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#Thanks for asking

Of course!

Pietro Maximoff

Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual

Gender Headcanon: Cis guy

A ship I have with said character: I have too many and I could be here all day listing them but my main are Gamquick, Pietro/Emily, Silverfish and Pietro/Maximus.

A BROTP I have with said character: Lorna, Wanda, Clint, Steve, Tigra, Finesse and Jean…etc.

A NOTP I have with said character: Pietro/Crystal, they are not healthy for each other at all. Also it’s not really a notp but I never got the appeal from Pietro/Ororo.

A random headcanon: Pietro really likes tea.

General Opinion over said character: My favorite character in the whole world and that’s important because I usually don’t have favorites.

He is a complex man, struggling with a lot of mental health issues, his powers, his relationship with others, but at the end he has a really good heart and is a real hero.

Marvel and many fans misunderstand him a lot and only use him as an accessory for Wanda, I see beyond that.

Maximus Boltagon

Sexuality Headcanon: MLM

Gender Headcanon: Gnc (gender non conforming) cis man or nb who is fine with he/him. Like I don’t think gender or gender roles are a big deal for Maximus.

A ship I have with said character: MadMariner and Maximus/Pietro.

A BROTP I have with said character: Black Bolt, the Maker and Doug.

A NOTP I have with said character: Maximus/Crystal? I don’t ship them at all, also Maximus/Medusa 👎

A random headcanon: His first word was his own name, his second word was his brother’s name.

General Opinion over said character: My beautiful little gremlin, trashman, wicked baby. He is such an interesting character, I can write him in several different ways and they all feel IC, he is great and I miss him.

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(I’ll do Gil and Break with adopted kids because why not)

The kids would probably end up with loud and energetic personalities. They would mostly get it from Break because Gilbert does not want them to have his awkwardness.

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Well, I actually got this ask three times by @imaginativemind29 and @cosmoetherockcat (You guys really now who my favourite character is:D) So im just gonna answer them all here 😊

I like Ruffnut because she is my favourite character. I love how funny and badass she is <3

My favourite episodes from her are either Ruff transition or twintution. The scene bewtween her and Viggo was awesome and is one of my favourite Ruffnut sences!

I actually like all epiodes were she has a bigger role :D

I like her the most in season 4 from Race to the edge mostly because like I mentioned the scene with Viggo but I also love season two where she snaps at Astrid for not respecting her! (I love Astrid but she really can be a little bit strict sometimes)

My favourite three lines from her are:

“You think I’d be dragging your monkey butt all over the jungle if my brother weren’t the most important thing in the world to me Think abou that!”


“There are other things I wanna say but none of them are very ladylike!”


“Take your best shot pal”

I like all of Ruffs outtfits ;D

I’m actually not that much into shipping but I think that Rufflout is a very funny combination !

My Brotp with her is of course Tuffnut,I love how they are always there for eachother even tho they annoy each other a lot <3

My two favourite headcanons are: That Tuff always cuddled with her when they where kids because he was scared of the dark,and that she loves to annoy Hiccup :D

My unpopular opinion is that she and Fishlegs dont fit together very well….

My wish is that dreamworks will someday make another Httyd movie or show and in said movie or show,Hiccup and Ruffnut hug.(Canon did not give me enough Ruffcup moments !)

Something that I dont want ever to happen is that, if we ever get a show,that she is not as badass and funny as in Rtte and the movies! 

She best described wih those five words: Funny,crazy,badass,Loyal,beautiful <3,

I cant think of a nickname for her right now but I read a few fics where she was called Ruffy and I find that really cute :D

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Thank you!! We shall be procrastinate buddies lol

-🍋 How many languages do you speak?

Fluently, 2 languages. English and Turkish. I’m learning Japanese but it is still hard for me to speak. Right now I can only read news and play games lol

-👑 Do you ship anyone in A3! ?

I’m all down for SakyoIzu. I identify them as my fictional world parents lol. Other than that, I wonder if it can be considered as shipping but I really love seeing MisuKazu, TenMuku, AzaKyu, HisoHoma interactions.

AzaKyu and TenMuku are more in platonic way for me, maybe we can add MisuKazu in that too. But I would definitely enjoy HisoHoma as romantic partners.

