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#Technically they got what they told them
not-used-to-being-normal · 5 months ago
Btw y'all. My aunt is a researcher, right? Like, she has a phd and like 16 published articles, and so, in her work, she meets ppl from all around the world, and being 2021 and still working through zoom, many times she has no idea who she's talking with bc she doesn't know what genders foreign names have
Anyway i think it was her boss? Who decided to implement having pronouns in the name so as to be inclusive of ppl with neo pronouns. I am not 100% if he understood exactly what that meant, and also, that's thw information my aunt told me, and she didn't fully understand it either, so maybe there's some broken phone in that too
Anyway the point is that my aunt was telling how relived she was about the policy, bc now she didn't have to guess at ppl's gender and wasn't as lost when referring to them even when they have foreign names
Anyway all this to say that i liie that besides being inclusive of ppl's gender and pronouns, this also kind of helps to bridge the difference of cultures and languages
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softgothweiwuxian · a year ago
i would also like to say, as an aside, just cause i’m seeing a lot of either jiang cheng or wei wuxian bashing on my dash today for some reason, that i am always equally sad about both of the yunmeng bros and their respective issues. they both have faults and bad coping mechanisms and both did things to hurt each other. they both need to work through the layers of trauma they have experienced and understand how their actions have effected each other. but they are also both deserving of love and happiness and healing, whether that happens together or apart.
to me it isn’t a function of “this person is worse than the other,” or “this person should feel inherently more guilty than the other” it’s “hey, these two abused, traumatized kids who were constantly belittled and hurt and pitted against each other, who were used as pawns in war, who had everything taken away from them over and over despite their best efforts, have made some bad fucking choices and have lashed out or lied to each other because they were left with increasingly little options and were in various states of distress.” 
and like, let’s be honest they have both done some really fucked up shit (see non-consensual golden core transfer, strangling and other varieties of physical violence, lying about very important things and then being dismissive of valid feelings, and bringing your brother’s worst childhood fear into a room to purposely torture him). neither of them are scot free in the deterioration of their relationship or the continued strain of it. and if we are gonna start pointing fingers at one, we kinda gotta point them at the other too. 
but also underneath all of that, they love each other so fiercely and so desperately that half of their bad choices were made in an attempt to protect each other. or out of frustration and betrayal because they cared so fucking much that when the other wasn’t standing beside them they were gutted. 
these boys both deserve some peace in their lives. they were both worthy of love the whole time, whether they believed it or not.
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softesthobi · a year ago
love it when sexism :)
#it's been a while since i've felt this belittled as a woman wow#so my car is broken and i text this dude who fixes cars and who my parents mostly use when we have car issues#so as my parents are away i got his number and my dad was like text him and tell him you've got this problem#and my dad messaged the dude as well around the same time as i did#so now my dad tells me that he told him that yeah lol the car works normally starts just fine#which it ummmm.... did not when it stopped and didn't start right in the middle of traffic lights#and my grandpa had to tow it away with his friends (mind you he couldn't start it either)#but it does randomly work yes if you give it 30 mins... 3 days... yeah it might start#but it's not fun when it decides not to jskdfksdf#and this car fixer dude literally did not reply to my texts..... in no way implied he had seen them#and apparently he's been checking it today???? without telling me????? but telling my dad who's abroad and can't call from there#and messages me on whatsapp to tell me that yeah the fixer dude tried the car jskdjfksdk#my dad's just telling me to text the fixer dude and give him the details on the issue but if the dude doesn't take me seriously...#what's the point going through my dad who doesn't know the issue and hasn't seen the car instead of me who was literally there#he just thinks like oh a little girl can't start a car wow#like bitch........ i've been driving that car for 6 years#(3 years on the road since i got my license)#ig i have to text him but i'd prefer to call or meet up so i can explain it better and i won't be limited to the letter amount of texts#i kinda wanna learn how to explain the issue perfectly in technical terms to show his ass but also i don't wanna have to do that#bc women shouldn't need to know everything or be specialists on a thing to be taken seriously by men#my thingies
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asianjeremyheere · 2 years ago
oh boy really feeling those 1.0 pre-pants song vibes in here today
#dont rb and like. eberythings in the tags and its a lpt so dont. read them if u dont want to.#delete later probably#this is SO specific and im not burning shit and i havent TECHNICALLY been abandoned but. hm.#turns out my friends all keep planning shit without me!! and like i wouldnt be mad if it was certain people because like yeah we're not that#close but others it kind of feels like a punch in the gut! huh! is this what michael mell felt like#qnd the only reason i KNOW is because ive got one (1) friend who like. tells me shit. invites me places. except to the fair apparently#because i asked about that before i got told about the plans#deadass asked yesterday who was going and who wanted to meet up and got 'i think so' and 'i cant' from 2 out of like six people?#and now apparently theres plans basically set in stone not including me? huh funny... wow..... real strange how that happened......#told my mom about it and shes rightfully kind of pissed off and like. of the three who r going that i got 'invited' to go with i expected it#from maybe one of them? but the others? feels. shitty.#and like i love my friends. i really do. most of them at least. but like. ig there was a reason that i only ever did stuff with#two of them and i thought it was just bc everyone else was still in class when we finished our exams and had free time#but like maybe its because theyre the only ones who invite me to stuff! except like i think one of them also doesnt get invited to things so#hashtag solidarity i guess?? except i tjink shes going to the fair with friends from her old school and my other go-do-stuff-with friend is#still on vacation halfway across the world so im. a little stuck#and like i really really appreciate that my best friend is TRYING to include me in stuff. shes trying and she tells me about things and she#initiates plans to hang out and i really am grateful for that because she used to be the only person i ever hung out with outside of school#up until literally like. december this year. but like i worry sometimes that i rely too much on her? always thought of her as like. the#michael/christine to my jeremy and maybe its the other way around because i get. weirdly bitter when she makes plans without me??? but also#i know a lot of it is like. jealousy of one specific person because i dont like her and shes always squeezing herself into conversations and#making me feel pushed aside and thats part of it and i know thats like. dumb. but sometimes i just want to hang out with my best friend#without feeling sidelined and shes got so many friends that its nearly impossible to do unless ive got someone else im close to#nearby which again ever since last year i HAVE and im getting closer to other people but both of those people r not involved in these#plans yo go to the fair and its so DUMB because its just a fair its nbd except like. its an annual thing and a big deal in our tiny ass town#and the past few years my best friend just hasnt. gone even thoufh i deadass always invite her and now she IS going and i. wasnt invited#until i asked if she wanted to meet up?#anyway im. feeling some shit tonight but alsp kinda hollow which is nice! /sarcasm
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majohour · 2 years ago
oh my god, my professor is the best for counting my assignment as being on time even though i missed the entire last day of class because printers suck and i suck for slacking off so hardcore
#granted i technically got to class before it ended (just barely tho) but by the time i got to the classroom everyone had left (unsurprising)#so i found my teacher in her office (luckily she was there) and told her point-blank that i had slacked off#(so maybe she gave me points for honesty)#but i was legitimately highkey struggling to print my assignment and it was a lot i had to print and they were all pdfs#and some of them were being really difficult#and another grade a person is the girl who knew how to help me in the second computer lab i moved to#god it was such a struggle and i was basically vibrating with anxiety before i just got numb to it with a false sense of chill#i'm rambling on about this when i have no excuse tbh and don't feel sorry for me#this is what i get for being a smug little shit who thinks i'll be able to get it done in the three hours before class#and for self-indulging on ignoct fics basically all weekend and this morning EVEN THOUGH I PURPOSELY WOKE UP EARLY TO BE PRODUCTIVE#ahahahaha my self-delusion is too real#this semester has really been a hell#and although it's not going to be marked off as a late assignment (which I don't deserve)#i'm going to pay for procrastinating anyways since i didn't even reach the word limit on the intro and didn't finish my works cited#and all the pdfs look so last minutely scanned so my professor will more than be able to tell#(in addition to my tardiness and explicitly telling her I was a slacker)#at least i got a little cute bi pride pin out of this whole trainwreck#text
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sunshine-zenith · 9 months ago
Okay but like. Ratatouille from Linguini’s perspective tho
You’re some broke, awkward guy in his twenties who can’t keep a job down to the point that you Know that the letter your recently dead mom wrote to her also dead famous friend’s coworker contains Something about giving you employment. So you march yourself down to this fancy restaurant, submit yourself to verbal whiplash, fork over what might’ve been the last thing your mother ever wrote, and become the lowly janitor
Fine, right? I mean, shitty day/week/month/whatever, but you aren’t picky. You have a job, so you can pay rent. Except you accidentally spill like half a pot of soup and you panic. You literally got this job like fifteen minutes ago and you already fucked up. Rent is breathing down your neck so you do the Broke Twenty Something thing where you try to use water to hide the difference, throw in some spices because you have no idea how cooking works, and hope that no one notices despite the fact that one sniff tells you you fucked it up worse.
Then a rat fixes it.
A random rat fixes it.
(You’re broke, you’re mom is dead, and you cook worse than a rat. Imagine that.)
And somehow the soup gets served to a food critic that’s apparently well respected and now you have no idea if you’re gonna be flayed alive by your new boss or given a job you are in no way qualified for. Rent is still a thing.
Then you realize the rat understands human language and knows enough body language to communicate. Then you realize you’re own body is fucking weird because this completely random rat (that you had to explain morality to because he stole some herbs from your neighbor) is controlling your limbs by tugging on your hair. Also you become lowkey famous yourself because the rat is that good a cook.
And you have to go along with it because you need money to eat and not be homeless and you need a job to get money. It hasn’t even been a week.
At least your coworkers are nice enough. You get a crush on one of them and get a crash course on cooking and working in a kitchen and sexism and oh my god like at least three of your coworkers are technically criminals aren’t they?? Also your boss gets you drunk and asks you a bunch of weird questions about pets. You only wanted a job
(The rat makes you kiss the coworker you kinda have a crush on that’s been teaching you everything. What the fuck. You probably have to explain consent to a rat now. Luckily the coworker likes you back and is okay with the kiss, but still. What the fuck)
(Also the rat now seems to have a rivalry with your new girlfriend. What the hell, rat buddy? You’re literally the reason these two are together, and also the girlfriend has been working in the food industry longer than the rat has been alive probably, she clearly knows her shit)
Suddenly, out of nowhere, the rat walks up to you with some documents about how your dead mom’s dead famous friend is your dad. Also your boss did DNA tests on you behind your back (invasive much??). Now you own an entire restaurant because of a deadline in you’re secret dead dad’s will that was like two days away from being moot.
(I dunno about y’all, but I’d need to sit down for like seventy years at this point because there’s like fifty different layers of fucked up here. You grew up without knowing your dad, then you learn you’ve been working at his restaurant. He’s famous and his face is on a bunch of frozen food dishes. Both of your parents are dead. Your mom never told you or your dad about the being related thing for some reason. Your boss did a DNA test on you. You own a restaurant and you can’t even cook. Your new pet rat somehow got this information before you and can apparently read. Your father was a famous chief, your name is literally a pasta, and you can’t even cook. It’s only been a couple months, what the hell)
Now you’re famous and the food critic they lowkey caused your secret dad’s death is after you because he has a weird vendetta going on, and also your rat (who’s like your best friend at this point let’s be real) is acting weirder than usual, but at least you have a better apartment and get to talk about how much you love your super cool and smart girlfriend in public.
Next thing you know, your rat is sneaking other rats into the kitchen, you have to explain that a rat can cook better than you, and everyone quits in the middle of the day (what the heck, one of them probably killed a guy and another was in the circus. The rat thing is weird but like. You can roll with the punches. Why can’t they??)
So while you’re like having a panic attack because of this, your rat unionized his rat friends and now the kitchen is being run by rats. What can you do? You wait tables because what the hell, you’re in way too deep at this point.
(Also, side note, Linguini totally missed out on his true calling as a professional roller skater or something. Dude’s graceless even when he isn’t being piloted by a rat, but on a set of roller skates he’s friggin amazing)
Luckily, your super smart (maybe ex?) girlfriend comes back (even if the whole rat thing is still throwing her off, but hey. It’s prolly nice to have Somebody acknowledge the weirdness of this entire thing without jumping ship). Apparently the food your rat cooks is so good that the food critic that lowkey killed your dad reevaluates his entire life, but now he wants to meet the person that made the meal. What do you do — your (maybe ex?) girlfriend is the only other human here, do you say she made it or do you show him the rat?
You decide to make this Super Important Super Harsh food critic wait hours, then you and your (probably) girlfriend have to show off how you’re weirdly drift compatible with a rat. The food critic just like. Thanks you for the meal and leaves. What do you do?
Also at some point during the night the rats kidnapped your weirdly invasive ex-boss and a health inspector. So yeah, you should probably deal with that.
Then the food critic that lowkey lead to your dad’s death writes this inspirational piece that critizes critics, tanking his own career in the process, only for the health inspector to shut down your dad’s restaurant. But okay, the now ex-food critic now takes the money he made shattering the dreams of other chiefs and invests in your rat best friend’s dreams, and now he’s kinda your friend and you work at the rat’s restaurant with your amazing girlfriend.
All this happened in only a few months. You just wanted a job.
Linguini’s a fucking champion for putting up with all this istg
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cjsinkythoughts · 5 months ago
The Conversation
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader
Word Count: 7661 (Don’t come at me - you guys asked for it)
Warnings: !FATWS Spoilers!, Cursing, Fluff, Feelings, I Dunno What Else, This One’s Pretty Chill, Except The Ending, But You’ll See When You Get There
A/N: Here it is! I was hesitant about posting it because that means we’re getting closer to the end and I’m such a nostalgic bitch! I’m definitely gonna cry next week when the last episode comes out! Anyways, I’ve got a few things to talk about:
I think this is one of the most important chapters I’ve written and I’m excited to see your reactions to it. It is longer, but you guys asked for that, so you got it! Also, I’m loving the Asks, Comments, and Reblogs. I try to respond to all of them. I have work in a little bit, so I won’t be able to until after, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Ask me anything; about my series, the show, any of the movies, personal stuff, I really don’t care. If you’re not comfortable, that’s totally fine! Every like means so much to me!
I know it’s not the end yet - we’ve got one more episode and a list of One Shots to get through - but there’s a definite feeling of this series coming to an end, and I just want to thank you all for the support and love you’ve been giving it! I’ve really enjoyed writing these characters and this story! It’s very, very special to me and I’m glad I’ve been able to share it with you lovely people!
On that note, be kind to yourselves and others! Thank you again for reading! Excuse any mistakes - this isn’t beta’d! Enjoy and stay tuned!
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cjsinkythoughts Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
!SPOILERS UNDER CUT! (Sorry for the gifs I just love them so much and he’s so pretty and this part is technically two parts get four!)
“Louisiana.” Bucky hummed, looking around the airport.
You rolled your eyes. “You’re not gonna find anything interesting about Louisiana in here, doofus. Let’s call an Uber.”
“An Ooper? What the hell is an Ooper?”
You giggled, shaking your head and grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the luggage carousel. “Uber. It’s like…a taxi service. But there’s an app on your phone to get a driver instead of waiting for one on the street.”
“Oh.” He blinked, tilting his head. “That’s…helpful.”
You laughed again, stopping in front of Carousel 3, where your flight from New York was assigned. You went back to New York to grab a bag with clean clothes and other necessities, along with taking a real shower for once. It was nice to be back in the States, as much as you loved traveling. It’d been a crazy few weeks and you were ready to just relax.
“Do you think there were any problems with Sammy’s present?”
Bucky shook his head. “Nah. Especially considering they know who we are.”
You snickered at his slight grumble. They had had…problems at the other two airports - first the one in Sokovia then JFK in New York - considering Bucky’s entire arm was metal. It’d taken a full hour before they actually let you go, and by that time they had to give you a new plane because yours had left.
“Seriously. Who else has a fucking metal arm and has 1917 listed as their birth year on their Driver’s License?” You giggled again. That was also true. They thought he was messing with them. It wasn’t until you stepped in a few minutes after they asked Bucky to step to the side, seeing Bucky get frustrated, that they realized Bucky wasn’t pulling their legs.
“Well, we’re here now and that’s all that matters.”
He nodded in agreement, watching for your bags, his hand finding yours when he realized how many people there were. “Do you know where he lives? I didn’t even think about it.”
“Yeah, don’t worry. He invited me over once. I declined, but I saved the address.”
“He…invited you over?” Bucky frowned.
You gave him a look. “I’m sure he invited you, too. You just never checked his texts.”
He licked his lips, tilting his head. “Yeah, no, I know, but I mean…why didn’t you go? Weren’t you two just talking about how you wanted to meet his nephews the other day?”
“Yeah, but I had gotten a tip on Wanda at the time and I didn’t want to miss the chance that she was there. He told me it was fine. I still felt really bad. I could tell he was a bit disappointed. I think it was one of the boys’ birthdays. Or something. I don’t remember. Is that bad? Yeah, probably. I really should remember. Maybe I should keep track of birthdays on my calendar or something.”
“Doll.” You looked up to find him giving you a magnificent smile, teeth and all. “You’re rambling.”
“Oh. Am I? Sorry. I didn’t realize.”
He shook his head quickly, squeezing your hand. “Don’t apologize. It’s cute. I’m just not used to you talking so much. You kinda did on the phone sometimes.”
You shrugged, pushing down the heat crawling up your neck at his words. “I rambled a lot to Steve.”
His face fell, making you scrunch your eyebrows up in confusion, nudging him slightly to grin at him. “It’s nice to have someone to ramble to again, though.” There was that smile again. You were stopped from saying anything more when you noticed some kids pointing and chattering excitedly at a gleaming silver box coming around the corner on the conveyor belt. “There it is.”
He looked over his shoulder, dropping your hand and stepping over to grab it, lifting it effortlessly. You didn’t know what was in it or how heavy it was, but you were sure it felt like a feather to him.
