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#Teenage me was so confused 馃槀
tikkety-tok10 days ago
I can attest to this 馃槶
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beelicious-barnes18 days ago
A/N: my version of praise kink, I'm sorry if there wasn't much praising馃槀 but I hope everyone likes it.
Pairing: Chris Evans x f!reader
Warnings: 18+, female receiving (oral), nicknames (good girl, baby), mention of curves (once), friends with benefits.
Tumblr media
His face was buried in your neck as he pressed open mouth kisses all over, hand on your waist, pulling you closer, "shall we get out of here, please?"
You bite your lip, trying to suppress a moan as you shake your head, "Chris we promised we'd stay for the entire dinner party and it's only been an hour, more importantly, you're the host," you giggled as he playfully bit down on your neck.
Chris groans a little, "okay how about this? One more hour and then we go, we go upstairs to our room and ask Seb and Mackie to host the rest of the night, I think that's absolutely fair."
You raise an eyebrow, "our room, really Evans? Thought this was just a friends with benefits with no feelings situation?"
You're met with eye roll and a small peck on your lips, "you know we've both caught feelings, there's no point hiding from it anymore, is there?" He leans in, playing with the strap of your blouse, "meet me upstairs in 45 minutes and I'll show just how many feelings I've caught. Deal?"
You feel heat rise to your cheeks and throughout your body, frankly, thinking about the unspeakable things he'll do you.
With a gentle nod and another kiss later, Chris and you part ways for the longest 45 minutes of your life.
Tumblr media
Sebastian and Anthony took over the dinner party without asking too many questions, they knew you both far too well by now, and there was no doubt that Chris and you had troubles keeping your hands off each other.
"I swear we act like hormonal teenagers sometimes," you chuckle, unbuttoning your blouse as Chris watches you intently, pulling his own sweater off as he moves closer to you,
"Can you blame me? My god you're so beautiful, every inch of you." And then it begins, the trail of kisses from your forehead, to your nose, to your lips, further down to your neck, gently caressing and kissing your shoulder blades as he bends a little, running his tongue across your nipple, humming at how good it feels.
You're about to get down on your knees but he stops you and you give him a confused look, "what's wrong?"
He smirks at you before placing a kiss to your bellybutton and getting down on his knees, "let me take care of you, let me show you just how good you are for me, my perfect girl."
You shiver a little, running your fingers through his hair, "what's gotten into you today, hmm? Not that I mind, at all."
He spreads your legs a little, lifting your skirt up as he kisses your inner thighs, "just want to make sure you know how beautiful you are, every inch of you, every curve." He holds your hips in his hands and presses a quick kiss at corner, "may I?"
"Yes you may."
Tumblr media
"Oh - oh just like that Chris, fuck that feels so good," after your first orgasm, you were now on his little desk, Chris still on his knees as your thighs were wrapped around his head as he gently sucked on your clit, curling his fingers in your cunt,
"Such a good girl, MY good girl, fuck." He kisses your clit as he peaks up at you from between your thighs, "one more finger?"
You nod quickly, desperate to cum, "mhm, sounds g-good to me baby."
He can't seem to wipe the smirk off his face, he knows he's taking good care of you and he didn't want to stop, "I love taking care of my good girl, because you deserve it baby," with that, he adds a third finger in, letting you adjust to it for a barely a second before pumping his fingers.
You throw your head back in pleasure as you clutch the corner of the desk, hoping the loud music downstairs drowns your moans and whimpers, "I'm close."
"I know you are baby, you always have the prettiest look on your face when you're about to cum, so let go, I've got you."
Neither of you break eye contact, not even once, both of you mumbling about how good the other person was, how unbelievably perfect the other was, there was no doubt that feelings were involved.
With one loud moan, you finally came all over his fingers, your thighs shaking a little as you try and calm your breathing.
"Did so fucking good for me."
You can barely respond when there's a knock on the door, Mackie's voice from the other end,
"Uh you guys have been up here almost an hour and people are starting to question it."
Chris helps you pull your panties up as he puts his sweater on, "we're on our way out, just a minute."
Mackie hums from the other, "oh and Y/N, all guests know you're a good girl."
Tumblr media
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goldengoddess4 months ago
that new kaz blurb was so cute and hilarious馃ズ馃槄 follow up blurb of kaz kind of forgetting all about it but then the reader calls him baby one day and he gets all flustered and doesn鈥檛 know how to react but he loves it? and then it becomes a common thing when they are alone or whispered subtlety when they鈥檙e with others? maybe he comes up with a nickname for her and makes her flustered in retaliation馃槀馃グ
pairing: kaz brekker x reader
part two to this post, but it can be read alone!
helloooo this was a bit rushed! and i don鈥檛 like it all that much but i hope u like it angel <333
Tumblr media
everytime you called for kaz, the nickname almost fell off your lips. it would be so easy to finally use the term that you鈥檇 promised to use all those weeks ago.
but you were never sure if kaz would actually appreciate the nickname. to call the most deadly person in ketterdam baby could be dangerous all on its own. but everytime he smirked in your direction, put on his handsome scheming face, passed you the salt at dinner, you wanted to use the silly nickname. he made you feel like a teenager all over again.
so when you first used the nickname, it was actually an accident. the two of you were sitting in his room. you were sketching out the layout of your next job and kaz was counting kruge from the crow club. comfortable bliss. until it wasn鈥檛.
you bit the end of your pen, not looking up from your work. 鈥渉ey baby, do you really think we should enter from the north? i think the east entrance might work better.鈥
鈥渨hat did you just say?鈥 you heard him say from his desk.
you looked up and furrowed your brows at his confused face. 鈥渓ook it was just a suggestion, we can stick with the north entrance no worries.鈥
鈥渘o no, what did you say鈥 he repeated, his hands clutched the edge of his desk.
you thought for a moment, running over your words carefully. you let out a gasp and your hand flew to cover your mouth. 鈥渂aby鈥 you whispered.
you grimaced in embarrassment and pushed your seat out, making your way to leave. 鈥渟aints kaz i鈥檓 sorry that totally slipped out, i never would have-鈥
鈥渋t鈥檚鈥 he锟 interrupted standing up as well, 鈥渋t鈥檚 okay. really.鈥
you finally paid close attention to kaz鈥檚 face and noticed the red color on his cheeks and the way his pupils were slightly dilated.
鈥渋t鈥檚 okay?鈥 you questioned as you moved closer to his desk to stand directly in front of him.
he lifted the corners of his mouth, the closest you鈥檇 to a smile on kaz鈥檚 face in, well, ever.
鈥測eah angel, you can call me baby all you want.鈥
and with that his eyes drifted back to his work, leaving you a blushing and stuttering mess.
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signoraas4 months ago
鈼etween the Lines鈼 Yandere!AU x Modern!AU (ft. Tartaglia "Childe" Ajax) 鈥 PART I
This was supposed to be a concept, but kept growing and growing until we got this behemoth 馃槀Both because it's way past the deadline and because we wanted to express the passage of time more smoothly, this'll be published in two parts. Look forward to the (badly written, courtesy of me) smut next time!
Summary: For bakugohoex's Rich Boy Collab. What Childe wants, Childe gets (SFW, Yandere!Childe, Rich Boy!Childe, Love At First Sight).
Warnings: Abusive Relationships (Not Childe), Manipulation, Yandere
Tumblr media
Tartaglia 鈥淐hilde鈥 Ajax was most decidedly not average. After all, regular guys didn鈥檛 upgrade their Ferrari SF90 Stradale to the latest model each year. Before it was even officially on the market!Jealous men and starstruck women alike would gossip. He was the man who had it all: wealth, education, pedigree, and prestige. Well, he was a man who had it all except you, but that was only a matter of time.
You catch his eye at a charity art show that his family鈥檚 company鈥斺渢he only real way to bank鈥濃攚as hosting. He鈥檇 been bored out of his mind and after doing the bare minimum socializing, parked himself in front of the makeshift bar for a glass of whisky, 鈥渘eat鈥. A few women used this opportunity to come up to him, but his eyes nearly glazed over as he carried on a perfectly polite conversation, glancing into the periphery.
That鈥檚 when he saw you. Despite your boyfriend鈥檚 warnings, you鈥檇 been touching your intricately done hair鈥攁 sign of nervousness, he鈥檇 soon learn鈥攁s you studied an abstract portrait. He doesn鈥檛 remember approaching you, but somehow, he鈥檚 grabbed his whisky, previous company forgotten (did he even excuse himself? Hell, if he could remember, it was all a haze) and found himself standing next to you. 鈥淧enny for your thoughts?鈥 It was effortless to turn the charm on when he found himself so immediately invested.
You jumped a little, doe eyes widening as you turned to look at him. He鈥檇 kept a respectful distance, not wanting to alarm you, but the slight warmth radiating off his body in an otherwise chilly room paired with a woody cologne affected you more than you鈥檇 bargained for. You chastised yourself immediately before giving him your most polite smile and remarking, 鈥淚 was wondering about the inspiration behind this piece.鈥
You blink, positive you鈥檝e heard wrong. 鈥淓-excuse me?鈥
鈥淵ou heard me.鈥 He gives you a lopsided smirk. 鈥淏ut I鈥檓 a bit of a mind reader, so let me take a guess. I鈥檒l take 鈥楥an I get out of here now?鈥 for $100.鈥
Your face goes blank before Covergirl-coated lips mischievously turn up at the corners.
Thank God for years of perfecting his poker face through some 鈥榝riendly鈥 card sharking, because he feels like a sweaty palmed teenager all of a sudden.
鈥淚鈥檓 feeling a little undervalued,鈥 you reply coquettishly. 鈥淔irst a penny, then a measly hundred.鈥
Childe鈥檚 own smirk only gets wider. 鈥淧ick a painting,鈥 he extends his arm, gesturing around the room. 鈥淎ny of them, all of them, doesn鈥檛 matter. On me.鈥
鈥淥h?鈥 You seem unfazed, clearly not taking him seriously. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 the catch?鈥
鈥淔ifteen minutes of your time over an espresso martini.鈥 Honestly, he鈥檚 more the fifteen minutes in the lounge type, but somehow, with you, he feels like he could stare into your bright [e/c] eyes forever.
You open your mouth, ready to call him out on his clearly empty promise, but before you can get a word in, someone interrupts you.
鈥淒ear, what are you doing over here?鈥 Comes the nervous voice of your boyfriend. You frown a little, confused by his tone, but he escapes your questioning look and faces your companion. 鈥淕ood evening, Mr. Ajax. Thank you so much for your invitation. It鈥檚 a lovely event.鈥
Your face falls immediately, all mirth gone in an instant, and it infuriates Childe immensely. Who was this guy again? Someone from Human Resources? No, he鈥檚 the manager of that new branch, isn鈥檛 he? Childe would normally have applauded his amazing memory, but right now he鈥檚 too annoyed to care, what with this small-fry calling you 鈥楧ear鈥. Still, he doesn鈥檛 want to ruin your impression of him, so he instead gives this mob character a genial smile. 鈥淕lad you could make it. We were just having a lovely conversation about the Doesburg,鈥 he gestures to the gold-framed painting next to the three of you, 鈥渁nd the artist鈥檚 constructivist roots.鈥
鈥淩ight,鈥 You reply without missing a beat and Childe revels in how so in sync you two are despite having just met. 鈥淢r. Ajax was just getting the providence of the piece鈥斺
鈥淢y apologies, sir, [Name] isn鈥檛 really one for art.鈥 Your boyfriend cuts you off, putting an arm around you and smiling brightly now that he was sure you hadn鈥檛 embarrassed him. 鈥淏ut I鈥檇 love to pick your brain about this year鈥檚 van Gogh acquisitions. I was actually an art history major before Wharton.鈥
You bite your lip, as if accustomed to this sort of treatment and if Childe thought that he was angry before, he鈥檚 livid now. How dare this cretin treat an angel like you this way? 鈥淚s that right?鈥 He voices with faux interest, but he鈥檚 adept at playing the long game. 鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you call my office on Monday and have my assistant schedule a meeting?鈥
Then he smiles. Tartaglia 鈥淐hilde鈥 Ajax was a man who had almost everything, but soon, he would have you, too.
You鈥檇 met your boyfriend while working parttime as a barista near his old job. At first, he was charming and sweet鈥攕eemingly sincere. Then, he wasn鈥檛. It wasn鈥檛 until you鈥檇 moved in with him and quit your parttime gigs鈥斺淚t鈥檚 not like we need the money,鈥 he told you dismissively, reminding you once again that he鈥檇 come from a lifestyle that an orphan like you couldn鈥檛 even begin to imagine鈥攖hat he started coming home cranky, demanding an immaculate house and warm dinner. Some days you felt more like a glorified maid than his girlfriend, but you reminded yourself that he loved you. He was just a bit cranky from exhaustion, that鈥檚 all.
You were a hard worker. It didn鈥檛 matter that his mother looked down her nose at you, you鈥檇 win her over. It didn鈥檛 matter that you had to dress to the nines for these events even though you were barely allowed to speak to anyone鈥攕urely, he was just trying to protect you from embarrassing yourself. It didn鈥檛 matter, but that didn鈥檛 mean it didn鈥檛 hurt. Yet again, he鈥檇 left you in a corner to go chase a promotion that he鈥檇 only get after his father made a phone call anyway. It was a long week and tonight you just felt bitter.
That鈥檚 why when a witty Adonis approached you, you flirted back. You鈥檇 never realized that it was your boyfriend鈥檚 boss, heir to the whole damn banking empire. You couldn鈥檛 help but be embarrassed afterwards, burying your face into your hands in the shower that night. Not only had he caught you being borderline unfaithful but you had addressed him鈥攐ne of the most successful men on the planet鈥攊n a completely flippant manner. Maybe your friends were right and you should pay more attention to page six. Thankfully, he had graciously covered for you. You didn鈥檛 even want to imagine what would have happened if your boyfriend found out.
Still, you can鈥檛 help but remember those blue, blue eyes and how they stared at you like you were the only one in the room. How long had it been since someone gave you their undivided attention like that? A tingly warmth spread across you that had nothing to do with the hot water running down your skin, and you found your hand slipping between your legs.
鈥淭he number you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message after the beep.鈥 You let out a sigh, hanging up before the automated voice could tell you the mailbox was full. Why did you even bother when you鈥檇 been getting the same response for a fortnight? An angel and devil sat on either shoulder. One whispering kindly that he must be busy, that he must be working so hard for you, while the other more nefarious, telling you to believe your gut instincts, that something was wrong.
