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#Team Fortress 2
ausgoth · 2 days ago
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the-hydroxian-artblog · 21 hours ago
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single-player tf2 campaign where you just run around as sniper buying various things based off his voice lines
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teratotiddies · 21 hours ago
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low effort meme
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tf2playernames · 14 hours ago
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mrenkelherlig · a day ago
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Team Fortress 2
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batstabb · 23 hours ago
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Scenery and color study :>
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whaleofatjme1920 · 2 days ago
support classes being flirted with
Support Classes Being Flirted With
[Warnings: Like, none?]
[AN: literally my favorite class of mercs <3]
Literally the king of flirting.
You cannot actually flirt with him he has you beat on this topic lmfao. You can TRY but it just doesn't work.
You try your darndest and it makes him laugh. Not in a mean way either, he's just amused you even tried. The effort is very appreciated. He almost goes along with it.
He's so smooth and knows when to say things like, it's hard for your face to not be warm after just speaking to him.
Spy is a smooth mf and he knows it. You cannot fluster him, you will not fluster him.
His flirting ranges from genuine compliments to physical touches (within your boundaries) that make you heated.
It is this man's life goal to make you flustered.
You can compliment him on things. If they're super genuine on small things he doesn't think people will notice, he might short circuit.
But seriously you do not fluster this man. Impossible.
He compliments your attempts with a small smile and in French.
No, it's literally a game with this man. He's not dense, but it takes him a hot second to get it.
And when he does??? OHOH he will out flirt you daily.
You gotta actually say like, medical flirty things to him. They make him giggle.
Honestly your flirting attempts make him smile. Never flustered or warm, but they make him smile.
Medic will actually make heat rise to your cheeks. He says a wide range of things varying in appropriateness, but it's cute,,,,
You can catch him off guard with genuine compliments tbh.
Those will make him turn his head slightly. Archimedes will sometimes egg the two of you on.
It's a daily thing between you. You are one of the brightest part of Medic's day.
He might literally give you a heart.
No, I'm serious.
The moment you start flirting with this man he turns RED.
He's just not really used to the attention. It takes him out of his element.
Takes him a second or two but he actually really likes when you flirt with him. It makes him feel fuzzy.
Sometimes, he'll flirt back.
The attempts are actually pretty smooth?? Where did he learn that???? What???????????
If he manages to fluster you, he feels triumphant for the rest of the day. Normally though, he's the one feeling flustered.
As time goes on, he becomes immune to your flirting and you gotta up the ante. Sniper takes careful notice of this and finds it more than amusing lmfao.
Sniper is so, so soft, like he's a romantic at heart please be nice to him.
He acts like your flirting bothers him but the attention is kinda nice. Is really receptive to the flirting that compliments his skills as a professional lmfao.
Literally just stay genuine with him. Always gonna make him blush that way.
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wasserdrache333-blog · 2 days ago
Get the broom!!
There's a Spyder.
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Tumblr media
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thoundcarriers · 2 days ago
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partners in crime!! another request.
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beebadstuff · a day ago
really liked quazies' animations so i decided to draw this lil fella
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