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hnggh imagine if they anglicise their names in the dub… his highness prince william… ghost king chad cheng (racially ambiguous)… my hair is going white

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I mean it very much does have the air of someone putting a press release through google translate and calling it a day.  My opinion of funimation, especially when it comes to PR stuff, is fairly low.  (For example I went to an entire anime con for events organized by them and they MASSIVELY underestimated the interest in YOI at the time and it was a SHITSHOW.)  They’re basically almost local to me so I’ve been to a lot of cons with a heavy presence of their brand and I’m kinda tired.jpg.

(Texas, where our biggest cons are anime cons!)

But I’m still glad for TGCF getting picked up and certainly hope it’s good for donghua in general even as I brace for a huge influx of new Western folks into the fandom with all the issues that typically entails.  And semi-dread the localization.  As I said, I will probably actually give funimation money for this (and there’s a couple other shows they have I’ve been wanting to check out so…)  AND they did give us a very nice Blu-ray box set for YOI so there’s that.

Oh wow, I just had a flashback to the dub accents on Kuroshitsuji…shudder.  By all rights funimation should be banned from ever letting an actor do an accent again.

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It occurs to me that I haven’t bothered THIS fandom with my weird synaesthesia yet, so here’s the colour of some names:

Xie Lian - light grey + blue

Hua Cheng - grey + gold (Interestingly out of all the names he uses, Wu Ming is the only reddish one. San Lang is white + blue.)

Feng Xin - black + grey

Mu Qing - dark brown + almost-white-beige

Ling Wen - blue + dark red

Shi Qingxuan - white - white-beige-grey

He Xuan - all grey with hints of green

Pei Ming - light + dark brown

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wayment… this funimation thing is gonna be an English dub? 😀 I beg your pardon

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