You had just put the phone down when it started to vibrate. Immediately you were hopeful, but a quick glance at the caller ID鈥攗nknown鈥攂etrayed your expectations. It wasn鈥檛 Daniel. Still, it might be important, so you picked up and a woman鈥檚 voice greeted you. 鈥淚s this Ms. [Last Name]?鈥
鈥淵es?鈥 You answered, hating that you sounded so unsure.
鈥淭his is Ekaterina Nikolaev, I鈥檓 calling from the Tsaritsa Trust. Mr. Ajax entrusted Mr. Monroe with some acquisition files, but unfortunately someone misplaced the original copies inside. Could someone come pick the files up? We called Mr. Monroe and he indicated that it would be fine, but Mr. Ajax felt it wouldn鈥檛 be right if we didn鈥檛 check with his partner first.鈥
Well, that was a whole lot of information at once. Apparently, the office had been able to contact Daniel just fine. This would assure you that he was hard at work except wasn鈥檛 he supposed to be in Milan? Not only had he not bothered to update you on that, but a stranger had to let you know someone would be coming to your house. A deep anger simmered in your gut. The only saving grace here seemed to be that his co-workers鈥攁nd boss鈥攚ere standup people.
鈥淗ello? Ms. [Last Name]?鈥
You鈥檇 been too caught up in your emotions to actually respond. 鈥淪orry, I鈥檓 here.鈥 You clear your throat, desire to not be a bother overriding the momentary indignation. 鈥淵ou know what? I鈥檇 be happy to bring the documents over myself. I know the file you鈥檙e talking about,鈥濃攁 white lie, Daniel never let you into his office space, saying you would ruin his organization system鈥斺渁nd I happen to have some free time today.鈥
Ekaterina pauses on the opposite end, likely not expecting such a response. 鈥溾lright. Yes,鈥 She regained some vigor at the second word. 鈥淭hank you, that鈥檚 very kind of you Ms. [Last Name]. Do you have our address?鈥 You affirm and she tells you to use her name at the lobby. You hang up and go to make yourself presentable and it鈥檚 like Daniel is right next to you, telling you to dress in a way that won鈥檛 embarrass him in front of his colleagues, but hate yourself a little for worrying about his needs so much when you鈥檙e still angry at his lack of communication. After retrieving the folder, for once you were grateful Daniel was so OCD, it very was clearly marked, you go change into a cute, semi-formal summer dress and add some light makeup. Then, you slip on a pair of old, matching heels and rush out the door.
You were just trying to be helpful, so how did it end up like this?
鈥淎re you more sweet or savory?鈥 Mr. Ajax, your boyfriend鈥檚 boss, asked jovially as he skimmed the brunch menu.
You鈥檇 caught him on your way out after dropping the files off with Ekaterina directly. Mr. Ajax had been returning from an outside appointment when he鈥檇 run into you at the entrance. He recognized you immediately, asking with some surprise if you also worked here. You鈥檇 corrected him immediately鈥攜ou could never have gotten a job at such a prestigious firm. 鈥淔igures,鈥 he had responded easily with the lilt of laughter, 鈥淚鈥檇 definitely have noticed a pretty girl like you.鈥
You knew it was just lip service, but you couldn鈥檛 help but feel your cheeks heat up. You stammered out the reason for your visit in hopes to distract, but the truth had only made him frown. You wondered if you鈥檇 said something wrong when he apologized.
鈥淭his was our negligence. I鈥檓 sorry you had to go out of your way.鈥 He seemed solemn and somehow you really didn鈥檛 like that. You much preferred that childlike smile that seemed to be a near-permanent fixture instead.
You told him that it wasn鈥檛 an issue, that you were totally free, feeling a bit embarrassed at your wording. You鈥檇 expected that would be the end of your conversation, but to your surprise, he鈥檇 followed up by asking you to brunch.
鈥淭he least I could do,鈥 he said, dismissing your protests. He was planning on getting a late breakfast anyway and the experience would be much enhanced by the presence of a beautiful woman. His ease at complimenting had you speechless, and he used the opportunity to escort you out the building, his hand securely on the small of your back.
After recovering your bearings鈥攚ell, somewhat, the warmth of his hand made you feel a tad bit giddy鈥攜ou tried to say it wasn鈥檛 necessary, but he鈥檇 won the argument by the time you made it to the five-star restaurant.
That鈥檚 how you found yourself in a private room鈥斺渢he paparazzi,鈥 he鈥檇 grimaced, explaining at your questioning gaze鈥攎imosas and coffee in front of you as you glanced through the menu. Honestly, it鈥檇 been a while since you last ate out鈥擠aniel was never that big a fan鈥攁nd everything looked delicious, so you were getting somewhat excited.
鈥淪weet,鈥 you answered, skimming your own menu. 鈥淎ny recommendations? I鈥檝e never tried a bunch of these so I鈥檓 a bit torn. Have you tried the lemon ricotta pancakes or blueberry French toast?鈥
鈥淎 girl after my own heart,鈥 Mr. Ajax quipped. 鈥淟et鈥檚 go with both. We can split them.鈥 He signaled over the waitress, giving her your orders and handing back the menu.
鈥淥h no, I鈥檇 hate to trouble you Mr. Ajax鈥斺 You started, only to be cut off.
鈥淐hilde, please. It鈥檚 a nickname, all my friends use it.鈥 He reached over and teased the menu out of your hand, giving it to the departing waitress. 鈥淎nd it鈥檚 no trouble, seriously.鈥 He then gave you a mischievous smile before adding, 鈥淭hough I swear you weren鈥檛 this timid when you were flirting with me at the gala.鈥
鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 flirting!鈥 You say after a startled cough. 鈥淚 just thought you were some kind of pick up artist and wanted to鈥斺 That鈥檚 when you realize what you鈥檝e just said. To one of the richest men in the world. 鈥淥h God, not that I think鈥斺
鈥淣ow that鈥檚 more like it!鈥 Childe laughs, slapping his thigh. 鈥淚 knew you were a little firecracker.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e teasing me,鈥 you pout with an accusatory tone, but there鈥檚 no bite behind your words.
Childe simply puts up his hands in surrender. 鈥淪orry, sorry, I just wanted you to stop apologizing for everything.鈥 He gives you a lopsided smile, 鈥淚 invited you remember? So, let鈥檚 just enjoy ourselves.鈥
You鈥檇 wanted to say something back, but when cerulean eyes met yours, all complaints vanished and you found yourself reaching for the mimosa. 鈥淔ine,鈥 you give him the first genuine smile of the day, before teasingly quipping, 鈥淚 suppose I can spare a few minutes out of my busy schedule.鈥
You know it鈥檚 wrong to compare, but it鈥檚 been so long since you鈥檝e had such a nice date brunch. Daniel rarely takes you out and when he does, he鈥檚 hypercritical of every move鈥攚hat you鈥檙e wearing, how you鈥檙e speaking鈥攂ut you know that you have to try harder to stand by a man like him. It still gnaws at the back of your head, though, Childe鈥攜ou鈥檝e gotten used to calling him that鈥攚ould probably never treat his significant other like that.
You catch yourself. No. This isn鈥檛 like that. He鈥檚 just being polite to you, because he鈥檚 Daniel鈥檚 boss. It鈥檚 nothing more, nothing less. You try to ignore the hopefulness swelling inside your chest.
When you鈥檙e finished with your meal鈥斺淢y treat,鈥 he says, noticing you pulling out your credit card, 鈥淚 insist.鈥 Cue a coy joke about how the company of a beautiful girl is repayment enough鈥攜ou two decide to walk back in the direction of the company. You鈥檙e thankful that your apartment is in the same direction. You鈥檙e not ready to separate just yet.
It鈥檚 as your scolding yourself for thinking like this that you miss the crack on the pavement and nearly topple over. A strong pair of arms grabs you instantly, grasping one elbow and one shoulder, steadying you. 鈥淲oah there,鈥 Childe smiles, but you see worry in his clear blue eyes. Again, your heartrate picks up and you forget how to speak. 鈥淵ou okay?鈥
鈥淵-yeah,鈥 you respond a beat too late, hoping he justifies it as shock. You move away from him and try to straighten up, only to realize that your left heel has snapped clean off. 鈥淒amn it,鈥 you curse, they鈥檇 been a favorite pair. You ponder your next move鈥攃atch an Uber or break the other heel into flats?鈥攂ut Childe acts before you come to a decision.
鈥淭his way, my lady,鈥 he says, holding out his arm like he鈥檚 a Victorian-era gentleman or something. You blink owlishly, unthinkingly linking your arms as he leads you into a boutique that looks more than a little out of your price point.
It鈥檚 embarrassing, but it鈥檒l be more embarrassing if you can鈥檛 pay so you open your mouth, 鈥淐hilde鈥斺
鈥淕ood afternoon!鈥 Three clerks rush towards you before you can get a word in.
鈥淗ello! My companion here is looking for a new pair of shoes. What鈥檚 new this season?鈥 With that he leads you to a sofa and gently helps you sit. You feel your cheeks burn at the stares you鈥檙e getting from employees and customers alike.
鈥淯m, Childe, I really can鈥檛鈥斺
鈥淐an鈥檛?鈥 Childe asks cheekily, like a grade school teacher. His eyes are filled with mirth as he plops down on the sofa next to you, but it feels incredibly serious when he adds, 鈥淟et someone take care of you for a change.鈥 Whether it鈥檚 the firmness of his tone or the way his eyes don鈥檛 leave yours even as one of the clerks return with a couple boxes and awkwardly clears their throat.
By the time you鈥檝e finished shopping, a black car is outside waiting. The driver takes the bags鈥攜es, multiple, because somehow 鈥榬eplacements鈥 worked three to one in Childe鈥檚 mind鈥攆rom a clerk who has come to see you off. In the background, they smile bidding you a good day and asking you to come again. You look at Childe curiously as he opens the door for you.
鈥淪orry,鈥 he says sheepishly, 鈥淚 wish I could accompany you back, but I鈥檝e got to run to the office.鈥
鈥淥h no鈥斺
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to worry about me, right?鈥 Childe smirks, rolling his eyes playfully, 鈥淵ou know there鈥檚 a fine line between independence and鈥︹ He doesn鈥檛 finish the sentence, instead letting the words hang in the air. It鈥檚 true, after all. When was the last time you relied on someone so completely? You remember the way Childe had gently escorted you inside and the small of your back feels warms from the memory of his touch.
鈥淭hen I鈥檒l just say thank you,鈥 you respond cheekily, gingerly stepping inside the car.
He hesitates for a minute, an almost awkward smile on his lips鈥攗nlike his usual confident countenance鈥攂efore nodding and closing the door. He waves once before the car takes off, but even as he begins walking away you can鈥檛 help but stare, craning your neck to see his silhouette walking away.
That night, you鈥檙e almost too giddy to fall asleep. Eyes opening and closing as you remember Childe鈥檚 expressions, voice, and touch. Your face heats up, but you鈥檙e kicking yourself. A cursory glance at the tabloids鈥攜es, you Googled him鈥攕hows you that he鈥檚 had his fair share of conquests. Models, actresses, socialites鈥攏ot regular girls like you. But he was just being nice. It wasn鈥檛 like he was actually hitting on you, he was probably just used to operating like that and had invited you out on a whim.
Besides, you think as you finally drift off to sleep, you have a boyfriend that needs you.
You鈥檒l probably never even see Childe again, and if you do it鈥檒l only be in passing. There鈥檚 no point thinking about this, no point thinking about him. Except the flowers delivered to your house the next morning鈥攜our favorites鈥攎ake it impossible not to.
Tumblr media
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lancermylove9 months ago
Teenager MC 5: Little Misfortune (HC)
Fandom: Obey Me
Pairing: All x Reader, platonic.
Warning: Contains spoilers from Little Misfortune!
Requested by: Anon
Prompt: I am in love with your teenager MC series for obey me. I wanted to ask if you can make one with everybody where MC gets turn into a cute child, however, she acts like the little girl from the game Little Misfortune. I can鈥檛 help but wonder their thoughts and reaction to this. Especially if the MC talks about Mr.Voice. 馃槀 I hope life is treating you well馃槉鉂わ笍馃檹馃槝馃
A/N: ANON, I love Little Misfortune! This is such a cute request!! TY for sending this in. 鉂わ笍 Life is treating me as usual, but I am hoping 2021 is better! 馃槉 Hope things are going well with you~.聽
His immediate reaction when you called out to him: since when did a child start living in the House of Lamentation?
The Avatar of Pride was alarmed to see a mini version of you. His thought after seeing you: someone is trying to play a prank. MAMMOOON
"Luci, Mr. Voice told me I am going to die today and asked me to play a game. He says if I win, I can get eternal happiness."聽
Your words didn't sit well with him as he started to question you about this, Mr. Voice. Lucifer assumed that Mr. Voice was a demon attempting to play tricks with your mind.聽
Has this happened before in Devildom? No. Do strange unexplained things happen in Devildom? YES.
He didn't want to take a chance, especially considering what the disembodied voice said about your death.
"Why exactly do you wish to find eternal happiness? Are you unhappy here?"聽
"No, I want to find eternal happiness and give it to Luci."聽
Lucifer found your unexpected response endearing. But, he warned you to ignore Mr. Voice.聽
While you ran around his study curiously examining everything, Luci worked to find a way to reverse the spell.聽
In no time, you were back to your teen self.
"Thank you for thinking of me," Lucifer touched your cheek and kissed the top of your head, "but if you find eternal happiness, then you should keep it for yourself. You deserve it."聽
His immediate reaction: one of his witch "friends" was getting back at him for something.聽
"Mammon, Mr. Voice asked me if I want to play a game with him. What should I do?"聽
The Avatar of Greed was confused and questioned you about Mr. Voice. Mammon looked around the room and scratched his head. "You didn't eat anything funny, did you?"聽
Then, you told him about your death and finding eternal happiness. "I want eternal happiness for Mammon...give him all the money in the world!"
Even though you said the magic word money, all Mammon heard was I am going to die today.
He dropped to his knees and embraced you tightly. "I don't want any money if it means losing you."聽
Mammon was upset. He didn't want to lose you, and he wasn't going to spare the person responsible for doing this to you.聽
Until he found the person, though, Mammon told you to ignore Mr. Voice.聽
He stayed with you 24/7 until you got back to normal, and even after that, Mammon made sure that no demon messed with you, especially not Mr. Voice.聽
You entered his room while throwing glitter in the air. "A little sparkle for you, a little sparkle for you, and a little sparkle for me!"
"Sweetie? You look so adorable!" Asmo scooped you in his arms and embraced you close. "But, did someone cast a spell on you?"
