to say more, but he stops there, eyes trained on yours. you feel like your heart is simultaneously frozen in your chest and racing at an unhealthy rate, pounding hard against your ribcage. you don’t understand him. you understand him completely. he knows you do. between the two of you, you’ve always been the smart one. 
but then he cracks a grin, unreadable, dark eyes transforming into those familiar, bright ones again. “yeah, you’re right,” he sighs as if you’ve even said a word. “i’m way out of your league.” 
you sock him hard in the arm and relish in his cry of pain. 
senior year of high school 
taehyung falls in love with you first. 
you don’t know it, until you do. until he’s catching you from tripping over your heels at the homecoming dance, both arms secure around you, breath catching because your faces are too close together and it makes him nervous. 
he wants to kiss you, and you can tell. 
he doesn’t. he simply lifts you back upright, cheeks dusted in pink and hands shoved back into his pockets, a teasing remark slipping past his lips that you swat at him for. 
he tells you to slip off your heels - “who cares, y/n? just dance!” and taehyung, like always, is good at convincing you to do anything. 
taehyung falls in love with you first. he kisses you on your doorstep when he drops you home after the dance. he falls in love with you first, and you can tell. 
but you fall in love with him harder, and when you get older, when you’re no longer a teenager in love, when you’re no longer distracted by the feeling consuming your chest, blooming into roses and lilacs and carnations, you’ll wish you weren’t able to tell. 
but you can. 
loving taehyung was a lot of things. 
it was secret glances from across the room. it was snickers bitten down, eyes alight with laughter you weren’t allowed to let out because your teachers were frowning down at you. it was those absolutely massive hugs only kim taehyung could give out - crushing you tight against him, leaving you basking in his warmth and that ever-familiar woodsy scent of his. it was screaming when he lifted you clean off the ground to spin you in circles, until he got dizzy and you both toppled to the ground - but taehyung was always careful in making sure you landed on him, a clumsy but soft fall, filled with giggles and crinkled, crescent eyes. 
loving taehyung was wishing he’d have let you go in the same way - clumsily, but softly. 
your eyes wander the dance floor. you spend too much time creating new memories with taehyung that will never happen. no one else knows the way you still wonder what it’d be like to pass him on the street, or bump into him in the grocery store. if he’d smile at you and ask how you’re doing, or if whatever look on his face at the moment would drop and suddenly he’d be unreadable, like he was when he left you. 
but they’re just fantasies. daydreams and idle passings. taehyung is your first love and he was your best friend to top it off. it makes sense that it’s hard for you to let go, even years and various partners after the fact. 
“did you just say seokjin’s having a kid?” hoseok near shouts, yoongi wincing at the volume and rubbing at his ear. 
“yeah,” he grumbles, digging at the food on his plate. “you don’t have to sound so surprised about it. you knew they were trying.” 
you open your mouth to respond, head turning back to pay attention to your friends, when you stop, lips still parted from a sentence that never quite hits the air. 
yoongi notices. he turns in the direction you’re looking, which makes hoseok turn in the direction he’s looking, and both of them immediately quiet. 
passing fantasies, fleeting memories, all of them scramble in your head and form kim taehyung from across the floor. you were right. taehyung does like this place. 
there’s a girl wrapped around him, dancing with him. you hardly notice her, rather, it’s the way he smiles, eyes alight, mischievous as ever, closed-lipped smile turning slowly into a wide grin. 
he looks happy. it’s funny because it’s been years and you’ve promised yourself you’ve moved on and yet at just the sight of him you know it was wrong to keep him lingering in the back of your mind every day, pretending it’s just a habit from years of knowing and loving taehyung. 
he spins her around and you’re thrown back into a life that no longer belongs to you. he pulls her close and you watch a future you still dream of sometimes crumble into dust. his eyes shine and you feel the wind sweep away the ashes, your heart sinking low in your chest. 
maybe yoongi and hoseok are trying to talk to you. maybe you should pay attention, maybe you should listen, maybe you should react to hoseok’s gentle touch on your arm trying to get you to come back down to earth. but you don’t hear or feel any of it. you and taehyung were years in the making. it’s funny how easily that all went away. it’s funny how years pass and he looks so happy. without you. taehyung is happy without you. 
some part of you is slowly running reels through your mind. black and white and gray - the way taehyung kissed you, the way taehyung spun you in circles, the way taehyung curled up beside you in bed, tugging you close to his chest, murmuring about forever. 
the thing about taehyung is that you always knew he was a flight risk. taehyung doesn’t sit still. taehyung can’t even hold a single topic for longer than five minutes, so maybe it’s your fault for believing he’d love you for longer than he actually did. maybe it’s your fault for thinking he’d hold onto you, settle down with you. 
it’s just - you really thought he would love you enough to stay. 
the other half of your brain is running reels in color - reds and blues and greens, a child, a home, a ring. sometimes it shifts back into black and white, like one of those old-timey films taehyung loves so much, where things were oddly domestic, honey, i’m home - taehyung loved to swing open your apartment door singing those words. 
that apartment is someone else’s now. your furniture is gone. your clothes are elsewhere. his hoodies aren’t mixed with yours. 
it’s funny. it would be a lie to say you haven’t thought about taehyung in years. it would be a lie because you think about taehyung every single fucking day but when you see him across the room, tangled with someone else, you know. 
i don’t think i even cross your mind anymore.
they say there are three types of everlasting loves. 
one. your first love. puppy love, giddy, fresh and young and exciting. clumsy and filled with good intention. and generally never meant to last. but everything is new, everything is a first - and you never really forget your firsts. 
two. the person you will never be able to forget. the person you will probably love most, even if things don’t work out. the person who connects with you in a way that you never thought was possible, someone who aligns right next to you - until they don’t. until life gets in the way. until even loving them isn’t enough to keep things together. 
three. your last love. the person you choose, every day. the person you want for forever, the person who maybe doesn’t light up the kind of sparks you get with your first love, or make you feel the depth that you feel with the person you’ll never forget, but still - they love you, and you love them, and it feels stable. it feels right. it feels everlasting. 
taehyung’s eyes meet yours from across the room and you know there’s no one else but you who would’ve noticed his reaction. the marginal twitch in his expression, the way his eyes flicker in recognition of you. the subtle tenseness he gets in his fingers, the way he has to blink out the memory of you. 
taehyung loved you first. you knew that. you knew it in the way he left roses in your locker or traded lunches with you when you didn’t like yours. you knew it in the way he lost his breath at the sight of you in a prom dress, or how he lit up at the prospect of going to college together. 
but you loved him more. you knew that too. you knew it in the way you suggested living together first, in the way you waited every day for him to come home. you knew it in the way you buried yourself in his clothes when he wasn’t around, in the way you carefully prepared anniversary gifts while he had a tendency to forget. you knew it in the way you were always reaching for his hand even when he was pulling away, knew it when you were the one whispering i love you in the dark when he was fast asleep. 
you knew, because he was the one who left you. 
there are three types of everlasting loves. for taehyung, you’re the first. 
for you, taehyung might be all of them. even if he doesn’t choose you, it seems you never stopped choosing him. 
the world colors itself back in slowly. you don’t know how long taehyung’s eyes are on yours. you just know that he’s the first to look away, a loving smile directed to his partner, a smile that no longer belongs to you. 
the last remaining part of your heart - that was holding on to something you knew wasn’t ever coming back for you - shatters. 
i don’t think i ever stopped loving you. 
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When he doesn’t love you; Kim Taehyung
Tumblr media
Pairing; Taehyung x (partner) F! reader
Warning; breakups?
Genre; sad angst
a/n: i wrote this a long time ago, so i apologise if it is sucky although i did try to refine it the best i could without taking away from it, the actual plot. i wrote this for the prompt i read that went; “I’m sorry I was so hard to love.” i hope you like my take on this deep, depressing prompt! <3
Author’s P.O.V
He disregarded her, again. He couldn’t even bring himself to look at her because he dreaded it. He dreaded the grief in her eyes. He dreaded the one question she would ask. He blamed himself even when he wasn’t at fault. But didn’t he break her? Didn’t he put her through endless suffering? He sinned despite never committing crime.
Your P.O.V
Your boyfriend overlooked your date once more. He invariably ignored you and used the same explanation every time. At first, you believed him but doubt slowly made its way into your mind and you couldn’t help but wonder if there was someone else? Every day, these very thoughts took over your life. You deserved to know the truth, even if it would break you. You wanted peace, and you were determined to find it. Picking up your phone you dialled his number. Voicemail. You sighed and recorded a message for him. 
“Hey Taehyung, I know you’re busy… as always but whenever you’re free, do call me back, this is important” You put down your phone, eyes darted towards the frame resting on your desk. It was a picture of you with him. Tears formed in your eyes, blurring your vision. 
His P.O.V
I played Y/n’s voicemail over and over, it chipped at my heart more and more every time.
“I can’t bring myself to look at her” I sighed “I hate myself for being attracted to someone else when I know that Y/n is waiting for me at home. I hate how I make her doubt herself when I’m the one who’s at fault here. I can’t even look at myself because I feel the shame.” Tears formed in the corner of my eyes threatening to fall. 
“Taehyung…” Jin sympathised “Falling out of love isn’t a bad thing. Feelings come and go, there’s nothing you can do to change that. Everyone has a person and you just don't belong to each other. My suggestion to you is, tell her. Tell her how you feel and how you don’t love her anymore, ignoring her will break you and her.” 
I, finding wisdom in his words, decided to return Y/n’s calls 
“Hey...Y/n how are you?” I asked 
“Taehyung, you...you called” Her voice wavered. 
“Do you want to meet up today? I’ll come over at 8?” 
“That sounds great. I’ll see you at my house then?” 
“Yeah, bye Y/n” 
“Bye, I love you,” She said and I winced. I couldn’t reply, I couldn’t lie so I hung up, pinching the bridge of my nose.
Time Flash; 7:45 pm 
Your P.O.V
The bell rang and your heart skipped a beat. He was here. You rushed over to open it and there he stood. He had a bouquet and a paper bag. 
“Hey,” you murmured 
“Hey yourself,” he gave you a weak smile and made his way to the couch. 
He took a seat and handed you the bouquet and bag “This is for you, you like lilies, right?” You hum and placed them on the table. 
“So Taehyung uh ab-” 
“Y/n I have to tell you something, and before I do, you have every right to be mad at me but please, hear me out.” He looked at you, eyes softening. “Y/n I- I’m sorry. I lost feelings for you. I was being drawn to others and I-” His voice broke. “I know I promised that I would never leave you but I did just that” His eyes moistened. Tears blurring your vision, you fought them back and tried to form an answer. You wanted to ask him. You wanted answers. You wanted to say so much but all you could manage was “It’s okay, feelings can be lost as swiftly as they’re gained” His eyes widened. “You’re not mad? I broke my promise. I hurt you!” 