Thank you for asking. If you want to ask more than, I’m waiting!

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Omg I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to reply! Yes it’s been confirmed by Smeyer you could find out more by either looking up the Twilight Wikipedia page or from the official illustrated guide.


Here is what I found on it after a quick google about the guide. You are right about it being what racist people agree with…and that Smeyer is a racist clown 🤡 (also makes no sense biologically because melanin is in eye and hair too so for that to make sense vampires would all be albino which brings its own issues because albinism should not be joked about and demonized)

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some previous aspec headcanons here :3

  • rayla being a big demisexual mood and having never really had a strong crush before but callum is her best friend and they’ve been through so much together and it hits her like a ton of bricks
  • humans have words for different sexual orientations, elves less so. rayla personally likes having a label bc even if it doesn’t matter (and she never felt like there was anything wrong with her) she was still aware she was different and enjoys having a short hand description of her experiences
  • (in a modern au they go to pride together and callum paints their nails the ace colour scheme and they look amazing)
  • the two of them having very awkward and sincere discussions about the physical side of a ‘normal’ romantic relationship long long before they do anything but kiss
  • and taking their sweet time doing anything else (like a year, two years at least)
  • so much cuddling
  • bi grey-ace ezran having a kindred spirit in rayla
  • also entirely ace rayllum?? who just chill and vibe and kiss a bit and then curl up together?? who are confused opeli has slight reservations about them sharing a room?? who get tired of royal advisors asking when they’re going to have “heirs” after they get married?? aces loving aces?? a lovely mood


ace gren who thinks there’s nothing lovelier or more romantic than receiving flowers after a date, who has always been turned off by more intense kissing, and then settles down happily with someone who loves him just the way he is. aroace ibis who has no interest in love or romance and has complete fulfillment in his duties as a mage and his friends and family <3

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Thanks for the ask @the-creeping-shadow !

16. Which place would be worse to be at, Mount Massive or Temple Gate?

Hnmmm it’s hard to decide. In mount massice,it feels like wolf-eating-wolf world. And probably you’ll go either cannibal or searching some food that is already rottened and expired. Can’t really say you’re free since Walker is patrolling and Walrider can reach anywhere and everywhere.

While in Temple Gate, as long you obey papa Knoth, everything will be fine. You’ll be provided foods and clothes. Tho it’s a cult so it must be fucked up. But Temple Gate has rank system. Meaning you’re probably fucked up if you have the lowest rank or you have to be slave rank type (coughcoughNickcoughcough). And the syphillis oh my god it’s nasty

But if anything, i more prefer live in Temple Gate than being chased for eternity in Mount Massive. So Mount Massive is worse

20. Any game theories ?

Outlast Trials probably the beginning of Outlast 2, since Outlast Trials project is basically mind control experiment. They started from tools that are attached in individu. Later , they find it succesful so they starting to make it into wider range, aka radio tower. Thus making Outlast 2

(Outlast Trials probably set in 1959, judging from the hint in Outlast Switch trailer)

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So I agreed with yours alot. Like I love that you mentioned the moment with Bobby and the babies and Maddie with plates. So I’m gonna try to do ones you didn’t have.

1. When he gets drunk with Karen. (I also love his moment with Hen after)

2. Him being worried about Maddie during 3.14 🥺

3. Karaoke with Maddie is adorable

4. I love how serious he took being captain tbh

5. His blood thinner boy comment lives in my heart

Bonus: all of 3.13. Especially him in the towel 👀, but also how he handled the I love you situation with Maddie 🥺

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Send one for the Mun and Muse to have a conversation comparing one of the following (if multimuse, don’t forget to specify!)

“I don’t think either of us having a real fighting style.” “No. Gilbert and I never had classes or anything like that.” “I carry a dagger and she doesn’t. I’m too small, so I have to hurt people that way.” “I choose punching over the typical stabbing.”