Instead of answering his question, you said, "Mr. Voice, don鈥檛 say that about Asmo. I like him, his pretty eyes, his hair, his smile, and his clothes."聽
Asmo looked around confused and asked you who you were talking to. When you explained to him, Asmo wasn't sure how to react, but something told him that Mr. Voice was most likely a demon trying to mess with you.
"Mr. Voice asked me to play a game with him."聽
Asmo shook his head. "Forget about Mr. Voice and play dress up with me instead!"聽
While you were busy raid through Asmo's makeup, he contacted Solomon and told him about the situation.
"Btw, Solomon, no need to rush. Sweetie looks so cute, and I want to spend more time with her mini version."
His immediate reaction: how adorable.
Satan thought that you touched a cursed spell book and got turned into a child.聽
He doesn't think much of it until you mentioned Mr. Voice and said, "Mr. Voice says I shouldn't trust you. You may get angry and hurt me."聽
Satan was upset, but he asked you about Mr. Voice. Not wasting any time, the Avatar of Wrath threatened Mr. Voice and asked him to leave you alone.聽
He now thought that a demon was trying to play tricks on you.聽
While you read one of his picture books, he tried to find a spell to cure you.聽
Once you are back to normal, he asked, "Are you scared of me? You know I won't hurt you, right?"聽
After you leave, Satan went on a hunt for Mr. Voice. Let's just say that Morgo is not going to bother anyone again, especially not you.
His immediate reaction: you look cute, but... first we had to take care of a teen, and now we have to take care of a child. Could the universe make things any harder? Yes, of course, it can.
Levi sat you in a spare chair and let you watch him play video games, but then he heard you talking to Mr. Voice.聽
"Mr. Voice?" Levi thought that name sounded familiar, and when you told him in detail, he had a d茅j脿 vu moment.聽
"EH? You can hear a voice that is trying to tell you to play a game for eternal happiness? Don't tell me that he also said you were going to die today!"聽
"Levi, how did you know? Can you read my mind? Yikes forever!"
Great, the universe wanted to make things even harder for him. Now he will have to leave his room and be your Benjamin. Maybe he should wear his fox onesie while he's at it.聽
So, a fox-onesie-clad Levi ended up rescuing you from Morgo's clutch and found a way to get you back to normal.聽
Beel thought you were the cutest being in the universe, and he immediately put you on his shoulders, carrying you around everywhere.
He took you out for food and all sorts of desserts, but then you mentioned Morgo. "Beel, Mr. Voice says that eating this much is bad for me. You are a bad influence."聽
He was far from happy hearing this. How could anyone say that eating was bad for you? How dare someone say that eating is bad!聽
After getting you back home safely and leaving you under Lucifer鈥檚 care, the Avatar of Gluttony went on a hunt to find Mr. Voice.聽
And when he did, Beel nearly ate Morgo whole.聽
Moral of the story: don鈥檛 tell the...THE Avatar of Gluttony that eating is bad.聽
Huh? Mr. Voice? Eternal happiness? What is she talking about?
Belphie didn't react as his mind was occupied with something else: small child + needing to sleep + Belphie nap time = cuddle partner. So, instead of working about Mr. Voice, Belphie asked you to take a nap with him.
"Belphie, Mr. Voice won't let me sleep..."
"Ignore him and only pay attention to me." He even hummed you a tune to get you to fall asleep.聽
By the time nap time was over, you were back to your original self.
Belphie asked if you could still hear Mr. Voice. If you could, he knew he was going to have to do something.聽
"Who is Mr. Voice?"
The Avatar of Sloth chuckled, "You need to sleep more. Sleep makes everything better."聽
He has no idea how a human child managed to enter Devildom. Only when he paid close attention to your face did he realize who you were.聽
Diavolo found you to be irresistibly adorable. He was all smiles until you suddenly said, "But Mr. Voice, I like Diavolo! He's not a bad guy."聽
The King of Demons was baffled until you told him about Mr. Voice's game.聽
"How about I join you? We can go on an adventure together." He joined in the hunt for eternal happiness without any worries in the world.
"Mr. Voice, are you curious about him? Diav is my friend! He is also the King of Demons and the ruler of Devildom."聽
Diavolo smiled and remained silent.聽
"Huh? Mr. Voice? Where did you go? Mr. Voice?"
Diavolo laughed, finding this amusing. Once the two of you returned to the castle, he asked Barbatos to watch over you.聽
The King of Demons appeared behind Morgo and chuckled menacingly, "So, you were trying to take her soul, huh?"聽
That day Morgo realized the meaning of true fear.聽
He was stunned to see you as a child but found your mini version to be cute.聽
"Barb, are you making dessert? Can I have some?"聽
While the demon butler prepared your dessert, he heard you talking to yourself. Your actions don't alarm him as kids are known to have imaginary friends.聽
"Mr. Voice, am I really going to die today?"聽
That line was enough to alert Barbatos. After making the dessert and watching you eat it, he found a way to get you back to normal.
He pressed you about Mr. Voice, but you told him that you didn't know anyone by the name of Mr. Voice.聽
When Barbatos researched Morgo, he found something very amusing. "A demon posing as the devil? How interesting..."
His immediate reaction: My god, you look precious.
Simeon couldn't get enough of your mini version, but something bothered him. It almost left like there was a dark presence around you. Was someone trying to harm you?
"Oh really? But, Mr. Voice, I like angels, especially Simeon!"聽
"Mr. Voice?" Hearing you say that made Simeon feel even more uneasy. When he learned about the disembodied voice, Simeon turned on his guardian angel mode.聽
He held your hands and prayed to the heavens, asking the heavenly powers to protect you.聽
Before Morgo vanished, he appeared behind you, catching Simeon off guard.聽
After asking Solomon to help lift the curse and making sure that you were back to normal, Simeon went to talk to Diavolo and Lucifer.
The King of Demons and Luci were supposed to protect you, especially from demons. Let's just say that both Diav and Luci were speechless after getting lectured by Simeon.聽
Luke panicked when he saw you, but at the same time, he was secretly happy that there was someone shorter than him.
He started acting like your big brother and became your personal bodyguard; he took you everywhere he went and made sure to hold onto your hand.聽
When you told him about Mr. Voice, the angel immediately informed Simeon about it.聽
While the older angel worked with Solomon to figure out the mystery of Morgo while you bonded with Luke.
When Solomon and Simeon returned, they found you and Luke cuddled on the couch fast asleep. You with your head on his shoulder while his head rested on top of yours.聽
"Why don't we let her stay this way for a little while longer?" Simeon smiled.聽
As soon as you appeared in front of Solomon, he knew he had to find a cure. But the sorcerer was curious about the curse inflicted on you.聽
How did you get this curse and who is responsible? Also, why are you shrouded in darkness?
He didn't waste any time and started looking for a way to lift the spell, but he was distracted by your tiny version. Your fun-size self + throwing sparkles everywhere + twirling around = too cute to resist.
Oh, he was going to have fun teasing you about this when you get back to your teen self.
Then, he heard you talking to Mr. Voice and figured that a demon was trying to trick you.聽
"A demon that can trick people and lure them? I wonder if the demon would make a pact with me." Cause 72 demons just isn鈥檛 enough.
After getting you back to your teen self, Solomon thought his job for the day was done. Then, he looked around his room - his glitter-covered room.
鉃 Obey Me Masterlist 鉃 Buy me a Ko-fi聽or Commission?
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stvrs1324 days ago
饾悓饾惒 饾悋饾悮饾惄饾惄饾惒 饾悇饾惂饾悵饾悽饾惂饾悹 (饾惄饾惌 饾煈) ~[ Ellie Williams x Fem! Reader ]~
Tumblr media
make sure to read pt 1 and 2 !
warnings: swearing,angst,kinda fluff in the end :>
After Ellie left you in that room, you hastily left the building quietly as for Ellie and Dina is on the other room and you went back home, broking into tears from time to time. Maria saw you at the stables with a worried look, expecting the three of you would come back together and thinking that something may have happened.
You are ready to go back to your cozy home, jump into the bed, and flood the house with your tears. When Maria greeted you, "hello young lady, how's patrol? and where are they?" Maria chuckles putting her hands on her waist.
You sighed, "still the same" ignoring the last question Maria asked, "anyway, i'll see you around Maria. kinda tired right now." you smiled weakly, turning away from her.
"how about Ellie and Dina? where are-"
"Y/N!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" Ellie out of nowhere, came into the conversation. slightly yelling but enough to hear by Maria and you (is this the correct grammar? lmao sorry) , running towards you like a predator trying to catch its prey.
"slow down, dear. what happened?" Maria asked curiously, looking between the two of you. "nothing, we'll talk later." you tried walking away from both of them but Ellie followed you, leaving Maria confused.
Ellie followed you down the streets, "what were you thinking?! running away like that?" she grips your wrist, you turn around harshly and yelled at her. "WHY DO YOU EVEN FUCKING CARE?!"
Ellie backed up slowly, seeing your tears and depressing state, realizing how much she hurt you. She was about to say something, when you were already storming away from her.
Ellie stood there, realization dawn on her that she fucked up so bad like extremely bad. She felt her heart broke as she realizes how much you love her and that she loses you, all because of what she did.
The next few days has been awful, or rather empty. You only go out when you have to get snacks or went out for patrol. You haven't talk to someone...yet.
A knock on the door was heard, disturbing you from another bucket of tears. (note to Ellie. that's how much we all love you >:( ) You slowly but angrily walk towards the door, thinking that who would want to talk to you right now. But not long after, it all anwers when you see Maria standing in your doorstep.
"Hey- oh no. are you alright?" Maria asked, worriedly. You stood there, not giving her a word when she gently pulled you into a hug. The fact that you cried into her arms, made you feel like a burden. But you surely needed a hug.
You pulled away not long after, wiping your tears away. "Uh hey, what's up Maria?" you utter, avoiding her gaze. "Not to pry but why are you crying y/n?"
"Are you sure? did something happened?" Maria asked softly. You step aside the door, inviting her to get inside.
You hated this, you hated that Maria, the head of the town is taking her time to listen to your teenage girl problems. But Maria is like your mother, she insisted you that if you want to talk about life with her,聽 you should go talk to her. (why is this turning into a mother-daughter relationship story 馃槀)
She sat at your couch while you rapidly walk back and forth the room, thinking about how your gonna tell her. She notice your state and walk towards you, putting her hand on your shoulder as you look at her.
"Hey, hey, hey calm down" Maria giving you the comfortable smile. You stare at her blankly and burst into tears, Maria immediately pulled you into a hug again.
"She- she broke up with me" you whine like a child as Maria comforted you, stroking your hair gently. "She cheated on me!! and- and after everything that i've done for her all she thinks聽 im just a useless bitch?! its so fucking pathetic that even she hurt me so much I still- I still-" you cried so hard that you didn't realize you were yelling infront of Maria.
"Shhh calm down" Maria reassures, wiping your tears away and letting you sit on the couch. Once you were calm, "You still what y/n?" Maria asked remembering the last part you said that was not finish. You took a deep breath and looked at the ground. After a sec of silence you finally spoke up, "That I still love her." you met her gaze, another tear falls from your eye.
She let out a sad smile, "Im sorry y/n. Im sure she didn't meant what she said about you. I know this would be hard for you but im always here to help you, sweetie. I know that your a strong lady." You reluctantly pulled her into a hug, she accepted it. "I think she does meant it, I mean what if I do deserve all of this?"
"Shh, your not what she said okay? I know your better than that, I know that your strong and can handle things really well and I dont believe that you deserve this. What I believe is that you deserve to be love and care by everyone as I know you already do the same for them. I know your strong y/n and you must know that we always love you." Maria gently rubs your back.
Maria's motherly words made you feel love as you let out a small smile and spoke, "Thank you Maria. Im sorry for being like this, I know we should be talking about more important stuffs." Maria chuckles, "Dont worry y/n. Im glad I could make you feel better."
Maria gently pulled away and stayed a little while to cheer you up.
It's been 10 months without Ellie, full of pain and emptiness. Even though flowers bloom, even the day turns into night, even time has pass, you still cant stop thinking about her. It hurt so much. (why do i think i wrote this dramatically? :// )
On a one peaceful and quiet evening, Ellie was pacing back and forth, swearing and talking to herself. Debating whether or not she should hand these colorful flowers to someone she loved and missed.
She was so deep in thought that she didn't even realize she was outisde the someone she "loved and missed"聽 yard. Ellie let out a shaky sigh, gulping the hard lump on her throat before stepping in the porch.
Before Ellie could knock, she suddenly see the girl opening her door. Seeing the bugs under her eyes and the stuffy nose, Making her feel guilty.
After a short yet awkward silence, "hi...? can I help you?" the girl awkwardly asked and look around, avoiding Ellie's sad gaze. "im sorry y/n" said Ellie as she hand you the flowers gently which you reluctantly accept. Ellie looked towards the ground, tears forming in her eyes. You were about to politely tell her to go home when she broke down. Leading you to reluctantly pulled her into a hug while she cried even harder, "what's wrong?" you asked in a soft tone, worried why Ellie is being like this. "Im sorry, im sorry, im sorry" Ellie kept repeating the words, hugging you even tighter.
"Im sorry..." Ellie cried, seeing her like this made you on the verge of tears. You gently stroke her hair and let her calm down. Feeling pathetic that you care about her so much, even though she hurt you a lot. Not long after Ellie calmed down, catching her breath and swearing. You pulled her inside the house, letting her sit on the couch and went to get a glass of water.
As you come back, You see Ellie fidgeting with her fingers. "what's up?" you reluctantly asked. Ellie met your eyes, letting out a few tears fall. "I made a mistake."
The anger taking over you again as you walk back and forth, "So you just realized it? congrats Ellie, your now on level 2!" you sarcastically replied, laughing bitterly. She looked away from you, clenching her hand and fighting back a sob.
"And I-"
"Get out." you demand, looking at her painfully. "Y/n-"
"I said get out!"
"FUCK, I LOVE YOU!!" Ellie cried out. "And I just made a huge mistake in my life that I would never forgive myself for losing you. I thought its just guilt but its not." Ellie managed to spoke in between sobs.
You felt your heart explode again, seeing her like this was very odd. She was brave and stubborn but now she was terrified and broken. Ellie was never the one to tell her emotions and it breaks your heart, hearing her say those things. She lose herself.
"Please.. I love you.. Give me a chance.. Its always you.."
You pulled her into a hug, trying to calm her down as her breath becomes heavy and tears couldn't stop falling. "Its okay.. its okay.."
This was it, the ending of the pain, the ending that you wanted. Your Happy Ending. Seeing her like this, made you realize maybe she was being truthful.
"Its okay Ellie.. But I need you to give me some time to think about this, okay?"
