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nikosheba · a month ago
So I am back on my Boromir/Théodred bullshit and I am compelled to point out that Éomer is the biggest follower of The Bro Code.
Boromir, talking about Rohan:
"Only from Rohan now will any men ride to us when we call."
"I know the Men of Rohan; true and valiant, our allies, dwelling still in the lands that we gave them long ago."
"If we cannot cross the mountains, let us journey southwards, until we come to the Gap of Rohan, where men are friendly to my people, taking the road that I followed on my way hither."
"I have myself been at whiles in Rohan."
Théoden, literally the first thing he says when waking:
"Alas!' he said, 'that these evil days should be mine, and should come in my old age instead of that peace which I have earned. Alas for Boromir the brave!"
Faramir, lamenting his brother:
"`Boromir, O Boromir!' he cried. `What did she say to you, the Lady that dies not? What did she see? What woke in your heart then? Why went you ever to Laurelindórenan, and came not by your own road, upon the horses of Rohan riding home in the morning?"
"That was a worthy man! All spoke his praise. He came seldom to the Mark, for he was ever in the wars on the East-borders; but I have seen him."
Boromir: Rohan? Did someone mention Rohan? I love Rohan, I am always in Rohan, I spend all my time in Rohan, Rohan is the best.
Théoden: I just woke up from being bewitched and the first thing I think of is Boromir.
Faramir: We all expected Boromir to show up with the Rohirrim like always.
Éomer: Boromir! We all know and love him! My very good friend who I...I mean, right, who I barely know. He was certainly never in Rohan. I mean, I've seen him.
the only conclusion I am willing to draw from this with my very prejudiced view is that Boromir was in Rohan constantly, everyone knew him, but Éomer is still trying to cover for his cousin's affair.
Also this line from Éomer: "More like to the swift sons of Eorl than to the grave Men of Gondor he seemed to me." I'm sorry you expect me to believe that you have only barely met him, this man that was so huge that Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli could hardly move his body, you saw this enormous tall dark-haired man and you were like "Yes he seems like Us."
Leading to @absynthe--minded and I wondering if perhaps this is a case of, "Is know....more like to the swift sons of Eorl?" wink wink.
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pakoto · a year ago
Tumblr media
Théodred (The Lord of The Rings)
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lordsofandunie · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Elfhild | Women of Arda - Ladies of Rohan | Part 4 of 5
Elfhild was the wife of Théoden King, the seventeenth king of Rohan and last of the second line of kings. They married when her husband’s father, Thengel King, still ruled and had a child, Théodred, in T.A 2798.
Elfhild died giving birth to their son and Théoden never remarried. Théodred grew up to be Second Marshall of the Mark and a known warrior. He was, with his cousin Éomer, the chief opponent of Gríma Wormtongue when the advisor grew more powerful within Meduseld. In 3019 T.A, he died in the first battle of the Fords of Isen. 
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talesfrominceland · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Gríma Inceltongue
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oakwyrm · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: A digital drawing of Boromir and Théodred from the Lord of the Rings. It's structured in three parts, each showing a different scene and separated by a border with gold and brown detailing following a slightly Rohirric design and a circular token featuring a simbelmynë flower where it intersects. Around the image is a border fashioned in the style of the pillars and arches of the Kings Hall in Minas Tirith.
The first scene depicts Boromir, a white man with middle-length red hair, and Théodred a brown-skinned man with long dark hair, in a waist-up shot of the two of them standing together in the fields of Rohan. The White Mountains are visible in the background and they’re smiling, their foreheads pressed together.
The second depicts Théodred in his full armour, laid down on a wooden slab within his tomb. A bouquet of simbelmynë (small white flowers) is held within his clasped hands with his sword. A little light still filters in as the tomb has yet to be fully closed.
The third depicts Boromir laying in a boat. His shield rests above his head, his sword is clasped in his hands on his breast. A silver fog rolls about the boat. He could almost be sleeping. - end ID]
Sometimes I really wish tumblr had an alt-text system.
Anyway, I got emotional about Boromir and Théodred and this happened.
