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#Taylor Swift funny

Taylor really wrote the iconic lines, And baby for you I’d fall from grace/ Just to touch your face // If you walk away / I’d beg you on my knees to stay and we. we let her

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Do you ever just sit and think about how layered Cruel Summer is for a song that’s only two minutes and fifty eight seconds long?

The imagery it paints in your mind as it begins with a fever dream that’s high in the quiet of a night?? How it takes your imagination to the angel/devil dynamics, how the vocals do complete justice to the vibe of the song??

How absolutely feral the “he looks up grinning like the devil” line makes you go? And how you find yourself screaming “I love you, ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard?” at the end of the song?

Do you ever just. Screech? Because cruel summer?

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Can you please explain the five holes in a fence thing? I'm very lost

Okay buckle up :

When the TS7 era started, Taylor once posted a picture of palm trees. Swifties being swifties, we counted the number of trees -> seven trees. A hint at TS7?


A countdown to TS7????

We went along with the second theory and the next day she posted a pic that had six stairs and her sitting on them. Day six?? The countdown theory might be right??

The next day she posts a picture where she’s looking at the camera throw a fence. Sigh I a pretty pic. Gorgeous lighting and outfit.

But Swifties being the clowns we are, we didn’t focus on Taylor.

We focused on the holes in the fence.

Why? Because there were five holes in the fence!!!

The fandom went crazy because our countdown theory was definitely seeming true - and then the next day she four-got to post anything and so on and so forth -

It wasn’t a countdown after all. And we were all clowned. Again.

So we kept making memes about the five holes until Taylor finally addressed it, and she roasted us about it as well. And now this year we celebrated the fenciversary - one whole year since the day we lost our collective brain cells!!

And we all still stand by what we said - there were five holes in the fence!

Hope this clears up the confusion,


Megha ❤️

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