Ellie nod, hoping that both of you will rekindle your relationship.
''You were everything, everything that I wanted... ''
Hope you like this oneshot! kinda cliffhanger tho :( , I've been thinking about rewriting my old works and organize stuffs in here, its been trash lately lol. School's been killin me and i haven't really had a time to write so hope u聽 understand that i might not be that active. see ya guys soon! <333
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bakusquad-simp3 months ago
Headcannon/New Series?: Bakusquad x Reader Pt2.
@bakushima-simp here鈥檚 the long awaited part 2 馃憖
Warnings: Luv passed all around mi amigos, kisses, fluffy floof, I鈥檓 sorry this took so long lol forgive me 馃槥
Okay, hugs kisses, and crap leggo!
鈥攐kay so we left off at where Bakugou just arrived, y'all yelled, aaaaaaaannnnnnndddd what else
鈥擺me checking the last update even though I just published it like 30 minutes ago]
鈥攐kay so apparently that was it let's continue
鈥攕o Bakuhoe just does his best and brings his stuff into the room before opening his arms [like Kiri(bros think alike yk what I'm saying)] and eyes closed like he's sacrificing himself in paintball (I'm sorry I couldn't help it)
鈥攜'all ran up and ended up on the floor featuring a sad Bakugou morning over his back
鈥攂ut he's not complaining because he gets kisses afterward
鈥攌isses on his cheeks, forehead, face in general, lips to lips contacts, his chin, nose鈥擸OU NAME IT YALL don't discriminate you kissed every INCH of his face I tell
鈥攅very. Single. I.N.C.H.
鈥攂ut once again he ain't complaining because under his rough exterior he's a softie for you guys and once again let's be honest who's a simp for this man? 鉁嬸煆
鈥攚hen y'all are done you just sit there in a huge pile and just relishing in the fact that all of you are back together
鈥攁nd on the same day鈥攄id the universe plan this or what?? Must be fate because the whole crew is there
鈥攕oon Bakugou has to get up cause his back ain't taking this anymore and will haunt him for life if he doesn't fix his position soon-
鈥攅ventually, he's able to coax you all into letting him sit up as he's able to do cause y'all LOVE HIM to death till y'all part
鈥攌idding but you guys joke about him being your hubby when he's taking care of y'all or cooking for lunch or something and he goes red just thinking about it
鈥攂ut he's the oldest in your group so he's got a way with words (I ain't kidding y'all seen him curse??)
鈥攜'all don't let the man BReaThe cause as soon as he sits up we back to smothering him in kisses 馃槡 again
鈥攐nce again he's not complaining d:
鈥攈e's able to make y'all stop because "you're acting like hormonal teenagers" as he says
鈥攁nd y'all are like confused because 鈥攚e ARE teenagers you b鈥
鈥攕o yea you just go back to what y'all were doing before but now Kirishima has his head in Kaachan's lap while on his phone, Denki is leaning on Sero's shoulder with said male leaning his head on top of his, and Mina is straddling you in the cutest way possibly almost asleep, and you have your chin resting on her shoulder
鈥攚e all lovable in this household
鈥攕peaking of lovable Kiri taps on Katsuki's hand that's holding his phone and points to his lips (KiriBaku shippers where y'all at) and he immediately gets the message
鈥攖he small gay part of my brain is taking over鈥
鈥攈e leans down and gently pecks his lips and when he comes back up Kiri's face is as red as his hair and you're just over there snickering trying not to wake the pink alien on your lap
鈥攖his is cute to imagine I cAnT-
鈥攖he boy shoots you a playful glare and rolls off the blonde's lap and onto the floor towards you
鈥攕o what do you do??? Well you scratch his head of course that's the only right answer (i mean unless you want a different one 馃憖馃槀)
鈥攚hen you start to get hungry and bored, you stop noticing the sleeping male in front of you and the female in your lap
鈥攜ou take out your phone and snap some quick photos before trying to lift the alien without waking her up and carefully set her on the floor cause you gotta go shopping Friday (tomorrow in the book ik it's confusing but let's roll with it)
鈥"Bakugou!" You whisper shouted. "Hm?" "I'm hungry!" "Go make some food then. There's a kitchen downstairs." "But I want some of your food." "Why?" "Cause it tastes better when it's made by you. Also because I don't feel like it." "Order take-out." "You're impossible." "I know."
鈥攁nd he SMIRKS
鈥擳HE neRve
鈥攁nyway, y'all ended up ordering take-out (well Bakugou did while you were "arguing" or "sharing each other's opinions in the most docile way a person could without dying" as you call it because he knows what everyone wants and from where because he good like that)
鈥攖ime skip cause I'm lazy to explain and running out of ideas for what to happen 馃槀 the food comes yaaaaaaay (it's dry ik)
鈥擬ina and Kirishima are up and just on their phones by this time and we have a knocked-out Sero in the corner of your room while Denki is drawing on his face and putting whipped cream (from wherever he spawned it) on his hand getting ready for a prank
鈥攜eeeaaaaa long story short everyone (excluding the tape-man in the room) took a bunch of pictures and participated in writing stuff on his face before you let Denki finish the prank
鈥擝akugou was filming the whole time
鈥攎an has no shame I tell you
鈥攎aybe a little but you get the idea
鈥攜'all laughed so hard when he smacked his face with the cream while Katsuki had a smile on his face the whole time
鈥攂efore he could snap at the dying Pikachu on the floor the doorbell rings signaling that the food is here
鈥攕o y'all chow down still snickering at the writing still on Sero's face and head to your designated rooms to get some of your necessities unpacked
鈥攖hat is the end!! Unless y'all want some more than please by all means ask for some more
I hope you like this! I personally did and found it cute. The squad is probably OOC but still like how it turned out. If you want I could make this into a series or a book. If not then that's fine too 馃槉 anyways bye byeeeee
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thatgirlinskullz3 months ago
The Bad Batch S01E11 Devil's Deal **spoilers**
-- serious spoilers incoming
- i warned you
- with pictures!! i don't normally post those but damn i gotta!!
okay, so first of all: HERA FKIN SYNDULLA IS BACK?!!?!?!?! OHMYGOD i did not expect that at all! 馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃槶馃槶馃槶
also Cham's here, AND HERA'S MOM, ELENI?!?!?!? SHE IS BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE HER!!! 馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
best fkin Twi'lek design in a long while!!
i was not fkin expecting a Ryloth episode but here we are... i fkin love that we keep going back to Ryloth and the Twi'leks. it's always a treat to see them. i might not completely agree with Cham and all he's done, but goddamn i love that he played such a huge part in the Clone War and its aftermath. also apparently Eleni is much wiser and calmer and more distinguished and kind of a rebel.. i see where Hera gets it from 馃槄
ohmygod i love Eleni Syndulla so much!! 馃挅馃挅馃挅
i don't want to see her die... 馃槶 but i'm sure we'll get that next week. and i'm gonna sob.
i sobbed at the mere sight of young Hera and Chopper. FKIN CHOPPER is here too!!! and he's credited as "as himself" ahahahahhaha 馃槀 i love the star wars team.
and young Hera is so pretty. goddamn.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and i didn't realize how much older she is than Kanan. she seems like a legit teenager, while Kanan seemed like a pre-teen. (at least to me.) i love that she's the older woman xD (edit: apologies if this is incorrect i always get confused with star wars years and how it works, so i'm not sure who's older, but Hera at least looked older in this time than Kanan did. to me at least)
ohgod the whole Ryloth thing brings back so many emotions for me. so many memories.. the clones who helped the little Twi'lek girl, Numa, who later appeared in Rebels.. Cham's resistance to the war, and later to the rebellion.. his complex relationship with Hera. Hera being a little rebel from the start.. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! 馃挅馃挅
ohgod this show..
and this time i don't even fkin mind that the actual Bad Batch wasn't in the episode all that much. i don't care that we didn't get much of Wrecker.. the little interaction between Omega and Hera was more than enough. it was adorable. i wish they could have become real friends... i mean who knows.. maybe they will?
also the way Howzer seems a bit off? he doesn't seem to like the disciplining children and killing innocent people aspect of the Empire. maybe he will help Hera get off the planet?! maybe he will die to protect Cham and Eleni?! i love how he seemed like an actual clone, like a real, loyal, nice clone from the old days. maybe his chip hasn't turned on?! ugh i got so many questions!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they keep fkin nailing the lighting and the backgrounds and i just can't handle it!! 馃槶
dammit this show.. i love it so much.
i love star wars so much. 馃槶馃挅馃挅馃挅
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movemovejustlikemob3 months ago
I saw you reblog a cute picture of Danny+Valerie from DP and it just reminded me of how confusing their relationship was for me when I watched as a kid. What's your opinion on them?
Valerie seemed really mean at first to me, then she and Danny were a thing, I think there was drama with her dad/family and then she and Danny just weren't a thing anymore and that bothered me for some reason.
Can't remember if she was actually mean tho or if that was just me as a kid being sensitive(?). I recall Danny wanted to help her out once but she like snapped at him and I didn't understand why and was like "you're mean" 馃槀
I may not remember much but I know that I looked back and was saddened that they stayed broken up (and that Danny ended up with Sam 馃檮)
Ok first off, hello lovely 馃挄!
And the whole thing between Valerie and Danny was always a BIG misunderstanding mostly on Valerie鈥檚 part, but an understandable one that I feel most of us as grown can understand more.
A ghost dog, Cujo I think, was running havoc around their town and Danny had been trying to catch him when the dog basically messed up everything at Valerie鈥檚 dads job (he was basically a security guard if I鈥檓 remembering right) and since the dog was able to get in鈥攂eing a ghost dog and all鈥攁nd so her dad lost his job. As far as Valerie knew, Cujo was Phantom鈥檚 dog and so she blamed him for her dad losing his job. Losing his job had consequences for her as well: she lost her standing with the popular kids, she couldn鈥檛 afford expensive things anymore, she had to move down to a rundown apartment, and she even had to sell some of her things to get money/get a part time job.
As kids, that seems trivial to us, but we have to look at it from her point of view. Valerie lost all her friends (only Star stayed being her friend), she was no longer able to leave a comfortable life she was used to, she had to get a job to keep her and her dad afloat. That鈥檚 a lot of weight on a teenager, on a child period. To us a kids, Valerie was being to harsh and mean to Danny, but if we鈥檇 been in her shoes with half the story, we鈥檇 all be pissed. And others in school didn鈥檛 make it better with how her ex-friends treated her like a loser and Danny鈥檚 people (Sam mostly but it was probably just her anger/jealousy talking) still treated her like an elitist. That鈥檚 tough.
Though I would say she was very stubborn and bullheaded as she didn鈥檛 want to hear anything Danny tried to tell her. Even when he tried to explain himself and apologize, she wasn鈥檛 hearing him. To me, I feel that she didn鈥檛 wanna believe it cause then it would make all her misplaced anger unnecessary and render her no type of control over her situation in life. And in that time of her life Valerie needed some type of control.
So my view on them was pleasantly changed when I saw her and Danny grow feelings for each other but be held back by their secret identities. I felt like it could have been a great relationship with Valerie seeing the boy under the mask, if you鈥檒l say, and realizing that Phantom isn鈥檛 a bad as she thought and have someone her own age she could lean on. And Danny could have someone who could kind of understand his situation while also being able to see that Valerie is a really good, but passionate person underneath who鈥檚 just letting herself be blinded by anger and trying so hard to keep control of herself and life after having it all uprooted in an instant.
In conclusion, stan gray ghost and Valerie鈥檚 never done a thing wrong in her life.
(How I see Danny acting after they breakup lol)
Tumblr media
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mayasauraa month ago
The lovely Gideon and Yasha art that you reblogged a bit ago is giving me so many Critical Role crossover feelings <3 I feel like Gideon would be a little put off by Jester's peppy cheeriness but would love her terrible dirty jokes. And she and Beau would get along right away - Beau's really cool and an incredibly skilled fighter and seems to genuinely like her and she doesn鈥檛 really know what to do with that but it鈥檚 nice??? I think Caleb and Harrow would understand each other too in a way.
Gideon Nav Is Not Immune To Jester Lavorre 馃槀
I think Gideon would fall head over heels in love with Jester, at least for a little while. She leads with her heart, and loving Jester is basically a rite of passage at this point. Especially for lonely isolated people who crave kindness and connection but feel deep down like they don't deserve it. She'd be completely overwhelmed by her at first, but give her a few days to get used to it and a couple of hugs, and she'd be a goner. Jester is a kind person who sincerely wants to make people feel good about themselves and doesn't want anything in return. It would take a long time for Gideon to trust that, but it wouldn't take her long at all to respond to it. Especially if Jester has given up on the cult thing already.
Late campaign Beau would mentor Gideon, early campaign Beau would butt heads with her. Either way they would end up in the fighting pit, and Gideon would think Beau was extremely cool.
Fjord meanwhile has a weakness for orphans looking for somewhere to belong, and is a natural born lesbian's wingman. Dark horse brotp, he and Gideon could have some very nice heart to hearts.
Caleb and Harrow, it depends some on when in their character development they meet. Caleb would see himself in her, but how he felt about that would depend on where he's at. Early campaign Caleb would see Harrow as a threat, and be frustrated with the rest of the group for not taking it seriously enough because of her youth. Caleb knows exactly how dangerous a powerful teenager can be. Late campaign Caleb would want to help her, but depending on where Harrow is in her character development, he may struggle to connect with her. Caleb can be a little condescending, and Harrow despises being condescended to. They would have some very interesting conversations.
If Nott/Veth decides Harrow is a joint project with Caleb, now that I'd love to see. Harrow has never seen a goblin before, so Nott would be fascinating to her, and Nott has a proven weakness for guilt-ridden emotionally tortured wizards. And that's before you factor in the shared drowning motifs, the way they're both disgusted by their own existences, how they both feel like they ought to be dead but will fight like cornered animals to survive anyway, and how deep down Harrow craves parental affection and Nott is a mother trying to fill a child-shaped hole in her life. Veth would be less intense in her connection with Harrow. Partially because Veth is less intense in general, partially because she has her family back, and doesn't have that emotional energy looking for a home anymore. That said, she's still the same basic person and could easily get attached. And Veth would be a much more comforting presence for Harrow than Nott. She'd probably take to maternal concern a lot better from a small round woman a decade older than her than from a small green creature with claws and protruding fangs. If the Nein met Harrow and Gideon together (or even better, met one of them first and helped them find the other) I would pay actual cash money to see Veth go full yenta on them.
Then there's Caduceus. He would be polite about it, but the necromancy would be a Thing. His fur would stand on end every time Harrow entered a room. Not out of personal distaste for her, but because she's a conduit for something so clearly Unnatural and fundamentally opposed to the Wild Mother. Gideon would mostly just find him confusing.
