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#Taylor Swift fandom

I’m so glad Taylor released Miss Americana and Only the Young when she did. It’s inspired so so so many people (including me) to speak out and form their own opinions on what’s going on in the world. If I hadn’t watched Miss Americana, I probably wouldn’t have the confidence to stray from the negative opinions that society has tought me, and fight, and encourage others to fight for what I know we should be fighting for. It feels like I’m more grateful for Taylor everyday 💗💗💗💗✨

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Guys Taylor’s The Man is up against JB’s Yummy (yeah, I know how that sounds 😂 😂) for vH1 India’s summer league competition, and we need to vote for her so she can make it to the finals!! Beliebers are a huge army but I’m sure we can win this round if we all vote together!

All you have to do is like and comment on this post in order for The Man to earn votes, so let’s do this!!

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I love how when Taylor writes a song, she incorporates very simple and yet very vulnerable emotions, because “I don’t wanna lose you” is such a simple little collection of words and yet it takes everything in me to be able to say this to someone.

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Taylor via Instagram: “Stoked to relive our Paris show tonight when the City of Lover concert airs at 10pm ET/ 9pm CT on @abcnetwork - then tomorrow on @hulu and @disneyplus 💕 It was the best album release party I could’ve wished for 😆✨💐🎆🕶 love you guys 💋”

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