“It’s okay, promises are meant to be broken.” After a moment of calm, you broke the silence “What’s their name?” He looked down not wanting to face you. “She’s… a colleague at work it’s- it’s not important. We haven’t even interacted or anything-” His voice wavered, he abruptly stood up and looked back at you one last time “I’m sorry I couldn’t love you” 
“I’m sorry I was so hard to love,” You replied and slammed the door shut, leaning against the doorframe. 
You could hear his sniffling on the opposite side knowing he’s in the same state as you.
The heart is a fool. Loves even those who break you without mercy. 
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luvhim · 11 days ago
riled up | KTH x reader
Tumblr media
18+ only
written by luvhim
Genre: BDSM/ Smut
Pairing: Taehyung x reader
Sexual warnings: dom taehyung, sub reader, clit over stimulation, edging, cumplay, cum, protected sex, punishment, teasing, choking, Tae fucks you dumb, big dick tae, Tae bullys you, clit slapping/suck
Please, under no circumstances, repost my work on any other sites. I do not consent to anyone taking my work and posting it as their own.
Copyright © 2022 luvhim.
Tumblr media
You and Taehyung always had a toxic relationship with each other. You wanted him gone at times but you couldn’t deny what he made you feel for him. Each time you saw each other, you wanted to rip each other’s clothes off. It all started since Taehyung forced you to suck him off in the library that one day. It made you feel so small at the moment and you absolutely liked it. You hated him so badly but you loved the feeling of his control. But you always wondered what it would be like to see him being topped. You wanted to see him feel almost helpless as you tried to make your attempt on him… most of all, you wanted to rile him up.
“Y/n, I need to have a talk with you.” You watch him sit on the edge of the bed with his belt laying in his hand. You just remembered he just came from a nightly party and you knew he was a bit drunk. You quickly rolled your eyes, knowing how angry he gets when he’s drunk. But especially since you knew he how good he fucked when he’s mad. Your back still aches from the last time you found out…
“You want to tell me what’s going on?” You stood in front of him, looking down at the belt in his hand.
“Don’t play dumb, sweetheart. Why don’t you tell me?” He says with a false smile but his eyes were telling otherwise. They were hungry, hungry for lust. You knew he had fucked with someone else at the party, but that was a normal thing. One thing you knew about Taehyung was he never had an actual long-term relationship, maybe the one he had with you was close enough.
“Does daddy want to spank me for being bad?” 
You pout as you put your knee on the side of him before settling on his lap. You scan him, and noticed how his breathing hitched. You wonder if he liked this.
“Have I been bad?” You played with the collar of his shirt.
“Very bad.” He says under his breath, his eyes never leaving yours. 
You lean your weight against him causing him to lay back onto the bed. You reach inside his jeans and began palming him, shutting him up by kissing him on his lips. 
“Are you hard for me? Hm? Do want to use me, Tae?” You whisper as you sucked on his bottom lip. Your hands comb through the nape of hair behind his head.
“Looks like the poor girl at the party couldn’t handle you….were you being too rough?” You pouted as you took off his blazer, revealing his black clothing from beneath. His skin was a glistening honey tone and it made you want to unbutton him fully, but you knew he wouldn’t like you taking control.
“You know…”
“I can handle it…” you whispered into his ear before sucking onto his lobe.
You reach down to pull his zipper but you suddenly feel him tightly grip your wrist. With his hand, he tilts your chin up to face him. 
“You want me to test that out?” 
You screech when he suddenly flips you over onto the bed. 
Suddenly you feel him grip your throat.
“You think I’m playing?”
His hands on your pants, he pulls until he is able to pull down your panties as well. You pull off your shirt and bra as he takes off his clothes. Skin on skin, he places his hand around your neck as he leans near your ear.
“Fuck y/n, why can’t you behave for once? You kept on teasing me knowing that I’ll fuck you senseless, huh? Is that it baby?”
You feel his erection twitching against you. You knew how big he was and how painful it would be but it was too late to back out. He spreads your legs and you jolt when he slaps your clit.
“That’s for thinking you had the chance to top me” 
Another hit makes you moan.
“And that’s for you always being a little shit” 
He slips his long slender finger into your hole feeling your walls tighten. 
“Fuck, you’re loving this, huh? Pussy tight and all…”He lifts a brow.
“Yes so tight for you-” you say with a bliss slur in your voice.
With that, Taehyung grabs his belt and brings both of your wrists together to tie. He doesn’t waste time slipping his condom on and flips you around.
“Fuck me please-” you beg him when you hear him groan knowing he is jerking himself off. You could feel your pussy already wetting the sheets, and you get frustrated that you can’t touch yourself.
You arch to the feeling of his cock slipping into your tight little hole. You almost cry at the pain as you try to adjust to the size. With his hand around your neck, he fully thrusts into you.
“Promise me you’ll behave next time” you could feel your own slick slip from your folds as he scolds you with that deep voice of his. It has you squirming in the sheets but his hold keeps you in place. 
“I p-promise” you say as tears stream from your eyes, your ass bouncing against his pelvis as his dick was being pounded inside of you. It felt painfully good each time his balls would slap your clit that your wetness began seeping down your legs.
“Mmm, you like having my fat cock in your tight little hole? Hm?” 
“…you filthy little slut.” He snickers deeply before he played with your clit. You were already wet but his fingers were like speed, strumming your bundle of nerves until you orgasmed on his hands. And instead of stopping, he kept it going until he had you moaning into the pillows. 
“T-tae, I can’t handle…” you begin to feel your knees shake but he wasn’t going to let that happen. He pulls out and flips you over, beginning to suck on your clit tightly. His digits inside of your pulsing tight hole while his other pinched on your nipple. Your hands tugging on his black locks as it tickled your inner thigh. He wanted to make sure you took your punishment well. You were over stimulating, arching and twitching under him. With his mouth, he began to nibble on your teased clit very gently until he knew it would be swollen the next morning. 
“Please, I won’t do it again…please I’m going to cu-"
At that moment you cum down hard on him again, squirting comes along, dripping down to the sheets. 
You close your eyes when you feel his fingers wiggle inside of you. And you hear the sudden sound of wetness squelch inside as you feel yourself squirt again. 
“Look at you shaking, so fucking pathetic”
This time you see your cum on his lips and nose. His gaze is still hungry on you, but there is no longer anger. He moves down and licks you clean and it puzzles you to see him act in such a way. You wish you were able to touch him but you remember you are still tied up. You just whimper each time his tongue slightly goes over your sensitive clit. You were still throbbing and stimulated by his actions. 
When he rubbed his thumb over your clit the last time you moaned in exhaustion. You laid almost lifeless, weakness ached your body.
“Poor thing,” you hear him mumble under his breath. 
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Copyright © 2022 luvhim. All rights reserved.
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girl code | kim taehyung
Tumblr media
pairing: taehyung x reader (y/n)
genre: fluff, some angst
warnings: y/n and her best friend have a crush on the same guy, a little swearing, insecurities, taehyung being so cute, y/n not wanting to hurt her best friend, pining
words: 7.4k
summary: y/n is falling for her best friends crush, but she won’t make a move because she doesn’t want to break girl code. that doesn’t stop taehyung from falling for her and trying to make a move
based on a snippet i heard on tiktok of brynn cartelli’s new song girl code, which comes out this Friday! (8/5) i heard the song and i immediately fell in love and had to write about it LOL hope you all enjoy! i’ll add her username so if you want to listen to the snippet as well! :) <3 (tiktok: brynnzzyy)
My girlfriend told me she was into you that night we were introduced outside of the pub
“What are we waiting for? It’s so fucking cold out here! Let’s go inside!” My best friend, Lisa, complained to Jimin and me as we waited outside of the pub.
“We’re waiting for Jungkook! I already told you this. Stop complaining,” I chuckled as my two best friends bickered back and forth about waiting for our other friend Jungkook outside. “Why do you always have to complain about everything? Y/N isn’t complaining that is cold. Oh, and, look, there they are!”
I looked up to see Jungkook waving at us as he crossed the street with a random man by his side. I felt my heart beat quicken and butterflies flutter when I made eye contact with Jungkook’s new friend. He gave me a shy smile and made his way over to us without taking his eyes off of me. I took my eyes off of him when Jungkook stood directly in front of me and wrapped me up in a warm hug.
“Y/N! I haven’t seen you in forever!” He greeted me with a huge grin and a small kiss on my forehead. I wrapped my arms around his waist tightly, moving my head to the side so my ear was against his chest. With my new position, I saw Jungkook’s friend again, who was once again staring at me. I blushed but quickly looked away from him when Jungkook let go of me.
“You literally saw her this morning, dumbass. What took you so long? It’s freezing out here! And, why did you only say hi to Y/N? Did you forget Jimin and I existed too?” Lisa once again complained, making me giggle as Jimin and Jungkook groaned out in frustration with her nonstop complaining.
“That’s my bad,” the mysterious man spoke up, looking toward Lisa and Jimin briefly before smiling down at me. “I showed up at Jungkook’s house without any warning. I didn’t know that he had already made plans for tonight. I hope you all don’t mind me tagging along unexpectedly. I’m Taehyung, by the way.”
He put his hand out in front of me, hoping that I would shake it, but before I had the chance to Lisa slightly pushed me to the side and placed her hand in his, subtly biting her lower lip. “I’m Lisa. It’s nice to meet you, Taehyung. I hope you know that I’m not always this whiny. I just get a bit cold,” she pouted at him, causing him to let out a small chuckle.
“I don’t mind. My apologies for making you freeze.”
Taehyung then introduced himself to Jimin, while Jungkook pulled me toward the entrance so we could find a place to sit. When we found a table, we sat across from each other and Taehyung sat next to me, smiling warmly.
“Sorry, I don’t think we got to properly introduce ourselves to each other,” he talked into my ear since the pub was so noisy. His closeness and deep voice caused me to shiver slightly and I looked up to see his beautiful smile and comforting eyes looking down at me once again. “It’s Y/N, right?” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion that he knew my name. I nodded slowly when I remembered Jungkook greeted me by name when he arrived.
“It’s nice to meet you, Taehyung,” I responded, putting my hand out so he could finally shake it which he did, but he also pulled it towards his lips to give it a gentle peck.
“The pleasure is all mine.”
Jimin and Lisa sat down at the booth with us, with drinks and food for everyone as we talked and joked around with each other. Taehyung surprisingly got along well with all of us and fit right in with our friend group. A few times, when he would talk, he would put his arm on the back of my seat or lean in closer to me when he was laughing. I didn’t want to think too much of it because we just met and he could possibly be extra friendly when he had a few drinks in him. I didn’t want to fall too hard for him already because I had known him for less than two hours and I don’t yet really know anything crucial about him. All I know is he has a beautiful smile, a contagious laugh, and a deep, comforting voice.