Molly would get along better with Gideon than with Harrow. They'd both sense his bullshit, but Gideon would be cool with it and Harrow would be Highly Suspicious. Gideon would be drawn his kindness, his stories, and how eager he is to share the world and all its riches. He'd love introducing her to new foods, textures, and experiences. Maybe too many new experiences. 馃ぃ Harrow otoh would be deeply offended by his philosophy that the past is dead and doesn't matter, and think he was obscene on every level.
Best for last, Yasha. Yasha is also going last because I think she'd relate equally well to both Harrow and Gideon. Gideon, obviously, big sword warrior women who learned early that violence is the best path to being acknowledged and valued, but are too used to being used. Harrow is less obvious on the surface, but one of Yasha鈥檚 main themes is grief and guilt, and learning how to live again past it. Yasha would have a lot to say that Harrow after the end of Harrow the Ninth might need to hear. Like, 'she died for you, and you feel like it's your fault, and I know how impossible that feels to live with, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry that happened to you.' and 'I know there is nothing I can say to make it better, but I know some of what you're feeling and want you to know you don't have to be alone for it. If you want to be alone, I'll go, but otherwise I would like to just sit here for a while.' and 'Can you tell me about her?'.
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ajokeformur-ray19 hours ago
hi! not the same anon as before, but now i'm curious :o Would you ever get in a committed relationship with another ace person? or nah? (hope this question doesn't come off as weird lol, feel free not to answer either way! And you right abt too-low ace rep in popular media. until i got on tumblr, i didn't even know abt it! had to ask my friend what "Ace" meant lol) <3 !
Hiiiii ~ nonnie!馃グ馃グ馃グ
The short answer is no. I鈥檓 aromantic as well as asexual, so I don鈥檛 experience romantic or sexual attraction (as previously stated, this is not the case in fiction. There are, again, some fictional characters I would happily be in a committed relationship with, but if they became real then I wouldn鈥檛 feel any attraction at all).
I鈥檝e been in relationships before and even if I felt affection for them prior to dating, as soon as it became official, I slowly began to feel trapped and resented them and the relationship. I was very unfair to those people in my past, and not to excuse my past actions but I didn鈥檛 know any better back then, I was just a teenager who thought she was broken and needed to fix herself by forcing herself to do things she didn鈥檛 want and wasn鈥檛 comfortable doing.
I just have no interest at all in relationships, sex, marriage etc. I鈥檓 happier now with this truth than I was as an eighteen year old, though of course sexuality is fluid and what鈥檚 true for me now might not be in the future (shout out to @meandmanonthemoon for his tender guidance in this matter! I appreciate you so much馃ズ鉂わ笍).
I鈥檝e had鈥 friendships in the past which have been borderline romantic but nothing happened because I enjoyed the dynamic as it was. I think that鈥檚 called a queerplatonic relationship, or something similar. I like the idea of that. But again, would I like it in reality? Who knows. At this stage, I鈥檓 not prepared or wanting any kind of emotional entanglement. I have too much going on in my life and I don鈥檛 have the time or the energy to find out if it would work out in reality, and it鈥檇 be highly unfair of me towards the hypothetical person to start something I wouldn鈥檛 be prepared to see through. I have a tendency to run hot and cold in real life friendships, relationships etc. Which is why I haven鈥檛 willingly had any irl friends since I was eighteen. I鈥檓 just not all that interested. Maybe I鈥檝e just been surrounded by the wrong people, idk. I鈥檝e been focusing on me and my life for the last seven years and I love it that way.馃グ馃挆
Hhhhh your question isn鈥檛 weird at all! My sexuality does confuse me sometimes so I appreciate being able to puzzle it out like this.
The amount of times there鈥檚 been an ace person in the media but they鈥檝e been portrayed as a robot or someone cold and unfeeling is ridiculous and it always makes me feel icky. There鈥檚 a show called Slasher on Netflix and it鈥檚 so good and there was, in one of the seasons, an asexual girl who liked to have sex with her partner because it was something she was willing to do with him (valid and important rep about the nuances and fluidity of sexuality) but then she got bored and put a VR thingy on her head and he called her a robot (meant insultingly, while they were still having sex) and I 馃あ馃あ馃あ馃あ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ
This got long lmfao but the short answer is no! I hope this was clearly written oml it鈥檚 important that I get the words right first time around.馃槀 I hope you鈥檙e safe and well, nonnie, and thank you for the question!鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
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imagininggintama7 months ago
Hijikata and Gintoki having to deal with a s/o who looks really young for their age? They get confused for being a teenager sometimes by strangers. It鈥檚 really hard for them to get alcohol sometimes.
Did you mean, ME?
My former co-worker was going to drive me home after work because we got off at the same time. (I avoided bus that late if I could... I don't like walking in a barely lit street/apartment parking lot!) I told her that I needed to buy some alcohol before we left (around the holidays) and she was like ALOCHOL? HOW OLD ARE YOU?
I was like "I'm 26 lmao how old did you think I was?"
"Like around my age? Like 18 or something??"
First time I ever got carded for anything was an R-Rated Movie and I was already 21 at that point in time. 馃槀
Gintoki Sakata
Tumblr media
Okay, so when he first saw you he was like DAMN. Then he got to your face and was like "ohmygodnoimnot-"
You noticed him staring and decided to explain, recognizing that look.
If he can do something that's 18+ at home, he'd rather do that. He's never said it to you, but he feels bad whenever someone thinks your I.D. is fake or some bullshit.
He has a bad habit of holding you or kissing you in public, and gets some weird looks...
Sometimes he tells the truth (read: yells), but others he likes to be over dramatic and...
He likes pulling this one because it makes them uncomfortable and usually gets you to giggle.
Toushirou Hijikata
Tumblr media
Toshi, on the other hand, when he first saw you went up to you and offered to take you home.
You were confused and went to tell him no, when he mentioned something about curfew? You laughed so hard.
He made it up to you later by taking you to dinner and well, things went from there.
He's the opposite of Gin. He's very serious when it comes to these situations.
He'll either pull out that he's a police officer or demand to speak to someone.
They usually calm down by this point.
Unfortunately, it's usually men so it kind of irks him a bit more.
He's very protective over you and won't let anyone treat you badly just because you look younger.
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swift-fated20 days ago
I know we've been joking about writing MJ fanfics. It got me thinking about when I was a teen reading lots and LOTS of fanfics about bands I was into. I went through THE MOST to read fanfics at the time. Before I got a laptop, I had to navigate LJ, AO3, and FFNET on the Nintendo Wii. THE FUCKING NINTENDO WII. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT WAS TO NAVIGATE THE INTERNET ON A NINTENDO WII??? 馃拃馃拃馃拃
OMG LMFAO THE DEDICATION YOU SHOWED鈥︹ the fucking wii???? Goodbye. That鈥檚 like me using my DSi to use the internet and text my siblings when I would get grounded and have my phone taken away 馃槀馃槶 same energy
I have written fanfic but NOT for MJ LMFAO I didn鈥檛 even know that MJ fanfic existed until like a few months ago 馃槀 it never occurred to me that people probably wrote fanfic about him until one day it just suddenly dawned on me and the first fanfic I read was the most cringe thing I鈥檝e ever come across like truly it was. I googled 鈥淢J fanfic鈥 and the first thing that popped up was one of those weird abuse fanfics with like a school bully on Wattpad jfjsndndbbr you know what I鈥檓 talking about!!! 馃槶馃槶 and jfjrdbnrbrb I CANT IM GETTING WHIPLASH JUST FROM THINKING ABOUT JT!! Anyway I decided to read it just because I was curious and jcndjenfhrb I鈥︹.. his character introduction SENT ME
Literally his character introduction was the funniest thing I have ever read in my entire life like I laughed so hard over this fanfic that I almost pissed myself I鈥檓 not even exaggerating I shit you not his character walks up to like the girl OC in school right and he鈥檚 like supposed to be around what like 17? Anyway he walks up to this random girl character and BITCH SLAPS HER in kfnrndnenen I CANT TAKE IT!!!!! IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!! Could you imagine just standing there minding your business and Michael fucking Jackson walks up to you and slaps you across the face like that Jzndjeheje AND LIKE IT WAS IN FRONT OF ALL THESE OTHER CHARACTERS TOO JFJRNDNRB AND NO ONE DID ANYTHING IM SVREAMING!!!!
But wait there鈥檚 more!!! The entire time I鈥檓 reading this fic i am sitting there assuming it is like 1975 or something right? Cuz like the author made it a point to mention his discography with the Jackson 5 and stuff like she went OUT of her way to mention it. So naturally I assume this is like鈥.. supposed to be an accurate time period. Anyway I was WRONG because like half way through the fic with absolutely no warning the girl OC whips out a motherfucking IPHONE and just starts texting people and so I was deadass sitting there like:
Tumblr media
Like I was so confused that gave me the most whiplash I think any fanfic ever has it was an absolute roller coaster I 鈥︹ anyway 馃槀 after that I just exited out and deleted the tab I like couldnt take any more of it. Now I鈥檓 scared of MJ fanfics because that really fucked me up in ways I wasn鈥檛 ready for
Like it honestly haunts me. Like I have so many questions. The first being why do teenage girls feel the need to write abusive fanfic about their male idols and if they are so absolutely compelled to do so, why in gods name would you choose someone like Michael Jackson????? 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
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the-gay-cryptid9 days ago
Join me while I obsessed over the 1976 version of Carrie all over again
I hate the gratuitous shots of naked highschool girls, but hey, it's in line with King's gratuitous descriptions of every female characters breasts. Seriously though, the opening of this movie looks like porn
Also the way Carrie showers is kinda gross. I don't want to watch a teenager fondling herself making O faces.
This is my favorite version of the movie but fuck that opening is gross
I can't remember the name of the actress who plays Carrie in this, but she is so perfect. I know in the book she's described as being heavier set, which I wish a movie adaptation would include, but I think the girl who plays her in this absolutely nails Carrie鈥檚 sort of wide eyed fear/confusion we see throughout the book.
I love the kid busting his ass on the bike, it's the most unintentionally hilarious scene in this whole movie
The woman who plays Mrs. White is also perfect
This movie does really well keeping to the book. There's a few exceptions of course, and parts that got left out because it's hard to translate to film, but it's pretty damn close. I'd have to double check, but I'm pretty sure the scene where Carrie's mom lectures her on the first sin and the curse of blood is all but word for word identical to the book
I do wish they included Carrie saying "fuck you" to her mom though. I loved seeing how hard Carrie fought for her autonomy and self worth in the book
Goddamn that Jesus statue is creepy. Also I love the foreshadowing of Mrs. White's death
Love the sort of snide way Carrie says "saying my prayers"
Tommy looks so damn stupid in this movie, lmao
God the english teacher is such an ass. God forbid a student express an earnest interest in the material and a classmate's work
They should've included Chris's dad showing up and the conversation between him and the principal. It was nice seeing actual action being taken, even if it was only done as a last resort.
Oh!!! I didn't catch Billy calls Chris "Chuck" like he does in the book!!! Gross, but good detail!!!
Wish we'd seen more of Tommy and Sue together in the movie. Tommy's the one who gets Sue to think about doing the right thing in the first place, and he deserves more love in the movies than he gets
Oh God, I forgot about Chris blowing Billy in the car. It's another unintentionally hilarious scene. Fuck knows how she talks with her mouth full like that. Also her moaning "I hate Carrie White" and Billy's just immediate confusion kills me every time
I took a picture of this part of the book because it's really fuckin good and I wish the movie adaptation leaned into the frustration Sue feels trying to understand her guilt and to make amends in a way greater than what's easy. It a really important aspect of her character and her growth in the book
Tumblr media
Also the scene with Carrie telling her mom about going to prom is spot on
"Things are gonna change around here" FUCK YEAH THEY ARE, CARRIE! YOU TELL HER!!
So Norma is totally gay coded in this movie, right? It's not just me?
Fucking hell, the tux shop scene is so stupid 馃槀
There's a scene in the book where Sue recounts something Tommy told her. Basically, the day before prom, Carrie told him she had to be home early because she didn't want to worry her mom. And Tommy (being a decent person) respects that and suggests the two of them and some of his friends fo get hamburgers and rootbeers after prom. And Carrie just lights up because she's so excited to be included. Even for something as simple as food and drinks after prom. It's one of my favorite parts because, as Sue points out in the book, Carrie isn't isn't bad person or the monster everyone makes her into. She's a lonely girl who wants to have friends and thought she was finally going to have that.
Oh my god, I love the song playing when they get to prom 馃槀
I love their dancing scene, it's so sweet and it feels so nostalgic (lmao, as if I've ever been to a dance like this)
There's a post I've seen about movies that change genres after major events. I think the pig blood drop is when this truly turns from a coming of age movie to a horror movie
I hate/love the prom massacre. I hate it happens, but it's so damn cathartic.
The odd humming echo of all the sound design is so good. It fits the disjointed deliberate way Carrie does everything
I know she's outside the gym when everything happens in the book. But watching her walk off that burning stage is fucking gorgeous
I do however wish the movie leaned into the carnage she causes throughout the town. She explodes hydrants and brings down telephone wires to electrocute anyone who leaves their houses, which also overloads the fire departments and leaves them unable to put out fires now raging all of town, explodes I think two gas stations, and psychically forces people to know her name. The last one isn't violent, but it's a great detail.
I actually hate that they changed how Mrs. White dies. In the book, Carrie slows her mom's heart down little by little and tells her she's giving her a gift and sending her into the darkness to meet whatever God is waiting there for her
I don't hate how the movie changes the ending. Not totally. But I don't find it as satisfying as the book where Carrie and Sue talk and Sue is forced to listen to Carrie screaming in her mind, begging for her mom to help her and forgive her as Carrie slowly dies.
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fleckcmscott2 months ago
Stepping Stones - Chapter 4
Chapter links: 1, 2, 3
Summary: Y/N and Arthur share a delightful life, one that isn鈥檛 perfect but wholly theirs. When his struggles take a serious turn, she鈥檚 surprised by the toll it exacts. Though the steps they鈥檒l have to take aren鈥檛 easy, walking them together makes all the difference.
Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Struggles with mental illness
A/N: This is the final chapter of Stepping Stones! Thank you, readers, for joining Arthur and Y/N on this little journey. I hope you've enjoyed it - and if you haven't, that it was at least interesting. 馃槂 A hearty thank you to @sweet-nothings04鈥嬧 for beta-reading, without whom some sections would be in the wrong spots. 馃槀
If you have any thoughts or questions, please comment, feel free to message me, or send me an聽ask! I鈥檓 still working on requests and Way Back Home!
