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We all know that Rapunzel started her chores in the tower at 7am. But I have only just now realized that she (and Pascal) got up early enough to at least play 23 rounds of hide-and-seek beforehand! o_O

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Making Them Forget Is The Only Way Chapter 3

“Hey princess, did you know that in old corona there’s a guy named Earl in old corona? When I first read the Flynn Rider books I thought he was the Earl of Camembert, but then I got in trouble for calling someone an evil knight..”
RAPUNZEL and VARIAN we’re heading to old corona, VARIAN doesn’t know why RAPUNZEL wanted to visit his village but he more then happy to have her!
RAPUNZEL was worried about how VARIAN would react to his village being covered in black rocks, would he remember everything that had happened that got erased? Would he have a panic attack? Would he run home to fast for RAPUNZEL to follow? She didn’t know!
She looked over at VARIAN to see him skipping along the way to his village without a care in the world, like a young child that didn’t understand the world yet! Well technically he was, he might not be that young but he didn’t understand what was going on here
But he was about to!
They made it to old corona and to RAPUNZEL’s surprise there weren’t as many rocks as there were last time she was there 16 months ago! There where homes that were destroyed, and holes everywhere, and some black rocks but it wasn’t anything they couldn’t fix! RAPUNZEL might had been relieved but VARIAN wasn’t
His home was destroyed!
The felids were covered with holes! Some of the apple trees have fallen on to houses or the road! And there were atomaton pieces everywhere!!VARIAN just stood there frozen! He didn’t know what to do!
A hand on his shoulder pulled him out of thoughts he looked at RAPUNZEL and asked “what happened here? Where is everyone?” Instead of answering she pulled VARIAN to his house! There was a giant hole in the wall (because of secret of the sundrop) and from the hole in the wall VARIAN saw a big orange clomp of Amber. VARIAN looked closer and then he run to the Amber “ DAD?DAD!!! NO NO NONONO!!” VARIAN was freaking but he wasn’t alone RAPUNZEL said “VARIAN this is why we’re here, this Amber is just as unbreakable as the black rocks, but I have in idea on how to get him out!” “Really? How?” VARIAN asked wiping away the tears that had fallen. RAPUNZEL looks around for something then walks off, while VARIAN just stays on the floor as close to his dad as he could be. RAPUNZEL RETURNS with a bucket full of water “here hold this.” She said while handing VARIAN the bucket, after that she undos her hair and wrapped it around the Amber “ok varian, once I start this incantation, I won’t be able to stop it, and it could seriously harm you and your father, so I’m trusting you to snap me out of it once your father is free.” RAPUNZEL said with a serious voice! VARIAN didn’t know what was about to happen, but he trusts that RAPUNZEL knows what she’s doing! So he answered her saying “you can count on me!”
RAPUNZEL closed her eyes,took a deep breath,and started
~wither and decay~
RAPUNZEL’s hair turned black
~end this destiny~
Her hair had orange streaks in it
~break these earthly chains~
Her eyes opened but were completely black
~and set the spirit free~
She repeated it except she sang it instead
The Amber melted fast so VARIAN dumped the water on her to snap her out of it
But it didn’t work! Out of panic VARIAN put his hands on her shoulders only to have his gloves burn off but he didn’t stop he put his hands on her shoulders again and started shaking her and he was screaming her name! She broke out of her trancelike state and looked at VARIAN who still had his hands on her shoulders surprisingly his hands didn’t burn like Cass’s did, VARIAN didn’t seem effected at all, he gave RAPUNZEL a short hug before running to his father saying “dad, you’re ok!!” VARIAN his father before starting to cry “when I saw you in that Amber I didn’t know what to do, but thanks to the princess, you’re free!” “Oh son”

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Well, you could imagine what happen next. The kingdom rejoiced for the lost princess had returned. The party lasted an entire week and honestly, I don’t remember most of it. Dreams came true all over the place. That guy went on to become the most famous concert pianist in the world, if you can believe it. And this guy, well he eventually found true love. And as for this guy, well I assumed he’s happy. He’s never told me otherwise. Thanks to Maximus, crime on the kingdom disappeared almost every night. As did most of the apples. Pascal, never changed. At last, Rapunzel was home and she finally had a real family. She was a princess worth waiting for. Beloved by all, she let the kingdom with all the grace and wisdom that her parents did before her. And as for me, well, I started going by Eugene again. Stopped thieving and basically turned all around, but I know what the big question is. Did Rapunzel and I ever get married? Well I’m pleased to tell you that after years and years of asking and asking and asking, I finally said yes.

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Tangled Tenth Anniversary Countdown Day 33: Vigor the Visionary 

“Did you know that when I found Rapunzel, I was looking for a crown and when Rapunzel found me, she was chasing lights in the sky. That’s what we thought would bring us happiness. That’s weird right?”

A LOT OF REALLY REALLY GREAT NEW DREAM MOMENTS IN THIS EPISODE. And because of that, this episode is one of my favorite episodes in the series!!! :)

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Soul: *enters the room* Varian! Come -

Varian: *Sleeping and snoring*

Soul, smirking: *Takes Varian’s pen and some paint* Revenge!


Varian, waking up: *sees Soul reading next to his bed* Soul, what are you doing here?

Soul: We’re late for the festival. Instead of going, I decided to stay here.

Varian, frowning: I’m so sorry, Soul.

Soul: Just go freshen up. I’m busy reading.


Varian: SOUL!


Varian, sighing: I do deserve this.


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Eugene: Varian, you have 10 sandwiches. Someone asks for 4. How many ham sandwiches do you have left?

Varian: 10. I ain’t giving some.

Eugene, chuckles: What if someone takes them forcefully?

Varian, with a straight face: 10 and a body encased in amber.


Soul: May I have one?

Eugene, to Soul: If you don’t want to die, I suggest-

Varian: Sure!

Varian, to Eugene: Now I have 9 and a body encased in amber.

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I do, and it was an homage, yes. ^_^

But Rapunzel Unbraided wasn’t the one with Bastion. That was just Rapunzel. Rapunzel Unbraided was the one before that, where the modern gal and guy get sucked into the fairytale world and she takes Rapunzel’s body while Rapunzel is booted into the body of a squirrel and he takes the prince’s body while the prince was booted into the body of a basset hound (Beau).

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