Jungkook had put the plate of cheesy bacon fries between us and occasionally would lift a fry up to my mouth to feed me out of habit. I didn’t think anything of Jungkook feeding me because it was normal for us to feed each other on a night out, but it seemed to confuse Taehyung when he leaned down to whisper in my ear.
“I didn’t know that you and Kook were a couple,” I nearly choked on my drink when I heard him say that. I looked up at him with wide eyes and he tried to rub my back to control my slight coughing.
“Oh, no! Kook and I are not dating,” I nervously laughed when he raised his eyebrows in suspicion and gave me a small smirk.
“There’s no sort of relationship between you two? Then how come he only greeted you and why is he only feeding you fries?”
“Aww, do you want him to feed you some fries too?” We laughed together and I lightly patted his shoulder. “We’re just good friends. We don’t see each other like that, you know? We just so happen to get along really well and he likes to take care of me so feeding me fries is just him being kind.”
“Hmm, okay. I’ll believe you.”
“You know, Taehyung, it’s a little too early in our friendship for you to be getting jealous about other guys,” I teased him with a wide smile on my face. He smirked and leaned closer to my ear, his warm breath giving me chills once again.
“I just like to seek out my competition early,” he moved back to look at my face and winked before rejoining the conversation between Jimin and Jungkook. I blushed as I played with my drink.
That means that he feels it too, right? Some sort of connection. Some sort of attraction. I was pulled out of my thoughts by Lisa calling my name.
“Y/N, will you go to the bathroom with me?” She asked, sliding out of the booth. I, wordlessly, followed her lead and made my way to the bathroom behind her, but that wasn’t before I heard Taehyung’s quiet request for me, or maybe us, to hurry back.
“Y/N! Do you see him?” She squealed when we were finally alone. I looked at her with wide eyes, not liking where this conversation was headed. “He’s so beautiful! And funny. Oh my god, do you think I have a chance? Do you? Please tell me that I do!”
I felt as if my heart dropped to my stomach and I wanted to throw up all over her shoes, as I tried to figure out how to respond to her confession. Obviously, she finds Taehyung attractive. Anyone in their right mind would find Taehyung attractive. I knew that Lisa had a chance. She probably had a greater chance of getting Taehyung to fall for her than I ever would have for him to fall for me. She was absolutely stunning, funny, exciting, and overall, everything that I wasn’t. In more simple words, I am pretty simple. And a guy like Taehyung would never go for a simple girl.
“Yeah…yeah. Obviously, I think you have a chance. He would be missing out if he didn’t want to get to know you,” I fake smiled in her direction and I couldn’t help but feel happy for her when I saw her eyes light up.
This was only an attraction to Taehyung, and I will get over it in no time. I just want my best friend to be happy.
Lisa cheered and pulled me close to her, wrapping her arms around my neck. “Yeah, and if you ever gave Jungkook a chance, then he would be the luckiest man on this planet,” she added cheekily, causing my eyes to roll.
“Jungkook and I don’t like each other like that! We’re just best friends.”
“I know, but I can hope that my best friend ends up with a hottie like Jungkook, and we already know that he treats you right!”
“I’ll find someone one day. Let’s focus more on you and Taehyung,” I smiled sadly, knowing that it won’t be Taehyung that will treat me right because I just gave up the battle for him to Lisa. Lisa and I brainstormed ways to get Taehyung to notice her before we made our way back to the table with the three boys.
“Are y’all okay? You were in there for a while,” Jimin checked in us, worriedly. I let out a small chuckle, thinking about how kind of a friend Jimin is.
“Yeah, we’re good! Just girl talk, you know?” Lisa answered, sitting closer to Taehyung as we planned for her to do.
“Hey,” Jungkook gently placed his hand on my hands that were folded on the table. “You sure you’re okay?” I smiled up at him. I wish that the universe had planned for Jungkook and me to fall in love. Life would be so much easier if I ended up falling in love with him since I already know how caring and gentle he is with me, and obviously, he is gorgeous.
“I’m fine, Kookie. I promise,” he gave me a small smile before removing his hand from mine and continuing his conversation with Jimin.
I looked over and saw Taehyung laughing at something that Lisa said. He smiled down at her with a wide, beautiful smile and I knew my chance with him if I ever had one was over. I sighed and tried to pay attention to what Jimin and Jungkook were talking about. I would occasionally insert my opinion on a topic and I would laugh along to their jokes and their stories. Taehyung looked over at me briefly before placing his arm back around the back of my chair. Lisa was telling the boys a story about the party she went to last weekend when Taehyung reached for the cheesy fries that were placed in front of me. He leaned down to whisper in my ear once again.
“I know it’s not really my place since we just met, but I just want to make sure that you’re really ok,” my heart fluttered at his concerned tone and I looked in his eyes to reassure him that I truly was fine. I forgot what I was going to say for a minute when I looked up and saw how beautiful he truly was up close to me. His concerned eyes and soft smile looked down at me.
“I’m fine, Taehyung. I think the beer is just getting to me a little bit.”
“Here, have some of my water,” he pushed his water cup toward me and encouraged me to drink out of the same cup that his mouth was on. I took a small sip before placing the glass back on the table. “Here. I’ll keep it between us, so if you need more water you can have some of mine.”
“Thank you,” I whispered, feeling flushed that he would share his drink with me so willingly.
“It’s no problem, Y/N. And here,” he grabbed another fry from the plate and directed it toward my mouth. “You should eat some more to make you feel better.”
I ate the from his fingers and smiled a genuine smile at him. “You were just jealous that Jungkook got to feed me, so now you want to establish dominance,” I joked, causing a louder laugh to exit his mouth.
“I would know how to take care of you better than Jungkook does,” he flirted with me, and I was about to reply back with a smart comment about how I would like to see him try to take care of me and treat me well, but Lisa pulled on his arm to start a conversation with him once again.
This is already harder than I thought it would be.
I, stupidly, encouraged her to make a move, told her to pursue what possibly could be love
I walked out of my bedroom to see Lisa dressed up for the day, making me pause and stare at her with a smile. “You look pretty! Where are you going?”
“I’m gonna go hang out with Taehyung!” She squealed excitedly. She looked at herself in the mirror one more time before turning to me. “I texted him if he had any plans today and then I asked if he wanted to go to some arcade.”
“Oh, that’s exciting! When is he supposed to pick you up?”
“Any minute now! I’m kind of nervous, but I thought we hit it off pretty well at the pub, don’t you think?”
“Yeah, he seemed to really like you,” I lied to spare her feelings. I wasn’t exactly sure how Taehyung felt about Lisa, but something is telling me that the feelings were not reciprocated. I am hoping that I am only feeling this way because I want Taehyung all to myself, and not because they are true. She jumped up and down when I told her that and squealed even louder when we heard the doorbell ring.
Wow, what a gentleman. Who rings the doorbell anymore to pick up their date?
Lisa rushed to the door, while I walked over to the kitchen to find something to snack on. I heard his deep voice greet Lisa, while I heard Lisa’s soft giggles making me sigh. While I finally found some chips to eat, I heard footsteps approaching the kitchen. Taehyung’s head popped around the corner and he offered me the warmest smile.
“Hey!” He greeted me, walking toward me. “How are you, Y/N?” He put his arm around my shoulders, turning my head to rest on his chest.
“I’m doing good, Taehyung. How are you?” He pulled me away from his chest but kept his arm around my shoulder.
“I’m great! You look great, by the way,” I scoffed and pushed him away from me. I was only wearing biker shorts and a sweatshirt so I knew that he was lying. “I’m being serious! You look good. Are you ready to go?”
I stopped in my tracks and looked at Lisa, who also had a confused face. “Um, I’m not going with you two,” his smile dropped and he sighed.
“Oh? Why not?” He asked disappointed. I was about to answer when Lisa cut in.
“She has plans!” She smiled before grabbing Taehyung’s arm. He looked down at her before looking back at me.
“Oh, with who?” My eyes widened because I truly did not have any plans, but Lisa thought it was a good idea to lie to him.
“Um, I made plans with Jungkook. Nothing too exciting. Just stay inside and watch some movies.” I smiled, but it quickly fell when Taehyung stared at me confused.
“Jungkook has plans tonight with some of our friends,” Taehyung informed me, causing my cheeks to burn red. I let out a fake laugh and scratched my neck out of embarrassment.
“Oh, yeah! I meant with Jimin. Jimin! I have plans with Jimin!”
“You two are more than welcome to join us though. Or we could stay in and watch some movies with you,” Tae suggested. I looked over to Lisa once again, who did not look pleased at all.
“It’s fine. I don’t want to intrude on y’all’s time.”
“No! It’ll be fun,” he insisted, which forced me into joining their date and thankfully, Jimin was available to tag along.
“Ugh! Why are we going to an arcade again?” Jimin asked me as we were in the backseat of Taehyung’s car. I had argued with Jimin for at least five minutes on the phone before I could convince him to go out with me. He had insisted that he could not leave the house because he was too busy watching Netflix, but after I promised to pay for his meal tonight, he reluctantly agreed.
“Because Lisa and Taehyung invited us,” I said, rolling my eyes. He groaned in annoyance before leaning toward me so the other two could not hear us.
“Why are we really going?” He asked, glaring at me to answer him honestly.
“Lisa likes Taehyung,” I whispered, causing Jimin to gasp loudly and both of them to look back at us with curiosity. I hit Jimin’s arm and waited for the attention to be taken away from us before I continued my explanation. “Taehyung thought that it was a group activity at the arcade and he insisted that I come as well. But, I didn’t want to be a third wheel, so who better to drag along with me than my best friend,” I smiled widely.
“Ahh, so you’re using me?” Jimin fake pouted, causing me to smirk at him. “But, uh, I thought there was something between you and Tae.”
I looked at Jimin in shock before profusely shaking my head no. I was confused about how Jimin came to that conclusion because neither Taehyung nor I have shown any signs of possibly being interested in each other. I looked ahead and caught Taehyung’s eyes as he briefly glanced through the rearview mirror. He noticeably beamed once he noticed my eyes. I quickly turned to Jimin, who was already giving me the ‘I told you so look’.
“Shut up,” I muttered to him.
Not long after we arrived at the arcade. Jimin and I tried to stay to ourselves as much as possible, but somehow, Taehyung and Lisa kept finding us.
“Fix your posture,” I heard being instructed in my ear. I immediately knew it was Taehyung and I stiffened as I felt him behind me. “And relax,” I was playing the basketball game, which I was failing at. “Here let me help you.”
He placed his hands on my hips, angling them toward the hoop, kicked his foot in between my two feet to separate them, and pushed my hips down to get my knees to bend. “Perfect,” I blushed as he moved his hands to my hands to help me grip the ball better. “You got this, Y/N.”
I took a deep breath and shot the ball toward the hoop, and surprisingly made it. I squealed in delight and jumped towards Taehyung in excitement. I gave him a quick hug, causing him to chuckle before urging me to continue since the clock was ticking down. I was able to make a few more baskets, but I wasn’t able to make it to the next round. I turned to my right to see Taehyung leaning against the machine, watching me play with a grin on his face. My cheeks turned red, and I played with my hands when I remembered how close we were just a minute ago.