“Alright. Got our bag, sweetheart?” You lifted up the duffle in answer and he jerked his head towards the doors. “Let’s get outta here, then. Call that Booper or whatever.”
“U-B-E-R! Ub-er!” You threw your hands up, following him as he started walking towards the exit. “What’s so hard about it?!”
He just gave you a little smirk over his shoulder.
Bucky kept asking the Uber driver questions about his job. The guy was super nice and patient the whole time, a thick southern accent lacing his answers. Southern hospitality was no joke and apparently had no limit as Bucky asked about his experiences, listening intently and telling him his own stories of taxi drivers in NYC.
When you got to Sam’s sister’s house, Bucky, being Bucky, tipped the driver half of what you paid for the ride, thanking him for his time and energy, before getting out.
“You’re so adorable, you know that?” You teased him as you stepped up the porch stairs and knocked on the door.
He rolled his eyes, a tint of pink dusting across his cheeks. “He was nice.”
You hummed at his defense, the smile never leaving your features. After a moment, Bucky raised his fist to knock again. “Jesus Christ! Don’t fucking knock their door down!” You grabbed his wrist and lowered it.
“Sorry. I forget sometimes.” Bucky informed you absentmindedly,  tilting his head to peek in the window. “I don’t think anyone’s home.”
“They’re probably at the docks, then.”
Bucky raised an eyebrow. “The docks?”
You nodded, gesturing for him to follow you. “Yeah. They have a boat, remember? He talked about it last week.”
“Oh right. The one he’s trying to convince his sister not to sell.”
“Yeah.” You confirmed. “I’m pretty sure it’s that way. I don’t know how far, but we can call the Uber back-”
Bucky scrunched up his face and shook his head. “Nah. I don’t wanna bother him again. We can walk.”
You gave him an incredulous look. “It’s literally his job to drive people around.”
“Well, yeah, but what if he’s got other people to drive?”
You lifted his metal knuckles to your lips. “Trust me, Buck, I’m sure he’d rather drive you than anyone else.”
“Thank you?”
Swinging your now linked hands, you gave a firm nod, letting him know it was, in fact, a compliment. “You are so very welcome.”
The walk was a lot longer than you thought it was, and you ended up on Bucky’s back after he kept complaining about how you “shouldn’t be walking this long” and you were “injured” and you “needed rest’”. You’re not sure how a shoulder wound affected your ability to walk, but you relented and let him carry you the rest of the way to stop his whining.
“You forget, you did pull your thigh.”
“That was, like, three weeks ago! Yeesh!”
You finally got to the docks, which were bustling with people. Bucky set you down and raised an eyebrow which you shrugged in reply to, before heading over to where you spotted Sam with a few other older men.
“How do we get it off the truck?” You heard Sam ask, pointing to a large boat engine part in the bed of a beaten up truck. Scoffing as Bucky lifted it up without breaking a sweat, you leaned against the truck. Bucky grunted and set it down, looking at Sam.
“You’re welcome.” What a punk. “Just dropping this off.” Bucky lifted the case and set it where the engine was previously, Sam coming to stand on the opposite side of the truck as you. “You can sign for it and I’ll go.” You snorted, shaking your head, making Bucky shove your shoulder - the uninjured one - playfully. “I called in a favor from the Wakandans.”
Sam looked at you curiously. You shrugged and shook your head. “Don’t look at me, Sammy. He wouldn’t tell me what it is. He’s all hushy hushy about it until you say so.”
Before Sam could reply, there was a squeak and hissing over at the boat where steam was coming from a few pipes.
“Sam!” You knew that was Sarah from pictures Sam showed you. You stayed up by the truck, pulling yourself onto the bed while Sam tried fixing the pipe, Bucky butting in to show him how to do it properly.
“Why didn’t you use the metal arm?”
You saw Bucky lift up said metallic limb. “Well…I don’t always think of it immediately. I’m-I’m right handed.” Letting out a laugh, Bucky turned around and scowled teasingly at you. “And what’re you laughing at?!”
“Well then get your ass over here!”
You rolled your eyes, hopping down from the truck as Bucky asked if Sam wanted help with the boat. You leaned against a wooden post, grinning when Sam looked at you.
“I don’t have any plans.”
Sam gave a small smile, jerking his head back. “Yeah.”
You jumped down onto the boat to follow him, looking over your shoulder and stopping with an amused eyebrow raised as Bucky introduced himself to Sarah. “I’m Bucky.”
“Sarah.” Bucky repeated her name, before walking towards you, a grin still on his lips.
“Careful, Barnes. That playboy Steve warned me about is coming out.” You nudged him with a smirk, ignoring the feeling of your stomach dropping.
He rolled his eyes, kissing your head as he passed you and Sam to go where Sam was gesturing. “Don’t worry, Y/N. You’re still my doll.”
Sam raised an eyebrow, falling into step besides you and lowering his voice. “Conversation?”
“Hasn’t happened.” You informed him through clenched teeth as he groaned.
Sam gave you a list of chores that needed to be done to clean up the boat, giving you a quick tour and letting you know where all the tools needed where. You set to work immediately.
Sanding down, replacing old parts, cleaning, polishing and painting over the things that didn’t need replacing. They didn’t let you do any heavy lifting because of your stupid shoulder, but you were still able to help.
Sam had turned on some music for you to listen to, so you danced around the boat while cleaning. Turning your head when you felt a pair of eyes on you, you smiled when Bucky snapped his head back down to the wood he was sanding down.
“Gonna dance, Barnes?”
He looked back over, shaking his head. “Nah. I’m good watching you.”
Rolling your eyes, you got back to work, continuing to bop to the music, fully aware that he was watching you now.
A little while later, you were repainting the edges of the boat orange, when you looked over and noticed Bucky playing around with a paint scraper…sitting right on the edge that you had just finished repainting a few minutes ago.
He looked over, eyebrows raised. “Yeah?”
You bit your lip, trying to hold back your mischievous grin. Shaking your head, you waved dismissively. “Never mind!”
He gave you a confused sort of pout, before shrugging and continuing to fidget with the tool. It wasn’t until later when he got up to help Sam tear the metal plating off the edge that it came to light with Sam chuckling and raising an eyebrow.
“Sit in something there, Barnes?”
Bucky craned his neck back, eyes widening when he saw the orange paint on his ass, contrasting with his jeans. You let out a cackle and he whipped towards you, pointing at you accusingly, although the small uptick of his lips let you know he wasn’t really mad.
“No, no, no!” You laughed, sprinting across the deck, shrieking when he grabbed your waist and spun you around. You gasped when he grabbed a paint brush and painted an orange stripe right down the front of your shirt. “James!”
“Justice, sweetheart.” He breathed in your ear with a chuckle.
You shook your head, wiggling out of his hold. “This is a nice shirt!”
“You should’ve thought about that before.” He smirked, crossing his arms. Your eyes caught sight of Sam behind him, who raised an eyebrow and the bucket of paint he was holding. You nodded with a little giggle, making Bucky’s eyes narrow. “What’s so funny over there, do - holy shit!
You guffawed as orange paint dripped down his head, Sam standing innocently behind him with the now empty bucket behind his back. “Samuel!”
“I’m gonna kill you!”
“Try me old man!”
“Oh my God!”
Paint, orange and white since those were the only cans they had out, flew across the deck, paint brushes being used like fencing swords.
You found out too late that wet paint was a little bit slippery and you slid on a huge puddle, sending you, not onto the ground below, but over the side of the edge into the water. 
“Cher, you good?!” 
The three of you looked at each other, stunned for a moment, before bursting into fits of laughter and you nodded. “I’m good!”
The boys helped you get back up onto the dock, Sarah appearing with towels she conjured up out of thin air. “Let’s get you into dry clothes. Do you have-?”
“We’ve got some. We got a bag.” You told her with a grin, facing the guys. “You two should clean up some, too. Sammy, you’ve got a little something right there.” You pointed to your cheek, his own having a giant white splotch from his temple to his jaw. “And Buck?” You sniggered, gesturing to the whole of him. “You’ve got a lotta something right there.” 
“Ha. Ha.” He looked down. His top was practically tiger print, drenched in orange with white here and there, and his ass still orange as well. His hair, which had been plastered to his forehead, was starting to dry now, and it only made you laugh some more thinking about what a pain it’d be to get it out. For him, at least.
“God. Can’t even have a relaxing day on the boat with you two.” Sam jested once you finished up and joined him and Bucky, who had just finished dumping out some water buckets. Bucky had changed his shirt and it looked like they tried wiping their faces, but Sam still had small lines of white down his face. “How ‘bout a couple of drinks? Surely you can’t ruin that too.”
“Ruin?” You gasped in mock offence. “Sammy! I just made the day more…interesting.”
Sam chuckled, ruffling Bucky’s hair, which still had orange streaks in it. “Let’s go get some beers.”
You chatted for a bit, mainly you and Sam with you asking how Sarah and the boys were while Bucky with your legs in his lap, just listening to you two and sipping at his bottle. You had his hand in your own lap, wiping it down with a rag due to the paint that got on it.
“You’re lucky this is vibranium, you know.” You commented off handedly. “If it was your other one, it’d definitely get stained.”
“And who’s fault is that?” Bucky shot back with a teasing grin.
Sam spluttered. “Wh-what?! You started it!” You laughed, shaking your head.
Falling into a comfortable silence with just the water and birds chirping as your soundtrack, you downed the rest of your drink, which Bucky took as finished. “Well,” you moved your legs to let him stand up. He leaned forwards to clink his bottle against Sam’s and you stood up and stretched. “Gotta catch our flight tomorrow. Get a hotel room for the night.” Sam gave you a look to which you rolled your eyes at as Bucky set down his bottle and grabbed his jacket. “Crash, you know?”
“So you’re just gonna set me up like that, huh?”
“Well I don’t wanna make it weird for your family.”
“Just stay here.” You laughed as Sam babbled on about how nice the people were here, grabbing the jacket Bucky handed to you. It was getting a bit chilly from the breeze on the water and the sun going down. Plus, that water was cold.
“But don’t flirt with my sister.”
You cackled at Bucky’s face, that turned serious, his head shaking. “No.”
“‘Cause if you do I’ll have Carlos cut you up and feed you to the fish.”
“Can’t hold back the dog, Wilson. It’s been stuck in a kennel too long.”
Bucky turned to you, grabbing your jaw and squishing your cheeks together. “You know what? You need to shush. You’ve been snippy all day.”
You just smiled as innocently as you could with your lips being held by his metal fingers. “You’re too fun to mess with.”
He pecked your nose. “As long as I’m the only one you’re messing with. I’ll be right back.” He let you go and spun around, maneuvering around the boat in a way only a trained assassin could do.
“Oh my God, please! Please just put me out of my fucking misery! You’re killing me, cher.”
“What?” You gaped at him.
“Don’t act innocent!” Sam huffed, giving you a pointed look. “If I have to watch you two make googly eyes at you one more fucking day with neither of you doing anything about it-”
You rolled your eyes. “Oh come on, Sammy-”
“Don’t ‘come on, Sammy’ me! And don’t come at me with that ‘he doesn’t like me back’ bullshit. If you think for a second that boy wouldn’t follow you to the depths of the fucking ocean, you’re blind as a bat, woman.”
You shrugged, pushing up the sleeves of Bucky’s too big jacket. “It just…hasn’t come up.”
He deadpanned, shaking his head and standing up. “That’s it. I’m done. You two are driving me insane. I’m gonna lock you in a room until you have the conversation that needs to be had the next time either of you does something stupid.”
“Yikes. That’s gonna be quick.” At his look, your smile dropped and you nodded. “Okay, okay. I’ll…I’ll bring it up later.”
“Tomorrow or nothing.”
Sam tilted his head, brow creasing. “Is it still Steve? Is that what this is still about? Because he’s gone, and he’s been gone and you need to get over it-”
“No. It’s not…” You sighed. “It clicked the other day. When we were hanging out. Steve left and, yeah, I might always love him, but Bucky…God…I love Bucky, Sam.”
The man grinned proudly. “I’m glad to finally hear you admit it. So what’s the problem?”
“It’s still complicated, right? I mean…he’s his best friend and I’ve never dealt with stuff like this before and-”
Sam’s smile dropped and he groaned again. “Imma head out. I can’t take this. Dumbass and dumberass. I swear to God.” You sniggered a bit as he grumbled, walking towards the ramp to climb off the boat, just as Bucky reappeared.
“Nope! Not right now, Barnes! I can’t handle it! I can’t!”
Bucky gave you a weird look. “What’d you do?”
You chuckled, shaking your head. “Nothing.”
“Well, c’mon, doll. Sarah said she’s gonna make gumbo for us, whatever that is.” He held out his hand as you walked over. 
“You’re such a city boy.” You teased lightly, taking his hand and letting him help you pull you onto the dock. You shoved the sleeves of his jackets up again since they slipped from the first time. “Let’s go get some dinner. I’m starving.”
“We have the couch and a mattress we can pull out, I just have to make Sam get it from the attic-”
“That’s alright. The couch is fine.” Bucky waved dismissively while you nodded in agreement.
Sarah raised an eyebrow at you two. “For both of you?”
You blinked, exchanging a look with Bucky, before shrugging and turning back to her. “Yeah.”
“Don’t fight it, Sarah.” Sam peeked out from the hall. “They’ve got a weird relationship.” You stuck your tongue out at the man while Bucky rolled his eyes, dropping your duffle bag by the couch. “How mature, Y/N.” Sam mimicked your action.
“Uhm…okay. Let me set up the couch for you then.”
Once everything was set up, you and Bucky thanking her for dinner - delicious and you’d never seen Bucky smile so much, the boys having kept him highly entertained throughout the meal - and for letting you crash, Sam and Sarah headed to their rooms, the boys already having been tucked in for the night.
“Are you gonna sleep on the floor?” You asked quietly, sitting down on the couch and doing the things for your night routine you didn’t already do in the bathroom.
“I think I’ll be okay.” He sat besides you. “I’ve been doing fine the past week or so.”
You smiled at him. “That’s good. Alright.” You stood up and stretched. “Let me just make sure everything’s in the bag and ready-”
You yelped when his arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you into his chest, shifting down to lay against the couch’s arm. “Do it in the morning.” He yawned, looking up at you tiredly. “I wanna go to sleep.”
“Then go to sleep, Buck. I’ll be right back.” He shook his head, his hold tightening as he sunk deeper into the couch.
“No. I fall asleep better with you.”
You rolled your eyes but grinned, settling down with your legs between his, your chin resting on his sternum so you could still look at him. He beamed, but you could see the exhaustion settling in, and he grabbed the blanket Sarah left over the back of the couch and draped it across your back, over both of your legs, before his arms crossed snugly under the covers at the small of your back.
“Dinner was nice tonight. I haven’t had a meal cooked like that in ages.” You hummed.
He nodded in agreement. “I think that’s the first time I’ve sat around a table with a family since the 40′s.”
You raised an eyebrow. “Did you like it?”
“Yeah...kinda makes me wish I had my own.”
“Your own what?”
You bit your lip, shyly avoiding his gaze. “You’re my family, Buck.”
A light kiss was pressed to your forehead, his fingers bringing your gaze back to his. “There’s no one else I’d rather have.” The room lapsed into silence again, the clock ticking on the wall, the low sound of crickets outside.
“You have really pretty eyes.” You mumbled, tilting your head slightly as you studied them. They always held so much emotion in them, especially in contrast to when you first met him as Soldat. They matched the water you fell in, and you wouldn’t mind falling over and over into them.
“Yeah, well, you’re just really pretty inside and out, so I think you’ve got me beat, doll.” He whispered back.
“You know who else is pretty? Sarah.”
He nodded with a hum. “That’s true. But I meant what I said. You’ll always be my doll.”
“So you’re not gonna ask her out?”
He gave you a weird look as you traced his sharp jawline absentmindedly. “Nah, sweetheart. It’s just…some harmless flirting. Except on Sam’s part.”
You gave a soft huff of laughter. “Yeah…he’s gonna strangle you. It is nice to see you like that, though. Flirty. Relaxed. Happy.”
“You make me happy, sweetheart.” He hummed, nosing your temple. “The road trip helped. I’m learning everything from you. Maybe not the flirting, but the carefree part.”
You blinked at him, finger stopping for a moment as you thought. “Oh…”
You felt his fingers dance up your spine, making you shiver slightly. “What I would give to know what’s goin’ on inside that pretty lil’ head’a yours, doll.”
“I just think it’s funny you’re learning how to be carefree from me…when I just started learning how to do it myself.”
“Oh yeah?”
You nodded, your finger continuing its path down his jaw. “I think it started with the goats.”
“The goats?”
You nodded again, resting your cheek on his chest, watching your finger move up from his chin. Once you got to the end of his jaw, you lightly scratched his scruff. “In Wakanda. Our goats.” You weren’t looking at him, so you didn’t see the way he physically melted at your words, his eyes going soft, his lips turning up slightly.
“Our goats, huh?”
But your tired brain wasn’t really processing what he said, instead focusing on the features your finger was now tracing - over his lips, up his nose. “You’re pretty too, Buck. Did you know that? Inside and out.”
He craned his neck to kiss your forehead. “Go to sleep, cuddle bug.”
Nodding, you nuzzled into his chest, finger feeling over the bumps and indents on the dog tags resting near your head. You tried going to sleep, but you kept shifting, your mind not shutting off.
“Hey, sleepyhead, I’m trying to, you know, sleep.”
“Sorry.” You apologized meekly. “I just…I dunno. I can’t.”
“Are you comfortable?” He peeked open and eye to look at you questioningly. You nodded. “Is it too hot? We can take the blanket off. I know I’m a walking furnace-”
You shook your head. “No. I don’t know why. I just can’t sleep.”
He licked his lips thoughtfully, before cradling your head and guiding you back down to his chest. “Lay down, sweetheart. Relax.” He stroked your hair, moving his head down to rub circles in your back muscles, pressing down harder when he felt knots. 
