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jazzymarie1006 · a month ago
Four pairings involving girls with pink hair & their kisses with those they love
Aelita & Jeremie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tecna & Timmy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Princess Bubblegum & Marceline
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Red Action & Enid
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They're all so very adorable and precious!!
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gins-potter · 5 months ago
RileySavage7 on ao3 requested “Tecna/Timmy holding hands”.  Requests from this prompt list are now closed.
“What are you doing?”
Timmy always loved the little crease that appeared between Tecna’s eyebrows whenever she was baffled by something, but this time instead of smiling he schooled his expression into polite confusion as Tecna frowned down at their joined hands.
“Holding your hand.”
Tecna’s frown deepened as her eyes flicked between his face and her hands.  Still Timmy didn’t crack as Tecna asked, “Why?”
“Because I wanted to.  Besides, it’s what couples do.”
“We’ve never done it before,” she pointed out, even as she looked at the rest of their friends hanging out in the dorm.
Indeed she could see Musa ranting to Riven about something as she gestured with their joined hands, Stella and Brandon were sitting and talking quietly with their hands linked and resting on his thigh, and Bloom was hunched over Sky’s hand in her lap, pen in hand as she drew something on the back of his palm.
“It’s impractical,” Tecna said finally, though Timmy couldn’t help but notice that she hadn’t pulled away yet.  In fact she squeezed his hand a little tighter.  “How am I supposed to get anything done when I can’t use one of my hands?”
“We don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Timmy said simply, starting to pull his hand away, but Tecna clung to it tighter.
“No,” she said, not looking at him.  “It’s fine.  I’m just saying for the record, no matter how nice it feels, it’s still impractical.”
Timmy smiled, his thumb stroking the back of her hand, and said, “Noted.”
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imhereformr · 2 months ago
44. I’m your new neighbour and I got locked out, help!
For Tecna x Timmy
I just think it would be funny if it happened multiple times(some on purpose) and Tecna is exasperated but also endeared.
This got out of hand... Anyways here's part 1 of 🤷🏻‍♀️
Why is it that yours are the ones that become too much for a oneshot? 
Timmy walked down the dull beige corridor of his apartment building rifling through his bag, desperately trying to find his keys. He swore he had grabbed them and put them in his pocket when he left work. Once he got to his door, he dropped the bag at his feet and searched his pockets once more. He had his wallet in his left pocket, phone in his right, a crumpled pharmacy receipt in his back pocket, and no set of keys.  
He kneeled by his bag and began pulling out its contents. There was his book, lunch, portable gaming system, an assortment of papers from work, a collection of old papers and receipts at the bottom of his bag that he really should clean out, his portable tool kit, a small pack of tissues, his reusable water bottle, and no fucking keys.
After tossing his belongings haphazardly into his bag, Timmy pulled his phone out of his pocket. When he had moved in a week ago, he’d been told to call the building manager if ever he needed anything. The building manager, a portly man with strange taste in facial hair named Mr Knut, didn’t live on site and was only there from 9am to 5pm on weekdays. He was, apparently, always available, but it was now almost 8pm on a Friday evening and there was no telling how long it would take for the man to show up.
Except that, as it turned out, the man would likely never show up because when Timmy pulled his phone out of his pocket and turned it on, he was greeted by a flashing red battery indicating that his phone was just about dead. How wonderful. He would need to ask one of his neighbours to call the manager.  
The section of the building he was in only contained three apartments. His and two others. Miss Griselda, the only of his two immediate neighbours he’d met, was a cranky old woman he was certain got joy out of terrifying ‘the damn youngins’ as she’d called them. The other was a complete stranger. No part of him felt like dealing with the old woman – he'd only met her because she happened to be getting home as he was moving boxes in, and she’d gone into a rant about how awful and unruly today’s youth was – so he would have to take his chances with the mystery neighbours.
He knew nothing about the mystery neighbours except what Griselda had told him: they were young and one of them was too loud for her liking. So far, he’d only heard faint music coming from the apartment and wasn’t quite sure what Miss Griselda was complaining for since she wasn’t directly next to them and wasn’t likely to hear the music at all.  
Shit. She was pretty. Like, really pretty. Tall with milky white skin and bright teal eyes that contrasted sharply against her cropped light purple hair. Timmy’s lips went dry and his heart sped up to the point that he thought it might win a race against a cheetah. Could this night get any worse? Lost keys, dead phone, gorgeous neighbour. What was next? Was he going to get struck by lightning? Heart attack? Have one of the giant light fixtures squash him like a bug?  