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anghraine · a year ago
Tolkien frequently shifted around his ideas about how language was used in Gondor and Rohan, but I wanted to settle my headcanon in my own mind. So, headcanons for the royal house of Rohan + language!
- The language of the Mark/Rohan is called Rohirren in Gondor, but the Rohirrim rarely refer to it by that name. When necessary to name it for some reason, they just call it Markish.
- The “speech of Gondor” used in Thengel’s court was the Common Tongue/Westron (not Sindarin). Most people in Meduseld could speak it already, but some resented giving it priority over Markish.
- Morwen picked up enough Markish to understand it quite well, but was self-conscious about speaking it. She was fully fluent in both Westron and Sindarin, though she more often spoke Westron, especially in Rohan. Mostly she used Sindarin when she wanted to be absolutely sure her husband/children would listen to her. Théoden, Théodwyn, and the other girls grew up with an understanding that Sindarin = serious business.
- Théoden spoke Westron and Sindarin as a child, and learned Markish later on, after Thengel returned to Rohan with Morwen and the children. He always preferred it aesthetically to his native languages (he also preferred it politically, later). But he retained enough Sindarin to use it affectionately with his mother.
- Théodwyn, born and raised in Rohan, knew Markish, Westron, and a good deal of Sindarin (though she found the latter strange and difficult). She and Éomund generally used Markish with each other and their household, but their children were brought up with both Markish and Westron from the cradle.
- Théodred knew Morwen much better than Éomer and Éowyn, and loved her dearly. He took pains to learn Sindarin and almost always addressed her in it.
- Éomer and Éowyn learned some Sindarin in their early days in Meduseld, but it fell into general disuse after Morwen’s death, and in the wake of the following years, they largely forgot it.
- Éomer has no real preference between Westron and Markish and speaks both equally well. He remembers a little Sindarin, picks up some more from Lothíriel, and even more than that in his campaigns with Aragorn and Gondor. He’s still only semi-fluent, but he’s perfectly ready to use it as well as he can when the situation seems appropriate.
- Éowyn also switches between Westron and Markish equally well. At first, she mostly uses Westron in her married life, since she can be sure that everybody understands her that way. She does become fluent in Sindarin; it’s all around her, she has vague memories of it, she’s good with language anyway, and it seems a way of showing respect to both her new people and Morwen, whose legacy she feels much more strongly after her own marriage.
- It does take a little while, so there’s a phase when she makes Faramir stop courteously using Westron with her and instead do dramatic recitations of epics in Sindarin. He makes her do it with Rohan’s epics in return, in part to get a better grasp on the language and partly out of genuine interest, and they’re both super interested in how they both tell the story of Cirion and Eorl. Apart from that one, Éowyn likes the Narn and Eärendil vs Ancalagon best of the Sindarin-language epics, though her favourite Gondor-beloved historical figure is Haleth.
- She also gradually shifts from using Westron to using Sindarin in her letters to Lothíriel, who has a very strong preference for Sindarin and is somewhat at sea in Rohan. 
- Elfwinë and his siblings are equally fluent in Westron, Markish, and Sindarin, though each has their own preference. He himself is a lover of lore and also knows some Quenya. 
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novaknightofthedarkside · 7 months ago
So i am a big Lord Of The Rings fan. I just remembered this line "where is the Horn and the Rider..." Boromir heir to the Stewart of Gondor is dead and the Horn of Gondor is broken at this point. Théodred the heir to Rohan died one the same day as Boromir. Théodred was a prince of Horse lords or a prince of Riders. Maybe i am just crazy but this does work and Théodred and Boromir were said to be close friends so Theoden would know about the significance of the Horn.
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Friendly reminder that King Théoden of Rohan, a newly widowed single father, who ruled over his country at a very desperate time, and who still had three remaining sisters who could have stepped in after Théodwyn’s death, still managed to find the strength in himself to take in both Éomer & Éowyn and raise them alongside his own son. Reminder that he loved all of them equally, even though two of them weren’t his actual children.
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nikosheba · a month ago
Tumblr media
Prince of Gold, Prince of Stone Chapter 5 (of 6) is up!