“Thank you for helping me. I’m not too good at basketball.”
“Of course. I couldn’t let you embarrass yourself,” I smacked his shoulder and rolled my eyes as he made fun of me. “I’ve barely seen you all night. You don’t want to hang out with me?” He pouted.
“I’ve just been busy hanging out with Jimin like you’ve been hanging out with Lisa.”
“Looks like Jimin ditched you,” I looked to the back of the arcade where the bar was and I noticed Jimin sitting there with a drink in front of him. I couldn’t help but giggle at him. “I was so worried about Jungkook being my competition that I didn’t even realize the real competition was Jimin,” he remarked, making me tilt my head to the side.
“I think you need to work on your jealousy. Jimin and I are definitely not dating. He’s just my best friend. I’ve known for a long time. It would be too weird, you know?” Taehyung nodded his head in understanding.
“It’s hard not to be so jealous when you’re so beautiful,” As I was about to respond, Lisa made her way over to us and gripped Taehyung’s arm.
“Sorry that I took so long. The line for the restroom was so long,” She greeted me as well and I couldn’t help, but feel bad when I fully registered that Taehyung was flirting with me and called me beautiful. “You want to go play air hockey with me?” She asked him, now ignoring that I was standing with them as well.
“Sounds fun. You coming, Y/N?” He pleaded with his eyes, but I couldn’t bare to spend time alone with the two of them and I don’t think I could convince Jimin to leave the bar now.
“No, I’m okay. I’m gonna go sit with Jimin. I’m kind of tired now,” Taehyung’s eyes followed me as I hurried away, but I didn’t look back since I didn’t want to change my mind.
I definitely need a drink now.
But there you are with your hair pushed back, and a big ole smile gave me a heart attack, got me feeling things I never have before. And we talk all night, but I play it cool. I don’t cross the line, follow all the rules and I wonder if you’re thinking about it too
I grabbed the remote on my bedside table and scrolled through the different channels, but groaned out in frustration when I couldn’t find anything I wanted to watch. Lisa went out tonight to hang out with friends of hers that I never met before. She offered to take me, but I didn’t feel like going out to a bar tonight.
I screamed out in frustration once again when I felt my phone vibrate, wanting to be left alone. I reluctantly picked up my phone to see I received a text from a number that I didn’t know.
random number: hey! i’m hoping this is y/n, if it’s not please ignore this message lol i got your number from jungkook, and if you’re not busy or anything right now if you wanted to come over to my place and hang out with me and my friends! if not, no worries. it’s taehyung btw! :)
I sat up in shock that Taehyung had texted me to hang out with him and his friends when I don’t really even know him that well. I contemplated my options since it didn’t seem like a horrible idea. I didn’t want to be bored at home alone but did I really want to hang out with Taehyung and his friends without any of my friends? I bit my lip and decided that I could just go over to his place a little bit and then hopefully when I come home, Lisa will be there already.
y/n: hey tae! this is y/n btw lmao that sounds fun, just text me your address and i’ll be over soon!
tae: no, I’ll come pick you up in 20! see you soon!!
I quickly jumped out of bed and changed from my pajama pants to a pair of jeans and threw on a random shirt. I decided that my hair looked fine as it is and threw on the first pair of shoes that I could find. I quickly stopped in my tracks and regretted my decision to go. How would Lisa react when she found out I was out with Taehyung? How mad will she be? I sat on the couch and threw my head back on the couch; however, I did not have much time to regret or change my decision because I already heard my doorbell ring. I took a deep breath before I slowly made my way to the door.
When I opened the door, Taehyung was standing on our welcome mat with his hair pushed back, his hands behind his back, and a wide smile.
“Hey!” He breathed out, holding his arms out for me to walk into. I shyly made my way into his arms, hugging his waist. He squeezed me tight and swayed me from side to side a little. “Sorry if my text was a bit random and weird. I just, I don’t know. I guess I wanted to hang out with you. I didn’t really get to spend much time with you at the arcade the other day.”
“It’s okay! I’m actually glad you texted,” I pulled away from his arms and locked my front door.
“Oh, really? Why?”
“Lisa went out tonight so I was bored and alone,” he nodded in understanding, leading me to his car.
“Well if you ever get bored and need someone to hang out with, you can always call me,” he opened the passenger door for me and helped me get into his car. He waited for me to lock my seatbelt before he closed the door and made his way to his side.
We made casual conversation on the way to his house, getting to know each other better and learning more about his friends so I wasn’t as nervous to meet them. I slowly followed him as he led me to his house. He, unexpectedly, reached back and grabbed my hand dragging me so I stood beside him.
“You don’t have to be so nervous. I’ll be right here next to you, I promise,” Taehyung tried to reassure me so I took a deep breath and decided to just trust him. There’s no way his friends could be that bad if Taehyung is near perfect. We entered the house and I already heard loud talking coming from the living room. When I came face to face with all of Taehyung’s friends, they quieted down and stared at me, which was very intimidating.
“This is Y/N. She is also friends with Jungkook. That’s how we met. Y/N, this is Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon. They’re my friends,” he introduced me to the group of guys, who gave me welcoming smiles and small, friendly introductions.
“Hi, nice to meet you guys. Thanks for letting me come to your guy’s night.”
Taehyung led me to the couch, where there were two empty spots left perfectly for us. He let me sit first, which left me between him and Namjoon. Once he sat down, he moved his arm lower to my hip to pull me a bit closer to him since I was sitting close enough to Namjoon that our legs were touching.
“Tae,” I said in a warning voice, causing him to stop in his tracks and move his arm away from my hips. “Are you moving me closer because you’re jealous again?” I teased him, causing him to blush and clear his throat. “This is the third guy in a month that you’ve been jealous of!”
“What can I say?” He leaned closer to tease me as well. “I must really like you,” I leaned in closer as well to tease him back, but then I remembered that I had to follow the girl code. Even though Lisa wasn’t here, I wouldn’t feel right flirting with the guy that she likes behind her back. I leaned back and just gave him a soft smile.
“I’ve already told you that you don’t need to be jealous.”
“I know, but it’s hard!” He complained. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop until people can no longer see you or be near you unless it’s me of course.”
“Then, maybe you shouldn’t have invited me over to your house with your four roommates,” I sassed him, making him laugh and he rested his head on my shoulder.
“You can just say that you wanted to get me alone,” I puked his stomach for his comment, making him laugh even louder, making me smile at how happy and carefree he sounded. “I missed you too much,” he mumbled. I couldn’t respond before we were dragged into whatever conversation the boys were having.
We ended up throwing on some random comedy movie after an hour or two of pointless, yet very funny conversation. Taehyung continued to be a bit flirty with me throughout the night, but I didn’t engage in the flirting as well. I tried my best to be on my best behavior, but I definitely slipped up a few times, but I couldn’t help it since he’s so beautiful and makes me feel comfortable around him.
I yawned while looking at the tv screen, and I slowly laid my head on Taehyung’s shoulder. He pulled me even closer to him if that was possible and laid a gentle peck on the top of my head. “Are you sleepy, pretty?” I gently nodded my head and I could feel his shoulders shake as he laughed. “Do you wanna lay in my bed?”
“I want to, but I should probably go home,” I complained. He nodded his head in understanding and helped me off the couch. As I was saying goodbye to all of the boys, he put his arm around my waist and helped me walk to his car in my sleepy state. He helped me get into his car, once again, before he made his way over to my home.
“Thank you for coming over tonight. I had a really great time,” he shyly mentioned as the radio softly played. I glanced over at him and I knew that I was screwed because as much as Lisa may like him, I definitely like him more but I shouldn’t. I was the one that encouraged her to make her move and I couldn’t just completely dismiss her feelings just because of my own.
“Your friends are great. It was so much fun.”
“Yeah? What about me?” He asked, nervously biting his lip.
“I think you’re pretty great, too, Tae,” I whispered as this moment started to feel personal to me. “Maybe not as great as Hobi, but still pretty great.”
“I think you’re pretty great, too, you know?” He looked over at me before focusing back on the road. “You’re so kind and sweet. And funny. And I’m really glad that we met,” he listed all the things he liked about me as he drove into my driveway. He turned off the car and moved his body so he was facing me, making me do the same.
“I’m glad that I met you, too. I guess I can thank Jungkook for doing something right,” we both giggled and as he was about to reply to me, we heard a tapping on the window. We both turned to the driver’s side window and saw Lisa smiling at the two of us.
“Taehyung! What are you doing here?” She exclaimed, throwing her arms around him when he opened his door. As much as I want Lisa to be happy, I couldn’t sit around and watch this. I felt tears come to my eyes and I quickly tried to blink them away.
“Um, thank you for tonight, Tae,” I said, opening my door. He was about to stop me from leaving, but I cut him off. “I guess I’ll see you around,” I closed the door and turned to look at Lisa. “I’m gonna be in my room. Don’t be too late out here.”
I hurried inside the house as the tears started falling down my cheeks. Ugh! Why does this always have to happen to me? Why can’t I ever just put my happiness before others? I’ve known Taehyung for a month and this is already one of the most horrible heartbreaks that I’ve ever experienced. I crashed onto my bed and hugged my pillow tight into me.
No matter how much I wanted to be with Taehyung, I couldn’t. I can’t be with Taehyung because of the girl code.
So here we are in this photo booth with your eyes on me while she’s all on you under neon lights in this crowded room I was getting shy, don’t know what to do with my hands or my toes
Tonight was Jungkook’s birthday party and I was getting ready to go there with Jimin. I am going to meet Lisa there since she went to hang out with Taehyung this morning. I haven’t seen him since we hung out at his house, but he has texted me occasionally.
“So are you going to tell me what’s going on with you and Taehyung? Because, sure, Lisa may like him, but he likes you!” I rolled my eyes at Jimin, as I opened the door to leave for the party.
“Yeah? And where did you get that idea?”
“What? Y/N! It’s so obvious. Through his body language, his flirting, and well, Jungkook told me,” I stopped in my tracks and looked back to see if Jimin was telling the truth. “I’m being honest! Taehyung told Jungkook that he likes you.”
“He doesn’t like me, Jimin. He can’t because,” Jimin cut me off.
“Because Lisa called dibs? Who cares? If you like him and he likes you, just go for it! You deserve to be happy,” Jimin put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me into his chest. “I think if you sit down and talk to Lisa about this, that she would understand. Lisa wants you to be happier than anyone does, other than me of course. Your real best friend. She may be a little hurt at first, but she would get over it.”
“This is just too much for me right now,” I told Jimin with tears in my eyes. “I just want to go to Jungkook’s party. Please?” He held me tighter and sighed.
“Okay. We can go now.”
