moosecannoncop · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Finished my piece for last week’s Adventure Zone Ethersea episode. Really excited for where this story is gonna go as we approach the season finale!
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angryducktimemachine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
It's serious, Davenport!!
[ID: a digital, fully coloured drawing of Taako and Davenport from the podcast The Adventure Zone.
Taako is a white elf with freckles and long blonde hair in a braid. He's wearing a big blue wizard hat and a blue morning robe as well as pink slippers.
Davenport is a white gnome with freckles and wild, red hair and a tail with red fur at the end. He's wearing red pyjamas.
They are standing facing each other. Taako is holding the umbrastaff with his right hand while he points towards his face with his left. Text next to him says "I think I got scurvy..."
Davenport is looking up at him with mild disbelief. He is saying "Taako it's 3am and you have been on the sea for like a day."
They are set against a plain grey background and the artists signature "ÄngryDuckTimeMachine" is set in white in the upper right corner. /End ID]
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barry-j-blupjeans · 2 days ago
And I feel like this is basically canon so - 1 and Blupjeans? (Please and thank you!)
“The closest thing to love at first sight I’ve ever experienced happened when I first laid eyes on you.”
"Favorite writer?" Barry said. "Author? Favorite Writer and/or author."
"Ugh," Taako said immediately from where he was laying on the couch. His feet were over the top and his head was hanging off the cushions. One of the cats was playing with his braid from under the couch. "How do you not know Lup's favorite author? It's literally all she's been talking about for the past fuckin' month."
"I- I've been busy!" Barry defended.
"You have not," Taako said, which, yeah, fair. He really hasn't been. "It's just that every time you talk to Lup, you zone out and focus on her voice or her hair or whatever the fuck-"
"I'm not that bad," Barry said, flushing.
"What did Lup say before she left?" Taako challenged. Barry paused. He knew this. This wasn't that hard. She had left not even ten minutes ago.
"She was she was... going to get... food."
"Where?" Taako asked, raising his eyebrows.
"At- at a food place?"
"You're hopeless," Taako said, pulling himself upright again. He raised got his legs down and reached for his phone. "She's going to Smoothie King 'cus you've ruined her sense of taste. And then she's going to McDonald's because of the aforementioned ruined taste."
"We literally met while you worked at a McDonald's, Taako."
"That's not the point," Taako said. He had unlocked his phone. "The point is that one, you've only made her worse-" Barry knew by now it was best not to argue. "And two, her favorite author is some wack-ass nerd named Sildar Hallwinter."
"Uhm," Barry said, feeling his stomach drop. Taako was scrolling through his phone now as if trying to find something. "I've- I've never heard of that person before, uh- what do they write?"
"He started out with a buncha mediocre sci-fi shit, which like, that was okay! Lup's been into sci-fi stuff before, I can vibe with that. Mostly short fiction, y'know? Sometimes some horror elements."
"Sounds right up Lup's alley," Barry said nervously. Taako didn't seem to notice.
"But-" Taako continued. Oh boy. "Past few months he's been doing so much romance? Like so much romance. And it's not even the good kind."
"Well," Barry said, trying not to feel offended. "He's trying his best, I'm sure."
Sildar Hallwinter wasn't exactly known for romance. Barry knew that. He knew that very well, considering he was Sildar Hallwinter. All the stuff he wrote under "Barry", his mom would somehow find. He had to escape that. But it'd been quite a while since his mom had passed and "Sildar Hallwinter" was never going to go back to "Barry Bluejeans" without a mass amount of confusion from his followers.
How had he not heard Lup talk about this? Maybe Taako was right and he really did just zone out whenever she came into the room.
"Uh-huh," Taako said, doubtfully. "Hey, listen to this-" Taako cleared his throat. Barry tried his very best not to cringe. ""The closest thing to love at first sight I’ve ever experienced happened when I first laid eyes on you. You are the sun, the brightest thing in my life. The center of my-""
"I think I got it," Barry managed to get out, his face burning. He buried his face in his hands to hide. Taako sniggered.
"It goes on for miles," Taako said. "I, personally, do not see the appeal. Now Lup, on the other hand- She's got it almost as bad for this writing as Hallwinter has for whomever the fuck he's writing about. And I have to live with her Barry. Do you really wanna put yourself through that?"
Maybe he should just stop posting. That'd be less awful than ending up in this scenario again.
"The writing's not that bad," Barry said finally. Taako scoffed. Barry could practically feel the eye roll from here.
"The writing is whatever," Taako said. "Do you wanna live through Lup reading the writing to you? All the time? Forever, probably?"
"She does voices for the characters, Barry," Taako stressed. "Voices."
"The writing's not that bad!" Barry said again. "I- I think it's kinda sweet? Maybe?"
"You're awful," Taako said. "Both of you, awful."
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angelshanties · a day ago
can i see the lup... pleadse
Tumblr media Tumblr media
because you asked so nicely...