“H-hi there...” he managed to stutter.  
“Can I help you?” the girl asked after a moment of uncomfortable silence. He became exceedingly aware of the fact that he’d been standing there looking at her with what was probably an incredibly stupid look. Smooth, Timmy.  
“Right... uh... yes. I am... M-my name is Timmy. I live here. Well, no, not here here. I-I-I live next door. There,” he pointed towards his door, “and I, uh, well, I seem to have forgotten my pheys... uh, my keys, sorry, and m-my phone is... dead... and uh...” Jesus, he sounded like a bumbling idiot. He could practically hear Brandon, one of his old college roommates, teasing him about how much of an ass he was making of himself.  
“And you want me to call the building manager for you?” Oh God, she thought he was a moron. He could tell from the tone of her voice that she was already exasperated with him and, though she hadn’t physically, he was sure she was rolling her eyes in her beautiful, purple-topped head. Timmy nodded, not trusting himself to not say something stupid or ramble on like he did whenever he got nervous.  
The woman walked away, leaving the door partially open behind her. Timmy waited outside, trying not to seem like the awkward person he knew he was. He forced himself to stand ‘casually’, so he crossed his arms and stood there, staring straight at the door.  
No, that was a weird thing to do. He let his arms fall loose and his eyes wander to, well, look normal. The only interesting thing in sight to observe while he waited for her to call the manager was the inside of the apartment. He knew it was creepy, but it beat having to stare at a beige wall.  
The door opened up on the living room that was painted a light grey and offset with a teal wall that matched her eyes. Geez, had he really already memorised the colour of her eyes? He’d not even been able to meet them while he made a complete moron out of himself. The back wall had what Timmy was pretty sure was several electric guitars, acoustic guitars and maybe a bass or two hung up. A dark grey couch sat in the middle of the room facing the west wall and a large flat-screen TV.  
The TV in particular is what caught his attention. She was playing a video game. Timmy had never been one of those jerks who would gatekeep the gaming world and claim girls weren’t ‘real gamers’ because all they played was Super Mario; he prided himself on letting people enjoy what they enjoyed and welcoming them into the gaming world. This girl, though, was clearly a serious gamer. The game she was playing – one of his, if not his actual, favourite games – was a beautifully designed, complex game with so many quests, possible outcomes and hidden details that it had taken him close to a month and a half of near-fanatical gameplay to complete. It wasn’t a game that a casual gamer would take to.  
The only thing was... he didn’t recognise the scene that Elora – the main character – was in. He was certain he’d played out every possible scenario the game had to offer – he'd obsessed over it so much and had replayed it multiple times since its release. In retrospect, sheer curiosity is the sole reason that he could figure why, when the girl came back, he managed to say Hey, I don’t recognise that scene, did you find another quest? without stuttering or stumbling over his words.  
“The manager will be here in about 10 minutes” she replied bluntly before closing the door in his face. Timmy stood there dumbfounded, blinking at the closed dark beige door for longer than he cared to admit. Great, first pretty girl he’d met in a new city, and she thought he was no smarter than a panda. “Nice meeting you.”
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darkpoisonouslove · 3 months ago
Memory of Love
Summary: The device Tecna built to help Timmy’s amnesia is destroyed on accident and that brings out an explosion of feelings in the Winx dorm. Season 5 AU. Tecmy.
Written for @writersmonth Day 6 - word: amnesia/setting: science fiction AU
Winx is already a little bit sci-fi so I haven’t messed with that. This is an AU of season 5 in which Timmy loses his memory instead of Sky and Tecna is doing her best to help him regain it.
A faint trail of smoke sneaked under the door to rush her to the common area. Bloom's fire powers dictated that there were only the usual reasons for concern. Swinging the door open proved otherwise.
Bloom, Layla and Musa had rounded the table where she'd left her invention. Aside from Bloom clutching Kiko to her chest, they were all frozen in place, the tension in their bodies tangible. They were blocking out the memory recovering device from her sight but the assessment of their statuesque body language gave her all the information for an educated deduction.
"All right," they all flinched at the sound of her voice, "who pressed the self-destruct button?"
