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#Tecna x Timmy
jazzymarie1006 · a month ago
Four pairings involving girls with pink hair & their kisses with those they love
Aelita & Jeremie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tecna & Timmy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Princess Bubblegum & Marceline
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Red Action & Enid
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They're all so very adorable and precious!!
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lambofzenith · 4 months ago
Thinking about how the main criticisms for Tecmy are that they’re “the same person” or play the same role within their groups. I get it…they’re both “tech support”. But that’s about where their similarities end tbh.
Can we talk about how Timmy has had great control over his emotions from the beginning (especially for a teenage boy) and rarely challenged or clashed with his group, which included secretive Rich People and a guy with major anger issues. Lots of tension yet his head remained intact and mouth mostly shut. Meanwhile Tecna had a much lighter group dynamic but still clashed with Bloom and anyone who’d challenge her logic (lamb don’t bring up A-word again I swear-). The fact is Tecna gravitates towards overconfidence while Timmy had/has so little in himself. Ironically enough the specialists listen to Timmy more often than the Winx listen to Tecna. So their group role isn’t really the same.
Actually, if we are comparing group roles, I would say Tecna is more like Riven. She challenges Bloom like he does Sky. They both have a strong desire to be understood, but let their pre-conceived judgment of others get in the way of truly connecting with others (Tecna in s2, Riven for like the entire show). Tecna only handles shit better because she’s in a safer space to do so, and her main person can actually listen to her. For Timmy I actually think he is more like Bloom (without the Leadership responsibilities and extreme thinking) but that’s a take for another day..
In Conclusion Tecna and Timmy are not that similar…they just seem that way because they’re the couple with the most shared interests. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.
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winx-memes · 3 months ago
Tecna: Crushes are the worst.
Timmy: Agreed. Whenever I'm near mine, I start acting stupid.
Tecna: But you always act stupid.
Timmy: Yeaaaaaaaah, don't think about it too much.
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winxwannabe · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
sometimes we all agree
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lynpheasmagix · 2 months ago
One of the most adorable parts of Tecna and Timmy’s relationship is more that their love of technology and that they hold the brain cells of their groups. It’s the fact about how much Timmy believes in her. When she went into the Omega Dimension, everyone, including her best friends thought she was gone and accepted that. But, not out boi Timmy. He kept looking and looking and somehow knew that she was alive, even when everyone around him didn’t believe him. And that, is heavily adorable
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everythingpuddle · 5 months ago
So I’ve been on a bit of a Tecna/Timmy bender lately so have a rant (rave?) about why I think they are the best couple in Winx.
(This is obviously my personal opinion, and fully expect people to disagree because ranking the best canon couples is kind of like picking a favourite child. Only we know that pretty much no one is rooting for Sky/Bloom.)
1. They have a solid relationship built on more than just loving each other. They have shared interests that don’t just include the concept of magic - both of them enjoy gaming, they have worked on computers together, and they both share an interest in the red fountain ships.
We don’t see this kind of thing much in the show at all. In fact the only other non-magic related hobby we see is Stella’s designing and that’s only really used for comic effect, especially where Brandon is concerned.
2. It’s not all smooth sailing in their relationship. I know, it’s a cartoon about fairies, but the issues they have in S2 make it feel like an actual relationship rather than just all sunshine and rainbows.
Was the fight an example of terrible communication? Was it something that could have been resolved in a serious ten minute conversation? Yes to both.
But not only were Tecna and Timmy 17 at this point (18 if you think this happened after December), they’d been in a literal war a few months beforehand. And the context for their fight was the three witches who started that war.
So for mildly traumatised teenagers (god knows I made terrible life choices at that age) they handled it all spectacularly well.
3. Tecna/Timmy is a couple where a very obviously autistic coded girl is loved and accepted unconditionally by a partner who is not also autistic.
Now, I do headcanon Stella as also being autistic and Brandon is incredibly supportive of her too. But her presentation (or at least my interpretation of it) is very different to Tecna’s and to a degree more socially ‘acceptable’.
Timmy doesn’t just indulge her special interests, he actively gets excited about them and wants to be included. Being afab and autistic, this actually means quite a lot to me.