You hummed, your eyes closing. “That feels good.”
“Shshsh. Just go to sleep.” His lips pressed against your head once more, lingering a bit longer than they usually do, as you felt yourself drift off. You cuddled his side, throwing a leg over his waist, before nodding off, only barely hearing his words. “Attagirl. There we are.”
“Doll?” You felt a shift underneath you and groaned, your eyes barely cracking open. “Hey, sleepyhead…it’s okay. I’m just gonna slip out from under ya, alright? Gonna go help Sammy with somethin’.”
You raised an eyebrow, letting him move you against the cushions as he sat up on the edge of the couch. “Sammy?”
“Yeah.” He bent over and kissed your cheek. You stretched out your limbs, about to rub your eyes, when he stopped you, kissing the inside of your wrists. “No. Not you, doll. Go back to sleep.” 
“Bu’...’m gonna help.” You slurred out, looking at him with confused, squinty eyes.
He chuckled, shaking his head. “It’s okay. Rest. You can help when you wake up again. Okay?” You mumbled out an “okay”, bringing the covers up to your chin and snuggling deeper into the cushions. “There ya go, cuddle bug. Good girl.” There was another kiss, one to your temple this time, before you slipped back into unconsciousness.
The next time you woke up was because of a clatter in the kitchen. You yawned and sat up, stretching, eyebrows furrowing when you realized Bucky wasn’t with you. It took you a moment to remember your conversation, which you half thought you dreamt.
You chuckled at the shouts, rubbing your eyes. “I am so sorry!” Sarah apologized, looking over at you from the stove. Trying to make the boys breakfast before school. Do you want anything? Eggs? Cereal? Toast?”
“Uh, cereal’s fine.” You stretched out your back again, before throwing back the covers and standing up, a little shakily.
“You wouldn’t happen to know where Sam went, would you?”
You raised an eyebrow. “Uh, I think him and Bucky went to fix something on the boat. I don’t for sure, though.”
Sarah groaned. “He probably went to fix the stupid water pump which doens’t need fixing. Dumbass.”
You chuckled, padding over into the kitchen. “Yeah. I just work with him. I can’t imagine growing up with him.”
“Trust me; some days you want to throw him in a box and send him out to sea. Bowls are in that cupboard.”
You snickered, moving over to grab a bowl from the cupboard she pointed to. “That’s how I feel with Bucky. Sam is less often, but when those two get together…it’s a full zoo.”
She laughed at that, nodding as she got out the milk and a few boxes of cereal for you to choose from, handing you a spoon. “That I believe.”
“Thank you.”
“Of course.”
You started pouring your cereal, watching in slight amusement as she got the boys ready for school. “Bus is here! Get out the door! Bye! Love you! Make sure you take those extra lunches to-!”
“Yeah, mom! We know! Love you too!”
You gave a slight smirk as she huffed, looking around the kitchen at the pans and dishes left out. “Kids, huh?”
She gave you a smile. “Yeah. They’re a handful, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. How about you? Any thoughts of kids?”
“Me?” Your eyes widened, nearly choking on your food. “Oh God no. Not right now, at least. I don’t even have a solid house right now. My life’s too off the walls for that.”
“And Bucky?”
You raised an eyebrow as she leaned on the counter. “Bucky? What about Bucky?”
“Does he want kids?”
“Uh…I dunno.” You shrugged, clearing your throat as you remembered your talk last night. “Kinda makes me wish I had my own.” You quickly pushed his words aside. “He hasn’t told me.”
“Wait, wait. You two…aren’t together then?”
You blinked, your eyes widening again. “Together? Me and Bucky? No…why? Did Sam say something?”
Her expression morphed into one of disbelief, crossing her arms. “Sam didn’t say anything. You guys did. Are you seriously expecting me to believe you aren’t together?”
“We’re not! I mean - he was flirting with you yesterday-”
“Right, okay. Honey, that’s flirting. And it’s harmless. The way he follows you like a puppy and you look at him like he hung the stars? That’s feelings. And that’s a lot more impactful than flirting.”
You frowned in contemplation. It was really that obvious? You were really that blind? This whole time? You knew Sam knew - but you just figured that’s because he’s been there since it started. And Sharon knew for the same reason. But Sarah? The woman you just met the day prior and had barely had a conversation with?
“It’s, uh…” You chewed on your cheek, swirling your cereal around. “It’s complicated.”
Sarah didn’t look impressed. “Do you like him?”
“I’m kinda in love with him-”
She shrugged, not letting you finish your bashful statement. “Then I don’t see what’s complicated about it.”
And that was that. She turned to clean up breakfast, leaving you alone with your thoughts.
You thought it was more complicated than that. I mean…you were in love with your best friend. Who left you. With the guy you had feelings for who just so happened to be your best friend/crush’s best friend. And now you were completely in love with your best friend’s best friend, but your best friend still had a piece of your heart.
But…you loved Bucky. And he was here. And Steve was not. And when you put it that way…you guess it wasn’t so complicated after all.
You snickered as you walked up behind Sarah, the woman berating the men for not leaving the water pump along like she asked.
“Hi, Sarah.”
Sam shot Bucky a warning look, who grinned, but you were surprised to see Sarah ignore him, sending you a knowing glance instead, before turning back to Sam. “I told you specifically that the water pump was not the problem, and yet, here you are.”
“Yep, Samuel.”
You chuckled, Bucky shooting you a wink. “Yeah, Samuel.”
Sam narrowed his eyes at you, turning to Sarah. “In our defense, you were supposed to be done long before you woke up.”
You nearly facepalmed at his “defensive” and you were trying so hard to hold back laughing as she told Sam off, sending them away.
“I don’t wanna hear a peep from you.” Sam pointed at you, but that only made your chortles come out, and you didn’t even bother hiding them. “She’s a very mean person.”
“It’s tough love.”
You giggled as they started arguing, slipping an arm around their waists, their arms instinctually coming up to your shoulders.
“Oh my God. A prowess?”
“Yes, Y/N. A prowess.”
“You know, maybe if you someone let me help-”
“Hey, woah! You were tired! I let you sleep! I was being nice!”
“Too late now. I’ll be lucky if Sarah lets me within a hundred feet of it!”
“She got you so good, Sammy!”
“I agree with Buck for once! You’re too snippy right now! And c’mon man! Stop flirting with my sister!”
“It’s my natural charm.”
“Charm? What charm?”
“Ouch, doll! That one hurt!”
“Okay.” You stepped out of the bathroom, walking over to the couch and setting the bag down on it. “I’ve got everything packed. We’ve got a little over an hour until we need to head out which gives you two time to go set something up for Sammy and maybe even a bit or training before we leave.” 
Bucky frowned. “You’re not gonna come out?”
“I will in a bit. I just got a phone call I need to take.”
Sam narrowed his eyes. “Government call?”
You gave a mocking smile. “Can you guess what they want to talk about? It’s okay. I’ll survive. It’s only a phone call, so I can always hang up. Pretend I didn’t have good service. I do it all the time.”
“I’m sure you do.” Sam chuckled. “In that case, I’m gonna go grab some stuff and get the shield.” As he walked out, he made sure to mouth at you behind Bucky’s back ‘conversation’ making you swallow thickly. You were planning on talking to Bucky anyways, and with Sam’s insistence…
“Okay, so, I was thinking when we get back-”
“Can I talk to you?”
Bucky stopped digging through the bag, blinking at you in surprise at your sudden burst. “Uh…well, we already are, so yes.” He chuckled, straightening and crossing his arms.
“I wanna have the conversation.”
He was left stunned, once again, his mouth opening and closing and his weight shifting form one foot to the other. “Like…that conversation? R-right now? Are you sure?”
You winced at her nervousness. “Sorry, sorry. I know it’s kinda…I just…I need to talk about it. Now.”
“Okay, okay. No, that’s fine. Don’t apologize. I just wasn’t expecting it.” Bucky cleared his throat. “That’s all.”
“Okay…” You breathed with a small nod. You opened your mouth, but Bucky shook his head.
“I hafta say this first; I didn’t mean to hurt you by telling you about Steve. I-I dunno what I thought. That it’d give you closure or something. I dunno. But it hurt you and I’m sorry. That wasn’t my intention.”
“I was jealous. And guilty. And mad. And upset. I still am. Kinda. I guess. I dunno.” Bucky shook his head, running his hand through his hair and all you could do was gape at him as he started confessing to you. “Remember when we danced? In Madripoor? Doll…I don’t wanna dance ever again if it’s not with you. I fucking love you, Y/N. And not in the way we’ve said it before. I’m in love with you. I have been for-for a while now. I just - you were Steve’s. Steve loved you and you loved Steve and that was that and I was just the broken childhood best friend. But Steve left and he told me to take care of you and I didn’t know what to do with that, because you still love Steve. I think. I dunno. And I didn’t want to break what we have because you’re all I have left of him. You and that stupid shield. You’re my family. My home. I really meant it when I told you that. And that’s why I couldn’t tell you. Because it means too much for me to break what we have because I fell in love with my best friend’s girl. You know?”
He looked at you with pleading eyes, begging you to understand, but your brain was still trying to process what he was telling you.
“Oh God…” He groaned. “And now I just told you everything and you’re looking at me like that wasn’t what you wanted to hear and now I’m thinking this wasn’t the conversation you were thinking it was going to be-”
You were moving across the room before you could stop yourself, pulling him by the teal Henley you knew was comfortable having worn it to bed before when you visited him in New York, and slanting your lips over his.
His breathing hitched and he froze, and for a hot second you thought you made everything worse, but then he was kissing you back and his hands were on your hips and he was pulling you closer and it felt so fucking good you didn’t want to pull back for air.
“Shut up.” You muttered when you finally did pull back, your forehead against his, your eyes clenched shut. “Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up.” You pulled back to look up at him, chests heaving against each other, your eyes prickling. “I’m not good at this. I’m not good at opening up. I only ever was good at it with Steve but Bucky…I’ve been doing it with you. This whole time and I didn’t even realize it until the conversation in the car.”
He reached up to cup your cheeks, wiping away the relieved tears that were falling from the weight you were finally getting off your chest.
“I love you. I’m in love with you. How could I not be? After all that time in Wakanda? I was never Steve’s girl, Bucky. I wanted to be. Dammit, did I wanna be, but I wasn’t. Not really. And he’s gone. But you’re not. And I don’t know why it took me so long to see that. That you’re the one in front of me. You’re the one who held me when I needed it once he left. You’re the one that would listen to my rambles that I’m just realizing was most of our phone calls. You’re not just the broken childhood friend. Don’t ever think that. I don’t pick up the phone at five in the morning after searching for a friend until two for just anyone. Even Steve’s best friend. And I’m such an idiot because I’ve been pushing away my feelings all these years for Steve and then I let them out with you at the wrong time, because I love Steve, Bucky, but I’m not in love with him. Not since I fell in love with you. And I know it doesn’t make sense, but Steve was the first one I cared about and that’s just how I feel and I can try to explain, but-”
His lips crashed onto yours again and you could taste the salty tears that were pouring down your cheeks, but you didn’t care. He was holding you and he was kissing you and it was even more perfect than you thought it’d be.
“You’re adorable when you ramble, but Jesus Christ, shuddup, doll.” He breathed. “Just tell me you love me. Tell me you love me just a fraction of how much I love you.”
You looked up into those ocean eyes, your own shining with earnest affection. “James Buchanan Barnes. I love you.”
“That’s all I need to know.” He murmured against your lips, holding your head against his, still wiping away your tears. It felt like with each one that fell, you felt lighter and lighter. Like they were taking away every fear and anxiety you held within you for the past six months.
“Alright! I was thinking we could just set up in these trees out here - holy shit! Is it done? Did you do it? Did I miss it? Has the conversation been had?”
Bucky chuckled as you giggled. “He has the worst timing.” The last two words were loud enough so Sam could hear, although the man heard the whole sentence. 
“I’m gonna take that as a yes!” Sam cheered. “Halle-fucking-lujah! Finally! I was that close to locking you two in the attic.”
You shook your head at Sam’s personal celebration, drowning the rest of his words out as you looked at Bucky, who swept his thumb over your cheek catching one last tear, before pecking your lips.
“I finally get to kiss where I really want to.” He spoke softly, kissing your lips again. “Are you mine, doll?”
“I thought you said I’d always be your doll.” You answered cheekily. He grinned, kissing you again, pulling you against him by the hips.
“Okay, okay! That’s enough! We get it! You’re in love, finally, but I don’t wanna see it anymore! Now will you come help me with this shit?”
Bucky left one more lingering kiss on your lips, before you pushed him away reluctantly. “I’ll be right out.”
He nodded, moving over to help Sam carry the things he’d gathered.
You watched them put it all up from the window, gnawing on your cheek as you spun your phone in your hands. Coming to a decision, you tossed your phone in the duffle bag and walked out with it just as the boys finished.
“That was a quick phone call.” Sam raised an eyebrow.
You shrugged. “Didn’t call them. If they really need me, they’ll find me.”
Bucky grinned as you set the bag down under a tree, pecking your lips when you got close enough for him to grab by the waist to hold you against him. You rolled your eyes, shoving him playfully away and giggling as Sam let out a groan.
“Alright. Let’s see what you’ve got, Sammy.”
Bucky knew he needed the tough love talk Sam was giving him. He needed to hear it. Because, deep down, he had known it all along, he just refused to believe it. He tried doing it. Making amends. He knew he wasn’t though. And of course he knew immediately who that one person would be.
“And hey.” Bucky looked at him. “Let me tell you what. Telling my girl all that you told her? That’s a good start. I’m proud of you. Both of you. You’re already happier. I can see it in your eyes.”
Bucky chuckled, shaking his head as he thought of the gorgeous woman he nearly let slip through his fingers. He looked over to the house, where she was inside somewhere getting ready after suddenly deciding she needed to shower before they left. “I was stupid.”
“Yeah you were. You both were. I’m so relieved it’s over.” Sam nudged him. “Treat her right, Buck. She deserves it.”
“I know…I just hope I can.”
Sam shook his head. “Uh-uh. Don’t do that. You were just starting to use that cyborg brain of yours! She chose you. And before you say anything,” Sam cut Bucky off from speaking as he opened his mouth to object. “She chose you before Steve left. It just took her dumbass this long to realize it.”
Bucky nodded, a small smile on his face. “Yeah…okay…” Before he could say anything, the goddess herself stepped out, jogging over, looking absolutely amazing in her jeans and his t-shirt. “Good talk.”
Sam laughed at his quick ending of the conversation as she came up besides them. “Talking about me?” She asked cheekily, eyes shining. Bucky couldn’t help but take her under his arm, pecking her lips. Now that he could, he didn’t think he could stop. He was addicted to say the least.
Throwing Bucky a wink, Sam shrugged. “Just all the things that get on our nerves.”
“Ha ha.” She rolled her eyes. “We better get going.”
Bucky and Sam clapped hands. “You know Karli won’t quit.”
Bucky smiled. “Ah. You call us when you have a lead and we’ll be there.”
Y/N stepped forwards to give Sam a hug. “Anytime, Sammy.”
“Eh. Anytime between noon and midnight.” Bucky corrected. “Or noon and ten. Noon and five…you better just call at noon to be safe.”
Sam rolled his eyes. “Sure, sure.”
“Not necessarily as a team.” Bucky continued, grabbing the bag, getting Y/N back in her spot at his side under his arm.
“We’re not that good.”
“Definitely not.”
“We’re professionals.”
“And, uh, we’re partners.”
Sam snapped, pointing at him. “Coworkers.”
“But we’re also a couple of guys with a couple mutual friends.”
“Ones now gone and you’re dating the other.”
“So we’re a couple of guys…with a badass to help out.”
“I can live with that.”
“Oh my God.” Y/N let out that laugh Bucky could never get enough of, shaking her head at the two of them. “You forgot dumbasses.”
Sam shook his head. “Nuh-uh. That’s your couple name.”
“Oh yeah.” The three of them came to a stop, Bucky and his girl - God he loved confirming it now - facing Sam. “Thanks for the help, guys. Meant a lot.”
Bucky patted his shoulder. “Of course.”
Y/N shot him a wink. “Until we meet again, Sammy.”
“Until then, cher.”
Bucky couldn’t stop his grin as she wrapped her arms around his waist, the two of them starting to walk to the main road where she already ordered an Uber. He looked down at her, kissing her lips for the nth time in the past hour.
“I wish I didn’t wait so long,” he told her seriously. “But I’d wait a thousands more centuries if it meant I get to call you mine.”
She giggled, shaking her head. “You’re such a sap! But…” she moved up to kiss him and his heart stuttered. He knew he had a goofy grin on when she pulled back, but he couldn’t help it. Especially when she laughed again. “I have to agree with you on that, Buckaroo.”
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agentofbarnes · 25 days ago
Baby Zee, I request-
Dilf!Andy x innocent!babysitter!reader
Prompt list 2
48) “Uh uh, no, keep your eyes on me when I fuck you.”
79) “Aww, baby, look at you. Crying and still riding me just like I told you to do. I bet you’re tired, all worn out from cumming over and over. But you’re still a good girl/boy. You’ll keep going for as long as I say, wont you?”
Tumblr media
Give it to me good Zee baby, give it to me good 🤤💖
daddy’s good girl~ andy barber
pairing ~ dilf!andy barber x innocent!babysitter!reader
warnings ~ smut, minors DNI, implied multiple orgasms, sorta cheating?? they’re separated, size kink ig, degradation, praise kink, choking kink ,daddy kink
Tumblr media
Andy Barber had a good life, he did. He had finally become district attorney despite his ambition being the downfall of his marriage, but one good thing came out of it.
You. The precious twenty-something babysitter that exudes innocence. You had been babysitting for him ever since Laurie and him had called it quits, and even though he was technically still married, he had his eyes on you.
Oh and you just fell right into his lap, so sweet and innocent with a flustered look anytime Andy got within five feet of you. He knew his desires were reciprocated, but you were just too good to act on them.