Bloom rubbed the back of her neck, "It broke Kiko's fall." She gave a guilty smile, eyes focused on the emptiness the destroyed device had left behind rather than on Tecna.
Without the soundproofing headphones she used to block out Musa's songwriting or the noise from the common area, she would've heard the racket in time. She could have prevented the catastrophe. If she hadn't needed to focus on the data from the tests of her device to check its performance one last time before deeming it operational.
"Why did you even put a self-destruct button?" Musa stepped closer, making Tecna's teeth grind. Her logic would have been faultless without all of them waltzing around, breaking things.
"I installed it for ecological reasons." She took a deep breath when they all gaped at her. "It releases a combustion reaction that eliminates every trace of the device using its own energy even if it's taken apart and scattered across the Magic Dimension, all without posing a threat on anything else. It's meant to leave no waste behind once the machine is out of use." Her design was efficient and ecologically friendly. It was her friends that were malfunctioning. "I have to go build another one in record time. Stella and Flora will bring Timmy in any minute now. I don't understand how you managed to activate the self-destruction function. I calculated countless possibilities to place the button where it would be the least likely to be pushed by mistake."
"Is there... something else that's bothering you, Tecna?" Bloom advanced gently, her voice quiet and arm stretched forward as if to soothe Tecna.
Musa and Layla were focused on her too, their gazes unwavering like the concern in their eyes and even Kiko was alert, ears perked up and muscles taught as he prepared himself to hop from Bloom's arms into Tecna's to hug her.
The words flooded her mouth and she had to spit them out or drown. "I don't understand how they can't heal him in the hospital. We have space ships that travel at hypersonic speed and micro robots that perform surgeries. Why can't they heal his amnesia? I know technology can help him. Why do I have to do everything myself?" Tears welled up in her eyes threatening to spill like her voice.
Layla's hand on her shoulder weighed far too much on her mind. It was too soon for her to be offering comfort after the loss of Nabu. And Timmy wasn't dead. He was just lost with no memory of them. It was her that wasn't making sense.
"Timmy needs you to help him, Tecna," Layla's voice was so cold it racked Tecna's body with shivers. Was that how her rationality sounded to them?
"I'm working on it." Tecna shrugged her hand off. She couldn't afford distractions. "But you're working against me." She turned to go back to the schematics waiting in her room but Musa blocked her way.
"We messed up, Tecna. But you don't need our help to self-sabotage."
"You've never used self-destruct buttons before."
"I am optimizing my designs. It's how you better your work and develop technology of higher quality."
"You left Timmy to us and the Specialists while you holed yourself up in your room," Bloom rushed into the fray. Causing one explosion hadn't been enough for her today. "You've been avoiding him, Tecna, and he needs you, not your gadgets."
"I am avoiding him? Like you avoid your problems running back to Earth every time you face an inconvenience?"
Bloom bowed her head, fingers stroking Kiko frantically to a painful degree.
"Timmy has brain damage. His brain needs help recovering his memories which is exactly what I am trying to provide. What do you think he needs? Hand-holding? A walk down memory lane?"
"He needs emotional support," Musa balled her fists in frustration. "He's been scared and confused since he woke up unable to recognize anyone and was thrust in a group of people that always end up fighting for the fate of the universe." She hugged herself, fingers closing in her top and holding on for dear life. "Frankly, I don't blame him for being wary around us." Water glimmered in her eyes as she turned her head away from Layla. "There's always danger."
"That is why I've been in my room working on a device that will help bring his memory back. A device that you've destroyed!" The logic was so simple. Why were they arguing with her? "I asked you to take care of Timmy until I could help him and you say I'm wrong." Her fingers were curling but Musa was no longer geared up for a fistfight.
"When Timmy made the device to track you into Omega, he used his feelings, and ours," Layla spoke, the string of words wrapping around Tecna in nonsensical twists and knots to paralyze her.
"I am not Timmy," Tecna's voice came out in a whisper as the walls caved in around her. Tears burst from her eyes under the pressure the violent shivers built up in her body and Bloom caught her from behind when she stumbled.
Layla and Musa's hands were in hers, holding her upright through her incoherent babbling. It was all that ever came out regarding Timmy's methodology of finding her. She never understood it. Her intense focus on helping had turned her into a robot while he'd crossed the universe with his feelings and rescued her from a frozen prison. She needed him to remember. Otherwise, that love would be lost in her inability to understand it.
