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#That allows me to not look at photoshop for 2 weeks XD
holygraund · 16 days ago
how do you stay motivated and inspired to create gif sets all the time?
Hi! I haven't got it in me to do this all the time, like, I haven't opened my photoshop for weeks until two days ago. It's kind of periodical, like when I got time, I would make A LOT OF GIFS in a few hours and put them in queue that could last a few weeks which makes it look like I'm always active but really I'm not really that active XD. And all my creativity and energy for photohsop would usually be drained dry after a gif-making spree and I need some time off to let the creativity come back for the next spree. As for inspirations, it's from all the pretty designs, like website designs or book and album cover arts or good gifs and edits made by the amazing fellow content creators on tumblr.
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redxblueihateloveyou · 6 months ago
Hey!! 👋🏽😄 I know you said in your last rant about SK8 and Reki and Renga that you were one of those people that always looks up and learns from others, but after your last Langa edit, I just wanted to remind you how immensely talented you are. I might have not seen your first attempts at editing, but I know how it looks like when you're barely starting something, and I'm sure everyone is proud of the progress you've made and many people looks up to you as the level of skill they want to achieve. You're doing amazing! 💖💖💖
Hi, my love!!!!!! ASDFSDFGHG that’s soooo sweet, thank you so much for saying this, it really means the world to me <3 Oh, haha I’ve deleted most of my old videos so it wouldn’t hurt anyone’s eyes lmao T_T I’m still a bit nervous each time I’m uploading my vids to the day to be honest, even with so many subs rn, but at first I really didn’t have any supporters at all and my god I sucked at this, but I guess the love for my fav ships was stronger apparently haha. So I always get silly happy at each nice comment and feedback, so thank you seriously. 
I really love love love vidding, Idk why but when smth comes out the way I wanted it’s a super addictive feeling for some reason, but many times I just looked at the final result and just threw it in the trash and started over and my god how many times SonyVegas crushed and didn’t autosave the project. I’m like Suga now, I’m pressing the save button each 2 minutes, cause don’t want to lose anything xD Being someone’s inspiration is truly an honor to me, I’ve got some messages that hit me too hard. Still feels weird bc I’m like “but do you know that I can’t even use photoshop tho, how do u like me now then?” lol.
I’m always drawn to talented characters, bc they amaze me, esp the humble ones. Like those who hate Haru or Lanaga just buffle me honestly. I understand that they’re pretty and talented and everything, but they’re also the sweetest and loveliest human beings, so like...??? And I adore those who don’t whine and get what they want. I just can’t help it. I’m a strong believer in the fact that "you can do anything if you put your mind to it”. So far it worked in real life so suck it lol.
People are also saying like Langa doesn’t deserve to win this and Haru doesn’t deserve to be in Olympics, like Langa didn’t snowboard since he was 2 and Haru wasn’t swimming every day since he was born. I’m like.. and you need to check in the mirror if your face is a shade of green. BTW I’ve also been in a professional sports for quite a long time since I was a little kid, ballroom dancing and adored it back then, and I did not get jealous at ppl who were talented than me, I was watching the tapes actually with a popcorn. And oh god those large competition events when you sit there for days and give it all, but then you’re like 296 out of 1000. Why was I proud instead of being sad? Idk xD It was fun.
So thanks for liking the vid, cause I even regretted uploading it a bit yesterday. Sadly everyone already knows that we lost this fandom to the middle schoolers being extra, so they do not care for anything each episode except for this ship, so that’s what I got for posting a just Langa vid:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And etc. and that just made me sad, cause I do not like such fandoms, like it’s not even related to the video, that I’ve been making... with love.  Also thanks for the "sama” title, I’m flattered, but editor only wants to vid matchablossom for now, so like there’s no need for any warnings. I’ve been in such horrendoes fandoms, that I’m immune to this. I also in fact didn’t know some keep ruining Langa’s page and saying that he steals Reki’s screen time... cause he’s aparently the only main character...? ...lmao? I didn’t even know Langa can be hated tbh. I wasn’t really ready for all the drama that followed me making a vid about him.
I’ve already deleted some comments, cause I’m like what this even has to do with the vid about Langa? No, I am not obliged to make a vid about Reki, too. What if I post a matchablossom vid, everyone will only start commenting “do renga”, cause fuck your efforts? I’m like... I hate such fanbases, seriously. I do not even know where this is going, but their fans are already pissing me off. I’m still trying hard for this to not affect my point of view about the ship, cause it’d be kinda unfair to them, but its getting harder each week istg.