So, he did it for you, kissing you hard and passionate one night after particularly tough day. You had let him guide you, picking you by your thighs and ruining you until you were grasping the sheets of his queen size bed as you saw stars for the first time.
He had you wrapped around his fingers, begging for more and more. Andy smirked at the thought of earlier in the night, the sinful words that poured out of your mouth after he had spent an hour between your pretty thighs.
“I wanna ride you, daddy,” You had whispered shyly, lip between your teeth nervously as you awaited his answer.
“Oh, is that right? You wanna sit on my cock and feel me in your guts?” purred Andy, a smirk on his lips at the sound of your whines. “Go on, baby, take my cock, it’s all yours.”
Now, you were fully seated on his fat cock, nails digging into his chest as you moved your hips against him. It felt like forever, you had already cum once in this position with the head of his cock pressed against that sweet spot inside you. He’s already cum once, the white ropes still staining your pretty breasts even though he had wiped the sticky substance up with two fingers and made you lick him clean.
Your grip on his shoulder gets tighter when fucked his cock up into your dripping cunt, you could barely form a coherent thought when Andy’s hands roaming your body.
When your eyes fluttered shut, you feel his hand roughly grab your jaw. You whined in response, opening your pretty eyes to gaze into his dark eyes.
“Uh uh, no, keep your eyes on me when I fuck you, pretty girl,”Andy commanded, his other hand smacking at your ass. You nearly crumble in his arms, trying your best to keep your composure but you just feel so good.
“Daddy…”You mewled, lips parted as you let out a moan when he drives his hips up into you. Andy likes how you shake, how overstimulated you get when he keeps you on his cock for so long.
“Be a good girl, won’t you? Daddy’s tired,”Andy whispered darkly, his hands falling to your hips to lift you up before pulling back down hard. The moan you let out is obscene, clinging to him as your body quivered. Warmth washed over you, and Andy swears you’re perfect because even though you’ve cum five times, you are still working his cock.”Bounce on my cock, do the work if you want daddy to fill up your little pussy. That’s what you want, isn’t it? My sweet girl, not so innocent when you have my fat cock buried in your cute cunt.”
You always listened, so eager to please no matter how tired and weak you feel from cumming over and over again. Andy had to focus on not cumming too soon when your walls were squeezing his so tightly.
You feel so sensitive, each lift of your hips makes your thighs shake but you don’t care. All you want is to make Andy feel good. Tears brim in your eyes, gasps leaving your lips every time you fall down on his cock.
Andy can tell you’re tired, but fuck, you were just so mesmerizing like this. Tears staining your cheeks from how good and sensitive it feels to be split on his big cock. You’re soaking his cock in your sweet juices, walls gripping his thick shaft as if you were desperate to keep him inside you.
“Aww, baby, look at you,”Andy mocked, pouting at you as you cried out on his cock while you continue to bounce, using your thighs to lift you. His cock slips almost completely out of you tight pussy until you sink back down, walls fluttering around him. You can’t help how your body shakes and trembles as he hits your g-spot perfectly in this position.”Crying and still riding me just like I told you to do. I bet you’re tired, all worn out from cumming over and over. But you’re still a good girl. You’ll keep going for as long as I say, wont you?”
“Yes, daddy…”You whimpered brokenly, dragging your nails down his chest until there were red mark left behind. Andy groaned at the sight, admiring how you feel apart around him.
“My sweet girl, so dumb on my cock, aren’t you? This is where you belong, baby, right here taking daddy’s cock like you were made for it, like a good girl. You are my good girl, aren’t you, my dumb baby?”Andy taunted, a hand coming up to grab you by the throat and pulling you down to kiss him.
You gasped into his mouth, nodding at his words because you wanted to be his good girl so fucking bad. You rolled your hips, moving harder and faster to make him cum.
“Daddy…please, want…” You moaned out, not able to finish your sentence with another orgasm on the edge. Your breath hitched when he tightened his grip on your throat.
“What was that? Has daddy broken your brain, can’t even finish a sentence now?”Andy groaned, admiring how desperate you fucked yourself with the rocking of your hips.”Is it too much? Just can’t take it, can you? You need daddy to take care of you, huh? You wanna cum?”
“Want you…I want you to cum, wanna make you..”You whined between the words with Andy tilting his hips up to press deeper inside you. Fuck, he loved watching how flustered you get like this.”Wanna be full, daddy, with your…”
“You want daddy to cum in this sweet pussy, is that it, baby girl?”Andy took pity on you, admiring how you cried and nodded. The older man smirked, grabbing your thighs and hooking his arms under them before he standing up with you still on his cock.
You fall into his chest, face buried into his neck as he hammered into cunt hard and fast. You held on to his tightly, moaning into shoulder loudly while he pounded into you vigorously. His cock glistens in your slick, relishing in how your desperate cunt swallowed and squeezed him.
“That’s it, squeeze daddy’s cock, milk it until your fucking leaking,”Andy growled, lifting you up and down on his cock. You laid pilant against him, whining and whimpering soft chants of daddy, daddy, please.
You throw your head back with rolled back eyes, bliss overtaking your entire quivering body as Andy filled your cunt with hot seed. Your walls spasmed around him, squeezing and milking his cock with your own orgasm.
Andy panted, still fucking into you slowly and making sure your pussy takes every bit of his cum.
“Thank you, daddy,” is all you managed to speak, kissing on his shoulder and Andy swears he came even more at your words. He kissed at your exposed neck before falling back into the couch. This was his favorite part, you clinging to him and warming his cock as you recover from the harsh fucking. You just kissed on him, lifting your head up to connect your lips against his. He messily kisses your breath away as you soak up his cum like a good girl.
“Good girls get bred, and you are daddy’s good girl,”Andy whispered with a smirk, his hands trailing over your body in admiration. Fuck, he truly was lucky to have such a cute and eager babysitter. He really did love his evenings with you, or maybe he just loved you. He’s figure all that out later, right now, he just wanted to admire and love on his girl.
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kitashinsvks · 6 months ago
you overhear that they don’t like you
characters: sakusa, akaashi
warnings: none 
a/n: hi hi idk what to put here but this is the second part of the first request, you can read kuroo and suna’s below
(kuroo and suna)
(atsumu and kita)
Tumblr media
Sakusa was a very reserved person in general, aside from the fact that he dislikes unsanitary things, he just doesn’t like unnecessary human contact. 
He lives in his own bubble and he has always felt comfortable in it, with no plans to get out of it. But somehow, you managed to get in his very small bubble. 
The spiker actually considered you to be a decent friend, having to look forward to your company. You have always made yourself more presentable as possible whenever you hang out with him. At first, it was to not make him uncomfortable, but then it just became a second skin. And Sakusa couldn’t be more grateful. 
He appreciated the fact that you would willingly adjust just so he can feel at ease with you. 
“Good morning, Sakusa!” Sakusa smiled from behind his mask as your cheery voice greeted him. “Good morning.” It was a routine at this point, having to greet him first thing in the morning before tending to your managerial duties. 
“Ah, right. Good morning, Omi-kun.” Sakusa’s blood runs cold whenever Atsumu teases him when you are out of sight. “Shut it, Miya.” 
When he first entered the Jackals, he remembers the way you accommodate him, as if he were a very important guest. Well, technically, for that day he was. But you made an effort to make him comfortable in the following weeks to a point that he looked forward to your daily interactions. 
“Sakusa-san’s staring at our manager again!” Sakusa hears Hinata whisper to Atsumu and Bokuto who snickered to themselves. 
“Shut up.” Sakusa muttered before getting ready for training. Like always, you stood beside Iwaizumi and took down notes. Sakusa didn’t want to get distracted, but with the way you diligently observed and pointed out improvements. He didn’t know why his heart skipped a beat when your eyes met his and gave him a smile. 
“Ah, Omi-kun is in love.” Sakusa stilled and broke off his gaze as he heard the teasing voice of their setter. 
“Shut up, Miya.” Atsumu laughed at Sakusa’s harsh voice. “You only said a few words to me today and both of them were shut up, hm.. What if I complain to (Y/N)?” Atsumu jokes, not expecting Sakusa’s reaction to the banter. 
“What the fuck does (Y/N) have to do with any of this?” The spiker snapped, the unexpected tone reverberating through the gym walls, causing you and Iwaizumi to stop in your conversation. 
As if by instinct, Iwaizumi turned your back so it was facing the team and called aloud. “You can pine over (Y/N)’s attention on your break.” Iwaizumi covered, making you face him. 
“I mean… you and our manager have been really close. You even let them hug you. Dunno, isn’t that an indication you’re fond of them?” From a distance you can hear Atsumu say to Sakusa, a bit quieter this time. 
But the blonde didn’t know that his voice could still be heard from distances away, neither did the ravenette. 
“Tsk. I let one person touch me and all of you make it a big deal.” Sakusa spat, Atsumu and the others almost cowering away in fear. 
“I mean. It’s (Y/N) that you let near you, don’t you like… have a crush on them or something?” Atsumu seems to throw away everything as he asked this question, he knew that he would face Sakusa’s wrath. 
You stilled from where you were, Iwaizumi was observing every single reaction from you while pretending to note down the actions of the players from his peripheral vision. 
Your heart beat quicker, with your eyes affixed to the ground you were lowkey anticipating his answer.
“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, Miya.” You felt your heart drop at his words. 
Of course he doesn’t like you back, what the hell were you thinking? All those daily banter and contact were purely platonic. And it was very idiotic for you to even wish for it to have meaning. 
“Excuse me, Iwaizumi.” You excused yourself before briskly walking away from the scene. Unbeknownst to you, Hinata and Bokuto had their eyes on you as you walked away. They looked at each other and sighed, knowing that the spiker messed up. 
“So. If I ask them out, you wouldn’t care, right, Omi-kun?” Atsumu asked, wanting to see the reaction of the ravenette. 
“Don’t even try, Miya.” Sakusa said with so much bitterness in his tone as he continued his stretches. 
Atsumu sighed with a short shake of head before walking away. 
The next training came to a shock to Sakusa as he didn’t see you waiting for him by the entrance as usual. 
‘Might be busy.’ Sakusa thought to himself as he walked in and began his stretches. 
“Ah, good morning, Hinata!” His head perked up at the way your voice sounded excited to see the middle blocker who replied with the same enthusiasm. 
‘Maybe they just didn’t notice me coming in?’ Sakusa told himself, trying not to overthink the situation. But he couldn’t help it, something felt off. 
You’ve always managed to greet each other regardless of how busy your schedules were. Hell, you’ve even forgot you were helping Atsumu stretch a cramp just because Sakusa walked in one time.  
“Ah, what’s got you staring, Omi?” He didn’t realize that Bokuto was beside him. “Nothing.” Sakusa replied, as curt as he possibly could before standing up and practicing his spikes. 
The whole practice, he couldn’t help but eye you in every chance he gets. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t even realize that Atsumu was looking at him with a knowing smirk. 
You went on your day as if there weren’t anything wrong, well honestly. There really wasn’t. 
You just came to a realization that Sakusa wouldn’t like you back, and to prevent future heartache. You decided to start putting distance between the two of you. 
But the Iwaizumi and the MSBY wouldn’t stand by and let that happen. Come on, they’ve been shipping the both of you since they saw you hug Sakusa before a game. They can’t possibly watch any of you fall for someone else!
“Hey, (Y/N).” Iwaizumi called out, you hummed as a response, going through your notes. “Don’t you think Sakusa’s form is off?” 
You barely looked up at your notes before shrugging. “Dunno, you’re the trainer.” 
“Well, you’re my assistant. And I need you to correct Sakusa’s form.” You blinked. “Why can’t you do it?” Iwaizumi shrugged in response. 
“I’m technically your higher up, you have to do what I say.” Iwaizumi teased before pushing you to the direction of Sakusa who was looking at you with an expectant expression. 
“Iwaizumi told me to tell you that your form was off.” You say as passive as possible, not even looking at him but on your notepad that had a blank piece of paper staring right back at you. 
“I don’t think I understand.” Sakusa played dumb. He knew his form was off, he’d been doing it on purpose just so you would finally approach him. 
“Neither do I, but Iwaizumi said so. So.. I dunno.” You responded, before you can turn away, you can feel his hand on yours and pull you away from the gym. 
“Kiyoomi, you have practice!” You try to wave your hand to call the attention of Iwaizumi who coincidentally turned his back on you and began talking to Bokuto who winked at you.
Sakusa paid no mind to your struggles before pulling you away to a good distance from the gym. 
“Is there something wrong with you?” “No.” “Then why weren’t you talking to me today?” You scoffed at Sakusa’s tone. 
“I didn’t know being your entertainment was part of my job description.” Sakusa blinked, not knowing why you were so snappy. 
You knew it was unfair on his part but you needed to distance yourself before things got out of hand. 
“Is that all? I still need to watch over your practice, Sakusa.” “Where did Omi go?” You felt his grip on your wrist tighten as he asked this. 
Sakusa didn’t know what he did wrong, but what he did know is that he doesn’t like how you’re acting and he wants to get to the bottom of it. 
“I dunno, Sakusa. I really need to get back.” You pulled away, only to be pinned by Sakusa against the wall. 
“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.” Sakusa was getting closer, even going as far out of his comfort zone. 
“There’s nothing wrong!” You stubbornly said, trying to ignore the way your face heats up with the closeness. 
Sakusa only stared at you, the pressure of his piercing gaze made you stutter out before pushing your hands against his chest in an effort to push him away. 
“I just need to set our boundaries, Sakusa.” You say with a small voice with your eyes trained on the ground. 
You could feel his hold against the wall falter, his eyebrows scrunching up in confusion. 
“What the hell do you mean?” 
“I mean, this! I can’t just keep pushing myself on to you when I know you don’t see me the same way I do.” You say, feeling tears build up in your eyes. 
“I like you.” Sakusa said, you snorted at how anticlimactic his confession was before widening your eyes because, holy fuck. Did Sakusa just confess? 
“No you don’t.” You try, ducking under his arm only to be pulled in his embrace. Your heartbeat quickened, pacing in time with his. 
Sakusa didn’t know what came over him. But he knew one thing, he needed to tell you how he feels before you could think otherwise. 
“(Y/N)... I do.” Sakusa reiterates. Your face heats up as you look away, imagining that phrase far into the future. It seemed that Sakusa knew what you were thinking as he smirked. 
“How about we go on a date first before you imagine our wedding, (Y/N).” Your eyes widened. “Omi, shut up!” 
He laughed, putting distance between the two of you before giving you a smile. A smile that you fell in love with. 
“Go out with me?” Sakusa asked, you rolled your eyes with a smile. 
“How romantic.” He scoffed at your statement. “Of course.” You continue, looking at his face only to see his ears turn red. 
“Who knew Omi-kun had it in him?” Both of your heads turn to see Bokuto utter those words to Hinata and Atsumu, who nodded as a response. 
“You-” “Now, now, Omi-omi. I was just walking around because I wanted to ask (Y/N) out on a da-” “Don’t even try finishing that sentence, Miya.”
A clap from Iwaizumi snapped the playful tension that built between the players. 
“Now that Sakusa has a s/o. Will you now go back to practice?” Iwaizumi asked before smirking at you. “And (Y/N), try not to ogle at your boyfriend, okay?” Your face heats up at his words. 
“Shut up, Iwa.” You roll your eyes. “Not even a thank you?” Iwaizumi laughed before walking by you and patting your back. 
“Now, Sakusa. As much as you want to bask in your honeymoon phase, you need to go back to training.” Iwaizumi said before walking away with the other three in tow. 
Sakusa rolled his eyes before turning to face you. “Let’s get dinner after practice?” 
You smiled before squeezing his hand once more. 
“That’d be nice.” 
Tumblr media
You and Akaashi were paired up together in the editing company you worked in. The higher ups thought it would be beneficial and more effective if they paired the both of you up due to closeness in age. 
Luckily, they were right and the both of you hit it off almost immediately. Even going as far as staying over each others’ places whenever there was a pile of work to do. 
Akaashi couldn’t have found a better coworker, the both of you were connected both in thoughts and actions. 
When the two of you worked, it was always in tandem. The both of you found joy in each other’s company. One of your favorite moments is when Akaashi points out a blatant mistake or a hidden innuendo in the text, it even comes to a point that your basis of editing is the amount of innuendos you find amidst the editing. 
You couldn’t help but fall for Akaashi. How couldn’t you? Not only did he understand you the most, but he was also everything you looked for in someone. 
The moment you realized this, you knew you were in trouble. You couldn’t possibly risk telling Akaashi your feelings, because you knew he wouldn’t feel the same way. And you knew that confessing would make things awkward, you couldn’t let the bond between the two of you be put at risk just because of your petty feelings. 
“Keiji! Oh, you have friends over.” You say once you went inside his apartment, you were familiar with his friends, they hung out around the both of you when deadlines were approaching. But Bokuto and Konoha knew when to mind their own business as you and Akaashi chase deadlines down. 
“(Y/N), hey!” Bokuto chirped happily, engulfing you in a hug before pulling away and dragging you to the couch. “Hey, (Y/N).” You hear Konoha say as he goes into your view, handing you a can of beer.
You politely declined, saying that you needed to work with Akaashi because the both of you had a deadline due in a few hours. Konoha nodded before motioning you to the room where Akaashi was working.
When you arrived by the door, you noticed how he looked even more stressed than usual. 
“Help is here.” You made an entrance before plopping down the chair he prepared for you. Akaashi gave you a grateful smile before eyeing the piece that was to be edited. 
“You’re late.” Akaashi lightheartedly said before glancing at you from the side. “Well, traffic was bad and as soon as I came in Bokuto and Konoha were offering me a drink.” You explain, opening your laptop and going over the files your superiors sent you. 
“You seem to have covered most of the part, how about you rest or go join Bokuto and Konoha outside before they raid your entire fridge.” You say, gently pushing him out of the chair. He scoffed before nodding. 