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sierraveree · 2 days ago
5 TAZ Season 5 suggestions:
Have Justin GM
Have Justin GM
Have Justin GM
Have Justin GM
Have Justin GM
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tired-fandom-ndn · a day ago
The twins are huge food snobs but elves are also weird so Magnus once saw Taako eat a lizard he found on the ground and he still thinks about it decades later. They've never spoken about it.
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organchordsandlightning · 2 days ago
no i’m ok with ethersea ending i’ll be happy to explore more of the world --
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jokingmaiden · a day ago
(bio)diversity win! zoox is made of coral
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unclerandymeeks · 2 days ago
absolutely astonished at the response to taz getting delayed and stretched back to bi-weekly eps. they’ve only been able to go every week for less than the past year, out of the whole 8 year lifespan of the podcast. did you really get that spoiled and entitled that quickly?
in addition, all three brothers have two kids under 10, sydnee is literally running for office, and they’re ON TOUR right now. half of you are listening to this FOR FREE and you still have the audacity—
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gaysquaredwrites · 2 days ago
I can definitely live with them giving ethersea a break but I DO need them to come back to the characters and not just the setting. They just have so much more they could do I WILL need the babies back ty
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thesevenofbirds · a day ago
You know... Here's the thing about the ethersea storytelling (spoilers).
TL;DR i like the good, flawed characters because i do think it makes for interesting storytelling. But Griffin keeps trying to add interesting nuance to challenge the characters' hard-headed good/evil mindsets, and it gets overlooked because the players are in-character too often.
So. I do think the characters are very interesting and good even though they're all, imo, dislike-able in many ways...
Amber is unabashedly hard-headed and unforgiving. She cares about people yeah, but she's so opinionated and refuses to hear people out. She's so conflict-averse that she's constantly walking away from things and refusing to hear other people's perspectives. I feel like the interactions with Shrett were a great example of this. Like, i understand that Amber had known someone who went off the deep end with drugs, but the whole ordeal was so no-nuance for her in a way that showed she's really just stubborn about her perspective and never changing her mind. Likewise i think this shows with the blink sharks when she's just happy to be rid of 3 more.
Then we have Devo. He's just as hard-headed as Amber but instead of being avoidant and running away, he fights and causes conflict in the hopes of everything landing on what he wants. (Side note this felt so real to me when he said, going up the tower, "i feel no better with you guys than when i was with the church." I know the feeling of wanting so badly to act differently with people but falling into old habits beyond your control and acting in ways you don't want to act. Irl, one solution is literally to just remove yourself from the situation like Devo is trying but unable to do.. cuz it's DnD and they can't just split.) But anyway so, he cares, but he acts really shitty and mean and manipulative towards people around him in a lot of scenarios, as his instinctual reaction.
Then, Zoox. I don't see people talking about him as much but imo he's part of the conflict. He's an airhead in a way i can also relate to a bit... But that causes problems. Rather than spending the time to find solutions he defaults to threats & "easy ways out." He doesn't threaten in an angry way - rather, in a way that feels like "this is easier than trying to talk through shit and come up with collaborative solutions :) I'm tired" lol. But this really comes to a head for me with the blink sharks. Why doesn't he tell anyone the things he heard from them? Why doesn't he ever even shout during the fight anything, like, "wait maybe we can figure out what's going on, i had a conversation with these guys!" or anything like that? Seemingly because he's spacey, he allows a race of intelligent beings that asked him for help- to be extincted by himself and his friends.
All of these character choices are interesting! And i think the interactions/fights between the PCs are a cool way of exploring their personalities and stories. I'm not ragging on the Mcelroys for making flawed PCs, because i literally think these are character choices, and the characters they've made are really complex and interesting.
My only frustration is... Griffin keeps introducing interesting nuance! Like Shrett, and Guidance, and the Alpha Shark, and even Toliver. These characters are ALSO fleshed out & flawed in interesting ways, but they offer counterpoints to the PCs. BUT! The players always feel so in character that the points of nuance seldom get satisfyingly addressed.
I'm reminded of Clint's "knowing chuckle" where he had to be pressed to say what he was thinking. I'm listening to a DnD podcast! I'm interested in the thoughts & theories of the people playing the game! I'm interested by candid moments where maybe the player would go "oh damn, i think/feel this way about this plot point, but i know my character wouldn't do this." Or "ooh i know more of this story than my character does and <commentary>" or whatever. I love the roleplay and it's very interesting... But i also get a bit frustrated by the dropped threads that seem to be dropped only because Griffin was the only one trying to add that interesting nuance.
Once again i do still think it's a great series. But i feel like this character seriousness leaves something to be desired.
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dumbass-extraordinaire · 18 days ago
me when characters experience the devastating consequences of their own actions:
Tumblr media
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barry-j-blupjeans · a day ago
number 13 "can you stay, just for tonight?", for blupjeans :)
13. “Can you stay? Just for tonight, please. I don’t want to be alone with my thoughts.” “‘l’ll stay for as long as you need.”