In which Théoden is a good father, Rohan is defended, and choices are made. (Moodboard as always is by the incomparable @admirablemonster)
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jaz-the-bard · a month ago
I have two favorite things to think about w/ borodred, one where they both live and theoden is deciding if they will aid gondor but instead of Some Guy it is his son's bf asking (dinner with the in laws like where WAS gondor when the westfold fell), or when I want to cry only one of them lives and when the hunters arrive in rohan the other learns they are dead
Oh i love these, very neat!
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laigaming · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The death of Théodred, Prince of Rohan
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nikosheba · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Prince of Gold, Prince of Stone: Chapter 4
SORRY ABOUT THAT GAP i was having a little bit of a block, but I think that’s over and done with! Thank you for your patience!
(as always the moodboard is by @admirablemonster)
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thenamegarden · 8 years ago
Théodred / Theodred
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: THAY-o-dred
Origin: Literature
Meaning: Counsel of the people
Ranking in the US top 1000: Not ranked
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ashsharma · 8 years ago
From the extended edition of The Two Towers one of my favorite scenes is Theodred's funeral; Éowyn sings in Old English (Anglo-Saxon), see the following translation: An evil death has set forth the noble warrior, A song shall sing sorrowing minstrels, In Meduseld that he is no more, To his lord dearest and kinsmen most beloved. An evil death... Afterwards, Gandalf consoles Theoden: "He was strong in life. His spirit will find its ways to the halls of your fathers. Westu hál. Ferðu, Théodred, Ferðu." (Be-thou well. Go-thou, Théodred, go-thou.) Take another look at this poignant clip.
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windrelyn · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
“A song shall sing sorrowing minstrels   in Meduseld that he is no more, to his lord dearest and kinsmen most beloved...”  
So few fanart for Théodred son of Théoden =((( I think Éomer and his cousin were very close 
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warrioreowynofrohan · 5 months ago
Reading “The Battles of the Fords of Isen” in Unfinished Tales really made a difference in how I see Eomer’s character in The Lord of the Rings.
Look at things from his perspective. He’s worried about Saruman, he knows Saruman is dangerous, but Théoden won’t let him do anything about it. He rides after Ugluk’s raiding party because it looks like a joint operation between Isengard and Mordor and Rohan’s two worst enemies teaming up is exactly what he’s afraid of.
After destroying the orcs, he meets Aragorn. Now he find out that Gandalf is dead, Boromir is dead, and that he might have accidentally killed two civilians. Despite knowing he’scalready on thin ice for riding out against the orcs contrary to orders, he lets the strangers go and guves them horses. He knows this is going to have serious consequences for him - that’s why he asks the to come to Edoras after their search, to show that his actions weren’t reckless.
Then he arrives back at Edoras, either late on Feb 30th or early on March 1st, and it’s like a series of gutpunches. His cousin and best friend Théodred is dead. He died a week ago. He called for reinforcements. None have been sent. He asked for Eomer specifically. The news of his death came the same day Eomer rode out against the orcs, and still no reinforcements have been sent. Eomer could have gone to the Fords as reinforcements already, but instead he was off on a wild-goose-chase that might have killed civilians. Saruman’s made open war on Rohan, and Wormtongue is still deceiving the king into refusing to fight. They’re about to be conquered and he can’t. do. anything.
Of course he threatens to kill Wormtongue. All that is easily enough provocation, even regardless of the aggravating factor of Wormtongue stalking Eowyn.
And then Eomer’s thrown in prison, and has nothing to do but think about he’s going to be stuck in prison, inactive, helpless, until the wolves of Isengard come to Edoras.
And then, suddenly, Gandalf - who, based on eyewitness testimony given only two days ago, is supposed to be dead - shows up, and suddenly the king is well again and Wormtongue is gone and you’re riding out against Isengard. It feels even more miraculous from his point of view than it does from the Fellowship’s.