“Just shout or call out if you need help, okay?” Akaashi said and patted your head, you swatted it away playfully. The both of you laughed before you shooed him off, saying that you can handle it. 
Akaashi scoffed once more before giving you one last assurance and heading outside the room. A chorus of “Akaashi!” was heard before the iconic phrase of Bokuto. 
You smiled and shook your head before continuing the section that Akaashi worked on. 
It was around 8pm when you finished editing the piece that was assigned. With a groan, you stretched your back before standing up and walking outside to where Akaashi and the others went. 
From the corridor, you could hear drunken giggles from Bokuto as you hear a beer can hit the floor. 
“Say, Akaashi.” Bokuto started, a drunk lilt in his voice. You hear the editor hum in question, “When are you going to ask (Y/N) out?” You hear Akaashi choke on his drink.
You walked closer to the door, stopping near it just to eavesdrop. You knew that it was wrong, but you couldn’t help but be curious about his answer. 
“Bokuto-san. You’re drunk.” Konoha laughs at Akaashi’s statement. “He is, but for real? When are you gonna ask them out?” Konoha followed up. 
“This is ridiculous. (Y/N) is only a friend.” Akaashi said, leaving no room for argument. 
Okay, ouch. 
You knew that it would take a miracle for him to view you as something more as a friend. But it hurt to hear it in person. Bokuto laughed, too drunk to comprehend what was happening at this point before telling Akaashi that he was stupid to not like you back. 
While you felt grateful for the bicolored male to root for the both of you, you’ve had enough. 
“Uh… Akaashi?” The three of them stopped in their tracks as they saw you by the corridor. Akaashi was alarmed. 
How much did you hear? 
You gave them a smile. “The piece is done. I’ve read through it a couple of times and I think we can submit it now.” Akaashi nodded, still stuck in his thoughts, staring at you as if he saw a ghost. 
“It’s getting late, I think I should head home.” You say, taking your coat from the coat rack by Akaashi’s door. 
“Aren’t you going to stay over?” Konoha asked, as if this was his apartment. 
You shook your head, “I don’t want to intrude.” “You’ll never be an intruder in this apartment, (Y/N).” It was Akaashi who spoke up. You gave him a small smile and a slight shake of head. 
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Akaashi.” You say, bowing your head in goodbye and closing the door shut. 
A few seconds of silence passed before Akaashi heaved out a sigh. 
“They heard.”
The next day, Akaashi couldn’t stay still. His overthinking kept him up all night, he couldn’t sleep knowing that he caused the unhappy expression on your face as you bid them goodbye last night. 
He knew that he had to do something right before he could possibly ruin his chance with you. With a quick fix of himself, he ran towards the door, hoping to fix this as soon as possible. All common sense leaving his brain as he opened the door and bumped into you. 
“What’s the rush, Akaashi?” You teased, smiling at him but Akaashi noticed how it didn’t reach your eyes. 
Akaashi couldn’t find the words to say, his heart was thumping loudly in his chest. “Oh.. Uh, I was about to go to you, actually.” You raised an eyebrow at his statement. 
“Did you forget that we still had to redo the panels? The higher ups sent us an email last night. But I think you were too drunk to read the email.” You joked before pushing past him and setting your things down. 
“Ah,” Akaashi started. “I actually didn’t drink.” You felt your heart drop. So he was sober when he said he didn’t like you. Why did that hurt even more? 
“I see.” You say quietly, bringing out the laptop from your bag and opening it, wanting to get the job done as soon as possible. 
Akaashi widened his eyes as he saw you plug your earphones in. You never do that. It only confirmed that you knew what he said last night. 
“Hey, (Y/N).” Akaashi tried calling your attention. You barely budged, only focusing on your task. It was as if you didn’t want to talk to him, and Akaashi could understand why.
The editor sighed, knowing that he wasn’t going to get anywhere so he opened his own laptop and began editing. 
After half an hour of silence, he jolted as if he had a brilliant idea. Well, he thought he did. With a quick glance to you, working on a panel and ignoring him, he began ‘editing’ a different panel. 
“Hey.” Akaashi tapped your shoulder, causing you to jolt at the sudden touch. You removed an earphone and looked at him. “I just finished a portion of what Tenma sent me, could you check on it for me?” You noticed the nervous lilt to Akaashi’s voice but nodded anyway. 
When the file was sent to your email, you noticed the file name. 
‘To (Y/N).’ You turn to see Akaashi looking down on his laptop with a small blush on his face. His fingers were on the keyboard, typing what seemed to be corrections but in reality, it was a bunch of keyboard smashes to cover how nervous he was. 
You looked at the file for a few more seconds before clicking it. You couldn’t contain the small smile on your face as a small drawn Akaashi was shown in the document. 
You scrolled down to see his little dialogues. 
‘I like you.’
‘But you heard it wrong.’
‘Bokuto was drunk and you know how chatty he gets when he’s drunk.’
‘So I had to lie. Because I can’t risk you knowing from someone else.’
‘But… I really, really do like you.’ 
‘So if it’s okay...’
You scrolled down further to see the drawn Akaashi with a mini bouquet of flowers.
‘Will you go out with me?’ 
You looked up to see Akaashi looking at you with a shy glance. You smiled at him before nodding. Akaashi then pat the space on the bed beside him, you scoffed playfully but lied down next to him anyway. 
“So… lunch after we’re done? At our favorite brunch place?” 
“Sounds perfect.” 
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autistic-damian-wayne · 5 months ago
Duke rating batfam superhero names
Duke: A classic, though a little goth. I'd criticise you for the boring man part but that's trans rights actually. 8/10
Bruce: Hn.
Duke, patting his hand: It's okay, you emotionally constipated dadman
Duke: Naming yourself after a nickname your dead mom called you, very sweet, very sad, but I'm sorry, I have to dock off points for the intimidation factor. It's a tiny bird, Dick
Dick: But-
Duke: A bird, Dick.
Duke: Actually I'm subtracting another point because the other Robins didn't even try and come up with a new name. 8/10 because it's still iconic and also I was very cool when I was a Robin
Duke: Intimidating, elegant, dark, Nightwing's got it all. Finally you acquired some flair. You didn't come up with it yourself though, so I have to lower your score
Dick: Superman inspired it! If anything that should make my score higher! It's Superman!
Duke: Hm. No. 9/10
Dick: Fine I'll take it
Red Hood
Duke: You wear a helmet, not a hood, and you didn't even come up with this yourself. Boo. Terrible taste
Jason: It was for revenge!! Because the joker is a bitch!!
Duke: Joker is indeed a bitch of the highest tier, but you still have no originality. 5/10. At least the helmet is red. Kudos for sticking to a colour theme I guess
Red Robin
Duke: Tim. Tim, my man, big bro.
Tim: I don't wanna hear it
Duke: What is this????
Tim, groaning: Look-
Duke: One, you didn't come up with this yourself, that's costing you points. Two, it's just Robin but red!!!! What is it with this family and naming themselves after their favourite colour!!
Tim: Well, technically that's only me and Ja-
Duke: And you both have terrible names!!!
Duke: I'm right. 4/10. I liked the showgirl wings, very dramatic
Tim: Thank you
Duke: But we're not rating costumes here, just names. 3/10
Tim: I hate you
Duke: Okay Barbara I love you
Barbara: But?
Duke: But this is just girl Batman! I'm sorry I can't give this a high score
Barbara: You're wrong but I understand
Duke: No I'm always right. No creativity in this goddamn fucking family. 6/10. Points added because you're amazing
Duke: 8/10 just because, while it's a great name, you won't stop making spoiler related puns and it's so annoying. Please. Stop.
Steph: I take offense to that. You know you love my puns
Duke: Actually keep making them, Bruce looks constipated whenever you do. It's very funny
Steph: I'm merely doing my duty as a former Robin
Black Bat
Duke: Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing-
Duke: The mystery, the vibes, the sheer godly energy-
Duke: 10/10, best name out there, sorry Nightwing
Cass: It's because I am the best. Suck it Tim
Tim, from somewhere in the house: Why does my family hate me
Duke: Because you have awful taste
Tim: It's one name!
Cass: Drake
Tim, skidding into the room: Cass! I told you about that in confidence! You said it was bad so I didn't use it!
Cass: Good. Cause it's bad
Duke: 0/10
Duke: Okay Babs I know I criticised you before but this. This is chef's!! Kiss!!
Barbara: I know
Duke: The mythology reference, the ominous vibes, the drama of it all, 10/10, Jason and Tim take notes
The Signal
Duke: 10/10
Jason: You can't give yourself a perfect score!!
Duke: I can and I will. 0/10 for your attitude
Damian: Thomas I demand you rate me as well!!!
Duke: I already did Robin
Damian: That was Richard specifically!! I want a rating!!
Duke: Dude I was rating names, not people
Damian: I do not, as Todd would say, "give a shit"
Duke: The only shit here is you. 2/10
Damian: >:O
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tyrant-lizardking · 11 months ago
#Vent vent#Chatty#And its the most aggravating that she uses all the moral sounding arguments that totally do not apply! Like calling stuff toxic#I was literally so fucking civil to her. What would a decent fucking person do?#Oh shit. What did i do? Can i fix the problem? Are you okay? Nope. We go right to the blowup#I know theyre all fucking symptoms or whatever i literally do not care at this point. Theyre her symptoms not mine!#Why should I pay the price?#And there goes all my patience loyalty forgiveness understanding therapisting momming from the year I roomed with her#I did nothing for her. I didnt care about her. Apparently.#She was being patient with me. You know when she was shitting all over any dream i told her about#I feel like such a robot being so technical about this but its because i have never been safe enough to really be warm and open with her#And if i was warm and open it was really stupid of me like throwing pearls before swine and being deliberately blind to reality...#I am dreadfully familiar with this certain flavour of existing where i feel so cold and unknown right next to someone because they just dont#Have it in them to see you or ask how youre doing or anything and deep down you believe#Im not loved and its true! You arent loved by that person. And this family member who is supposed to really really be there for you loves yo#U less than a stranger on the street and you have to tell yourself no this is love#Just a different kind you have to lie to yourself#And feel like I guess this is my life now#And i feel small and doomed and resigned to the isolation which i guess is how i got thru it as a child...#What a load of disgusting people. They are not worth it. I dont want to be a bleeding heart anymore and give them little scraps of having a#Corteous relationship with me because its like the universe patting them on the head and saying you did a good job see?#Is that worth a week of troubled dreams?#They could play pretend in their delusion so I could have shitty dreams?#Hmmmmm literally none of it is my problem#My parents mental cage of denial not my problem#Thats their puzzle to go to pains to put together isnt it?#Is my sister getting a powerpoint of how shes ruined my life? Noooo that would make it way too easy for her. No answer key for these people.#I could! But i wont.#I could worry and caretake! And dim my opinions to soothe them! But i wont.
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The Long Run || Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x doctor!reader
summary: after discovering that you’re bucky’s secret girlfriend, sam invites you on a mission with them. when bucky gets injured and you save his life, you give him news that will change the both of your lives for the better and bucky has a very important question to ask you.
a/n: this is technically a part two to Who’s She?, but can be read w/o the first; reblogs and replies are super appreciated!
word count: 4.9k
warnings: blood, bucky getting shot, mentions of bucky nearly dying, mentions of pregnancy, some swearing, angst, fluff
Who’s She?
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“Absolutely not.” Bucky told Sam. “No way. We have to find someone else to do it.”
“I’m sorry- do you have any other secret girlfriends lined up?” Sam asked, crossing his arms. “Because from what I understand we’re supposed to be doing this all under the radar and you and I don’t exactly have a lot of friends right now.”
Bucky stood his ground, staring down the man in front of him. “I’m not bringing her into this.”
“You brought her into this as soon as you decided to date her and she knows that.”
Bucky scoffed, rolling his eyes before shoving his finger into Sam’s chest.
“You know- I knew I should have never brought you back to my house.” Bucky said. “I knew I should have let Romanoff have you instead of bringing Y/n into this.”
Sam sighed, stepping away from Bucky, understanding that he was putting him in a difficult situation. Not even a month ago when Sam was shot during a mission, Bucky had brought him and Natasha Romanoff back to your shared home so you could patch him up. Until then, you had remained a secret to them- Bucky being sure to never even mention your name. He kept your relationship a secret from not only the world, but the team to ensure your safety. The last thing he could ever bare despite everything he had been through was for you to get hurt- especially if it was because of him.
Sam could understand. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t afraid of the people around him getting hurt because of his choices. A part of him was envious of Bucky for being able to keep you such a secret, ensuring your safety. He understood that Bucky risked his only sense of normalcy to save him and that you- a stranger to him until that night- risked your safety to help him.
He knew he could only ask so much, but he also knew that you were the best choice.
“I get it, Buck.” Sam told him finally, placing his hand on his shoulder. “I know why you’re worried, but she’ll be fine. If I thought there was any way she could get hurt, I wouldn’t even suggest it, but she’ll be so far away-”
Bucky shook his head, crossing his arms.
“I’m not calling her. Find someone else.” Bucky told him finally, seating himself in a flimsy folding chair across the room.
“Fine.” Sam threw his hands up in the air in defeat. “I guess I’ll just find someone else to be our getaway driver.”
With that, Sam left the room, making a phone call through the door.
A half an hour filled with silence later, Sam and Bucky heard a car pull up outside the small abandoned building. Quickly glancing at each other, they both stood up, making their way out of the room and towards the entrance of the building. Without opening the door they heard knocking coming from the other side. Just as Bucky’s hand went to pull on the door handle, Sam’s hand stopped him, holding his wrist.
Glancing from Sam’s hand on his wrist to his eyes, Bucky furrowed his eyebrows. “Who did you call?”
“Look, b-before you get mad-” Sam attempted to reason.
That was enough for Bucky to pull Sam’s hand off of his wrist and yank open the door. On the other side he was immediately met with your face staring back at him.
Before you could even open your mouth to greet him, Bucky spun around to face Sam.
“What the fuck did I tell you?” Bucky asked, raising his voice. “I told you not to do one thing and you just go ahead and call my girlfriend.”
“There was no other choice-”
“How did you even call her?” He asked, voice still raised, cutting Sam off.
Finally Sam loosened up at the question, turning to look between you and Bucky. “Listen, that’s your own fault. Who doesn’t have a phone password?”
At that, Bucky threw his hands up in the air, turning to face you instead. You smiled, shrugging.
“I told you to put a passcode, baby.”
Looking at your smiling face, Bucky softened up, lowering his voice. He could hardly ever be mad at you.
“Doll, you shouldn’t have come.” He sighed. “You should go back home. Go enjoy your day off. We can handle this on our own.”
You had known your boyfriend long enough to know that he was only speaking out of love for you. The kind of love that drove him to keep you a secret for so long from even his own friends in order to protect you. Although you understood how he wanted to protect you, you also understood that Sam wouldn’t have called you if there were other choices on the table.
“Buck, it’s okay.” You assured him, tugging on his jacket to pull him closer. “Sam said that I’d be fine. Let me help.”
Glancing at your face and looking into what one could only call your “puppy dog eyes” he cursed to himself, knowing he couldn’t resist giving in for you.
“Okay. Fine.” He sighed. “But only if you stay in the car.”
Smiling you tugged on his jacket once more, pulling him down to give him a quick peck on the cheek. “Thank you, Buck.”
“I’m going to regret this aren’t I?”
And he did.
When he, Sam and an injured Natasha Romanoff were running out of an exploding building while agents continued to chase after them still shooting, he was truly regretting ever letting you come on this mission- even though you were only there to serve as their getaway driver and first aid kit for Agent Romanoff.
When you felt the rumble of the explosion shake your car and heard the gunshots going off you jumped in your seat, firmly grasping the wheel. You quickly glanced over your shoulder to see your boyfriend, Sam and Natasha running in your direction and you hovered your foot over the gas, shifting the car into drive.
“Go!” Sam shouted as soon as he got one foot in the door after pushing Natasha inside.
The second your boyfriend slid into the passenger seat you hit the gas at full speed, but before you could speed far enough away you heard one last gunshot sound off before you heard Bucky shout from his seat, swinging the door shut.
Still speeding away at the fastest speed you had ever gone in your life, you turned to face your boyfriend, feeling your heart race in your chest.
“Buck-” You started but before his full name could even slip out of your mouth you could see blood begin to soak the bottom of his shirt. “Oh my god!” You shouted.
“It’s fine-” He attempted to calm you down, groaning while holding his abdomen.
Hearing the commotion, Sam gripped Bucky’s seat, pulling himself up from the back seat to look at Bucky’s wound.
“Shit!” Sam swore.
As soon as the words slipped out of his mouth, Bucky swatted him away.
“You’re not helping, Sam!” He grunted, squeezing his eyes shut and throwing his head back.
“Oh my God. Is it bad?” You asked shakily, meeting Sam’s eyes in the rearview mirror. “It’s bad isn’t it, Sam?”
All you saw was Sam’s eyes wide, staring right back at you in the mirror. Glancing between your gaze in the mirror and Bucky looking over his shoulder glaring at him, Sam shook his head.
“Uh-” He started.
Feeling your hands begin to tremble on the wheel, you glanced back at Sam.
“Sam just tell me-”
“Sam you better shut the hell up!” Bucky shouted.
Realizing that you had driven for long and far enough that the men that were chasing you were no longer still following you, you slammed on the brakes. You heard the grunts of Sam and a incoherent Natasha in the backseat and the muffled shout of pain from your boyfriend besides you. As soon as the car came to a stop, you threw your door open, climbing out of the car and stomping to the passenger side door, swinging it open.
When your eyes met Bucky’s he just shook his head, eyes wide. He knew that no matter how many things you saw in your time as a doctor that it would inevitably hit you differently to see him so badly wounded and he couldn’t bare to see you so upset.
“Bucky,” You said, laying your hands on top of his bloodied ones. “Let me see it.”
He shook his head again.