We sat in silence on the way to Jungkook’s house. I really didn’t want to believe that Taehyung actually liked me. This made me feel worse about the situation because how do I tell Lisa how I feel when I was the one who gave her the go-ahead. I was about to get out of the car when Jimin stopped me.
“I just want you to be happy, Y/N. I think you should give Taehyung a chance,” he held my hand and rubbed his thumb over my knuckles.
“Thank you,” I gave him a genuine smile and got out of the car. When we entered there were already so many people drinking and dancing. I looked around for Jungkook and finally found him with Taehyung and Taehyung’s group of friends. I dragged Jimin over with me, so we could tell Jungkook happy birthday.
I snuck up behind him and wrapped my arms around his back. He jumped in surprise, but relaxed when he heard me scream. “Happy birthday bestie!” He laughed and turned around to give me a quick hug.
“Thank you Y/N!” He gave me a quick kiss on the forehead before greeting Jimin as well.
I glanced over to Taehyung, who was already smiling down at me. I gave him a hug, which he immediately reciprocated.
“Hey, pretty,” he whispered in my eye, hugging me tighter. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.”
“Mhm,” I hummed in agreement. “I’ve missed you,” I truthfully told him, making him soundlessly chuckle.
“I’ve missed you more.”
I hugged Yoongi, Jin, Namjoon, and Hoseok, happy that I remembered all of their names and faces. Jimin seemed to be getting along well with them, so we stayed there and talked for a little while longer. Taehyung put his hand on my lower back and leaned over to ask me if he could talk to me really quick. I felt nervous as to what he wanted to talk about, but I still followed him.
“I just wanted to apologize,” I looked up at him confused about what he would be apologizing for. “I never meant to make you feel uncomfortable when I invited you over to my house. I…I just thought it would be fun to hang out with you and get to know you more, but I can understand why you felt that way.”
I tilted my head toward him and furrowed my eyebrows. “I wasn’t uncomfortable, Tae.”
“You don’t have to lie to make me feel better, Y/N. You rushed out of my car really fast. There’s no way that you weren’t uncomfortable.”
Oh. He thinks because I hurried out of his car when Lisa came that he made me feel uncomfortable.
“I wasn’t uncomfortable, I promise. I just was tired and Lisa didn’t know that I had gone over to your house so I just bolted out of there, I guess.”
“So it wasn’t anything that I did?” He had me reassure him and I quickly nodded my head to agree with him. “Okay. Good. I was worried.”
“I wasn’t lying when I said I had a fun time,” I gently reminded him. “You could have texted me and told me that you were worried.”
“Yeah, well, I actually wanted to talk to you about something else as well,” he took a deep breath and grabbed both of my hands with his. “I’ve had so much fun getting to know you and hanging out with you, and I wanted you to know that I like you.”
My heart stopped. Why is this happening to me right now? I couldn’t even look Taehyung in the eyes. I felt my stomach twist and my hands start to sweat. I glimpsed around the room and though no one was looking at me, it felt as of everyone was.
“Tae,” I whimpered out, not knowing how I was supposed to respond to him. “I don’t know what to say,” I told him truthfully, with tears in my eyes.
“Hey! That’s okay,” he pulled me into his arms and rubbed my back. “That’s okay, I promise. I already knew that there was a possibility that you wouldn’t like me, and I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship.
I pulled away from him and sighed. “It’s not that, Tae. I…I do like you,” his eyes widened and a small smile appeared on his face. “I have to tell you something though.”
“You can tell me anything,” I looked around to see if I could find Lisa, but she was nowhere to be seen.
“Lisa likes you, too.”
He exhaled and shook his head slightly. “I had a feeling that she did,” he admitted. “Please don’t tell me this is going to interfere with us.”
“Lisa’s my best friend,” I reminded him. “I can’t break girl code.”
“How is it breaking girl code if I want you, and not Lisa? Lisa and I have nothing going on!” He insisted, but I just played with my lip. “Y/N, please listen to me. I really like you and I know that I might sound insane right now, but you can’t tell me that you don’t feel it too. You can’t tell me that you don’t want me too because I feel it. I know you want this, and I want it too. I want you so bad. I need to be with you so bad. Please break girl code…for me.”
At this moment, it felt like Taehyung and I were the only two people in the room. His beautiful eyes stared down at me with a pleading look. His hands nervously played together and his lip stuck between his teeth. I couldn’t deny my attraction to him anymore. He was standing here, in front of me, telling me that he wants to be with me and give us a try. I would be stupid to deny him just because of Lisa. I grabbed his hands and stepped closer to him, sighing.
“I do want to be with you, Taehyung. I’ve had so much fun just talking to you and being around you. I want to give this a try, us a try, but I want to talk to Lisa first.”
He nodded in understanding and gripped my hands tighter. “Please come back to me,” he whispered and I couldn’t help, but grin at his gentleness.
“I will. I’ll be right back, okay?” He nodded and grinned at me. He kissed my knuckles before letting me walk away to find Lisa.
But I don’t want to break girl code cause who knows where this will go
I found Lisa outside, talking to some of our mutual friends and dancing to the music. I smiled at how carefree and happy she looked at the moment, and I almost backed out of talking to her since I did not want to ruin her happiness. She jumped up and down and waved as soon as she saw me. She ran over to me and gathered me in her arms.
“Y/N! My baby, how are you?”
“I’m doing okay, Lisa. You seem like you’re having a lot of fun,” she nodded, happily. “I just wanted to talk to you, but I don’t want to interrupt your night.”
“You are the best interruption! What’s wrong? Do I need to cuss someone out?” She pulled me to sit away from everyone.
“Lisa,” I already felt tears in my eyes as I took a shaky breath. “I have to tell you something,” she placed her hands on top of mine and looked at me with worry.
“What’s wrong?”
“I know I should have told you right away, but I was scared and I want you to be happy. I,” I looked her in the eyes and let my tears fall. “I like Taehyung and I thought it was just a stupid crush because I had just met him and he was so beautiful, but it turns out I like him more than just a stupid crush. I’m so sorry and I understand if you hate me.”
“Y/N,” she started. “You should have told me right away,” I whimpered, thinking she was mad at me. “Then I would have never pursued him! There’s nothing I want more in this world than for you to be happy. Why do you think I’m always trying to get you to date Jungkook or Jimin? Because I want you to be happy and for someone to treat you right and if Tae makes you happy then I say you go for him because I know he’ll treat you right!”
“But, you like him,” I was confused about how she was so okay with this.
“Babe, it was a small crush. I could have told you after the arcade that he and I were not going to work out. Plus, I could tell he wasn’t that interested.”
“You’re really not mad at me?”
“I promise I’m not mad at you,” she gave me a tight squeeze, rocking us back and forth. “Now go back in there and get your man. I love you, Y/N.”
“Thank you, Lisa. I love you too.”
I went back inside the party, feeling way better than I did when I left it. I couldn’t believe Lisa was so kind and okay about this when I was literally freaking out all night. I looked back to where I left my group of friends to see Taehyung standing alone with a drink in his hand now. He had his head down and was nodding his head along to the music.
I stopped at the bar to get some liquid courage before I made my way back to him. While waiting for my drink, I looked back to see him already staring at me. I smiled and signaled for him to wait one minute until I got my drink. After what felt like forever, I got my drink and turned to find Taehyung, who was unsurprisingly right behind me.
“I couldn’t wait any longer,” he whispered as he towered over me. “Did you get her permission?” He moved his hands to my waist and I smiled, wanting to laugh at how surreal this all was. I set my drink down behind me and wrapped my arms around his neck.
I pulled him into me, knowing that I couldn’t wait any longer. Our lips met and everything finally made sense. It once again felt like Tae and I were the only two people in the world but in a good way this time. He pulled me even closer to him as our lips continued to move in sync. I pulled away from him to breathe, but our breath still mixed together since I didn’t move very far. Our foreheads were touching and we were giggling at each other’s eagerness.
“Let me take you out on a date,” he whispered against my lips. I nodded my head, wordlessly and found his lips again.
I can’t wait to see where this may go.
not saying i love you back prank (jimin)
thank you all for reading! i hope you all enjoyed! :) <3
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jvngkook97 · 15 days ago
(Tae)ke Me On ~ Teaser
Tumblr media
synopsis; where taehyung is no stranger to seducing tourists and reader is a stranger to flirty photographers – but not one night stands. when in France, do as the French do, no?
pairing; photographer!taehyung x tourist!female!reader
genre; angst, fluff, humor, smut, Paris au, photographer au, tourist au
warnings; TBD
rating; 21+ MINORS DNI
w/c(teaser); 443
a/n; taehyung just looks so pretty in Paris that I had to write something about it.
networks; @ficscafe, @btshoneyhive, @thebtswritersclub, @kflixnet
Paris, France — the proclaimed Ville d'Amour.
To you, it was a time well needed to get away from the stress of reality. The dead-end job, the shitty ex-boyfriend, the dull daily routine of life that was in desperate need of change.
To him, you were just another carefree, albeit gorgeous, tourist who saw things through rose-colored glasses.
And he couldn’t wait to crack them.
The air felt crisp, cold, and clear.
The skies were a effervescent shade of blue, with pillowy clouds scattered about. The hustle and bustle of tourists and residents around you served as a raucous kind of lullaby as you closed your eyes and savored all that this city had to offer - not noticing the photographer who saw you through his lens at a short distance away.
He pretended to be taking photos of the flowers that bloomed behind you, the various colors only enhancing the beauty that was naturally you. He inched ever so closer, just enough to angle his body in a way to capture the peaceful expression on your face within his lens crosshairs.
It was one lone click, followed by the sound of a shutter closing and opening on a camera that had your eyes blinking themselves open. For a second, you saw nothing as your eyesight once again needed time to focus on the light surrounding you instead of the dim darkness that was your eyelids.
When the blurry settled, and the saturation and vibrancy of the scenery around you sharpened, did you fixate your wondering gaze to the male who looked at you, peaking his head slightly above the frame of his camera. A hint of a dimple could be seen, as well as his boxy, closed mouth smile.
“J’adore ton sourire.”
{“I love your smile.”}
The once serene look on your face turned to one of shyness, your smile still present - bigger, but demeanor shrinking in on itself. You had no clue what he spoke, but the gentle way his eyes shined at you had your body yearning for more from the mystery male. He adored the way your cheeks let off a cherry hue, and could only daydream how they would look along with your skin as your body writhed with pleasure underneath him. Or, if he had a choice, above him.
Only one way to find out.
“Je peux vous offrir un verre?”
{“Can I buy you a drink?”}
You said the one word you knew in French, having memorized quite a few social phrases before coming, so you knew what he asked. Though forward, you welcomed the thrill — the adventure — as a foreigner.
