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#Thank You

I know I don’t say this enough but thank you for always taking the time to read my stories and show them appreciation. It really means the world to me. Seeing my stories get likes is the best feeling in the world. Always feel free to message with critiques, feedback, or anything you’d like to see from me in the future! It only makes me better as a writer but overall, thank you very much.

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I’d understand if you choose not to post this because it isn’t exactly about Harry so I won’t take any offense if you don’t.

Anons in here are truly taking one BTS fan and claim the entire fandom hates Harry. So many armys have defended harry when directioners start stuff with BTS fans because Harries don’t turn racist so armys do defend/ tell others to not drag Harry. As a Harrie and Army its beyond annoying to have people in here drag the BTS boys when they already get serious racism/death threats (genuinely had the police shut down a concert in America before because of someone threatening to shoot a member) and false allegations daily.

(PS, armys also bring up the promo Harry gets > BTS because they have the same US record label. Half the time if people think Harry is getting dragged, he isn’t its just armys hoping Columbia will give BTS half the push they do with playlisting on Spotify and actually send their Korean songs to radio! It’s never shading Harry when it comes to the discussion of how Columbia moves for both of them.)

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Katakura stares at you. He keeps staring until the grin slides off of your face. He says, “Thank you,” and you can’t read what emotion is behind it. Later, after being booped yourself by random people, do you find a sign on your back that says, “boop me.”

Mama-san frowns and immediately raps you on the nose a little too hard. Then she bursts out into laughter and gives you a candy. All noses are no longer safe if Mama-san is around.

Boop a character on the nose and I’ll tell you how they’d react

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i love jay @rotgospels for acknowledging my peaky blinders posts despite not being able to continue the show .. this is what friendship on tumblr looks like!!!!!!!

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uhh hi! I drew that first time Orange tried to take Black’s helmet off (: 


I really love the fic (and the other Among Us stuff you wrote), i hope i did it justice. But facial expressions are my enemy. 


Submitted by @maybeitstimetoeatsomebody

I’ve never had a submission before, so I hope I don’t mess it up too bad trying to respond/post it! This confuses me a little but hopefully this gets the proper credit out with the post! The lovely artist tagged above is responsible for this piece ♥

And on that note - thank you so, so, so much!! This is excellent! You went beyond doing it justice - this is so good. I’m so honored - thank you again!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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These asks are from two different anons, but I figured I could answer them together.

So Ashton mentioned in his live and insinuated in his caption that the party was a celebration for people who contributed to the making of Superbloom, so I guess that’s why Calum is the only one there out of the other three members of the band?

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1 Month!


Originally posted by zechs

So I’ve officially had this account for 1 month today (please ignore the fact that it’s 11:41pm I am a little late 👀).

But I wanted to say a thank you to every single person who has ever read, liked, reblogged or commented on anything I’ve written or have messaged me about anything. I’ve reached 300+ followers as well which I won’t lie, I thought I would get maybe 10 in the first month so this has been amazing. Thank you all so much for liking my writing, I love you all of you 🥺❤️

okay I’ll stop being sappy now

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fluff alphabet

D reams - How do they picture their future with their s/o?

truthfully, he doesn’t like to think about it. you asked him once or twice if he’ll love you even when you’re old and grey, and the answer is… he doesn’t know. you humans have such a short lifespan compared to them demons… he knows it’s coming, you aging is inevitable, and he won’t be able to avoid the subject forever, but… he feels like he can’t answer. if it were up to him, he’d want you to turn immortal as well so you two can be together forever. but it’s a very heavy demand, and selfish, so he doesn’t mention it. he’ll just live in the moment for now.

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