Tumblr media
Duct tape covered the pane's circular cracks, spiderwebs woven of shards rather than silk. A dropcloth unrolled across the gray, vinyl floor, protection from wall to tub. Two hours past the installer's estimate, the replacement shower door finally snapped into place. Y/N had preferred the one with reeded glass - it would have matched what they already had, been one less change. But it was stuck on a six-week backorder, so the frosted diamond pattern would have to do. Having the shower fixed before Arthur came home was priority.
Check marks ticked each passing date on their kitchen calendar, an exclamation point enthused about his upcoming arrival, and a looping heart, drawn with a red, felt-tip pen, celebrated the day after. Keeping track steadied her, lifted her spirit. Provided a sense of momentum that held her together, helped her accept the compromise they'd agreed to.
While she favored regular visits, Arthur had stated he'd call in the morning if he felt like company. Being put on what was essentially a wait-and-see list was not easy on her. In fact, she downright disliked it. Whether it was popping over to his apartment or leaving messages, teasing threats to hunt him down during his brief disappearance after Penny's stroke, she'd never been skilled at giving him the reigns of contact. She'd been too enamored, too taken, too impatient to resist the desire to see him. But she acquiesced. And she appreciated his effort to call every night before bed, even if he could only push out an I'm having a bad day or needed to pick up an I love you.
During a particularly pleasant chat, he interrupted her goings-on about a training she was putting together to say, "It's cold here. I miss how warm your hand is in mine."
That sweet sentiment brought her back to when she'd first compared their hand sizes, a childish impulse long ago forgotten. It was a couple weeks before their first Christmas. They'd just finished making love on her sofa. Drunk on the blush of a new relationship, the risk of a stain on its pale fabric was irrelevant. Action News had blared in the background; she'd barely heard it over Arthur鈥檚 winded panting and the glee between her ears. Giggling like a teenager, she'd instructed him to stretch his fingers and pressed hers up against them. Though he wasn't tall, they were half an inch longer, his palm's breadth the same. It'd made her feel delicate, ravishing in the way only he could alight. He'd asked her what she was doing, and she'd returned his hand to her breast, kidded that she was memorizing his prints in case she ever needed to dust for them. "You did rob me of my senses, after all." Then she'd kissed the confused pucker from his lips.
Eventually, he requested she drop by daily, bubbling a spring of encouragement in her veins. When she dropped off the last of the Loving Someone With... series at the Gotham Public Library, stacks of dusty books and moth-eaten periodicals were on sale for a quarter a piece, one of many fundraisers for roof repairs. She shelled out for a 1960s joke book, which she brought to Arkham to share over a thermos of hot cider in the visiting area. (She swore it wasn't spiked; Gladys gave it a good sniff, anyway.) If the skies were gray and drizzly, Y/N and Arthur settled on a corner loveseat to watch whatever rerun happened to be on, and he'd reveal a little more about his experiences in the hospital during commercial breaks.
With its sparse staff placement and promise of relative isolation, the garden remained their favorite spot. The curved benches served as a refuge, allowed them to carve out a sanctuary in this sacred place of vulnerability and healing. One evening there was a live music program scheduled to air on WGCR, Slam Bradley's farewell concert at the Gotham City Opera House. Bradley sang in that swanky style Arthur was fond of, the kind that encouraged heavy smoking and heavier necking. She snuck in her pocket radio and headphones, then failed at reading the Gotham Journal, distracted by his serene countenance as he lay his head in her lap, nodding to a tune only he could hear.
Friday, Y/N renewed Arthur's GTA pass, ensuring he could get to any follow-up appointments without a hitch beyond himself. Zayre's, the discount store he favored, bustled with shoppers that Saturday, all getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Y/N weaved through groups of friends eyeing costumes and families browsing honeycomb paper turkeys to grab a package of men's underwear: white briefs with the yellow and blue striped waistbands, snug and initial-free. On Monday, she set a fresh carton of pens on his desk, between his pack of Stiltons and postcard from Philadelphia. She stayed up late cleaning the refrigerator, scrubbing the sink, mopping the kitchen floor, the extra chores an excuse to watch the microwave clocks' blue numbers turn from fifty-eight to fifty-nine to midnight. Tuesday rolled around as if it were nothing special, its fanfare comprised of a stray police siren and the bang of a dumpster lid.
Although she'd slept less than a wink, she was as alert as a pot of coffee. Four hours at the office converged into one long, anticipatory blur of checking messages, drifting thoughts, making typos on her HP260, a poor rival for her beloved typewriter. She briefed her colleagues on upcoming cases they'd be covering and delegated her regular duties. (She'd asked for a lighter workload for the next couple of months, and, graciously, her boss had obliged.) She was grateful for their well wishes and barked a laugh when Terry said he'd enjoy the break from her bossy ways.
Arthur's final consultation had been set for three o'clock. Dr. Kellerman had consulted with Y/N about the importance of them both attending before Arthur had invited her to take part in it. She brought along his teal suitcase, packed with white socks, new briefs, his worn, charcoal sweater, a white button-up, a pair of pinstripe trousers, the stripes themselves faded out, and brown oxfords. An aged outfit, yes, but comfortable in its familiarity. He wasn't there to greet her when she arrived. Rather, an orderly met her at the patient entrance and escorted her to a conference room to wait for Arthur to change.
Old posters from the Gotham Department of Health dotted the room, with slogans such as "It's normal to feel trapped" and "Depression isn't visible." The particle board table was small, reminiscent of the ones found at parent-teacher conferences. Dr. Kellerman sat across from her, joined by Frank the therapist, who had the look of a person who wasn't yet old enough to buy drinks, and a social worker, Pamela, whose role appeared to be completing discharge checklists and collecting signatures. Dr. Ludlow sat on speakerphone, munching a late lunch and explaining she wanted to ensure everyone was on the same page.
Frank eagerly informed Y/N of what it meant to be a caretaker, the duties it entailed, the grit it required. It straightened her spine until she managed to state, more forcefully than intended, "I've had extensive experience." She listened nonetheless, gleaned what she could from the tips he provided: encourage treatment, respect Arthur's autonomy, be the wife and friend (a word Arthur had repeatedly used to describe her in their sessions) she always was, while being mindful that he was still in the recovery process. And to take care of herself. She flexed her toes, wishing she'd been smart enough to do that last bit back home.
About twenty minutes later, the door behind her clicked, and she spun in her bucket chair to see Arthur sidle in, carrying himself like he didn't want to intrude, as if he wasn't the man of the hour. He'd left his top button open, neglected to tuck in his shirt. As he sat next her, strawberry perfume wafted from his neatly combed hair and her chest tightened. His profile was steady, the puffiness under his eyes reduced, the crevices of his face inclined towards neutrality. He appeared well. Well, well-er. She gave a quick hi, and he glanced her way with a soft look.
The hospital pharmacy provided a sixty-day supply of his prescriptions, including a new one to replace his anti-psychotic. Arthur dismissed the suggestion of continuing group therapy on an outpatient basis. Though validation through connection with like-minded people, positive reinforcement by those who could care about him was something Y/N knew Arthur looked for, what was supposed to be support felt like a competition, a performance he repeatedly screwed up. It was decided that for the next six months, apart from holidays and vacations, he'd attend three appointments a week at Dr. Ludlow's office, then his progress would be reassessed and treatment adjusted as needed. Frank told them that realistic, everyday goals and fun activities to look forward to would be a head start on the road to normalcy.
Arthur lit up a cigarette with a lighter of his own and retrieved his journal from his pocket. As he flipped through it, Y/N tried to avert her eyes. But she glimpsed the scratched-out faces on some of the pages, the screaming figure, the woman standing on his arms with a whip. The images would have alarmed her if she'd taken them literally, but her heart discerned they stemmed from traumas long since buried. Dried daisies also resided between the pages, and she reached to untuck his shirt's collar from his sweater's neckline. They made a list together, speaking lowly, as if sharing secrets instead of the mundanities of shared existence. He jotted them diligently: "-get grosheries; -get out of bed by five; -cook meals with Y/N (and eat!); -go to therapy; -write in joke diary every night; -shower every other day; -plan a date once a week; -take medication as instruckted."
"What do you want for dinner?" Y/N asked. "Patricia sent over enough food to feed half the city."
"Marchetti's spaghetti plate," he answered immediately, letting her in on how often he'd thought about it. "With extra garlic bread."
Discharge summary signed, financial responsibility agreement initialed, Dr. Kellerman closed the folder on the table before him and folded his hands together. "How do you feel about going home? Do you think you're ready?"
Y/N shoved her tongue against the back of her teeth, stopped herself from commenting on the absurdity of the question, given the insurance situation. Let Arthur speak. "I felt better when I was locked up the last time," he said quietly. "I'm afraid that'll happen again."
"It might," Dr. Ludlow interjected. Dr. Kellerman nodded in agreement, sipping from his wildcard poker paper cup as she continued. "That's a common experience, for both patients and their loved ones. Days are very structured in the hospital, in a way they aren't outside. Leaving that structure is disorienting. Sometimes it'll be two steps forward, one or three steps back. It doesn't mean you're falling short or will be readmitted. Dr. Kellerman and I are confident you'll transition back into the community."
Y/N studied Arthur as he twisted his wedding band around his finger. Maybe one day soon, he'd believe that, too.
Ding! went the elevator as it announced the fourth floor, its chrome doors hesitating, teasing before deciding to slide open and grant them passage. They sauntered down the corridor to their apartment, Arthur's grip on his suitcase tight with worry. Standing in front of 4A, Y/N rummaged in her purse, presented his keyring, and squeezed his elbow. "Welcome home, Arthur." His fingers brushed hers when he took it, his eyelids fluttered. What was the probability of him having been welcomed home in the past, she considered, versus catching up on all the chores he'd missed?
An emerald envelope greeted him from the kitchen counter, its return address indicating it came from their family in Missouri. Just as she pressed the playback button on their answering machine, he lifted the envelope's flap and pulled out a card. While Gary's friendly, accented voice thanked Arthur for the extra work, said he'd try again later, she peeked over Arthur's shoulder to see a picture of lush forests, soft-focus and hazy with the fine mist of a light, summer rain. A wooden bridge stretched over a brook, all the way past the cardstock's margins, prompting him to open it and reveal the message printed inside: "A very special get well note, full of happy thoughts to keep you company!" A drawing of a misshapen skyscraper was folded into quarters, signed by Ashley, their youngest niece. He stuck it on the refrigerator with a plastic banana, gingerly traced the crayon scribbles.
Two bunches of flowers crowded the dining table. A bouquet of yellow roses, daffodils, and white lilies from Patricia and Robert, as well as instructions for the tuna noodle casserole Y/N had already put in the freezer. Her office had sent over a cheery mix of purple posies and pink carnations. Apprehension crossed Arthur's features.
An apprehension she quickly sought to allay. "I only told my colleagues you were in the hospital. I wasn't sure how much you wanted me to disclose."
"Don't they know that I- That I'm..."
She put her hand on his bicep. The muscles were tight under her grasp. "It's no different from when you had the flu last year or when my wrists act up and I drop my pencil. They know you're wonderful and that's that."
He rubbed a petal between his fingertips, bottom lip tucked under his front teeth. "Do you actually tell them that?"
"I do," she answered, affirming the vows they'd exchanged at Gotham City Hall. Then added playfully, "Nothing could convince me you're not."
Getting takeout on her own wasn't unusual; she'd done it plenty on her commute from work or if Arthur was at a late gig. But they'd been together in their apartment for a mere quarter hour, and the prospect of leaving was surprisingly difficult. He must have sensed her reticence because he grasped her hand. "I haven't had a second to myself for three weeks," he said. "I just- I need a little time." His brows lifted in inquiry, a plea for permission implied in their modest arch, one he should never feel the need to request.
Y/N got it. Stuck in her hometown, in thrall to the never-ending demands of caring for a parent, she'd nearly lost herself, longing for ten minutes to read the newspaper in peace, to bathe without being called for. Her knuckles caressed his sharp jaw, and she bestowed a gentle smile. "Be back soon."
Paper bag dangling from her grasp, she returned to see Arthur smooth a burgundy tablecloth over the round dining table. He circled it, pulled slightly on the edge of the polyester until it was even. Quietly, she rested on the kitchen entrance, breath bottled in her throat. One of his bouquets made a beautiful centerpiece, a celebration in blossoms, while the other now stood on top of the refrigerator. Two gold filigree plates sat side-by-side on the counter, along with a fresh pitcher of powdered iced tea and two wine glasses.
"I know it's the wrong date. Our special day's tomorrow," he said, treading towards her with one shoulder lifted. "But right now I feel okay."
"It's perfect," she enthused. He smiled his reply, a depth in his dimples that had been missing for too long. He plated their spaghetti dinners - marinara meatball for him, a mushroom butter sauce for her - while she unpacked enough garlic bread to fill a basket. He retrieved a large wooden bowl for the salad from the bottom counter and held it as she poured. They set the table, moving in a rhythm only half a beat out of sync.
Strands of pasta hugged the twines of his fork. He'd done more twirling than eating. Though the hushed ambiance was companionable rather than withdrawn, a sign of rest instead of a symptom, it brought to mind how hard his absence had been on her. How much she'd yearned to come home to his silly jokes, to step into his embrace, full of devotion and support, to gaze into his handsome face and see the assurance that no matter how ridiculous the world around them seemed, he'd be there for her. Annoyed at the self-pity threatening to wet her eyes, she stabbed at her salad, popped a slice of radish in her mouth.
"What is it?" he asked suddenly
"It's nothing." She hid her trembling lip by refilling their glasses. This entire situation had shaken her more than she cared to admit. How could she let him in on her own struggles without adding to this?
He dipped a hunk of bread in the tangy sauce and nibbled, and for a moment she believed she'd fooled him. But then he put down his fork to take her hand, his own greasy from spray bottle margarine. Stilling, she flicked her eyes to his. They were as wide and inquisitive as ever and prompted a stitch of regret in her abdomen. Trust was what he deserved, faith that allowed him to be the attentive husband he always aspired to be, that he was a natural at. To be the boulder to her pebble.
"A lot of this reminded me of what I went through with my family. The same old baggage I'm terrible at working through." She sucked in a stuttering breath. "I didn't want to tell you that."
"It's okay that you did."