And I maybe can’t take requests, but I love when some try to get me addicted on their ship with passion and great arguments. It happened to me with some nice ppl. But def not with agression and stupidity haha.
Cause apparently its one of the fandoms where you can’t NOT care for the main ship, even if you accept it for the only possible Langa ship (cause he doesn’t give a shit for anyone else, so like what’s the point), but it doesn’t do anything for you. I’m like... thanks for threatening. This will make me on board ASAP. Like it’s not the epitomy of love to me... I’m sorry? LMAO 
Some anon even sent me a “you’re dense” (literally thats it) ask after that Reki ask. I was tempted to write smth like “oh I’m sorry, this is the most epic love story of my life and his character is the most complex in the world and he’s the best friend and the most inspiring human being that ever hit my screen. can I become undense now? xD”. But you know I do not know if they’d realise the sarcasm and my pride sadly never allowed me to sell my life values for a bunch of 12 years olds to love me lol
My sister always laughs and jokingly says “but you’d probably get much more subs if you made a vid about this or that, but at what price that would be lmao”. Cause yeah, I never could make myself vid smth I do not like, cause I love vidding and do not want it to be associated with things I do not like, plus it’ll most likely turn out ugly, if I do not care. My mom says that she can feel love I put in my shipping vids that’s why she loves them. I really don’t think she’s wrong. But that also kinda makes me an idiot technically, cause I’m not into many of the popular ships, and some popular animes I just find really basic. 
Also I’m like 100% sure it ain’t happening, but even if they miraculously suck each other’s dicks while sitting on a skate board, I can still have the rights not to care at the end. Like did I sign some form where I’m obliged to love each and everyone canon gay ship even if it’s not what I like? Like gay is not the type of love in relationships. You can only care about his ass like Lan Zhan for example or you can only care about your ass. Like that’s different types of relationships, and whatever you like you like. So get all the way of people’s backs, please.
Also do ppl know that you do not need to be blind to the bad sides of the characters in your ships? Or you just gonna be like “I suddenly can’t see” for forever.
So really thanks for such wonderful message and liking the video and for the boosts when I need them and not being an ass to me if I’m not being obsessed with smth, when you like it. (like I think we have different ship in bnha, right? but we’re still doing great tho, thanks for being an angel <3)
I still didn’t expect this becoming a Voltron 2.0. situation tho. We in our twenties see everything differently, I guess. I do get extra about “their love is everywhere”, but I do not get extra by anonymously attacking ppl, threatening creators and yelling “queeerbating psychotic blind assholes if these two aint fucking by the end of the season I’m shaving my head and jumping out of the window and shoot the director. you do not ship it HARD? YOU DUMB FUCK. THAT’S THE BEST LOVE STORY IN THE WORLD”. Like damn, take your blinders off and see the world, kid. Firstly, it’s definitely not, secondly, ppl see love differently in general and at each age too.
Ah, also you must kill Adam, cause he’s a pedo apparently. Like he ain’t even a threat to your ship, unless you’re blind, but they’re still at it, like they do not know that this kind of age difference is literally nothing for an anime? And that there are canon ships with a huger age difference left and right, too. It’s like its their first time approaching an anime or smth. Like in anime world character can literally kill 1000 ppl with his bare hands and bathe in their blood and we can still stan them, depends on their story, ok? Also Langa couldn’t care less for his advances, so like separate Adam from your ship pls. Like, fuck off, if someone is interested in his character. Yeah, he’s a weirdo for reasons, but anime kind of weird do not apply to real life. Stop acting like you’re some purist, when later you’re gonna ship smth else and it suddenly will not apply. Also rules do not apply to animes, everyone knows they do not apply. These are not western cartoons, my god. And 24 years old flirting with 16 year old is defiinitely not the weirdest shit anyone has ever seen in the anime. Chinese BL has characters who were 14 and 30 when they met and happily married. Also FICTION is not life. Literally no one cares. If you’re scared for your saint eyes, do not watch animes, you’re gonna have a heart-attack from what you can see there. Also we’ve seen gayer bromances in animes, who are just bromances, so pls do not shoot anyone if it’s not canon.
Tumblr media
So basically I was kinda pissed yersterday, cause fuck them for ruining the tag, but after chatting with my hommies and your ask, I’m okay again, I just have to avoid this fandom and stick to a tight community xD. I just got used to my nice fandoms and forgot for a bit about the precautions you need to take if you’re in one of those. You know. Who make a circus out of lgbt, instead of supporting it, and make other ppl hate being in fandoms.