4. They have some of the cutest fucking moments in the show. Tecna staring lovingly up at him in the ship during the S2 finale? Adorable. Timmy explaining how much he loves and misses her, how much she means to him, in an effort to find her in the Omega Dimension because he refuses to believe she’s dead? Perfection. Tecna using her magic to become his ship’s computer? Magical. Tecna catching Timmy is a shield bubble when he fights the Wizards in S4? Iconic.
5. A lot of their romance is understated. We’re not spoilt for Tecna/Timmy sweetness (see above) but they don’t rely on grand gestures or declarations to show their affections. The dramatic stuff comes when the narrative needs it, not as something that they’ve built their relationship on. It’s stable and loving and considered.
6. They don’t conform to a lot of the tropey gender and relationship ideals. I’d say this is at least partially true of all the couples (Winx is a show about girl power after all) but Tecna and Timmy go the furthest.
Timmy is a trained specialist but his preference is the stand back and provide support rather than plunge headfirst into a fight. As a couple, Tecna is undoubtedly the fire power and Timmy fully accepts and loves that. He doesn’t get embarrassed to be rescued by her, he doesn’t feel threatened by her power, he’s just in awe of her.
So, I’m conclusion, a sweet and excellent couple that are so much more than just “the two nerds paired together”. And I am legit excited to write their relationship progression in my fic.
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romancemedia · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Winx Club Couples Interrupted Photographs
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winxclubconfessional · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“I feel like I'm the only one but I think Timmy quite looks like a grown up Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. 😅” -Anon
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lambofzenith · 7 months ago
i was rewatching the second movie and there’s a scene where the winx are shown with their boyfriends on tv. it got me wondering how each girl’s relationships are perceived in the media or portrayed in their socials. here’s some of my headcanons:   
stella and brandon give off that cool celeb couple vibe, publicly adoring and thirsting over each other on social media and public events. it wasn’t like that at first though — the royals in general get a lot of scrutiny for their relationships, which stella saw first-hand with her parents. the media was relentless during her parents’ divorce, and many rumors were spread regarding each parent (especially skewed towards luna especially after cassandra came into the picture). the media’s disrespect towards her family made stella insecure and distrusting of journalists for a long time, which only started to change after s3. the media luckily perceives her relationship more positively than that of her parents, but stella still slightly fears being asked about it due to what happened with her parents.
bloom and sky also get a lot of coverage for being royals, but not as positively as brella. diaspro vs bloom from s1 got a lot of bad press and remains controversial to this day. when the scandal first occurred, majority rightfully saw bloom as being in the wrong, but some outlets went as far as to question/ridicule her sanity, mental state, etc. sky’s parents paid good money to keep sky’s name from appearing in those types of tabloids. after diaspro’s crimes in s3, people became more sympathetic towards bloom. they fully started supporting her after she and sky got engaged (1st movie). they’re more low-key on social media compared to brella, and their couple “brand” is regal and fairytale-like. they have the most public outings of the couples.
the media across planets were pretty split on how to report on aisha’s love life. when she first got engaged to nabu as an arrangement, andros media was of course ecstatic but other planets were more judgmental, criticizing andros’ “archaic” views on love as well as nabu’s non-royal status (“if they were gonna marry her off, couldn’t they get her a prince?”). when they fell in love for real, aisha had no problem acknowledging that, but generally kept the details of their love out of the public eye (she rarely used social media anyway). the public noted how in love she looked and predicted a long, healthy marriage (something that royals hardly get in the media). after nabu died, aisha’s only public statement was through her family. to this day she won’t address questions about him mainly because she can’t answer them without crying. andros media was very respectful, but few articles from other planets insinuated that his death was aisha’s fault. solaria was one of those planets; stella had the journalist fired and banned from working in journalism ever again. she was very silent about her personal life for a long time — no one even knew about the roy and nex situation. after she and nex got together though, the media generally praised her for moving on, but this time andros media was more hesitant to accept the relationship. aisha has not publicly announced their relationship, but has simply stated that she is “happy again”.