"Tecna?" Timmy's face emerged amidst the tears in her eyes. Behind him Stella and Flora were grasping at the door in a blur of shock. "Your face is malfunctioning."
Tecna choked on the heart in her throat. "Timmy."
He remembered. He helped her remember. She'd confessed her feelings for him in the Wild Lands and they'd made their way through the universe, all that way through space and time. She'd known how to make her way to him ever since then to never forget it again in fear or doubt. Her heart was stronger than that.
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spirithummelanderson · 6 months ago
Sign and share before they start the S9 😫 do it for your young self 😂
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lambofzenith · 3 months ago
Do you write fanfic? Do you read any?
I have not. I’ve read a small amount of fanfic, mostly oneshots. Like this one by @bitchatcloudtower that essentially made me ship Driven and a few ones by @darkpoisonouslove. I’ve mostly read the Riven focused oneshots though dark recently wrote a Tecmy one that I liked. I haven’t read all of their fic yet but @everythingpuddle‘s worldbuilding is impeccable.
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dorizard-art · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
No money needed, I’m always down to draw our girl :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As for other art... I haven’t seen any other triven stuff but deviantart actually has some cool art from back in the day. If you’re interested I’ll link my winx favourites folder in the notes because wading through all the other crap on that website is... not something I wish on others ;v;
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bitchatcloudtower · 4 months ago
Favorite and least favorite Winx Club couples?
• Driven, even though they were only together for like two months I like them a lot mostly for their potential. We don’t see much of their relationship due to how short lived it was + the fact that they’re not main characters but I think they did have a good understanding of one another, it just didn’t make for a good relationship at the time due to their own neuroses and plans (for world domination.) They’re a couple I see coming back together years later after maturity and soul searching (and if Darcy stopped trying to take over the magical dimension.) With Driven the relationship feels very unfinished and I love it for its potential to be more.
• Aisha/Nabu, rocky start but genuinely the best couple of the main six. They’re very sweet and both are levelheaded enough that I could believe they’d manage to get past anything (except death.) Best couple honestly. Very put together. Level headed. Mature. Honest (save for their introduction.) They’re also the only time I’ve seen an arranged marriage be framed positively in fiction and it’s kind of refreshing, even as someone who hates the trope.
• Brella, I don’t talk about them much mostly just because I don’t share the passion that the rest of the Brella stans do but they’re such a good couple. They’re similar enough that there’s very little actual conflict and they seem to always understand each other but they’re also different enough that they’re good for each other and balance each other out. They both clearly love and adore each other unconditionally and their scenes together are very heartwarming. I can’t imagine a version of Winx where they don’t love each other just because it seems to be such an integral part of who they are.
Least Favourite:
• Bloom/Sky - The biggest reason is that I don’t like Sky and the issues I have with him extend to his role in the relationship and the way it affects their dynamic. They started off badly and there’s no explicit moment where we see them overcome it which is inexcusable given that they’re the couple with the most screentime. Which is another point of contention: I have to watch them have a shitty relationship every season and I’m tired of it. They don’t seem to have much in common either especially given how bland cartoon Sky is and how inconsistent the writing for Bloom is. If it weren’t for the show shoving their scenes together down my throat, I would not believe they were a couple and that is not a good sign for a main character and her love interest.
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gins-potter · 9 months ago
If it’s okay with you (and if you haven’t done it yet), I would love to hear your headcanons for Tecna and Timmy’s relationship 🥺
I’m always down to write more headcanons for any of the winx ships.  Actually I think I’ve got about three different sets of headcanon prompts that I’m slowly working to complete for each couple (and after that I’ll probably find more 😂)
who can outdrink the other?
I think Tecna can probably outdrink Timmy, who I see as a bit of a lightweight.  But neither of them are particularly big drinkers, maybe just one or two each, and only really in a social setting.
who says “I love you” more?
Timmy for sure.  It’s not that Tecna doesn’t love Timmy as much as he does her, but I think she’ll always have a bit of trouble expressing her emotions as clearly or openly as Timmy does.  Instead she tends to show her love or affection through non-verbal methods.
who has trouble sleeping alone?
hmmmm i don’t think either, but maybe Timmy a little.  I think Timmy would need to call or facetime Tecna and then he’s able to sleep better, and Tecna doesn’t really need that but she’s certainly not going to turn it down either.  If you asked her why she sleeps fine without Timmy, I think she would say something like “the quicker I sleep the quicker the next day comes, and the quicker we’ll be back together again” for her it would be that simple.
who swears more?
heh neither?  I feel like it’s illegal for Tecna and Timmy to swear (along with Flora).  Maybe the most they get to swearing is Tecna saying damn or something.
who does more of the housework?
they definitely split it evenly and probably do a lot of it together.  they’ll listen to music, or just talk as they go.
who forgets their anniversary?