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absynthe--minded · 4 months ago
me this morning: Boromir really isn’t my favorite Man in Tolkien
me after hours of conversation with @nikosheba, a very sad trip through Unfinished Tales and its Nirnaeth remix, an entire Boromir Lives AU built on Théodred and Russingon and Turleg parallels, and a lot of historical revisionism: save me from the monster I’ve created
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themoonlily · 2 days ago
It’s interesting to think of what kind of an impact Lothíriel has for the whole of Rohirric culture, considering there actually hasn’t been a queen in the land in decades. Théoden was married to a woman named Elfhild, who died around the time Théodred was born, but this happened before Théoden became king. He ruled alone for 40 years, and an entire generation grew without knowing a queen. 
So along comes Éomer, a young new king, and the royal line is all but spent, so he’d have a pretty high pressure on him to get married and have children. From this standpoint alone Lothíriel’s arrival would be significant, but I’m even more interested to think of how she adjusted to this role that’s been unfulfilled for so long that not many people even remember what it’s supposed to mean. It’s interesting to think how she’d learn to navigate it, and what she’d do to reinvent it. I would think Éomer would be very supportive of her and he’d want her to succeed, because he understands what it’s like to learn to fulfill a role you didn’t expect to have. Maybe he even thinks that she has a lot to give and that she can help him more than anyone, because I can’t imagine her growing up as Imrahil’s child and not learning a thing or two of ruling and politics. 
In some ways, this long absence of a queen could also make it easier for Lothíriel to take her new place: she’s still a foreigner, but when most people have no idea of what to expect, she can well decide who and what she wants to be. 
There’s also what she means to the women of Rohan. Do they feel like she’s their voice, which they didn’t have for a long time? How do they approach her, and do they go to her with their own concerns and petitions, hoping that she might speak favourably to her husband the King? Does she take interest in the many women who would have lost their husbands and sons and brothers in the War of the Ring? What kind of opportunities does Lothíriel give to the women she meets and might she even act as a patron for some of them?
Altogether, how do the young women see their new queen, who is near to their age? I can picture her being something of a ‘fashion icon’, bringing new modes of dress and hairstyles among Rohirric women. She herself may make a point of fusing Amrothian/Gondorian styles with Rohirric style into something new. She probably has to experiment with materials, as I’d imagine Rohan’s clime is not as mild as in Dol Amroth. A lot of what works on lighter fabrics is not for wools and brocades, and especially not for leather and furs. 
On the other hand, there is negotiating the culture of her birthland with Rohan’s, and adjusting to a marriage where parties come from fairly different backgrounds. I would think a clash or two is inevitable, but on the other hand, I also like to imagine that they support and complement one another better than anybody expected. She is more patient and cautious than him, he knows how to take action and how to lead. It may take some effort, but in the end, they find a way to bring the best of both worlds into their union, starting a new and very different era in the society and culture of Rohan. It’s not easily done, because there are always people who want things done as they always have been, and are suspicious of Lothíriel, even expecting her to turn the court life in Meduseld into some version of her father’s, or even King Elessar’s Gondorian court. Still, she and Éomer are popular enough that they can do things freely and invent their own version of society in Edoras (though it’s partly because there was no society to speak of during the war, and Wormtongue’s influence had all but snuffed out anything that resembled culture and freedom and community). So there are subtle touches here and there, customs and traditions Lothíriel has known since childhood, that are celebrated alongside the Rohirric ways. It’s possible because she also shows respect for her new people, learns their tongue and doesn’t try to push anything forcibly; when the situation calls for a more Rohirric approach, she will readily consult with Éomer or her Rohirric maids and friends on what is the proper conduct. Similarly, he will find out from her about Gondorian court protocol and even the more obscure customs; he won’t admit even to her that it’s not just because of wanting to learn, but also because he enjoys occasionally surprising the Gondorian society with his knowledge of some antique tradition that is partially forgotten even in Gondor.   
Old days are gone, but eventually even the most stubborn realise they’re not coming back - the world has changed too much, and there’s so much traffic between the free kingdoms anyway that influences travel between Edoras, Minas Tirith, Dol Amroth and even Dale in the North in ways not seen before. This time sees something of a renaissance for all the Mannish cultures when they’re finally able to direct more of their energy and resources to intellectual and cultural endeavors, and of course the War of the Ring provides them all with a huge boost for mythos, legend, song and all manner of creation as they try to understand this cataclysmic event that essentially changed their world. 
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