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Swoon | KTH
Tumblr media
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: fluff, enemies to lovers, non-Idol!AU
Rating: T
Warnings: swearing, kissing, Tae's wearing his red leather jacket from his Paris trip, we've also got Disco Jungkook and Harley Quinn Jimin in here
Word Count: 3.6k
Disclaimers: None other than obviously I don’t own BTS - they just inspire me
Summary: “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” 
A/N: This one's for the amazing @parkdatjimin! Mindy, you picked a great prompt that immediately screamed "TAEHYUNG" and "ENEMIES TO LOVERS" to me. I hope you enjoy!
Also, I don't think this really needs a warning, just a note - Jimin is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns in this fic.
Unbeta’d as usual! Please let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you! 💕
Masterlist 💜 Find me on AO3 💜 Join my permanent taglist
Tumblr media
“Jimin, come on! Let’s go!” Tapping your foot impatiently, you fidget slightly in your costume. “We’re gonna miss the first panel! What are we waiting for?” 
Your roommate shoots you a “calm down” look that frankly would be a lot more effective if they weren’t currently dressed as Harley Quinn. They look phenomenal in their “Daddy’s Little Monster” crop top, blue and red satin booty shorts, and fishnets, tips of their blond hair dyed in shades to match the ensemble. But their serious expression does not jibe with the wild outfit as they sigh. 
“Not everyone’s here yet. And they won’t let us hold seats in the hall, so… we wait.” 
You frown, glancing at your friends, counting in your head. “Who is missing?”
“Um, well…”
“Oh, please no.” Not him. Not today.
Jimin twirls their baseball bat, not making eye contact, knowing if they look at you, they will instantly disintegrate beneath your fiery expression. “I’m sorry! Kookie invited him, okay?” 
Kookie, aka Jungkook, aka Jimin’s boyfriend, aka the sweetest guy you know, glances up from where he’s propped against the wall, eyes going wide behind his oversized blue sunglasses at the mention of his name. You sigh, bubbling anger instantly bursting at his doe-eyed expression. 
“Sorry, Noona. He asked if I was going to the convention and I said yes without thinking! I was just excited to talk about my costume.” He yanks on the giant lapels of his brightly colored shirt, other hand unconsciously scratching at the fake goatee that adorns his pretty face. Disco Tony Stark is definitely a choice, but damned if he’s not pulling it off. 
“It’s okay, Kookie,” you grumble. Ugh, you’re too soft on him, and he knows it as he flashes you a happy grin. “I just hope he gets here soon, before the hall fills up.” Your favorite film franchise is kicking off the big comic convention today with a sneak peek at the latest sequel, and if you miss a single second, there will be hell to pay. “Or maybe he’ll flake out on this like he flakes out on our game nights.” 
“Who flakes out?” 
Your eyes automatically close in exasperation as you turn slowly to face the devil you’d just accidentally summoned.
Kim Taehyung. Aka Jungkook’s friend. Aka the massive thorn in your side.
The two of you have been at odds since the day you met. He came into your life when Jungkook and Jimin started dating, and from the jump, the two of you have totally clashed. Where you’re easily excitable, he’s subdued, even deadpan. Where you’re constantly raving about the amazing things you love, he’s always complaining, finding fault with those same things. It wouldn’t be so terrible if he didn’t insist on sharing his every thought with you. It’s like he lives to needle you.
Right now, he wears his standard bored expression, gorgeous face completely blank as he gazes at you, waiting for an answer. You don’t give him one, taking a moment to examine his costume. Tight black jeans, tight white t-shirt, bright red leather jacket. An eyebrow cocks beneath his fluffy dark curls. 
“Well? Who flakes out?” 
“Who are you supposed to be? James Dean?” you ask, ignoring his question again. 
“I’m a rebel,” he informs you. 
“Obviously,” you roll your eyes. “Like I said. James Dean.”
“No.” He pulls out a toy lightsaber from behind his back, flipping it on. The blue light illuminates his annoying smirk. “I’m a Rebel.”
“That’s not - you’re not - “ 
“Taehyung-ah!” In their harlequin makeup, Jimin’s normally cherubic smile looks absolutely demented. “Perfect timing, the first panel’s about to kick off.” They reach down and grab Jungkook’s hands, helping him to his feet. “C’mon, Puddin’, let’s go grab our seats.” 
The rest of your friends fall in line as Jimin and Jungkook lead the way. Taehyung unfortunately ends up in lockstep with you. Because of course he does. 
“Nice costume,” he intones quietly, and you smooth several of the verdant leaves trailing from your hips, waiting for him to drop the snarky comment that’s likely hanging on the tip of his tongue. Maybe something about how homemade your costume looks… which it is. You’ve been working for weeks on your Poison Ivy cosplay. Finding a corset in just the right shade of green took the longest amount of time. 
The second longest came this morning, when Jimin had to painstakingly lace you into said corset. You squirm a little, wishing they hadn’t tied you in so damn tight. But as long as you can breathe, you’ll survive.
It’s definitely the most amount of skin you’ve ever shown at a convention, with your curves overflowing both above and below the constricting bodice. At the last minute, you nearly balked, thinking you’d be too much, until Jimin gave you a pep talk that essentially boiled down to “Own your power.” Somehow, it worked. Overall, you’re very pleased with your costume, which is why you’re expecting Taehyung to burst your bubble about it any second now.
But he merely holds the door to the hall open for you with a hint of a smile. Narrowing your eyes, you waltz past him, taking a seat next to Jimin. 
“I have been waiting all year for this day, and I swear to God if he ruins it, I’m taking you out, Minnie,” you declare to your roommate with a deadly serious expression. They don't ask you to clarify who you meant by ‘he.’ They already know.
“Me? But Kookie invited him!” 
“Yes, but Kookie’s a muscle pig! I know my limits!” Jimin just tuts as you glare. “God, he’s the worst. He can’t even mash up a costume properly.”
“I think it’s kinda clever, actually. And you have to admit, he looks fantastic in that outfit.” Jimin tips their head in admiration as Taehyung takes a seat, jeans straining to contain his muscular thighs. Not that you noticed. “I wanna thank his mother for a butt like that.” 
“No, it’s not, and no, I do not,” you hiss back before falling silent as the moderator takes the stage. “And don’t you dare quote ‘Shoop’ when you speak of that man!”
Whatever brief burst of madness prompted Taehyung to actually compliment you before the first panel doesn’t last. As soon as your group filters out to head to the next session, he’s back on his bullshit. You make the mistake of mentioning how you liked the book better than the first movie, and he pounces, dragging you into a debate. He does the same thing after the next panel, saying just the right (obnoxious) thing to pull you into another quarrel, and again after that. By the time your friends scatter for lunch, between the snug corset digging into your skin, and the irritating man trying to get under your skin, you’ve had enough. 
Out of your group, only you, Jimin, and Taehyung want fish skewers, so you queue up in the long line at the kiosk. You’re doing your best to tune Taehyung out as he and Jimin discuss the last event, a Q&A session with one of your favorite authors in which she’d dropped major hints about the identity of the mysterious supervillain from her latest series, to your absolute delight.
Taehyung, naturally, was not impressed. 
“I can’t believe she just said that!” Jimin shakes their head as the line slowly shuffles forward. “She basically confirmed it’s been Dr. Choi all along.” 
“Nope. There’s no way it’s going to be Dr. Choi!” 
Gritting your teeth, you try to focus on the colorful costumes around you. Breathe in, breathe out, ignore the asshole.
“But everything she said lines up with his character! Why else would she say that stuff?”
Taehyung huffs a quick laugh through his nose. You know that sound. It’s his ‘Oh, you sweet summer child’ laugh. So patronizing. Your fingers curl into fists. Forget thorn, he's a giant prick.
“That was clearly just a publicity stunt. In a day, she’ll be all over social media, claiming her comments were taken out of context. Mark my words.” He sniffs. “Her little ploy is as obvious as her plots.” 
“Oh my god, will you just shut up already?”
Jimin and Taehyung both blink in surprise as you round on them. 
“What did I say?” Jimin asks, looking wounded. 
“Not you, Minnie! Him!” You shove your pointer finger directly into Taehyung’s chest. “Just. Shut. Up!”
For once, Taehyung’s impassive expression drops, just as his mouth does as he gapes at you. But you’re too frustrated to bask in the fact that you’ve finally wiped that blasé look off his face, and now that you’ve blown your gasket, you’re going to vent it all.
“I am sick and tired of you always picking on everything! Anything and everything that I like, you just have to come in with your horrible takes and rude comments and just pick, pick, pick! Like some fucking vulture that feeds on joy - you just gotta rip it apart!” 
“I don’t - “ 
“Just let people enjoy things, okay?? You don’t have to like them! Just let them have their fun!” 
You’re vaguely aware of your roommate backing away as you growl at Taehyung, jabbing him again and again with your finger. Jimin’s never seen this side of you. You’ve never seen it either. It’s just the effect Taehyung has on you, making your face warm and your chest heave as you continue to lay into him. 
“Babe, don’t you think - “
“No! Stay out of this, Jimin.” People are giving you a wide berth now, the line for the kiosk having zigzagged around the three of you long ago, but you don’t care. There’s no stopping the head of steam you’ve built up. “God, why are you even here? Nothing makes you happy! You don’t like anything!”
“That’s not true!” Taehyung finally snaps out of his stupor as you break off, panting for breath. “I like plenty of things! I came here because - “ 
“Because you wanted to ruin my day! You can’t let me have one day of fun without fighting with me about something, can you? Well, fine! Let’s fight!” There’s a sheen of sweat breaking out on your forehead. Is it the heat from the food stands that’s making you feel this hot? And why can’t you catch your damn breath??
“Whoa, okay, let’s just put a pin in that, uh, invitation and go outside. Maybe we should get some fresh air,” Jimin suggests in a soothing tone, gesturing to the entrance to the main atrium, “because I think - hey, babe, are you okay?” 
Those fucking laces.
The world goes black. 
Tumblr media
When you reopen your eyes, Taehyung is staring at you. So is Jimin. 
And so is an entire crowd of strangers standing in a ring around the three of you. 
“What the fuhh…” you trail off, looking around. You’re out in the main atrium, but you don’t remember walking out here. The marble tiles are cold under your bare shoulders and barely covered ass. “Why am I on the floor?”
“It’s okay. You just passed out a little,” Jimin says, a gentle hand holding yours. 
“I did?” Your head spins slightly as you sit up. The gawkers begin to start to disperse. 
“The event EMTs checked you out. Said you were probably having trouble breathing.” Jimin looks a little abashed. “Guess I tied your laces too tight. Sorry. I loosened them a little before he laid you down.”
“He? He who? One of the EMTs?” 
Jimin continues to look chagrined.
Taehyung smirks. “‘He’ as in me.” He straightens up, tossing his dark curls out of his eyes. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” 
Heat scorches your neck. “Trust me, you are the last person whose attention I want!” Jimin pulls you to your feet, but you wave them off when they try to help you walk. “I’m okay, Minnie, I can walk on my own!” 