Tecna would but she has a reminder set up in her phone for the next 100 years or so.  Timmy never forgets.
who steals the duvet in their sleep?
Tecna, she runs a little cooler than most and is a total blanket hog.
who keeps the other awake at night with their snoring?
Neither.  Lmao maybe Tecna but she’ll never admit it and Timmy would never betray that secret.
who finds stray animals and begs the other to let them keep them?
Timmyyyyyyyyyy.  He’s too nice for his own good and can’t handle seeing skinny or sick strays hanging around.  Tecna allows them to adopt a couple of cats but eventually has to put her foot down.  After that they take them to a nearby shelter that they regularly donate money to.
who usually makes dinner?
Timmy.  Tecna gives off the vibes that she would eat instant ramen every night but she’s actually quite nutritionally minded and has definitely gotten down to a science how much they should eat each day for maximum nutrients.  But that’s usually her focus and flavour tends to come in second.  Timmy on the other hand has an amazing cook for a mother and so is pretty decent in the kitchen, and can work out how to balance Tecna’s meal plans with actually flavourful food.
who plays their music out loud?
both.  they have a similar taste in music so neither minds listening to the other’s music.
who hogs the bathroom?
pft. neither.
who gives the most compliments?
Timmyyyyyy.  He’s always telling Tecna how pretty she looks, or how good she is at something, or how much he likes her new haircut, and he loves how it makes her blush.
who usually starts/causes arguments between them?
Hmmmm both?  But in different ways.  Tecna tends to be stubborn and a bit oblivious and sometimes hurts Timmy’s feelings without meaning to which inevitably causes an argument.  But sometimes Timmy pushes her too much and doesn’t pay attention to the signs that Tecna needs some alone time.
who isn’t afraid to embarrass the other in public?
neither is really like that tbh.  Tecna might joke around with Timmy a bit but she would never intentionally make him feel bad.
who gives the other cringeworthy pet names?
ooooof neither.  Timmy tries to call Tecna babe like once and it’s just no.  Very much not them.
who fusses over takes care of the other when they get sick?
Both!  Timmy makes a mean chicken soup, and Tecna will team up with Flora to try all sorts of herbal remedies to make Timmy feel better.
who finds it impossible to stay angry at the other for long?
both again, but especially Tecna.  She doesn’t see the point in holding a grudge, and it upsets her too much to let a fight go on for too long, so most of the time she’ll go looking for Timmy so they can sort their shit out.  She’s stubborn but like a temporary stubborn.  She’ll hold onto something until it makes things blow up between them and then she reconsiders how important it really is.
who clings to the other for comfort when they’re sad or scared?
Tecna!  It takes her a bit to admit that she actually is feeling sad or sacred but once Timmy gets it out of her and hugs her, you’d be hard pressed to separate them.
who is more ‘physically passionate’? (hugs, kisses, or maybe more…)
Timmy.  He’s more likely to take her hand, or touch her shoulder, but once he does Tecna is pretty quick to reciprocate.
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imhereformr · 6 months ago
Rank your fav winx couples
I think I've already answered something like this, but Tumblr won't let me find it
1. Musa/Riven
2. Stella/Brandon
3. Tecna/Timmy
4. Aisha/Nabu
5. Flora/Helia
6. Bloom/Sky
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darkpoisonouslove · 9 days ago
(from this post):
“my crush is a goddess whose kiss could electrocute me”
You can’t tell me that’s not Timmy
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drops-of-moonlights · a month ago
Incredibly random question, but I was talking about this with friends on discord and curiosity overtook me - what ARE the shipnames in Winx? like, both portmanteaus and titles. The one fandom at large uses almost homogenously is sparxshipping, but what are the others or which ones do y’all personally use? Especially since portmanteaus with the Winx characters are. dubious at best. This is mostly just be being curious, since I have seen variations for ship names over the years and after a bit one forgets what the fuck each name is lmao.
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