“James.” You stated more firmly, gripping his hands. “Take your hands off.”
Knowing that this argument couldn’t go on for much longer without him caving in, he lifted his hands from his wound and when you laid your eyes on the bloodied section of his abdomen you couldn’t help but gasp knowing your boyfriend was injured this badly.
“That bad, huh?” He asked, groaning again.
You had seen plenty of injuries this bad, but you had been in a hospital and they hadn’t been on your boyfriend- the man you swore was the love of your life. Pulling your hands away from the wound, you could feel them begin to tremble as the horror of what was happening washed over your body, gluing you to your spot. When you looked up, rather than looking at Bucky, your eyes met Sam’s who was still sat in the back seat.
Seeing your eyes wide and your hands shaking Sam immediately made his way out of the vehicle to stand by your side. Your boyfriend’s eyes were still squeezed shut in pain and as you stoood watching him you felt Sam’s hands land on your shoulders to turn you to face him instead.
“Y/n?” Sam asked, trying to get you to focus your attention on him. “Y/n you need to breathe.”
You shook your head, staring at him with your eyes wide. You could barely choke the words out. “I-”
“Y/n listen to me.” He said, gently shaking your shoulders. “You need to calm down so you can fix this-”
As soon as the words slipped out of his mouth, you could feel your heart racing in your chest. How could he expect you to do this?
“No, no Sam I can’t-” You told him.
Resilient as ever Sam nodded his head. “Yes you can.” He said. “You have to. The next hospital isn’t for another thirty miles- it’s you or nothing. You can do this, Y/n. You fixed me and you came for Natasha-”
“That’s different.” You sighed.
“I know that, but there’s no other way.”
You rung your trembling hands, looking between Sam and your boyfriend still groaning in the passenger seat of the vehicle.
As you looked at him all you could think about was how you couldn’t lose him- especially not now. You needed him. You didn’t know what you would do without him. You knew Sam was right too- that if it weren’t for you doing something, he wouldn’t survive. You couldn’t allow that to happen. 
Taking a long, deep breath you looked up at Sam.
“Okay.” You nodded.
Sam released you from his grip. “Okay?” He asked, making sure you were willing to help his friend and when you nodded once more he smiled. “Okay. What can I do to help?”
You instructed Sam to go fetch the supplies that you had brought and stored in the trunk when he asked you to come in the case that Natasha would need medical aid after being held hostage by the organization they had just saved her from. Although she was barely coherent on the backseat, you knew that she would be okay compared to your partner who was currently bleeding out in the front seat.
While Sam fetched your supplies, you tugged on the hem of your boyfriend’s shirt, trying to ease it over his head.
“C’mon baby.” You cooed. “The shirt needs to come off.”
In too much pain to speak, he lifted his arms slightly, just enough for you to pull his shirt off of his torso and over his head. When you did, however his dog tags came off with it, slipping into his lap. Just when you were about to turn around to take the kit from Sam, you felt the familiar touch of cool metal grasp your wrist.
When you turned around you first met Bucky’s eyes before following his gaze down to his hand that was balled into a fist, the chain of his dog tag slipping through his fingers.
“Take them.” He told you, sighing from the pain. “I want you to take them, Y/n.”
Staring at his dog tags and the solemn look on his face, you could feel your heart practically stop beating in your chest. Bucky had lived a long, complicated life- longer than most, but stolen from him at the same time. He had been given these same dog tags when he was sent to fight in World War II. Although a part of him had died during the war, he had survived to live decades more, the dog tags staying with him.
As he attempted to hand them to you, you realized that although he didn’t admit it- he was sure he was going to die in that moment. He had survived for over a century and because of this one bullet that he could’ve escaped from if he was just an inch to the right he thought he was living through his final moments. The dog tags had survived along with him all this time and you couldn’t bare the thought that he decided that now was the time to give them away.
“Buck, no.” You shook your head. “I can’t take those. You’re going to be okay-”
“Doll.” He said. “Just take them.”
You took his vibranium wrist in your hand and pulled it away from your arm.
“You’re not dying on my watch, okay?” You said finally, turning around to take the kit from Sam. “Now... there’s no easy way to say this... this is going to hurt.”
Bucky couldn’t help but throw you a lopsided smile at your resilience.
“How bad can it be?”
It was bad.
Due to you performing all of this on the field, you hadn’t been able to numb Bucky’s pain at all. Even though he had been through what he thought until now was the most horrible pain a human could ever experience, he could barely sit still throughout the entire thing. As soon as the first shout escaped from his mouth, you had stopped in the middle of what you were doing, glancing over your shoulder at Sam. Without even a word coming out of your mouth you and Bucky watched as Sam undid the belt from around his waist.
“Woah, wait-” Bucky began but before he could even finish, Sam was holding his belt in his hand, offering it to Bucky.
“Here.” Sam told him.
“What- I’m not putting this in my mouth.” Bucky said.
“Man, just put it in your mouth-”
“I am not putting this thing in my mouth, Sam. There has to be something else I can bite down on-”
You shook your head, sighing to yourself as you snatched the belt from Sam’s hand, slipping it into your boyfriend’s mouth. Eyes wide and not in a position to argue, he bit down silently.
As soon as you placed the belt in his mouth, you went back to work on his abdomen. As you performed the procedure, removing the bullet and stitching up the wound, you could hear your boyfriend’s muffled shouting. You couldn’t help but cringe and feel hurt knowing how much pain he was in, but you also knew that there was no other way and you had to put him through this so he could come out the other side.
The pain was so bad at one point, however, that after a particularly nasty yell, followed by his legs jolting you looked up to see Bucky swing out his free hand to Sam which Sam took wordlessly. You felt guilty, but you couldn’t help but laugh when while you were still working on stitching up the wound you heard Sam shout.
“Y- you’re crushing my hand! Stop... squeezing.. so hard.”
When you finally finished, pulling your hands away from the freshly stitched wound, you glanced up at Bucky. You could tell immediately that he looked exhausted, slipping his hand out of Sam’s and opening his mouth to let the belt drop onto his lap.
“You can rest now, baby.” You told him, standing up from your kneeling position, wiping your bloodied hands on the cloth that Sam handed you. “Rest.”
As soon as you told him too, Bucky couldn’t help but allow himself to fall into a deep sleep.
When he woke again, he immediately realized that he was laying in a hospital bed and was hyper aware of the needles sticking out of his flesh arm.
His eyes immediately landed on your figure, standing on the other side of a glass wall speaking with a doctor. Suddenly the memories came flooding back into his memory of him getting shot and you saving him with the supplies you had on hand on the side of some abandoned, dirt road. Along with the memories flowing back into his mind, he could feel his chest become full, remembering how you had just saved his life- that you fought against your own fears of hurting him to save him. He had always known that you gave his life meaning, but as he sat there in his bed he realized that he was alive because of you.
Snapping him out of his own thoughts, Bucky heard a voice speak up beside him.
“How are you feeling-”
Before Sam could even finish his sentence, however, Bucky cut him off.
“I need you to do something for me.” Bucky told him, sitting up in his bed with a grunt, still sore.
When Sam heard the urgency in his friend’s tone of voice, he leaned over in his seat, pulling his chair closer to the side of Bucky’s bed.
“What is it?” He asked furrowing his eyebrows.
Bucky knew that he couldn’t wait any longer and he didn’t want to either.
“I need you to go to my apartment.” Bucky told him, giving him instructions. “In the bedroom there’s a safe. The code’s my birthday and I need you to get-”
“Woah, woah, woah.” Sam shook his head. “Slow down. What do you need from a safe right now? Incase you forgot you were just shot.”
This situation was probably the last one Bucky thought he would find himself in when he had first planned the event seven months ago, but he couldn’t stand the idea of waiting any longer. He could barely believe the words coming out of his mouth as he told Sam.
“The ring.”
Upon the two words that Bucky had just said, Sam’s eyebrows creased even more, attempting to understand the words Bucky had just told him. When it finally clicked, Sam leaned back in his seat throwing his hands up in the air.
“A what? Wait.” Sam said and Bucky was almost beginning to regret his decision as a smile began to play on his partner’s face. “You... you have a ring?”
Glancing at where you were still standing to make sure you didn’t hear what the two men were discussing, Bucky turned to face Sam nodding.
“Yeah, a ring.” He said.
Sam shook his head. “You’re going to propose?” He asked, then looked around the room. “Right now?”
Bucky knew that the hospital room he was in wasn’t exactly the ideal situation and when he bought the ring months ago he had ran through all the ideas in the book from a restaurant to a vacation, but he could never decide. In this moment, though, he knew that now was the time to ask.
“Yeah.” Bucky nodded.
Sam just smiled standing up from his seat. “Okay, okay.” He said, patting down his pockets. “I’m gonna go get it- God! I can’t believe this is happening, man!”
Hearing the door to the room open, Bucky glared at his friend, halting himself from having more words slip out of his mouth. Sam nodded, giving his friend a thumbs up before running out of the room.
When your boyfriend’s eyes landed on you and noticed you glancing between Sam and him while laughing, he rolled his eyes.
“What was that about?” You laughed, gesturing towards his friend running out the door.
Keeping his cool as always, Bucky shrugged. “It’s Sam.”
You smiled making your way over to the side of the bed and when you did, Bucky reached his arms out for you. When you sat yourself on the side of the bed next to him, you felt his hands rest on your waist while you played with the dog tags that were once again lying on his chest.
“I was so scared you were going to die, Buck.” You said in a hushed voice.
Seeing the downcast look exhibited on your features, he felt his heart break knowing that you almost lost each other.
“I thought I was.” He said. “The feeling was worse than... worse than when I fell.”
You sighed at his confession, taking one of his hands off of your waist- instead lacing your fingers with his.
“I- I can’t do this without you.” You told him, your eyes not yet meeting his, just staring at your fingers interlaced. “I couldn’t let you die, Buck. I need you here.”
“I know, doll-”
“No.” You cut him off, looking up to allow your eyes to meet his blue ones- the same ones you always got so lost in. “You don’t know. There’s... there’s something I need to tell you.”
Bucky’s mind began racing from the best case scenarios to the worst case scenarios. Were you dying? Did you not love him anymore? Did you find out about the ring? Oh God, maybe you did and he would have to tell you now even if he was still waiting on Sam to bring him the ring.
“I have something to tell you too.” He said, squeezing your hand.
You, however, shook your head. “No, Buck, let me go first. I have to get this off my chest. You almost died and the thought of you never finding out almost killed me.”
Instead of cutting in again, Bucky just nodded his head, seeing how serious you were.
He watched as you took a deep breath and a smile began to make its way onto your face.
“I’m pregnant.”
Bucky could of sworn to God that his heart stopped in that moment and it was confirmed by the beeping of the heart monitor beside him. His eyes went wide and he was praying that his mouth didn’t drop as he tried to process the information you had just told him.
You were pregnant. He was going to be a father. He was going to share a child with you- the best thing to have ever happened to him.
Going with his gut and leading with his heart, before his brain could stop him he finally asked.
“Marry me.”
Unlike your boyfriend, you didn’t need a heart monitor to tell you that your heart skipped a beat before racing immediately after.
You would be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about marrying Bucky so often it almost felt like a memory. To hear the words finally slip out of his mouth, you couldn’t believe it was finally happening to you.
Until you realized what situation the two of you were in.
He didn’t ask you out of love- he asked you out of commitment- or that was at least what you thought.
The light drained from your face as you scoffed pushing yourself off of his bed.
“Really, James?” You asked.
Confused by your reaction, Bucky stiffened in his seat on the bed, furrowing his eyebrows.
“What?” He asked.
You couldn’t help, but laugh at his naivety.
“You’re kidding me, right?” You scoffed once again. “You know- I thought you had moved past all this old-fashioned stuff. It’s not the 40′s anymore, Buck. You don’t have to marry me because you think you ‘knocked me up’ or whatever. Don’t let little old me hold you down.”
“Woah- what the fuck?” Bucky asked in a raised voice, genuinely shocked.
“-Because I don’t want you marrying me because you feel like you have to.” You continued. “I’d want you to marry me for me.”
“Do you think I want to marry you because you’re pregnant?” He asked.
Cooling down and wringing your hands, you nodded. “Yeah.”
You could tell just by looking at him that he was hurt not just by his gunshot wound that was still healing, but by your words.
He found it hard to believe that you could possibly think that he would only want to marry you out of circumstance and not because he had an undying love for you or because he couldn’t see himself living life without you by his side. You were the first thing he thought about every moment when he woke up and the last thing he thought about when he went to bed every night. You practically made the world spin round so how could you possibly believe that he wouldn’t want to marry you out of pure love and devotion to you?
Before he had the chance to say any of that though, the door to the hospital room behind you swung open and Sam stood in the doorway. Sensing the tension in the room he eyed the two of you.
“Did I... miss something?” He asked, focusing his attention on Bucky.
You shook your head, wrapping yourself in your arms. Just when you were about to excuse yourself from the room, you saw Sam holding his hand suspiciously behind his back.
“What’s that?” You asked, pointing at him.
Sam decided that the wall behind you was very interesting in that moment as he avoided looking at you. “Nothing.”
You eyed him warily and watched as his gaze fell on Bucky still sat in the hospital bed.
“Sam...” You said.
“What?” He replied. “There’s nothing behind my back. I just... like... putting my hand... there.”
You watched your boyfriend sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose.
Glancing between the two men, you reached behind Sam’s back and stole the box from his hands. As soon as your eyes met the small, black velvet box you felt all the air escape your body. You looked at your boyfriend before opening the box.
Inside sat a beautiful diamond ring.
“... Buck?” You asked, slowly stepping towards him.
He gave you a soft smile. “If you don’t like it you can tell me. I picked it out with Steve-”
“You picked it out with Steve?” You asked, smiling. “That means...”
“Yeah.” He smiled. “Picked it out seven months ago... before...”
You knew what he meant- before his best friend decided to leave the modern age to go back to the forties, leaving Bucky here. Although you knew is was a hard topic to discuss, knowing the truth lifted a weight off of your chest. He didn’t propose to you in the heat of the moment because you were pregnant- he had been planning on proposing to you for over half a year. Not only was he planning on proposing for that long, but before you told him you were pregnant he must of asked Sam to pick up the ring.
You felt guilty for yelling at him earlier and for believing that he didn’t have your best intentions in mind, but overall you were just so overjoyed to know that you were going to spend the rest of your life with the man in front of you.
“I love you.” You told him in a hushed voice, sitting yourself back down on the side of his bed.
“Is that a yes?” He asked, gently taking the box out of your hand.
You couldn't help but smile.
“Yes.” You laughed. “Of course I’ll marry you.”
Although Bucky Barnes was known for his infamous glare, he couldn’t help but smile in that moment, the pieces in his life finally falling into place after all this time. He couldn’t possibly be happier.
When he finally tore his eyes away from your smiling face that he swore would rival any goddess’, he shakily took the ring out of the box, took your left hand in his vibranium one and slipped the diamond engagement ring over your ring finger.
Before you could let him say another word, you leaned forward, cupping his face in your hands and kissed him. You couldn’t help but laugh into the kiss, so filled with love and joy that you could barely contain it.
When you finally pulled away, you still couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face, so wide it almost hurt your cheeks.
As the smile fell from your boyfriend’s face you furrowed your eyebrows.
“What is it?” You asked him, fiddling with engagement ring on your finger.
“Did....” He began glancing between a still silent Sam and you. “Did you agree to go on a mission when you knew you were pregnant?”
Instead of meeting your boyfriend- no- fiancé’s eyes, you decided to admire your ring. “Uh...”
Bucky didn’t have a chance to press you further on the topic when the other man standing beside you’s voice rang through the room.
“Wait! You’re pregnant?”
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itachiyama · 5 months ago
𝕵𝖚𝖘𝖙 𝕱𝖔𝖗 𝖄𝖆
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here’s a short fic based on this post with atsumu. it’s honestly probably my favorite fluff piece i’ve written so far
thank you @ coffee anon for the lovely idea, i hope you like it
Tumblr media
“Hey, y/n,” you heard a whisper. Tilting your head up, you stared at Atsumu’s jaw, pressing a soft kiss to it.
“Are ya asleep?” Pinching his arm gently, you rolled your eyes, feeling his chuckle vibrate through his chest.
“What do you want Tsumu, we should sleep, we gotta wake up early,” you whispered. He hummed, running a hand up and down your back, chin resting on the crown of your head.
“Yer not sleepin’ anytime soon, ya and I know that,” he whispered— to which you rolled your eyes once more at his know it all attitude— and kissed your head. “‘M just thinkin’ about our anniversary tomorrow, aren’t ya excited?” Laughing, you nodded. Five years was quite a bit of time, the two of you were barely eighteen when you’d first gotten together, and Atsumu was soon to turn twenty three.
“Yes, you’ve been discussing the plans for like two weeks now,” you murmured. “Can I finally get a hint? Or are you still gonna be stubborn?” He flashed a toothy grin into the dark room, shaking his head.
“Nah, baby, I can’t. Ya gotta be patient. ‘S a surprise.” Chuckling, you trailed a finger to trace over his biceps, feeling goosebumps rise with the drag of your index finger.
“Hey, Tsum,” you whispered. He made a sound of acknowledgment. “I’ve been keeping a secret from you.” Raising an eyebrow, he looked down at you, confused about what that could mean.
“Whaddya mean?” Giggling, you pinched his cheek.
“I should wait till Samu’s here to tell you, he’d get a kick out of it, but I just gotta tell you now.” Frowning, he grumbled at the mention of his brother, not liking where this was heading. Samu always meant trouble, and Samu was a recipe for disaster. Atsumu didn’t need you plotting against him with his idiot twin.
“What did ya do, y/n?”
“Nothing, you did it.”
“Huh?” You giggled again, harder this time, squeezing his cheeks together as he huffed.
“Remember that little bag with snacks in it? The one you gave me? There were some homemade?” Face contorting with pride, Atsumu nodded, giving you a smirk.