tecna and timmy are the most low-key and unscathed by the media. they’re known for being a power couple in the gaming and tech development worlds (especially in zenith media). they post about each other sparingly and more in a “look at this accomplishment we made” kind of way rather than “look we’re so in love”. when they do interact in public, like on forums or chats, they tend to engage in intellectual discussions and act more like colleagues than lovers. but then one or both of them would very randomly initiate virtual PDA and it’s the cutest thing in the world. they designed profile icons for each other - tecna is a cupcake while timmy is an intricately drawn brain with glasses (she tried to be creative okay).
flora and helia are also low-key and tend to be scrutinized only for the aesthetic (soft, tender, the closest embodiment of prototypical romance). neither are active on social media let alone post about each other, but social media loves them — especially the magic dimension’s version of pinterest/instagram. there are more edits of them together than there are of the other couples combined. this ticks stella off. the general public doesn’t really pry into their individual characters as they’re each noted to have a mysterious aura. it also helps that lynphea media is the least invested in celebrity gossip compared to other planets. the princess krystal drama tipped the iceberg just a little bit but flora has never acknowledged it. the drama lost traction faster than flora could get beaten in a fight
musa expresses her relationship with riven through her music, never addressing it in public. all her love, anger, heartbreak, and everything in between are embedded in thinly veiled lyrics that the public loves to dissect. her most popular songs are the sad/angry ones (heart of stone reached #1 on the magix charts), which have shaped the media’s narrative towards riven. it’s gotten to the point where every new song she releases, whether about their relationship or not, would be analyzed for references to him, which ends up overshadowing the music itself. musa is greatly annoyed by this and compensates by being ultra private on social media and in public. they both have private accounts where she can post about him more freely (concert dates and photos she considers thirst traps), but she has a public account for her music where commentators would further discuss their relationship. after their breakup, she released a song that basically stated that, yes, the relationship is over and this is the last song about it, so please stop harassing me already. everyone continued to do so anyway.  
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maitlands-peach · 10 months ago
they changed the dialogue of timmy to only focus on tecna and i’m living for it
for example
1x04: “good luck tecna!” when all the girls have to jump across the river
1x04: “don’t worry tecna, i’ll get you out of here!” meanwhile riven is the one who’s literally trapped in a whirlpool
1x09: *sees the girls* “hey tecna !”
1x09: instead of fighting like everyone else he stays by tecna’s unconscious side the entire time even when icy is freezing them “you’re gonna be alright”
1x24: after timmy failed to hit the flying stingrays and gave up shooting and tecna saved him “don’t worry i got your back tecna” and then proceeds to kill all of them that comes to harm her (no one messes w his girl)
2x01: stays with tecna the entire time and wanders away from everyone else
2x22: as everyone is running away he grabs tecna’s hand and leads her to safety
2x25: all the girls are arguing why they can’t fly outside of the ship too long, timmy just turns to tecna and say “because tecna even tho ik you can handle yourself, i’d rather you not stay out so long because i care so much about you” lit rally he only answered to tecna when she asked
2x26: the specialists meet up with tecna and timmy immediately checked to see if she was okay and wrapped her up not caring if the other guys were staring
3x04: “you gotta love it, just when you think all is lost, your girlfriend jumps in and saves your butt” he always focuses on her omg
3x14-3x17: head empty, timmy only ever thought ab tecna and how he misses her and to save her
3x16: timmy said idc if you’re the magical dimension’s greatest villains and can stab me with ur 12 inch knives LET ME FIND MY GIRLFRIEND
3x17: doesnt give a frick ab bloom or sky and went to tecna’s arms immediately “tecna i cant my believe my eyes is that really you??”
3x22: as the girls are walking into who knows where to retrieve the water stars “goodluck tecna !”
3x23: all i have to say is tecna and timmy slow dancing at the club character development from season 1
- and that’s all that 4kids did but this took me awhile lol anyways stan tecna x timmy
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music-of-melody · 8 months ago
bloom: he is like the sun. he is always there.
tecna: he is like a transformer. he is always exactly what i want.
stella: he is like lightning. he is impressive and lights everything around him.
musa: he is like a horse. nobody understands what he says, and when someone does understand him, it's just nonsense.
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darkpoisonouslove · 9 months ago
Timmy: *eating a cinnamon roll*
Tecna: Cannibalism.
Timmy: *innocent, confused chewing*
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