P.S. sorry for this partially unrelated rant, your messages really always make my heart bloom, so thanks for supporting me, and I know you’re proud of my progress, too <3 and this makes me happy. LY
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huntmartina · 2 years ago
Final Reflection
Week 4 Discussion Mastery Journal 1) How has each course contributed to your personal and professional developmentas an instructional designer? This journey at Full Sail University has been interesting but fulfilling journey. Each course has contributed to my personal and professional development as an instructional designer. I have been able to experience a great deal of learning, hands on and application while attending this university. When I first came into the program, my experience with instructional design was very minimal, however, my introduction to instructional design – was not new. I’ve worked and partnered with instructional designers and have designed job aides, and curriculum throughout my career. However, Full Sail opened doors to programs that I’d never touched. It showed me a completely new world, a completely different perspective about what instructional design is all about. I leave this program a better designer who thinks before approaching a design. I understand the processes behind it and understand that it’s not all about the design, instruction includes content. As for personal development, this process gave me a humbling experience. Throughout my years of being a college student. I have been able to catch on to projects and understand processes very well. I felt very confident when coming into the university. However, as time progressed, I had to fall and get back up again. It taught me that in life you fall. When I realized my own faults, I was able to recoup and fix so that I wouldn’t be in the same predicament the next class. I also learned that it’s ok to fall, as long as you get up and keep moving. I also had several tough instances to happen while in this program… My mother in law passed away, my daughter ran away from home (she was living with my sister), etc. Turns out in the end, I was able to take on the advice of the instructors as well as my peers in order to get to where I am today. Most of all, I didn’t give up. I feel stronger, better and much wiser. 2) How well were you able to utilize the concepts and techniques you learned from theprogram (theories, systems design, interface styling, and the creation of multimediacontent) as you designed, developed, and implemented your Final Project? My final project was in the course Media Asset Creation. It was an RFP, TNA and assets to go along with the TNA (Training Needs Analysis). Theories -My first though when taking this approach was to determine which model to use. My mind quickly went back to the class Strategies for Learner Engagement. In this class, I learned and designed Models of Instructional Design (ADDIE, SAM, etc.). I considered the time constraints of each project and decided to use the Rapid Prototyping Model. The reason I chose this model is because the SME may not have been a real person to shadow or speak with, in my case, it was a website. This model allowed me the flexibility to design my work, review it (peer/instructor) and make necessary changes before pushing it to final stage. The learning for my curriculum was Diversity the Workplace. Systems Design – The architecture of the system was – and there were four learning modules all in which were video PowerPoint presentations, and quizzes. I also used Kahoots to build an interactive game for extra learning on teams. I used Canvas LMS to administer the system, which included a syllabus, announcement section, contact the instructor section as well as the learning sections. This system was configured to flow one after the other as the student followed through the course. My thought is, the simpler the system design is, the easier it is for the learner to grab. Interface Styling- When creating a curriculum or eLearning, you want to stay consistent. I delivered my eLearning with consistent fonts, colors and background throughout the entire project. This meant that I used the same font style and color palette across the entire system. Creation of Multimedia Content – I was able to deliver multimedia content through using the Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and XD programs. I also stepped outside of the box to the Vyond Studio to find characters and dress them accordingly. I used this approach for non-motion media. For my video, I must say that this was my favorite one. I wanted my story to come to life, so I used people from my organization. 3) Describe your most outstanding personal triumph in each course. Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership – Online – While in this class, I learned a lot about myself. The thing I remember most was learning about my childlike self in the lecture readings. The writer explained that it is best for one to get as close to their childlike mind because we are most like ourselves when we are a child (Greene, 2012, pg. 29). This was the inclination that he had for a Master, in which he called it a remarkable inclination. I agree with this whole heartedly because I found me in a more up close and personal way. Visual and Verbal Communications in Instructional Design – My biggest endeavor in this class was learning Adobe. Before Full Sail, I had not used Adobe, other than Acrobat or Reader. Photoshop, Illustrator and the rest were all very, very new to me. I was able to take the material that was very self-directed and produce acceptable work. Yes, we had Go to Trainings but that was not completely to show us how to, it was to describe the assignment. It wasn’t easy. Sometimes I wanted to throw the computer. But I maintained, and I did it. Strategies for Learner Engagement - This class for me was very engaging! The thing that stands out for me the most out of this class was the comment that Dr. Reo had given me regarding the Informational Poster Assignment. When I read the comment, it read something to the effect of, When I saw the batteries for the pros and cons… one was full, and one was empty, I