“Ah, the one I confessed to ya with? Don’t tell me ya tried to do the same thing for me with Samu’s help. Ya can’t outdo me, baby,” he said smugly— the little devil he was— shaking his head at you amused. “I s’pose it was a valiant effort though, babe.” You snorted, the situation was ten times funnier with his new statement. If only he knew— well, he would in just a moment. You considered pushing back telling him another few years, waiting until your marriage like Osamu has initially suggested, but you couldn’t wait any longer, not worried about sparing your boyfriend the embarrassment any further. And who knew, maybe you wouldn’t get to marry Atsumu, though you shoved that thought out of your head. You’d see the day you made your vows to each other, but for now, you were focused on revealing the little secret you’d hidden for the last five years.
“Oh, Tsumu. You naive little baby,” you teased. He pouted, swatting your hand away as you went to pinch him again.
“What is it, y/n,” he grumbled.
“Well, you know how you stole the bag of snacks from Samu?” Sputtering, he tried to defend himself, denying the accusations.
“That bastard! Whatever he told ya... he... ya know what, y/n? He’s a liar okay? Always got me in trouble for his damn dirty work growin’ up,” he huffed. “He’s lyin’ if he told ya that,” Atsumu claimed wholeheartedly. Oh, you’d love to see the look on his face after the next bit.
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah, baby. He’s awful, don’t talk to him.” Maybe he should’ve admitted he did steal the damn snack bag, but his pride wouldn’t let him. You must’ve thought he was such a thoughtful guy, and he’d more than made up for it by now, so what was one little secret? Atsumu hadn’t counted on the bag being yours, however.
“Hey, Samu, what’s that?” Osamu rolled his eyes, internally groaning that his brother had seen the bag in his hands. Now he’d be stuck sharing the snacks you’d so graciously made for him, generous enough to think ahead about the long bus ride that awaited them to nationals. ‘It’s the least I can do for my seatmate, Samu, don’t worry about it,’ you’d told him.
“They’re snacks, ya moron. Keep away from ‘em— hey!” The bag was snatched out of his hands before he could finish his sentence. Atsumu rummaged through it, face brightening as he looked at the contents. There was a variety of homemade snacks and packaged snacks, a perfect gift. One that would surely land him a date after he returned home from winning.
“Great, I’ll be takin’ this. Gonna give it to y/n and land me a date. Yer not so useless after all, huh Samu?” Osamu’s glare dropped immediately, a mischievous grin spreading across his features, one that his twin was too busy packing the bag back up to notice.
“Not too bad of an idea, Tsumu, s’pose I’ll let ya off the hook this once,” he said, playing along. He couldn’t wait to see how this played out. “Let me know how it goes,” he called out to the retreating figure.
“Yeah, yeah, shut yer trap ya damn idiot. I gotta date to score,” Atsumu called out, waving his brother off.
“Tsum, he didn’t have to tell me you stole the bag from him,” you laughed, shaking your head at your boyfriend’s insistence. He gasped, looking at you with mock offense.
“Are ya saying ya knew from the start I couldn’t put in an effort for ya? Baby I’m offended,” he said dramatically, burying his face into your neck. Small kisses placed themselves on your skin, making you stroke your fingers through his hair.
“Tsum, you’re so dumb—”
“The bag was mine.” He froze. Slowly pulling his head out of your neck, he looked at you incredulously.
“What? What’re ya talkin’ about?” Finally— you tried, you really had, but you couldn’t keep it in anymore— you burst into hysterics. Fits of giggles escaped you, making you clutch a hand over your chest, and making Atsumu pout, face reddening as you laughed at him.
“Oh, baby, you... you really tried... I’ll give you that. It was... it was honestly pretty cute but... oh Tsum, you’re such an idiot,” you said in between laughs, making him cross his arms as he sat up. Sitting up too, you reached over and cupped his cheek, laughs dying down. “You’re my idiot, though. My big, cute, clueless idiot.” He whined, pulling you in closer and burying his face into your neck once more.
“Whaddya mean, y/n? ‘M not gettin’ it.”
“Tsumu, you gave me my own snacks, you’re so slow sometimes, I swear. I gave Samu the snacks in case he got hungry over the long bus ride, but you stole them from him and gave them back to me, claiming you made them yourself. Tsum, you can’t even work the microwave, even after all these years.” A choked sound escaped him, his face burning as he processed your words. You’d known all along, and you’d been secretly laughing about it all these years. You were much meaner than he gave you credit for.
“Y/n,” he whined, slumping his weight into you. “How... how could ya do this to me— wha— hey! Wait now, ya said ya should’ve waited till Samu... Samu! That damn bastard,” he cried, the realization dawning on him that his brother had been in on this from the start. You fell into another fit of giggles, trying your best to stop when you saw the betrayed look on your boyfriend’s face. Collecting yourself, you cradled his face, squeezing his cheeks together as he avoided your gaze.
“Aww baby, I’m sorry. It was cute though, I promise. You’ve always been so sweet, my sweet baby,” you whispered, pressing soft kisses all over his reddened face. Grumbling to himself, he moved to sprawl his body on top of you, head on your chest as you gently rubbed his back up and down, trying to nurse his wounded pride.
“Can’t believe ya’d do this to me on the night before our damn anniversary,” he muttered, cheeks still tainted with blush. “And after the surprise I had for ya too.” Giving him a pout of sympathy, you ruffled his hair.
“Aww baby, you more than made up for it with your confession, it was very smooth. You had me wooed,” you insisted, trying to inflate the ego you’d crushed. He perked up a bit at that. It wasn’t hard to inflate Atsumu’s ego, that was a fact you learned pretty early on into your relationship.
“Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah, even though we had to push back the date.” Once more, he slumped into you, groaning deeply.
“Y/n! Baby, yer killin’ me here,” he whined, making you snort.
“Hey, y/l/n,” a voice called. Turning around, you were met with Miya Atsumu walking towards you, making your hands clam up. Why was he approaching you? Suddenly, your eyes caught sight of the familiar bag in his hands, making your eyebrows furrow. But before you could think too deeply, he spoke up again. “Got somethin’ to give ya,” he said, lazy smirk hanging off his face. That made your eyebrows furrow deeper, a small pang of hurt in your chest. Had Osamu really sent his brother to return your gift to you?
“What?” Nodding, he looked at you proudly.
“I made ya this,” he said, gently shoving it into your hands. “Just for ya. I’d take ya out to eat a proper meal for our first date, but I’m kinda gonna be too busy winnin’ nationals. So, here’s a bag of snacks while ya wait, make sure ya watch me win on tv for ya,” he winked before continuing, “and then I’ll come back and take ya on a proper date to celebrate, how’s that?” You almost wanted to laugh, realizing what had taken place. You’d surely give Osamu trouble for being so mean to his brother, but it was oddly charming of Atsumu, even if he’d stolen the very bag of goods you’d given his twin. But, it had scored you a date with the boy you’d been harboring feelings for, so technically, no harm was done.
“Oh... alright, I’ll be looking forward to it,” you smiled shyly. A giddy smile spread across his face, but he hid it quickly with another smirk.
“Alright, watch me win, okay?” Nodding, you smiled brightly.
“Okay, I will,” you called out. He had in fact not ended up winning, and the loss had crushed him quite a bit, so your date was postponed. But you didn’t mind, comforting him at the park was a great alternative to the meal he’d promised, a fondness in your chest blooming for the boy in front of you, passionate about his hobby. You’d wondered that day at the park, what exactly would it be like to have someone as passionate as Miya Atsumu be just as committed to you.
“It’s okay, baby, you’ve more than redeemed yourself,” you insisted. Slowly, his head rose, eyes wandering over to the clock on your bedside.
“Well, I loved ya, even back then,” he murmured. You nodded, eyes softening, looking at the man before you, grown quite a bit from the boy you’d met him as.
“Yeah,” you whispered. “Me too, Tsum.” Suddenly, something flashed in his eyes, his gaze back on the clock.
“Baby, it’s twelve.” Grinning, you brought his face closer to yours.
“Oh yeah?” Humming, he nodded.
“Happy anniversary, Tsum. I love you more than anything.” Chuckling softly, he looked at you with a watery grin.
“Happy anniversary, y/n. I love ya too. Yer my angel.” Suddenly, he stood up, making his way over to the wardrobe, rummaging through his drawer.
“Tsum? What are you doing? We were having a moment, you moron,” you groaned. Chuckling, he shook his head.
“One moment.” Pulling something out, he came back, nervousness in his expression, but a glint in his eyes you couldn’t quite put your finger on. Grabbing your wrist, he pulled you to sit on the edge of the bed, feet dangling off the side. “Well, I had a whole speech planned out, but now that ya’ve outed my little secret, half of it’s no good, but that’s okay. I don’t need to prepare a speech for ya, I’ll just wing it,” he whispered. Eyebrows furrowing in confusion, you tilted your head.
“What—” he held a finger up. Slowly, he knelt down to one knee, looking at you with a teary smile, lips wobbling. Your eyes widened, tears of your own surfacing.
“So, I may have stolen Samu’s little bag of goods, but what’s his is mine, so it was only fair in all honesty, but I wasn’t countin’ on it bein’ yers. Since ya made me look like an idiot, and since ya gifted him the damn bag and not me, ya gotta make up for it and marry me, ‘kay? Say ya’ll marry me? I even got the ring myself this time, I’ve grown enough in five years to get ya somethin’ on my own,” he added, making you both laugh, tears spilling down your cheeks.
“Samu didn’t help at all?”
“Come on, y/n. Cut a man some slack, here,” he chuckled. “He came along, but I found this one on my own. I knew ya’d love it the second I saw it.” Letting out a sob, you nodded, pulling his face towards you.
“Of course I’ll marry you, you big dummie, god I love you.” Atsumu let out a breathy chuckle, masking the sob that escaped him too behind it. Leaning in, he closed the gap and kissed you hard under the dimly lit bedroom of your apartment, the moon being the only thing that illuminated your features. Turns out, five years later, on the very day Atsumu had regifted you your own bag of snacks, he’d redeem himself and gift you a diamond ring too, letting your fantasies of one day marrying him and sharing your vows become a reality.
“Good, I love you too. But Samu’s not invited,” he said as he pulled away. Shaking your head, you giggled, chest light and airy.
“No, Samu’s gotta be there so he can tell the story at our wedding. I owe him that much for telling you it while he wasn’t here,” you said, getting a flick on the forehead in return.
“Fine, I’ll let him come, just for ya.” Once more, Atsumu pressed his lips to yours, pulling you closer, ready to never let you go.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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peachycoreroo · 3 months ago
the forbidden fruit | zeke yeager
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: zeke was like a second father to you and you were his favorite little girl. maybe, it wasn't normal to like your dad's best friend that much, but who cares if it's normal when it feels this good.
pairing: dad’s best friend!zeke x college fem!reader
genre: smut, pwp
word count: 5.4k
warnings: age gap, vaginal penetration, lowkey pseudo-cest bc you call zeke 'uncle', daddy kink, oral fem!receiving, fingering, oral m!receiving, mini degradation, praise kink, a few spanks, choking, zeke spits in your mouth, usage of ‘slut’, ‘whore’ and ‘slutty’, bunny as a pet name, kinda exhibitionism?, manipulation, corruption kink, dub-con vibes but you actually want it, jealousy, mentions of alcohol, smoking, dumbification, manhandling, unprotected sex (pls wrap it up kids), creampie, size kink
authors note: this is for @weepinglevi​‘s adult movie tropes collab, thank you sm for letting me join!! def check out the other amazing fics in this collab<3 this is a lot darker than my other stuff so far, but i had so much fun writing it, so enjoy my first piece for aot!! here’s a link to my masterlist
Tumblr media
uncle zeke, or uncle zuzu as you liked to call him when you were still a child, has always been your favorite person since you were little. technically, you weren’t blood-related, but you might as well have been with how integrated into your family he was.
him and your father were best friends since middle school and you did call him ‘daddy’ a lot back then as a three-year-old, when you couldn’t grasp the concept of him not also being your dad. he was there for your birth, your childhood, your embarrassing teens and now even for your 20th birthday.
you don’t exactly know when the thing happened though.
one day, you were all a big, happy family and the next you suddenly realized, how attractive zeke yeager really was. maybe, it was the way you noticed that he was so much more athletic and broader than your father as they walked around your pool in their swimming trunks on a hot summer day. maybe, it was the way you suddenly became aware of how tall he really was, when you tried to reach a cup on a shelf too high, only to feel his presence directly behind you with his chest against your back as he reached his arm above your head and grabbed the cup, only to hand it to you with a teasing ‘you should really try this thing called growing. i heard it does wonders against high shelfs.’ or maybe, it was the way you finally registered how his gray eyes shamelessly checked you out as you walked around in your flimsy crop tops and shorts, barely covering anything.
it was so wrong, but that didn’t mean you would stop your little teasing. your dresses got shorter and shorter, dropping your keys on purpose on the way out just to flash him your lacy panties. hugging him longer than usual as he was leaving, just to press your breasts up against his hard chest. you wanted him to know you weren’t a little girl anymore. you wanted his mind to be filled with lewd thoughts about you. only you.
even when you left for college, you couldn’t stop thinking about the blond man, especially when you were in your bed late at night, with your hand stuffed in your panties and your mouth whimpering his name into the pillow. images of him, with his hard cock in a large palm, pleasuring himself with you on his mind, groaning your name, always brought you to an orgasm, but it wasn’t enough. you knew the only way to quench your need for this man was by having him, no matter how rotten your desire was.
Tumblr media
at last, it was finally your birthday, and you couldn’t wait to get home and act upon your ploy to seduce zeke yeager. it was a foolproof plan really. nobody would even suspect you were trying to rile your favorite uncle up, and he would only react, if he wanted you just as much. what better gift for your birthday, than ultimately having the forbidden fruit you’ve been trying to deny yourself of for so long.
“happy birthday, angel!”, your family exclaimed excitedly as you came downstairs. you quickly scanned the room to see uncle zeke already sitting in his usual spot on an armchair in the corner of the living room, getting up and joining your parents at the bottom of the stairs when he noticed your presence.
knowing that he was there, you finally smiled happily, thanking them softly before being pulled into a tight embrace by zeke. “yeah, happy birthday, angel”, he lowly murmured into your ear as he pressed you firmly against him, goosebumps erupting at his slightly suggestive tone.
“thank you, uncle zuzu”, you whispered back, squeezing him tight, hoping to get the message across that you were more than happy to be in his arms.
alas, you were forced to part as your mother shoved him to the side to embrace you, your dad jokingly complaining about you going for a hug with your favorite first instead of your parents, in the background.
“well, i can’t help that i’m so much cooler to her than you”, zeke retorted playfully, earning him a light-hearted punch to the arm from your father.
the rest of the day felt like an eternity. it’s not that you didn’t enjoy spending time with your parents, especially if zeke was there, but the prospect of getting the blond male to act upon your, hopefully, mutual desires, had you looking at the clock more times than you would like to admit.
“are you waiting for something?”
you quickly snapped out of your daydreams of what could happen later, as the man with the main role in them sat down closely beside you, your thighs brushing against each other. you couldn’t help your gaze lingering where your skin touched before blinking up at him through your lashes, only to see him grinning down at you, clearly amused by your stare. time for the first part of the mission.
“oh yeah, i’ll be going clubbing with a few friends later.”
“clubbing?”, zeke pressed with a frown, “and your parents are letting you?”
zeke has always been very overprotective of you. your dad joked that it’s because you’re basically like his daughter, but you hoped it was more than that. that’s why you were counting on his overprotectiveness to eventually lead you to the desired outcome of the day aka you, stuffed full of his cum.
“mmm, yeah. it’s my 20th birthday uncle zeke, not my 10th, you know. i’m an adult”, you retorted provocatively before getting up. “’m gonna go get ready.”
you could swear you felt his irritated glare burn into your back as you made your way upstairs, grinning at the first bit of your plan succeeding.
the second step, was your appearance. just a week before that, you went shopping for the shortest dress you could find, ready to turn heads, or specifically, one head. shower, hair, makeup, baby pink lace underwear, see-through tights, black dress. you haven’t felt this hot and confident in a while with college forcing you to wear hoodies and sweatpants all day every day. no way in hell were you going to make yourself suffer through endless lectures in cute skirts and dresses.
five minutes before your friends came, one of your essential male friends included, you decided to head downstairs to make sure zeke had enough time to admire how hot you looked.
as you came downstairs, you could hear your dad exclaiming ‘look at my beautiful girl, all grown up’, making zeke turn around. goosebumps erupted as you felt his eyes slowly trail along your figure, your skin tingling where his gaze burned into your exposed skin.
you did a full spin, showing off your outfit to the three people in your living room, but only caring about the opinion of one. to your disappointment, you didn’t quite get the reaction you wanted, with zeke turning back around to your mother, continuing to talk about whatever.
no matter how much you hated it, you couldn’t stop the jealousy crawling up your tightening throat, making you sick with disgust. you knew your mother was just as much as a friend to the man of your desires as your father, but it didn’t stop you from feeling this way. you wanted his eyes on you and not some other woman, even if that woman was your own mother.
as if on cue, the doorbell rang out, your mood immediately lifting at the chance that the third step of your plan finally elicits a much-craved reaction from zeke.
you opened the door, your best friends immediately throwing themselves at you, screaming their congratulations and complimenting your attire. just like you hoped, the boy you’ve been friends with and flirted with since high school, jean kirstein, was the last one to congratulate you. he hugged you tight, leaning down, whispering a low ‘happy birthday, pretty girl. you look good enough to eat’, at the same time as your parents and zeke came into the foyer.
the hug you shared with jean lasted just a tad too long for it to count as appropriate, with you giggling excessively at his comment just to be sure that zeke heard it. and as you parted to say goodbye to your family, your flirty friend kept his strong arm around your waist, as though it belonged there.
you don’t miss the way zeke glared at jean’s arm around you or the way he had the slightest frown on his face as he told you to ‘have fun and be careful’, but when you turned around and left the house to get into jean’s car, disappointment filled you when you realized that the blond male didn’t do anything to keep you from going. all this planning and finger crossing for nothing. ‘happy fucking birthday to me’, you bitterly thought, as you drove off into the night, mood already completely ruined.
