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Teen Titans Fullthrottle


Kid Flash


Red Arrow

This is by far my favourite art piece done in Teen Titans Fullthrottle.

Signed by Robsog who I can only assume is Robson Rocha.

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(Whoa👀! I’ve never talked about this with anyone cuz I’m scared of being judged😓…)

One for each fandom I’m in! (I’m in a lot of fandoms but I only have 4 main ones that I daydream about frequently)

1) Percy Jackson: Mainly Nico and Will and their adventures, its the most fluffiest ♡ (T^T) and I love dreaming about sassy Nico and shadow travel mishaps. 

2) My Hero academia: I got two routes in this, Hero and Villain (I have different Oc’s for each and they are not related in anyway) This universe is really fun to dream about, I’m still working on the quirks of each of my Oc’s. my plot line is very confusing…

3) Attack on Titan: Bruh! This is the most intense universe I dream about! My Oc is kinda like a Mary-sue there because I know that if I really existed in that universe, I would never be able to pass the survey corps exam and will most probably be devoured by a titan. (Le~ Cries)

4) Teen Titans: This was my first Maladaptive daydreaming universe! Ever since the show ended (and we got that stupid reboot) the fandom started fading, i dreamed about it less. But this universe was the start of it all!! 

That is all~😌✨ (please don’t judge me😬🥺…)

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Citizens of the kingdom complaint about the evil witch and her witchy stuffs in the dark forest. The young prince Damian takes the mission and pays the wicked witch a visit although the older prince assures him she is one of his besties. After days of observation, he realizes the witch is just a damsel in distress in need of a prince saving her sorrow life. Lucky for her, Damian is a charming prince, strong enough to fight evil forces, and also he already falls in love with her. Bless the stubborn prince and his plan to impress the damsel. 🙂🙂🙂

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As we wait for most TV shows to return to filming, rumours are that “Titans” may be breaking off into two separate shows, one focusing on the older Titans, and the other focusing on the Teen Titans. Personally, I’m all here for it, the more shows to watch the better. But until then, let’s return to the comics, where Red Robin, aka Tim Drake, was attempting to recruit metahumans to his temporary cause.

‘The Culling’ is a two story novel, the first of which involves the Teen Titans attempting to break into N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to rescue all the captured metahumans, including Superboy. With some assistance from the Legion of Superheroes, a team of young heroes from the 31st Century, the Teen Titans are able to escape, but at what cost? As they come to terms with the consequence of that battle, a familiar face in Wonder Girl’s past returns in order to take back the mystical armour that is giving her her powers. When her armour is stolen, she, along with Red Robin and Superboy rush to Cambodia in to retrieve what is rightfully hers.

This novel has moments which I really enjoyed, especially during the latter part of it. The dynamic between Red Robin, Wonder Girl and Superboy, and the dynamic between Solstice, Kid Flash and Bunker is so fun to read. That being said, given that the novel doesn’t just have one clear storyline, its easy for readers to get confused as to what is happening, especially during the first half of the novel.

In terms of the artwork, I have no complaints. Brett Booth illustrates the majority of the novel and i’m a big fan of his work. Even the last two issues in the novel had a distinct style that I liked. Overall, not as great a novel as i’d hoped but not an awful one either!

Favourite Panel:

Tell me this isn’t hands down Trinity-style interaction?


Favourite Character:

I think it’s probably Red Robin and Superboy, purely for their interactions!

Level: Intermediate


  • Story Arc: 12/20
  • Character Development: 11/20
  • Artwork: 14/20
  • Enjoyability: 12/20
  • Re-readability: 11/20

Overall Rating: 60/100

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