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“hi!” yoonah says cheerfully, poking her head out of a pretty white oak door, waving sweetly. it looks like she hasn’t aged in the slightest. she motions to come inside the cute little house. “let me show you my little family!” 

as she walks in the house, walking into a dining room where a long haired man was scribbling in a notebook. yoonah climbs in the man’s lap, kissing the side of his head before grabbing his chin, lifting his head.


“this is my beautiful husband, jaebum,” jaebum smiles a little at the compliment, looking up at her with sparkling eyes. “i love him very, very, very much.” she coos, kissing his lips causing him to hum contently.

“and i love you, my angel.” yoonah smiled brightly at his words, climbing off his lap to walk into her living room, which is almost connected to the dining room. she points to a play pin set up where a toddler played with blocks, sitting up against a pillow.

“that’s our baby,” yoonah smiles as she opens the gate, getting inside of her play pin and sitting next to her baby. “misoo!” she cheers as she puts her daughter in her lap.

“she’s–” yoonah cuts herself off to grab a brush and begin to brush her baby’s full head of hair, “she was our happy little accident.” 

jaebum’s laugh can be heard from the other room. yoonah smiled at her husband’s laugh, putting misoo’s hair into two little pigtails on the top of her head.

“she’s it for us.” yoonah says mindlessly, “jaebum doesn’t want a lot of babies. he didn’t want any babies but misoo–” the baby lifts her head at her name, letting her head fall back on her mother’s chest. “misoo did not care.” yoonah smiled, but there’s a light missing from her eyes.

“it’s okay,” yoonah tells her present self, “it’s okay. she’s worth it. i promise.”


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This idea had crossed my mind before, but I was previously hesitant to try and bring it to fruition since I had never digitally drawn the likeness of a preexisting character before and wasn’t confident in my ability to make them look right, even by the very loose standards of this meme, and it took a prolonged period of extreme boredom, in which I haven’t been able to work on any videos due to long-term technical issues, to get me to go ahead and take a shot at it. Needless to say, it turned out looking considerably better than I’d anticipated and was very fun and cathartic to make; now that I know the ease of the drawing aspect involved, I may very well make more meme images of a similar technical nature to this going forward…

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Worship - One muse worships the others body during sex

@aflamboyanceofgays Thad and Taison


Even with the situation of the snowstorm last night having snowed in himself and his boyfriend Taison, they found a way to make due. Taison stayed the night, but the snow had come in once they fell asleep after making love. There was no chance of the roads clearing anytime soon, and with the staff having been sent home since Thad wanted last night to be just the two of them, it was just himself and Taison in the manor. Well, they weren’t helpless, they did what they could. Plus, Thad wanted as much time as he could possibly have with the young muscled stud. They day was spent having eaten what they could in the fridge, board games, showering together, trying on Thad’s clothes and making a mini fashion show of it, even though most of his clothes were too big for Taison. There was never a dull moment all day, and it was never dull with Taison. Now the evening had come around, the roads would be cleared out by tomorrow afternoon. Thad had made them dinner, and when they finished the fire place was lit and they retired on the couch, making out with each other. Thad had the smaller male on his lap, perfectly fit. His hands undid the buttons on Taison’s shirt so he could expose his perfect chest and abs. He moved from the kiss and into the other’s chest, kissing the pecs, getting one of the nipples into his mouth for a suckle. He tugged it playfully with his teeth and his hands were now gripping Taison’s fat round ass. “God, I love you,” he moaned against the other’s chest.

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