Tumblr media
after hours of trying to enjoy the end of your birthday even for a bit, you finally had enough. jean took you home, trying to make out with you on the backseat of his car in the parking lot, but as tempting as the idea of letting him fuck zeke yeager out of your mind sounded, you couldn’t bring yourself to. the fact that today was supposed to be the day you got your dad’s best friend right where you wanted him, was enough to make you crave a nice shower and your warm bed. you couldn’t wait for this day to end.
when jean pulled up to your house, you parted ways with a quick kiss and a cheeky promise of tomorrow, before making your way into the house. it was already 3 a.m., so you were sure everybody was already asleep, as you quietly made your way inside.
“there you are. welcome back, pretty girl.”
at hearing zeke’s raspy voice out of nowhere, you flinched and let out an unvoluntary squeak. what was he doing here?
you brought your hand to your heart, feeling it hammer against your chest, your eyes snapping to the spot your dad’s best friend was sitting in, in the kitchen. “uncle zeke! you scared me, what are you still doing here?”
as you made your way into the kitchen, you finally noticed the empty tequila bottle on the table and your unconscious father, snoring on the coach in the living room, just a few feet away.
“mmm, wanted to make sure you come home safely after your dad passed out, so i waited for you”, he casually retorted while his grey eyes inspected you from head to toe. smeared lipstick, a light sheen of sweat on your skin and your dress hiked up dangerously high on your thighs.
feeling small under his calculating gaze, you once again looked at your sleeping dad and gestured towards the bottle. “guess you also had a wild party going on?”
“mh, your dad’s just a lightweight.”
the air inside the kitchen was heavy and suffocating. you knew something was wrong with the way zeke wouldn’t stop staring at you and only answered with short sentences, his usual playful chattiness nowhere to be seen.
trying to get rid of the awkwardness and your nervousness, you asked: “where- uh, where’s mom?”
“asleep”, was the short answer you got, making you even more uneasy than before. “oh, w-well. i’m gonna go and also hit the hay. thanks for staying up for me uncle zeke, good night.”
this one word made you halt in your tracks just as you were about to turn around, making you look questioningly back at him. what you didn’t expect however, was to see zeke yeager spread his thighs and pet one of them with a simple ‘sit down, angel.” somehow, the pet name sounded condescending as it left his lips, but that didn’t stop your pussy from clenching at the sight of him with his legs wide open, looking positively inviting like never before.
your gaze quickly flickered towards the unconscious figure in the armchair, but even that couldn’t stop you when uncle zeke was offering you to sit on his lap, like you dreamed of for so long.
your legs slowly took you towards the spot he was sitting in, only for him to pull you on one of his thighs as soon as you were in his reach. his arm wrapped tightly around your waist, while the other found its place on your thigh, your heartrate skyrocketing at the close proximity.
not really knowing what to do with your hands and where to look, you once again brought your gaze to your dad in the living room, having the perfect view of him from your position on zeke’s lap, your fingers interlocked in your own lap as to not touch him too much.
“how was the party?”, he questioned seemingly nonchalant, but his tone had a certain edge to it, that made you feel as if you were being scolded.
you chuckled nervously, keeping your eyes locked on your unconscious father, as you started uttering: “oh, uh… it was- “
only to have zeke’s palm grab your cheeks, squeezing them together in a pout, as he turned your head towards him, forcing you to focus your gaze on him.
“did you fuck him?”
zeke was watching your expression closely when he practically growled the question, taking note of how your eyes widened, your breath deepened, and your thighs automatically pressed together as the meaning of his imposing words settled in.
the jealousy could practically be grabbed as it rolled off the blond male in waves and you knew, that if you wanted your birthday wish to come true, you had to play the part of the innocent and unsuspecting little girl.
“wha-? no!”, you exclaimed supposedly offended and distraught that he would even ask such a thing, as best as you could with your lips pressed together in a pout by his large palm.
the man’s dark grey – were they always this dark? – eyes narrowed as you seamlessly pretended to not know what he was hinting at, but the way you immodestly battered your eyelashes at him, one hand finding it’s way onto the palm that was squeezing your plush thigh, showed him at you weren’t as oblivious as you feigned to be.
“no, huh?”, he chuckled darkly, his hand leaving your face to push you down onto your knees between his legs instead, “then you’re not against helping your dear uncle with a certain issue, or are you baby?”
stammering out a little confused ‘what?’, you quickly checked whether your dad was still asleep, only for yeager’s palm to return to its place on your cheeks, squeezing them once again as he yanked your head back towards him. “don’t act like a brainless, useless slut, angel. it really doesn’t suit you. you’re my smart little girl, aren’t you?”
the sickly-sweet tone he used worked like a charm on your praise-starved brain. you wanted to please him and be his good girl, no matter what it took.
looking up at him with big, wide eyes, a drop of drool fell from your pouty lips onto his jean-clad crotch when he tightened his hold on your cheeks as you nodded like an obedient little toy, making him smile proudly.
“that’s my girl. now,”, he declared, unbothered by the tiny wetness seeping into his pants, his veiny hands made quick work of his belt and zipper, “show me how much you want to help your uncle zeke.”
just the sight of him whipping out his hard cock out of the confinements of his jeans and boxers, was enough to make a small pool of wetness gush out of your cunt, not that it mattered anyway. your lacy panties were already long soaked just from sitting on his lap.
zeke’s cock was longer and definitely thicker than you could’ve ever imagined, bigger than any you’ve ever taken with a prominent vein running on the underside, the tip flushed in a pretty pink. the saliva collecting in your mouth at the prospect of having him down your throat soon made you swallow hard, while you waited for his next instructions, not wanting to disappoint him by acting impulsively.
seeing his best friends’ daughter so submissive and eager-to-please on her knees between his legs as said best friend laid, passed out, just a few feet away, made zeke’s cock twitch. he knew it was sick and wrong, but he has always been a weak man when it came to you.
“go ahead, sweetheart. make uncle zeke feel good.”
at his permission to go, you nearly lunched forward, your pretty lips coated in sticky lipgloss instantly wrapping around the sensitive tip of his dick, making him groan deeply somewhere in the back of his throat.
you alternated between swirling your tongue around his cockhead and slowly sucking, as zeke put a cigarette between his lips, lightning it. normally, you hated the foul smell of nicotine and complained numerous times about how much you hated smokers but… the sight of it dangling between his thick fingers, as his other hand lost itself inside your hair, guiding your head to bob up and down on his length, awakened something deep in you, that you didn’t even know existed.
it didn’t help that while every other person reeking of smoke repulsed you, the same scent clinging to zeke brought you a sense of comfort. the fact that he also looked hot as fuck doing it, certainly didn’t hurt.
above you, the tall man made sure to let his eyes wander to your father from time to time, mostly keeping them locked on your lewd expression and your full lips wrapped around his cock though. he knew that the man a few feet away was a heavy sleeper, especially when drunk, so he wasn’t afraid of letting you know just how pleased he was with you.
“that’s a good girl. doing so good for me, want me to cum down your throat, sweetheart?”  
you mumbled a small ‘please’ around his cock, causing him to groan huskily as your vocal cords vibrated against his sensitive tip. knowing he was almost there, you hallowed your cheeks and tightened your throat, wanting him to lose himself in the inviting warmth of your mouth.
as soon as zeke felt himself teetering at the edge, he couldn’t stop himself from quickly putting out the cig in his hand and holding your head still with his large palms as he started frantically thrusting up in your mouth. having zeke use you to chase his own high made you clench around nothing as you gagged around his length, doing your best to try and keep your jaw slack just so you could hear the man praising you again.
at the feeling of you choking on his cock, zeke’s head fell back as he moaned hoarsely, the sound going straight to the fire in the pit of your stomach already forming just from sucking him off and hearing his erotic grunts.
on the next thrust inside your warm, wet mouth, zeke emptied himself in the back of your throat with a low growl of ‘good fucking girl’, making you whine around his dick. the blond pulled you off as you started coughing, instructing you to ‘swallow, angel.’ being the whipped, little toy you did as you were told, looking up at him as you licked the remaining cum of your spit covered lips.
zeke smirked at your sensual display, whilst he stood up, pulling you up to your feet, only to push you against the dinner table and impatiently smash his lips against yours.
you had half the mind to think about how he didn’t even seem to care that his sticky cum still lingered in your mouth as he kissed you before your brain completely shut down because you were making out with zeke yeager.
strong palms wandered up your thighs under your short dress, cupping your ass while the flimsy fabric rode up as a consequence of his wandering hands. the display of strength as he easily lifted you up on the hard surface behind you, made your head spin. everything this man was doing had you weak in the knees and if you weren’t already seated, you were convinced your legs would’ve given out underneath you.
as yeager made room for himself between your thighs, spreading them in the process, your arms found their place around his broad shoulders, pulling him down even closer towards you as you tasted the whiskey and smoke on his slightly chapped lips. you could hear his soft chuckle at the displeased whimper you let out when he removed himself from you, before tracing his thumb faintly over your clothed clit. just that slightest contact with your puffy bundle of nerves had your hips twitching up, your face heating up at the obvious display of his effect on you.
“aww, is my slutty little baby desperate for her favorite uncle?”, he asked in mock empathy, ripping your tights like it was nothing, before his eyes soaked up the sight of your baby pink lace panties completely ruined by your slick.
“i see you were ready for something to happen today. were you hoping the little boy from earlier would fuck you?”, he almost snarled the question, before adding: “or were you hoping for me, bunny? are these pretty panties just for me?”
as your core gushed out more of your juices at the pet name, you obediently shook your head at his accusation of you dressing up for jean, mewling out: “y-you, daddy. only you.”
zeke closed his eyes to compose himself when his cock twitched alive once again at the sweet melody of you calling him daddy. he knew this was the point of no return. he could’ve stopped this before, he was sure of that, but not anymore. not when you oh so sweetly called out for your daddy to take care of you.
in one swift motion, your panties were gone and thrown into a dark corner of the kitchen, the only light illuminating the space coming from the turned-on lamp in the foyer from when you came home. forcing you to recline back as zeke lifted your legs up on his muscular shoulders, you shuddered as his hot breath hit your drenched pussy.
after just one kitten lick to your core, you heard zeke’s pleased hum, mumbling something along the lines of ‘just as sweet as you, bunny’, but you couldn’t tell for sure because the very next second he was diving tongue first into you, sucking, licking, and slurping like it’s his last meal. the moan that left you at his intense ministrations was downright pornographic and you could only clench around nothing as his large palm came up to silence you.
“as much as i’d love to listen to your cries, sweet thing, gonna wake your parents up if you keep at it”, he muttered against your sensitive clit, the vibrations only making you mewl against his hand.
your hands tried to find purchase somewhere, the hard surface of the table, your plush thighs, before your nails finally got a grasp of his blond locks, using the leverage as an advantage to push his face even further into your slick cunt.
the obscene, wet sounds that echoed in the room were making your face heat up, but the embarrassment didn’t stop you from grinding desperately against his tongue, his thick beard rubbing painfully but oh so deliciously against the delicate skin of your inner thighs.
when you felt two of his thick fingers probe at your entrance before pushing in, instantly hitting that one spot inside you, you threw your head back as your eyes rolled into the back of your head, thighs trembling against his head as you reached your peak around his digits. your back arched off the wooden table, thighs snugly pressing against the sides of his head, almost suffocating him in the process, while you moaned a long, high-pitched ‘daddy’ against his palm.
zeke yeager could proudly say that he’s had his fair share of women, but the sight of you, succumbing to the pleasure he was providing you with, was by far the most erotic he had the privilege of witnessing. the mix of your cross-eyed expression, your sloppy cunt clenching impossibly around his thick fingers and your body twitching from the aftershocks of your orgasm, only fueled his desire to see you go dumb on his fat cock.
a hard slap against the fat of your right thigh caused you to squeal, your legs sliding down from his shoulders, completely limp from all the spent energy. zeke leaned down, once again capturing your lips in a heated make out. his warm tongue still had the distinct taste of your release on it as it slipped between your lips, his full beard soaked in your juices scratching against your cheeks and chin, but you certainly didn’t mind as long as you could have him between your legs, mouths interlocked.
“wanna see your cute lil’ ass while i wreck you, bunny. can you turn around for daddy?”, he questioned, voice raspy, but he didn’t actually wait for an answer, grabbing your hips in a bruising grip and flipping you over on your stomach, ass pressed up against his crotch already. not being able to control yourself at another clear display that his muscles weren’t just for show, your hips automatically grinded back against his painfully hard cock.
another strong blow was delivered, this time to your bouncy behind, your small mewl echoing in the large space. “slutty, desperate whores aren’t appreciated here, bunny. thought you were daddy’s good, little girl? guess daddy was wrong about you”, zeke sighed in faux disappointment, knowing you would do anything for him to keep praising you.
“n-no! am your good, little girl! ‘m sorry, daddy, please don’t leave”, you practically sobbed out, to drunk on his touch to realize the manipulative undertone in his phrasing.
smirking victoriously, the blond tenderly smoothed his huge palm, with his fingers covered in your already dried up essences, over your ass check, his fat tip nudging against your soaked entrance, whilst he shh-ed you, promising that he’s ‘not gonna leave you bunny, ‘m all yours.’
at the promise of him belonging to you, your eyes rolled into the back of your head, just as yeager decided to push his aching dick into your tight pussy. at the first bump against your gummy walls, you both knew no one would ever be able to compare. it was a tight fit as he continued to push past the resistance of your cunt, hissing at the continuous contractions around his sensitive cock. no way in hell, he thought to himself as he already had to hold himself back from cumming as if he were some virgin all over again.
when he finally bottomed out, his patience was close to non-existent, so without waiting for you to adjust, he started thrusting in you like a mad man. your hands flew out to grab the other edge of the wooden surface to have some kind of support, as his powerful thrusts made the whole table shake and drag across the tiled floor.
“’s too much, daddy! slow down!”, you wailed, knowing full well that this was exactly what you waited for all this time. the dark chuckle that left his panting and grunting mouth told you that he was also very aware of the fact that you didn’t actually want him to slow down, so the only reaction you got, besides his acknowledging chuckle, were his thrusts picking up in speed.
after another strong hit to your jiggling ass and a groan that sounded suspiciously like ‘such a perfect ass’, zeke leaned over you, completely covering you with his large frame. his hand found its way to your front, giving your tits a quick squeeze through your dress, before continuing its journey up, finally settling around your neck.
as it constricted around your neck, thick fingers expertly pressing against the pressure points, restricting the air flow oh so deliciously, your spit-covered lips fell open in a silent ‘o’, the act lurching you impossibly closer to your orgasm. at this point, the only coherent words you were able to formulate were ‘yes’, ‘daddy’ and ‘please’, causing the tall man’s chest to fill with pride at your dumbed out state.
“my cute, submissive, little bunny. have i fucked you stupid with my cock?”, he teased, only to get his confirmation by the lack of response on your side, too far gone to process that he asked a question.
the rhythmic clenching of your warm core reminded him that his dick was practically begging him to let it stuff you full of his sticky cum, so as his grip on your throat and hip tightened even more, he let his carnal desires take over as he rutted impossibly faster inside you.
every thrust caused his fat tip to poke harshly against your cervix, the feeling of pain only fueling your pleasure, as you silently took all your favorite uncle was giving you. somewhere in the back of your mind the thought of your father sleeping just in the next room flew around, but it quickly got fucked back out by zeke’s fat cock.
at the next rough plunge inside your warm walls and the low growl of ‘cum on daddy’s fucking cock, bunny’ directly beside your ear, you came undone with a loud moan of his name. you were pretty sure the force of your orgasm made you blackout for a second, because the next time you came to your senses, zeke was shooting his load inside your inviting cunt directly at your cervix, your name leaving his lips like a prayer.
you were exhausted. your whole body shook and twitched, your stomach hurt from being pressed against the edge of the dinner table for so long, sweat dripping down on the surface from your face and neck.
suddenly the room was way too quiet, safe for the heavy breathing and your occasional whimpers. slowly, zeke pulled out, only to spread your cheeks apart to take a good luck at your abused pussy pushing out his white cum. it slowly trickled down your legs, mixing with your leaked juices on the tiles beneath your feet.
not having the energy to move, you let the blond male pull down your dress back over your ass, listening to the rustle of fabric and belt clicking as he got dressed again. just as he gently helped you stand-up again, you could hear a yawn coming from the doorway that led to the living room.
“what’re you both doing?”, your half-awake father asked as he made his way through the kitchen past you to get to the foyer. your nails dug into zeke’s muscular forearms as the panic of getting caught formed in the pit of your stomach, only to hear the older man murmur a casual, seemingly sleepy ‘she just got home, gonna go sleep now’, as though he wasn’t blowing out your back just a few minutes prior.
with an unsuspecting ‘’aight, night you two’, your dad disappeared in the shared bedroom with your sleeping mother.
“fuck”, you breathed out, stressed at almost being caught and your legs buckling, only for zeke’s strong arms to hold you up right.
“hey, look at me, angel”, the male softly demanded, gaze tender as your eyes met his. “i’ll bring you to bed and clean up here, okay? don’t worry about a thing.”
a sleepy, but happy smile stretched itself across your lips at him caring for you so deeply.
“open your mouth, sweetheart.”
without second-guessing the request, you obediently opened your mouth, only to feel his saliva hit your outstretched tongue. the taste made you mewl needily as you realized what it all meant. you were his and he was yours.
zeke chuckled, amused by your blissed out expression, before pecking your lips, picking you up and caring you to your room with you mumbling a satisfied ‘best birthday ever’ against his neck.
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