But just as you finish your angry declaration, your knees buckle slightly. Before you can blink, Taehyung’s arm is around you, propping you up. He guides you towards a cluster of chairs by the windows.
“Come on,” he murmurs warmly, voice so unlike his usual aloof tone of superiority. “Why don’t you sit here for a minute? Let me get you a soda. Maybe some sugar would help.” 
“Uh. Sure. Thanks.” You glance at Jimin, who shrugs at your confusion, then nods. 
“Good idea, Tae. Thank you.” 
As soon as Taehyung’s out of earshot, Jimin pinches you. 
“Ow! Why?”
“He likes you!”
“What? No, he doesn’t!” You rub your arm where his fingers tweaked you, flabbergasted by his sudden proclamation. 
“Yes, he does! How did I miss it?” They run their fingers through their hair, letting the shiny locks flop back into place. “It makes sense now! All that bickering was just sexual tension!”
“Uh, nothing makes sense, especially you right now! And why the pinching??”
“Sorry, I just got excited.” Jimin grins, and you roll your eyes. 
“But what the hell makes you think he’s into me? Because he’s buying me a Coke after I told him off?” 
Jimin leans back in their seat, still smiling smugly. “‘Told him off’ is putting it mildly. I know I told you to own your power, but damn! No, I’m referring to the way he reacted when you passed out. I’ve never seen someone look so panicked. If I hadn’t been freaking out myself, I would’ve found it cute.”
You clutch Jimin’s hand, giving them a little squeeze. “Sorry I gave you a scare. I really do feel okay right now. But you’re wrong.” 
“Mmm, I don’t know. You didn’t see his face when the EMTs were checking you over.” Jimin shakes their head. “He was so worried. I’m telling you, he’s got it bad."
Taehyung strolls back out of the food court, effectively ending the conversation. He holds out a can and you take it with a barely audible thank you. 
As if they were waiting for a cue, Jimin jumps up. “If you think you’ll be okay here, I’m gonna go find the others and let them know what they missed,” they announce, barely waiting for your nod before they spin on their heel and skip off towards the main ballroom, baseball bat swinging merrily.
Leaving you and Taehyung sitting in awkward silence. 
You tap the top of the soda can before cracking it open. Taehyung notes the action, eyebrow lifting again. “You afraid I shook that up first?” 
“I wouldn’t put it past you,” you scowl reflexively before noting the soft smile on his face. “What?” 
“Nothing.” Your glare informs him that you don’t believe him. “I’m just glad you’re okay.” 
“Hmm,” you hum, taking a sip. 
“You don’t believe me?” he drawls, looking slightly offended. 
“Taehyung. I never believe anything that comes out of your mouth. What makes you think I’m going to start now?” Setting the can on an empty chair next to you, you try to cross your arms, but the corset’s too stiff, so you let your hands rest on your thighs.
He blinks slowly. “Well, I suppose I could show you instead. Seeing is believing, right?” And one of his hands comes to rest on yours. 
“Uh…” The feel of his fingers tapping lightly on the back of your hand freezes you completely. For once, you’re at a loss for words. However, Taehyung is not. 
“I know we have our… disagreements… but I do enjoy your company,” he states matter-of-factly, as if he’s telling you something mundane like what time it is instead of confessing his true feelings. If you closed your eyes, you’d recognize that tone as his usual detached languor. Except now, staring at his expression, you realize - he’s nervous. And overcompensating by trying to sound as calm and collected as possible. 
But his eyes give him away. 
“I will also admit that I have perhaps fallen into a habit of goading you. A little.”
“A little!”
He frowns, fingers stilling. His hand is so warm, heat leaching into you where his skin touches yours. “Fine. A lot. I can’t help myself. It’s just… you’re so cute when you’re angry.” 
“I’m - what?” 
Taehyung leans forward, seeming rather pleased with himself for shocking you with his statement. There’s that self-satisfied smirk of his again. But that glimmer in his eyes… he looks… fond? 
Oh god, Minnie’s right, aren’t they?
“Do you remember the first time we met? At Kook-ah’s party?” Speechless, you just nod at his question. “I thought you were so pretty that I got a little tongue-tied. You tried to talk to me and asked me what I thought about some movie that you’d just seen, and I kind of shrugged, because I couldn’t speak. You took that to mean I didn’t like it, and immediately launched into a monologue about how misunderstood the film was and so on,” he waves his hand in the air.
Thanks to an intense flip-cup tournament, that night is mostly a blur, but you do somewhat remember getting into an argument with Taehyung as soon as you’d met him. But you definitely don’t remember him being tongue-tied, not that night or any other since you’ve known him. 
“But you’ve never had any problems talking around me! I’d even say you talk too much!” 
He laughs, and suddenly he’s smiling at you, this ridiculously sweet, kinda boxy smile, and your heart leaps in your chest. 
“That’s because I learned that night how you’re even more beautiful when you’re fired up about something. When you speak with passion…” He trails off, shaking his head. “I actually agree with a lot of your opinions, you know. But I can’t resist pretending to disagree, just to watch you light up. It’s addictive.” 
You’ve not noticed until this moment how thick his eyelashes are, as he leans even closer. Or how long and graceful his fingers are as he grasps your hand off the table, cradling it in his lap. 
“I’m sorry. I guess I took it too far. I know how excited you are to be here today, so I’m sorry if I ruined it.”
If you weren’t already stunned, that statement would’ve done it. Kim Taehyung apologizing? The two of you are sitting thigh to thigh now, your hand still between his. 
“Um. Well. Thank you?” 
“You said earlier that you don’t know why I’m here today. Do you really not know?” 
Tearing your gaze away from where you were staring at his hands, you glance at his face. You know, all in all, it’s really not a bad face. 
You must have a funny expression on your own, because he laughs, this low chuckle that makes your chest hum, like he’s hit a frequency that resonates only there. 
“Why are you laughing?” you ask, eyes dropping to his lips.
“Because you make me happy.” He’s so close, you can feel his warm breath on your face. “That’s why I’m here. To be near you.”
As if pulled sharply by invisible strings, you and Taehyung snap apart, his hands dropping yours. Your head swivels in the direction of Jungkook’s voice to see him bounding towards the cluster of chairs, your other friends in tow. 
He drops to his knees in front of you, cupping your cheek as his worried eyes sweep over your face. “Are you okay?? Minnie told us what happened.” 
Okay, maybe you’re right to be so soft for this kid. “I’m okay, Kookie. I appreciate the concern, though.”
“She’s fine, Kook-ah,” Taehyung mutters, suddenly standing. “Here. Have a seat.”
Dazed once again, you watch as Taehyung ambles off. Jungkook and the rest are asking you questions, but you’re not listening. There’s annoyance roiling in your belly again, but it’s not from anything Taehyung said this time. 
It’s for the interruption. 
In five steps you’ve caught up to Taehyung, who merely raises his eyebrows when you tug on his arm. He doesn’t say a word as you grab him by the nape of his neck. Doesn’t even breathe as you guide his face towards yours.
But as soon as your lips touch his, he comes alive. His arms lock around you, drawing you in. He tilts his head to bring you closer, pressing more of his mouth against yours. There’s an entire room full of strangers around you, but you couldn’t care less. Eyes fluttering shut, you lean into him, fingers lacing through his thick hair. He lets out a little moan as you accidentally tug on the silky strands and the sound, and immediately you repeat the action, drawing another gentle groan. 
He pulls away then, cheeks flushed as he gazes at you. “Probably shouldn’t do too much of that here,” he murmurs in a deep timbre.
“Eh, it’s comic con. I’m sure they’ve seen stranger than a Jedi and a supervillain making out,” you grin as you take his hand, leading him to a quiet corner of the atrium. A glance at your friends finds them all mid-gawk. Jimin in particular looks like they’re having an out-of-body experience.
You know the feeling.
“I thought you were pretty, too,” you admit shyly. 
Taehyung blinks. “What?” 
“When we met. I - I thought you were the prettiest guy I’d ever seen. And I live with Jimin and Kookie.” 
Taehyung’s boxy smile returns. He brushes gentle fingertips over your knuckles. “So, are we okay?”
“We will be. Once you’re made up for all that time wasted arguing.”
The warmth in his gaze overwhelms you. Makes you want to wrap yourself up in it and never leave. “That’s a lot to make up for.”
“Yep. Better get to work,” you whisper before he captures your mouth with his. 
Tumblr media
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loomdiamonds · 22 days ago
Exes In the Soop: Episode Six
Taehyung x Reader
Word Count: 3k Words
Synopsis: While the Bangtan boys thought they were going on a new season of BTS In The Soop, they will quickly come to learn that this is no ordinary season. This season, while the each member is thinking this will be their time to relax after such a hectic schedule, the producers are surprising them with their exes. While everyone is surprised as their exes show up, Taehyung was even more surprised to see his one true love come after the way their relationship ended prior to his debut with BTS. Will Y/n want to make amends and possibly save their old relationship, or finally say goodbye to him.
Warning: None that I know of.
Exes In The Soop Masterlist
Wattpad Link
Tumblr media
“Taehyung!” Y/n calls out as he storms out of her room and heads down the stairs, extremely frustrated. Taehyung didn’t know whether to laugh or yell in anger after what Y/n just told them. ‘How dare she? Who the hell does she think she is?’ Taehyung thought to himself as he slams the door of his house and some producers come up to him. 
“Is everything alright?” They ask, but Taehyung quickly ignores them once Jihoon appears in his sight of vision as he talks with the other members of BTS. Walking up to him, ignoring the questioning glances from his members, Taehyung takes a deep breath. 
“I want to change my vote on who I want to leave?”
“What?” Everyone says as they stare at him in shock. “Taehyung, we all just talked about it. Also aren’t votes final?” Jin asks, but Taehyung rolls his eyes and glares at everyone. 
“I want her gone. I want all of this drama to stop and her being here isn’t helping anything. It isn’t helping me move on, or anything! After the conversation I just had, it has made me change my mind on who I want here for however long before the next elimination. You guys asked me what I want, and I would honestly prefer if she stayed.” Taehyung says as everyone looks between themselves. “Please? Let’s change the vote and send her home and out of my life for good this time.”
They all sit in silence for a second before Jung Jihoon takes a deep breath and stands up from the seat he was sitting in. “Alright, lets head back to the RV and allow you all to revote. Once it is done, we will leave you time to get ready for the elimination ceremony. Is that alright with everyone?”
All seven members nod as they follow their host back to the RV.
“Good evening, Army, welcome back to yet another season of BTS of in the soop, however this time it is way different than the previous seasons.” Jung Jihoon says staring at the camera with a smile. “You see, this season not only will you get to see more of what the members of Bangtan Soyeondan do on their free time, but inside the house, we also have several guest with them as well. Their exes. Tonight, will be the first of three elimination ceremonies. Each member of BTS voted earlier today on which two exes will be leaving the Soop.”