chuckled and thought brilliant! I am using this as my most triumphant moment because it took forever to figure out the symbols to use these posters. I felt that my thinking and trial and error was not in vain. Corporate Training and Motivational Development – With the next two classes, they were the most challenging. Not because I couldn’t do the work but because my mother in law passed away suddenly during the first week on that Saturday before our research paper was due. This was especially hard because after her burial I had to travel for work. I was dealing with emotional and physical stress. My husband was very heart broken and having to help him through a tough time, school was very hard to manage, with work and kids, etc. The triumph for me was completing the class. Even though I made a B-, I finished passing without having to take the class again. Instructional Design and Evaluation -As said in the previous note, this class was challenging. My most triumphant moment was getting it done. Looking back on the class, I think that if I had just taken a moment to breath, I would’ve done better. However, when I’m experiencing troubles, I don’t think about breathing. I think of every way possible to try to get out of it. This was a personal milestone for me. When I reflect back on it, I have learned to sit back and evaluate, plan and attack. Even if I am having a tough time; and that is triumphant for me. Digital Media and Learning Applications – The best moment in this class for me was figuring out the coding in Brackets. I thought my God, that was the hardest thing! However, when I got to myself, again learning to take a minute to breathe. I did it! I was able to get it done and it worked! In the end I was happy with the results. Music and Audio for Instructional Design – Although everyone loved my Grimm’s Fairy tale in this class, I refuse to load it into my ePortfolio. I haven’t had the time to fix it. There was clipping and peaking in the narration and nope, I have decided that I am going to do another one at some point. I said all that to say, I learned BIG from that experience, which lead me into my final project for this class. That was to create a story and narrate it from an already made clip. I was able to take the instruction from my instructor and turn Pioneer Village into a tour guide, with voice acting and foley! This entire class showed me that I was a great narrator, and this is the part where I really thrive in instructional design. Not that I can’t design, I just have natural talent for narration. This class was the beginning of a turn around. Because I had a small set back and recouped from it, I was able to put my best foot forward the rest of the way. Filmmaking Principles for Instructional Design – My most triumph moment in this class was also a discovery. I learned how to produce a short film! I was so excited about doing this because it felt natural. I immediately connected with the software and assignments. There was no specific portion of this class that made me feel overwhelmed or difficult. Although most of my classes were live triumphant victories, this felt more like personal. I felt as if I was developing a personal characteristic about myself that was hidden subconsciously. Game Strategies and Motivation – The most delicate situation happened to me while in this class. My MAC crashed! It was without it for the duration of the class. I think I received it at the brink of the fourth week. I keep this significant to me, because although, I didn’t have my MAC, I was able to use my work computer which has the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Although it’s not MAC, I worked it out with PowerPoint and Snagit for my screen recordings. It was triumphant to me because I didn’t give up. I was able to turn in my work and received good grades for what I was working with. I appreciated the fact that I looked beyond my situation and resolved it myself without waiting for someone to help me. Learning Management Systems and Organization – This class felt like I was at work! However, the most triumphant portion of this class for me was again, reading my instructors feedback. He described the work and though processes that I had created as brilliant! I felt like Mr. Brown on Meet the Brown’s… “Who Me?” After all that I’ve been through – that felt great! I knew it was somewhere in there. Media Asset and Creation – My most outstanding Triumph in this course was knowing that in the end, I understood what I was doing. It felt good to put together a body of work from an RFP to form a TNA with assets. In this course, the training video that was created was done in two days. I misunderstood the instruction and explained my storyboard which my draft was and turned that in on Wednesday. When I received feedback from the instructor on the next day, she clarified that it had to be a real video. By that time, it was the end of the day and I had already left my job. My storyboard included live actors from my job that had already left to go home for the day. There was no way that I could get clips that day. Although all of my actors were not available, I pulled together a few clips with volunteers who were on second shift to turn in for instructor review. The very next day, I worked very hard to pull my storyboard to life with my actors. I stayed at the mill a few hours late and got as much as could get done. In the end, the video was successful. I pulled it off in little time at my own fault – but it was my biggest triumph. Final Instructional Design and Technology Project – I am very sure that I am not the only student that has said this, but my most triumphant experience about this class is that it is over! Reconnecting to the real world again feels really different. During this class, I have had the opportunity to reflect on every class that I have taken within this degree program. All of them by which, I have learned a great deal of material from. This class gave me the opportunity to put together projects to showcase in my real life using Behance and ePortfolio. References Greene, R. (2012). Mastery. New York, NY: Penguin Books
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