"I guess." On a laugh, she sniffled, shrugged, and pushed herself to stand. "But enough of that. I have something for you, hold on." She hurried to their stereo console and pulled out a box from a pile of 8-Tracks, about the size of an overstuffed wallet. In her peripheral vision, Arthur twisted in his chair to chart her motions, wiping his chin with a napkin as she drew near. She thrust the gift towards him. A glower shrouded his visage, but he blinked it away, gone almost as soon as it appeared. Gingerly, he accepted her offering, grazing its navy blue wrapping paper before tearing it open.
A soft groan left him as he turned over the mixtape, held it further away to read her looping cursive. "Songs of Us" was an incredibly corny title, replete with as much cliche and schmalz as it was honesty. When she'd spotted For the Record during a late-night stroll to Sheldon Park to clear her head, the shop's sign offering custom cassettes had beckoned her to visit the next morning. Seventy-five cents a song, eight melodies on each side, any track on the vinyl, tapes, or CDs they had in stock. Twelve bucks for a bootleg was a rip-off, albeit better than her trying to drop the needle on the desired track, holding a microphone to the speaker, and using her toe to press "record" on her tape deck.
"You put the song on here," he said, incredulous. "From the hospital." Raking stray curls from his temple, she perched on the table beside him. He caught her palm and pressed it into his chest, heartbeat a steady thump-thump beneath it. "I- I don't have anything for you."
His actions tonight - noticing, reaching out, responding with gentility - proved how far he'd come. And it made plain how different this situation was compared to her past. Knuckles curling against his sternum, she bent closer, her nose centimeters from his. "You're enough."
Arthur made himself a mug of the almond and fruit tea he'd developed a liking for and excused himself to his writing nook, taking Y/N's Walkman with him. She packed the leftovers and did the dishes, put them in their respective cabinets and drawers, washed the table and the counters. Shared chores she'd become reaccustomed to doing by herself, but never without thoughts of him.
She settled in her usual spot on the floor by the coffee table to review a file she'd brought from the office, intent on getting through it by Saturday. Yes, she'd taken the rest of the week off, but it held just the right amount of complexity for her mind to gnaw without becoming engrossed. Paystubs from a shady real estate outfit on the corner of Nolan and Vine didn't match the timecards of its two employees. It'd been going on for a while, at least a year. When they'd gone into the Big Man's office and asked for a raise, citing all the free overtime they'd worked, he'd turned them down with the excuse that times were hard on everyone, they were lucky to have jobs, blah blah blah.
The Big Man had gotten into his Cadillac. They'd decided they'd had it.
At quarter to eleven, she finished collating the mess of documents and set aside the folder. She'd chart the discrepancies, calculate the differences later. Recommend filing a motion with small claims, if appropriate, to save the clients some cash. Based on what they earned an hour, they could certainly use it.
Yawning, she stretched her arms and gazed Arthur's way. The room divider blocked most of her view. Buttons clicked as he rewound and replayed the same track over and over, his foot tap, tap, tapping away. She wondered if "Let's Stay Together" or "Still the One" had tickled his fancy, maybe "Biggest Part of Me" or "Bus Stop." That the trifle she'd given him had been well received, that his presence filled their home anew sparked an ember low in her ribs, achy and adoring.
"You'll wear out the tape if you keep that up." A slight silhouette of motion in the glow of his desk lamp as his arm moved across his journal. "I'm gonna get ready for bed," she said.
His tapping continued. "Okay."
She pressed her lips together. "Should I wait for you?"
A beat passed. Arthur dropped his pen, removed the headphones, scraped the chair along the carpet and her mild impatience. The Walkman clicked. Rising, he grabbed his lighter and cigarettes, stuck one in his mouth. "Just give me a few minutes."
Breath minty fresh, hair brushed and untangled, she rooted around in their closet. Rayon and satin slipped through her fingers. With their mid-thigh length and low-cut necklines, they enjoyed her blue and lilac nighties. Airy and weightless, they made her feel pretty. But, despite Frank's words about being herself echoing in her conscience, those features felt out of place. Displaying her body in the usual manner could heap unintended expectations on Arthur, a pressure to perform as vexing as how he'd described group therapy. She hated the shade of skepticism as soon as it materialized, especially since it had more to do with her own uncertainties than him. Nevertheless, she heeded it, slipping into her cream color nightgown, adjusting its petal sleeves and lace hem at her knees. Still pretty, less provocative. She crawled beneath the blankets to sit against the headboard and loosely hugged her knees.
Having been gone long enough to smoke half a pack, Arthur quietly closed the bedroom door behind him. Gaze averted, he shuffled to his side of the bed. He turned his back to her, slid his trousers down his lean legs, pulled his sweater over his head, his sleeves from his forearms. Y/N was glad she'd chosen modesty. He folded his clothing neatly and lay it on his vanity to be used the next day. A brief delay as he scanned her form in the mirror. Then he spun around, the movement swift as if not to lose courage, hands clasped in front of him like it was their first time.
Torn between pushing and providing space, she picked a nudge and tried to puncture the tent of tension. "This bed is so much more comfortable with you in it." She peeled the covers back and beamed up at him.
On a scoff, he took his place next to her, tucking himself in, holding the floral comforter with both hands, a shield of artificial down and polyester. "The sheets at Arkham are rough."
Toenails scraped cotton as he lay on his right side, the bedside lamp hummed. She switched it off. When it wouldn't stop humming, she wrested the plug from the outlet. She neglected to close the window shades. Though she maintained about a foot between them, nicotine and the magnetic scent of masculine sweat tickled her nostrils. She adjusted herself deeper, her knee bumping his rear. His warmth snuck across the bedding and seeped into her skin, igniting an acute awareness of the weight of blankets on her breasts. Don't be an ass, Y/N. Blinking at the ceiling, she urged sleep to visit before her carefully woven composure unraveled.
Sleep refused to oblige.
The mattress shifted. Arthur's thighs and bottom clenched and released. The tremble of his elbow vibrated the covers. His shoulders raised to his ears. Her butterflies fled like a vapor. That being here was as hard for him as it was joyous hurt a little, for both him and herself. Every deep breath - the one, two, three, four seconds she sensed he was counting, his sharp, short exhalations - disarmed her restraint. She looked his way, those chestnut curls stark against the white pillowcase in the semi-darkness. Slowly, she lay her hand between his shoulder blades.
His voice was thick and gravelly when he'd finally gathered himself. "I wouldn't have gotten through this without you."
"That's not true," she quietly contradicted, playing connect the dots with his freckles, their configuration well memorized, her favorite constellation. "You're the strongest person I've ever met. You've done it before and you would have done it again."
"You don't get it." He rolled onto his back, still clutching the covers in his left hand. "I did this alone for thirty-five years, and I wanted to die for half of them. It's hard to try when you don't have anything. You know, the last time I got out of the hospital, I had to give Penny a bath the night I got home? She smelled so bad. No one even fucking noticed she was alone. There were flies in the trash, and she'd written to Thomas Wayne, and she kept asking if my head still hurt. I- I- I was so angry." Hiccups punctuated his bitter laugh. "At least now I have someone who believes in me."
How badly she wished her assumptions about his earlier homecomings had been wrong. That the skipping stones of her childhood could have protected him, totems against travails. A sinking sense of conviction coursed through her, causing her reply to sound harsher than intended. "How could I not believe in you?"
"I just want us to be happy - like before." His tone pitched up, pinched and trembling, anxiety sticking each syllable in his throat. "What if I can't do it right?"
"You already are, Arthur. You already are." She propped herself on her elbow to wrap her arms around his head, kissed the moisture from his lashes. "Neither of us is the same as seven years ago. You're a little wiser and I'm a little grayer. But we'll get there." Desperate for him to have as much faith in himself as she had in him, she tried to recall what she'd longed to say to her parents before they'd faded away, a sentiment her grief hadn't given her room to voice. "You try every damn day. And when I see you again after waking up or stepping off the're always more than I remember."
Mere inches separated their lips. He wiped at his eyes, bumping her cheek with the side of his hand. Heaving a sigh, he released the blanket and splayed his fingers on the small of her back. "My head may not work right, but I love you with all of it."
"Oh, Mr. Fleck," she said with a blinding smile. She swept her mouth across his, sampled remnants of his spearmint toothpaste and promises of tomorrow. "I love you, too."
Gently, he cupped her shoulders to turn her, guide her off him, gather her to his front so he could spoon her. "It's good to still be able to hold you." She resolved to show him how unconcerned he had to be about that, to help him feel whole again. But he continued before she could speak. "I missed your snoring."
"I made sure to keep it up just for you." She stroked his forearm, ran her nails along the bone in the back of his hand. "What was it you wrote on your list? 'Anniversary important - six years?' We should go to Pauli's for breakfast tomorrow to celebrate."
"What, are you in the mood for grits again?"
"If I am, stop me." They were terrible but she had a habit or ordering them, thinking they'd somehow improve. "But you do love their French toast."
He chuckled and pecked the crown of her head. "I have therapy at eight-thirty."
A shiver of delight rippled through her, and she nestled further into his embrace, until his thighs met her rear. "Wake me at five. I don't want to miss a second of you."
The Hollies - Bus Stop
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amazonworrier4 months ago
How is Brittana your favorite ship but also you think it鈥檚 overrated 馃槀馃槀
Quite easily actually, haha.
I love what the show gave us. I love all the background Heya moments in s1, I loved their season 2 arc. I love how much Britt believes in Santana and sees her for who she really is, rather than who she pretends to be in front of everyone else; and I love how, equally, Santana gets Brittany better than anyone else, and believes in her too. Season 6 Brittana brings me so much joy, because it's really a testament to how far they've come. They're so happy, and sure of their love for each other, compared to when they first started out and Britt found the relationship confusing/Santana didn't believe Britt loved her back. To this day, I get this warm fuzzy feeling whenever I think about them both. They'll always be special to me. They're my wonderful, problematic, sapphic queen b*tches.
But as a fandom I feel like we give them way too much credit, and frankly we let them off easy when the fact is they were kind of awful at times - they'd probably be the first to admit that too. Britt outed Santana (TWICE) before Finn even learnt what a lesbian was, Santana convinced Britt to cheat on Artie by lying to her, Britt released their sex tape without permission and never apologised, Santana was HELLA biphobic about Britt when she first got together with Dani. I could go on, but you get the idea.
So yeah... that's what I meant by 'overrated.' I just wish more people could love them despite their issues, rather than overlooking them. Brittana were flawed individuals and they made mistakes as a couple, because they were TEENAGERS and teenagers suck sometimes, guys. Of course they're going to make mistakes. That doesn't mean I can't love them, or that they didn't deserve their happy ending. They grew together, and I think that's beautiful. But when we hype them up to the extent that certain *cough* Tiktok/Youtube *cough* areas of fandom do, we are overlooking that growth, and I hate it.
As an aside (because this answer wasn't long-winded enough already), I actually feel like Brittana being so overhyped is the reason they've become so divisive among the new crop of glee fans. A large number of people take all of the good stuff as proof of Brittana being the most AMAZING couple ever, who never did anything wrong, and ignore any evidence to the contrary. Then anyone who doesn't buy into that delusion ends up taking the bad stuff as undeniable proof that they were the worst couple to ever exist.
Personally, I don't think it's that black and white. So I'll sit here firmly in my quiet little fandom grey area, watching you guys fight it out while writing fix-it fics to give these gals the depth they deserved, because it makes me and my two loyal fic readers feel better. Lol.
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khaleesiofalicante19 days ago
Um Dani? I have a question about LBAF.
So. Remember in LoS, when Malec came to the rescue of the Blackthorns? Tavvy, Rafe and Max were made to stay together as in here:
Magnus glanced fleetingly at Alec. 鈥淎fter we eat we need to send the children to Idris. Diana鈥檚 standing by on the other side to help us keep the Portal open, and I don鈥檛 want her to have to wait too long.鈥
It was kind of him, Julian thought, to phrase it as if sending the children to Alicante was a favor Magnus was doing Diana, rather than a precaution taken to protect them. Tavvy skipped along with Rafe and Max to the dining room and Julian felt a pang, realizing how much his little brother had missed having friends close to his own age, even if he hadn鈥檛 known it.
So here's the confusion:
In LBAF, you mention that Rafe and Anjali are of the same age, aka teenagers. But in Canon, it's written that around QoAaD, Divya and Diego had just started to realize their friendship meant more. Like, Diego had a slight inkling, since he was still not over Cristina. In QoAaD, it says that Diego was brightly chatting with Divya about something (nerd stuff probably), which means that they are a huuuuge way from getting married and having kids.
Also, let's face it, Rafe's around 8 years here.
Divya and Diego are around 18 here.
They have a 10-year age gap!
Surely Anjali would be around 9-10 years younger than Rafe, provided the lovebirds do marry within two years after the Cold War.
Of course, I know we can manipulate Canon to our liking in our fanfics, but this kinda seems like a stretch?
Also. Selena and Lexi.
You say they are around 4 years younger than Rafe.
Clary was supposed to marry Jace in the Wicked Powers, five years in the future. Which means Rafe is now around 13 years. Aaaand seeing how badassy Clary is, I don't think Clary would have kids that early.
I mean, yeah, she could, but it's Clary. It just seems unlikely.
Selena and Lexi would be... around 15 years younger than my bebe Rafe?
Also. Georgia.
Isabelle is same as Clary, I think, she would want to have kids, but not as early (her case is different since she's already married, but I think she would have a kid later, not that early). Not to mention, if Gigi is as old as the twins, Rafe's 14-15 years older than her too?
David could be adopted when he is adopted, but he's still be around 9-10 years younger 馃槶. (Mavid could still work, since Max's aging would slow down but again, we don't know when that would happen 馃槶)
Lmao timelines are so confusing at times.
But, I swear, I have nothing against LBAF. I love the gang, I love Rafe and Anjali and the enemies-to-lovers trope, I love Max And David and their pure love, I love Lexi and her chaos, Liv and her drama, and their fake dating trope (!!!), I love Selena and her Magnus Fandom鈩, and all their chaos, and I love you, but I was just really confused. Feel free to delete this ask if you want, go right ahead. But I was doing a deeply thought out research on LBAF vs Canon and was just terribly confused.
Again mentioning this, we can bend Canon to how we see or want it (like I did in IWACU) but again, Rafe would have to be Peter Pan or go back in time, which I... don't think he does.
Lmao, I did delve right into this, didn't I?
(Also, TMI, but I was thinking about this in the shower 馃槀馃槀馃槀)
Oof okay. Not you making me do math on a Sunday.
Rafael and Anjali - Rafe was actually five years old in Qoaad. Max was three. Tavvy was seven.
And Anjali is adopted. She would have been around 7 when they adopted her. It's mentioned in part 01.
"Jace knew many children had been orphaned by the war with the cohort - like Diego鈥檚 daughter, who had been adopted from the Chennai Institute."