"I made tea," Davenport said, pressing the tray of food into Barry's hands. Sure enough, there was a large mug on the left side, still steaming. "And it's not much, but I know she likes pasta, so I made some spaghetti. It's not as great as it would be homemade by her or- or Taako, but-"
"Dav," Barry said. "I'm sure she'll appreciate it."
"Just..." Davenport paused, sighing. He took a step back as if he had only just realized how overwhelming he had been. "You're the only one she's letting in right now. If there is anything the rest of us can do to help you and- and her by extension, let me know?"
"Will do," Barry said. Davenport nodded, moving from his side to the kitchen door. He held it open as Barry passed through.
"Let me know how she is," he said, "when you're done."
"Course," Barry said. Magnus and Lucretia were laying on the couch. Barry caught of peek of Lucretia's journal and found her adding details to an older drawing of Taako. Barry's heart clenched slightly, but he didn't say anything. Lucretia looked up as he passed and gave him a soft smile. Barry tried to return it and hoped it didn't look as grim as he felt.
Past the common room and down the hallway, Barry stopped at Lup's door. Well, Lup and Taako's door. He shifted to hold the tray with one hand against his hip and used his now free hand to knock.
"Lup?" he said gently. "Can I come in?"
No response. Not unexpected. After a moment, he knocked again.
"I've got food," Barry tried.
There was a click as the door unlocked from the inside. Barry took that as an invitation to step inside, so he did so. The room was dark, which probably wasn't even an issue for Lup, considering her dark vision. Enough light came through the curtain for Barry to see the vague outline of Lup on the bottom bunk of the bunk bed. She wasn't under any of the covers, just laying face down on top of them. As Barry closed the door, she set her wand on the bedside table and a mage hand retreated into it.
How to comfort someone who just lost their only family member, even though that family member would be back within the five months? There wasn't much he could think of that didn't sound hallow. Barry came further in, sitting down at the edge of the bed, and setting the tray next to him.
"Pasta," Barry said. "Dav made it. I know it's not gonna be as great as if you or- or Taako made it, but I think he'd appreciate it if you left a review."
Lup lifted her head up very slowly. Her eyes were red and she was still wearing the same clothes she had come back in. It had only been a day and a half, but Barry honestly felt like a lifetime had gone by since he last saw Lup.
Everyone else had tried to talk to her yesterday, or earlier this morning. She had only really responded to Barry and that was to take water from him. But it was something. When she met Barry's gaze this time, her lower lip was trembling. Barry didn't comment on it, instead pushing the tray towards her. She looked down at it and sniffed.
"All these noodles are different sizes," Lup said after a second. Barry shuffled forward to see.
"Yeah, they sure are," Barry said, because they were. "I'm sure it's still edible, though. You wanna have Magnus taste it first?"
"No," Lup said. She picked up the fork, twirled some spaghetti onto it, and took a bite. Barry looked away, not really sure what to say. Lup took her time taking a few more forkfuls of the spaghetti. At long last, she said, "it's not too bad."
"I'll let him know," Barry said. "D'you, uh. D'you want me to go or can I just... chill here for a bit?"
Lup shook her head, which didn't really answer Barry's question, and had another bite. She took a sip of the tea. Barry twiddled his thumbs, looking around the room. Not that he could see much with the lack of light.
"Can you..." Barry looked back over to Lup when she spoke. She took a deep breath, which made a little shuddering sound. "Can you stay? Just for tonight, please. I- I don't wanna be alone with my thoughts."
"Like a sleepover stay?" Barry asked.
"It's a stupid idea-"
"No! No, I mean- sure, yes! Yeah, I can stay." He wiped his hands on his jeans. When did he get so sweaty? "I can stay. D'you mind if I go get like, a blanket, or?"
"Feel free," Lup said, twirling more spaghetti on her fork. Barry stood up, the bed creaking behind him. He made his way back over to the door before Lup spoke again. "Can you... send Davenport in here?"
"Yeah," Barry said. And then, in a ditch attempt to see her smile, he added, "Is his pasta that bad?"
It worked. A little, at least. The side of Lup's mouth quirked up in what could be considered a smile, if it didn't leave her face just as quickly as it had come.
"I've had worse," she said.
"I'll be back soon," Barry said, opening the door. "I'll tell Dav you want him."
"Thank you," Lup said, quietly. Barry nodded, closing the door behind him. Time to find the Captain. And his blanket.
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fr0gpie · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
i come complete and invincible behind my dirty imbecile!
all these things i've tried, boy: be cute, be dumb, be wise, be young
so don't tell me what to fear in the darkness of this atmosphere
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sierraveree · 2 days ago
I've finished my relisten of taz Grad.
Do I start Critical Role's latest thing? Or something else?
(if no one attempts to stop me I might start my fourth listen of balance😭😭 but I don't wanna ruin it by listening too much pls help)
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tuherrus · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
finally drawing what was the most iconic moment in balance for me
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the-mothed-man · 9 months ago
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firbolgay · 10 months ago
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icedteatrans · 7 months ago
fuck chris pratt. griffin mcelroy should voice garfield
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rooolt · 4 months ago
Boy detective is both a gender and an autism diagnosis
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