Jung Jihoon turns to look at another camera as he clasps his hands together. “Bangtan Soyeondan has not only dominated the world with their talent, becoming the biggest K-pop group, Grammy nominated artist, being able to accomplish having 4 number 1 songs on the Billboard hot 100 in less than a year, and help Army love themselves and so many others. However, there is one thing they haven’t yet been able to conquer. They have yet to find love for themselves.”
For one last time he looks back towards the front camera and clears his throat as he recites the script he was given previously. “Army, welcome to BTS: Exes in the Soop.”
The sun has set and night falls in the soop. Y/n takes a deep breath as she looks herself in the mirror as she softly smooths out the dress she is wearing and examines her hair and light makeup she just put on. 
Nodding her head slightly, as if to reassure herself, Y/n walks out her room and out the small house along with all the other cast mates on the show as they all head towards a seating area near the lake. Their stand Jung Jihoon in front of 12 purple hearts with each exes names on them. 
The girls take their seat along the side of the table while the boys sit in front of the table. Once everyone takes their seat, Jihoon bows towards everyone and smiles as he begins. “Good evening, everyone, welcome to your very first elimination ceremony.”
Y/n takes a deep breath as she nods her head slightly as she quickly glances over at Taehyung. ‘You gave him some closure.’ She thought to herself. ‘No matter if I go home tonight, what matters is he is happy in the end.’
“Earlier today, the members of BTS voted on which two ladies they wanted to send home tonight. The two ladies with the most cut votes will be going home.”
“This is no joke.” Mi-So whispers to Y/n causing her to nod her head as she turns her attention back to Jihoon. 
“Bangtan, by the end of your time here, we are going to put you through the ultimate test. We will finally ask each of you to take a lie detector test to ask the question if you are truly over your ex and ready to find new love, or if maybe your past-love may be your soulmate and now is the right time, or maybe you just aren’t ready for love.” Y/n looks over at Taehyung to see he was looking at her as well, but once they make eye contact, he quickly looks away and shakes his head slightly to himself. ‘Did I make the right choice?’ He thought to himself. 
“Ladies, let’s go ahead and see which two exes will be going home.” Everyone nods as they watch Jihoon open every heart except for four of them. Ryu Ye’Un, Hwang Hyun-Joo, Hong Sung-Eun, Chai Y/n.
“Ladies, if you see your heart open, you are safe. However, Ye’Un, Hyun-Joo, Sung-Eun, and Y/n. You four are at risk for elimination.” All the members except for Taehyung turn to look at him hearing one of the names being called. “Why is she being called? I thought you changed your vote?” Jungkook asks Taehyung, but he ignores him as he stares at Jihoon. 
Calling each of the four girls up one by one Ye’Un has three cut votes and Hyun-Joo has four. While Hyun-Joo is one of the ladies going home, there is still seven cut votes to divide between Y/n and Sung-Eun to find out who is also leaving.
“Y/n, please come up to your heart.” Everyone turns to look at Y/n as she stands up and walks up to the table and gently bites her lower lip. “How are you feeling tonight, Y/n?”
“Honestly?” Y/n says laughs lightly, “I’m okay. All I want is for the members to find the happiness they deserve, and no matter what, I know they made the right decision for themselves.”
“Yah, she’s so selfless. I feel terrible.” J-hope says as he covers his face with his hands as Taehyung looks down.
Jihoon smiles as he opens her heart and stares inside for a second. Reaching inside he pulls out one cut vote and Y/n nods. Everyone stares and watches Jihoon as he reaches down but instead of pulling out another cut vote, he closes her heart causing some of the ladies to gasp, the loudest of them being Sung-Eun. “Y/n, you only had one cut vote and you are safe from elimination. You may take a seat.”
Y/n looks up in shock and turns her head back to look at Taehyung who is staring at his lap while he has one of his hand playing with the necklace he’s wearing. Taking her seat, Sung-Eun is called up and Jihoon pulls out the last six cut votes deem her the second person to be sent home. 
“Sung-Eun, Hyun-Joo I’m sorry but your time here in the soop has come to an end. Please take a moment and say your goodbyes.” Hyun-Joo gets up from her seat as she hugs some of the girls while Sung-Eun turns to glare at Y/n who is sitting there deep in thought. 
‘She may be going home, but I know what that one vote means’ Y/n thought to herself. She looks over at Taehyung who was standing next to the members who were saying their goodbyes to the two women who were just eliminated. 
“I get that you're upset, but I want to do what's best for you.” Taehyung rolls his eyes at her words as he looks at her, trying to figure out why she honestly would believe a word Sung-Eun would say to her. 
“Then tell me what you want. I get it you came here to give me closure, but now that you've told me, what is it you want to do. Do you want to try again?”
“Please just tell me now. I've waited long enough, and honestly want to know where your head is at.” Taehyung says causing her to look down. Honestly, she's sick and tired of being asked what she wants, she understands why they ask, but her answer still hasn't changed.
Imagine a scenario to which you break up with someone, you were then asked to come on a show to see them after years have passed, and now ask if you possibly thought about getting back together. Sure, in her earlier days she thought about it, but now they are in two completely different fields of work.
He's in one of the biggest boy bands in the world, and she is simply a doctor.
Thinking logically, it possibly could never workout. Between both work schedules, it would be hard to even maintain a relationship. More so, if they wanted it to work, she would possibly have to leave the job she has worked so hard to get.
So, when thinking of that, how could she possibly think about getting back with him, despite how much love she still has for him even after all these years.
“I came and did what I was supposed to do. You can send me home tonight, and I'd be fine with it.”
“Is that what you want?”
“What I want doesn't matter here, Taehyung. This is about what you want and the best decision for you.” She exclaims, but immediately she could tell he does not want to hear that.
“But it does matter! I want to know if you possibly thought about us getting back together when you came back here. I want to know if I'm not the only one that still feeling this way even after nine years. So honestly tell me, have you ever thought about it?” She sat in silence for a while as she looks down at the ground, trying to find the right words to say. As much love as she had for the man in front of her, throughout the two days she's been there, and after being asked it many times, she never really thought there would ever be a possibility of getting back with him. She never thought about what she wanted, so how is she supposed to answer his question.
“No matter how many votes I get if there is one vote for me at tonight's elimination ceremony. I will take that as a sign that you don’t want me here-“
“Y/n” He irrupts but she continues
“I want you to make the best decision for yourself. like I have told the producers, and the other members, I have no right to be selfish here. I left you nine years ago. I have no right to come back and possibly want to start over. We are completely different people than when we last saw each other period so how could I possibly come in here and expect us to pick up where we left off?”
There is a long string of silence as they both stare each other in the eye. She thought she was making the best decision, she thought this would make him happy. After all, the only reason she came was to give him closure. She told him why she left and didn't expect anything in return.
She hears him take a deep breath, as he looks down at his lap and shakes his head. She could tell he had a lot of things on his mind, a lot of things that she knew he wanted to say but had to be cautious. “I'm going to ask you one more time, can you honestly look at me and tell me that you never thought about us getting back together after all this time?”
Looking up from his lap, Taehyung stares into her eyes and notices a small tear waiting to fall down her cheek. He knew that no matter what her answer was that somewhere deep inside of her she still wanted to stay with him. She looks away from him for a split second before nodding her head and looking back into his eyes. “I'm sorry, but I never really thought about it, and I don't think I have the right to.”
taking a deep breath, he nods his head before standing up in front of her. ‘She's just like she was all those years ago.’He thought to himself.
“Now that you know what happened, use this time to heal. Continue to make millions of people happy, then you'll be able to find that lucky girl who you can finally settle down and have the family you've always been dreaming about.” She starts off, as the tear finally runs down her cheek. 
“But at this current moment in time, I don't believe I can be that girl for you. We live two completely different lives than when we were together. That's why I don't think I can give you an honest answer right now so do what you think is best for yourself.”
He stands there looking at her, trying to figure out what to do. He completely understands where she's coming from. Even when they were together at such a young age, she's always been a wise person. She always thought about the good in things, the bad in things, but in the end, she always thought about other people than herself. He could easily tell that in this situation, no matter how selfish she's currently being, she never sat and honestly thought about what she wanted and only was concerned about him.
She's selfless, but that's what he loved most about her.
“Fine then,” he mutters as he begins to walk towards her door. She looks up at him and notice this is the look of anger on his face. She calls out to him, but he ignores her as he stormed out of her room, slamming the door behind him.
He stopped at the bottom of the stairs, looking back up at the now closed door before he scoffs slightly before heading out of the house. 
Feeling her eyes, he looked over at her but quickly averts his eyes once they make eye contact. He looked upset, and she couldn't understand why. “Are you the one who gave her one vote?” Namjoon whispers to Taehyung, within the other members to look at him.
Without saying a word, Taehyung turns on his heel and walked towards his house as he was deep in thought.
While watching him walk away, the other members walk up to her as she smiles lightly at the retreating figure of the man she loved so much. “Happy you're still here with us, Y/n” Jimin says jokingly, but Y/n takes a deep breath and looks at him.
“Yeah, but I won't be here for much longer.” She says making the six men in front of her look at her with a questioning look.
‘I gave him a choice, and he made his decision.’ She thought to herself. ‘And I can't get mad at him for it. What matters in the end is his happiness.’
While Y/n thinks that this was a clear sign from Taehyung on what he wants, the boy is seething with rage. Not at the fact that she is so okay with going home, but more so on who out of the other six members of BTS, voted for her to go.
Walking back into the RV for the second time that day, Taehyung looks at the two pictures of Y/n and Sung-Eun. At first, he wanted Y/n to go home. But after the small dispute that both girls had between each other and Sung-Eun being delusional and telling Y/n that they were going to get back together; he had a change of heart.
Picking up the pen, he stares at Sung-Eun’s picture. She wants her gone, and to be honest, he never wanted her there to begin with. He knew the fastest she's gone, the easier it will be for him to continue these next couple of weeks.
Just as he was about to write down her name, he then looks at Y/n’s picture. Looking at her smile once again, all he can think about is the words she just told him. 
“No matter how many votes I get if there is one vote for me at tonight's elimination ceremony. I will take that as a sign that you don’t want me here. I want you to make the best decision for yourself. like I have told the producers, and the other members, I have no right to be selfish here. I left you nine years ago. I have no right to come back and possibly want to start over.”
He could make it easy for himself and write down Y/n’s name so that both women can leave, and he can look forward. But it was at that very moment Taehyung knew that he wanted to try everything he can to rekindle things with Y/n. Though her words did sting, he knew her words came from a place of love.
He knew that she still has his best interests at heart and would never do anything with malicious intent. So, without second thought, he wrote down Sung-Eun’s name to be sent home so he could possibly do the one thing that he has wanted for years now.
‘I’ve made my decision Y/n. No matter what I know I want you in the end.’
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mon amour à paris
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la chaleur que tu me transmets est inexplicable je t'aime
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