- Chapter 1.
鈥淏ut how could you not care?鈥 Selena asked, feeling utterly confused. 鈥淒on鈥檛 you want to go back?鈥
鈥淚 lost my parents in Idris,鈥 Anjali said, her voice low. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 ever want to go back there. The cohort can set it on fire, and I would gladly watch it burn.鈥
- Chapter 3.
Lexi and Selena -
I completely agree that Clary has the vibes of someone who wants to wait longer to have kids, but for the sake of the story, they had the twins right after they got married. I don't think that's a stretch tho.
The twins are only six years younger than Rafael. Which means they were born one year after the event of TDA (again, he was only 5 at this time)
Same goes with Gigi. She is seven years younger than him, not 14-15 lol. I feel like you have confused Rafael's age or got the years wrong or something.
And David and Max are the same age. They are both 19. I don't understand where the 10 year age gap came from....
Let me know if it makes more sense to you now :)
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kanmom51a month ago
The more I get to know about BTS and I get to see interactions between the maknae line, the more I relate their dynamic to something that happened to me personally in the past. It's super funny, so here's the story:
When I was a teenager I had a best friend that I considered the other half of my soul. They were always there for me and there was a bond of absolute trust and platonic love between us.
At one point after few years of friendship, my friend started getting close to another person that I also knew (but wasn't close with at the time, because we had different interests and characters).
The two of them became quickly closer and closer and closer, to the point they were always spending time together and, even when they decided to include me in their activities, I always felt as if I was left behind, third wheeling their newly formed bond.
Because of that, my relationship with this other person (my best friend's new friend) slowly deteriorated to annoyance and slight intolerance. I was jealous of them and I felt hurt and confused because I couldn't understand how this new friend suddenly became more important than me in the eyes of my best friend. I didn't know if the problem was that I did something wrong or if they stopped considering me interesting all in a sudden... A part of me childishly thought that the fact we were drifting apart was this other person's fault.
Every time I finally got the occasion to spend time alonw with my best friend I was forced to listen them incessantly talking about how amazing and incredible their new friend was.
The new friend, on their side, kind of ostracized me, as if they wanted my best friend all for themselves, as if they wanted to get rid of me.
I remember I was so confused and frustrated with the whole situation because it just... Didn't make sense to me, you know?
Well... It didn't until it did. I realize right know how ingenuous I was back then not to notice immediately how smitten they were with each other. Once I understood that the 'new friend' wasn't a friend at all in the eyes of my bf but something different entirely, I stopped feeling left behind and abandoned and betrayed. I was no competition for this other person... We belonged in completely different places in my best friend's heart and, for this reason, there was room for both of us.
I started being happy for my best friend because I started seeing how this other person made them happy. Made them better.
I did my best to salvage my relationship with this other person, because they were special to my best friend, and I was glad for how happy they made my best friend feel.
Our three way relationship was not always easy, especially at the beginning, because the "new friend" was slightly jealous of me and my platonic intimacy with my best friend (who at that point had become their significant other), but we made it work at the end and found a good balance.
Does any of this sound familiar at all? 馃槀
(I feel for V, sometimes)
Thank you anon for sharing your story.
Yes, there is a familiarity. Is it word to word the same? Probably not exactly, because every story is unique. The characters are different, the situation is different, but still there are many similar points.
I have no doubt that just like Jikook had their own push and pull in the early years, asserting themselves within their relationship, so did V have those push and pulls with both JM & JK, trying to find his own place getting back into the fold.
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forks-n-spoons3 months ago
Alright鈥 we got three separate telling of Twilight & not one was from some random side student.
Like give me Dave the every day average student who watched all of this shit go down with the freaky rich kid & the pale-ass new girl who can鈥檛 walk a continuous 2 feet without falling on her face.
Like somehow he鈥檚 present for all of the shit that happens.
When Edward seems repulsed by Bella鈥檚 smell the first day? Dave sits behind Edward & is confused but doesn鈥檛 think much of it.
Edward disappears for a week after not being able to switch biology classes? Dave helps out in the office during his study hall period & happens to be in there to see this.
Edward has several cryptic conversations with Bella? Dave has a lunch table/locker near them.
The car accident? Dave sees it happen & he鈥檚 like 鈥渨hat the fuck?鈥
He鈥檚 hiking in the woods all the times they go to the woods.
He鈥檚 somehow in Phoenix on vacation when all that goes down.
Dave is there for every event in the series & nobody believes him when he tries to tell people.
The Cullens don鈥檛 notice him cause they鈥檙e all so wrapped up in Edward & Bella鈥檚 dramatic ass teenage romance.
I want Dave the Background Forks High Student to have his day in the midnight sun. (馃槀馃馃徎)
This is the Twilight Renaissance, motherfuckers.
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spookykatnissmellarkkkk4 months ago
Okayyyy I took a break from reading for a min to write and turns out I did absolutely nothing. Soooo lemme get back to reading. 馃コ馃コ馃コ
Here we goooo, chappy eighttttt 馃コ
Tumblr media
Idk why but Katniss lashing out in anger and immediately regretting it is very relatable to me 馃槄
Also the crying her eyes out for hours upon hours is very reminiscent of a young girl I still am slightly salty about the movies basically portraying her as an adult from the start
Also I always see the Sleeping Beauty (a cartoon movie from like the 40s if you guys don鈥檛 know) scene here idk why 馃拋馃徏鈥嶁檧锔忦煠佛煆尖嶁檧锔
Tumblr media
鈥淚 can hear the others calling me from the sitting room, but I fly down the hall into my room鈥 this is such a dumb thought but this is the first time I鈥檝e ever really considered that Peeta is also calling her and then watching her run off in tears, letting wondering like
Tumblr media
鈥淵鈥檃ll know what happened?鈥
鈥淗aymitch and Effie are knocking on my door. I shout for them to go away and eventually they do.鈥 This is such like a parenting image. Like Katniss is their teenage daughter who doesn鈥檛 wanna tell them what happened at school that day.
鈥淚 just lay curled up on the bed, stroking the silken sheets, watching the sun set over the artificial candy Capitol.鈥 Not to tie everything back to me, but the candy Capitol line here is why I titled my fic Candy Coal. An unimportant sidebar, Samantha 馃
鈥淪ince the training isn't open to viewers, the Gamemakers announce a score for each player. [...] one being irredeemably bad and twelve being unattainably high鈥 flashforward to Catching Fire and Katniss and Peeta both get a score of twelve I鈥檓 so proud 馃ゲ馃ゲ馃ゲ yes, it was for the rebellion but ya know what lemme have a moment for my kids here
Alsooo not relevant but why did they show the score scene in the Catching Fire movie? People who only watched the movies must have been confused 馃ぃ馃槄馃槯馃ゴ馃拋馃徏鈥嶁檧锔
鈥淚 go to the bathroom and wash my face, but it's still red and splotchy.鈥 Awww that鈥檚 a sad image 馃様
Ewww they鈥檙e eating fish soup 馃サ馃あ馃ぎ
鈥淭he saltiness reminds me of my tears鈥 it reminds me of your shady personality, girlfriend 馃槄馃槀馃コ馃グ馃拋馃徏鈥嶁檧锔
鈥淭he adults begin some chitchat about the weather forecast, and I let my eyes meet Peeta's.鈥 Theyre just always there for each other, silencing communicating, partners through and through 馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ shut up, Samantha the shipper.
鈥淪omehow Haymitch calling me sweetheart ticks me off enough that I'm at least able to speak鈥 I always forget she hated the nickname sweetheart, at least at first. Lolololololol post canon Peeta calls her that to get on her nerves, y鈥檃ll know it鈥檚 true. 馃槀馃槀馃槀
鈥淚 just lost my head, so I shot an apple out of their stupid roast pig's mouth!" Okay you know what? You people labeled her girl on fire. What did you think she鈥檇 be like? Even keeled and normal tempered? Hmmm? 馃え
鈥淲ithout being dismissed?" 鈥淚 dismissed myself.鈥 She reminds me so much of me 馃ゲ馃ゲ馃ゲ馃ゲ I鈥檓 so proud
Haymitch is like 鈥渟ick 馃馃徎馃憤馃徎, let鈥檚 move on.鈥
Awww Haymitch and Peeta cheering Katty Deen up 馃グ馃グ馃グ what a beautiful moment. Post Canon they鈥檙e a family and we all know it. 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Haymitch I actually feel here is using bad table manners to make Effie mad and take the heat off Katniss 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ he has a big heart underneath it all alright
We don鈥檛 stan Effie in this house but we do Haymitch Abracadabra or whatever his name is his last name is a mouthful ok I never liked it
Awww they鈥檙e all laughing together 馃槶馃槶馃槶
鈥淥ne man tripped backward into a bowl of punch." Hello Plutarch Heavensbee 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槄馃槄馃槄馃槄馃槄馃槄
Effie鈥檚 whole attitude about complimenting District Twelve is really like when white people in the early to mid twentieth century would begrudgingly compliment people of color.
"I hope that's how people interpret the four I'll probably get鈥 part of me say, Peeta, believe in yourself, baby. The other part says he鈥檚 only saying this to make Katniss feel better and that鈥檚 very A plus sweet. Peeta was always written as her love interest from the start, that鈥檚 undeniable 馃グ馃グ馃グ
鈥淚 grin at him and realize that I'm starving.鈥 Awww Peeta really did cheer Katniss up 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶.
I mean. How many times in the whole series does Katniss utter the line 鈥淚 grin鈥 like that girl is a lil scowler and he makes her grin in a moment of despair like so cute so presh so sweet I stan forever 馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ
Awww Katniss is so selfless with her prioritizing her family over everything else. Even as she claims to not be certain of loving her mother 馃 this is what is meant when peeps say Katniss is an unreliable narrator.
鈥淭he Career Tributes naturally get in the eight-to-ten range.鈥 Hmmm so basically, if I had to guess, Four gets eights, One gets nines and Two gets tens?
鈥淢ost of the other players average a five.鈥 So ... I鈥檓 guessing everyone but Thresh got a five then? Because that dude def got a nine, at least. 馃槯馃槄馃ゴ
Did lil Rue just show them what a good climber she was or did she show off her knowledge of plants or???? She scored just under the kids who鈥檇 trained a lifetime for it sooo? Or is this that thing Katniss was talking about that they give out higher scores to unexpected players to create an interesting show?
Peeta gets an eight too? So uh? Maybe I鈥檓 the only one who never picked up on it but Peeta got the same score as like two of the Career tributes??? And a bigger score than almost like 16 tributes like .... my baby, you are a player. Stop putting yourself down! 馃ぇ馃ぇ馃ぇ馃ぇ And before anyone says it or even thinks it, Peeta would be such a bad tribute to try and give a higher score than earned, like potentially Rue, because he鈥檚 already supposed to be a fairly big guy, like why give him a falsely high score? Nope nope nope. Peeta earned the low level Career score, fair and square. 馃馃馃
Katty with her eleven 馃ゲ馃ゲ馃ゲ馃ゲ馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃ぇ馃ぇ馃ぇ馃ぇ馃ぇ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ I鈥檓 so proud of you, baby
鈥淜atniss, the girl who was on fire鈥 .... is this line a lil different from the movie???? Hmmmmm I suppose I never read the distinction before? Well, to be fair to the movies though this line isn鈥檛 as catchy as when you eliminate the the from the phrase. 馃樁馃槵
鈥淧eeta and I congratulate each other, another awkward moment鈥 I got an eleven, congrats on your lil eight 馃グ馃グ馃グ
And Peeta is just like 鈥済ood score.... please don鈥檛 shoot me in the arena, babe.鈥
The Gale stuff does seem really tossed in and contrived as an afterthought. That stupid editor that pushed the love triangle. 馃檮馃檮馃檮
Lolololol Katniss鈥 tiny self is like 鈥渉e鈥檚 six feet, he鈥檚 a grown up to me 馃槻鈥
Gale and Peeta both like to remind Katniss about the rules and laws. And neither of you boys are saints or exactly on the up and up throughout this series. Take a seat, why don鈥檛 cha? 馃檮馃檮
鈥淎s the seasons went by, we grudgingly began to share our knowledge鈥 I think people interpret me as putting down their friendship but I鈥檓 not trying to I鈥檓 just pointing out, that Katniss states herself here that her friendship with Gale was slow growing. They鈥檙e close friends / hunting partners by the start of the series but Katniss says several times throughout the first book that Gale and her took a long time to become friends.
I feel like it鈥檚 really significant that Katniss says 鈥淕ale gave me a sense of security I'd lacked since my father's death鈥 but in the cave, she says 鈥渟ince my father died, no one鈥檚 arms have made me feel this safe鈥 about Peeta. It鈥檚 like the difference between security and safety. With Gale she felt less unsure and more trusting, but with Peeta she felt protected and loved. I鈥檓 not putting Gale down stop looking at me like I鈥檓 a hater I love that sexy Liam Hemsworth looking man.
Yes I know he wasn鈥檛 supposed to look like Liam but I get one pass for this okay we all get one movie actor we just push into the book role ok
鈥淚 can't help comparing what I have with Gale to what I'm pretending to have with Peeta.鈥 Girl, you ain鈥檛 even started pretending yet 馃槄馃槄馃槄
And also, Katniss won鈥檛 come right out and say it but I think what she鈥檚 really comparing is the growing feelings between her and Peeta and what she knows Gale has started to feel for her. Honestly this is why I think a lot of the love triangle in book one was construed in the editing after the fact. Gale鈥檚 portion throughout the whole book just seem very randomly placed and if you take them out, nothing narratively changes in book one.
鈥淚 get up and take a quick shower, being a bit more careful about the buttons I hit鈥 flashback to last chapter and her hoping foot to foot because she can鈥檛 figure out a fancy shower 馃槄馃槄馃槄馃槄
鈥淧eeta, Effie, and Haymitch are huddled around the table talking in hushed voices.鈥 So uh.... were they talking about Peeta鈥檚 massive lifelong crush on Katniss here or ??? Just some casual breakfast convo, ya know, the usual 馃馃馃馃
Katniss just describes her food at every meal 馃槄馃槄馃槄馃槄 poor kid, food means a lot to her. That Blind Side movie quote about how when food is scarce you鈥檇 be surprised how much time you spend thinking about it .... I hurt my own feelings once again 馃ズ馃槱馃槴馃槶馃槩
馃槄馃槄馃槄 Katniss just sat there for like half a meal, porking out while everyone else was like 鈥滒煒娥煒娥煒垛
Katniss is all 鈥淚鈥檓 nonchalant, I鈥檓 game, I鈥檓 a team player鈥
鈥淧eeta has asked to be coached separately."
Katniss :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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