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  • the good place — chidi/eleanor; soulmates are made, not found, and i was completely sold on them by the end of season two
  • brooklyn nine nine — jake and amy are sweet supportive workplace rivals to friends to lovers; have been together for four seasons now i think and married for one?
  • tales of arcadia: trollhunters — jim/claire who are like, always passably cute and don’t have any needless romance drama thrown their way
  • tales of arcadia: 3below — sequel toa series with badass alien princess aja and supportive himbo steve
  • tangled the series — everything good about eugene/rapunzel in the movie but More tbh
  • avatar: the last airbender — unpopular opinion maybe but fuck it, i really like kataang, they’re cute and healthy. sue me. but they are hella slowburn

tv show recs that have nothing to actually do with romance

  • transformers: prime — war story with gorgeous animation that knows found family only
  • crazy ex girlfriend — musical drama-comedy feminist deconstruction of the term + bi rep. no seriously

keep in mind that i have also gone on record saying that i usually like the least fandom popular canon ships the most, so. pick your poison 

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Ooh excellent question 

bmI have headcanons regarding Charles’ parents. I haven’t written either of these yet but I would like to incorporate them eventually

This one is a little vague as it’s still a rough idea but:

  • I believe Charles’ mother is still alive, living on the reservation the US army took her to. For some reason or another in later years, a group of those living there decide to flee to Canada and are offered refuge by the Wapiti people. 
  • After leaving Beechers Hope 1907, Charles travels North to Canada, he calls in on the Wapitis to see how they are getting on…and is shocked to see his mother - exactly how he remembers her, just a little older.

As for Charles’ father; and I’m aware its a bit far-fetched, but look at this pic of baby Charles and his family….and then this one of Samson Fitch


(Yes I know they are not the same person but I just want to bend canon a little 😂)

WhiIe Samson gives out the Low honour missions online, he is an honest man and is more than aware he has done some bad things in his life (sound familiar?)

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Ooooooh that’s tough!!! That’s super tough! Because I adore Steven Universe now and it really speaks to me on a personal level, but Pokemon was my favorite show growing up. It was the one that I rushed home to watch every day after school before I had to do my home work.

I would have to say Pokémon.

The series has its issues and classic Pokémon is super campy, but it holds a special place in my heart full of nostalgia for simpler times. I was obsessed with the show. I was living and breathing Pokémon and I remember when the first movie came out it was a BIG deal. Mew became my favorite right away. My house was on the corner of a crossroad in our neighborhood and it was where all the kids we played with gathered to look at and trade cards on the sidewalk (no one actually knew how to play). There was one asshole older kid who had a Charizard and flaunted it around like an Olympic medal. Also nothing will ever beat that original opening. It will never be topped.


Originally posted by sinnohqueen

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thank you!! TTM is such a nuanced story (as is so much of TDP) and it’s frustrating to see people being unable to see past the knee jerk emotional reaction. tdp is a Very carefully told and consistent story. they know what they’re doing, this included. the way that both callum and rayla’s feelings are 100% valid (even if it leads both of them to make less than stellar / valid choices) in TTM is just more proof of this.

and thank you again, i try lmao

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I still have no clue why they decided Hans needed to be a villain in the first place, so that explanation is stupid to me. The song as it is doesn’t fit in the final film but it could have been tweaked, or something could have been written to replace it. Some kind of necessary confrontation so they can at least lay out what they’re feeling! They never do that! They barely talk to each other! That doesn’t solve anything. It’s terrible.

I will mention again, I actually have estranged siblings. Three of them I have not seen in years. I have attempted to form relationships with them at different points, particularly my sister, but it’s just… very awkward. Mostly on my part bc there are things that I want to talk about, but also don’t want to turn it into a whole thing bc it’s a difficult situation. I just wonder if anyone writing the movie ever knew what that was like, the desire to be close to someone while also not wanting to bring up the thing that keeps you apart. Bc to me, it absolutely feels like they don’t. It’s truly infuriating. And I’m supposed to accept that they can just somehow skip the awkward part and it’s all sunshine and smiles and hugs? As if.

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yes!! some sort of battle couple situation where they have to work together. the drama and slight apprehension when rayla lets her moonshadow form melt away and callum can See her again. 

i’m sure rayla made an off hand comment about moonshadow powers in season two - maybe on the ruthless? - or ezran mentioned seeing them and callum wanted to know everything about them immediately! and whined a little at having missed out on them, and rayla was just fond because what a cute endearing dork, right

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